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Cui Zhen frowned What It s lost, Zhou Ruzhang s hands trembled slightly, I lost it at Cui s house.I sent someone to search for it but couldn t find it.It s possibleit s possible Cui Zhen didn t speak, Zhou Ruzhang bit the bullet and continued.It might be thrown into the lake by Miss Gu.Cui Zhen s face was calm Zhuzhu Mrs.Lin, Mrs.Huaiyuanhou, came back from the banquet at the magistrate s house, but in the end she didn t bring much back.According to the news, Lord Hou was preparing war horses for the imperial court, but unexpectedly encountered bandits, which caused the number of those horses to be lost in half.Let the court find out the case earlier, maybe Hou Ye will be punished less.Unexpectedly, the prefect of Han was also helpless about the banditry.Stepping into the yard, the housekeeper of the Gu family greeted her Madam.Cui Zhen chased forward for a while, but the figure seemed to have escaped from the sky and disappeared without a trace.Brother, what s going on Cui Wei stepped forward and asked.Just now, besides me, there are people in the lake, Cui Zhen said, After entering this green roads cbd gummies for sleep bamboo forest, he disappeared.It s really smart to choose the bamboo forest instead of the bluestone road, so green roads cbd gummies for sleep that even if the person is soaked, there will be no traces left.Cui Wei couldn t help being startled, someone was doing things under the eyes of the elder brother, and after being discovered by the elder brother, he escaped After the elder brother returned to the house, I asked my followers to guard the front yard and the back door.That person wanted not to disturb anyone.It is not easy to go out of the house, and the eldest brother is here, that person can only go north, I will take people to surround him now.Master Cui Si said I walked halfway, thinking that Taiyuan Mansion had accidents again and again, and Mrs.Huaiyuanhou was still visiting at home.Although the matter of Zhuangzi was imminent, I was even more afraid that you would be difficult to deal with in the ancestral house alone.Looking at it this way, thanks I m back.Mrs.Cui Si nodded I feel scared when I think about it, Zhuzhu is also a child with great fortune.Master Cui Si asked 20:1 cbd gummies green roads cbd gummies for sleep Did you see the pearl that Zhuzhu picked up Mrs.Cui Si gave natures script high potency cbd gummies tea to Mr.Cui Si I just took a look at it from a distance.The pearl is not big, and it doesn t look good.I m afraid it can only be sent to the pharmacy for use.For some reason, Mrs.Cui Si I felt that the master s face was even darker.What s wrong, master Mrs.Cui cbd supplement gummies Si said, You also thought of Pearl Thief Master Cui Si was thinking about something, his eyes froze slightly Who else thought of it Everyone said so, Mrs.Chapter 13 Den of Thieves Have you gone out yet Cui Zhen stood in front of the window with his hands behind his back, and turned to look at Cui Wei who had just entered.Cui Wei said I just left the house with my personal entourage, and I was watched by others.Cui Zhen nodded.Cui Wei said Brother thinks this matter has something to do with him You ll have to see it to know, Cui Zhen turned around, It s too strange for him to come back suddenly.When he got home, he questioned about the Jinta Temple and even tried it green roads cbd gummies for sleep out quietly.My attitude.The Cui family has been in Taiyuan for many years, and he has been working for the family.There is a disturbance in Taiyuan, and he cannot be unaware of it.Cui Wei s eyes flickered slightly Maybe it s just a coincidence, the fourth brother has just returned chill cbd gummies bobbi brown home There are a lot of things to do, and the fourth brother doesn t look like he is going to go far, maybe he is worried about another accident at home, so he took someone out to check.Kill them all After saying this, Mrs.Chen shut up and refused to mention a word.The movement outside gradually faded away, apparently the people in the dilapidated house had lured the servants away.Gu Mingzhu looked at Mrs.Chen, she should not inquire too much tonight, anyway, Chen Er can t green roads cbd gummies for sleep do anything, Mrs.Chen will not leave her son and leave, and when she finds out from the yamen what happened tonight from the yamen tomorrow morning, she will cbd peach gummies probably have a Guess, it won t be too late to test Mrs.Chen at that time.At least Mrs.Chen and those stone quarrymen were not vicious, otherwise she would not have been let go so easily.What Mrs.Chen said, Whoever calls for injustice will be wronged meant that those quarrymen had wronged them.What kind of injustice k2 life cbd gummies green roads cbd gummies for sleep would it be Are they wronged Something happened in the city, she should not stay any longer, Gu Mingzhu pointed to the door to signal to leave, Mrs.Wei Yuanchen went to see the doctor again, and saw that she lifted the gauze covering her face and brought green roads cbd gummies for sleep the silver ingot to her mouth.Although it was dark and her face and movements could not be green roads cbd gummies for sleep seen clearly, she could still guess that she was biting the silver ingot.that piece of silver.So impatient.What else Wei Yuanchen continued to ask, Chujiu was a little hesitant today, and he didn t do things so neatly.No more.Chu Jiu licked his lips, feeling a deep sense of frustration for the first time.The big taboo green roads cbd gummies for sleep of asking questions is to meet a stupid person, and the doctor s eyes only have her miracle medicine and money.Seeing that the third master was full of displeasure, Chu Jiu continued The doctor is dumb and can t speak, she can t read or write, I m afraid she s prevaricating on purpose, so I checked her medicine box and found some prescriptions, green roads cbd gummies for sleep then The things written in the prescription are all like this Chu Jiu said and opened the paper in his hand, and the cbd melatonin gummies reddit ghost like things immediately caught Wei Yuanchen s eyes.There are many people, and they all use their own methods to remember things, and naturally only they can understand what they remember.Where s his boy Wei Yuanchen asked.Chujiu replied The man caught the epidemic the year before last and was rescued by her.Although he came back to life, his ears were damaged.He usually only reads the shape of a person s mouth when he speaks.Just now, the house was k2 life cbd gummies green roads cbd gummies for sleep pitch black, and he didn t see anything.How can the doctor have any medical skills, maybe the man s ear was cured by her.Wei Yuanchen looked in the direction of the dilapidated house, that s why those people dared to let her go for a diagnosis and treatment.The doctor is dumb and can t write.Even if she finds something, it s not easy to explain it.The doctor saw all of what happened tonight, and originally wanted to find out some things he didn t know about the doctor, but now it seems likely that he won t find anything.Gu Mingzhu ignored her and continued to play with her purse quietly.What are you shouting for Mrs.Lin frowned and scolded the mother in charge, Why are you so impolite Zhuzhu has been very quiet since she came in, but she suddenly yelled at her loudly.beads.Madam TaiIa bugMiss Biao is playing with bugs The mother in charge was explaining, when she saw a bug crawling along Mrs.Lin s clothes to the cuff I don t know what your mother is thinking, Mrs.Lin Tai sighed, I haven t made any plans yet.If you rely on me, you must not go on like this.Gu Mingzhu has always been quiet, Mrs.Lin Tai Suddenly, I felt that this was also very good It s obedient.As soon as the words finished, the steward s mother exclaimed Miss Biao, quickly throw away the things in your hand.Gu Mingzhu ignored her and continued to play with her purse quietly.I want to change clothes, quickly help me to change clothes.Mrs.Lin said as she strode towards the inner house.After the noisy footsteps left, Gu Mingzhu looked at the centipedes on the ground.She remembered that there were four centipedes in total, so the question came, where did the other one go Note 1 Mrs.Lin and Mrs.Lin are sisters in the clan.The old Marquis Ding Ning passed away, and Cui Zhen inherited the title, so his mother was promoted to Mrs.Tai.Mrs.Lin s side is still fine, so she is still a wife.To sum up, the above is just a matter of title, and the two people are not different in seniority.Chapter 19 Pengci Cui Wei walked straight into the inner house, and was about to greet Mrs.Lin Tai, but was stopped by the mother in charge as soon as she entered the yard.Second Master, the mother in charge saluted, green roads cbd gummies for sleep wait for a while, Mrs.I didn t expect Auntie to think so much at a critical moment.No wonder there hasn t been any trouble in the Huaiyuanhou Mansion these years.If someone manages the Cui family like this, In the inner house, he can also feel at ease.Mrs.Lin felt tight in her chest, what does this mean Is she not as good as her clan sister Cui Zhen stood up Mother wants to make people do things, and I will let you know.After speaking, Cui Zhen turned and walked out of the yard.Mrs.Lin waited until Cui Zhen s figure disappeared, and then looked at Cui Wei He is going to imprison me, so you just ignore it Cui Wei lowered his head, not daring to look at his mother s face Mother really shouldn t have asked people to go to the ancestral grave to toss about.We checked carefully and found that the gunpowder used by the culprits was placed in the things that mother asked to carry to the ancestral grave.The whip was urgent and hard, causing his flesh to burst open immediately, Lu Shenzhi couldn t help but let out a muffled groan.Then a cold voice sounded.The evidence of Lu Shenzhi s collusion with bandits to rob merchants is convincing.Seven years ago, he worked in Taiyuan Prefecture.I m afraid k2 life cbd gummies green roads cbd gummies for sleep he was also involved in the Pearl Bandit case.Now that bandits have become entrenched in the mountains, immediately send .

will cbd gummies make me sleepy?

me a secret letter to Beijing to ask the imperial court to mobilize the guards.All the soldiers and horses go into the mountains to suppress the bandits.If there are bandits who dare to stand up and resist, they will be killed.Chapter 30 Interrogation Lu Shenzhi was calm after hearing the first half of the sentence.Seven years ago, when he decided to steal food relief with the Pearl Thief Thinking that there will be a day when people act as thieves behind an official s back, no matter how good the cover up is, there will be a day when they will be caught and caught, but as long as the people get the relief food, it will be worth it.It hurt and then my eyes went black for a while, and I didn t figure out what happened until I passed out.Chu Jiu put the limp Zi Yuan aside, and felt sorry for the girl for the third time.The poor lamb never knew that there were two wolves with big tails in the house.Wei Yuanchen knocked on the table again and looked at the doctor Do you still want me to ask Gu Mingzhu stepped forward to remove the gauze from Zi Yuan s face, pointed to the sore on Zi Yuan s face, and then went to the room Find the dowry, pick up a box of face powder from it and examine it carefully, and then pretend to smear it on Zi Yuan s face, indicating that the sores on Zi Yuan s body are related to these things.There were only sores on the exposed parts of Ziyuan s green roads cbd gummies for sleep body, and there were no other symptoms from the pulse condition, except for the rusty smell in her mouth, which reminded her of cinnabar poisoning.The surface of this jasper bracelet is smooth and smooth, because of the scent of powder, it can be seen that it is something that Zi Yuan often wears, these small things can help her become Zi Yuan.The girl understood, it turned out that the young master liked it.Many young men like older women.The girl had already drank a lot of wine and talked a lot, she smiled coquettishly with the master beside her for a while, and then came back to whisper.Sister Ziyuan, isn t that one of yours who is difficult to serve Pretending to be an adult is actually the most difficult thing to deal with.You have to serve him and be his mother at the same time.A mother Gu Mingzhu immediately glanced at Mr.Wei.At this moment, the majesty of the past was lost on the face of Mr.Wei, his eyebrows were stretched, and his eyes were clear.Lin can probably think of the reason why Mrs.Lin asked her to come over.Mrs.Lin still has a hundred acres of the farm in her hands.Land, Mrs.Lin Tai s mother bought the village with her mother back then, and the mother spent less money, so she entrusted all of it to Mrs.Lin Tai s mother, and only looked at the accounts at the end of the year to collect some profits.Later, this Zhuangzi became Mrs.Lin Tai s dowry, and she never asked Mrs.Lin for money.Mrs.Lin Tai was always thinking about the one hundred acres of land, she didn t want it.Mrs.Lin thought about telling the steward Take the fish scale book from the field.I gave it to Mrs.Lin this time, so as to avoid future calculations.The mother in charge responded, but quickly went back Madam, the fish scale book is missing, it s not in your small box.After meeting his eyes, she thought of something happy, and her mouth turned up together with a smile.Most people look pretty when they smile, and Miss Gu doesn t seem so stupid at this moment.Still insane.At this time, I can still laugh, really stupid.Someone Baotong s voice came from outside the yard.Han Yu immediately cheered up.Apparently the Pearl Thief fled out of the yard, and he grabbed a sharp weapon and natural extract cbd gummies chased after the sound.Seeing Han Yu s leaving back, Gu Mingzhu walked towards the elm tree not far away.She quickly took away the rope she used to fix the bamboo tube, took out an ordinary sleeve arrow from her sleeve and put it on the branch of the tree.As if someone accidentally dropped it there.Get rid of the footprints around the tree, leaving only a pair of boot marks that were stamped on it beforehand.Han Yu green roads cbd gummies for sleep was very anxious.If it wasn t for the place like the back, he green roads cbd gummies for sleep would have done it by himself long ago.After such a long delay, he might lose his life.Hurry up, Han watermelon cbd gummy Yu said with a 20:1 cbd gummies green roads cbd gummies for sleep distorted expression, Do as I tell you.He still hesitated when he saw his followers.Han Yu continued This arrow is poisonous.That s right, this arrow is poisonous.The toxicity is the same as the one he used for Pearl Thief.There is no doubt that the disposal will die.Although the magistrate Han said so, the green roads cbd gummies for sleep attendant still showed hesitation, the arrow does not seem to be poisoned, the wound is not swollen, Master Han s pulse is a little faster, but Hurry up, Han Yu urged again, he just felt short of breath, as if a stone was pressing on his chest and he couldn t breathe, Are you going to let me die Just as Han Yu finished speaking, someone shouted There are pearls, pearls were found on the ground.Lin Tai in the stomach, and Mrs.Lin collapsed to the ground screaming.Tears flowed down Mrs.Lin s eyes.When did she suffer such pain.Cui Wei outside the stone archway was very anxious.He didn t dare to lead people to attack rashly.He was afraid that the murderer would hurt his mother s life.I remember that Second Master Cui is very good at arrows.Couldn t Second Master Cui kill those criminals with one arrow That s how Second Master Cui 20:1 cbd gummies green roads cbd gummies for sleep captured those who robbed him in prison.A cold voice sounded from behind Cui Wei Cui Wei turned around and saw Wei Yuanchen and Cui Zhen, Wei Yuanchen raised his lips slightly, with a mocking expression on his face.Chapter 61 Innocent Cui Wei was a little startled, but soon came back to his senses, Mr.Wei was holding a bow in his hand, and the mouth of the arrow shaft was already buckled on the bowstring.The wound stopped bleeding, but Han Yu vaguely felt something strange.The rope was tied too tightly, which made half of his body feel more uncomfortable.Wei Yuanchen green roads cbd gummies for sleep said Although Mr.Han was injured, the case has to be tried.How about Mr.Han asking me about the case here Han Yu pursed his lips, probably out of control Mr.What case Wei Yuanchen said Master Han, have you heard of Yan Hao Han Yu nodded The Tongzhi of Taiyuan Prefecture seven years ago.Wei Yuanchen said flatly I caught him.Han Yu felt pain in the place bound by the rope, and he couldn t help struggling.Master Han, did you hear that Wei Yuanchen continued.Could it be, Han Yu s mind was in a state of confusion, and ants began to crawl all over his body, making him breathless, is he the one who led the murderer to kidnap Mrs.Lin Tai Wei Yuanchen seemed to laugh How does your lord know Hearing Wei Yuanchen s words, Han Yu suddenly realized that he had made a slip of the tongue, Wei Yuanchen didn t say when he caught Yan Hao, he was directly connected with Mrs.That s why she held a sharp weapon that night, fighting for herself, and would not be easily manipulated.It took Wei Yuanchen a long time to pull his thoughts back.It is also reasonable for the Pearl Thief who often walks in the street to use such things to deal with Han Yu.Sun Langzhong picked up the old arrowhead again, opened the medicine box, took out a knife, and scraped some powder off the arrowhead.It s been too long, and the properties of the medicine on it need to be carefully distinguished.Sun Langzhong couldn t help but huh when he said this, he twisted the powder with his hand, smelled it with his nose, and then unexpectedly sent his hand to the powder.Put it in your mouth and taste it.Wei Yuanchen frowned Sir.Sun Langzhong picked up the tea to rinse his mouth, and Wei Yuanchen immediately picked up the spittoon and sent it over immediately Sir, don t taste the poison at will.Gu Mingzhu glanced at Baotong, who immediately stepped forward and said, Ma am, what happened to Mr.Wei Could it be that he was injured on Zhuangzi Even if they don t trust the people we invite, they will bring people themselves, and they don t ask for wound medicine, they just ask for warm water and towels After saying this, Mrs.Lin thought carefully I m in Beijing.When I was in middle school, I heard that Wei Sanye fell ill in the prison, and the famous doctors in Beijing said green roads cbd gummies for sleep colorado botanicals cbd gummies it was a strange disease, and now it seems that it may be related to this.Baotong said in a low voice Isn t the Wei family a foreign relative Why Mr.Wei has been in jail It s not the case seven years ago, Mrs.Lin realized that she had talked too much, she looked up at Baotong, Don t ask what you shouldn t ask.Baotong Hitomi had to withdraw his head.His brows gradually relaxed, as if temporarily letting go of the pain he had endured for many years, he could finally breathe a sigh of relief.At this moment, his fair skin was like the bright moonlight, making his expression more pure, free from other impurities.Then he raised the corners of his mouth captain la cbd gummies review cannaverda cbd gummies and smiled at her, that subtle and cautious expression, as if he was afraid of frightening her, as if she was just a speck of dust that would disappear if he didn t pay attention.Finally green roads cbd gummies for sleep he released her wrist.Gu Mingzhu was suddenly let go, and she didn t come back to her senses for a moment.When she remembered that she was going to leave, Wei Yuanchen suddenly got up, stretched out his arms and embraced her unexpectedly.Gu Mingzhu s eyes widened, and Baotong s exclamation came from the door.After Lin Runzhi finished speaking, he felt that he had caused trouble, and his mother told him not to mention seeing the second uncle.There was a sudden silence in the nearby study.Zhao Gongren frowned, and stared at Lin Runzhi in the yard, sure enough, if he played with fools, he would be tainted with foolishness.Zhuzhu, Cui Zhen waved to Gu Mingzhu, bring me the sweat towel in your hand and show me, I ll send someone to buy you sweets later.Hearing this, the corners of Gu Mingzhu s mouth curled up slightly , happily entered the door.Yesterday, she saw this brand new sweat towel around Lin Runzhi s waist.It was made of high quality Lu silk.Shanxi produced Lu silk.Pearl sweat towels cannot be bought at will, they must be prepared quietly.On the sweat towel was a young man who played Cuju, presumably Lin Runzhi liked Cuju quite a lot.Zhao Gongren shook his head and said I don t know him, I Wei Yuanchen said It seems that Zhao Gongren will wait until his two sons are tried.No, Zhao Gongren gritted his teeth, really It wasn t me, that person was brought by green roads cbd gummies for sleep my second brother.After saying these words, she almost collapsed there.Men Zhao Gong, tell me clearly, who is the second elder brother you are talking about It is the second master Zhao.Zhao Gongren lowered his eyes.The steward of the Zhao family heard this, his face was ashen, Zhao Gongren confessed to the second master, Zhao Gongren not only failed to save the Zhao family, but actually confirmed the crime of the second master.Gu Mingzhu looked at Zhao Gongren, the catastrophe was imminent, cbd gummies viagra en español captain la cbd gummies review cannaverda cbd gummies and Zhao Gongren couldn t care less about the relationship between brother and sister.Wei Yuanchen said Sir, what do you think of the woman s medical skills who stopped the mother in law s bleeding Sun Lang stroked his beard and green roads cbd gummies for sleep colorado botanicals cbd gummies said, She learned the skills of scribblers, but it can be seen that she knows a lot about medical skills, otherwise it would be too difficult.He couldn t stop the patient s bleeding in time, and cooperated with me to complete the suture.Wei Yuanchen said Then, can she or her master s medical skills cure Miss Gu s previous anemia Langzhong Sun didn t expect Wei Yuanchen to mention it.When it came to this matter, he couldn t help being startled Could it be that the woman knows the Gu family More than that, Wei Yuanchen said, She is Miss Gu.I just heard a boom outside, as if something had fallen to the ground.Chu Jiu outside the door covered his head, he was just hanging upside down on the eaves to eavesdrop No, he behaved as his guard, and he heard the third master say this out of nowhere.It s the same party, maybe the elder sister will go to accompany her sister in law next time.It was the first time in so many years that she said such a powerful word in front of her elder sister, and she suddenly felt very happy.It was happier than she thought.Chapter 96 Unlucky Mrs.Lin Tai never expected that the sister who was usually as soft as a dough person could say such a thing.Lin Qi inherited this branch, cowardly and incompetent, and has long since lost his status in the Lin clan.Even if Gu Lin married Xungui, it was because of her favor that he could have such a marriage.There is such a reason, No matter when and where, Gu Lin will cbd gummies with turmeric and spirulina 1500mg be a head shorter than her.Now Gu Linshi dares to stand here and contradict her.You, Mrs.Lin pointed at Mrs.Lin, do you have a conscience I am not only your eldest k2 life cbd gummies green roads cbd gummies for sleep sister, but also your benefactor.Look carefully at the details of the carving.My father liked to put it on the stamen.Carve a few more strokes, the same is true on this beeswax, now she can be sure that this Buddha lotus came from her father.The relics that her father gave to her best friend back then returned to her hands after several rounds of turnover.Thinking of this, Gu Mingzhu couldn t help trembling slightly, fearing that others would see the clues, she lowered her head and hung the beeswax around her waist.I ll do it, Mrs.Lin said with a smile, it s rare that you like it, so keep it Mrs.Lin said The ties tied on this beeswax are also brand new, which shows that your cousin cherishes it very much on weekdays.I ll ask him for a safety card as a gift in return someday Gu Mingzhu pretended to understand, and nodded cheerfully, her father green roads cbd gummies for sleep passed away for so many years, but she had such a friendship with Cui Zhen through others.Although he didn t like the Zhou family, he was still unhappy when he heard the lyre.After all, the Zhou family was also his main wife.The prince stopped suddenly, closed his eyes and listened carefully Master Hou, listen, this part is pretty good.Cui Zhen s face remained unchanged, and he said calmly I don t know the rhythm, I don t green roads cbd gummies for sleep understand these things, I hope Your Highness will forgive me The prince couldn t help thinking of Zhou Rujun, with a regretful expression on his face That s because Lord Hou didn t meet someone close to him.Sooner or later, Lord Hou will know the joy of it.I m afraid that Lord Hou will regret what he said today.Chapter 104 Banquet Cui Zhen knew that the prince s gaze was green roads cbd gummies for sleep on his face, but he didn t raise his eyes to meet him, so the green roads cbd gummies for sleep prince had to look away after a while.Gu Mingzhu said There is only Zhao Gongren s family in the inn.Wang Daochang is not going to kill or steal.The most likely thing to appear in the middle of the night is to do one thing Nie Chen s eyes five gummies cbd lit up It s to meet someone.The inn has no meaning, the meaning is the people in the inn, Wang Daochang repeatedly appeared in the inn, naturally For the people in it.Gu Mingzhu said Wang Daochang died in a river not far away after seeing this person.There were no signs of struggle on his body.There is another possibility of Wang Daochang s death besides being raped.Nie Chen blurted out Suicide, many criminals will choose to kill themselves when they find out that their crimes have been revealed.Gu Mingzhu couldn t deny it, and then said Let s go to Mr.Zhao to see what Zhao Gongren wants to do Nie Chen said Because Han Yu Being arrested, I m afraid the war horse case can t be covered up, so I asked Zhao Gongren for help.Before Zhou Ruzhang could green roads cbd gummies for sleep make a move, Wei Yuanchen gave an order Let s leave soon after Xie, there is still a distance from the post station, so you can be safe when you arrive earlier.Wan took the guards around him and galloped forward.Seeing this, Mrs.Lin couldn t help saying Master Wei is really vigorous and resolute in his actions.Not only did he act resolutely, but he also didn t show any sympathy.Let s go, Mrs.Lin looked at Cui Zhen and said, Master Wei is also reasonable, we will be safe when we arrive earlier.Cui Zhen waited for the Cui family and Gu s family members to get into the car, and then led the guards to lead the way.Zhou Ruzhang, who was in the Zhou family s carriage, bit his lip.If Mr.Wei spoke later, she would leave.Wei Yuanchen grabbed the reins and was about to move forward, when he saw another woman in front of the carriage looking over here, that was Zhou Ruzhang.Hearing what Mrs.Lin said, Princess Huairou felt that she had chosen the right person, and Mrs.Lin was pregnant and had to take care of Miss Gu.If she didn t tell her in advance, she would not bear it if something went wrong.Let Madam know first, Princess Huairou said, We ll talk about it when we get to the post.Madam Lin nodded.The two got into the carriage separately, and the team started to move forward again.Mrs.Lin thought about what Princess Huairou said just now, and couldn t help but panic in her heart.The things she encountered in Taiyuan Mansion were more than the sum of all these years, but this was also the reason why she wanted to stay in Taiyuan Mansion.The critical moment I can help the master.Mother, Gu Mingzhu held Mrs.Lin s hand, grandfather said Jiangmen Tiger Girl.Mrs.Lin s eyes lit up, did Zhuzhu understand what Princess Huairou said How is this possible But if she didn t understand, Zhuzhu wouldn t say that.To Da Zhou and Ao Er Du Si, they were too insignificant, and it was impossible for him to achieve his reputation as a hero.In the end it was defeated.As the blazing sun shone down, all the lieutenants around Lin Sizhen were destroyed, and Cui Zhen came towards him with a knife.Lin Sizhen suddenly stretched out his hand to press the wound on Mrs.Lin Tai s shoulder, and Lin Sizhen suddenly woke up from a daze.Lin Sizhen lifted Mrs.Lin Tai from the horseback.Elder Sister, Lin Sizhen said softly, Look at how your eldest son killed his uncle, Eldest SisterI lied to you when I said I used you to blackmail him, I didn t want you Die, I just want your eldest son to give our siblings a way to survive, but he refuses.Eldest sister, if you survive, you will avenge your younger brother, live well, 20:1 cbd gummies green roads cbd gummies for sleep live longer than him, and don t make it easy for him.Wei s suspicion of her is still not gone, and he has never seen such a suspicious person like him.Gu Mingzhu pretended to be nonchalant, and sat aside playing with the rope.Wei Yuanchen groaned in his heart for being so focused on the things he was interested in.Sharpen your head and look around for news, what exactly do you want to do After the war horse case, continue to track down the mastermind behind the scenes, so as to pave the way for Gu Hou to go to court After all, it s not about the Wei family, it s about her aunt.Mr.Wei, Princess Huairou said the most worrying thing, how is the crown prince Wei Yuanchen said flatly, He was rescued, but he was injured when he was rescued.Hearing the injury, he how to get a sample of not pot cbd gummies said After a few words, Princess Huairou s face changed slightly The prince was injured in front of Mr.Mrs.Wednesday trembled all over, Huaiyuan Hou s anger subsided, green roads cbd gummies for sleep making the hairs on her neck stand on end.Gu Chongyi hates people taking advantage of Zhuzhu the most.Zhuzhu has suffered a lot of grievances because of her illness since she was a child.If she dared to bully Zhuzhu like this in front of him, wouldn t these people be more unscrupulous when he couldn t see it Thinking of this, Gu Chongyi said lightly If you don t like being here, you can take people out of this village and go to the nearby government office to hide.Is this to drive them away Mrs.Wednesday was so frightened that she immediately fell silent, tears almost came cbd gummies test positive out of her eyes, she would have known that Marquis Huaiyuan was here, she would never have said such a thing, she had no bad intentions, she just wanted to feel better, andshe didn t say anything Ah, how could Gu Hou reprimand him so disregarding his status.Just now when his second uncle mentioned his illness, there was a cloud of the past hidden in the fog in his mind, which made him not see clearly.In the current situation, Wei Yuanchen had no choice but to interrupt the thinking in his heart, got off his horse and strode into Wei Mansion.Just as Wei Yuanchen entered the door, Second Master Wei stopped Chu Jiu solemnly, and said with a serious face How is it Have you eaten the five black chickens Chujiu looked aggrieved.Not only did the chicken fail to be eaten, but it became a master.The pain in it could not be finished in three days.Chapter 196 People Suspect Wei Yuanchen just walked up the corridor when he saw the gray haired old grandmother.Mrs.Wei was all smiles, and looked at Wei Yuanchen with joy in her eyes Finally back.Mrs.Wei next to him looked at Wei Yuanchen and nodded again and again.The chariots and horses of the female relatives continued to move forward without stopping.Gu Chongyi turned his head to green roads cbd gummies for sleep ask Wei Yuanchen about the situation in the East Palace, and found that Wei Yuanchen happened to be walking over.Seeing Wei Yuanchen s handsome and noble demeanor, Gu Chongyi couldn t help praising him.After all, it was the Wei family.The old man Wei once commanded the military governor s mansion of the five armies, and was named grand master before his death.Doctor Rong Lu, even if there is no empress, this kind of honor is the only one since the founding of the Great Zhou Dynasty.Needless to say, Wei Taishi s courage, if Wei Shangshu hadn t advocated asking the court to repair the old roads leading north from Shaanxi, Shanxi and other places, he would not have hoarded a large amount of food and salaries for Dazhou to deal with the invasion of northern Fans.The children of the Wei family are still officials in the court, but the expectations of this generation rest on Wei Yuanchen.The tiger father has no dogs, and the glory of the ancestors is still there.If you don t fall into the trap of others, you should be right.Just as Gu Chongyi thought of this, the handsome Wei Yuanchen stood still in front of him, and then politely bowed to him.Wei Yuanchen bowed his head in a humble manner, which made Gu Chongyi a little stunned.Why didn t I see Master Wei for a few days He seemed to be a different person, standing in front of him without any vigor, just like a junior who was familiar with him, adding a little more intimacy out of thin air.Master Wei Wei Yuanchen s salute caught Gu Chongyi off guard, and when he recovered, Wei Yuanchen had already straightened up.Zhang Madam heard it clearly outside the door, but she just lowered her head and dared not make any further rebuttals.Mrs.Lin Tai said Look at her, she stands there aggrieved, and she is pitying others.She has been married to Cui s family for so many years and has no children, but she can still hold her daughter in her hand.This is Hou.There is no one in the mansion, so she will be allowed to manipulate it at will, and the Hou mansion will be defeated by her sooner or later.Cui Wei interrupted Madam Lin and said, k2 life cbd gummies green roads cbd gummies for sleep Mother, don t say thatit s not easy for sister in law.Madam Zhang stood Weeping outside the door.Cui Wei kept persuading Mrs.Lin, and it took a long time for there to be no movement in the room, and Cui Wei came out of the room.Sister in law, go back, Cui Wei said, Mother is asleep.There are many people who are good at detectives.If my uncle wants to use these people, my nephew can find them immediately.You have to do it carefully, how Master Wei wants to investigate, as long as you have documents in hand, you will accompany you all the way, don t obstruct, let alone have any objections.Uncle wants him to help Wei Yuanchen, Qiao Zheng bowed and said My nephew knows.Qiao Song gently told Qiao Zheng Look carefully, study carefully, be patient, and never be arrogant.Qiao Zheng agreed.Qiao Song continued When you have time, go and see those folks, and ask them if they want to stay in the capital.In the future, there will be cases in the yamen that need to be investigated.Maybe we will use them.Qiao Zheng didn t know why uncle was so moved by the folks I m interested, but I dare not disobey my uncle s wishes.He puts a warm cage in his room.The Second Master Wei shrank his neck, why did he feel that he was the worst when he was the king since he was a child.Didn t the Second Master Wei always say that he would come to you if there was something embarrassing Gu Chongyi said, Now there is something wrong.The Second green roads cbd gummies for sleep Master Wei said, What s the matter Although Marquis Huaiyuan is not afraid of these things because of his reputation, he is a very smart person and he cannot hurt his face.Gu Chongyi said I heard that the emperor wants to test the riding, archery and boxing skills of the honored children.If I leave it for too long, I m afraid I will lose my dignity before the saint.Second Master Wei still thinks it s a big deal Well, I ll go find it A few masters of boxing and kicking came to give advice to Lord Hou.He invited people to go to Cheng s house to check on the order of the imperial court.The criminal everyday optional cbd gummies will i fail my drug test department failed to intervene in Yuan s case of framing Peng Liang, so he should also intervene this time.In short, this case is going to be lively.As the sky gradually darkened and the court documents arrived, Wei Yuanchen packed his official uniform and went to Cheng s house.As soon as he got off his horse at the gate of Cheng s mansion, he saw Liu Su and the man wearing the fence walking over.Wei Yuanchen raised his feet and walked towards Cheng s mansion, Gu Mingzhu couldn t help speeding up his pace, they had to follow Master Wei to green roads cbd gummies for sleep enter the door, otherwise Cheng s family would definitely step forward to block it.But no matter how fast she walked, Master Wei had grown a pair of long legs and disappeared in a blink of an eye.Of course she wasn t worried about Mr.Wei, she was afraid that they would not be able to intervene in these cases openly.Gu Mingzhu walked to the side and waited for Master Wei to come and speak.Wei Yuanchen stepped up to follow, and Gu Mingzhu immediately stepped forward and whispered Master Wei Mr.Wei is too tall, so she had to stand on tiptoe to get closer to Mr.Wei s ear Time is running out.Going through the investigation step by step, I am afraid that the result may not be found at dawn, and I have to ask the son in law to help muddy the Cheng family s water, so that it is easier to catch fish.Wei Yuanchen nodded in agreement.Gu Mingzhu happily said Then I ll go talk to the son in law.Wei Yuanchen looked at Chu Jiu, who immediately understood that the third master meant to let him work with Miss Gu.Please forgive me.Punishment.All the officials of the East Palace knelt down.Seeing such a situation, the prince s eyes turned red, and green roads cbd gummies for sleep colorado botanicals cbd gummies he wanted to cry and laugh at the same time.All the people in his east palace knelt down.They all agreed with his father s decision.No one in the court spoke for him anymore.At the beginning, he was no longer the prince of the Great Zhou Dynasty.Father, my son was wronged Father my son, the cbd and cbn gummies captain la cbd gummies review prince, was trembling.He was always afraid of being calculated by others, and he did his best to think about Da Zhou.I begged my father to give my son another cbd gummies for sale near me now chance, the prince finally knelt down on the ground.On the ground, he raised a finger vigorously, with a green roads cbd gummies for sleep distorted expression on his face, staring at the emperor with horrified eyes, Can you just do it once, doesn t the father always praise the filial and sensible son in law The son in law is the father The eldest son of the eldest son, the empress and empress cannot give birth to a son for the emperor, so what is the difference between the eldest son and the son of the son If the son is established and the eldest son is established, the position of the crown green roads cbd gummies for sleep prince should green roads cbd gummies for sleep belong to the son, and no one can compete with the son.Everyone looked away from Gu Chongyi, It fell on Master Wei Er and Yu Shi, and the two of them rolled around and wiped the green bricks at the gate of the palace vigorously.Gu Chongyi looked disgusted, and was about to take a detour to leave, but this was the only way to leave the palace, so he had to bite the bullet and pass quickly, he didn t want to have any relationship with Master Wei Er at all.Seeing that he was about to walk out of the palace gate, Gu Chongyi suddenly felt something rushing towards him, and he could dodge it by leaning behind him, and he didn t want to show it under the eyes of everyone, so he could only clumsily step aside.As a result Naturally, he didn t get what he wanted.Gu Chongyi only felt his pants tightened and someone grabbed him firmly, and then a stronger force came, pulling his pants down.Gu Chongyi thought of the late Wei Congsheng and Empress Wei who would never step out of the Kunning Palace.They did it because they wanted to protect their own children.If it were him, he would do the same.Boom.Gu Chongyi s knife handle trembled in the tiger s mouth, which was a sign of exhaustion.If he couldn t hold the knife handle, the tiger s mouth would be injured, and the sharp weapon would bite back and hurt himself.Picking up the gun, the long knife in his hand would definitely fall to the ground.Gu Chongyi was bracing himself to deal with it, but the iron gun came to him.When swords and guns met, the originally raging force suddenly weakened a lot.Gu Chongyi s heart shuddered.Wei Yuanchen felt his decline and stopped in time.This kind of control ability was also beyond his reach.There was a cold light on the tip of the iron spear, Gu Chongyi put away the long knife in his hand, although he lost, he was sweating happily.But drunk Gu Mingzhu was thinking, her eyes lifted up, from misty to clear, the tiredness immediately disappeared without a trace in the blink of an eye.But his hand was still on her shoulder, and his palm was hot as if it was on fire.Master Wei, Gu Mingzhu said, Are you drunk Do you want to go back and rest first She often goes out at night, and every time she sees Wei Yuanchen, he is busy, and she has time to catch up on sleep during the day Well, Mr.Wei still has to go to the Yamen on weekdays, so it will definitely be too much for him day after day.Gu Mingzhu looked around, Chu Jiu was not there, so leaning on her was not an option, but Master Wei didn green roads cbd gummies for sleep t intend to retract his arms.In the tranquility of the night, it seems that only the heartbeat of each other can be heard, and the strange atmosphere lingers around.Datura pollen appeared in the capital again, is captain la cbd gummies review cannaverda cbd gummies there any connection between them Mo Yangming returned to the wooden house on the hillside, sat on the wooden couch, closed his eyes and was about to read the scriptures, when he heard a sound from the wooden door, followed by subtle footsteps.Mo Yangming immediately opened his eyes.Someone came here secretly, so he continued to close his eyes calmly so as not to disturb the person.The footsteps were getting closer and closer, all the way to the inner room, Mo Yangming held the dagger in his sleeve, she wanted to see who was so bold as to come to her room to investigate.Chapter 279 Missing Him Mo Yangming saw a figure and tiptoed in through the door, and now there was only a curtain between him and her.Mo Yangming got up and got off the couch.Wei Yuanchen said indifferently It s almost New Year s Eve, and the chickens, ducks and pigs on the farm outside the house are about to enter the kitchen, so we have to treat them better, so you can go and clean the pigsty and chicken coop.New Year s On the ninth day of the ninth day, I shivered.Isn t that still several months green roads cbd gummies for sleep away Why is he so pitiful In the palace.The emperor looked at the documents in his hands.In the early days of the dynasty, Shuntian Mansion, Wucheng Bingma Division, Criminal Ministry, and Tongzheng Division had not yet sorted out the memorials and handed cbd and cbn gummies captain la cbd gummies review them over.What happened to this case has not yet been glimpsed.It was HCMUSSH green roads cbd gummies for sleep not until Qiao Song urgently sent the document into the palace that the emperor frowned.Not only did Shuntian Mansion intervene in this case, but Wei Yuanchen also caught a man who was called Master Lu, but in fact he was the son of Qin Tianjian Bai Guanzheng With such an important clue here, he couldn t let Qiao Song take over the case.If they are questioned, they cannot intervene in this case., but if he can stay for a moment, he will stay for a moment.He wants to submit a memorial, asking the court to rectify the Wucheng Bingmasi and the Metropolitan Procuratorate.Su Fu thought of this and turned his head to look at Xue Laotong, only to find that Xue Laotong s eyes were wandering and he didn t know what he 20:1 cbd gummies green roads cbd gummies for sleep was thinking about.Mr.Xue Su Fu called out, but Xue Laotong didn t know it.It was rare for Xue Laotong to do this.Su Fu waited patiently for a while, until Xue Laotong raised his eyes, and he said, Did Mr.Xue think of something Xue Laotong didn k2 life cbd gummies green roads cbd gummies for sleep t answer Su Fu s words, but instead Bowing down, he said, My lord I have something to ask.Su Fu hurriedly said, Sir, just say so, don t be so polite to green roads cbd gummies for sleep me.Xue Lao Tong judge solemnly said I want to go to Dengzhou mansion for a humble job.Obviously this time he was going to keep a close eye on him.It will be a bit of an eyesore.Miss Gu has nothing to worry about, this is the purpose of her various identities, so that she can be irresponsible when she is done, so that people have nowhere to HCMUSSH green roads cbd gummies for sleep look for her.Taking advantage of green ape cbd gummies side effects the intermission in the trial, Chu Jiu came up and said Missy left Anjiyuan, but was sent back home by Cui Zhen.Wei Yuanchen s expression was indifferent, as if there was no change in the slightest.Chujiu smelled a strange smell, he licked his lips, he wanted to be anxious about what the third master needed, and do a good job in front of the third master, so that he could no longer go back to clean the pigsty, and fell asleep with the pig in his arms.Chu Jiu said in a low voice But don t worry, Third Master.Master Qiao is right, Wei Yuanchen looked at Bai Jingkun, No matter where Auntie was before, she must have left long ago.You have never been followed by the Lu family, and you have not been the one to protect.You should be careful.Think about it, who is the Lu family loyal to Bai Jingkun s mind was full of complicated people and things, and finally he said in a trembling voice green roads cbd gummies for sleep Ah, it s ah.Wei Yuanchen looked at Qiao Song Lord Qiao , it seems that we are going to find that concubine in the next step.This battle was well fought, and Qiao Song couldn t help but praise, so the Ministry of Criminal Justice will also help to thoroughly investigate Yuan Zhixing, Lu s family and concubine.Everything is under Wei Yuanchen s control.Qiao Song said sincerely Lord Wei is right.I ll go back and interrogate Yuan Zhixing, and make the case come to an end.Now that the family is reunited, I feel at ease.Tan Dingfang laughed If it wasn t for Marquis Gu, the court would not Lin Sizhen will be found out.Now that Gu Hou is serving in the Governor s Mansion of the Five Armies, he will have to worry more about the military affairs of the Great Zhou in the future.With such a disturbance in northern Xinjiang, five or six years green roads cbd gummies for sleep of painstaking efforts were wasted.Originally, the imperial court wanted to use more troops 20:1 cbd gummies green roads cbd gummies for sleep in the southwest.Now we have to use these military cbd and turmeric gummies resources in the northern border.The Toungoo Dynasty in the southwest is expanding everywhere, and they will be ready to move when they learn that we are using troops in the northern border.What a troubled time say.After a moment of silence, Tan Dingfang raised his eyes Since Gu Hou is also a famous general, how can he always take idle positions in the court Sooner or later he will go to the barracks and lead troops to fight.After Tan green roads cbd gummies for sleep Sanye said this, Feng Anping was afraid that the night would be full of dreams, so he ordered the Yamen Bring up the body and take it to the courtyard.Zhongguanshi and Tan Zongqi went back to the yamen.Feng Anping left Anjiyuan in a mighty manner with his people, and the rain had gradually stopped at this time, taking advantage of no one around, Feng Anping shouted twice into the darkness Hou LordMaster HuaiyuanMaster Guuncle No one responded to Feng Anping.Feng Anping s heart turned cold, could it be that Master Hou didn t support him here at all, Master Hou lied to him Gu Mingzhu washed up and lay on the bed, something strange happened tonight.It seemed that everything went too smoothly, and she couldn t figure out what was wrong for a while, so she could only 20:1 cbd gummies green roads cbd gummies for sleep ask Liu Su to find out after dawn.After Tan Zigeng finished speaking, he looked at Wei Yuanchen eagerly Since Mr.Wei followed me to this village, Can you cbd gummy doses for pain testify for me that I didn t kill those people, it was them As he spoke, he stretched out his hand and pointed at Zhuangzi, he wanted to say that the people in Zhuangzi attacked him first, and those two people obviously wanted to die before him hands.Tan Zigeng s voice stopped abruptly here, and he saw a person being carried out, lying on a wooden board, trembling with pain.It was the man who was shot in the chest by the flying knife on his arm, and that man was still alive.Tan Zigeng was overwhelmed with joy, he opened his mouth and was speechless for a moment, the man was still alive, as long as the court interrogated the man s real situation, he would be able to get rid of his grievances.Looking at the location of the object, it should have fallen from the corpse.Wei Yuanchen ordered Mu Qiu Immediately send people to Shuntian Mansion to find Mr.Su, and tell Mr.Su what happened in this Zhuangzi.Please come to the office of Daxing County from the office of Shuntian Mansion.There are many things left in this Zhuangzi., A careful inspection should reveal more clues, but In the end, perhaps the large and small corpse in front of him is the person he is looking green roads cbd gummies for sleep natures only cbd gummies for dementia for.They searched for Aunt according to Bai Jingkun s confession.Maybe some people were afraid that Aunt would leak the news, so they killed him first, and then lured Tan Zigeng to come here.Wei Yuanchen thought for a moment and handed the iron cylinder in his hand to Mu Qiu Before handing this to Mrs.Su, show it to Miss Gu.Don t throw away the paper, Tan Dingfang said.I will continue to write when I think about it.Mrs.Dong had no choice but to press down the paper with a ruler.Then she took the cloak from the servant and put it on Tan Dingfang.Tan Dingfang I had no choice but to follow Mrs.Dong back to the main house.If the master is worried about Brother Geng, I will call Brother Geng to ask.Mrs.Dong said bluntly, No matter what, Brother Geng won t kill people What s more, people from Anjiyuan, our Tan family have Most of the belongings have been subsidized into the Anjiyuan Even if the Tan family can t get the credit, they can t take the blame Master, don t you think so Madam Dong suddenly turned around, thinking that Tan green roads cbd gummies for sleep Dingfang was in a daze Didn t he stop immediately Dong The wife bumped into Tan Dingfang firmly.Mo Yangming frowned, What s the matter between Ah .

who developed smilz cbd gummies?

chan and Tan Shanren It s okay, Yu Zhenhai looked restless, It s really okay, I really don t want to think about it.Mo Zhenren got up from the chair at once, with a solemn expression on his brows I came to Anjiyuan to inquire about Ah chan when HCMUSSH green roads cbd gummies for sleep she died, and you said at the time that Ah chan came to Anjiyuan as usual when I was away.I also helped concoct medicinal materials, and I believed you back then, but now it seems that you have concealed the truth, and now you still want to cover it up.Guilt flashed in Yu Zhenhai s eyes, but he still lowered his head and refused to speak.Mo Yangming raised his foot and took a step in front of Yu Zhenhai Let me ask cbd gummies and coffee the good man again, what s the matter between Ah Chan and Tan Shanren Yu Zhenhai pursed his lips tightly.Gu Chongyi pondered and said So they found the lotus alley Anyway, it seems to be a good thing now, Wei Wei Yuan Chen said, If Yuan Zhixing and Shangqingguan hadn t been found out now, if things go on like this, I don t know how many people will be attracted by the interests of these imported products and do things that violate the laws of the Great Zhou.I was caught.Gu Chongyi heard the meaning of Wei Yuanchen s green roads cbd gummies for sleep words You mean Wei Yuanchen nodded Master Gu in Lotus Hutong should have been wronged.He took it out of his arms.Send out a letter to Gu Chongyi.Gu Chongyi opened the letter, and remembered that the letter was full of names, and the signature of the boss of the ship was signed.The Gu family s are the cbd gummies at shell good goods were transported all the way from Zhejiang to the capital.Not all the people used along the way were from the Gu family.Maybe someone intentionally mixed something in the gunpowder, so it couldn t be ignited.These were not enough.Obviously, someone secretly colluded with the Tatars in advance, and let the Tatars take a large number of soldiers and horses to break through the city before the deputy general of the city could react.The city, after the city was broken, the old general Zhao lost the barrier, so he was attacked by Tatar soldiers and horses.Tan Dingfang nodded It s not easy to destroy a cannon.You need to know more about firearms.At that time, Dazhou had just used the Hongyi cannon, and even the skilled craftsmen of the Ministry of War had first explored its secrets.Because of Ah Chan, I am very familiar with these firearms.Once the relationship between me and A chan is exposed, I will be the most suspicious person.After all, Wei Congzhi is different from Wei Congchengit doesn t seem like he has such ability Besides, raising a family will not be effective in a short timeunless the Wei family has made plans for the younger generation early on.The emperor waved his hand and ordered Qiao Song to step back, and he was also helped onto the walking chariot, and he was sent all the way to the Qianqing Palace.The walking chariot had just walked not far when I saw the servant leading the imperial doctor walking forward in a panic.Huang Chang immediately summoned his servant for questioning.The servant s voice was flustered The imperial concubine is not feeling well this morning She hasn t recovered after a whole day of rest.She just got up to go to clean the room, but she passed out unexpectedly.The emperor frowned slightlywaved his hand for a while Go Let s take a look at the imperial concubine Huang Chang respondedEver since the Eastern Palace was abolishedthe emperor has not seen the imperial concubine and the empresstonight the disease of the imperial concubineI am afraid that there will be troubles in the front and rear palaces again Jingnan.After she left the palace, she lived away from the capital for two years for fear of being discovered., I just came to serve Brother Chen.Mother Lu has seen many intrigues in the palace and shady methods.In addition to guarding against these things when coming to serve Brother Chen, she can also remind Brother Chen if necessary.Ru s mother continued The third master trusts Mama Lu so much.Firstly, the third master is willing to accept all the concerns from the Wei family.Second, through Mama Lu, he can also feel the empress s love for him.The servant sometimes thinks about it, and feels very sad for the third master.The third master has been too sensible since he was a child.The servant has never seen the third master act like a baby to his wife.Although the wife is the most considerate of the third master, as you said, maybe Too thoughtful, but unnatural.The farmers were caught here as bait by those people.Mr.Hu spat, and immediately where do i buy cbd gummies stepped forward to untie the rope on a child, and took out the cloth ball from the child s mouth.Thank you Elder Master, thank you Elder Master.The child thanked repeatedly.Chief Hu heaved a sigh of relief.The child was tear stained and looked very pitiful.He stammered and complained to Mr.Hu Those people arrested us and threw us here.I want to go home, woo woo woo Gu Mingzhu breathed a sigh of relief, Turning around, she saw Wei Yuanchen approaching.When Mr.Wei came, she would feel more at ease.Thinking of this, Gu Mingzhu turned to look at those children.At green roads cbd gummies for sleep this moment, she met the child s dark eyes, the child was looking straight at Wei Yuanchen, his two hands were clenched together unnaturally.wrong.Gu Mingzhu captain la cbd gummies review cannaverda cbd gummies s heart skipped a beat.He suddenly green roads cbd gummies for sleep remembered that when he was a child, his father was going out hunting, and his mother baked meatloaf for him overnight.As it happened, he huddled under the captain la cbd gummies review cannaverda cbd gummies blanket like this, waiting for his mother to call him Come on, you can eat one green roads cbd gummies for sleep too.I wonder if Junior Sister Jiang in the kitchen can ask them to eat He was hungry, and his two older brothers and one younger sister were probably also hungry.Chapter 401 It s going well The Zhang family s small courtyard in central Beijing is peaceful.But Shen was tossing and turning on the bed and couldn t fall asleep.Just now she dreamed of Yan Shen in a daze.At first she felt very happy, like an old friend who had been away for a long time.She just remembered that Yan Shen had already died.Blood began to bleed from Yan Shen in front of her.The bright red blood gushed out from his arms and neck like a spring.After coming out of Huaiyuan Hou s mansion, my sister in law should have noticed something strange, so she begged her to come where to buy cbd gummies florida to Cui wyld huckleberry gummies cbd s house together.To slow down the current situation.The mother in charge was clever, and immediately took out a half sized box.When the box was opened, there was a thick stack of prescriptions.From these prescriptions, we could see the hard work of Mrs.Zhang s pregnancy.Shen Shi was trying to persuade Cui Zhen to talk to my sister in law well, and even if something happened, she should take care of the flesh and blood in her stomach, but a voice suddenly broke in.Madam s child is precious, our child is also a human life, and it is also the flesh and blood of Lord Hou, Aunt Sun couldn t help crying, Madam, why did you ask Mother Jiang to kill my child Mrs.Shen Surprised, she turned her head to look at Mrs Zhang, Mrs Zhang s face was pale, her eyes were only looking at Cui Zhen, she seemed unable to listen to what others said.As soon as Gu Chongyi finished speaking, he saw a woman come out from the curtain, and the woman s face was full of joy Master Hou, it s almost time this time.A pot of hot water was brought in again.After a while, the sound of a baby crying came from the house.Marquis Huaiyuan finally let go of his frown, and Po Wen went out to announce the good news It s a birth, Lord Marquis, it s a son.Huaiyuan Hou didn t care to ask the child, Where s Madam Madam is safe, said Po Said, Master Hou, don t worry, everyone is safe.Hou Huaiyuan heaved a sigh of relief and sat down on the ground.When he came back to his senses, he found that Zhuzhu beside him had long since disappeared.When her father was still in a daze, Gu Mingzhu had already opened the curtain and walked into the main house.She warmed up before going to see captain la cbd gummies review cannaverda cbd gummies her mother.The man s face was cold, his eyes were firm, and he stood beside him and said indifferently The Fang family colluded with Yuan Zhixing to smuggle goods for profit, and the Shen family recruited officials to plan for you to be the crown prince, but Old General Zhao was not murdered by the Liang family, and Lin Sizhen did not.Not for your life.These words sparked a glimmer of hope in King Huai s heart, he raised his head and looked at the person in front of him.This person is Wei Yuanchen.It was Wei Yuanchen who found out the war horse case, and it was Wei Yuanchen who together with the Criminal Ministry exposed the Fang family and the Liang family.He should have hated Wei Yuanchen, but looking at Wei Yuanchen now, all he felt was a glimmer of hope.You were framed.Hearing Wei Yuanchen s words, King Huai nodded desperately.But we all ignored one point, except Huai Other than the Wang and Liang families, there are still people who benefited from it, that is Tan Dingfang who defended the pass, and it is also because of that war that the emperor valued Tan Dingfang.Chen Weicheng s actions in the Ministry of War, including secretly allocating military funds, can also be that green roads cbd gummies for sleep he obeyed Tan Dingfang According to Chen Weicheng s orders, Chen Weicheng is terminally ill, and takes all the blame on himself, so that no one will question Tan Dingfang anymore.There are so many things happening in the Ministry of War.As the Minister of the Ministry of .

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War, he really doesn t know anything Tan Dingfang is such an incompetent person in the emperor s heart The emperor s eyes slowly turned blood red, he was silent for a while, concealing his rapid and heavy breathing, and said Bring Tan Dingfang into the palace, I will ask him personally.Now that this matter is uncovered, if Tan Dingfang takes actions to protect himself like the Zhang family and Qiu Hai, he can be caught directly.Even if Tan Dingfang would not do this, the emperor had a heart of precaution.Over the years, Tan Dingfang best vegan cbd gummies for anxiety and sleep held on to Daning tightly.It is impossible for all the officials he promoted to be unrelated to Northern Xinjiang.As green roads cbd gummies for sleep long as you check carefully, you will find clues.The most important thing What s more, the case involved King Liang, and the emperor was very afraid of King Liang, and he would never let go of any doubts easily.King Liang is in Daning, and it is also a fact that Tan Dingfang has held on to Daning for these years.The emperor asked the emperor to investigate the northern border to find the trace of King Liang, which would break the calculations of Tan Dingfang and others.There is nothing wrong with his legs, right Tianjia, Huang Chang said eagerly, You let the imperial doctor come in The emperor said The imperial concubine and the empress dowager are all outside first go back to the Hall of Mental Cultivation through the small gate.Huang Chang nodded His face turned even more ugly, the emperor didn t want to tell the imperial doctor in front of these people, that is to say the emperor felt that the condition was very serious.If it is not handled well, big trouble will happen.If the dragon s body is not healthy, some people will have other thoughts.Huang Chang wiped his sweat nervously The queen mother came out of Yongchun Palace and went to Jianyu.After walking for a while, the queen mother asked Mo Yangming next to her in a low voice There is something wrong with Aijia looking at the emperor.Mo Zhenren said It will be uncomfortable for a few more days, and I m afraid I will feel abdominal pain from time to time in the future.Will it have such a big impact Empress Wei raised her eyebrows slightly, It s not like the style of a concubine De, most likely I fell into someone else s trap.Just because HCMUSSH green roads cbd gummies for sleep the timing is good this time, my palace was fined, and the noble concubine messed with me.There was a lot of complaints in the green roads cbd gummies for sleep palace, and Concubine De just pushed the boat along orange cbd gummies the way and got rid of the palace and the concubine, but if Concubine De was on her own, she would never do it.De Concubine knew very well in her heart that if she could keep her position with her son, she would have to do it.Holding on to the emperor firmly, he often suffers from abdominal pain and cannot be healthy.Just as Gu Chongyi was thinking, his chest throbbed for some reason, and he felt a little uncomfortable.He couldn cbd gummies thc content t tell what it felt like, as if the treasure he was kicking in his arms was stolen by someone.Gu Chongyi thought of his wife, daughter, and newborn son in the capital.When he was not in the mansion, he hoped that they would be safe and well.If anyone dared to have any bad intentions when he left Beijing, he would make them repay ten times and a hundred times after he returned.Gu Chongyi thought about this, and suddenly smelled a burnt smell, he turned his head and saw Master Wei Er.What s the smell Gu Chongyi asked.The second master Wei was very indifferent Huozhezi.Oh.Gu Chongyi responded, and turned his gaze back to the sea, but he immediately frowned, why does Huozhezi have a smell What s going on Gu Chongyi turned his head and saw wisps of smoke rising from the waist of Master Wei Er.This government has sent someone to pass on the work of the clerk who came to Zhou s autopsy and the official who wrote the documents for you.Are you willing to tell the truth after they have all arrived Zhou Zejing couldn t sit still any longer, he got up and bowed to Su Fu Your Excellency Su, I sent someone to the yamen that day, and I also spent money to arrange it.Hu Fang and Wu Zuo just want to properly handle the affairs of my eldest sister in law, if I ask Wu Zuo to check carefully, it will hurt my eldest sister in law s face, and many women s family members do this when they die.With a snap , Su Fu put the tea bowl in his hand back on the table So, Mr.Zhou is not at fault in any way Mrs.Zhou has been wronged to this day, and I still want to thank you for covering up the evidence with the yamen officials captain la cbd gummies review cannaverda cbd gummies Don t dare, Zhou Zejing said, Please calm down, magistrate, if I had known that there was something wrong with my eldest sister in law, I would definitely not have ordered someone to go and sort it out.Doesn t this mean that she admitted that she had a premeditated plan Been waiting for a chance to try it green roads cbd gummies for sleep No, he s not that kind of guy.It seems that next time she will be able to see the rouge of safflower juice on Chujiu s face, Gu Mingzhu nodded Okay, Chujiu, you can walk by my side Large female family members probably won t cause too many surprises.Liu Su couldn t help being startled when he saw Chu Jiu, he and the eldest lady always went out together, now that there is such a servant , Liu Su felt a little weird, could it be that Chu Jiu will leave the Wei family from now on Are you serving the eldest lady The three of them left the prison and walked down the street.Before dawn, there were not many people on the street, Liu Su looked at Chu Jiu You will be one of us in the future Chu Jiu shook his head, he just wanted Missy to be happy.When he was anxious, Zhou Zejing suddenly felt someone hit his waist.He couldn t help turning his head, but found that there was no one around him., he saw Bao Er in the crowd again.There, Zhou Zejing told his confidants, Catch up quickly.After saying this, Zhou Zejing looked around again.The collision just now seemed to be reminded him secretly so that he could keep up with Bao Er.Zhou Zejing s hand touched his waist, there was something extra in the belt, it was cold to the touch, he took it out to check, it turned out to be a piece of jade seal material.Zhou Zejing s head buzzed, this jade seal material reminded him of his elder brother, who likes gold and stone and often carves seals at home.Zhou Zejing picked up the jade k2 life cbd gummies green roads cbd gummies for sleep chapter tremblingly, only a stroke was carved on it, as if to write the word Zhou , but the font was very similar to the seal left by his elder brother.No need.Gu Mingzhu always felt that Chu Jiu wanted to steal.Chu Jiu responded and retracted just cbd gummy his head.After a while, he said considerately No money I mean I don t charge money for writing letters..Chapter 500 The Wind Rises Gu Mingzhu returned to the small courtyard of the common people, Seventh Uncle went back to the yamen, and after he went down to the yamen, he would go to the Daxing County Office to continue interrogating Zhou Zejing.Uncle Qi felt that she was assassinated by a murderer in the prison, and that murderer might have something to do with Zhou Zejing.She deliberately left some small things for Zhou Zejing, Zhou Zejing felt guilty after seeing it, and it would be helpful for the next interrogation.Now Gu Mingzhu came to some conclusions, the person who killed her was not sent by Zhou Zejing, but more like Cui Wei and others.Liang, you can sleep a little longer.Concubine De nodded and lay back down again, but felt uncomfortable, and asked cbd and cbn gummies captain la cbd gummies review the female officer to change her sweaty clothes.Concubine De opened her eyes again after the female officer put down the lamp, she always felt that something would happen at any time, and only when the Zhou family s affairs were thoroughly dealt with could she feel at ease.Six years ago, when she heard that Zhou Zecheng s daughter had also died in the prison, she was both regretful and at ease.Finally, no one knew about her relationship with Mr.Na Xin.Now everything has come back again, some people insist on investigating the case back then, 20:1 cbd gummies green roads cbd gummies for sleep but Liang Wang is still alive, if the emperor knows that she had a relationship with Liang Wang when she was in her boudoir, what will happen.Cui Zhen said This letter involves Cui Wei, my lord can take a look.The letter captain la cbd gummies review cannaverda cbd gummies was handed to Long Jinwei Qianhu, Cui Zhen stood up and walked away, when he heard the sound of flipping paper behind him, Cui Zhen Zhen closed his eyes and took a long breath.Hou Ye Although Long Jinwei Qianhu deliberately concealed it, there was still a bit of embarrassment in his voice.Coughing, Long Jinwei Qianhu said What is Hou Ye going to do Cui Zhen s mood returned to normal, and his voice became more solemn and majestic The purpose of King Liang s bribe of Cui Wei is to make the court suspicious of me.As it is still the case, King Liang s men have tried their best to protect Cui Wei.As long as I can t take Cui Wei for a day, the court will not believe my loyalty.We have lost several opportunities to capture Cui Wei.He wanted to keep him, but he couldn t.Do you know how pitiful we are Cui Wei changed his tone, and the pitiful expression on his face turned into resentment again, Father only likes you and dislikes me and mother, you know how much I want to see my father smile I hate you, no matter how hard I try, I can t keep up with you, I can only hold my mother tightly, and I can feel a little warmth from her, am I wrong Cui Wei trembled Said It s because you don t want to care about the Zhou family.Otherwise, even if I use some tricks, you won t be fooled.Why do you have to blame me Zhang What s wrong I Liang Wang Xicai, if Eldest brother s official career with King Liang will definitely be better than now.Didn t elder brother always want to stabilize the Northwest and take back Liaodong for the Great Zhou King Liang also wants to do the same, and elder brother will be able to show his ambition under King Liang.Gu Mingzhu s heart brightened Master, in fact, disciples can.Mo Yangming looked green roads cbd gummies for sleep at Gu Mingzhu in surprise Are you willing to become a monk and stay in the monastery Gu Mingzhu shook her head, she can t become a monk, she has to take care of her father, mother and Brother, she still needs to investigate the case with Nie Chen and Liu Su.Besides these important things, she also needs to eat candied fruit.Mo Yangming looked disappointed, she knew it was impossible, and was thinking wildly, Zhuzhu beside her came over and said in a low voice Master said to the outside world that he has accepted another disciple, and then the disciple will pretend to be Junior sister goes to Guanzhong to help Master take care of Guanzhong affairs.Although she has many identities, it is okay to change into Taoist robes to help Master take care of Guanzhong affairs occasionally.Lin breathed a sigh of relief and found that her palms were covered in cold sweat.So Zhuzhu has always been by the empress s side, it s rare that captain la cbd gummies review Zhuzhu can be so calm.Fortunately, Zhuzhu was not injured, Madam Lin sized up her daughter again, and her eyes finally fell on the jade pendant on Zhuzhu s waist.It is excellent Hetian jade, the jade is delicate and moist, and a phoenix bird is carved on it.The phoenix bird holds its head high and has a graceful figure.The feathers on its body are clearly visible, and it looks vivid.Mrs.Lin couldn t help asking Zhuzhu, this is Gu Mingzhu said It s a gift from the empress.Madam Lin looked carefully, the jade pendant was well nourished, could it be a personal item of the empress Zhuzhu didn t do anything, how did she get such a valuable thing Could it be that the empress has other meanings Mrs.This is the Pei family who have taught the princes for several dynasties.Under the leadership of Pei Shangqing, everyone sat back in their sedan chairs one after another, and a group of people headed for the palace in a mighty manner.Pei Shangqing, who was sitting in the sedan chair, straightened his robe sleeves to make himself look flawless.His grandfather said that every time he entered the palace, he would be nervous., He has never felt this way until today There is an inexplicable tension.He can t be ashamed of her trust and let her down.Pei Shangqing took a deep breath, as long as he and the officials behind him were there, the smooth progress of Queen Wei s decision could be guaranteed Liang Wang rushed to the capital with his elite.Encountered soldiers and horses from the guards to resist along the way, they cbd male enhancement gummy were all successfully defeated by them.Zhu Wu naturally also had selfish intentions, that bastard Han Yu belonged to King Liang, how green roads cbd gummies for sleep many people in their village died in that private mine.He had to let those rebels know that they were still alive.People always have things they want to do.Young and old in the village, he Zhu Wu is also a hero, his Zhu is crimson red, like a burning flame, like boiling blood, let him burn the fire to the rebels now.Looking at Zhu Wu s back, Lu Guang was so angry that he just wanted to curse.The idiot didn t even say hello, put on his armor and ran away.Report to Master Wei, lest Zhu Wu really do buy cbd gummies in lancaster pa it, Master Wei does not know the situation and it will be a bad thing.Zhu Wu still had a firearm in his arms.If the firearm rang, it would mean that Zhu Wu had succeeded.Even if he didn t succeed, it shouldn t be silent.It s all over, it s all over.I don t know if it was an illusion, but Zhu Wu s hand seemed to be clenched even tighter.It s okay, it s okay.Lu Guang touched the scar on the back of Zhu Wu s hand, tears fell on the back of Zhu Wu s hand, and said in a coaxing voice Fifth brother, third brother is here to pick you up, third brother is here Take you home.Don t worry, the third brother will look for you in a while, and he will definitely find you.He will find the best sewing in Beijing and sew you up.I want to make you look good I don t know if it s because Lu Guang s words were useful, and Zhu Wu s hand loosened a little.Immediately afterwards, a slightly warm object fell into Lu Guang s hand.Lu Guang brought the torch closer, only to see a piece of broken silver in his hand.Zhu Wu, Zhu Wu, how greedy you are for money.He hid behind a tree and looked behind him.No one followed behind.Liang Wang smiled again.Although Wei Yuanchen was difficult, it was nothing more than that, green roads cbd gummies for sleep and k2 life cbd gummies green roads cbd gummies for sleep then he boldly went to Dagu with confidence In the villages along the coast of Dagu.A woman sat in a room anxiously waiting for news.The prince led troops to attack the capital, but was blocked outside Gongji City.She knew that it would be difficult to break into the palace, but she never thought that she could not cbd and cbn gummies captain la cbd gummies review even enter the capital.Concubine De, green roads cbd gummies for sleep mother and son, and waste like Huang Chang allowed the court to stabilize the situation in Beijing so quickly.What should I do next, can the prince come here smoothly The lights in the room were flickering, reflecting the woman s cheeks, even though she was frowning in thought, she couldn t hide the touching color on her face.The surrounding people rushed forward one after another.Gu Mingzhu also stood up and was about to get out of the carriage, but Madam Lin stretched out her hand and pulled her down There are many people outside, so sit in the carriage and wait for your father.In fact, you can see it clearly when you look out the window, Gu Mingzhu is next to Madam Lin.The sound of horseshoes was getting closer and closer, and the sound resounded in everyone s ears, and there was cheering all around.Mrs.Lin looked at Wei Yuanchen who was riding on the horse, and saw that the armor on Wei Sanye s body was shining coldly in the sun.Although he was running all the way, his posture was still upright, and his body naturally exuded a power.Follow him on the road, although the roadside is bustling, but the whole team is still solemn, as if it has not been affected in the slightest.Mrs.Zhang looked a little crazy I want to go out and have a look, I m going to have a look.She has to see it with her own eyes to believe it.The mother in law looked cold Outside they are welcoming the soldiers who have returned from victory.What are you going to do, madam Don t forget about the things about your mother s family, madam.After saying this, the mother in law set her eyes on Zhang s belly.She was thinner, but as she grew older, her belly began to swell, and she was a little pregnant My maidservant advises Madam to rest assured that this is the last way out for Madam.Mrs.Zhang still refused to give up, and tried her best to think about it.To push away the mother in law.The mother in law was impatient Ma am, don t make things difficult for the slaves.Master Hou told the elders in the clan that if Madam can listen to persuasion, she can serve Madam and give birth to the child in her womb.Mother Chen nodded, half a month ago, the wife had a nightmare, dreaming that she was holding a baby who was still in her swaddling baby.The eldest lady in the middle is looking at the lanterns, and she doesn t want to be snatched away by a person with a big doll on her head.Madam always thinks this is not a good omen.Missy is going out.However, Missy s temperament has long been used to walking outside, so how can she live freely Fortunately, now that the capital is stable, there are many fewer nightclubs, and after the Wei family bought a new house, they arranged for Wei family guards to come.Whenever the eldest lady goes out, there will be guards from the two families with her, so that the madam can feel at ease.Mother Chen said Madam, don t think about that big headed doll all the time.According to the servants, this is a good omen.Facing the ancestors of the Zhao family enshrined in the hall, Wei Yuanchen lit the incense and sent it to the incense burner, lifted his robe and knelt down to salute.The action is done in one go.This kneeling, everyone s expressions can t help but change, because everyone present knows that this kneeling determines the country and society of Dazhou for decades.The grand music of the teaching workshop was played.The rest of the royal family and officials knelt down together.A round of morning sun rose slowly, and the dazzling sunlight enveloped the entire Taimiao captain la cbd gummies review cannaverda cbd gummies green roads cbd gummies for sleep hall Chapter 558 Leaving the Pavilion Wei Yuanchen walked out of the Taimiao, turned around and saluted the old King Qing, who hurriedly reached out to support him.King Qing said It s over here, let s go to the Gu family Wei Yuanchen responded, pulled captain la cbd gummies review cannaverda cbd gummies the reins and got on his horse.Wei again.Gu Mingzhu was thinking about it when she felt her waist tighten and was held in Wei Yuanchen s arms again.My lordThird Lord Gu Mingzhu struggled, It captain la cbd gummies review cannaverda cbd gummies s too late.She was already late to get up, and if she continued to make trouble, it would be too late.Only then did Wei Yuanchen let go of his hand, allowing her to fiddle with it.It was the first time that Gu Mingzhu found out that it was not an easy task to dress people.In the end, it was Master Wei who helped her to buckle her belt.Putting on the accessories and smoothing the robe, her Master Wei became neat and beautiful again.After eating, the two went to Mrs.Li s house.Gu Mingzhu looked up, and sure enough everyone was there, Wei Yuanchen and Gu Mingzhu offered tea to the elders.Mrs.Li looked at the seat beside her Zhuzhu, sit here.Gu Chongyi was about to walk forward, but Wei Congzhi hugged his thigh.Brother, you saved me this time.I am willing to be a cow or a horse.Get up, how decent are you Are you afraid of losing face to the Wei family , Wouldn t it ruin his reputation if people saw it Wei Congzhi held Gu Chongyi s trousers tightly There green roads cbd gummies for sleep must be some place in the Hou s mansion where the golden house hides the beauty, stuff me in it, and let me hide for ten days and a half months before the Mu family left me.Just come out, from now on I will belong to you, big brother.Fart.Hearing these words, Gu Chongyi s hairs all stood on end, is he his Bah What else did you say that he is in a golden house It s really unlucky, how stupid is he, to think of such an idea Gu Chongyi ordered Please ask the green roads cbd gummies for sleep steward of the Wei family to come in, just say that the second master Wei drank two glasses of wine in my study, and now he is drunk, and needs them to help him back.

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