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Mr.Yang, Mrs.Rong, Mr.Zhang, and Yan Tanhua, she met many people in the prison, talked with them, and watched them be taken to the execution ground.Mr.Yang has an eye disease, Mrs.Rong s face was burnt, Mr.Zhang fell ill with a strange disease, and Yan Tanhua lost both of his arms.But still couldn t bear it, so he asked cbd gummies for pain at gnc Sun Langzhong for medicine.Gradually, she also learned some of their secrets and grievances.You are such a smart girl, you will definitely be able to do great things in the future.I didn t expect to encounter such a catastrophe.It s a pity that the old man accidentally followed the vena cbd 1500 mg gummy bear wrong person and was sent to take the blame.They are now in a hurry to let the old man die, otherwise the old man can do it for you.Planning, saving you from danger.These stupid people have harmed me so much.Putting the cakes and handwritten Buddhist scriptures on the table with her own hands, Zhou Ruzhang looked at the dark tablet with a very sad expression.She looked at the steward of the Cui family and said, I want to recite the auspicious scriptures for my elder sister a few times.The steward of the Cui family Knowing it immediately, he said Miss Tuesday will call us if you have any orders.After speaking, she led the people out.Zhou Ruzhang knelt on the futon and opened the scriptures in his hands.The room was quiet, and the corners of Miss Tuesday s lips curled up slightly, revealing a smile.Marquis Ding Ning married Miss Zhang gupta cbd gummies s family two years ago.Unexpectedly, Miss Zhang s family became seriously ill shortly after entering the house, and it seemed that nothing would happen.After going there, she married Marquis Dingning as his stepmother It is a good danny koker cbd gummies thing for sisters to marry the same person, so she came to Cui s house now, as long as the joints are slowly opened up, it will be a matter of course.The Cui family might be uneasy tonight.The thief could not be found.Gu Mingzhu looked at Mrs.Lin Okay, mother protects me, and I want to protect mother.Although it was a child s words, Mrs.Lin felt warm when she heard it After searching all night, no suspicious person was found.Cui Zhen watched the sky gradually brighten, gupta cbd gummies and looked at Cui Wei Take it and go to the lake to salvage it Although he knew that the evidence must be gone, he still wanted gupta cbd gummies to use it to get to know the person from last night.Cui Wei was about to leave, Cui Zhen said I asked you to find some people with good detective skills, do you have a clue The people the eldest brother wants are naturally not the staff of the yamen, nor are they ordinary spies.Their scouts are no gupta cbd gummies worse than these people , the eldest brother wants those people who wander around the world and make a living by catching criminals and receiving rewards.Today, the Wei family is no longer a threat to the emperor, and the emperor can finally use the sharp knife of the Wei family to overcome difficulties.Regardless of the final outcome of the Wei family and Wei Yuanchen, at least it will not be easy for anyone to face the Wei family now.Let s go, Cui Zhen said, Let s go to the jail first. Is it fragrant Mrs.Lin ordered someone to light the incense and looked at Gu Mingzhu with a smile.Gu Mingzhu nodded Sweet.As she spoke, she yawned deeply.Seeing her daughter s innocent state, Mrs.Lin s smile deepened Then go to bed early.This incense has a calming effect, and she is afraid that Zhuzhu will be frightened and will not sleep well at night.Gu Mingzhu closed her eyes obediently, intending to pretend to be asleep until Mrs.Lin left, but she actually fell asleep in a daze.Master Cui Si closes his eyes, Master Hou will help with small things, but what about big things When it comes to the important affairs of the court, Lord Hou will weigh the pros and cons, just like the Zhou family back then, he will not be abandoned in the end.When Lord Hou asked him just now, he didn t say anything.Lord Hou acted decisively because he was the Cui family.My son, I gave him two chances, but he himself refused.Now Lord Hou can only do business.Fourth Master, the steward said again, Master Hou, please come over.Unexpectedly, it was so soon, and Mrs.Cui Si stood there in a daze Missy was sweating gupta cbd gummies all over while sleeping, I ll bring some water to wipe her body.Baotong and the mother in charge whispered, and entered the door carrying a basin.Baotong twisted the natural cbd gummies towel to clean Gu Mingzhu s face Miss, is everything going well Gu Mingzhu nodded, tonight is considered to be a great harvest, the most important thing is what Mrs.Mother, don t use words to run me down, Cui Zhen said indifferently, If the Cui family gupta cbd gummies really wants to make trouble, it s not mother It can be suppressed in one or two sentences, my son is busy outside and doesn t want to make any mistakes in the house, let me know who will use such things to disturb the peace of the family, I will definitely not show mercy.Mrs.Lin Tai s face was ashen, and there was a buzzing in her ears.After Cui Zhen said this, his attitude softened a little and he bowed to Mrs.Lin Tai Mother, don t listen to the people around you who are fanning the flames.The son also knows that the mother is worried about the son s heirs.Mother can rest assured that the son will take care of this matter by himself.Next year We must add a child to the Cui family, so that mother can enjoy the family relationship.Normally speaking, even if those people escaped, there would be some clues left behind, but suddenly something happened, everyone was busy fighting the fire, and there were footprints and water marks everywhere on the ground, causing a commotion Chaos, even the best tracking technique can t find any clues.Cui Zhen remained silent, Cui Wei continued If you dare to come to our Cui family to rob the tomb, those people must be thugs, I will go to the government office immediately All the robbers around were caught and interrogated, there must be a result.After so many years, you are still so reckless, Cui Zhen taught his younger brother, I said earlier that this matter is not that simple.No one would rob a tomb in such a big way, The sacrificial hall was set ablaze.This was clearly a deliberate attempt to attract attention.The whip was urgent and hard, causing his flesh to burst open immediately, Lu Shenzhi couldn t help but let out a muffled groan.Then a cold voice sounded.The evidence of Lu Shenzhi s collusion with bandits to rob merchants is convincing.Seven years ago, he worked in Taiyuan Prefecture.I m afraid he was also involved in the Pearl Bandit case.Now that bandits have become entrenched in the mountains, immediately send me a secret letter to Beijing to ask the imperial court to mobilize the guards.All the soldiers and horses go into the mountains to suppress the bandits.If there are bandits who dare to stand up and resist, they will be killed.Chapter 30 Interrogation Lu Shenzhi was calm after hearing the first half of the sentence.Seven years ago, when he decided to steal food relief with the Pearl Thief Thinking that there will be a day when people act as thieves behind an official s back, no matter how good the cover up is, there will be a day when they will be caught and caught, but as long as the people get the relief food, it will be worth it.Caught off guard, a piece of hibiscus cake was handed to him, almost touching his mouth.Wei Yuanchen couldn t help but startled, the doctor immediately put the pastry on a white porcelain plate, stepped back two steps to the side, and then squatted down to salute again and again.Gu Mingzhu looked at the murderous Wei Yuanchen.The servant will come to refill food and wine after a while.Seeing this situation, she must have doubts.Since she is on the same boat, she naturally wants to remind Mr.Wei to pay attention.It s just that, just now, for some reason, I felt that Mr.Wei s mouth was a little familiar just now, and I subconsciously wanted to stuff the hibiscus cake into his mouth.Thanks to her vigilance at all times, she dismissed the idea in an instant, and stopped at the critical moment.Miss Ziyuan, the maid s voice came from outside the door, Young master Ding is having a banquet in the big boat, and everyone is invited to drink.

Ding gupta cbd gummies best vegan cbd gummies at the door I also want to know how the people on this boat can turn my guards into bandits Lord Han thinks I look like the Pearl Thief seven years ago. Of course Master Wei is not.Han Yu was bitter, and looked at Cui Zhen for help.Cui Zhen had no words, and Wei Yuanchen obviously didn t want to hear what he had to say.If Wei Yuanchen was willing to take advantage of the Cui family s relationship in Taiyuan, he would have taken a post to find him, instead of setting up such a situation.Let them sink in.Different ways do not conspire with each other, Cui Zhen is well aware of this truth, now he is one step behind Wei Yuanchen, in a sense, he can only be restrained by Wei Yuanchen first.But until now, Cui Zhen still doesn t know where Wei Yuanchen s hostility towards HCMUSSH gupta cbd gummies him comes from.If it is said that the case of the second prince back then, he avoided it far away and did not harm the Wei family.This doctor s medical skills are good, Sun Langzhong admired.The medicinal materials are arranged in different categories, which shows that she has a clear idea of how to treat the disease in gupta cbd gummies her mind.I taught my apprentices and those wandering doctors that the medicinal materials in the medicine box must not be confused.Remember, if you make a mistake, it will lead to catastrophe.It is a pity that many wandering doctors follow the same sayings about medicinal materials, and they don t know what their effects are, and they are often confused.Sun Langzhong opened the medicinal residue in front of him, looked intently, his face There is even a bit of love for talent This medicine dregs has also been selected, and it must be curative for external use.I have been collecting prescriptions in the past few years, and it is the first time I have seen a doctor who can be so meticulous.It s all Gu Mingzhu s fault.She heard that Master Wei was pestered, kicked and beaten by Gu Mingzhu, but she didn t get angry.She should not be as cruel as the rumors said, so she was negligent.You were also in the Jinta Temple when Miss Gu had an accident Hearing Wei Yuanchen s question, Zhou Ruzhang s heart sank.Could it be that Master Wei suspected gupta cbd gummies best vegan cbd gummies her Zhou Ruzhang said I am gupta cbd gummies here, my mother is also here, and there are many female relatives.Wei Yuanchen continued to ask I read the case, it was you who accompanied Miss Gu to the meditation room, where did you go after you arrived in the meditation room When mentioning this matter, Mrs.Lin looked a little ugly.At that time on Wednesday, his wife asked Zhou Ruzhang to accompany Zhuzhu to change clothes.Zhou Ruzhang left Zhuzhu in the meditation room and left.Wei Yuanchen stopped talking, turned around and walked to the front of the house.He still wanted to interrogate Han Yu to settle the current case.On the ninth day of the ninth day, Han Yu was lifted out and thrown on the ground.Han Yu lay there struggling to raise his head, only to see countless eyes staring at him, those eyes were full of anger, as if he wanted to rush up and eat him.Chu Jiu reached out to take out the cloth ball from Han Yu s mouth, and Han Yu gasped heavily.Han Yu was very weak, and his mind was full of those eyes and the skinny and hideous face.If he refused to speak, maybe Wei Yuanchen would let those people come forward.He had seen cannibalism with his own eyes, cbd star gummies and he didn t want to be bitten off before he died.Han Yu s voice was hoarse I admit it.Seven years ago, I ordered Mr.Mrs.Lin didn t interrupt Chu Jiu s words.Chu Jiu continued It s true that my old lady and wife love the third master very much, and the second master is also very protective of the michael strahan cbd gummies third master, but the old lady is also very strict with the third master.If she knows what happened just now, she will definitely not shirk it.I will be responsible to the end so you don t have to worry, you can talk to the old lady directly if you have anything to ask.If you have any questions, the little one will tell you the truth.Mrs.Lin pinched the veil, she still has any questions to ask What else can she ask The words were all finished by this boy.Mrs.Lin said Your third master used to be like this Chu Jiu shook his head flatly This is the first time.He didn t tell a lie, he dared to swear on his marriage.After saying this, the two fell silent for a while.Zhao Gongren took a sip of tea and couldn t help but said, Master Wei came to Gu s house, did he bring up the case of the war horse with you Right now is the critical time, if I know something that cannot be concealed, I have to report it to the yamen.Zhao Gongren s eyes flickered What do you know Mrs.Lin said I just heard from Lord Hou that Shanxi s Xingtai servant The temple bred a lot of military horses last year, and the court could save a lot of money from the horse market in the frontier.The Hou Ye also wanted to ask for credit for the officials of Shanxi Xingtai Pu Temple in the memorial, but who knew that the credit did not come, but the horses were lost.The corner of Zhao Gongren s mouth twitched slightly, Marquis Huaiyuan has always been like this, more than success is more than failure, her sister in law also seems to be ignorant, living a foolish life with Zhu Zhu s mother and daughter.The room is in a mess, it looks like it has been burglarized.Zhao Gongren s hands and feet were cold Then besides the shopkeeper and the shopkeeper, is there anyone else in the shop I slipped my tongue, I don t know if Marquis Ding Ning will hold on to this matter, even though it is the second brother s shop, the second brother may not be here.No more, the manager of the Lin family said, I ve already asked the young man to report to the government.Zhao Gongren secretly heaved a sigh of relief.Fortunately, the second brother is fine, and now he is waiting for the yamen to investigate the case.Life.Cui Zhen looked at Zhao Gongren Auntie, do you want to go and see No, no.A childish voice came.Before Zhao Gongren could speak, Lin Runzhi hurried to speak first.Cui Zhen followed the voice and saw Lin Runzhi and Zhuzhu standing not far away, there was no change on Zhuzhu s face, and Lin Runzhi s body trembled, showing a frightened expression.Zhao Er.Cui Zhen went out and took the whip from the servant, and walked straight out, when Cui Wei just got the news and came to meet him.While straightening his belt, Cui Wei said, My aunt had an accident just after she arrived at the Zhao family in Taiyuan Prefecture.What happened Brother sent someone to find Mr.Zhao Er again.Is there any inside story Cui Zhen stopped Looking at Cui Wei You have been to Suzhou Wei in the past few years.How is the cavalry under uncle compared with our troops in Xuanfu Learn how to train troops there, uncle s cavalry is indeed strong, but ours is not bad.Cui Zhen said Can our cavalry be one against five Cui Wei shook his head The Tatars are good at brands of cbd gummies riding, and they are good at riding.We make a living as nomads, our soldiers are powerful, but they can t be like this After Cui Wei said this, he looked at Cui Zhen s expression Brother, what happened to the Zhao family now, what do you ask uncle to do It s all right.

After speaking, he strode forward and left them behind.If you don t let in, you can t go in.Gu Mingzhu can probably guess what you can find inside.The manager of the Zhao gupta cbd gummies family is so anxious, there must be something shady inside.Soon Wei Yuanchen came out, holding a few books of accounts in his hand.Gu Mingzhu looked at the account and didn t know what was written on it, but judging by Mr.Wei s brisk pace, she must have gained a lot.Now it s time for the trial.Thinking of this, she took two steps back.Exercising prestige and extorting confessions through torture are Master Wei s forte.Who how long cbd gummies stay in your system super cbd gummie usually holds the keys in this house Wei Yuanchen asked the manager of the Zhao family.The steward of the Zhao family shook his head I don t know this this He wanted to explain but couldn t continue.He said he had never seen the key before, but now the government office has found the secret door and found something from it No matter how much he denies it, the adults in the government office will not believe it.Wei Yuanchen continued How can I rest when people come and go in the inn That s not easy, Zhao Gong said, I used money to make the store stop accepting other guests, and we were the only ones in the inn for those two days.Wei Yuanchen said So Zhao Gong has been resting all the time Zhao Gong said That s natural.Wei Yuanchen then asked Where are the two young masters Have you gone out or met anyone Gu Mingzhu raised his head when he heard this, Zhao Gongren lied to Wei Yuanchen when he was in Gu s house Concealing his whereabouts, now that he found the key clue pointing to the second master Zhao, Wei Yuanchen therefore guessed that Zhao Gongren and the second .

can kids have cbd gummies?

master Zhao had met.This man has a very keen mind.Both she and Cui Zhen knew about this matter, but it was because the mother in charge of Zhao s family informed her.Cui Wei remembered that when Zhang Xiao was killed, the guards who saw the situation came back and told him Zhang Xiao didn t drink and make trouble, Wei Yuanchen just wanted to kill him, humiliate him first, and then kill him.Zhang Xiao died aggrieved.At this moment, Cui Wei seemed to understand why the guard said this.At that moment just now, he could feel that Wei Yuanchen wanted to kill him.The hairs on the back of his neck even stood up because of this, as if his life was held in gupta cbd gummies Wei Yuanchen s hands, Wei Yuanchen didn t come to take it now, it s just that the time didn t come, Cui Wei lowered his head, a ray of light flashed from his eyes However, why can t he see through Wei Yuanchen Not a single piece of paper can be left in the house, and all reviews of condor cbd gummies of them should be carried to the Yamen, Feng Anping ordered immediately after entering Zhao s house.Zhao Er lived or died.She was worried about her younger brother, who had a hard time Only today s status can not be destroyed in the hands of the wives.Mrs.Tai, you can t just ignore it Mrs.Lin was thinking about it when Mother Qian came over and said, Will Mrs.Wei force the young master to say something Just arrest the Zhao family.Why do you want to embarrass a child This is sub s idy cbd gummies to involve the Elder Master.Madam Lin clenched her hands.Mother Qian said in a low voice The Elder Master is involved, I am afraid that no one in this line will be spared, and then there will be no one to help you.When the crisis was in the past, it was not the Elder Master who risked the danger to come to Taiyuan MansionYou have successfully become Mrs.Tai, if you are missing the master, you will not only have a super cbd gummie pure balance cbd gummies broken arm Mrs.The imperial court thought that these generals had gupta cbd gummies yum yum gummies cbd military exploits, and the mutiny was also aroused for a while.Fortunately, they lost their way and repelled the Tatars to defend the Dazhou pass.Tombs are not allowed to worship, and future generations will gupta cbd gummies best vegan cbd gummies never be able to become officials.This incident finally hurt Da Zhou, and then caught up with famine, mutiny and rebels caused small scale civil strife, and some people in Shanxi put up how long cbd gummies stay in your system super cbd gummie a banner to tell the grievances of those old generals, saying that they were framed by others for their wholehearted defense of the country.The turmoil continued for two or three years.At that time, the commander of the Shaanxi Xingdu Division who quelled the Shanxi mutiny came to quell the rebellion.Although he killed the rebels, he was seriously injured by the rebels and died a year later.Wei and I have hostility.We are all for the War Horse case at this time.Presumably Mr.Wei will not take the opportunity to attack me at this time.After all, it is the most important thing to find out the truth about Lin Si.People don t want to make friends with me, and I don t have the heart to cling to them.Whether it s business or business, at most I will find opportunities to clarify misunderstandings in the future.Mrs.Lin nodded.That third master Wei is ruthless, but he doesn t seem like a person who avenges his private enemies.Last time, he mentioned that their prince came to Taiyuan Mansion, so they should be careful everywhere.But they can t relax on the third master Wei because of this.Be vigilant, last time he was frivolous to Zhuzhu, although gupta cbd gummies she calmly suppressed him, he was still uneasy in his heart, always felt that there is no impenetrable wall in the world, maybe one day the Wei family will come to the door.She is a silly girl, she doesn t need to be restrained by etiquette, she keoni cbd gummy reviews can play as much as she likes, so she can be at her own pace, and when she makes things, she doesn t have to bother to cover her eyes with her eyes down, and she can think about things more conveniently.What is Cui Zhen looking for Nie Chen for Want to get some news from people in the know Gu Mingzhu twirled the blades of grass and made some guesses in her mind.Cui Zhen decided to report the Shanyin matter to the imperial court.She wanted to find out the war horse case, but she couldn t fully trust others, so she wanted to get some information in private.in order to judge the situation.It happened that she also wanted to ask Cui Zhen about the details of the Shanxi Mutiny twelve years ago.Although Cui Zhen hadn t entered the barracks at that time, various clues showed that the old Marquis Ding Ning was related to HCMUSSH gupta cbd gummies this matter.Knowing that everyone was going back to Beijing, Mrs.Wednesday took Zhou Ruzhang to set off together, obviously wanting to get closer to the Cui family, Wei Yuanchen raised his lips slightly with a sneer, Zhou Ruzhang was always ready to come forward.Before Zhou Ruzhang could make a move, Wei Yuanchen gave an order Let s leave soon after Xie, there is still a distance from the post station, so you can be safe when you arrive earlier.Wan took the guards around him and galloped forward.Seeing this, Mrs.Lin couldn t help saying Master Wei is really vigorous and resolute in his actions.Not only did he act resolutely, but he also didn t show any sympathy.Let s go, Mrs.Lin looked at Cui Zhen and said, Master Wei is also reasonable, we will be safe when we arrive earlier.Cui Zhen waited for the Cui family and Gu s cbd gummies online gupta cbd gummies family gupta cbd gummies members to get into the car, and then led the guards to lead the way.

Chu Jiu nodded This chicken has a bad temper.If it pecks you after a while, don t fight back In short, this chicken is of great importance.It will be left to the third master to make up for it in the future, so there can be no mistakes.Liu Su didn t answer the words, people who are often in the market, how can they be afraid of a chicken, no matter how bad the chicken is, it is gupta cbd gummies better than Master Wei.Pushing the door open, Chu Jiu waited for the five black chickens to come galloping over.Unexpectedly, after waiting for a long time, there was no sign of the chicken.Can I go in Liu Su asked, he put down his things and went to super cbd gummie pure balance cbd gummies look for the eldest lady.Chu Jiu s face changed drastically, and he rushed to the yard to check in a few steps.It was over, and the five black chickens were lost.Although he told everyone not to kill the five black chickens for meat, who knows if there will be any mistakes.He didn t care where Wei Yuanchen s clues came from, he just wanted to know the movements of Lin Sizhen s Heavenly Soldiers.After all, Datong is not far from Yulin Guard.If something five cbd gummies reddit goes wrong, the ones who are in danger are the Xuan Mansion and the capital.Wei Yuanchen adam sandler cbd gummies watched Cui Zhen s eyes flicker, and raised his eyebrows slightly Master Hou also found out.Cui Zhen s expression became more solemn If it s really Lin Temple s real private soldiers, I m afraid there will be turmoil in the frontier.Wei Yuanchen didn t Make a sound.Cui Zhen said I m afraid the imperial court didn t give Master Wei the right to mobilize troops Even though there is a guard station nearby, it is difficult for Lord Wei to mobilize the troops.It s just the hidden threads placed by the Wei family.He will not use them unless it is an emergency.Since Wei Yuanchen has been suspicious of me, it s inconvenient for me to go ahead with the team.It s better to go back to Beijing first to accept the crime.Cui Zhen looked at the prince and said, I don t know what your highness means Let me think about it.The prince said Standing up, he seemed to be pacing around the room, but slowly walked to the screen.Mr.Shen had been waiting there a long time ago.When he saw the prince, he immediately stepped forward and said, Prince, it s not a good idea to continue the trouble.What Marquis Ding Ning said makes sense.Let Marquis Ding Ning go first The prince said Is this possible Mr.Shen nodded, he wished that Wei Yuanchen and Cui Zhen would leave the prince s side, so that they could achieve their goals more easily, he asked someone to ask, and Wei Yuanchen did interrogate Cui Zhen s personal guards , he saw this matter clearly from the beginning to the end, it didn t seem like he was cheating, Wei Yuanchen s stabbing with the sword was even more dangerous, how could he do such a deadly move if he was acting The two people only saw whether there was any grievance or resentment, and anyone with a discerning eye could tell at a glance.Now she has three sons and three daughters.The daughter she and Zheng Bian had won the trust of Jinong and stayed in Dazhou.Mrs.Zhao and I searched everywhere, and kept looking for the whereabouts of Zheng Bian s concubine, because she frequently inquired about Zheng s family affairs, so she was targeted.Mrs.Zhao knew that she was very dangerous, and her own son refused gupta cbd gummies to recognize her when she came to her.Although we found out about these things , but there is not much evidence in hand, the Shanxi mutiny involved too much, not only cannot reverse the case for General Zhao with these things in hand, but the fact that Mrs.Zhao is alive will also be leaked.If Mrs.Zhao is arrested, who will defend Mr.Zhao Redress While we were hesitating, a group of bandits captured Mrs.Zhao.The crown prince glanced at Mr.Zhao, her voice was a little hoarse Has the son in law rescued the mother in law martha stewart cbd gummies coupon code gupta cbd gummies Mama Huang, who was in charge of the car, comforted Mr.If the arrow is released, it means that the person has been saved, botanical farms cbd gummies contact number otherwise the soldiers and horses of the imperial court would not rush in, don t worry, princess Mama Huang couldn t express her distress when she saw the princess s appearance How are you, princess It s all right, Princess Huairou said, it wasn t hurt.When she was in the palace, Madam Huang was by her side to serve, and among the people around her, Mama Huang was the only one she could trust, so she brought Huang Mama with her when she came to rescue her mother in law this time.Mother.Huang s mother had a sore nose and said It s not hurt yet, your shoes are gone, you have done such a dangerous thing for the son in law, if the son in law doesn t treat you well, it s really Princess Huairou immediately said This is all what I want.Lin Sizhen s mentioning the Zhou family in front of such a person was just humiliating him.He will order people not to discuss this matter in cbd gummies online gupta cbd gummies private, but that is all he has done for the Zhou family.There are more things to do in front of him, and he will not miss the overall situation for a woman.But Wei Yuanchen is different, he can see that Wei Yuanchen can do nothing for the sake of the Zhou family, so Wei Yuanchen can say that kind of thing and make such a move.Cui Zhen already had the answer in his mind whether to fight for the Zhou family and Wei Yuanchen or go to Datong to lead the army.Cui Zhen took the reins from the lieutenant general s hand, and got on the horse Today s business is over, Mr.Wei and I should do our respective duties.It s not like bowing to Wei Yuanchen, because in his heart, the Zhou family is not that important after all.The two were staring at each other, and Liu Su walked into the yard quickly with the medicine box on his back.Chu Jiu breathed a sigh of relief, stepped forward and said in a low voice Go in and have a look, the third master has suffered a lot of injuries, and rushed over without any attention to treatment, don t look like he s fine on the surface, some wounds may have already festered It s gone.Liu Su quickly walked into the room.Looking at Liu Su s back, Zhang Tong couldn t help frowning again, what exactly was Chu Jiu thinking about Wouldn t talking like that damage the prestige of the third master No matter how it sounds, it sounds a little pitiful.If the third master finds out about it, he won t be skinned.After cleaning, Wei Yuanchen changed into his clothes, walked out of the room and saw Liu Su standing beside him.Zhao just said gently I won t do it for others, I m gupta cbd gummies afraid it will be disgusted by others.Madam is different from eldest sister.Mrs.Lin held the embroidered shoes in her hands, not to mention that the water lilies embroidered on the satin surface were lifelike, and the soles of the embroidered shoes were soft as well.The beads must be comfortable to wear, and they fit just right when they looked big.Ma am, you put your heart into it.Mrs.Lin thanked her without knowing how.While everyone was talking, a banquet was prepared in the flower hall, Princess Huairou invited Mrs.Lin to the table.Princess Huairou just now chill cbd gummies review protected the Zhao family with the power of a princess, and she was in a particularly good mood.Once she took this step, she didn t think the road ahead would be difficult, especially when she thought that Mrs.

You also know how hard it will be to bear these burdens, how can you bear it Mrs.Zhao Hearing this, tears immediately fell.Covering her eyes with a handkerchief and crying for a long while, Zhao said with difficulty This world can eat people, it s too difficult Princess Huairou patted Zhao s back lightly Mother, we will all be fine.What makes those bad guys proud and happy, they should get the punishment they deserve, and we can live a good life.Hearing the voice from the room, Cheng Yi raised his head to look at the moon above his head, weeping silently.My son in law, the attendant stepped forward and said in a low voice, Master Wei sent someone to send you a message to Liansheng Inn.Master Wei Cheng Yi s heart tightened, Master Wei asked him to go, did it have something to do with his mother s actions tonight Liansheng Inn.Are you catching the murderer, or are you going to put the murderer to death The captain nervously shook hands The humble official was prepared in advance, fearing that the murderer inside would not be punished, so he ordered people to ambush outside.Didn t you just hear the sound and rush to the inn How do you know there must be a murderer inside Even if you suspect that the murderer is in the house , the first thing to do is to lead people into the door instead of ambush outside.If you do this, do you already know what happened Sweat fell from the captain s gupta cbd gummies forehead It s the negligence of the humble We really rushed here when we heard the shouts.If he knew that he would meet Mr.Wei tonight, he would not bring anyone here.bad luck.After Wei Shangshu s death, Master Wei joined Honghe Temple, and found out that the minister of Honghe Temple was greedy for offerings to the feudal vassals, and a big case really broke out, and then he served in Dali Temple, and the gupta cbd gummies case in Beijing passed his hands.A Fu Yin , even those old censors have to give him a high look.Master Cheng found that Su Fu was still looking at the criminals in the hall with a straight face, and his palms couldn t help sweating.Su Fu said in a deep voice, Why did you come to the capital When did you arrive in the capital When the important question came, Mr.Cheng hardly dared to take a breath and listened carefully to the words of the two merchants.Hou Yongdao The Shanxi guards had a mutiny, and the imperial court sent troops to quell the chaos.At this time, the person who kidnapped our wives and family appeared, and he let people put our wives back, leaving only a few children as hostages.The family earns a sum smilz cbd gummies antonio brown of money, gupta cbd gummies and when the money arrives, give half of it to him, and he will put our child back.Hearing this, Su Fu s face became more majestic These are the facts You didn t Lying Those Tatars didn t promise you any favors Did you just release your concubines and let you work for them willingly Hou Yong s eyes flickered and he didn t dare to look at Su Fu, Qian Yunsheng was so frightened that he trembled all over, Without caring about anything else, he stammered and said Yes, they gave us land, a big house, and maidservants.Mrs.Zhang saluted Mrs.Lin again, and accompanied Mrs.Lin back to the flower hall.First In the guest room, Cui Wei looked at the button loops on the robe with a straight face.How come the paper kite thread was hooked on it so coincidentally.He wanted to let his aunt see a picture of happiness and harmony, but unexpectedly it was this result.In front of the servants of the Gu family In front of her, Cui Wei remained calm, maybe it took a long time, and it took a few more times for her mother to speak to her aunt.Thinking of Zhuzhu s appearance just now, Cui Wei still frowned.Isn t Zhuzhu s condition much better On the way back to Beijing from Taiyuan Mansion, Zhuzhu also helped to treat the wounded soldiers and take care of her aunt.Everyone outside knew that Miss Gu s dementia had improved, so why did she see such a situation today.Through the gauze, she could see her gradually bulging Flourish cheeks.It s delicious.Most of the pastries on the table are gone.Wei Yuanchen walked over slowly, picked up the file and read it carefully.Going through all the case files, Gu Mingzhu was a little thirsty, and subconsciously reached for the teacup.She moved her fingers, but the teacup seemed to be gone.She subconsciously raised her head and found that there was another person in the room.Master Wei.Master Wei came back at some point, and sat opposite her.My lord.Gu Mingzhu stood up, as timid as Miss Jiang.Wei Yuanchen had expected it a long time ago, he kept looking at the dossier without speaking, picked up the tea and brought it to his lips to take a sip.That teacup looked familiar to her.Two cups of tea were poured on the table, one was for her and the other was for Master Wei.The prince s expression looked extremely crazy Royal father, look at how my subjects have been harmed by them.The prince said and removed the veil covering his face, and the terrifying scars immediately appeared in front of everyone , the crown prince tore off the hair crown on his head, and the wig that the palace servants worked so hard to put gupta cbd gummies on also fell off.Many people hadn t seen the prince s appearance after being injured, so they couldn t help but gasped.The prince s hair was disheveled, and his face was ferocious Father, look, it s him.He wants to sit on the position of the crown prince, and step by step, he will make his ministers look like this.The face of the third prince changed slightly.Going crazy in front of the courtiers, but the third prince had the experience of being stabbed by the crown prince with a piece of porcelain before, and now his expression is still calm, and he immediately knelt down and said Father and emperor, I swear to the sky, I have never harmed my elder brother, If I have any intention of competing for the crown prince, I will let my son let me never be a descendant of the Song family.Gu Chongyi thought of the late Wei gupta cbd gummies Congsheng and Empress Wei who would never step out of the Kunning Palace.They did it because they wanted to protect their own goldline cbd gummy bears from vape gods children.If it were him, he would do the same.Boom.Gu Chongyi s knife handle trembled in the tiger s mouth, which was a sign of exhaustion.If he couldn t hold the knife handle, the tiger s mouth would be injured, and the sharp weapon would bite back and hurt himself.Picking up the gun, the long knife in his hand would definitely fall to the ground.Gu Chongyi was bracing himself to deal with it, but the iron gun came to him.When swords and guns met, the originally raging force suddenly weakened a lot.Gu Chongyi s heart shuddered.Wei Yuanchen felt his decline and stopped in time.This kind of control ability was also beyond his reach.There was a cold light on the tip of the iron spear, Gu Chongyi put away the long how long cbd gummies stay in your system super cbd gummie knife in his hand, although he lost, he was sweating happily.Wei was very happy just now.There is no one who doesn t like to listen to good words, Mrs.Wei was happy, she should be able to walk, and was about to move her legs, when the figure in front of her took another step forward, his legs were longer than hers, she couldn t run no matter what.Seeing the tall figure squeeze into the rockery.Baotong s line of sight was also blocked tightly, unable to see the eldest lady, Baotong glanced into the yard and said in a panic Master Hou is here.Wei Yuanchen stood there like a majestic mountain moving Also do not move.This trick didn t work, Baotong was anxious and worried, seeing Chu 9 standing beside him, he wished he could kick Chu 9 into the ditch.Inside the rockery, Gu Mingzhu felt more and more cramped.She was the only one facing Mr.Wei face to face.

The third concubine looked at Mrs.Zhang Let s go, the real person is still waiting.Gu Mingzhu followed the third concubine and walked forward.She heard what Mrs.Zhang said just now, and the determined expression of the third concubine also fell.In her eyes.It seems that the third prince concubine will let people quietly help to plead with the court to deal with Mrs.Lin Tai leniently.This matter will be done before Cui Zhen enters Beijing, so that Cui Zhen owes the third prince a favor.Military generals are not allowed to associate with princes.Doesn t Mrs.Zhang know that she has been married to Dingninghou s mansion for so long Whether intentional or not, Cui Zhenren has yet to arrive in the capital, and there is another big trouble waiting for him.The third concubine was also too anxious.The East Palace had just been abolished, so she planned all this for the third prince.The gupta cbd gummies third concubine thought carefully, how could Miss Gu be able to marry in an ordinary family with such a disease Although Mrs.Lin has caused a lot of trouble now, after all, Cui Wei also has military exploits.Even if he is not as good as his elder brother in the future, he will have a good official career.It is normal to do this in order to get closer.After marrying and going home, raise them up, and then find a few beautiful concubines to serve by your side.Miss Gu is sick, and the Gu family can t say anything.It is not easy to marry a daughter, who really expects Gu Mingzhu to be a decent mistress, in charge of the middle class, and to deter the servants With such a female family member, who can really respect her when she entrusts her with such a huge family business The daughters of high ranking officials and dignitaries all want to marry high, but Gu Mingzhu is impossible.The big fish is majestic.Compared with it, the hills in the distance are like mounds, making this big fish extraordinarily huge.Mo Yangming couldn t help but smile on his always rigid face I often eat candied fruit to watch Kun.As Gu Mingzhu spoke, he took out a candied fruit and fed it to Mo Yangming.Looking at the girl s smiling eyes, Mo Yangming opened his mouth.The candied fruit was sweet and glutinous, and it was really delicious.Gu Mingzhu also ate one, and the two of them looked at the Kun on the purse together.Kun will super cbd gummie pure balance cbd gummies become a Peng.Gu Mingzhu flipped his hand over, and on the other side of the purse, the same fish really had a pair of wings.Mo Yangming knew it was fake, but he also stared at it for a long time.Mrs.Huaiyuan Hou also took great pains for this child, no wonder Miss Gu can remember these things.Qiao Song continued There is no clue about the person behind Lin Sizhen.Either they are acting covertly, the emperor thought, or maybe there is no such person at all.This is also what Qiao Song meant, but there is no definite evidence that Qiao Song will not say it out loud.If there is no mastermind behind the scenes, then who is making trouble Maybe it was the Wei family.The hall was quiet for a while, and the emperor looked at Qiao Song and said, Since you have found something wrong, take over this case, and the Metropolitan Procuratorate should take care of it.Capture Yuan Zhixing.In this way, Wei Yuanchen can be successfully replaced, and he will be informed of any moves of the Wei family earlier.The emperor said I have just summoned Tan Shangshu.There is an emergency everywhere in the frontier.He is really an old fox.fox.After gradually approaching, Gu Chongyi recognized Cui Wei who was standing in the front.Why did Cui Wei also come He also got the news before him.Gu Chongyi got off his horse, Cui Wei also saw Gu Chongyi, and hurried over to salute Uncle, you are here.Gu Chongyi said You also know that something happened to Shangqingguan Cui Wei nodded It s also a coincidence, I happened to be with you The brother of Wucheng Bingmasi was eating wine.That brother was the younger brother of a lieutenant general under my brother s command.The lieutenant general was killed this time.I also went to comfort him.I heard that something went wrong here, and I thought that the Gu family and the Cui family had female relatives in the audience, so I went to see the situation.Cui Wei made the ins and outs very clear.Mrs.Zhang stopped here intentionally.climb a tree Gu Chongyi was not surprised but said Zhuzhu ran up the tree She must have learned it from her grandfather in Shaanxi.Mrs.Zhang smiled and said It seems that learning everything is useful.Our Zhuzhu is the female relative of an ordinary family.It s different, and has many abilities that others don t have.In the middle of the night, he ran out of the house and climbed up the tree with his maid, no matter how the servants tried to find him, he didn t make a sound, it sounded like the work of a stupid person, rare It was just right by mistake, similar to Huaiyuan Hou s uncovering of the war horse case.Can this kind of thing be passed down from generation to generation Mrs.Zhang bowed to Gu Chongyi and said .

what effects should i expect from cbd gummies?

goodbye.From the beginning to the end, this Lord Gu has been staring at the temple, not interested in what happened in the temple, only worried about his precious daughter.Gu Mingzhu shook her head.That s good, Mrs.Lin said in a low voice, I asked the kitchen to bring some snacks, and I ll have them for you in a while.Hearing the news suddenly, she didn t have time to prepare too much, so she took some ready made snacks, which can always be used as a cushion abdomen.While talking, several people sat down in the quiet room.After the female crown served tea, Zhenren Mo still looked a little ugly because the poison on her body was not fully recovered.She didn t go around in circles and said directly I heard that Madam usually lectures on the South China Classic to Miss Gu Madam Lin nodded, this time A few days ago, Zhuzhu brought a copy of the Nanhua Sutra from the study to her room, and begged her for the contents of the reading.She thought the Nanhua Sutra was boring and boring, and soon Zhuzhu lost interest.There is no room for mistakes in the Taoist holy place.You should tidy it up carefully.If you encounter trouble Just come to the palace to look for Aijia, Aijia doesn t ask about the affairs of the previous court, but they can take care of them.Mo Yangming understood that what the Empress Dowager meant was to let her rest assured to investigate the gupta cbd gummies best vegan cbd gummies cause of Ah Chan s death, and she saluted again, which was just one step away.Step out of the Compassion Palace.Gu Mingzhu looked at the Yulouchun in the hands of the female officer, and followed the crowd all the way to the Kunning Palace.She thought that she would get some news when she came to the Compassionate Ning Palace this time, but she didn t expect to see the empress.Chapter 307 Seeing Kunning Palace for the first time.Empress Wei was holding a small hand stove and watching the palace maids making female celebrities.

Wei Yuanchen said Master Zhang and Zhang Shen family seem to be helping Mrs.Zhang clear the way on the way back to Beijing., Do something.One thing is such a coincidence, did the Zhang family come to the capital to clear up the relationship or to control the situation Or both.Gu Mingzhu remembered what the empress dowager said, and she raised her head to look at Wei Yuanchen The empress dowager said that the third concubine mentioned Sun Zhenzhen s excellent medical skills in the Palace of Compassion and Ning many times.If it weren t for the queen mother diamond cbd gummies reviews and martha stewart cbd gummies coupon code gupta cbd gummies Mo Zhenren getting along well The Compassionate Ning Palace has long relied on Sun Zhenren s panacea.It seems that the Third Prince s Mansion has long been involved.Gu Mingzhu was lost in thought, and it took a while to martha stewart cbd gummies coupon code gupta cbd gummies recover.The study was extremely quiet, she raised her head just in time to see Lord Wei s clear eyes as if he had been staring at her all the time.Cui Zhen nodded Okay, I m fine today, so I ll take you to play in the how long cbd gummies stay in your system super cbd gummie courtyard.Mrs.Lin sent someone to invite Cui Zhen to the main room in the backyard.Gu Mingzhu took a look at Baotong and jumped ahead.Baotong knew it well, and turned around to look for Zou Xiang along the path Zou Xiang was summoned by Mrs.Lin to say a few words, but unexpectedly on the way back, when he looked up and saw Cui Zhen, his heart seemed to jump out of his throat.This is the first time for Zou Xiang to see Cui Zhen in person.Before, he only saw Cui Zhen on the picture scroll.Although it was the first time, he knew that he would never be wrong.Zou Xiang panicked, his hands were covered with sweat, he rushed into the room and grabbed Zou Lin s sleeve.Seeing that Zou Xiang s face turned pale, Zou Lin immediately dismissed the servants and said in a low voice What s the matter After thinking about it, Zou 200 mg cbd gummies Lin said in a low voice Who are you talking about Marquis Dingning or Zhang Zou Xiang refused to speak, her nose fluttered rapidly, her small body cbd gummies lifehacker was arched, as if she wanted to hide in Zou Lin Under her quilt, she never came out to see anyone again.Baotong next to him opened his eyes wide.Is the scented tea really delicious The eldest lady did the right thing by herself, but it was not very successful The eldest lady tasted it once and threw it aside Throw it away, it s really useless if you don t throw it away I didn t expect that it could be used to entertain Mrs.Wei after the transformation.Baotong thinks about it carefully, there is something in the house that the eldest lady is reluctant to lose, maybe it will be useful in this study.Baotong found flower cakes and fed the five black chickens first, then immediately went to the kitchen to find a pot of hot water to store tea for Master Wei.Gu Mingzhu said My lord, did you interrogate the brothers and sisters of the Bai family in the prison Did you get a result Before he even took a sip of the hot drink, she urged him to work.The master saw the disadvantages of ethnology more than ten years ago.If it weren t for this, he wouldn t have asked Yan Shen to help investigate the case Although he gave up and did not pursue it to the end But the second uncle and uncle are pressing, and the master can t refuse all of them.He has to deal with it, so he can t help but follow the second uncle and uncle to do things Naturally, he is physically and mentally exhausted.The master and Mr.Zhang are in the Imperial College together The two families often communicate with each other.The master complained to Mr.Zhang when he was drunk, and Mrs.Zhang knew something about it, so he asked her about it.Mrs.Zhang smiled and said You should breathe a sigh of relief, why are you still frowning Tian how long cbd gummies stay in your system super cbd gummie Gongren came this time In fact, he wanted to inquire about some information.It happened super cbd gummie pure balance cbd gummies that there was also a woman in the Anjiyuan who committed suicide.Aunt Zhen and Ah Chan seem to have nothing to do with each other, but they both happened to live in or often went to Anjiyuan They were also disabled, and they all died horribly.One cut their throats, the other cut their wrists.Wei Yuanchen said I have people staring at Tan Zigeng I will also investigate this aunt carefully to see how she came to Anji Yuan.Gu Mingzhu nodded I will also go to Anji several times in the past two days Go to the courtyard and ask the people inside for news about Aunt Zhen.One more thing, Wei Yuanchen took a step forward, I ll have someone go to the Imperial Hospital to inquire about Mrs.Dingning Hou s condition in the past few years.Mrs.Zhang suffered from blood deficiency due to miscarriage and blood loss.Mrs.Li complained Look at you, what do you gupta cbd gummies look like You can t do a little thing well, so why panic Speaking of getting up, he was about to meet the waiter.Madam Yuan saw that Madam Li was still holding the playbook, and immediately stepped forward to collect the playbook.Mrs.Lin stood aside and looked at Mrs.Li s pretending to be calm, and couldn t help feeling sour in her heart.The Wei family didn t expect news from the palace at all, otherwise they wouldn t panic like this.Thinking of this, Mrs.Lin glanced at Zhuzhu in the crowd.She didn t dare to think about what it would be like to not see her daughter for several years.Gu Mingzhu looked at Mrs.Wei s mother, Mrs.Yuan, talking to Mrs.Lu in a low voice.She should have told Mrs.Lu to go to Mrs.Wei.The empress has a reward, and the Wei family should go to the front yard to thank her.Zhang.The general of the pulse case remembers Zhang s condition very clearly.Before Zhang s miscarriage, her pulse was always normal, that is to say, the miscarriage happened suddenly.Mrs.Zhang didn t fall down, and she ate normally all the time.Why did she suddenly have such an accident Chapter 340 can you fail a drug test due to cbd gummies It has been more than six months since he was going to have a miscarriage in Zhang s gupta cbd gummies family.Gu Mingzhu heard from his mother and Mrs.Lin that the baby boy who fell out was Cui Zhen s legitimate son.At that time, Mrs.Lin was depressed and came to talk to her mother at home.Gu Mingzhu could still recall the general content.Mrs.Lin Tai said Where did I expect this to happen The whole house is ready, waiting for Brother Zhen s eldest son to be born.When Brother Zhen was young, I found an old man who learned easy calculations.Lin had not taken concubines from Cui Zhen, and she was looking forward to Cui Zhen s descendants.In the past five or six years, a lot of things have really happened to the Cui family in Dingning Hou Mansion.In fact, even her death in the prison is related to the Cui family.Gu Mingzhu put away the medical case, turned around and lay on the bed.Although these HCMUSSH gupta cbd gummies things have not been clarified yet, they finally have clues, and they will all surface one by one in the near future.Whether the Zhang family and Zhang family are involved in these cases can also be obtained Answer.Before going to sleep, Gu Mingzhu looked at the orchids on the table.Judging from the current situation, the Tang family will be back soon.With Master Wei s help in investigating the case, everything will be much faster than she expected Dingning Hou Mansion.

Wisps of green smoke billowed from the corpse, and a pungent burnt smell rushed over.There was another gupta cbd gummies corpse curled up next to that corpse The size of the corpse looked like a child.Wei Yuanchen walked into the house He asked people to find Master Nalu s daughter, who is the concubine Bai Jingkun confessed to No news came from Shandong or Zhending.But now that I know that Ah Yu is from the Lu family and has stayed in Shandong It will be a matter of time to find her, especially since she is bringing the child born to Bai Jingkun with her.Wei Yuanchen looked at the corpse carefully, there was something black beside the leg bones of the corpse, Wei Yuanchen took the towel from Zhang Tong s hand and picked it up.After carefully wiping off the ashes on the thing, one can see that it is an iron cylinder, which is an object similar to a box.Zhenren Mo heard that someone died in Anjiyuan, but he didn t have time to inquire carefully in the future.Gu Mingzhu served tea to how long cbd gummies stay in your system super cbd gummie Zhenren Mo Have Master met Aunt Zhen Zhenren Mo shook his head I went in and out of Anjiyuan, and I never noticed this person.Hand, Gu Mingzhu pointed to her arm, Aunt Zhen is missing a hand.Mo Zhenzhen thought carefully, and then said There are benevolent people in the Anji Courtyard who are physically deficient.I know a lot of people in that courtyard, but there is indeed no one named Aunt Zhen among those people.Gu Mingzhu couldn t help feeling strange, The steward of the Anjiyuan said that Aunt martha stewart cbd gummies coupon code gupta cbd gummies Zhen lived in the Anjiyuan for a long time, and the master often went to the Anjiyuan to treat people, but he had never seen Aunt Zhen.Did I just miss it, or was there another reason Gu Mingzhu looked at Mo Zhenren and said, Master, that Aunt Zhen is very pitiful, can you go and save her Aunt Zhen s body stopped in the Yizhuang, Although the case is not closed, but they went to rescue, and the guards of Yizhuang should be accommodating.But in fact, Daning soldiers and horses did not enter the capital in large numbers.Only three lieutenants led hundreds of people to leave the guard post privately.After the court soldiers and horses arrived, those people fought hard, and all three gupta cbd gummies best vegan cbd gummies lieutenants died.Those who were appointed to serve in Daning, and the court seized Wei Congcheng s secret letter ordering his family to send him to Daning, almost convicted Wei Congcheng.But if the Wei family really rebelled, could Wei Congcheng mobilize more than three generals and hundreds of soldiers Wei Congcheng was taken down, and everyone in the Wei family was sent to prison.Before the case was heard, Wei Congcheng sickened and died.The rebellion case of the second prince and the eldest princess is full of doubts, and Wei Shangshu s death is even more strange.Wei Yuanchen looked at the entourage beside him, who gupta cbd gummies immediately pointed to one of the Fang family nursing homes.At this time, Fang s family members were restrained by Yacha, who stepped forward and pulled the guard s hair, exposing his face to everyone.It s him, it s him.He said his name is Ding Da.I thought he was honest and honest, so I let him board the ship.But when he arrived at the pier, he disappeared.The owner of the ship has a fleet that runs through the north and the south.He did not expect that there were more Tamba mushrooms in the cargo this time.The Gu family was arrested, and the goods of the seven merchant ships of the ship owner were also detained.His hard work will be in vain, so he wholeheartedly cooperates with the court to investigate the case.Now that he saw the suspicious handyman, his eyes lit up.In addition, there are several traces of turning over on the ground, it is clearly like a bait, waiting for someone to come to check, Because no matter who finds this situation, they must step forward and check.Mr.Hu obviously also noticed the clue, and cold sweat rolled down his forehead.He was usually very cautious, but today he was caught in a trap because he was anxious and didn t check the situation in the yard carefully.My lordis she telling the truth My lord, it seems that the ground has really been dug, and there are still things exposed.Get out, don t step on the place that has been dug.Fortunately, the woman reminded her early, otherwise the person who accidentally stepped on it would be blown to the sky immediately.As soon as Mr.Hu finished speaking, he suddenly heard a series of crisp sounds coming from his ears, which seemed to be the sound of a machine turning, and then several arrows shot towards the main room rapidly.At that moment, he also hesitated, for fear that he might make a mistake in his judgment, and Zhuzhu was afraid that he would have a knot in his heart.Although Zhuzhu s words were different from what he expected, it was also because she was worried about him.Wei Yuanchen nodded and walked back to the yard.Gu Mingzhu was about to go to see the rescued women with Liu Su, when he saw Mrs.Wei going back and forth, holding her fallen fence in his hand.Gu Mingzhu was stunned, so many things happened at once, she almost forgot to cover her face.Gu Mingzhu stepped forward to pick up Mi Li, but Mr.Wei bypassed her hand, put Mi Li on her head, and carefully arranged the gauze on it.Wei Yuanchen bent down and said in a low voice Really Mo is here, you should wear it properly so that your identity won t be seen through.Gu Chongyi walked in, and the scene in front of him immediately made his face darken.Wei Yuanchen looked a little surprised, the robe on his body hadn t been put on yet, his eyes were drooping and his cheeks were slightly flushed, he was not as indifferent as usual, and he was fastening his belt.Zhuzhu hid behind Wei Yuanchen, looked at him through Wei Yuanchen s arm with tilted head, and then called out sweetly Daddy.Gu Chongyi frowned, and suddenly felt that he was transformed into a field again The farmer on the field wanted to pick up a stick and drive out the thieves who sneaked onto the ridge.But thinking about it carefully, the scene in front of him doesn t seem to blame the little thief.Zhu Zhu, Gu Chongyi lowered his face, What are you doing Gu Mingzhu met his father s eyes, and his father s expression was more serious than usual I m here to treat Wei Sanye s wounds, I don t need to find Jiang Langzhong, I I have learned from Master I have many medicines.Cui Zhen couldn t help but think of it.Mrs.Zhou, the maidservant of the eldest princess s mansion confessed that Mrs.Zhou seduced the prince under the instigation of the eldest princess.Mrs.Zhou never pleaded guilty from the beginning to the end.Is there really something else hidden in this That s why Wei Yuanchen hated him so much after Zhou s death.Cui Zhen frowned at this thought, he almost forgot that it was Cui Wei who killed the Zhou family, Cui Wei explained that killing the Zhou how does cbd gummies help intestinal problems family was a last resort, in order to preserve the reputation of the Zhou family, he believed in Cui Wei at that time Did not cross examine, what if that is not the case Cui Zhen closed his eyes, he didn t know the Zhou family, the northern border was not stable back then, his mind was all on the frontier military affairs, he didn t care about many things, super cbd gummie and he knew very little about the inside story of the Second Prince s case, so he couldn t deduce it The situation at that time, but the Zhou family did order the servants of the Zhou family to find him for cbd gummies online gupta cbd gummies the appointment.

Cui Zhen frowned, the mother in law saw the sharp gupta cbd gummies weapon in Zhou s hand, could Cui Wei not see it Seeing Cui Zhen s face became more gloomy, Tian Mang explained to Cui Wei in a low voice Maybe Second Master Wei didn t see it, let s talk about this The reputation of the Cui family is at stake, and we must not take any risks, if the rebels really do something to Mrs.Zhou, even if the rebels are killed that s that s Tian Mang couldn t continue.Zhou s life is not worth letting the Cui family take risks for her.This is what Tian Mang wanted to say, right Cui Zhen s heart surged for a while, and he couldn t tell what it was like.In the hearts of Tian Mang and the prisoner in law, Cui Wei shouldn t let cbd gummy affect time someone shoot Zhou, otherwise Tian Mang wouldn t be so guilty to explain to Cui Wei.It was dark that day in the prison, since the crossbowmen were able to ambush Zhou Shi to death, he could also kill the traitor directly.Cui Zhen dismounted from his horse, and the steward rushed up to serve him.Stepping into Gu s courtyard, Cui Zhen heard a burst of laughter.Zou Xiang, hurry up, you re going to lose.It was Zhuzhu leading Zou Xiang to shoot arrows in the yard.Chapter 390 Envy Cui cbd gummies online gupta cbd gummies Zhen paced past following the voice, and saw the girl in the cloak with bright eyes and a smile on her lips, looking at Zou Xiang.The little Zou Xiang, holding a small bow, concentrated on dealing with the arrow in his hand.The arrow was originally very light, but at this moment it weighed a thousand catties.Zou Xiang finally let go of his fingers and shot an arrow.The moment the arrow was shot, Cui Zhen knew that the arrow was not shot too squarely, but it would land on the target.Sure enough, the arrow went into the target silently.Such an achievement is already very rare for a four year old child.Zou Xiang had a happy smile on his face, but the smile soon disappeared and was replaced by a heavy expression.Cui Zhen frowned, the little child has a lot of worries, maybe this child is martha stewart cbd gummies coupon code gupta cbd gummies worried about Zou Lin s illness, it is rare for this child to be so filial, but he is afraid that the setback will be too great, so Zou Xiang will be burdened too much In the future, it is inevitable that I will be stubborn in some places and spoil a good seedling.Gu Mingzhu walked over and bowed slightly Zou Xiang s arrow is very powerful.Then he took out the candied fruit in his hand and gave it to Zou Xiang.Zou Xiang reached out to take the candied fruit, and when she looked at Gu Mingzhu, the deepness in her eyebrows that didn t belong to her age also dissipated a little.The case can be overturned, but if the life is gone, there is no way to get it back.Cui Zhen was even more silent.He resented his mother for harming his father.In the end, he also despised human life.Perhaps his children died again and again, which was God s punishment for him.Gu Chongyi said I heard that Zhang s father and brother have arrived.Cui Zhen nodded When I enter Beijing today, officials from the Ministry of Civil Affairs will go to greet you.There will be a banquet in the yamen, and I will rush back to have a look later.Then I won t keep you, Gu Chongyi said, If you need anything Let someone come to inform you.When Cui Zhen came out of the study, he saw the bustling scene of the Gu family, the servants were busy coming in and out, and a few beautiful lanterns were hung in the yard, which was very different from the desertedness of the Dingninghou Mansion.But not everyone is like Tan Dingfang.Just like her, in order to keep her identity from being known, she can t be too public in front of people, so as not to attract attention, so she will pretend to be an inconspicuous doctor and sister Jiang.Is Qiu Hai like this You must know that the boat steward that Xiu s family called used Xiu s family to annex all the pirates along the coast of Shandong, and he was able to control a warship that was more than twenty feet long.A person with such abilities would only be the son of a steering wheel craftsman, the Shen family A little steward What she likes most is to kushly cbd gummies amazon uncover these secrets.Thinking of these, just getting up from the bed, the laziness that was still lingering on her body was swept away.Gu Mingzhu got up from the bed It s already time, and there will be a banquet in the mansion today, we have to prepare earlier.That battle caused heavy losses to the Wuliangha tribe, and Da Zhou was only one step away from capturing the leader of the Wuliangha tribe.In the past few years, the Wuliangha tribe has prospered and gradually become stronger.Wei Yuanchen suspected that those people had colluded with the Wuliangha tribe for a long time.If they borrowed the soldiers and horses of the Wuliangha tribe, the consequences would be disastrous.Thinking of this, Wei Yuanchen told Gu Mingzhu the information he found Qiu Hai once helped the Shen family run a medicinal material shop, and often sent caravans to transport medicinal materials around.The most traveled business route was to go to Daning to collect ginseng.Gu Mingzhu said If it s medicinal materials, there won t be too many caravans and horses, and they won t be too frequent.The emperor stood up and walked forward.He is the emperor of the Great Zhou Dynasty, and no one can fool him.The emperor coldly ordered Then go and see, to see if King Huai will do this.After the emperor finished speaking, he looked at Long Jinwei who walked into the inner hall Remember, if King Huai does it You can t let him go until It s better not to have a son who wants to plot against him After Wei Yuanchen left the palace, he changed his clothes and rushed to Princess Huairou s mansion.He still had a few words to tell his son in law.After a while, when Captain Long was free, he would go to Wei s house to watch him.He was not afraid that the emperor would suspect him, he stayed in Beijing to deal with Tan Dingfang and Liang Wang behind him.Wei Yuanchen dismounted at Princess Huairou s mansion, and his son in law Cheng Yu was already waiting at the door, and the two walked into the study together.Princess Huairou looked at the small bundle, and subconsciously stroked the outside of the bundle with her hands, she was a little surprised when she heard this, she had heard from the son in law that the third master Wei was very happy.It s great.Princess Huairou asked Why The mother in charge pursed her lips Third Master Wei and the son in law have always talked about defending the city, but they didn t mention what to do if they can t defend it Princess Huairou s hands trembled, and her eyes blurred.She pretended to be nonchalant and lowered her eyes, looking at her flat belly What s so strange about it You can t think about retreating before you fight Princess Huairou bowed her head to avoid Going to look at the mother in charge, she felt the tears being swallowed back abruptly by her.The son in law and Wei Sanye didn t mention what would happen if they couldn t keep it.

Tie up tightly.Shen s blood was still flowing on the ground, and his eyes were fixed on him, watching his end.Shen s eyes trembled, then closed.She vaguely went back to that year, when Yan Shen returned to the capital best time to take cbd gummies for pain to investigate the case, and was invited into the house by the second brother.She originally made a cloak for Yan Shen, but because of Yan Shen s stubbornness, she resented her until Yan Shen left Shen s house., she didn t even send out the cloak in her hand.This time, in a trance, Yan Shen s back was not far away, she held the cloak tightly and ran over, running further and further in Yan Shen s direction She just wanted to tell Yan Shen.I m sorry Master Shen Er s face was full of tears, and he didn t recover from his grief for a long time.If he knew it, he would have stayed in the carriage to protect his sister.Now it is not appropriate for the Wei family to come forward.It would be best if she could help the empress.Mo Yangming looked at Gu Mingzhu worriedly You were tired all night, so you just rested at home.Now gupta cbd gummies it s different from usual, I don t know if there will be any danger.In this way, this disciple wants to be with you, and it can be regarded as a support.Gu Mingzhu held Mo Yangming s hand, so that Mo Yangming would not refuse again.Mo Yangming couldn t help sighing, her disciple Alas, at first she felt that Tuer was not stupid, and then isolate cbd gummies she discovered how clever Tuer was, and now she seemed to have some expectation and dependence on Tuer in her heart.Yes, take this turmoil as an example, Huaiyuan Hou .

can drug dogs smell cbd gummies?

was not in the mansion, but he was able to manage the Gu family in an orderly manner, and even caught the murderer who went to Huaiyuan Hou s mansion to do evil.The first two people also walked on that road.One of the two, Zheng Ruzong, had seen the portrait.He was a commoner who followed Wei Yuanchen to investigate the case.His name was Nie Chen.The old man continued to sprinkle paper money.Paper money is flying all over the sky, for gupta cbd gummies the innocent souls who were killed.Zheng Ruzong drew his long sword out of its sheath and was about to fight, when there was a sound of horseshoes, the soldiers and horses of the imperial court chased after him.Zheng Ruzong was heartbroken, since this was the case, gupta cbd gummies he didn t have to run anymore, he could just fight to the death in a dignified manner, and the moment he was really invincible, he would end it by himself.Thinking in gupta cbd gummies best vegan cbd gummies his heart, Zheng Ruzong went to the old man, and now it seems that the old man is the weakest.At this juncture, Liang Wang would no longer hide, and simply went south in one fell swoop.Although it was the emperor s own fault, it could not harm innocent people.Wei Yuanchen nodded martha stewart cbd gummies coupon code gupta cbd gummies There are news from northern Xinjiang and the coastal areas of Shandong.Don t worry, Lord Hou has already prepared.I will also send news to the coastal guards.If there is any movement at sea, gupta cbd gummies they will lead the troops there.Qiu Haishi and Master Wei also went together, it can be seen that Mr.Wei had thought of the danger at sea long ago and made arrangements in advance.After saying this, the room suddenly became quiet.Gu Mingzhu looked at the teacup on the table.She seemed true bliss cbd gummies shark tank to seldom mention anything to Mr.Wei except the case.My lord is good at boxing and kicking, so I probably don t need her to boost morale.Jiang Shi seemed to know that he would open the door to check, so she stood on the bluestone, where he could see it when he opened the door, and looked at him from a distance.That Jiang family seemed to be able to see through his thoughts, Zhou Zejing shrank in his heart, feeling a little scared.Gu Mingzhu looked at Zhou Zejing, no one could stop the person she wanted to take away and the case she wanted to investigate.Zhou Zejing said It s just Zhou Zesheng s dog, how capable it is, who can Zhou Zesheng invite to help As soon as Zhou Zejing finished speaking, he saw someone running all the way.At the gate of his yard, he knocked on the gate.Second Master, Master Yin Su of Shuntian Mansion is here.Su Fu came in person, he couldn t see cbd isolate gummies for sleep him, Zhou Zejing took a deep breath, how could Zhou Zesheng invite Su Fu Although he still can t figure it out, Zhou Zejing can only bite the bullet and walk out of the house right now.Let Shuntian Mansion find no further evidence, and he will come forward to help talk and let Zhou Zejing return to the yamen.After all, too many people were implicated this time, and the rebel party s eyeliner spread all over the yamen and mansions.If they were sent to prison because of a little relationship, Beijing and China would have been in chaos gupta cbd gummies long ago.Fighting outside is the most taboo of civil strife.In order to stabilize people s hearts, the court is also cautious about this matter, so that he can find a place to start.Unexpectedly, the Zhou family has changed again, and no one knows who actually found out that there was something wrong with Mrs.Zhou s death that year.Xueshi Cao can t sit still anymore, he has HCMUSSH gupta cbd gummies already been touched on the vine, if those people continue to investigate, they will definitely find Zhou Zecheng, cbd diy gummies and then Empress gupta cbd gummies best vegan cbd gummies Defei Can you guarantee that it can really kill the weeds When the gate of the palace is opened, he will tell the empress about the Zhou family, so that the gupta cbd gummies empress can also be prepared, and get rid of those who should be eliminated, so as to prevent problems before they happen.Hearing the palace people say that the empress s men were fighting with the prison guards and imperial guards, Concubine Jiang knew that there was a change in the palace, probably related to Concubine De s mother and son.She wasn t guessing randomly, the only ones who dare to confront the queen now are the emperor and Concubine De.Since Captain Long did not show up, the possibility of the emperor is unlikely, so only Concubine De and King Su remained.Sure enough, the palace people sent back a message Lieutenant Long Jin was ordered by the emperor and the queen to arrest people everywhere.Many servants of the twelve prisons were taken away.The turmoil in the palace was basically suppressed.They said that Huang Chang belonged to the king of Liang.Eyeliner, King Su and Concubine De also rebelled against Huang Chang s instigation.Zhu Wu naturally also had selfish intentions, that bastard Han Yu belonged to King Liang, how many people in their village died in that private mine.He had to let those rebels know that they were still alive.People always have things they want to do.Young and old in the village, he Zhu Wu is also a hero, his Zhu is crimson red, like a burning flame, like boiling blood, let him burn the fire to the rebels now.Looking at Zhu Wu s back, Lu Guang was so angry that he just wanted to curse.The idiot didn t even say hello, put on his armor and ran away.Report to Master Wei, lest Zhu Wu really do it, Master Wei does not know the situation and it will be a bad thing.Zhu Wu still had a firearm in his arms.If the firearm rang, it would mean that Zhu Wu had succeeded.Even if he didn t succeed, it shouldn t be silent.

He hid behind a tree and looked behind him.No one followed behind.Liang Wang smiled again.Although Wei Yuanchen was difficult, it was nothing more than that, and then he boldly went to Dagu with confidence In the villages along the coast of Dagu.A woman sat in a room anxiously waiting for news.The prince led troops to attack the capital, but was blocked outside Gongji City.She knew that it would be difficult to break into the palace, but she never thought that she could not even enter the capital.Concubine De, mother and son, and waste like Huang Chang allowed the court chill cbd gummy worms to stabilize the situation in Beijing so quickly.What should I do next, can the prince come here smoothly The lights in the room were flickering, reflecting the woman s cheeks, even though she was frowning in thought, she couldn t hide the touching color on her face.It only took a little force to cut his throat, and let him die here without a sound.Li Zhao purekana premium cbd gummies for ed stepped back, and his neck left the blade, but he didn t feel med cell cbd gummies any relief.The man would take his life anytime.Li Zhaoben was about to call out for someone, but in such a situation, he simply kept his mouth shut.If he hadn t been sure to restrain everyone on board, this man would not be sitting here drinking tea so boldly.Li Zhao tremblingly said Who are you What do you want to do Li Zhao, are you guilty Your Li family is a courtier of the Great Zhou Dynasty, but you are colluding with the rebel party and plotting wrongdoing, Wei Yuanchen said.The voice was cold, When your father Li Mao came to the throne, Pyongyang was in turmoil, but the Great Zhou court sent troops to stabilize the situation, allowing your father to succeed to the throne smoothly.It became the main battlefield where the two armies fought, and when Li s army was exhausted, he would hold Goryeo in his hands.If you can t win the throne of the Hunjun for a while, it is good to recuperate in Korea.Next time you gather an army to attack the Hunjun, the Hunjun will not have such good luck.The son of the faint king will grow up, and cbd gummies online gupta cbd gummies the imperial concubine party will not let it go, he cbd gummies for sciatic pain can always cannaleafz cbd gummies reviews find opportunities.King Liang laughed, he really can t be blamed for this, if the royal father could help him to the throne and marry the Wei family to him, how would the situation be like today Liang Wang stopped thinking, listened to the sound of the waves, felt the boat sliding forward, and began to meditate Tang shi stared at the hourglass on the table, and when she heard the cbd gummies online gupta cbd gummies news that the prince was still alive, she relaxed and fell asleep for a while, but soon she woke up again, checked everything again, Li shi s big ship arrived, Their boat was also ready, and they left by boat after Master Hou rushed over.He has done gupta cbd gummies so many things and put so much effort into it, why doesn t the third master praise him It would be nice to give two taels of silver as a reward.Third Master is injured, Zhang Tong reminded Chu Jiu a little bit, be careful if you get angry with Third Master, you sun state hemp cbd gummies review will have no master.Didn t this idiot see it The third master is afraid that the Marquis of Huaiyuan will not agree to this marriage, and if the third master s status in Miss Gu s heart has not improved, it will be bad.Hearing what Zhang Tong said, Chu Jiu remembered something not very important Miss said that she would pick up the third master at Shiliting.The third master almost forgot when he was happy, and he felt that there would be more surprises if he didn t say it.It was written like this in gupta cbd gummies the scriptures, so it was absolutely unmistakable.We Zhuzhu married to the Wei family, which is considered a high marriage.No matter how long this marriage took place, but she I just can t bear it in my heart, but my daughter will always get married, so I can t stay with her all the time.Gu Chongyi was very surprised, he didn t expect his wife to say this Madam agrees Mrs.Lin didn t want to admit it Maybe Zhuzhu likes Master Wei.On the street just now, Zhuzhu got out of the carriage and waved a handkerchief to Master gupta cbd gummies Wei, She can see it all.Gu Chongyi was stunned, that kid the anger that had been suppressed with great difficulty surged up again, he didn gupta cbd gummies best vegan cbd gummies t even know when he quietly tricked his daughter away.Mrs.Lin glanced at Gu Chongyi It s better to leave Zhuzhu with my father, I should have known that you are unreliable.After finishing speaking, Mrs.Li praised Wei Congzhi in a rare way You have worked hard this time, let s go to the palace to meet your sister next time There are too many people in the Wei family Going to Kunning Palace will inevitably lead to gossip.Although her youngest son has two beards, he is still a master with fire on his ass.Throw it outside the palace gate.Mother, Wei Congzhi chased Mrs.Li into the carriage while the iron was hot, see if you want to give how long cbd gummies stay in your system super cbd gummie your son some rewards, let my sister give him a mansion.Go, go Mrs.Li seemed to be chasing flies.waving.Wei Congzhi grabbed Mrs.Li s sleeve Then give me some silver, and the bracelet in my mother s hand will be fine.A fight broke out in the carriage.Mrs.Li raised her youngest son s ear Do you still dare Do you dare To be honest, she misses this youngest son very much these days, and her hands itch.Long up.He fell asleep.Looking at that handsome face, Gu Mingzhu felt extremely at ease in her heart Chu Jiu, who was lying on the roof, reached out and poked Liu Su, then winked her eyes.What should they do next Lying here all the time But, it s very cold here.Chapter 534 Too late for Yongping Mansion.After Wei Yuanchen captured King Liang alive, the news quickly spread to northern Xinjiang, and the army of Liang King s party was in turmoil.Cui Zhen took the opportunity to lead his troops out of the city and repelled the rebels for fifty miles.Cui Zhen was seriously injured, and it took two hours for the medical staff to treat his injury properly.The two lieutenants beside Cui Zhen, one died in battle, and the other lost an arm.Regardless of the rest of the Cui family, Cheng Yu admired this Marquis of Dingning from the bottom of his heart.For a moment, these thoughts flooded in Gu Chongyi s mind.At this time Mrs.Li also said Brother Chen is not Cong Sheng s child, he is the empress s son.Gu Chongyi was prepared, but after knowing the answer, his face still couldn t help but change, and Mrs.Lin next to him said Standing there in a daze, he looked at Mrs.Li blankly.Mrs.Lin couldn t recover for a moment, what was Mrs.Li talking about Isn t Mr.Wei the son of Mr.Wei, he was born by the empress Who was the empress born to A string in her mind seemed to be plucked to make a buzz and buzz , Madam Lin felt that she was stunned, who else .

where to buy condor cbd gummies near me?

could it be Of course the emperor.The room was silent, Mrs.Li also expected such a situation, she explained The emperor is afraid of the Wei family, the empress has been pregnant several times, and the child died, and gupta cbd gummies the empress has no choice but to come up with such a way to make the Wei family happy.

Why Mrs.Zhang turned her head to look at Cui Zhen, almost going crazy, Master Houit was himhe killed our childif it wasn t for himhow could I have done that, Master Hou You killed him to avenge the boy.Cui Zhen finally raised his eyes, and his majestic gaze swept over Mrs.Zhang It was you who killed your flesh and blood.Heart piercing pain came, and Zhang Shi kept shaking her head, no, it wasn t her, if she hadn t been desperate, how could she have attacked her own flesh and blood, why didn t Hou Ye understand, it wasn t martha stewart cbd gummies coupon code gupta cbd gummies her, she was out for revenge.Revenge But Luo Yu didn t die at all, all of this was a trap.Luo Yu, who was kneeling on the ground, laughed, the Zhang family right now is just a crazy woman, HCMUSSH gupta cbd gummies where to buy green ape cbd gummies and Marquis Ding Ning is a smart person, so naturally he wouldn t believe what this crazy woman said.Gu Mingzhu remembered that when she died in prison, her soul left her body, and Mr.Wei followed her closely until she regained her life.Now, she followed Mr.Wei, and had to accompany each other to the end.Walking out of the yard, amidst laughter, they walked slowly back to the main room.Gu Mingzhu saluted with Wei Yuanchen.Get up.Mrs.Lin couldn t hold back and pulled Zhuzhu s hand forward, feeling super cbd gummie pure balance cbd gummies the warmth of her daughter s palm, thinking she wasn t too nervous, Madam Lin was relieved and turned to look at Gu Chongyi.Gu Chongyi stepped forward, according to etiquette, he should admonish his daughter to take care of her husband and raise her children after marriage.The surrounding gradually became quiet, and Gu Chongyi said Zhuzhu, you have to remember that no matter what time you are, you are the apple of your father s and mother s eyes.Master.Madam Lin s voice interrupted Gu Chongyi s thinking.Madam Lin frowned and looked at the robe on Gu Chongyi s body, which was covered with oil stains, and then looked at the messy dishes on the table, what did gupta cbd gummies she say, the youngest person in the house was Lord Hou.Mrs.Lin stretched out her hand to cover Brother Chun s eyes, and she must not teach Brother Chun badly.Master Hou, you were not like this before, Mrs.Lin said, How long has it been since Zhuzhu was married, and you don t care about it Gu Chongyi looked down at how long cbd gummies stay in your system super cbd gummie his brand new robe.Rousi, he wanted to rush out to explain, but Mrs.Lin cbd gummies online gupta cbd gummies who walked into the yard suddenly turned her head.Master Hou, I seem to have heard what Second Master Wei said about the beauty in the golden house Gu Chongyi s heart sank.Mrs.Lin looked worried Is it because of this sentence that you drove the Second Master Wei away No, no, Gu Chongyi hurriedly explained, Madam heard it wrong.

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