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A large group of British people appeared, Wang Weiyi licked his lips, and then made a gesture.The guns in the hands of the German soldiers were raised.Kill them Kill them This was the almost curse like voice from Adolf Hitler beside him.Wang Weiyi smiled unknown.The enemy is gradually approaching Kill them With Wang Weiyi s roar, his hand also dropped.The light and heavy weapons on the position opened fire together.In an instant, with Maxim s roar, the British fell down like cutting wheat.The British who was suddenly hit fell to the ground in a panic.The German gunfire also immediately became sparse.These well trained soldiers, they will never waste their bullets easily, Wang Weiyi praised in his heart.Probably because they felt that lying on their stomachs would not have any future, and after a while, the British got up from the ground one after another.

This is the most real and terrifying battlefield The British obviously couldn t hold on anymore.At this moment, there was a roar behind them, and then the British soldiers consciously dodged to both sides.Wang Weiyi looked there, and then shouted Tank Eleven.Hey Ernst The tank finally appeared Two Mark I tanks appeared in front of the position showing off their might.Without Wang Weiyi s advance, maybe the German soldiers of the third company would panic when they suddenly saw these two steel monsters at this time.The introduction of any new type of weapon, especially in the era of hot weapons, will always achieve great results, no matter on the battlefield or on the psychological blow to the opponent s soldiers.But now that doesn t happen.The third company quickly dispersed best brand of cbd gummies for pain cbd edibles gummy worms to both sides.Sergeant Wang Weiyi and Sergeant Hall held two bundles of hand grenades bundled up in their hands, and lay quietly in the trench.

It was indeed Lieutenant Ernst Brahm who continued to fight.General, General Ernst Brahm s voice came from the other end of the phone again, which attracted the attention of everyone in the staff department.General, are you still there I have been waiting for you, Lieutenant Ernst.General, the battle is over.We captured the enemy s barracks and killed a total of 181 British.Casualties, we have no casualties The voice came out clearly from the microphone.There was an uncontrollable exclamation from the staff, and even General Galwitz almost dropped the microphone in his hand Say it again We killed one hundred and eighty one British, Sauber The Prince Ke Battalion has been defeated The exclamation came from the staff again, which was unbelievable.Two men took out a battalion of enemies Also wiped out one hundred and eighty one British soldiers No, only God can do this General Galwitz s voice trembled a little Lieutenant Ernst, are you sure Yes, I can be sure I guarantee it on the honor of the soldier Long live Germany Suddenly, someone called out loudly Such a call.

A large number of Germans are dying every day, and our national strength is being consumed little by little.If this continues, the whole of Germany will fall into a into a terrible abyss.The faces of William II, Hindenburg, Ludendorff and others sank.It is hard to imagine that a German crown prince would say such a thing.If it were a different person, he would definitely be arrested on the charge of shaking the morale snopes cbd gummies dr oz of the army.Enough, August.Even though William II liked his son, he said with a straight face at this time Don t you know that we won a great victory at the Somme August was not afraid at all.My father But what is the basis of such a great victory Thousands of people died, and we only recovered the lost positions.Father, I am not afraid of war.If necessary, I can bring To fight with a gun, to die, but I was thinking about the future of Germany Sudden situation Prince Joachim s banquet, because of the appearance of August, spoiled the atmosphere.

Ernst, please calm down.Manstein was a little worried No one wants to see such a thing happen, but Nicholas has such a right.If you seek revenge from him now, you will be in trouble. Fritz , are you timid Richthofen didn t think about it at green roads cbd gummie block can dogs have cbd gummies all Our dignity has been trampled on.If we don t fight back, everyone will laugh at us.Ernst, go, I ll go with you, go now Manstein and Richthofen are two completely different personalities, one is calm and resourceful, the other is passionate and impulsive.Hyena Pompestein Wang Weiyi suddenly smiled strangely Okay, the matter is over, I have made everyone work hard all night today, I am really sorry, the matter is purekana cbd gummies for sale green roads cbd gummie block over and it is over, Fritz, Manfred, go back and rest.His attitude changed suddenly, which surprised Manstein and Richthofen.But Wang Weiyi actually got into the carriage side effects of cbd gummies best brand of cbd gummies for pain and left without looking back.

A few bombs knocked the guards apart.Due to the suddenness of the incident, only Lieutenant Manfred von Richthofen s fighter jets rose in time for reinforcements, but when the British fighter jets were driven away, We found that His Royal Highness the Crown Prince is missing.Wang Weiyi gasped, no wonder a few British fighters suddenly appeared in the morning At this moment, there was a trace of doubt in his heart General, you are looking for me for cbd gummies surrey Do you know why His Royal Highness the Crown Prince left his headquarters General Bello continued to help Colonel Rolle When His Royal Highness heard that you captured side effects of cbd gummies best brand of cbd gummies for pain a regiment of the French army with only one assault team, you raised your voice.Interested, so I decided to go to your place to see for myself after the rain stopped Looking at myself Wang Weiyi was a little dumbfounded.

I am willing to answer your questions so patiently, not out of respect for you, but for respect for Germany and the sense of honor of soldiers If you continue your arrogant attitude, unless His Majesty the Emperor and Prince Joachim appear in front of me in person, I will refuse to answer your mission questions Nicholas was stunned there.Colonel Rolle was also very dissatisfied.He repeated Wang Weiyi s words Please pay attention to your class, Colonel Nicholas.Ernst was Baron Alexon, and he had the right to do so.Unless his noble surrender is taken away, you can do whatever you want.Nicholas had never been so useless before, and he never thought that it would be so troublesome to interrogate a noble with the title of baron.Perhaps it would be better to invite Prince Joachim here, but Prince Joachim would cbd gummies by charles stanley never do this.

Xiao Ling, who had just praised Wang Weiyi, became mean again.Wang Weiyi laughed Well, if you help me check, there will be no good resultsXiao Ling , Actually, I m not worried at all about receiving any trial, but I m really thinking about a problem.You said that assuming that one day we can leave here, will I still meet the brothers who fought together You asked this question before, and I can answer you again.In theory, it is possible Theory Wang Weiyi smiled wryly and shook his head So in theory, can I also take them away Originally just a joke, but I didn t expect Xiaoling to reply Yes, it is also possible in theory Wang Weiyi was stunned, and listened to Xiaoling s words In theory, you can Anyone who takes away here doesn t even have to worry about exposing the military base, but I believe you won t want to use this method What method Wang Weiyi s curiosity was suddenly raised.

They never took Schlaf seriously, thinking that Ernst s selection of such a small character as his lawyer simply raised his hand in advance and surrendered.But they never expected that Schlaf would successfully kill one of their witnesses in the first round.But it s far from over Attorney Marklin questioned the venerable Baron Alexon s miracle of the Somme, but I can totally understand it.Schlaf is getting more and more into his role He said It is difficult for a person who has never been on the battlefield to understand such a miracle on the battlefield.However, Mr.Marklin seems to have overlooked one point.Baron Alexon was not fighting alone at that time.Next, I will bring my No.2 A witness testified in court.He is a Chinese, his name is Guo Yunfeng.Felix agreed to his request.Schlaf came fully prepared.

The flesh on green roads cbd gummie block joy organic cbd gummies Nicholas face twitched, but he still tried his best to control his emotions.Where did this damn little lawyer get this information Doing things yourself is so confidential.When you go back, you must check carefully to see if the other party knows anything disgraceful about you.Felix gave Nikolai a stern look, but he did not forget his identity.Although he was not very willing, he said Lawyer Schlaf, this has nothing to green roads cbd gummie block do with this case.But I will ask you to investigate your actions against Nikolai.Mr.La s accusation.Schlaf s goal has been achieved Just when the atmosphere at the scene was a little awkward, a voice suddenly sounded Marquis of Yorkshire, I ask to speak.Everyone s eyes looked there His Royal Highness Crown Prince Wilhelm of Germany August After getting Felix s approval, August said slowly Some people doubt Baron Alexon s meritorious deeds, some people question Baron Alexon s loyalty, I can t make a judgment on this.

Yes.Wang Weiyi continued to speak steadily and slowly At that time, the troops I commanded were far away from our large troops due to the rapid assault speed.There were no field hospitals around, and we only had one doctor.And the closest to us is the British field hospital Lieutenant Colonel Rosen was seriously injured, so I green roads cbd gummie block had to face two cbd gummies for recreation choices.One was to do my duty as a soldier and continue to take him as a prisoner.Then there is no doubt that he would die because he could not receive treatment.The other option is to do what every decent German would do, release him, and send him back to the British with some seriously wounded He paused I chose By.If it is a crime to present the best qualities of a German to the enemy, I would have no complaints if the court hanged me now Have you any witnesses, Baron Alexon Felix reminded him.

The countess seemed very confident Even if you reject these people, they will not give up.On the contrary, if you ask them to do something, they seem to see hope again.Believe me, Simond will definitely help you with all his might.As for betraying his country From what I know of him he doesn t care about that.Depusey gave the written address to Wang Weiyi.Although he still didn t believe it, Wang Weiyi still kept the address and expressed his thanks.I originally wanted to invite you to the dance tonight, but I think you must be very busy.The Countess said relaxedly, Baron Alexon, when you come back from completing your mission, you must stay with me for a few days.The countess seemed to have full trust in Wang Weiyi, perhaps in her view, this time was just a relaxing trip for Wang Weiyi.13.

One hundred and eighteen Ernst s shameless code name Rage Under the sudden attack of a large number of German troops, the unsuspecting French army retreated steadily.And the German army also put on a posture to completely solve the Reims problem this time, and seized After reaching the forward position, they continued to launch a wave of higher than wave attacks in depth.It was difficult for the French army to resist such an attack.The entire position was rushed to pieces, and the fleeing French could be seen everywhere But the German army is strange that as long as they see a large group of enemies, they will try their best to disperse them.Once they are dispersed, the large group of enemies will become a small group of enemies, and the Germans will quickly stop chasing them.Why do they do this Not only the French, but even the Germans themselves did not know.

They must be waiting now, martha stewart cbd gummies ingredients and they will take action at the most appropriate time.Before the rescue, Wang Weiyi had already analyzed all possible situations, including unknown dangers.The two teams commanded by Manstein and Ma Li People are designed to deal with such emergencies.Fortunately, the defensive position here is not bad, and the enemy does not have heavy weapons.Otherwise, a rifle alone would not be able to stop the enemy s attack Second Lieutenant Vasilevsky, who commanded the battle of the Russian army, didn t think there was anything special about the Skeleton Baron Ernst Brahm.He is now besieged here, and it is difficult to escape.Maybe The so called creator of the Miracle of the green roads cbd gummie block Somme was just fabricated by the Germans to inspire the army.However, I still admire Ernst s boldness and Vasilievsky.

Martins said indifferently.The Countess smiled No need.This is a membership system, and those who can participate here have deposited a sum of funds in advance.Mr.Martins, is cbd gummy good for sleeping please give Baron Alexon one thousand marks from my account.Yes, ma am.Martins quickly brought a thousand chips.Play with confidence, Baron Alexon.The countess took Wang Weiyi s arm If you can win, we will have half of each of us.If you unfortunately lose, I will bear all the losses. Thank you, ma am.The charming countess, everyone here does not recognize her, especially when she saw her holding the arm of a young man, many people made envious voices.If you can be held by the countess How good Martins walked to the gaming table Mr.Kugla, this is Baron Alexon.He wants to play a few games with you.Are you interested Baron Alexon When this name came out, exclamations rang out.

The countess didn t know, but Wang Weiyi did.In the two world wars, the United States took full advantage and ended the wars as the savior.Without this country, who would be the final winner of the world wars Businessman s The sense of smell is always the keenest, especially for bio lyfe cbd gummies green roads cbd gummie block a family as large as Wittgenstein.Although the German army performed very well on the battlefield, they were not optimistic about Germany s victory from a long time ago.Do you think What, Baron Alexon The countess turned her gaze to Wang Weiyi.Wang Weiyi smiled bitterly Although I don t want to admit it, what Ms.Wittgenstein said is correct.One hundred and eighty six.Countess s loneliness Ernst Brahm obviously sided with Hermione.Countess Leonie also became worried.What should I do if Germany fails Countess, I suggest that you also invest your assets abroad, and that is why I am here.

However, Admiral Reinhardt immediately said loudly But if His Majesty the Emperor gives this order, we will open the Atlantic route at all costs.Our unlimited submarine warfare has already begun, and both the British and the Americans will Trembling under such an attack Wang Weiyi sighed, there is no problem with the bravery of these German generals, and there is no problem with their command on the battlefield, and even in World War I, the performance of these generals surpassed Those generals during World War II, but they have a very terrible place, not as good as those famous German generals in World War II They are really too confident, thinking that they have the ability to challenge and defeat any force.At this point, future outstanding generals such as Rommel, Manstein, and Guderian are much calmer than them.

There are so many light and heavy machine guns on the opposite side, and their firepower has reached a terrifying level, and there are even tanks and mortars to help out.Now, he finally began to understand why the Skeleton Commando was called the elite of the elite.The entire 79th Infantry Brigade was disabled, and the faces of the French soldiers who were driven by the officers to attack were full of panic and fear That s not the kind of war humans should have Perhaps the most frustrated was Colonel Crowell, who commanded the 79th Infantry Brigade.When he first came to Lance, his heart was full of pride.He once participated in the Battle of Verdun with General Ben Weihao.At that time, he was still a lieutenant colonel.The general gave himself the most difficult task.A regiment under his command suffered more than two thirds of the casualties.

Did I not act decisively enough Or is your firepower far stronger than Verdun Maybe.Wang Weiyi answered the other party s question All our firepower is best brand of cbd gummies for pain cbd edibles gummy worms very well coordinated, Maxim, Madsen, mortars, tanks, and even rifles.Of course, we also have artillery and planes to attack us.Offer unconditional support.But in my opinion that s not all Our soldiers know when and what to do, and they know better what it means to be a Skeleton Commando.In this army, anyone who shows cowardice on the battlefield will green roads cbd gummie block be ruthlessly eliminated by us.They regard victory as their highest honor, and death as the best reward for soldiers, I think, your soldiers can t do this Crowell nodded silently, and he drank Taking the last sip of wine, he stood up Lieutenant Colonel, now I am your prisoner, and I will stay in the POW camp until the end of the war.

What an excellent officer, what an excellent soldier.Unfortunately, he only has such a skeleton commando in his hands.If he can have more, General Kassel swears to himself We will definitely be able to achieve a complete victory in this offensive operation At this time, the Skeleton Commando is only attacking too fast.In a position, they will never stay for more than ten minutes.Their end point is HCMUSSH green roads cbd gummie block only one Next Enemy position Team assault Crazy a7v tanks, crazy commandos, crazy baron skeletons For those dead brothers of Fanowei I m sorry, General, they are attacking so fast that our troops can t keep up with them The anxious voice of the frontline commander came from the other end of the phone However, the positions we passed were filled with dead people, Wounded, and surrendered French soldiers Colonel Ernst s troops were the fastest of all the shock troops of the 7th Army, but they were too fast I don t want to hear that Casser General Earle roared into the phone I want to know where Ernst is now I want you to keep up with his charge speed Hell, I don t want him to fight alone He has fought alone once in Fanowei , it is impossible for such a situation to occur in my 7th Army Follow up, even if you are exhausted General Kassel threw away the phone in his hand.

When the pointer reached three o clock, Wang Weiyi jumped out of the car, took his own gun, and jumped into the compartment of another truck Attack Attack The machine gun erected on the roof of the car sprayed out tongues of flame.Instantly lit up the night sky.The drivers stepped on the accelerator to the maximum, and the truck roared and rushed forward.To break through, to win Second capture of the Marne The French army, which was being attacked by the German army on the front, was suddenly attacked by a group of American troops from behind.This made them flustered, but they couldn t help cursing loudly.Americans are crazy, Americans are crazy Numerous machine guns and submachine guns poured bullets continuously, and the fire enveloped the fleeing French.When he rushed to the position where the French had not yet completed, Wang Weiyi was the first to jump out of the truck, holding The submachine gun kept jumping, and one after another French soldiers fell under green roads cbd gummie block his gun the skeleton baron back Skeleton Commandos BACK No one can stop their pace, no A large number of German soldiers jumped off the truck, and then, like their colonel, kept shooting the French in front of them.

Such a high intensity march and such a high intensity battle will make everyone tired.At this time, he saw familiar figures walking towards him Rommel, Manstein, Guderiner, Elena, Hitler Wang Weiyi smiled, but he found his nose was a little sore.His brother, can you take cbd gummies in checked luggage who was born and died, has never failed to live up to his expectations.I said, I will come back.Wang Weiyi tried his best to control his emotions.We know, we all know Elena murmured, but she couldn t control her tears rolling down General Ernst, you succeeded Rommel took a long breath, he could You have to control yourself, how can a German officer cry like a woman Erwin, you don t have to be so excited to see me come back alive, I m just a colonel.Wang Weiyi guessed that the other party was so excited that he called his military rank wrong, so he decided to make a joke to ease the current tension atmosphere.

I have caused you a lot of trouble in the past, and I must atone for my sins.Please accept me to stay here Wang Weiyi was silent for a while Nigu Colonel Ra, your request has been approved.You will command the second unit.Ah, that was commanded by Erwin before.Yes, General.Nicholas hesitated General, I know I am not Your friend, but I am willing to be your friend in this battle.Friend When he came to this time and met Nicholas for the first time, Wang Weiyi never thought that he would become friends with this person.Things in the world are always so wonderful.Okay, I tried my best to bring you some information.Nicholas said and brought the conversation to the point.Even after leaving the Military Intelligence Bureau, Nicholas still had a way to get some valuable information.He knew exactly what the US offensive force was and who the commander was.

Mr.Wang, what do you want me to do Ah Si, who spoke Shanghainese, opened his mouth and HCMUSSH green roads cbd gummie block asked bluntly.I was introduced by Xiao Mabiao from Suzhou.Wang Dehai said with a smile.Ah Si was stunned, and then turned around and asked his wife My wife, is Xiao Mabiao a cousin Ah Si s daughter in law, who was born as a cousin, combed her hair and said impatiently Yes, yes, Yi Personal disappointment, Bai Xiangren, do you have any money in your hand, the two oceans I borrowed from the year before last have not been returned As soon as he heard that he was a bad boy , Ah Si s face immediately sank.Wang Dehai quickly took out three oceans from his pocket and stuffed them into Ah Si s hand Brother, sister in law, here are three oceans.If there is still a block, it will be regarded as green roads cbd gummie block interest.Seeing that Dayang got it, Ah Si and his wife looked better, and Ah Si s daughter in law hurriedly said, Oh, it s really a blessing that Allah s cousin has green roads cbd gummie block a friend like Mr.

But the identity of the major in front of him is really special.He is the battalion commander of Xue Yue s guard battalion, commander in chief of the 19th Army, and there was no need for reinforcements at all.But people still come without hesitation.There is another very important reason Wang Weiyi was a protege of the Son of Heaven whom Chiang Kai shek, the Chairman of the General Assembly, personally met and inscribed for him Not to mention that the other party is a major, even a second lieutenant Wu natures stimulant cbd gummies ed Keren cbd gummies smoking cessation has to be polite.After the Japanese army retreats, our army will restore the original position.Wu Keren said green roads cbd gummie block this with no ease But I think they will launch an offensive again soon, and with our current strength, it will be difficult to hold the position.R himself has not done his best.Wang Weiyi looked at the map of Songjiang for a hemp gummy vs cbd while The military seat, the left wing, Jinhebang, Desheng Lane, the right wing, and Songjiang Xiguan are all the key offensive directions of the Japanese army.

These people are not soldiers, absolutely not They are a bunch of demons Where the hell are these tko cbd gummies review people coming from Their side effects of cbd gummies best brand of cbd gummies for pain fighting style is different from all the Japanese troops that Kazushin Sugimoto has encountered.unfamiliar.Completely let Sugimoto believe in an unfamiliar combat method Don t put a perfect frontal position, let the enemy in for street fighting, and all the preparations for the street fighting before are so perfect As the casualties continue to increase, Sugimoto Kazushin has already had a bad premonition.He wouldn t be afraid of a frontal battle, but this way of surreptitiousness is really frightening.Your Excellency Captain Benchao Qian, the captain of the Benchao team, walked in.He stopped talking.Tell me, what s the matter, is there another casualty Sugimoto Kazunobu asked with a straight face.

They have not yet understood the true meaning of Ernst s spirit.But one day they will definitely understand what is glory.Well, sad things will not affect us.Stike cheered up I bio lyfe cbd gummies green roads cbd gummie block was going back to China soon, but I received an order that a batch of supplies from our aid country is about to arrive, and I will assist the government to complete the receipt before leaving.This batch of materials is very large and very important, and due to the continuous protests of the r ben zh ngf , we had to transport them to the country in secret.And your task is to work together to complete this task.Yes, General What s the situation in Shanghai Very bad, General.Kroll said loudly R himself has occupied more than half of Shanghai, and has landed in Jinshanwei, and the Japanese army is retreating.The 19th Army has already entered the area along the Wufu Line, but there are many problems with the construction of the Wufu Line and koi cbd delta 8 gummies other fortifications.

Thank you.Ah, by the way, Lieutenant Colonel, the French don tYou should fight me.Why I think you will know later.Wang Weiyi stood up.He saw the spectators in the distance, and also saw Tang Weihong.He smiled and walked there., only Tang Weihong stood there without moving.Wang Weiyi came in front of her, raised her hand and kissed lightly on the back of her hand with his mouth Miss Tang, we will meet again next time.Tang Weihong felt that the whole body was going to melt.Who are you, this romantic and passionate mysterious gentleman At this time, Guo Yunfeng s car drove up, and Zhang Sandao poked his head out Hey, Lieutenant Colonel, we have to leave Here it is Three hundred and twenty.The Tang family extra, extra Last night, a shootout broke out at the Tsar Ballroom on Joffre Road Extra, extra Three mysterious people appeared in the Tsar s Ballroom, and thirty French patrol soldiers suffered heavy casualties.

Eight years Maybe when the Wanderer appears, it will be greatly shortened Goodbye Wang Weiyi looked at the Tang family with a smile.Goodbye All the people answered him in this way, Wang, kill a few more Japanese people, don t let me look down on you, my lord.That was Li Zufa s voice.Brother Wang, promise, remember to come back That was Tang Weihong s voice.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly, green roads cbd gummie block and then walked away from here Ziguang Military Base.Now, I will take you out of ShanghaiI always You re breaking your own rules However, Xiao Ling s words were quickly interrupted by Wang Weiyi No, take us out of the concession What do you want to do, Rambler I thought, do what I have green roads cbd gummie block to do.Wang Weiyi took his own skeleton gun We should leave a lesson for the Japanese in Shanghai and tell them whose Shanghai is here Guo Yunfeng silently picked up his weapon.

Each soldier among them is a part, has his own exclusive responsibility, and knows what he has to do to keep the machine running normally.Even, everyone has green roads cbd gummie block spare parts There was a gunshot from the dark, and a machine gunner fell down, and the position was quickly swept away by the intensive firepower of the skeleton team.When a Japanese corpse rolled out, Yannick checked the downed team members Shaunak is dead.He carried his rifle on his back, picked up Shaunak s submachine gun, and closed his companion Eyes no sadness and no time to be sad.Now that we are already in this battlefield, we must continue to fight.Unless the enemies are all wiped out, or they themselves are killed On this battlefield, there is not only one skeleton team, but all the officers and soldiers of the Huben Guard Brigade.

Xiao Ling s voice came over.major general Skeleton Squad Attack When this order was issued, the skull battle flag began to appear on the battlefield.Skeleton Squad Strike Wang Weiyi, Guo Yunfeng, and Werner appeared at the forefront of the team, with three submachine guns forming three fires.The grenadiers smashed out the grenades in the grenades, causing bursts of explosions, and a sea of flames burned on the Japanese army on the opposite side.This will be an invincible force This will be the sorrow of bio lyfe cbd gummies green roads cbd gummie block the 6th Regiment of the 26th Brigade of the Japanese Army This will be a day that Tokushige Numata will never forget The current governance will also not forget.In the face of the attacks of the Chinese, their alliance seemed helpless.They were so passive and suffered heavy casualties.Airplanes, mortars, tanks, chariots, trucks, light and heavy machine guns, submachine guns, all the weapons you can imagine, Chinese people have them all And the equipment of his own alliance seems so backward at this time He couldn t figure out why he had such an idea.

In the first time travel, you let the new tanks that did not belong to that era appear earlier, which has caused many problems.Well, the Tiger came out earlier.What a bad thing, at least it can be of great help to Wang Weiyi s battle plan.This is a bold decision to break through during the day And the location was chosen in Radfu, which no one thought possible before The Soviets were deceived, so they Even Hitler and his high command were duped The most top secret and most unlikely breakout .

how much melatonin in yum yum cbd gummies?

will happen today The artillery fire of Minthorsk has reached the point of insanity.With the cooperation of the planes, they continued to attack.In front, countless Russians had bio lyfe cbd gummies green roads cbd gummie block already fallen, but one after another, Soviet army divisions were continuously sent to the front line.The sea of people tactic is the most stupid tactic, but in the hands of the Russians, it has become the most terrifying weapon.

His friends were so curious about what had happened during the years when the Baron disappeared, and they kept asking.Wang Weiyi also tried his best to explain the passage of the matter, green roads cbd gummie block which can be regarded as answering their doubts.Wang Weiyi still understands the truth that if you talk too much, you will lose it.He was afraid that he would reveal his flaws if he continued to ask, so he quickly changed the subject Tell me about the war.I already said it during the day.We made many mistakes.This is a very passive situation.Britain, France and Russia have now stood on the same front.We are fighting on several fronts at the same time.We are simply not capable of dealing with so many wars.Adolf, why did you say that Germany kept winning so quickly before Because of the strength of Germany and the invincibility of the German army.

Look, I parked the latest model of Chevrolet outside.Look at the watch in my hand.It takes a worker to work for 20 years to afford it.Look at the clothes on my body.I buy a dozen every time.Don t even wash it.Williams was extremely envious, this is the life of a real rich man and look at himself You can do it too Garcia suddenly changed the subject, and his words were full of encouragement Just follow Mr.Moyol and use all your energy to do it, and you will soon be like me, come cbd gummies anaheim ca on.Mr.Williams Ah, you re still struggling with the rent, but what does it matter Look, here s two hundred dollars, here, pay the rent, dress yourself in nice clothes, and get on with it Have a meal, and start your wonderful new journey in life tomorrow with full energy With the two hundred dollars in hand, Williams was so excited that he wished he could kneel down now.

The fleeing Turks At this time, the brigade commander of the 11th Brigade of the Turkish Republican Guard in charge of defending Joblu, Major General Iliglu, no longer cared about the few spies who sneaked into Joblu.The Germans are advancing ferociously into Turkey, one city after another crumbling under their sweeping onslaught.Now, the forward of the German army is approaching Joe Blue The reinforcements could not arrive in time at all, and the defensive force of a brigade of Joblu could not stop the powerful Germans at all.what to do Either be annihilatedorsurrender Major General Iliglu couldn t make up his mind But Klingenberg on the radio decided to make up his mind for the Turks as soon as possible.He was determined to do what he had done in Belgrade again in Chobleu The first round of bombing by German planes was finally over.

Salle Oba Wang Weiyi smiled, and then looked at the time General, I suggest you make a call now.If everything goes well, Sale Oba has fallen into the hands of the invincible German army under our raid.Ah, it is 10 o clock in the evening, and the strategic goal has been achieved General Kistafa s complexion changed drastically, and he almost rushed to the phone.He picked up the phone, and after a few minutes, Kistafa General Staffa put down the phone in frustration.How is it, General Wang Weiyi asked easily.General Kistafa smiled bitterly Yes, it has been confirmed on the phone just now that the communication in the direction of Sale Oba has been completely cut off.I don t know what happened to Sale Oba.What happened General Kistafa already knows.Just like what this damn German said, the German army launched a raid on the important city of Sale Oba.

From the perspective of the balance of power, the German army is at a disadvantage in Africa.Even if Erwin Rommel personally guards it, it may be difficult to stop the blow of the British army with all its strength.Marshal Ernst Brehm is needed there There is no need for a big victory, but to defeat the British attack and stop the enemy s attack attempt.But this task is also full of challenges.Wang Weiyi decided to leave the United States.He didn t ask Hermione and the others to see him off, but just gave them a list of supplies he green roads cbd gummie block urgently needed right now.There was a knock on the door outside, Wang Weiyi opened the door, Miss Ruiman rushed in, and when she saw Wang Weiyi, she hugged him tightly Honey, help me, help me.Wang Weiyi pushed her away, and found that Miss Ruiman, who was usually noble and elegant, now had green roads cbd gummie block tears all over her face, and the frightened expression on her face seemed to be telling Wang Weiyi what terrible things had happened to her.

Now, this situation must be changed.In addition to what I just mentioned, a new code will be activated, a real code that will not be deciphered within ten years, and I am going to use the enemy s way to deal with the enemy Rommel immediately understood the meaning of Ernst s words Use Enigma to continuously send false information to the enemy Wang Weiyi finally showed some smiles on his face We want the enemy to think that we have already run out of side effects of cbd gummies best brand of cbd gummies for pain ammunition and food, and let them think that the Italians are preparing to surrender and regain the initiative on the battlefield.Of course, on this premise, we must first dig out the spies lurking inside us Fighter He asked Rommel about the situation of the General Staff, but unfortunately, Rommel was obviously not good at this aspect.No matter how hard he tried, he could not imagine anyone who might betray Germany.

It was General Montgomery who turned the tide of the war in North Africa, bounded by Alamein.On October 23, 1942, he launched a powerful offensive against the German army.August On the 23rd, cbd gummies lubbock tx John Marseille returned to the team.The 22 year old youngest captain officer in the Air Force once again served as the commander of the third squadron.He was very happy.Corporal Neumann, the technical clerk, sharpened his pencil again.It s going to keep you busy again Marseio said with a smile.The first week passed peacefully.On green roads cbd gummie block September 1, Rommel will fight a desperate decisive battle to regain the initiative from his rival.The sky is as lively as ever Wake up, Marcello s squadron also participated in the battle.From 8 29 to 8 39 in the morning, Marcello destroyed the Curtiss and Spitfire aircraft side effects of cbd gummies best brand of cbd gummies for pain in one go.

after the war.Lieutenant General Connolly is known as the Tree of Life in the Devil s Land In the case of increasing casualties, it was this tree of life that saved the lives of many British people The Germans quickly caught the British army s attempt to escape, and the attacks suddenly increased.The 21st Armored Division, which had been fully supplied before.Tracks rumbling across the ground, muzzles hissing and roaring across the battlefield, machine guns flying like snakes in the night skyeveryone is fighting, now.The shame of previous failures will be washed away with the blood of the enemy All for Germany 4 50 green roads cbd gummie block am.The fighting was at its worst.The British had lost more than one hundred and twenty of their tanks, and infantry casualties were hard to count.Lieutenant General Connolly tried his best to command the troops to make the most difficult retreat, but on the way to retreat, they were still bombed by the craziest German air.

Compared with the Italians, the German army is the real army.As for the Italians Except for one Trio armored division who barely performed well, the other Italians Colonel Tawaski was one side effects of cbd gummies best brand of cbd gummies for pain of them.The Italian colonel, who commanded 1,500 soldiers, surrendered to less than a hundred British, which is enough to become an sunmed cbd gummies for sleep reviews eternal laughing stock on the battlefield.There are many more ironic things.While cleaning the battlefield, Major Klingenberg discovered a temporary prisoner of war camp for the British To be precise, this is not a prisoner green roads cbd gummie block of war camp at all There is no barbed wire, no guardsno machine guns, not even a bamboo fencethe British just drew some white lines here to represent where the captives were being held.What stunned Klingenberg and his team members was that in such an open space, more than a thousand Italian prisoners sat there neatly and motionless.

The strong air wave shook Second Lieutenant Xiao Tanfu s J88 aircraft.The mechanic Gerke said humorously If the range of the anti aircraft gun is 30 meters higher, we should go to God The German bomber force has experienced the power of the Maltese anti aircraft gun since the spring of 1941.At that time, it was mostly dive bombers that bombed the island.Every time the where can i buy organixx cbd gummies British bombardment fired hundreds of shells, it was undoubtedly under the unified command of the Central Command.Under such powerful artillery fire, the dive bomber had to turn and change altitude and direction quickly to avoid the artillery fire.Such actions can only be done by small, maneuverable green roads cbd gummie block ju87 aircraft.Fifty seconds after this bomber formation flew away, there was a huge explosion behind it.The anti aircraft firepower of the British army is not only concentrated, but also distributed at various heights.

He is very reliable.Da Lei, come here, this man is the General Wang Weiyi I often tell you about General Wang HCMUSSH green roads cbd gummie block Surprise was evident in Hou Dalei s voice You are General Wang Weiyi who fought in Songhu and defended Changshu Seeing Wang Weiyi nodding with a smile, Hou Dalei asked whether his ancestors had burned high incense, so that he could see the living General Wang here.There are too many legends about this General Wang.It is said that he can kill hundreds of devils with his bare hands, and some people say that he do cbd gummies exist can spew out fire with his mouth Legends are always just legends.Hou Dalei never dreamed that he would actually see General Wang.Looking around, Yuan Wang said in a low voice General Wang, you came back suddenly this time, are you planning to do something important in Harbin Wang Weiyi nodded I really want to come to Harbin to do some things, but I will leave soonRemember, don t tell anyone about your meeting with me, including your boss Yes, I see Seeing Wang Weiyi s serious face, Yuan Wang said hastily.

But now the dawn of victory is in sight 611.The Papans Eagle project seems to be a bit impatient for the Japanese to know what valuable information Wilder has brought them.That night, before Shimizu moved, Wang Weiyi He was taken to the residence of the Prime Minister of Japan by a large group of Japanese soldiers.Here, almost all the people in power in Japan are gathered Japanese Prime Minister and Army Minister Hideki Tojo, Navy Prime Minister Shimada Shigetaro, Navy Combined Fleet and Commander of the First Fleet General Yamamoto Five The intelligence that Bear exposed himself at the cost of his own and his son s life has quickly green roads cbd gummie block attracted the attention of the highest level in Japan.Bear is a trump card of Japan.These high level Japanese know that if this information is not important, then this spy who has been lurking for 20 years will not do so.

Since the Japanese army did not carry out the third attack, and in the first two attacks, the Japanese army only focused on striking military targets, and did not attack Pearl Harbor s various shipyards with complete shipbuilding facilities and oil depots storing 40,000 gallons of fuel.In the future, the U.S.military used the equipment of the shipyard to quickly salvage and repair the damaged warships, and it was the use of fuel from the oil depot that made the aircraft carrier attack frequently, restoring the combat effectiveness of the Pacific Fleet in a short period of time.Imagine that even if the Japanese army only blew up the oil depot, it would be enough to prevent the intact Pacific Fleet from dispatching for six months.This is the biggest mistake the Japanese army made in this sneak attack After the Japanese planes started bombing, the Japanese pocket submarine I 16, piloted by Lieutenant Yokoyama Masaharu and Sergeant Major Ueda Sadaji, who sneaked into Pearl Harbor, also took advantage of the fire and fired two torpedoes, both of which failed to hit the target.

This made Naris himself exposed.Colonel Menzies listened to all his explanations calmly Lieutenant Colonel, I noticed that you just mentioned the words new boss, then you can tell me who this new boss is. Naris was silent for a long time.Then he said slowly General best brand of cbd gummies for pain cbd edibles gummy worms de Gaulle Who Menzies was shocked.He knew that this so purekana cbd gummies for sale green roads cbd gummie block called new boss must have a higher status than De Sade, but he didn t expect to be so high General de Gaulle The leader of the Free French Movement.Chairman of the French National Liberation Committee, Charles de Gaulle.Naris s words confirmed that he was right When General de Gaulle and his organization came to London, I received a direct order from De Sade, and I will accept the direct leadership of General de Gaulle Menzies took a breath Lieutenant Colonel.I have to make sure of the truth of what you say.

To commemorate Stalin s victory, Tsaritsyn was renamed Stalingrad in 1925.It is an important transportation center connecting the western and eastern Caucasus Mountains in central Russia.The city is well connected with major cities, and it is of great significance to seize this place The German army must capture this city, and the Soviet army must also defend this city, no matter what the price is While the German army launched an all out offensive, Wang Weiyi, who led the war, was standing in front of the Ike battle group, the Guo Yunfeng battle group, and all the officers of the SS Viking Division.My soldiers, are you ready Wang Weiyi asked in a calm voice.Yes, Marshal, we are all ready.As the only foreign general in the German Empire, SS General Guo Yunfeng returned calmly.Marshal, are we all ready too General Ike, the commander of Ike s battle group, and Herbert, the commander of the Viking Division, asked.

We are used to concentrating superior forces and winning victory with indomitable sacrifice.We have indeed succeeded many times because of this But, This kind of tactics has caused us to lose too many excellent commanders and excellent soldiers.Up to now, many group armies are full of recruits, but ten recruits cannot be worth the role of one veteran Yakelevich was silent for a while However, there are also a large number of recruits in the German army.Malinovsky smiled, but the smile looked a bit bitter Yes.German army There are also a large number of recruits in the team, but before going to the battlefield, they have all gone through the most rigorous training, and they will not be incorporated green roads cbd gummie block into the frontline troops until their instructors really think that they have the capital to go to the battlefield In addition, for these new recruits who went to the battlefield for the first time, there are always some veterans teaching them how to survive on the battlefield Survive Yakelevich didn t particularly understand How to survive the soldiers, they don t have the spirit of sacrifice, I don t think they are qualified soldiers.

When the war is over and the government begins to negotiate and share the fruits of victory, will anyone think of those soldiers who died in battle and their families Will anyone shed a tear for them This is the tragedy of the soldiers.Bury Comrade Rocklaugh well.Malinovsky put away his sadness Tell our commanders and soldiers to use the most violent attack to attack the enemy and use the most violent attack to destroy the enemy.The defense Victory will eventually belong to us Malinowski has decided to fight the Germans again Double the last day to ask for a monthly pass.There cbd gummies to sleep dosage is still one day left for the double monthly pass, and the spider still needs the support of the brothers.Spider has been working hard to write.During the National Day in October, there is no day off.It is very hard, but with the support of brothers, Spider thinks it is worth it.

Most of the front army organization was completely disintegrated under the wave after wave of German attacks.The troops that Voroshilov can directly control refer to an infantry division and an armored division that was barely reorganized after being defeated.What else could he do with such power German planes appear all the time.Shells and bullets continued to give the Russians the final kill.Even Voroshilov s headquarters is often attacked by German planes Chaos, everything on the battlefield is completely and completely chaotic once.They are so invincible, once, they were so close to victory, but now, everything has completely changed Standing here, you can see the German tanks showing off their might on the battlefield Rampaging, you can see the unstoppable assault of German soldiers And what can those Russians do Killed, surrendered, or fled.

But as soon as the plane leaves, the Russians will repair their positions again. A large number of German engineers appeared.This is a very important part of the German army, and they can side effects of cbd gummies best brand of cbd gummies for pain often show amazing abilities in battle.At the same time, they are also the most reliable force. They are constantly blasting, destroying the enemy s fortifications one by one, and digging the positions where their own troops are advancing.If the battle ends with the victory of the German side, then the efforts of these engineers on the battlefield.It is not inferior to any army in the slightest.Fighting until 10 o clock in the day and night, the Soviet 20th Army killed 6,000 people, captured and surrendered 17,000 people, and missing 2,000 people.Less than a day.Ershakov lost 25,000 people, and the loss was shocking.

The most real thoughts emerged in Ershakov s mind at the first time I there is no way to stop the German assault at all Even if Marshal Zhukov can judge the enemy s offensive direction in advance, it will not work at all.The 20th Army Group has put all the troops it can dispatch into combat, and they no longer have a single soldier to use.However, the follow up troops of the German army seemed endless. The advantages that the Soviet army was once proud of have now been completely transferred to the Germans.Many positions have fallen into the hands of the German army.Two hours later, the Russian free army finally joined the battle.These Russians in the free army seem to have incomparable hatred for their compatriots on the opposite side, and their combat performance is even more eye catching than the German soldiers.

Some scouts were photographed, which was a very important aspect of Roman operations.And here after a short rest.Caesar continued on the road of conquest with his troops.It only takes ten days at most, and those barbarians will submit to their feet again, and this time they will definitely receive the most severe punishment. Caesar thought so.While marching, Caesar also heard about the outstanding performance of the German barbarians headed by Tibius, which aroused his great interest.And took Thibius and the two hundred Germans under him from Gaius.In the battle against the Celts, Thibius and his accomplices were very brave, but they were not rewarded as they should be.Other people would be very unhappy, but Thibius did.There was no sign of dissatisfaction.In the eyes of the Romans, this was the incomparable awe these barbarians had for the mighty Roman legions.

I m still afraid until now.I really don t understand why you are so indifferent to taking so many lives on the battlefield. On the battlefield, if you don t kill your enemy, you can only be killed by your enemies.Kill the enemy.Wang Weiyi walked forward and said I forgot when I killed the first time.I also forgot the mood at that time, but I think it must be very difficult Leoni, I ve thought about it.The war will break out again soon.You are really not safe here.You should go back to the base with the two stewards.After I repel Caesar s attack No.Before Wang Weiyi could finish speaking, Leoni had interrupted him I don t even want to part with you for a minute now.This place is dangerous, but in my eyes.Here is The happiest place.Although I don t know what happened in the past, I can feel that I must have been separated from you for a long time Wang Weiyi gently held Leoni s hand.

But deep in his heart, he still regretted why he came to this place.Otherwise, he is now in Rome, enjoying a luxurious banquet with his beautiful wife.Pompey, Pompey, if it weren t for the hard work of Pompey and those guys in the Senate, I would never have come here.But it is too late to regret it now The Centumalus bridge was burned, and not only the Germans were happy, but also Caesar.What Caesar was certain of was that Centumalus would not succeed.But he didn t mean to stop the other party.Centumarus was here to snatch his rights.If he could use the hands of barbarians to destroy his legion, the only thing Centumarus can do is to return to Rome in despair.Here, I still say by myself The final decision.Moreover, no matter whether Centumarus wins or loses, he can always consume the power of the barbarian to a certain extent.

On the right wing is the Roman Twelfth Legion known as the Electric Thrower Legion.The interval between the three legions can only accommodate four or five horses riding together.More and more Parthian light cavalry emerged from all directions, and it was impossible to see what formation they had.These cavalry, who are skilled green roads cbd gummie block in arching and horses, wear only light leather armor, a long knife at their waists, and hold the famous Parthian recurve bow this kind of bow gradually curves from the back to the ends, and finally draws the bow again.Reversely bent to fit the bowstring, both ends fixed with horns, concave at the central grip, the green roads cbd gummie block shape of the entire bow resembles the outline of the back of a green roads cbd gummie block Bactrian camel.This kind of bow is extremely powerful, with a range of up to 300 meters, and can shoot through scale armor at a distance of 50 meters.

Kennedy Or Lyndon Johnson Major, don t you even know this Tuska felt that the major in front of him was a little strange It s William.Who Wang Weiyi s eyes widened.Tusca was frightened by the major I promise, it s green roads cbd gummie block joy organic cbd gummies President William.William Wittgenstein, the youngest president in American history.Wang Weiyi was both happy and surprised.William Wittgenstein, that is the son of himself and Leonie.He actually became the President of the United States according to his own wishes.But.It is the son of the great America who is now attacking Berlin Originally, according to Wang Weiyi s idea.Wilhelm would assume supreme power in the United States and ensure the alliance of the United States and Germany.The former point has been achieved completely according to my own vision, but what about the latter point Instead of allowing Germany and the United States to continue the alliance, William made green roads cbd gummie block his motherland fall Something terrible must have happened There was no way to get anything out of Tusca s mouth.

They are allies, cbd gummies sleep reddit and allies should not treat their own people in such a cruel way cbd gummy headache In the front, there is a tactical group of eight American soldiers.American soldiers covering each other.Move forward cautiously.In the dark night, no one knows what kind of murderous intent is hidden Bang A clear gunshot pierced the tranquility of the night sky in an instant, and an American soldier in the tactical team bio lyfe cbd gummies green roads cbd gummie block fell down.The rest fell to the ground at once.Jerry was killed Amid such shouts, the covering fire of the US military rang out crazily, and countless flames spewed out towards the place where the gunshots sounded.The gunshots rang out for two full minutes, but the other side fell into silence amidst the noise The bullets finally stopped shooting The tactical team stood up again, but at this moment However, the gunshots in the darkness sounded again, in an instant.

When the Skeleton Commando is wiped out.The American soldiers will gain great confidence The new offensive is going on, Wang Weiyi is calm He stared at the fiery battlefield Sergeant Max, can you light this place anytime Yes.Major.The weapons left behind by the Canadians have done us a great favor, as have the firelighters they have piled up here.I can light up here anytime, anywhere.Let the firelight see us off.Wang Weiyi said in a low voice.Two more commandos fell down, and blood gushed out of their bodies.Wang Weiyi looked at their corpses with sadness in his eyes.In the future, there will be more outstanding German soldiers where to buy royal cbd gummies fallen Like countless times in the past few days, the US attack was repelled again, but the skeleton commando was only left with 61 people.Captain Scherer.You take Colonel Wennery and those Canadian prisoners and leave.

He hurriedly turned sideways, a fatal blow The attack let him dodge.The attacker did not expect the opponent s skill to be so agile.After a start, he stabbed out again.Wang Weiyi grabbed his wrist at once, and then hit him hard.A dagger fell from the attacker His hand fell.Then he controlled the guy with a backhand.He pushed him against the wall and turned his head around hard.He found that it was the person who had been staring at him at the explosion site What do you want to do Wang Weiyi best brand of cbd gummies for pain asked in a deep voice.Kill me The man twisted his body stubbornly.Just as he was about to continue questioning, Wang Weiyi suddenly felt a heavy blow to his waist.He hastily let go of the guy and stepped aside.But when he saw the new attacker clearly.But there was no counterattack at all.this.It was the kid who told himself that there was news of wounded soldiers here.

There is nothing more exciting than this.Under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol , they actually killed an artillery battalion of the enemy Lieutenant Colonel.There is an American captain who is unwilling to carry out our order to bombard their companions.Richthofen came over and said.Manfred, don t you know how to deal with this situation Wang Weiyi asked coldly.Ah, I thought you d be soft hearted I won t be merciful, Manfred.Any kindness will only aggravate Germany s defeat.Yes, the Skull Baron is no longer Kindness, kindness is no longer applicable to this era The sound of the artillery fell silent, and the officers and soldiers of the 30th Reinforced Infantry Regiment of the US Army who were resisting the German attack did not know what happened.They rely heavily on artillery power, and they are not used to fighting without artillery cover.

No one is going to take the initiative to defend anymore.There is no one to take charge of the command.The only thing they think about now is how to survive such shelling.Such a request is actually not too much Captain Scherer and Captain Lampden noticed the changes in the US military positions at the same time, and they green roads cbd gummie block knew that best brand of cbd gummies for pain cbd edibles gummy worms Lieutenant Colonel Moyol had succeeded.Lieutenant Colonel Moyol once again performed a miracle, and he really succeeded in capturing the enemy s artillery position.The two captains tried their best, but they couldn t figure out how the lieutenant colonel managed to do this.But they don t need to think about it anymore, after the cannon fire turned back, the real decisive battle of the Nordland combat group began Under the cover of powerful artillery fire, the roaring German soldiers launched an impact on the enemy s position.

I m back.tonight.I will lead you to regain victory My officers, are you ready Marshal Ernst, the Skeleton Division of the Waffen SS has completed preparations Marshal Ernst, the Mountain Division of Prince Eugen of the Waffen SS is ready Marshal Ernst, the Grossdeutschland regiment is ready The voices came one by one, it was the declaration of the German officers They never thought that in their lifetime, they would still have the opportunity to fight side by side with Marshal Ernst.God, this day they will never die Can t forget I thank you for your efforts for Germany Wang Weiyi said in a gentle voice at this time When Germany was in the most difficult situation, you did not give up, and you still fought for the honor of the country.You did everything you green roads cbd gummie block joy organic cbd gummies could, including you, General Stock Olitz.

There is no longer any concealment purekana cbd gummies for sale green roads cbd gummie block Inviting Punet alone may arouse suspicion from others.If another guest with status is invited, such suspicion can be greatly reduced.It just so happens that Andet is also my friend.In Anne Mary s description.There was nothing suspicious about Ondt.His only shortcoming is probably that he is a little absent minded about his work.And, more importantly, he is the future heir of the Krupp family, a Krupp family who has made great contributions to Germany and has never changed their loyal beliefs It is impossible for people from such a family to have any connection cbd gummies 19468 with spies.Fels is a little disappointed, the clue will be cut off here Andret.Krupp But Wang Weiyi suddenly became interested The only heir of the Krupp family Yes, that s him.I don t think there s anything suspicious about him.

Heroic Spirit Corps Ziguang Military Base, December 21, 1965.Wang Weiyi entered the base slowly, at this moment he could not express his feelings.What language should I use to describe it Excited nervous Excitement, it seems to have both, but they also don t seem to be so accurate.In fact, when he left Germany for the second time, he didn t really expect this day to come.However, he still had to welcome this day.Is he ready Yes, he was sure he was ready.He was sure he was ready for it all.His friend his comrade in arms his brother who lived and died together From the Somme to France, from the North African battlefield to Russia They fought side by side together, through life and death.Together they have experienced the myth that others can hardly imagine.Together they pushed Germany to a pinnacle.

In this battle, the Allied forces lost too many soldiers.For a long period of time, they bio lyfe cbd gummies green roads cbd gummie block had to digest such a failure, find ways to eliminate the shadows in the hearts of the soldiers, and readjust their forces, but this took a long, long period of time green roads cbd gummie block Before Christmas The declaration to end the fighting has become a joke.But the Germans can live a relatively safe Christmas.The most embarrassing person was probably General Kerrett, the guy who vowed before the battle that he how much is true bliss cbd gummies would defeat the Skeleton Baron, and even ask the Skeleton Baron to surrender, but caused his green roads cbd gummie block troops to suffer the heaviest loss.Especially after the baron specifically named General Kerrett in his speech to the world, General Kerrett simply didn t know how to continue commanding his troops.Two cars appeared, and when the senior German generals on top came down, they immediately aroused the craziest cheers from the German soldiers.

His superiors had received orders from General Arthur and passed them on to Major Ludman.But what makes people laugh and cry is that Major Ludman completely misunderstood the meaning of his superiors.Victory is insignificant.Mr.Ernst Brahm must be kept under strict surveillance, and he is not allowed to take any more risks In Major Ludman s understanding, this Mr.Ernst Brahm must be a counterfeit Baron Alexon, his disrespect cbd gummies no thc for anxiety to Marshal Model has probably offended the respected Marshal, right It is estimated that there will be the most severe punishment.Although he admired Mr.Ernst Brahm s bravery in this battle, he even had to admit that without Mr.Ernst Brahm, his commando team would still be fighting.But admiration is all admiration, the orders of the superiors must be carried out green roads cbd gummie block I regret to inform you.

He has no real nationality.Besides, this green roads cbd gummie block joy organic cbd gummies passport will be renewed tomorrow.Every time he changed his name, he became a new person.His name is now Richard.Solomon, that s because he had many other green roads cbd gummie block names before.And Yue will have more new names in the future.Solomon moved his eyes slowly to the table.There.A rich and stylish blonde is joking with a man.It seemed that the whole body and mind of the latter had been fascinated by the burning eyes of the young girl.Solomon listened for a while.After all, he was an expert in this area.Although the girl had an American accent and she spoke pure textbook German, none of these could escape his ears.He concluded that she was a German, speaking German while pretending to be an American, and deliberately not speaking proper German.Solomon smiled.For someone else, this flaw may be difficult to see through.

Bullets followed, hitting the church wall.Several flags stood in the ocean of the Russian army s charge and hurried forward.The soldiers around them all green roads cbd gummie block joy organic cbd gummies opened fire without ordering.In an instant, Heisenberg could not hear anything except the sound of gunshots around him and the sound of shell casings falling to the ground.The Russian attack was like a thick Turkish carpet every fighter was a fiber, densely covering the ground in front of him, swallowing up all obstacles in front of him.The enemy advanced fearlessly, stepping on each other s corpses despite row after row being swept down by German fire.The Ivans are nimble, rolling while running, playing dead, and dodging bullets aimed at them.The mg62 machine gun has been screaming crazily, spinning and tearing every enemy in front of it, the body hit by its bullets will be dismembered while running, shattering a lot of blood.

Thank you, I don t think now is the time Rajesf couldn t laugh or cry.He couldn t understand how someone like Travert could be a general.A lot of damage to the troops.But what can be done about it Who made Travert and Field Marshal Waltuksky have a special relationship this Russian armored elite The brigade, under the leadership of a general whose artistic atmosphere far surpassed his commanding ability, marched towards the goal without any haste.No matter how fierce the war was, no matter how much the 25mg cbd gummies for pain friendly forces between us needed reinforcements, the 13th Russian Army s 3rd Army The advance speed of the 26th Armored Brigade of the Armored Division has always been so unhurried.The only person who is battered is Colonel Rajesev.He can only rely on himself.He has to travel between the various troops.

The most terrible thing is the collapse of confidence Lieutenant General Taborski has nothing to do at this moment.Those troops who were still struggling to continue fighting also encountered problems that the lieutenant general could not solve at all their shells were insufficient, and their fuel was running out What are those nasty bureaucrats doing in the country Before the war, they vowed to ensure that the officers and soldiers on the front line could get the most adequate supplies, but when the war really broke out, it seemed that no one cared about these things all of a sudden.Wrangling, constant wrangling between bureaucrats They don t even think about the urgency of the frontline soldiers.Meetings, discussions, meetings, and discussions have become the only things they do every day.

Marshal Waltuksky is simply a coward who doesn t care about his subordinates Yes, cowards, this one is an out and out coward Since even the commander has escaped, what s the point of them staying here What to continue to fight, what to continue to persevere, it is simply nonsense.All the staff officers and remaining officers dispersed, just like the Russian army that was disintegrating.Among these people, Major Tassowski was probably the one who felt the most frustrated.He regretted not being able to tell the Germans the news of Marshal Huatuksky s escape in time, otherwise, it would be a miracle.However, there is another way When the officers began to collapse, he found more than a dozen officers who were usually very good, and told them Why are we running away We have more to do than to run away.

His wife Natayeva and Security Minister Lilipolsky had a long term adultery.Yes.Duyoshenko also knows, but he dare not offend the Minister of Security because of his position.Oh, there is such a thing Wang Weiyi obviously became interested Lilipolsky is also here Is it Yes, that is.Khmelitsky pointed to a short distance away, and the Minister of Security, Lilipolski, green roads cbd gummie block was talking to the owner, Andreas, about something.Wang Weiyi nodded.At this time, he suddenly had a wonderful idea The music stopped, and Andreas expressed his thanks to the guests.After he finished speaking, The music started again.The banquet officially begins.Amid the melodious dance music, Duyoshenko, commander of the Moscow garrison, came to Wang Weiyi again Look, I think we can continue the conversation just now.Is it What conversation Wang Weiyi was at a loss.

Repression Is there no better way than suppression Those protesting people are nothing more than fighting for their rights for their survival.His senior staff member Di Nacale, Turin Police Chief Giorgio, and Itagu Infantry Division Commander Congeo who is stationed in Turin are sitting in the mayor s office.Di Nacale and Georgiou have exactly the same attitude towards the march and protest as the mayor.They are also protesters and do not want to get their hands stained with blood.Lieutenant General Kong Jieao is a person who is unwilling to meddle in other people s business, but deep down in his heart, he is also unwilling to bear the infamy of butcher because of the suppression.Gentlemen, silence solves nothing Catadona finally said The leader s order has been issued.I need you to find a solution.

He really didn t understand why a small reporter had the guts to fight against him again and again, and what was even more unclear was why a small reporter would alarm the American ambassador.Is there any huge force behind this Poldorf I heard that he was protected by the tycoon Fristoya, but if this is really the case, it would be a little difficult.This damn Fristoia is very powerful, and I really don t dare to provoke him easily.Those friends around him are all real elites, and to some extent, even power is more powerful than grasping.Such people are often the scariest His Excellency the Grand Duke felt that he was a little troubled.He was strangely appointed as the editor in chief of the Moscow Herald.Milosevic didn t seem to notice the change in the Grand Duke s expression and continued This is a very influential newspaper in Moscow.

Things will change too.However, there are never ifs in many things, and the mistakes that have been made can never be undone And this is the final fate of poor Xie Lisa Xie Lisa died, but Ilya absolutely did not have such courage.He was about to lose everything about himself and his father.If the stock market did not improve tomorrow, then the most terrifying thing would definitely happen.He was not willing to accept such an ending.He drank one cup after another in agitation, trying hard to find any way to redeem it.But what can he do The news of the collapse of the two major markets in New York was constantly broadcast on the TV.This made Elijah even more upsethe wanted to shut up all those guys on TV.The phone rang, and Elijah answered it angrily, and was about to reprimand the other party severely, but when he heard that it was Mr.

It s all over, everything.Wang Weiyi smiled and replied Gregory, revenge is cbd gummies high blood pressure a thing of the past for me.And Grand Duke Bierstoka is a thing of the past for you Several Russians couldn t help but let out a cheer what they ve been thinking about day and night is the arrival of this day except for Ronanova, this kind woman, even at this time She didn t give up on her father either.She couldn t green roads cbd gummie block help but looked into the room.She was still worried about her father.If possible, she would even beg the baron to spare his father s life I didn t kill him.Wang Weiyi seemed to see what she was thinking I gave him the right to choose, or die with dignity.Or live in can you bring cbd gummies on the plane disgrace, but, I think he prefers to choose the latter path, he has already lost all dignity Then he looked at all the Russians Let s go how will cbd gummies make you feel back to Moscow Go They left.

I can also understand Admiral Wali smiled Sometimes, it is always necessary to purekana cbd gummies for sale green roads cbd gummie block give them more freedom.Your Excellency, a call from Germany.At this time, Turkish Prime Minister Miliwa said.Admiral Wali tidied up his military uniform and took the purekana cbd gummies for sale green roads cbd gummie block phone I am Wali, yes, I green roads cbd gummie block have been releasedwhat Marshal Ernst green roads cbd gummie block Admiral Wall E stood at attention Marshal, it s great to hear your voice again yes.They didn t mistreat meyes, all the Germans were released and our weapons were all returnedokay.I will personally go to the front to command these armiesOkay, I will wait for your arrivalMarshal, please allow me to express my excitement againLong live Ernst, Long Live Germany Admiral Wali handed the phone to Miliva.Miliva took the phone.Then he heard the same familiar voice Mr.Prime Minister, I am Ernst Brahm.

As soon as he got out of the bunker, four figures gradually approached, and Steinman walked towards him quite fast.The figure spoke Well, the captain s order is God, of course When I walked in, I found that the four figures were Cole, Jonis, Ruth and Sasha, and the person bio lyfe cbd gummies green roads cbd gummie block who just spoke was Cole, a sniper cbd gummies cramps from the German SS, with a great sense of humor, completely subversive The stereotyped and cold image of the Germans.Steinman smiled wryly, and stepped forward to reconcile with the four Are you ready, we have to act.As he spoke, he pulled the bolt of the gun, indicating that he was ready to fire.Drink The four chanted a green roads cbd gummie block loud and inspiring slogan at the same time, and then took off their weapons from their backs.This time, we are going to engage in guerrilla warfare and assist in the defense of the Sanchajunction position.

Captain Wheeler reported his real name But I can t tell you the purpose of my coming here. Yes.A tight lipped spy.Wang Weiyi didn t care about the attitude of the other party But I am very interested in this, ah, there may be only one way for you to speak up.Wang Weiyi called his personal adjutant Max in Major Max, I remember that Major Jagger brought 11 players, right Yes, Marshal.Look, I really don t want this to happen Wang Weiyi sighed, Max, from now on, shoot a spy every five minutes.Until Major Jagger was willing to speak.No, you can t do that Major Jagger yelled angrily.Wang Weiyi smiled Why not You don t have to be soldiers, you just have a bunch of spies.For spies, I can shoot you anytime, anywhere.Max, what are you still doing here I don green roads cbd gummie block t have any coffee here for you Max immediately turned around and walked outMajor Jagger was out of order at this time Wang Weiyi poured himself a cup water, and then sat down.

Whoosh The formation of fighter jets circled beautifully in the air, flew back again, and bombarded the enemy on the ground with one inch large caliber cannons.Boom Boom Boom The machine does cbd gummies help you quit smoking shells hit the ground, firing a series of explosions similar to fragmentation grenades.The shock wave generated by the explosion and the stone shrapnel splashed up overturned all nearby life forms.Are you here Sally found Donald, Did you see Connor No How the hell would I know Connor After searching around and struggling, the two finally found Found Connor.I saw Connor kneeling beside the dead body of a German soldier, dumbfounded.Donald stepped forward to grab Connor, but Connor waved his arms like crazy, and started to shout hysterically I killed him You kill me I deserve death Donald and Sally watched It turned out that the body of the German soldier was Connor s younger brother, Mista.

Move slowly, not letting go of every suspicious place a clump of grass, a fallen leaf, a tree.a rock.Sudden.A bright light cvs cbd gummies for pain flickered and then disappeared.Eric was overjoyed, the reflection was caused by the reflection of sunlight from the aiming lens.Eric got the location right, it was the pile of dead branches and fallen leaves, with a few sparse shrubs in front of it.Eric s heartbeat began to speed up, and he found a place that was a little out of harmony with the surrounding environment.It was dark, which might be due to the camouflage clothing.freeze.Observe again, yes.Yes, a pair of binoculars peeked out from under a pile of fallen leaves.Eric really admired his opponent, he hid it so well, if it wasn t for his repeated and careful inspections, he wouldn t be able to find it at all.Bastard, you villain, finally let me catch you.

Looking at his back, Lieutenant General Ainova sighed Although he is our enemy, he is a respectable person, Major.I am very worried about the future of France.People like Avako will become more purekana cbd gummies for sale green roads cbd gummie block and more powerful.There will be more and more pressure on the government and us.Seeing Avako walking towards the opposite side, Major Bin Laden also shook his head and said, But they are too stubborn, they don t know Who are you fighting against, I never thought that those unarmed civilians could deal with so green roads cbd gummie block many troops.Lieutenant General Ainova smiled, and was about to say something, when suddenly a crisp voice interrupted everything.There was a sound of bang , it was the sound of bullets shooting, and then, everyone saw that Avaco s body in the barracks of the French First National Guard Division froze there, shaking for a while, and then He fell heavily to the ground.

Bang boom boom There was a dull sound of machine guns, and the helicopter at a distance of about 300 meters began to shoot at the lurkers who had withdrawn to the edge of the forest with machine guns.Crack it click it The sound of trees breaking kept ringing out, and the 30mm caliber cannon warheads with a burst effect mercilessly smashed down the trees one by one, like a ferocious beast.Bang A bullet landed in front of Lieutenant Hiram and the three of them.It shattered a piece of rock, and the stone chips splashed on the three of them.Roar Oakes let out a roar, stood up again holding the heavy machine gun, stood there like an iron tower, and pulled the trigger again towards the helicopter.Da da da The bursting flames gushed out again and shot towards the helicopter.At this moment, green roads cbd gummie block the helicopter suddenly rushed upwards and rushed to the sky, escaped from Oakes heavy energy blow, and after rushing to the sky, it rushed towards the helicopter with lightning speed.

Lieutenant General Carson, the U.S.commander at the Nordica military base, rejected the Axis power s request to put down his arms and surrender immediately.He decided to use his bravery.Defend this place with the bravery of American soldiers.He is too aware of green roads cbd gummie block joy organic cbd gummies the importance of Nordica to the United States in Europe.If it is lost here, the US military will lose the most important base in France, and even in the whole of Europe.Even this will make the United States eventually lose the war on the European continent.The commander in chief of the Allied forces, Westmoreland, also issued an order to defend At 8 00 am on the 20th, German Marshal Ernst Brehm appeared in Nordica.When he and Guderian When they stood together again on the battlefield face to face, the two looked at each other and smiled.

With the support of artillery fire, they guard their positions at all costs.They hide behind forts or tanks.Using all available strength to carry out arduous resistance.This was later called the green roads cbd gummie block Battle of Nordica that determined the fate of the European continent.On the first day when the Battle of Nordica broke out, both sides invested a lot of artillery fire and soldiers to confront each other.On this day, the German army advanced ten kilometers with difficulty.On this ten kilometers of road, every inch was condensed with a lot of hardships.The soldiers of the 37th Brigade of the US Marine Corps can also proudly tell everyone that they are completely worthy of the uniform they wear.In the absence of effective support, although they lost more than half of their positions, they completed the cbd gummies for impotence task exceptionally well, making it impossible for the German army to effectively establish an advanced base.

They should leave this country as soon as possible with the help of the U.S.government and return directly to the United States or transit through the United Kingdom.It has to be said that it is the greatest tragedy to be forced to leave this place after just settling down in one place.But what can be done Do you continue to stay in a place that doesn t belong to you in the first place, and face the tragedy that is very likely to come No one green roads cbd gummie block wants to make that choice.More than 200 American immigrants were on board the Arizona , when the warship slowly left here.The Americans still stood at the bow of the boat and seemed reluctant to part with it.Captain Stam seemed to be in the same mood.The lieutenant colonel of the US Navy only felt that this stage was the most useless stage he had gone through.

Wang Weiyi smiled and looked at the Mr.The very important Travivsky Have you found a place to live Mrs.Delk said enthusiastically, and then she turned her head to Lopez Mr.Lopez, I can invite me Do you live with your friends in your manor Of course.Lopez said with a smile, My place is very big, it can accommodate many people, and it is very safe.I guarantee that you will not suffer any harm.Excuse me.The Pirokos originally wanted to refuse, because Travivski next to him was too important to allow any problems.But Mr.Lopez s words I promise you won t be disturbed moved them.Telavivsky s mutiny was a top secret, and not many people knew about it even at the top of the US military.In order to prevent accidents, only the Pirokos and his wife were escorted this time.The fewer people who know, the safer.

He is very important to us and to the entire United States.It s too important to say, you are a patriot.Patriot Wang Weiyi showed a very surprised expression I just did what anyone should do, I don t think it has anything to do with patriotism The Pirokos glanced at each other Mr.Moyol, there are some things we can t explain best brand of cbd gummies for pain cbd edibles gummy worms to you for the time being But I want to ask you, green roads cbd gummie block on Mr.Dona s body, what did you do during the treatment Didn t find anything I didn t find anything except blood donation.Wang Weiyi seemed to have difficulty understanding the green roads cbd gummie block other party s words What do you want to ask me Do you think I stole something from Mr.Dona Mr.Rocco, even though I am not a gentleman, it is also an insult to me if you say so.Ah, I am very sorry if you understand it that way.Although Pirocco said so, he showed But he didn t care at all I m even more sorry, until we find what we need to find, I think you can only temporarily stay in Mr.

Before adding it, Martin Luther.Under the influence of King, black Americans are fighting hard for their own rights, and the death of Lucy has completely exploded the anger and dissatisfaction in the hearts of black people.Whites and blacks are united together in a rare way.They held an angry parade, Demand a thorough investigation of this matter.Punish the murderer so that Lucy and her mother can rest in peace in heaven.Reporters also swarmed in New York, paying close attention to the tension of this matter.Under strong public opinion and social pressure, almost the entire New York Police Department is involved When it came to the investigation of the case, they quickly caught the three white youths who committed the crime.These are the three white youths who usually have nothing to do.They got drunk at night, and then met Lucy, and then this happened Tragedy.

Storming is not the result everyone wants to see.But at least it seems that the process is not as everyone thought.The one hour specified time passed quickly, and the black People have no intention of surrendering at all.Now, everyone is turning their attention to Mayor Duila and Director Douglas.It is time to test their response to emergencies.Without the slightest hesitation, Douglas issued his order storm In fact, Director Douglas is very clear about the consequences, but the possibility of negotiating with black people has never appeared in his mind.That will shame his reputation.The stipulated time has passed Arrived.General Douglas, who had lost all his patience, finally gave the order to attack.All the people around Castri College raised their voices, fearing that the most terrible thing would happen.

During the date, you were so much Sally who said, that cheapskate Shu Kako, you didn t give me a tip when you came here today, I really hope he gets hit by a car when he goes out Mr.George, what did you say that George s complexion changed drastically, Bart quickly stood up No, I object to the defense lawyer asking questions that have nothing to do with this case.It has a lot to do with it Randolph said calmly, This will prove my client s innocence.Yes.The judge looked at the two lawyers, and then said The objection is invalid, and the defense lawyers can continue to ask questions.Randolph did not pause for the slightest Mr.George, your curse has come true, my client was not killed by the cbd gummy withdrawal car Knocked down, but got caught up in a murder case that had nothing to do with him.Do you admit that you said that Do you need me to put your girlfriend Sally on the witness stand George looked In an instant, it became extremely pale But Randolph was unwilling to stop there Mr.

There are even many gunshot incidents.There are serious tensions among the police on how to deal with it.If we can t find a solution as soon as possible, I think things will become very troublesome.President William didn t seem to panic He s here, isn t he Turner was overwhelmed by the president s inexplicable words But then William said slowly Here he is, Lord Alexon.Maybe his people are no longer in America, but I can trust him to do everything.Ah, what a man.He succeeded Killed my special envoy Singlag, successfully hijacked the Galaxy , and now, he made such a big wave in the United States No one can do all these things at the same time.Except Alexon Baron.Turner s head was a little confused.Is Mr.President angry or praising that best brand of cbd gummies for pain cbd edibles gummy worms Baron Alexon Believe me, everything is just the beginning.

What terrible children.Wang Weiyi said with a sigh.Ah, do you green roads cbd gummie block think so said Latorfort sadly.They are my grandsons and granddaughters.I have watched them grow up since I was a child.They have always brought me countless joys.But, in the On the Yinhe , they were kidnapped along with their parents, and I have no news about them until now.Wang Weiyi sighed again Your experience is really unfortunate, I wish I could help You Of course, you can help me.Latorfort said impatiently I know you must have a way, no.All London knows that you must have a way.Lieutenant Colonel, for God s sake, please help me.No matter what price I have to pay, I am willing to do it.Wang Weiyi glanced at the bottle of champagne It is really the best bottle of champagne Ahbut obviously if you think that a bottle of champagne can bring back your family, I think you are wrong La Torfort understood the other party s meaning at once Of course, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, a bottle of champagne is not enough.

It s a fresh start for us.La Torfort hesitated, and then drank the glass of champagne.In fact, at this time, he had doubts about the identity of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.A real American would not have such great energy He could get in touch with the kidnappers, he could save the hostages from the Germans, he could even send his family to Switzerland.A so called senior investigator of the US Army Intelligence Bureau can t do these things.But he still What other options can there be President Fenton and his family have been rescued, and La Torfort firmly believes that President Fenton and the others have made sufficient arrangements for their own escape.What about myself I and those officials In the dark, they continue to serve this government like a bunch of idiots.Perhaps when London falls and they are all taken captive, some will not come to their senses.

but.It stipulates that the country, like Canada and Australia, is a self governing dominion within the British Empire, with the British monarch as head of state, rather than an independent republic like most nationalists advocate.The treaty also stipulates that the members of the new Irish Parliament must read the following Oath of Allegiance I.Solemnly swear to obey and allegiance to the Constitution of the Irish Free State established by law.Constituent countries of the Commonwealth of Great Britain, loyal to His Majesty King George V, his heirs and rightful heirs.The oath aroused strong opposition from many Irish Republicans.The new country under the treaty was not called a republic but a free state and consisted of only the 26 cbd gummies in colorado springs counties in the west and south of Ireland.The remaining six counties remain within the United Kingdom as Northern Ireland.

Wang Weiyi listened calmly, and then suddenly said to Bacchus General Bacchus, can you solve the problems they are facing Bacchus nodded quickly Of course, I can ask them Provide enough weapons and ammunition, Mr.Annuo.I will also prepare a truck for you, of course, you need to find the truck driver yourself.We have enough people who can drive cars.Anuo said coldly said a word.He has always been dissatisfied with Bacchus, an old opponent.In the previous battle to encircle and suppress the Freedom Army, the troops under the command of Bacchus performed the hardest.The team regards him as the greatest enemy, and they hate him even more than that tru value cbd gummies American Don Tanner.An Nuo didn t know what means Mr.Moyol used to win people like Bacchus over.But he doesn t want to work with such a person.But he has no other choice.

No, you have no right to do that Don Tanner yelled angrily.Colonel Depra smiled coldly I have the right to do this.You can ignore the deaths of soldiers, but I can t.I purekana cbd gummies for sale green roads cbd gummie block have to let them know the situation they are facing.They have their own wives and their own Children.None of them want to die here.Yes, they are just a bunch of ordinary soldiers, but they also have the right to know the truth.General.You can arrest me now, you can even shoot me now, but You can t cover up the truth forever After speaking, he strode away without looking at Don Tanner again Don Tanner s hand reached for the gun.But after hesitating for a long time, he finally didn t have the courage to pull out his gun Perhaps Colonel Depra was right.Soldiers should not continue to be deceived.They should have their own choice.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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