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One is a witty and courageous but extremely arrogant criminal investigation consultant, and the other is a gentle and kind but simple minded son of a rich family.It is fate that locks them together.A series of bizarre cases, scenes of thrilling pursuits, cruel criminals who will be the smartest person in the world Who will commit the most perfect case in the world 1.Miracle Bar Chengdu, also known as Rongcheng, the capital city of Sichuan Province, is located in the Chengdu Plain and has a history of more than 3,000 years.Since ancient times, Chengdu has been a political and economic center in Southwest China.By 2015, the city of Chengdu has reached the level of an international metropolis.Many foreigners who know Chengdu basically only know the food culture and teahouse culture of Chengdu.I also know who your father is, but there are too many people here, so I green apple gummies cbd won t mention it.The young man s name is indeed Yue Ming , so Yue Ming is really puzzled by Zhang Er now, and quickly asked Why do you know this Hahahahahaha Wei Renwu began to laugh again, I have been observing you since you entered You are a foreigner, you come to this bar alone, you don t drink much when you order a glass of wine, you just look around.But if you look around for sex, and you refused to talk to such a beautiful girl just now, then only There are two possibilities, either you are not gay, or you are waiting for someone.Yue Ming felt that he understood a little bit, but he still didn t understand the specifics, so Wei Renwu continued Gays don t pay attention to women, at least they should Pay attention to men, and then you don t pay attention to men, so you can conclude that green apple gummies cbd you are waiting for someone.Wei Renwu said to the hotel manager You are the hotel HCMUSSH green apple gummies cbd manager, right Let me ask you, is the roof terrace open to everyone The hotel manager lowered his head, a little worried.He said cautiously The rooftops are all locked.Only the hotel office has the key to open them.Generally, hotel staff have to apply for a key from the office when they have missions to go to the rooftop.The key has not been lost recently.Have you passed Wei Renwu continued to ask.The hotel manager hesitated, thought about it carefully, and still lowered his head and said, I haven t lost it.Are you sure Wei Renwu asked urgently.I m sure that the office is monitored.Anyone who takes it can see it, and every time the key is borrowed, they will sign the book with their real name.The hotel manager raised his head and replied firmly.Yue Ming couldn t bear it, and comforted him Let s do this, what happened behind the case, and some information about Mr.Wei, after I get to know it, I ll give you the exclusive news, Brother Wu, what do you think He ignited his fighting spirit, handed Yue Ming a business card, and said with a smile, Thank you so much Brother Yue.This is my business card.I hope Brother Yue will understand clearly in the future.Let me talk again.Received by Yue Ming After getting the business card, Wu green apple gummies cbd Yue left, and he also called a taxi to go back to the hotel where he was staying.6.Lipstick, No.1313, Unit 3, No.169, Dongpo North 2nd Road, left and right.This is the address that Wei Renwu left for Yue Ming.Yue Ming was very punctual and indeed arrived here at exactly 2 00 pm.In fact, Yue Ming arrived at the door of Wei Renwu s house ten minutes earlier, but he didn t knock on the door at that time.people.The mother of the deceased said No problem, my son s doctor is Dr.Huang from the Adversity Counseling Institute, and I will give you his phone number.Dr.Huang is a middle aged woman wearing glasses.If you don t look at the appearance, she may be quite intellectually beautiful, but if you look at the appearance, if she para que son las cbd gummies is younger and thinner, she may be a beauty, but she is too fat now.To be honest, Yue Ming doesn t really want to chat with this doctor Huang for too long.When a fat pig sits in front of you and talks while eating snacks, you may be more impatient than Yue Ming.Especially when Dr.Huang said No, I can t give you the patient s information, this is professional ethics , Yue Ming really felt like cursing others.After all, Yue Ming is a person of quality, so Yue Ming still said politely Doctor Huang, human life is at stake, and professional ethics can be flexed appropriately.6.Because of love, Wei Renwu also smiled and said It s just a false name given by the reporter friends on the news.This time, Wei Renwu was really humble.Detective Wei Renwu, ruthless and ungrateful, trying to gain fame, arrogant and conceited, scolded the family of the deceased.That s what the news seems to say.Shu Xin covered her mouth and smiled.Wei Renwu s cheeks turned red with a brush, until it reached the base of his ears, and he hurriedly said The unscrupulous media is like this.As long as it is topical, they often exaggerate.Sometimes they will praise you like a god, and sometimes they will treat you You are like an animal.Mr.Wei is very interesting, but I can see the sadness in Mr.Wei s eyes.Wei Renwu s body trembled slightly, as if Shu Xin had seen through his mind.Shu Xin continued In the news, it is said that Mr.Wei is very predictable.Can Mr.Wei guess what kind of job green apple gummies cbd I am Red sweatpants, big red sneakers, long hair coiled up, dressed for a night run.Can you take two steps Wei Renwu asked.Shu Xin followed Wei Renwu s instructions and took two steps back and forth.You should be working as cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies help diabetes an online green apple gummies cbd writer, and the workplace is at home.Shu Xin pouted, looking surprised, and asked, How do you know Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and smiled.There are deep indentations on the lower edge of cbd gummies 500mg green apple gummies cbd your two palms.This is caused by you typing on the keyboard for a long time and placing your palms on the edge of the table in order to relax.Your arches cbd gummies for sleep and alcohol are flat and not deformed, which means that you seldom wear high heelsI seldom wear high heels.There are two possibilities.First, I work from home.Second, I take a car or drive to work for a long time, and the work is some office clerical work.A friend That s right, my friend is a well connected Chengdu Tong.He also told me some other interesting things.What Wei Renwu spread his hands, pretending to be innocent and said Shouldn t you invite me in first to sit down and talk Shu Xin smiled and said, Mr.Wei is right, please come in.Shu Xin Xiangju, very happy It is chic, elegant, and exudes a special aroma that can calm the heart.The whole room is full of human beauty.Shuxin arranged for Wei Renwu to sit down on the sofa, brewed a pot of Zhuyeqing and put it on the tea table, and said, Mr Wei Renwu stretched out his right hand, and made a gesture of Please go ahead .While waiting for Shuxin, Wei Renwu sat cross legged, closed his eyes and concentrated, as if he was thinking about something.Shu Xin came out, wearing a pure white slightly see through pajamas.7.Clues ignored by the murderer Quan Kai returned to Guo Long s home.At this time, the door of Guo Long s house was locked and a police seal was posted.It is impossible to open the locked door at all, all he cv sciences plus cbd oil gummies needs is cbd gummies 500mg green apple gummies cbd a wire.Why did Quan Kai go back to Guo Long s house He was looking for something, and as soon as he entered Guo Long rocket gummies 1 1 cbd thc s house, he rummaged through boxes and cabinets in a large area.Guo Long s house was almost turned upside down by him.The most important thing for a detective is not to destroy the scene, but he doesn t seem to care so much now.He didn t stop searching until Quankai found a pile of documents in the closet of Guo Long s bedroom.He called Lin Xingchen and said, Come to Guo Long s house, I found some very important clues.Lin Xingchen rushed to Guo Long s house very quickly, and when he saw everything, he asked anxiously Now it s 11 o clock in the evening., don t you want to see cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies help diabetes beautiful girls Let s go to another place.As soon as Lu Tong heard that he was going to see girls, Lu Tong forgot to ask the open question again.It was supposed to be called a visit to the school, but in fact, Lu Tong didn t see what the school looked like.He was just looking at the beauties in what are pure cbd gummies the school.Along the way, Lu Tong had to meet several beauties mobile phone number.I didn t look at either of them fully green apple gummies cbd open, and I kept thinking about something.As we walked, a voice came from behind a bunch of bushes I cbd gummies 500mg green apple gummies cbd ve fallen in love with you, you can be my girlfriend.play.There are two people behind the bushes, a man and a woman, the woman is the short haired girl just now, but the man is just the arrogant scumbag just now.I refuse.The girl said firmly.Why the bearded boy said unconvinced.Quan Kai said, Thank you, Master Zhao.You gave us a very important clue to the police.The other end of the phone smiled and said Where , where, this is the responsibility of our 25mg cbd gummies full spectrum citizens, so that s it, officer.The phone hung up.Snapped.He was slapped hotly on the left side of his face.The slap was given by Lin Xingchen, and Lin Xingchen scolded tearfully, You re the suspect Quan Kai was stunned by the HCMUSSH green apple gummies cbd slap, and didn t know how to defend himself.Lu Tong was also very embarrassed at the side, he still kept calm and said Xingchen, don t do this, I just said that in order to quickly find your sister.What Lu Tong said made Lin Xingchen s fiery emotions gradually calm down.She seemed to be aware of her gaffe, and she said, I m sorry, let s go.I was green apple gummies cbd too excited just now.I was just just too anxious to find my sister.My surname is Wu.I have I talked with Professor Yang on the phone, and he told me about the specific situation.9.The first person to be killed, Quan Kai, said, It s the two of us, Captain Wu, hello.Quan Kai and Captain Wu Shake hands politely.Captain Wu said Let s go inside first, it s too hot outside.Captain Wu s office is not big, but there are many desks inside, but only three people are still at the desks, and the naked eye can see them.It could be seen that the morale of these three people was low, and Quanxin understood that the news of Lin Yan s death should have also reached the ears of these three people.There is also a separate compartment in the office, which is Captain Wu s independent office.Captain Wu brought Quan Kai and Lu Tong to this independent office.There is a small sofa in the independent office.Lu Tong and Quan Kai sat on the sofa.It was originally a sofa big enough for two people, but because Lu Tong was slightly wider, Quan Kai was squeezed very tightly.Lu Tong took the lead to ask Does Captain Wu have a lot of people under him I see that there are many desks outside, but now there are only three people present.Have they all gone out to do business Captain Wu smiled and said My men There are eight people in total, and the other five didn t go out to do errands, they just They were just killed by ghosts.Quan Kai hurriedly replied.Lu Tong didn t dare to speak anymore, he also understood why the other three were so disappointed.Captain Wu said Ghosts killed a total of eight people, five of them belonged to our team, and the other three belonged to the Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau.She didn t know whether Li Jiaran was a policeman, she only knew Li Jiaran has it.Quan Kai also rushed into the toilet, saw the scene in front of him, and sighed It s a pity It s just one step away from being dirty and caught.Li Jiaran stepped forward to control the female boss, and asked Brother Quan, what do you mean Looking around the toilet with full open, said This woman just flushed all the drugs green apple gummies cbd down the sewer just now, destroying all the evidence.The female boss suddenly laughed, and said with a sly smile It doesn t matter if you Whoever it is, I will sue you for two crimes of breaking and entering private houses and robbing.Quan Kai said angrily Don t be complacent, I know you are the concubine of Ghost , and I also know that you are helping Ghost in drug trafficking, and I will soon make you have nowhere to hide.Wei, can you tell me your Where do you put the list Of course I put the list in a very secret place, you have the ability to find it yourself.Mr.Wei, don t embarrass me.You know that I have already looked for it, so why bother to make me bother.That s true, how can stupid people like you find me, Wei Renwuzang Even if you cbd gummies orange beach alabama are smart enough, only I can find the place where I hide in this world.If you want to find it by yourself, it is really wishful thinking.If it is true as Mr.Wei said, only you If someone can find you, then if we kill you, wouldn t that be the end of it all You are right, but are you sure you can kill me Hahahaha A sharp smile came from the other end of the phone The sound pierced Wei Renwu s ears unbearably.White Paper Fan continued That s cbd gummies help diabetes tyler perry cbd gummies why I need the chip to make this deal with Mr.Where is the trading place You have to find a way to find it yourself.I heard that Mr.Wei Resourceful, predictable, and insightful, this time I just took this opportunity to see and see, so Mr.Wei must find us, and I can t spoil my interest.Wei Renwu sighed softly You are really naughty.Okay, okay, count the time from now, I will find you, you better not give me any hints.Don t worry, I will definitely not give you any hints.See you later.See you later.Beep green apple gummies cbd beepthe phone hung up.The nurse and Yang Xi looked at Wei Renwu blankly.Yang Xi was about to ask Wei Renwu, but Wei Renwu said first You don t talk, and when the police come, don t say do cbd gummies make you sleepy green apple gummies cbd that I have been here.Of course, you can also ignore my green apple gummies cbd cbd gummies for eyes advice, the premise is that you want to cause trouble.After speaking, Wei Renwu strode away.Nurse and Yang Xi, you look at me, I look at you, I don cbd gummies variety pack t know what to do.Why does he think it s not bad This is completely analyzed according to Wei Renwu s experience.The decoration is not very good, but cbd gummies help diabetes tyler perry cbd gummies there are many customers.This must be a good restaurant.And this restaurant called Li Ji Sichuan Cuisine Restaurant is very simple in decoration.What is the most important thing The most important thing is that it is only 11 30, and the restaurant is already full of guests.Yue Ming wants to occupy a seat., have to line up.After waiting for about an hour, Yue Ming s legs were numb before he took a seat.As soon as he took the seat, Yue Ming quickly called Wei Renwu to come over, because in this kind of restaurant with a lot of business, you occupy the latrine and don t let it go.Shit will be driven away by the boss.Hearing that there was something delicious, Wei Renwu green apple gummies cbd lights out cbd gummies reviews arrived at the restaurant faster than a rocket, and arrived at the restaurant in less than ten minutes.Wei Renwu was a little surprised, and Yue Ming was also very surprised.Unexpectedly, someone in Wenzhou knew Wei Renwu, and Yue Ming asked first Why do you Know Mr.Wei The young man with glasses said, You are Mr.Wei s cbd gummies help diabetes tyler perry cbd gummies assistant, Yue Ming, right I have cbd gummies: calm a younger brother who works as a reporter in Chengdu.His name is Wu Yue.He is responsible for tracking and reporting Mr.Wei.It turns out that the reporter staring at me is your younger brother.Wei Renwu finally understood.The young man with glasses said excitedly Mr.Wei, my name is Wu Wei.I used to be an accountant, but now I am unemployed.I read my brother s report on you, so I wanted to write detective novels.My pen name HCMUSSH green apple gummies cbd is Xiansheng.7.Gossiping woman Mr.Wei, why are you here Wu Wei asked with anticipation.Wei Renwu smiled and said Actually, I m here to investigate cbd gummies 500mg green apple gummies cbd the case.Yue Ming s anger disappeared when he heard the word physical reason.Now, his tone became gentle How is his body now After all, he is his father, and father and son are connected by blood, so he can t really hate his father.Wei Renwu actually stood quietly by the side without saying a word.Xiang Tianxiao sighed softly, and said If it gets better, you don t have to worry.By the way, have you found your mother Yue Ming nodded.I think the scene of .

what are the best cbd gummies for depression and anxiety?

mother and child meeting again should be very touching.No, I didn t meet her.Why She already has her own new life and family, and I don t want to destroy it.Silly boy.Xiang Tianxiao sighed again.Actually, you already know where his mother is.Wei Renwu interrupted at this moment.What Yue Ming said in shock.Smile to the sky, smile to the sky, and don t respond.Li Kai, what, your boss killed our boss, do you still green apple gummies cbd want to come to our territory to show off It was Li Kai who came, and besides Li Kai, Wei Renwu followed closely behind him.Li Kai smiled and said, Brother Zhao, don t get me wrong, I m here on a special trip to find you.I m here on a special trip Yes, I m here on a special trip to talk to you about a cooperation.Cooperation Yes., There are too many people here, can you take a moment to talk.Although Zhao He was still muttering in his heart, he still wanted to know what kind cbd gummies for back pain and inflammation of medicine Li Kai bought in the gourd, so he followed Li Kai.So, the three of them came to a relatively quiet and simple teahouse.Few business people come to this kind of teahouse, which can make it easier for Zhao He to meet familiar faces, and it is very suitable for them to discuss some sensitive topics.What if you did What would you do Wei Renwu almost laughed, he Qiang Zuo calmly said If it green apple gummies cbd were me, I would think, why did the dog suddenly disappear Whether it is a dog or a human, they will have their own rules.For example, people will always eat within the prescribed time every day.They will sleep at night, and dogs are the same, they also have habits, such as when they take a walk, they will not leave the range of how many meters away from their master.Yue Ming seemed to understand, touched his chin, and nodded continuously.Wei Renwu added The owner takes his dog for a walk every day.Why did the dog disappear this time It may be caused by irresistible factors.What is an irresistible factor For example, following other The bitch has run away.Yue Ming gave Wei Renwu a blank look, and said, What if that dog is a bitch The bitch can also run away with other male dogs.He s so happy.The handsome man named Brother Xu made a cut, and cursed in a low voice The devil knows.When the word ghost green apple gummies cbd was mentioned, the two suddenly looked at each other.XuBrother Xu, can we not mention ghosts The voice of the man in savannah guthrie cbd gummies the suit became trembling.Brother Xu also nodded in agreement.The man in the suit said again Who did you say was the person who came to find Yang Yang just now I ve never heard that he has friends, could it be Before the man in the suit said anything, Brother Xu slammed him on the head and scolded him.Said Don t fucking say that word.I m sorry, I m sorry, I m sorry.The man in the suit apologized repeatedly.Brother Xu sighed softly Forget it, let s not talk about this, let s talk about those two people just now, I always feel a little familiar.Have you been there Brother Xu thought for a while, and said, I seem to have seen it on the Dacheng News.The man in black smiled complacently, and cut off the monster s head fiercely, but after he cut it off, he found that the monster s head hadn t bloomed, and his hand was empty, so there was no dagger left.This time, the man in black was really desperate.He looked desperately at the hands that had nothing left, and couldn t believe it was true for a long time.Suddenly the right cheek of the man in black was in severe pain, and a powerful force hit his right cheek, as if being hit by a brick, and his body flew out with this force.During the flight, the man in black suddenly felt relieved, and his mood immediately relaxed.It seemed that this time he really couldn t naysa cbd gummies escape.What should he do if he couldn t escape There is only death.The man in black fell heavily on the cbd gummies infographics ground under the dim light.The middle aged man looked at Wei Renwu, and the vigilance in his tone disappeared, but The element of surprise increased So you are Wei Renwu.Wei Renwu didn t want to pay attention to him, but told Yue Ming You go and call Zhang Feng and ask him to call everyone from the Second Serious Case Team to come here.Yue Ming clicked Nodding his head, he immediately walked out of Lin Xingchen s room to make a phone call.After Yue Ming walked out, the middle aged man said My name is Fang Lixin, and I am Lin Xingchen s boyfriend.Can you tell me where Xingchen is Wei Renwu gave Fang Lixin a blank look, and said coldly, Can t you see Isn t she here Fang Lixin s tone became less friendly She s not here, where is she Why are you here If you re not blind, you should be able to tell that I ve just arrived, and naturally I don t know where she is, Fang OK long.This Yang Wen er hesitated, This gentleman, it should be the boyfriend mentioned by the captain.The captain may have concealed her real job in order to be with you better.So she is She is the captain of the No.2 Major Crime Squad directly under the Public Security Bureau, and the leader of the six of us.This time it cbd gummies 500mg green apple gummies cbd was Xiao Wei who came out and said.She s a detective Why did she lie to me Fang Lixin couldn t believe Lin Xingchen s deception.Wei Renwu said She lied to you because she was afraid that you would dislike her because she was too busy with her career.Fang Lixin sat down on the sofa and put his head in his hands.The feelings in his heart were very complicated and hard to express.None of the people present had the energy to take into account Fang Lixin s feelings.Zhang Feng said anxiously Mr.We have to prepare for the worst., After getting along with Wei Renwu for so long, he already has a sense of dependence on Wei Renwu in his heart.If there is something wrong with Wei Renwu, he really doesn t know what to do.Now he can only be described as at a loss.Do you think things are a little strange At this time, Fang Lixin said these words, instantly breaking the dead silence in the office.Strange What do you mean Yang Wen er said.Have you ever thought that this incident is a little unreasonable from the beginning to the end For example, Xingchen was arrested.Then, the gangster called Wei Renwu and asked for a ransom.After the ransom was raised, he appointed Wei Renwu to deliver it alone.And Wei Renwu didn t allow anyone to go with him, and in the end Wei Renwu and the 50 million cash disappeared green apple gummies cbd without a trace.Oh What do you think What did you say Liao Fan asked curiously.Fang Lixin immediately talked about Lin Xingchen s disappearance to Wei Renwu s disappearance, and told Liao Fan the whole thing verbatim, and also put forward his own point of view on suspecting that Wei Renwu was the mastermind of the whole thing.He wanted to stop it, but he couldn t stop it.When Liao Fan heard the whole story, his face turned green.He pointed at the nose of the No.2 Squad of Serious Cases and cursed You bastards, do you know that when you brought Wei Renwu here, you just lured wolves into the house.The members of the No.2 Serious Case Team could only bury their heads very low, not daring to look into Liao Fan s eyes.Director, this this Wei Renwu was introduced by HCMUSSH green apple gummies cbd Captain Lin.When everyone was afraid to speak, Yang Wen er tried to explain to Liao Fan.Yang Xi laughed suddenly, and cbd gummies on cruise ship he said green apple gummies cbd with a smile You probably don t want to help me so purely, what are your intentions, everyone should open the skylight and speak honestly.Xuanwu said coldly With a snort, he said, In the future, you will naturally know.Now, let s talk about Lin Xingchen again.Lin Xingchen had been in a coma for the past three days, and she still didn t wake up when she was rescued by Yang Yang.Yang Yang put her back on the bed of her own home.Lin Xingchen finally woke up at some point.The first time he woke up, he could see Wei Renwu sitting on her lap and looking at her.Lin Xingchen suddenly smiled.Wei Renwu asked curiously What are you laughing at Lin Xingchen said After having a nightmare, I saw you for the first time, and I feel pretty good.Wei Renwu said Then what kind of nightmare are you having Just like before, when I was in danger, you jumped out to save me, such cbd gummies 500mg green apple gummies cbd a dream, now I wake up and see you, I know, you have protected me again.Zhang Feng jumped off the table and retorted Captain Wang, when we kill the police , you are ready to sacrifice at any time.Lei Long and Xiao Wei also jumped off the table, straightened their bodies, and expressed their support for Zhang Feng.Wang Chaoyang said It s good to be young and aggressive, but a case like this is absolutely impossible to solve a case like this just by relying on momentum.Lin Xingchen stood up and said, Captain Wang, I understand what you mean, and I also know what you mean back then.That thing that happened to me.That thing.Lin Xingchen actually green apple gummies cbd mentioned that incident in front of Wang Chaoyang, and Zhang Feng and the others turned green with fright.Although they all knew about that incident, none of them dared to mention it in front of Wang Chaoyang, because that incident happened in Wang Chaoyang s life.Captain Wang, you actually went out to drink with Xingchen, and Xingchen actually knows how to drink Zhang Feng said in shock.Yes, I went to have a little drink with Xingchen Can you fucking stop talking about drinking, and you are talking about the case now Zhao Yang cursed.I m just curious, Team Wang, don t get excited.Zhang Feng could only keep his mouth shut.Ding dong, ding dong At this moment, the doorbell of Wang Chaoyang s house rang.It must be the stars coming, I ll go and open the door.Just at the moment of embarrassment, Zhang Feng was saved by the sound of the doorbell.Wait, it s not necessarily the stars, be careful.Wang Chaoyang ordered everyone to take out and ambush at the door.Zhang Feng also held it, and slowly approached the cat s eye at the gate of Wang Chaoyang s house.Through the cat s eyes , Zhang Feng clearly saw Lin Xingchen s delicate and somewhat stern face, so he let go of his vigilance and said to everyone Don t worry, it is indeed a star.The boyfriend said that Wang Chaoyang was dead, No, I have to call the police immediately.Because the people in the second team of serious crimes were all in casual clothes, he didn t know that these people were the police, and now he didn t care whether the uncle in front of him was Wang Ling s father, in short, Wang Ling s kidnapping does not seem to be groundless.Why call the police We are the police.Thunder Dragon stopped him.Now Wang Ling s boyfriend was completely at a loss.Wang Chaoyang urged the Second Serious Case Detachment Leave him alone, let s save people quickly.Thirteenth, unite as one.It was dusty, but the furniture inside was neatly arranged.As soon as they entered the gate, everyone could feel a very heavy dusty smell.Xiao Wei waved away the dust near his nose and asked, Captain Wang, what is this place Wang Chaoyang said, This is my home.Hahahahaha Fang Jingyu suddenly burst out laughing, with bitterness in his laughter, My brother and I s lives were picked up by the hall master, even if It is also right to die for him.Wei Renwu, listen carefully, the next thing is what the hall master asked me to tell you.5.The bomb that spreads fear Speak, I will listen.Wei Renwu said without fear.The hall master asked me to tell you that the suicide bombing at the North Railway Station was just the beginning of the whole incident.Fang Jingyu said in a voice of despair Next, the hall master will spread the fear of this explosion in the city.Everywhere.Wei Renwu was shocked, and he couldn t help but put his hands on his hips, and said coldly, Fear of explosion What does he want to do Fang Jingyu snorted coldly, and said, Like this kind of thing on me.It turned out that the real situation was like this, and Wu Wei finally understood, but Wu Wei asked again There are so many red threads, why did you just cut that one Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and said proudly This is just like those shipbuilding designers.The key to the design of every ship lies in the keel , and the lead wire connecting the detonating device is also the keel.If you understand the structure of the ship, you can easily find the keel of the ship, and if you understand the structure, you can easily find the keel.Wu Wei asked curiously Does Mr.Wei understand the structure Wei Renwu disdain Said Nonsense, if I want to build it, it must be much more precise than these two.A senior bomb disposal expert will definitely not be able to dismantle it without an hour or two.Mr.Wei really knows a lot.to revenge.Lin Feng was taken aback for a moment, could it be that he encountered a top price of the same nature as before Abandon the auction Although the host was disappointed for a moment, he still said in a professional spirit Abandoning the auction is the right of every auctioneer.Now it is 510 million once, 510 million twice.The host paused intentionally, but still no one made a top price, so he could only make a final decision 510 million, deal, and the final buyer is Chairman Lin Donglin of our Jianfang Real Estate Company.Congratulations He There was warm applause at the scene, although this lot was not the one with the highest price in the entire auction, but as the finale lot was taken by Lin Feng, this person should be respected, the reason is also very simple, this is the According to the rules of the industry, the person who took the finale of the auction deserved such applause., Many people can t avoid falling into it, so they often go bankrupt in hemp bombs cbd gummies 25mg the stock market, but have you ever seen a sad face You forgot when the stock market was in turmoil and you suffered losses Lin Feng pinched green apple gummies cbd Mo Xiaonian s little nose.After several days of quarrel, Lin Feng had no idea why Mo Xiaonian was making trouble with him at that time, and Mo Ming had played chess well for several days.Later, Mo Tianxing told himself that if the stock market was in turmoil, he would never Don t provoke Mo Xiaonian, otherwise the consequences will be serious.But as soon as he said this, Lin Feng saw that Mo Xiaonian s face began to become agitated.This was a sign that Mo Xiaonian was about to get angry.Lin Feng, who had already touched Mo Xiaonian s temper, said quickly at this time Hey, don t get excited, baby, whatever you want to eat tonight, I ll make it for you I want to eat you Mo Xiaonian said viciously.One person is divided into half, that is, four billion.This guy is quite self conscious, and he divides his four billion in half to honor himself.You must know that two billion is not a small amount for anyone, especially For an iron cock like Boss Wang, he would be willing to spend two billion.But for such a gift, Lin Feng naturally would not be embarrassed, and took it as a matter of course.Secretary Li and Zhu Ganai next to him were very surprised that Lin Feng could increase the profit of this event so much.For a businessman, he had already does reba mcentire sell cbd gummies made a profit of 8 billion before the project started, which is simply a myth.When returning to Yiqing Bieyuan in the evening, Mo Xiaonian gave Lin Feng a hug as soon as he nutriwise cbd gummies uk entered the door Someone earned a little too much today, is there a dividend Cut, I don t know how long it will take Only in this way can we repay all the shares green apple gummies cbd Lin Feng carried Mo Xiaonian to the rocking chair outside How is your stock market earnings today I heard that some sensible people in cbd gummies help diabetes the company have been frowning recently, so I asked After knowing the reason, I realized that they lost money because the stock market has been turbulent recently That s because they are stupid Mo Xiaonian rolled his eyes Although money in the stock market is easy to make, it will always fall into it.Lin Feng smiled mischievously, and directly picked up Mo Xiaonian and walked to the bedroom Hey, if you want to eat me, I ll tell you earlier, I ll let you eat me right now, okay Bastard, bastard, put me down quickly, you scoundrel Mo Xiaonian exclaimed, You scoundrel, I m not allowed to do this when my relatives are here today.It s okay, it s okay to run a red light occasionally Lin Feng smirked and threw Mo Xiaonian onto the soft big breasts Hey, before dinner starts, you are the appetizer. The next day, Lin Feng came here with a full face When he arrived at the company, the project manager of the green ecological project team was already waiting for Lin Feng in the meeting room.Lin Feng handed them the drawings and materials of green apple gummies cbd the first piece of green ecological land that he traded from Boss Liu yesterday, and asked them to start with This piece of construction land was newly designed and started construction at the fastest speed.Lin Feng nodded, it seems that it is true, this girl Mo Xiaonian will make these messy things for herself, but I have to say that although Mo Xiaonian I have been staying at home all the time, but Mo Xiaonian at home can also be said to have helped me a lot.For example, this time, if Mo Xiaonian did not help me to take pictures of this land, it would take a while to get the frame.Find a suitable green and ecological land, so that there will be some delays for your own projects.The longer a project is delayed, the company s profits will be lost.After signing the contract with cbd gummies lifestream Boss Liu and transferring the ownership of the first piece of green ecological building land, Lin Feng found the second piece of green ecological land, Boss Wu.According to the agreement between himself and Boss Wu, the 8 billion deal The price has its smiley face cbd gummies own 4 billion in it.If he didn t tell him that, he would have spent so much money to buy a sword and go back.Can you feel better in your heart However, in the antique business, one cannot complain about how high the price is.After all, this kind of thing has always been a matter of willingness to fight and suffer.After getting the bronze sword wrapped in wooden packaging, Lin Feng walked out of the backstage.At this time, Boss Liu had already signed the contract.He walked over with a smile, and said apologetically, Director Lin, I m sorry.Yes, I received a call from Director Mo temporarily asking me to take pictures of this land, saying that you need to use it, because the auction has already started and I have no time to notify you, so I took pictures directly, you see we found Just transfer the contract to a different place.If he didn t tell him that, he would have spent so much money to buy a sword and go back.Can you feel better in your heart However, in the antique business, one cannot complain about how high the price is.After all, this kind of thing has always been a matter of willingness to fight and suffer.After getting the bronze sword wrapped in wooden packaging, Lin Feng walked out of the backstage.At this time, Boss Liu had already signed the contract.He walked over with a smile, and said apologetically, Director Lin, I m sorry.Yes, I received a call from Director Mo temporarily asking me to take pictures of this land, saying that you need to use it, because the auction has already started and I have no time to notify you, so I took pictures directly, you see we found Just green apple gummies cbd transfer the contract to a different place.Mrs.Yang saw The safe was opened, and she green apple gummies cbd couldn t help looking forward to it.She sincerely hoped that the safe was filled with Yang Bufan s private money, so that at least she could get some comfort in her heart after Yang Bufan s death.However, she was disappointed that there was only an old suitcase in the safe.Maybe the money was hidden in the suitcase But when Wei Renwu opened the suitcase, she gave up completely.There was no money in it, only a pile of little girls clothes.Different from Mrs.Yang, Wei Renwu showed extraordinary excitement.He took out a girls school uniform from his clothes, laughed and said, That s right, it s the school uniform of Shishi Primary School.7.A case HCMUSSH green apple gummies cbd within a case What happened to the school uniform of Shishi Primary School Is there any problem Zhang Feng asked puzzled.Wei Renwu stood up, walked to the door, and said Then close the shop.Zhang Xiaoting said again It took nearly ten minutes to tidy up the milk tea shop.After closing the switch and pulling the shutter door, he said to Wei Renwu, Uncle, what do you want to treat me to Am I an uncle I look so old Zhang Xiaoting pointed to Wei Renwu s mustache and said, Maybe it s your beard, it makes you look like an uncle.Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and said, Don t do that Said, I still like my mustache.Zhang Xiaoting put her hands on her hips, and said playfully, Okay, let s not talk about it, what are you green apple gummies cbd going to treat me to, uncle If you don t talk about it, I m going home.Wei Renwu laughed and said, I heard that the South Gate of Sichuan University is There is a Bo Bo Chicken called Chongqing Forest , are you interested in trying it Zhang Xiaoting rubbed her chin, looked at the sky, and said with some hesitation I haven t tried that one, but it seems to be quite famous, you can Try it.However, after chasing out of Qingshuihe Park , only the shadow of Zhang Yuning s car can be seen from a distance.Just when Wei Renwu was about to give up, a silver Beetle car rushed out from the corner and stopped in front of Wei Renwu.The car window was rolled down, revealing a delicate round face.Wei Renwu was shocked, isn t this Yue Ming Yue Ming shouted at Wei Renwu It s too late to explain, get in the car.11.Plead guilty At first, Wei Renwu couldn t run a garbage truck with three wheels relying on his legs, but now Wei Renwu replaced his legs with four The Beetle with wheels quickly narrowed the distance with the garbage truck.However, Wei Renwu had long forgotten about chasing Zhang Yuning, and now his mind was entirely on Yue Ming who was concentrating on driving.Wei Renwu looked green apple gummies cbd at Yue Ming, shouted and reprimanded Why are you back Didn t I tell you to stay there Yue Ming didn t turn his head to look at Wei Renwu, but stared at the running garbage in front of him.Wei, do you think that cabinet doesn t fit the style of this milk tea shop I think so, all the milk tea utensils are placed in the cabinet under the bar, and what can this wardrobe be used for Wei Renwu opened the wardrobe, Especially the wardrobe is useless.The wardrobe was empty , not even a hanger.Wei Renwu tapped on the innermost wooden board of the wardrobe, making a low sound.Wei Renwu nodded in satisfaction and said, I seem to have discovered something extraordinary.Yue Ming said, Let me do it.Wei Renwu moved away, Yue Ming stroked the board, pushed it to the left hard, and the board actually slid.What is even more surprising is that behind the wooden boards is not a wall, but a row of stairs leading to the ground, and the bottom of the stairs shows a looming fire.This Yue Ming was almost speechless in surprise, What s the situation Wei Renwu laughed softly, This is the green apple gummies cbd most perfect explanation for this series of strange phenomena.While running, the hooded man suddenly took out a pistol from his waist and fired two shots at a young passerby by the side of the road.The passerby fell down immediately.When the people around saw someone shooting and killed a person, they all screamed in fright, and the sound shook Wei Renwu s ears almost deaf.Immediately afterwards, the passers by fled in all directions without any rules to avoid seriously hindering Wei Renwu s pursuit route.The distance between the two was getting longer and longer, Wei Renwu could only watch helplessly as the hooded man green apple gummies cbd got into an alley.When Wei Renwu rushed to the alley, the man in the hood had disappeared, only a young man in colorful clothes lying on the ground laying on the ground.Wei Renwu went up and cbd gummies help diabetes tyler perry cbd gummies asked, Hey young man, what happened just now The young man hugged his knees and replied, Someone just stole my motorcycle.Many people have already died.Wei Renwu shook his head and said If we don t go to the north, we are not sure that we can stop Baihu.The safest way is to go to the east to block him.Butbut we have to try, what if we catch him Yue Ming is still unwilling to give up.Be sober.This will only make White Tiger go away.Once he goes, more people will be hurt.The only thing that can stop him is to catch him.The only way to catch him is to go to the east and block him.Sometimes Wei green apple gummies cbd Renwu really wanted to slap Yue Ming, he always felt that Yue Ming was always thinking about things at critical moments.Perhaps this is the contradiction between rational and emotional people.But Wei Renwu s words did make Yue Ming s heart rippling, because Wei Renwu also said that the chance of catching Yang Xi in the north is almost zero.There s a hole in that smart head.Wei Renwu stopped approaching him and said, Okay, I ll just stay still.The moment Yang Xi pulled out his pistol, passers by around him screamed and fled in all directions.Wei Renwu said again White Tiger even if you have a pistol, you haven t used it.The police will surround this place in a few minutes.At that time, unless you can go to the sky, I don t think you can escape.Yang Xi laughed again.He laughed and said What if I really have a pair of wings Wei Renwu also laughed, and there was a sarcasm in his laugh, and he said with a smile, Open your wings and let me see.You can see it.Wei Renwu sighed softly Hey Actually, I was also quite green apple gummies cbd puzzled.You tried so hard to escape here, probably because you wanted to connect with the Fengshenhui , but after a while, you didn t even have the Fengshenhui.Let me speak slowly.Yue Ming dragged a bench and sat in front cbd gummies help diabetes tyler perry cbd gummies of Wei Renwu and said slowly At that time, you and Baihu were negotiating It annoyed me so much that you wanted to let the tiger go back to the mountain.Of course I m not angry about it now.Then a Bora car that was driving well on the road suddenly made a turn and crashed into you and you and White Tiger were on the road.At the same time, he fell into a pool of blood.Where s the driver who caused the accident Wei Renwu couldn t help interjecting.Yue Ming continued The driver who caused the accident didn t leave but stopped the car on the do cbd gummies make you sleepy green apple gummies cbd spot to check.Not long after, Captain Lin and the others came to the scene and arrested the driver and called 120.Baihu died and you were carried away.It took 12 hours to save my life in the hospital.1.Rehabilitation Come and walk slowly.Yue Ming supported Wei Renwu s right hand, while Wei cbd koi gummies Renwu leaned on a cane with his left hand, ready to walk forward step.Wei Renwu moved his left foot slowly, but still almost fell, Wei Renwu scolded Fuck, it s still not good.Yue Ming comforted You have holistic green cbd gummies to take your time, you can t eat hot tofu in a hurry.Wei Renwu shook in frustration Shaking his head, he asked, How many days have I been in the hospital Fifteen days.Yue Ming said with pursed lips.My God.Wei Renwu looked at the ceiling of the ward, It s been fifteen days, and I can t fucking walk.I m afraid the clues to Death are already dead.Then there is no way, you already need more Rest.Yue Ming could only use words to comfort him, although he knew that words could not bring any real help to Wei Renwu.I really just go out to get some air.Wei Renwu tried hard to explain, I promise to only wander around the hospital Haige looked at Yue Ming and said, Brother Yue, you won t lie, tell me, is he going out for a while Wei Renwu hurriedly gave Yue Ming a few winks.Yue Ming knew that Wei Renwu had to go out today, so he could only bite the bullet and lie No, he is indeed wandering around the hospital, look at him now, he can t even walk, how could he be able to move Okay, Brother Yue, I trust you.Hai Ge gave way.Yue Ming was originally an honest man, so csn cbd gummies give you diarrhea he was easier to be trusted than Wei Renwu.Wei Renwu smiled and said, So, Xiao Hai, I m leaving Hai Ge looked at his watch and said, It s four o clock in the afternoon.You have to come back before seven o clock, and I still need to give you an infusion.The Capital Museum is the largest comprehensive museum in Beijing, with a building area of more than 60,000 square meters.It houses more than 5,000 exhibits and collections.The history of the capital of several dynasties.Generally speaking, the Capital Museum is a witness to the history of Beijing.This time, the Egyptian museum brought Tutankhamun s Heka scepter to China and chose to place it in The exhibition at the Capital Museum was due to the historical heritage of this museum, but what I never expected was that the security capability of the Capital Museum should be top notch, but the scepter was stolen.Arriving at the gate of the Capital Museum , Yue Ming looked at the majestic building and exclaimed, Wow, what a big museum.Li Yi mocked, It s really a hillbilly entering the city.Wei Renwu mocked back Yes , Xiaoyue, you really have no experience.There are more thieves.Before Yue Ming could speak, Wei Renwu, who was gnawing on a duck leg, answered first.There are more thieves Yue Ming asked doubtfully.Guo Ling laughed loudly and said, Saints never die, but robbers do cbd gummies make you sleepy green apple gummies cbd never stop.Mr.Wei is a man of great wisdom Okay, let s write this.Guo Ling swung his pen vigorously with his left hand, and the whole method flowed freely and freely.There are more than a few thieves.Guo Ling put down his brush, Mr.Wei, I will frame the law later and give it to you.Wei Renwu do cbd gummies make you sleepy green apple gummies cbd pursed his lips and said, Curator Guo is free, besides, it is for Xiaoyue, not for you.Give it to me.Guo Ling smiled and said, I m giving it to you two.Wei Renwu threw the duck leg with only bones left into the trash can, and said, We are full with wine and food.Thank you Director Guo for your hospitality.Wei Renwu speculated in his heart that the person who wrote such words should also be a courageous and self confident person.At the signature of the letter, there is a drawing of a galloping horse.This logo is unique to White Horse Pirates.Everyone who knows White Horse Pirates will know this logo.Wei Renwu put the letter card into the envelope, and put the envelope into his pocket.Wei Renwu said Director Guo, I want to go to the monitoring room to check the monitoring again.Guo Ling said Then please follow me.The three of them came to the monitoring room again.Wei Renwu said to the security guard in the monitoring room Please fast forward four times faster, and help me to watch the day of the theft, all day surveillance.The security nodded and said, Okay, please wait a moment.He sat down on the chair in front of the monitoring wall, took out a Lan Jiao cigarette from his pocket and lit it, he had to concentrate his attention, and he had to use his eyesight to the limit to find out any suspicious things.More importantly, there was a person lying on a booth.Of course, if the dead can be counted as people, then the card There is a person lying on the seat.What happened here Yue Ming couldn t help asking.If you re not blind, you should be able to see what happened.Shu Po said with narrowed eyes.Yue Ming s cheeks were blushing hot.Fortunately, the light in the bar was dim so HCMUSSH green apple gummies cbd that no one would notice him.Yue Ming insisted, II must know, I m going to try to see if you joint restore gummies boswellia and cbd know.Shu Po laughed and said, Forget it, let me tell you.Obviously, a murder happened here, and then the customers rushed away.The bar was in such a mess when everyone was 10 mg cbd gummies before bed running for their lives.You don t need to tell me, I know.Yue Ming was still unconvinced.Shu Po ignored Yue Ming at all, and went straight to the corpse.Not to be outdone, Yue Ming rushed to face green apple gummies cbd the corpse.Yue Ming shook his head and said, Although I didn t win, winning or losing is not important anymore.I found some other problems.Wei Renwu said in surprise, Oh Have you started to find other problems Yue Ming nodded and said Yes, before talking about this issue, let me tell you what is the last case between me and Shu Po.Wei Renwu said with interest Let s listen to it.The stronghold of the Feicheng Gang and Hang Hangwei s tragic death, and Shu Po found Hang Hangwei s arms.When Wei Renwu heard that Hang Hangwei was dead, his heart was shocked, and he couldn t help but sigh with emotion The leader of the Hang Gang was killed.You must know that Wei Renwu and Hang Hangwei still have a little friendship.Wei Renwu is a person who is mixed up in the smoke and white.Although he doesn t like to make friends, he doesn t approve of many people, but once the person he approves, even if it is not his friend, even if it is a smoking society, he will Appreciate this person, besides, this person is still a friend of Wei Renwu.When those guests who came to apply for the case early in the morning and Shu Po s apprentices saw Yue Ming, they wanted to ridicule this defeated general, but they saw Wei Renwu again, so they dismissed the idea.They all know Wei Renwu, and know that his name once resounded throughout Chengdu.Although his name has been overwhelmed by Shu Pu now, as the saying goes a skinny camel is bigger than a horse, no one dares to laugh at this A former forensic consultant.For a while, the atmosphere in the office became extremely quiet, and the air seemed to freeze.Wei Renwu looked at the people around him, pointed at a young man in a long robe, and shouted, Who is that, is Shu Po there The young man was stunned by Wei Renwu s point of view, and then replied Master is here.Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and said, Where is he You go and tell him that Wei Renwu wants to see him.Shu Po said, What is Mr.Wei curious about Wei Renwu didn t answer right away, but took out a cigarette to light it, and then said, Who is Mr.Shu Where did you come from Why did you suddenly start doing what I used to do Wei Renwu green apple gummies cbd seldom asked three consecutive questions like this, and asked questions so tit for tat, which made Shu Po vigilant.Shupper paused before replying I m just an ordinary detective from a far away place.I thought Mr.Wei s original job was very meaningful, so I tried it myself, but I didn t expect to get away with it.With a few simple words, Shu Po made Wei Renwu fire cannon fire and all fell into the water and became squibs.Shu Po s answer seemed to clarify the question, but it was the same as not saying it.Wei Renwu still didn t know where he came from Who is it For what purpose Judging from Mr.No, Yue Ming is definitely not a useless person.Wei Renwu has always told Yue Ming that he will never leave a waste by his side.Yue Ming would never admit that he was useless.At this time, he remembered another sentence that Wei Renwu often said The reason why human beings are different from animals is that human beings are good at thinking.difference.But people always feel that some things can not be solved by thinking.Development must be in a desperate situation, and only when you are in a desperate situation, will you concentrate on trying to solve the problem without hesitation.Yue Ming felt that now is a desperate situation, and if all problems are not solved before sunset, the smoke in Chengdu will be destroyed.The dark world will fall into chaos.Yue Ming s smoky brain hole was suddenly lit up by a lamp, and he shouted loudly I have a solution.Cunning, if I follow up immediately, he will definitely notice it, and once he notices, my plan may be ruined immediately.Lin Xingchen asked However, if I don t follow up closely, I may lose it immediately.Yue Ming asked confidently Don t worry, I asked Officer Lei to press the tracker.Yue Ming took out an ipad from his bag, and the map of Chengdu was displayed on the ipad screen, and There is also a dot moving on the map.Lin Xingchen asked in surprise How do you know which car Shu Pu s is Yue Ming pouted and said, I didn t know in advance, and I just found out.Lin Xingchen said strangely Then you How did you manage to put trackers on his car in advance Yue Ming shrugged and wrote lightly I just asked Officer Lei to put trackers on all the cars in the garage, but he saw Shu Pu on Whichever car, I ll just follow the car.Wei Renwu asked curiously How did these five people offend you Do you have to kill him Shu Po narrowed his eyes and said seriously, Has Mr.Wei ever been a slave What Wei Renwu asked with a blank cbd gummies 500mg green apple gummies cbd face, Slave Shu Po let out a long sigh and said, That s right, slaves.Among the five people, one is the boss of the coal mine, the other four are his bodyguards, and more than forty of us are the boss s slaves.We live our lives every day.It s not as good as the days of death, even animals live happier than us, now I dream of the hell life at that time every night, and I don t want to go back to those days.Wei Renwu said They all did it to you What What did you do Hmph Shu Po s eyebrows showed a strong murderous look, The daily whipping is considered light, and the food is not much like pig food.If you make them angry a little, or work slower , will hang us cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies help diabetes up and scald us with charcoal.Of course, Wei Renwu himself is not wrong, he is indeed ruthless and ungrateful, but the ruthless and ungrateful him is the former him, and now he has changed, unconsciously changed, becoming more humane, becoming his I almost don t know myself anymore.Shu Po continued However, I don t quite understand why Mr.Wei wants to protect those criminals Although my actions may not be legal, so far, I haven t hurt a good person.Do you think you are a hero Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and lowered his head and said, You think that what you hurt is a bad person, so you are not a bad person That s right, they are indeed criminals, but they didn t go out They have done harm to others.All they did was to protect themselves.In Chengdu, those who tried to harm others have already been caught by me and sent to prison, and these people did not go to prison.It was Yue Ming who gave the answer in the end, and Yue Ming said Mr.Wei believes that Officer Zhang has the strength to be cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies help diabetes the captain, but he just needs an opportunity, and now is an opportunity.Lin Xingchen then echoed Zhang Feng is indeed Very capable, this time Zhao Jun s position is vacated, you should try to win it. Me Zhang Feng felt a little excited, Can I really do it I think Brother Zhang It s a hundred times better than that doggy Zhao Jun, and he s fully qualified for that position.Xiao Wei also encouraged him.That s right, when Captain Lin was away, it was Brother Zhang who directed us to complete the mission, and Brother Zhang s performance was also outstanding.Yang Wen er also said.For a while, the topic opened up, and everyone supported Zhang Feng.Even Fang Ronghua, who was always quiet, said, I think it will work., in my mind, he has become an existence beyond men.Xu Lu spoke very vividly, but Wei Renwu green apple gummies cbd was a little impatient.He couldn t bring up other people s love at all, so he had to listen patiently.Xu Lu continued After that, I also asked Guo Lingfeng, Why did you choose me Ling Feng s answer to me was, I think you are different from other women.That s right, it s just that we both think each other is special, and that s what makes our love.Mr.Xu should have finished cbd gummies 500mg green apple gummies cbd talking about this unforgettable love, so shouldn t it be time to talk about the case next Wei Renwu finally couldn t help reminding Xu Lu.Xu Lu realized that she had said a lot of things that had nothing to do with the topic.Maybe it was because she hadn t talked to others for a long time, so she couldn t help talking to Wei Renwu.Hehehehehahahahaha Jiang Mengdie held his forehead and couldn t help it.He couldn t stop laughing until his voice became hoarse, Wei Renwu, you are really a monster Wei Renwu didn t deny it Only monsters can deal with you, and ordinary people would be eaten by you.Wei Renwu suddenly Finding a little lipstick on his finger, he put it to his nose and sniffed it, and said, You use this to stun your prey, right What s this called It smells like roses.Jiang Mengdie didn t plan to get up from the ground anymore, she sat on the ground and replied This is called Dream of Roses , people who are fascinated by this will immediately fall into a deep sleep, if you usually suffer from insomnia, I suggest you You can try it out.Wei Renwu hurriedly wiped the Dream of Roses off his fingers on the sofa, and said, There is no need to try it out.Lin Xingchen asked Then, how to prove what you said Wei Renwu replied You can take some of her blood samples for comparison, the blood on the green apple gummies cbd broken glass is hers, but she In fact, there is no wound on her body that was hit by the glass, which can prove that she was not injured green apple gummies cbd lights out cbd gummies reviews by the glass, but smeared blood on the glass by herself.Fart, it s all fart Yue Ming shouted from the side, If Xiaodie is a liar, then why didn t she come to cheat me of my money Wei Renwu turned his head and scolded back Are you an idiot If she didn t take care of me, you would still have your money in your wallet.She just knew that she couldn t get past me and cheat you of money, so she redesigned the plan, led you to Liu Yonghao s villa, and misled you to take the police to arrest Liu Yonghao, so that she could not only contain you, but also contain me through you, She can get away again.Yue Ming s current state was all thanks to Jiang Mengdie.When he mentioned the name again, it felt like a needle pricked his heart.He said, Don t mention her to me, I want to forget her.Wei Renwu was puzzled and asked, Why do you want to forget Yue Ming sighed, and said, What else Break into the public security office again and rescue her This is what you want to see Yue Ming became more and more excited as he spoke.He hated Wei Renwu making jokes about it.Wei Renwu laughed and said Don t do this, I just want to help you.Forgetting is not the best way.After all, this is what happened in real life.It is like a big tree green apple gummies cbd that takes root in your heart.It is deeply connected with your heart, if you try to uproot it, your heart will be torn apart.Yue Ming really couldn t forget Jiang Mengdie, otherwise he wouldn t be like this now, but again what else can we do He can do nothing but forget.In the eyes of these people, there is nothing more important green apple gummies cbd than work, and there is no harsh environment that can stop them from working, and Yue Ming is the best of them By.Yue Ming and Lin Xingchen were sitting in Lin Xingchen s Jetta car.They were participating in an operation to arrest drug dealers, and he and Lin Xingchen played the role of commander in this operation.The Jetta was parked outside the Royal Garden of the Five Great Gardens.Yue Ming sat in the passenger seat and looked at the moving black dot on the cbd gummies 500mg green apple gummies cbd ipad in his right hand, and said to the pen microphone in his left hand Officer Lei and Officer Yang Are you seated Lei Long and Yang Wen er held pistols and guarded the door of a household in a residential building in the Royal Garden , whispering to Mai in their mouths We are already seated.The last time Yue Ming saw Wei Renwu s outfit, Or attend the comfortable trial.Yue Ming didn t know why Wei Renwu paid so much attention to this dinner, but he didn t ask.Generally, Wei Renwu would tell him what he wanted to tell him.If he didn t want to tell him, it would be useless to ask.Yue Ming and Wei Renwu arrived at Minshan Hotel on time at six o clock, which is known as the most luxurious hotel in Chengdu.Lin Xingchen was waiting at the entrance of the hotel early, while Yue Ming and Wei Renwu got off the Maserati.Yue Ming handed over the car keys to the parking attendant, and Wei Renwu greeted Lin Xingchen Captain Lin, long time no see.Lin Xingchen laughed and said, It s been a long time since you ve been avoiding me.By the way, why are you hiding from me Could it be because you owed me a thousand yuan for travel expenses last time, and you are afraid that I will go after the debt Wei Renwu also laughed, and he said with a smile Hahahaha, Captain Lin really guessed right Oh, money is do cbd gummies make you sleepy green apple gummies cbd tight recently, and I haven t been able to repay Captain Lin s money, so I don t have the nerve to crawl out to see you.Xu Jiu said So, the detour to Hubei that you said yesterday was just for me Wei Renwu said triumphantly, Of course, I must make sure that you can walk on the right path, otherwise we will be really miserable.Xu Jiu just said at this time I understand that she underestimated Wei Renwu, and Yu Xian sent Wei Renwu to protect her because of his consideration.At this time, Yue Ming said again Then shall we stay overnight in Hanzhong green apple gummies cbd Wei Renwu shook his head and said, No, go to Xi an.Go to Xi an Are you crazy Xu Jiu suddenly shouted.What happened to Xi an Yue Ming didn t understand why Xu Jiu suddenly acted panicked.On the contrary, Wei Renwu seemed to understand something from Xu Jiu s words.Wei Renwu said, You mean, the base do cbd gummies make you sleepy green apple gummies cbd of the Fengshenhui is in Xi an Xu Jiu denied, I didn t say that.Wei Renwu laughed, and he said with a smile It s okay for you to deny it.Xu Jiu finally felt relieved, she said I understand, let s go to Xi an, but you must promise me that nothing will happen to us.Xu Jiu returned to China this time for revenge, she must ensure her safety, otherwise She will never have a chance for revenge.Wei Renwu patted his chest, stretched out two fingers towards the sky, and said firmly, I swear to God, I will guarantee that you will return to Beijing unscathed.Wei Renwu pointed to Yue Ming again, and said, Even if he If you die, I won t let anything happen to you.Yue Ming panicked and said, Hey, Wei Xian, what are you talking about Do you want me to be taken advantage of Xu Jiu couldn t hold back, and burst out laughing out.At this moment, the iceberg beauty s heart was finally melted by Wei Renwu.After two years of tempering in hell on earth, she had lost her sense of security in the world, but now, she felt safe again in Wei Renwu s body.The morale of Yang Xi s subordinates in the courtyard soared, and there were countless shouts in the courtyard for a while, the voices were loud, overwhelming the sound of the rainstorm.Tang Yu knew that it would not take long for Yang Xi s people to find the house where he was hiding, and it would not take long to find Xu Jiu s secret passageway.He had to do something, and he took out a receiver on his waist.He had prepared it beforehand.There is a red button on the latest and fastest update receiver, and Tang Yu pressed it without hesitation.boom boom boom Bang For a moment, there was a continuous loud noise in the courtyard, and this was the last green apple gummies cbd lights out cbd gummies reviews sound Xu Jiu heard after entering the secret passage.Xu Jiu was carrying a travel bag, and with a flashlight, he was groping in the shaking secret passage.The two came to the backyard with difficulty.Sure enough, there was a manhole cover in the middle of the backyard.Xu Jiu put Tang Yu on the ground and sat down first, and then went to open the manhole cover by himself.Tang Yu pointed to Xu Jiu s travel bag on the ground, and said weakly Put it on.Xu Jiu shook his head and said, No, you look like this now, you should put it on, I m good at water, I can survive by myself I told you to put it on, coughcoughcough Tang Yu pulled the wound when he got excited, and the pain was so painful that he could no longer speak.Xu Jiu said distressedly Okay, don t talk, I ll put it on.Xu Jiu immediately took off his clothes and put on the diving equipment in the travel bag.Tang Yu smiled and watched Xu Jiu change clothes, he was satisfied, maybe this was the last time he saw the beautiful figure of his beloved woman.I green apple gummies cbd happen to have a room like this here.I promise you will like it, but please wait a moment.The male student naturally hugged the female student and sat on the sofa , and replied generously It s okay, we ll wait.While speaking, the thin old man had already returned, and he whispered, It s packed.As soon as the woman saw the thin old man, her smiling face immediately changed back to that kind of horror With a menopausal face, he scolded Go back and clean up the crystal bed room, we have another guest.Oh.The thin old man retreated upstairs again.The woman said to the young couple You two wait a moment.After she finished speaking, she went to the front desk to get the key to the room, and said to Wei Renwu and the three of them Follow me, the three of you, the room has been cleaned up.The man followed the woman to the second floor.As a result, the pair of short lived mandarin ducks fell down, and their lives were really lost.The first two people solved the problem at the door, and the men in the same suit entered the hotel one after another.They all took out their pistols and walked upstairs in a mighty manner.They walked cautiously to the second floor, a group of people against the wall on the left, and a group of people against the wall on the right, and slowly moved towards the room of Wei Renwu and others.Obviously they knew which room Wei Renwu and others were in, and the sentry had already given them the information.But before taking two steps, the door of room 2005 suddenly opened.A middle aged man in a nightgown stood blankly at the door, stunned by the scene in front of him.You The man just said a few words, and ended up being shot in the forehead just like the pair of short lived mandarin ducks in the lobby downstairs.However, Yue Ming still couldn t turn on the fire of the car.How is this going When Yue Ming was about to jump out of the car to check, he glanced at the fuel gauge.Only then did Yue Ming discover that the green apple gummies cbd fuel gauge index was zero, which was the reason why the ignition could not be turned on.What s going on Yue Ming didn t want to understand.However, Yue Ming didn t have time to figure it out.He found countless black umbrellas appeared at one end of the street.Yue Ming glanced at the rearview mirror again.On the other side of the street, countless black umbrellas also appeared.Yue Ming murmured to himself cbd gummies and tramadol in horror, I m going to die now.On the other side, Wei Renwu and Xu Jiu walked around the streets and alleys, and Xu Jiu didn t know where they were.Stop Xu Jiu yelled suddenly and didn t leave.The stench in here was so foul that Wei Renwu was almost fainted.If he had known this, he might as well have surrendered, instead of suffering this kind of pain.Fortunately, the water in the sewers is mostly rainwater from previous heavy rains, so the water is not so dirty as to be miserable.Wei Renwu fell into the water, because the running water only filled half of the sewer, and Wei Renwu could still probe out to breathe, although he didn t really want to breathe in the green apple gummies cbd sewer.Fortunately, none of the three were ignorant of water, and all of them could swim smoothly along the flowing water to the end.In the darkness, Wei Renwu couldn t see whether Yue Ming and Xu Jiu were in front, so he could only use his voice to search for their traces.He shouted Xiaoyue, Miss Xu, are you in front In the sewer, Wei Renwu s The sound and the sound of running water intertwined and echoed, and after a long time, Wei Renwu vaguely heard Xu Jiu and Yue Ming s respective responses from the sound of running water I m here Now, Wei Renwu was relieved, and Wei Renwu shouted again Wait until you get out of the underground drain, and then meet again.Yu didn t tell me.At this time, Wei Renwu said solemnly I think I know who that person is.Who is it Yue green apple gummies cbd Ming asked curiously.Wei Renwu didn t seem to hear what Yue Ming was saying, but continued to talk to Xu Jiu Well, this person stole the distribution map of the nuclear base, and he is also an enemy of the Fengshenhui.This is not related to your investigation of Fengshenhui.What does it matter Xu Jiu said That s right, because when we were investigating this person, we had no clue, and we knew that the Fengshenhui was also investigating this person, and they did have There are a lot of clues, so Mr.Yu sent me undercover to the Fengshenhui to investigate the information about this person held by the Fengshenhui.Wei Renwu cbd gummies 500mg green apple gummies cbd asked Then have you found any clues about this person Xu Jiu said Not too many, but there are still some, but it s all several years old information.This kind of affection was something the two of them had never had for so many days.I Xu Jiu seemed to want to say something.Wait a minute.Wei Renwu suddenly interrupted Xu Jiu.He turned his head, gave Yue Ming a blank look, and said angrily, What are you still doing here Yue Ming was indeed standing beside the two of them in a daze.went aside.Then Wei Renwu said green apple gummies cbd to Xu Jiu again If you have anything to say, let s talk now.Xu Jiu paused, and then said In fact, I just want to thank you, thank you for saving my life, and thank you for opening my door.heart knot.Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and said leisurely It is right to save your life, I really don t know when your heart knot was opened.Xu Jiu lowered his head and said shyly It doesn t matter if you don t know, it just happened by chance.Yue Ming said In this way, the Fengshenhui The case has also reached a stalemate.Wei Renwu stroked his mustache, sighed, and said, Tomorrow, I can only go to Captain Lin to find out if there are any small cases that can be investigated, otherwise I will suffocate to death.Yue Ming said That s the only way green apple gummies cbd to go, although I don t think those cases will arouse your interest.Wei Renwu felt that he was full, so he put down his chopsticks and said, I m full, you can wash the dishes and chopsticks.Yue Yue Ming suddenly said What time is it Wei Renwu didn t even look at his watch, so he said About three o clock in the afternoon.Yue Ming was startled, stood up, and shouted It s terrible, it s terrible, It s about to start.Wei Renwu asked curiously What s about to start Yue Ming rushed to the sofa, picked up the remote control, and turned on the TV.He sat on the sofa plus indica cbd gummies and explained The famous magician Long Qian s canyon journey The live broadcast of the great crossing is about to start.Who is Long Qian Wei Renwu s curiosity was aroused by Yue Ming, so he sat on the sofa and watched TV with Yue Ming.While adjusting the channel, Yue Ming said to Wei Renwu This Long Qian is amazing.He created the magic of teleportation and enjoys a high honor in the world.What s more, he is from Chengdu.Chengdu People Sounds like a celebrity, but why don t I know him Wei Renwu said disdainfully.Yue Ming pursed his lips and said, That s because Mr.Wei only cares about his own reputation, there is no room for someone who is more famous than yourself.Wei Renwu sighed softly You made Mr.Wei a narrow minded person again.It was.Yue Ming had already tuned to the live broadcast of Longqian s magic, and the live broadcast had just started.Wei Renwu climbed into the Maserati like a little old man dying, and sat slumped on the co pilot.Yue Ming drove the Maserati home, but he didn t comfort Wei Renwu along the way.Because Yue Ming had never seen Wei Renwu like this before, he didn t know how to comfort Wei Renwu, he could only use the old method that made Wei Renwu happy before, and tentatively said cbd 1000 mg gummies How about I treat you to dinner Wei Renwu numbly shook his head.Yue Ming said again Why don t I buy you a drink Wei Renwu sighed, still shaking his head.Yue Ming gritted his teeth and said, Today I m going all out, I ll accompany you to pick up girls today Wei Renwu glanced at Yue Ming, moved his mouth twice, and said something in a low voice.Yue Ming didn t hear what Wei Renwu said clearly.He frowned and asked, What are you talking about Louder.Ever since Yue Ming met Wei Renwu, Wei Renwu always went to help Yue Ming.Yue Ming really couldn t think of a way to help Wei Renwu, because Wei Renwu never needed help from others, and he could always handle everything by himself Even if Yue Ming knew Wei Renwu well, he didn t know how to help Wei Renwu unravel this knot of failure.Who else could understand Wei Renwu better Yes, yes, there is really a person who knows Wei Renwu better than Yue Ming, and this person is Lin Xingchen.Whether it is the length of time Lin Xingchen has known Wei Renwu or the precision of cooperation with Wei Renwu, Yue Ming is not comparable.Thinking of Lin Xingchen, Yue Ming immediately put down his chopsticks, took out his mobile phone and called Lin Xingchen.As soon as the phone was connected, Yue Ming hurriedly said Captain Lin, I have something to ask you for.From eight o clock last night to twelve o clock noon today, Wei Renwu had green apple gummies cbd lights out cbd gummies reviews slept for a total of sixteen hours.Yue Ming couldn t help worrying.It s long enough for ordinary people to sleep for ten how long does cbd gummy take effect hours.If he didn t get out of bed for sixteen hours, wouldn t Wei Renwu die in bed Thinking of this, Yue Ming couldn t help but panic, he rushed to Wei Renwu s room, ready to find out.But before Yue Ming opened the door of Wei Renwu s room, the door opened by itself.The door is dead, of course it cannot be opened by itself, it was opened by Wei Renwu in the room, it turned out that Wei Renwu just woke up, and he was about to leave the room, but Yue Ming s momentum was too strong, Wei Renwu just stepped out of the room As soon as mayim bialik cbd gummies website he took a step through the door, Yue Ming bumped into his arms and knocked him back into the room.The second place is the morgue.There are dead bodies in the morgue.Check his body, the last place is the Public Security Bureau, and Long Qian is temporarily being detained, waiting for Mr.Wei to interrogate.So, can you take cbd gummy and drink alcohol Mr.Wei, where should we go first Wei Renwu turned his face and said, You let me now Go Did I promise you to take this case Zhang Feng was at a loss for words, his face was filled with embarrassment, he thought that Wei Renwu s asking for the details of the case meant that Wei Renwu was willing to take the case, but it was not his fault, normal people would think that Wei Renwu has been willing to take the case.For a moment, the atmosphere became dead silent.Everyone was staring at Wei Renwu s serious face, especially Zhang Feng, with cold sweat dripping from his cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies help diabetes forehead.There was a burst of laughter, and the silent atmosphere was instantly shattered.Wei Renwu had a strange expression, and he said, Then you haven t left here.I haven t touched it, and I haven t even gone to the toilet.Wei Renwu said again There gum drops cbd gummies should be no other exit from the detention room.Zhang Feng said Mr.Wei, you are insulting the detention room of our Public Security Bureau.Wei Renwu nodded and said Okay, open the door, I want to go in.Zhang Feng asked suspiciously Do you still want to talk to Long Qian Wei Renwu didn t want to talk nonsense, just nodded.Zhang Feng had no choice but to open the door of the detention room again.Wei Renwu was not as chic as last time, he walked into the detention room with heavy steps.Long Qian was still the same Long Qian, he didn t even change his sitting posture, he was leisurely and confident.Long Qian said with a grin Mr.Wei, I didn t expect you to come back so soon.Zhang Feng continued The evidence is already in the Public Security Bureau, Long Qian, I am warning you again, I am not discussing with you, I am ordering you to get up immediately and follow me back to the police station.There must be a misunderstanding.Yue Ming stood up and tried to explain.At this moment, Long Qian stood up, and he comforted Yue Ming Xiao Yue, don t worry, if I am innocent, it doesn t matter if I go back with them again, just re live cbd gummies like last time, they will still let me go, but This time, I will definitely pursue it to the end.Zhang Feng was expressionless, and he didn t care about Long Qian cbd gummies help diabetes tyler perry cbd gummies s threat.He motioned to his subordinates, Give it up and take it away.Long Qian couldn t resist, especially in public.A line will be magnified, although the current him has aroused a lot of discussion from the people around him, everyone is asking what happened to Long Qian Why was he taken away by the police again Is he really a murderer Long Qian green apple gummies cbd lights out cbd gummies reviews s current image has been greatly compromised, he can t confront the police, but to add fuel to the flames of his own image, he must keep smiling and cooperate with the police, at least to prove that he is not guilty.Especially now, Yue Ming is in a state of confusion.Following Old Man Hu into the house may be in danger.After all, there are five people in the Reaper , and there is only one person in their hands now.Maybe the other four people are ambush in the house.But it s not a solution not to go into the house with old green apple gummies cbd man Hu, and to stand at the door all the time.Old man Hu suddenly sneered, and said, Have your guts been eaten by dogs Now I am a grasshopper in your hands, and I will die if I pinch it, how can you still be afraid of me Lin Xingchen could see that green apple gummies cbd it was difficult for Yue Ming to make a decision, so she had to make the decision herself, so she decided Let s go, Xiao Yue, let s go in and have .

is it legal to bring cbd gummies on a plane?

a look.Since we are here, we can t be afraid.Even if there is danger inside, they must bite the bullet, otherwise the meaning of their coming here will be gone.I brought koi cbd delta 8 gummies near me them all.They all smelled of blood.Old man Hu s wife, old man Hu s wife s best friend, and three companions who went to catch rape with old man Hu, all their heads were in the suitcase, and none of them was missing.Old man Hu couldn t help but burst into tears, he cried to the bearded man You did it The bearded man didn t deny it, he said I did it, but they did it because of you And die, because you want them to die, so I killed them.Old man Hu did say that, but that was just angry words of old man Hu, green apple gummies cbd how could he really kill them, that is simply a devil Things that can only be done, but cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies help diabetes now they have come true.Although Old Man Hu did not do it himself, they still died because of Old Man Hu.Perhaps, the bearded man is really a demon.The old man Hu cried Why did you do this Is it just for me The bearded man said Don t you like it You know, no one in this world knows about your scandal anymore.While Professor Fang was staring intently at the microwave oven, the microwave oven suddenly disappeared from his sight.To be precise, it wasn t just the microwave that disappeared.It should be said that his vision was brown.It turned out that his eyes were blocked by a piece of brown.The brown clothes were clothes.Since there were clothes, someone was wearing such a brown clothes and standing in front of Professor Fang.Professor Fang looked up, and a pair of mustaches appeared in front of him.Professor Fang was startled, it turned out that Wei Renwu appeared in front of him, and his spine went cold for a while, could it be that he cbd gummies help diabetes tyler perry cbd gummies was discovered by Wei Renwu My friend, you seem to have something on your mind A smile appeared on the can you drive after eating a cbd gummy mouth under the mustache.Professor Fang clenched his left fist.According to Liu Hongyun s request, the hairstyle director gave him a very earthy and earthy cut.Liu Hongyun looked at herself in the mirror and nodded with satisfaction.The current Liu Hongyun is no longer the Liu Hongyun who just entered this studio, it seems like cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies help diabetes a different person, at least from the neck up.In fact, Liu Hongyun didn t want to do this either.How could a fashion loving person like him be willing to cut off his red hair, but he had to do it because he was going to Chengdu and he couldn t secretly investigate Wei Renwu in a conspicuous manner.If he had this red hair, it would be difficult for him not to be looked at twice, so he reluctantly gave up.In the end, when Liu Hongyun got off the plane and arrived at Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, the first thing Liu Hongyun did was to make the soil below her neck the same as above her neck.That s what machismo is like, and he ll stick to it at any time.Lei Jia patted his stomach and said But, I m already hungry.After working for a long time, I must eat more to make up for it.Zuo Liang said Then let s go.Zuo Liang led Lei Jia came to an interesting western restaurant.The two sat face to face.Before ordering food, Lei Jia said You must ask me to invite do cbd gummies make you sleepy green apple gummies cbd you for this meal.After all, you green apple gummies cbd have helped me so much.I am really sorry.Zuo Liang said resolutely How about that A man and a woman come out to eat.If the woman pays for .

how long cbd gummies take?

the meal, That is the shame of a man.Lei Jia said But, I have received so much help from you, I green apple gummies cbd must give you back, if you don t agree with my invitation, I will leave now, and I will never stop Your house.Lei Jia has been persecuting Zuo Liang so much, Zuo Liang naturally didn t dare to offend Lei Jia, so he could only say You are so strong, I really can t do anything against you, well, please, please, for you , I ll just lose you once.lucky.This person was Wei Renwu.His heart was hit by an iron nail, and blood kept gushing out.Wei Renwu fell to the ground, Lin Xingchen hugged Wei Renwu to hold the wound.Wei Renwu said weakly Xing Xingchen, I I might not Did you call an ambulance, someone here is seriously injured.No one wanted to pay attention to Lin Xingchen, they were all too busy to take care of themselves, those with wounded were busy taking care of the wounded, and those without wounded ran for their lives.However, someone should call an ambulance, after all, they have wounded themselves.However, there are also people who have neither themselves nor their friends who were injured, nor those who escaped.There are a total of three people like this, and two of them green apple gummies cbd were sitting at the bar just now.They hid in the bar two seconds before the explosion, and walked out of the bar after the explosion, so they were unscathed.Yue Ming didn t dare to open it, he just tried to aim at any inch of Wang Xuanmin s body, but he didn t use it.No confidence and guts to hit the king electorate.I told you to throw it away Wang Xuanmin roared loudly.He was green apple gummies cbd lights out cbd gummies reviews not joking with Yue Ming.In order for Yue Ming to understand his words, he had to use a knife to draw a line on Lin Xingchen s snow white neck.bloodstains.Wang Xuanmin wanted to do something, Yue Ming was in a hurry, he couldn t risk Lin Xingchen s life, so he immediately threw it downstairs, making sure that none of the three could get it.Yue Ming said I ve already thrown it away, you let Captain Lin go now.Wang Xuanmin laughed and said, What are you thinking You don t have it in your hand, but I have your companion in my hand.Why should I listen to you Lin Xingchen sighed softly Xiaoyue, you shouldn t have thrown it away, now, both of us may be in danger.Yue Ming turned on the room light.As soon as the lights came on, that familiar person, with Erlang s cbd gummies 500mg green apple gummies cbd legs and mustache, appeared in front of Yue Ming and Lin Xingchen again.Wei Renwu was sitting on the sofa in the living room, holding a cigarette that was still smoking in his left hand, stroking his mustache with his right hand, and looking at the three of them with a smile.At the same time, Wang Xuanmin was also shocked.The moment Wang Xuanmin saw Wei Renwu, it was like seeing a ghost, but Wei Renwu was supposed to be dead, but now he appeared in front of them.Could it really be a ghost Youwhy are you here Shouldn t you be dead Wang Xuanmin was pressed to the ground by Lin Xingchen, and his whole body was shaking.If Wei Renwu in front of him is a living person, then it shows their mission do cbd gummies make you sleepy green apple gummies cbd It failed, but the Wei Renwu in front of him seemed to be alive and well no matter how he looked.When people meet Wei Renwu, try cbd gummies 500mg green apple gummies cbd to avoid him as much as possible, otherwise we will feel bad about ourselves.Wu Wei bowed his head the daily buzz cbd gummies and said My subordinates understand.Emperor of Heaven said Is there anything else Wu Wei said Yes, Emperor of Heaven , there is news from Canary.Emperor of Heaven suddenly became hoarse Is it his news Wu Wei nodded and said Yes, it s him.Canary has been undercover green apple gummies cbd in the Ministry of State Security for many years, and finally found his whereabouts through the relationship of the Ministry of State Security.Emperor of Heaven said with emotion You are so good at hiding.I have been looking for you for many years.In order to find you, I set up this organization.In order to find you, I let my what does eating a cbd gummy feel like closest people risk their lives to enter the country s intelligence agency.Finally finally Let me find you.The bearded man walked forward, and the prisoners in front of him immediately moved green apple gummies cbd out of the way.The bearded man walked to the center of the hall, jumped onto the iron table in the center, and shouted at all the people in the hall My brothers, today is the day when we are reborn, let us destroy the world together Good job, let s go out, I have something very important to announce today.The prison guard moved the door away, and the bearded man walked out of his cell leisurely, while the prison guard followed closely behind the bearded man, Like a bodyguard.After crossing several sidewalks, the two came to a relatively open place.This place is the hall of the prison, the hall is a place where prisoners move freely, and the hall is now crowded with prisoners of all colors and nationalities.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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