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His family conditions are really difficult.His wife is in poor health.He goes to the hospital every three days.The whole son has a medicine jar, and he has to pay for his son to go to college.If not for this, he would not be like this Preoccupied.Han Chaoyang nodded Okay, count it in Early the next morning, Director Liu, who didn t go home at night, went downstairs to check the sanitation of the courtyard as usual.The No.3 Car is back.Policeman Lao Ding of the case handling team pushed the door to get out of the car, and community policeman Lao Wu got out of the car from the right side and opened the back door.Two auxiliary policemen escorted a handcuffed suspect down.Lao Ding signaled the three of them to take the suspect into the detention room, and said with a smile, Suo Liu, I finally caught this kid.

Let him go to Factory 527 at night.What can happen to Factory 527 Factory 527 is under the jurisdiction of Han Chaoyang.The more Chen Xiujuan thought about it, the more strange she became.She how much is 500mg cbd gummies turned on the car s Bluetooth and dialed the phone in the duty room while driving, and asked suspiciously Old Tao, Xu Suo asked me to go to Factory 527, and hung up after a few words.I didn t say clearly on the phone.What s going on Did something happen to Han Chaoyang how much is 500mg cbd gummies What could happen to him He did something big without making a sound He led a group of security guards to destroy a den for producing and selling false certificates, arrested four suspects, and nearly The 20 suspects are in the west of the city, and they will run away if they are not arrested.Can Han Chaoyang solve the case and destroy a den Chen Xiujuan felt that it was a bit unbelievable, and asked suspiciously Is it really a gang that manufactures and sells fake certificates There are thousands of chapters, let me find a box truck to pull them quickly.

Because he was the deputy squadron leader of the Criminal Police Squadron before he was transferred here, everyone called him Team Liang.He was always busy with the case, and he was always in a hurry.Han Chaoyang was not familiar with him, and he seemed to have only said a word in his memory, and he was just saying hello.However, Han Chaoyang is not only very familiar with his apprentice Wu Wei, but also has a very bad impression.One of them was sitting on the sofa studying the mobile phones of the four suspects, and the other was studying the suspect s account book and phone book as if they were very knowledgeable and professional.They obviously planned to do their homework before going back to interrogate the suspect.The busiest one is Zhou Peng, the auxiliary police officer of the case handling team.

Construction investors, demolition companies and demolition companies The company promised to pay a part, and promised to arrive before Friday.Comrade Su Xian also tried every means to undertake the security business of two residential areas, which is equivalent to having a base, regardless of whether it can create economic benefits, at least it can support people.That s how you should do your job.If you can be flexible.To put it bluntly, there is still a question of courage.Comrade Su Xian is capable, competent, and courageous.She is really a heroine, but it is a pity that she will return to her how much is 500mg cbd gummies original unit after all There are so many cadres in the grassroots, and there are not many who can really take root in the grassroots and do a good job.District Chief Gao also has a good impression of Su Xian, and he said with regret green lobster cbd gummies ingredients greenhouse cbd gummies Don t talk about Huayuan Street, our temple in Yandong District is too small.

However, the registration and filing of rental housing requires the payment of taxes.This is changing the law to urge the foreigners living in the village to move.Anyway, they will move sooner or later.Han Chaoyang agreed I want to report to the office first.I will punish so many landlords at once.The office must not be unprepared.You report first, and the community has to make preparations.How about setting the inventory operation tomorrow night Big investigation 2 As soon as the founding ceremony of the patrol team was over, Xiao Guo took the bus allotted by the street to the talent market.He called back just now and said that 12 people had signed up.I will be stationed in Factory 527 within a week, and I will take over the street office and the guard rooms of several units in the street.

The boy was silent.Ring another condor cbd gummies cost how much is 500mg cbd gummies satellite Guan Yuanyuan was overjoyed, hurriedly put on his clothes, and said anxiously The suspected murder of two people is a felon, why are you still standing here Let Lao Xu be on duty in the office, and all the others go to Chaoyang Village.First call Han Chaoyang and let cbd gummies baton rouge him Watch out for the suspect.If you run away and question him, it s as if you re self inflicted and self harming, and you want to question him Instructor, he has a lot of people under his command, and the suspect will definitely not be able to escape.There are so many people under him, where will he find an underling If you don t believe me, Guan Xiyuan simply stopped talking, and immediately ran to inform the people whole foods store cbd gummies living in the residence to prepare to leave.The performance appraisal of the police is carried out in the police station, and the combat indicators are assigned to each policeman.

In his words, it is illegal They even ask everyone to sign a non disclosure agreement when organizing a private photo shoot.The agreement stipulates some rights and obligations, roughly eight items, the most important of which is that the pictures taken cannot be made public, cannot be uploaded to the Internet, and cannot be used as For commercial purposes, it can only be used for private art appreciation.Liu Jianye was disappointed to find out such a result after searching all night, and after thinking about it, he turned around and asked, Xiujuan, you are a legal officer, tell me your opinion.Indecent photos, and very indecent indecent photos.Chen Xiujuan was very embarrassed by this, and she pretended to be calm and said At present, the law does not seem to have any prohibitive regulations on body nude photography , and the person being photographed has the right to handle his own portrait rights, and provide his nude portraits to others for shooting.

Just now he didn t admit that the tricycle belonged to him, which meant that there must be stolen goods in the car.Cao Mingzhi didn t sleep well last night, and he didn t rest in the morning, so his attitude was naturally not good.Where are you going Without hesitation, he took out handcuffs and handcuffed him, dragged him to the side of the tricycle, and asked coldly Be honest, where did this electric car come from Seeing that you don t want to die until you reach the Yellow River, don t even think about why we came here so quickly Comrade policeman, I HCMUSSH how much is 500mg cbd gummies really took it.It cost 500 yuan, and I took it from a young man. Still quibbling, let s go, go to the office and talk.Chapter 90 Eyeliner all over the street 2 Just as the suspect was escorted into the car, Lao Huo suddenly waved towards this side with his mobile phone.

If you ride an electric car It only takes half an hour to commute to and from get off work.I found a good place, and I will move tomorrow.My landlord s house still has two rooms, which are bigger than where you used to live, and it is a new house, very clean. How much is it a month 450, with air conditioning, bathroom, and wireless.Okay, let s go and see tomorrow.Moving is undoubtedly the topic they talked about most recently.Han Chaoyang suddenly felt an inexplicable sense of guilt, as how much is 500mg cbd gummies if he drove them away.I don t know and I am even more embarrassed to participate in this topic, so I just laughed and said nothing.We ve also found it.Let s go to Yangguan Village.It s a coincidence that the previous landlord s house happened to have two vacant rooms.He still remembers me and Lao Pan.He was very polite and didn t even ask for a deposit.

He simply picked up the patrol inspection terminal and checked the identities of the outsiders wandering outside together with the police and auxiliary police guards at how much is 500mg cbd gummies the intersection of the second team.certificate.Why don t you bring your ID card when you come out Uncle policeman, I live in front, I just took a shower, I just changed clothes, and I don t go far.Why do you bring your ID card Give me your name and ID number.Yu Xiaoping , ID number 330521 The young man remembered very clearly that Liu Jianye entered the query to confirm that there was no problem, and then asked, Do you have asteroids cbd isolate gummies a residence permit Without a residence permit, you will be fined.Tian added a WeChat group in Chaoyang Village, explaining Uncle policeman, I just moved here from Chaoyang Village.People from the Chaoyang Community Service Station and the Police Office asked me to how much is 500mg cbd gummies work here.

I know you re coming.Han Chaoyang put down his chopsticks and pushed the freshly opened Laoganma Beef Sauce in front of him.He worked overtime every day and stayed up late every day.Nothing tasted like anything, and he couldn t eat without spicy sauce.Tang Junwei secretly thought that his own people don t need to be polite, so he simply smiled and said, Okay, I ll go wash my hands first.Hurry up, it will be cold if you don t eat.Just as Tang Junwei walked out of the conference room, the phone rang suddenly, and Han Chaoyang smoothly Pressed the hands free button and asked, Zhen Chuan, have you come back Where have you been I ordered takeaway.Come back and eat together.On the scene.What s going on Han Chaoyang was surprised how a police case that wasn t considered a police case could be so troublesome, while Chen Jie, Li Xiaobin, Xiao Wu and the others found it inconceivable and looked at the phone in unison.

I ll make a report tomorrow morning.Director Wang of our District Law Enforcement Bureau is very supportive.It s easy to talk, and Ke Jianrong s gang not only creates urban psoriasis crazily, but is also involved in illegal crimes, Director Wang will definitely pay attention to it and help.To take Ke Jianrong down in one fell swoop, you need a lot of evidence.How could Han Chaoyang not agree, turned around and said with a smile, No problem, Chen Jie is on duty tonight, let Chen Jie clean it up for you.I ll hand it over to you.The murderer has been turned away by you, so it s nothing, it s no problem, and I ll stand up for you at that time.It s a deal, I ll withdraw first.I ll give it away You.Don t send it off, you should go to bed early.Drive slowly on the road.Don t worry, it s not far away.

If it continues 500mg cbd gummy green lobster cbd gummies ingredients like this, it will not work, and it will be held when conditions permit, at least once a month on the 1st.As a dispatched agency of the party committee and government, it is impossible not to take the national flag raising seriously.Director Gu suggested Secretary Yang, otherwise, the condor cbd gummies cost how much is 500mg cbd gummies 1st of next month will also be August 1st Army Day, and we will organize a flag raising ceremony at the office for street cadres, career cadres, and green lobster cbd gummies ingredients greenhouse cbd gummies re employed, retired, and demobilized soldiers who can be contacted.At that time, this side will be raised first, and we can set the time at 8 o clock, and wait for the old factory manager and Xiao Han to finish it, and then organize a choir, band and patrol team to participate in the flag raising ceremony on the street.That s a good idea., Xiaohan must be fine, old factory manager, can you do it here We have no problem, just afraid that we won t be able to get on the bus during the rush hour.

Liang Dongsheng sighed lightly, got into the police car and dialed the phone number .

how much cbd is in each gummy?

of the deputy head of the special case team.After listening to the report, Xi Da said coldly Comrade Dongsheng, if there is no clue, there is nothing to do.If there is a clue, we must investigate it to the end.Aren t you there By the way, bring this Ren Haixiang back so that the economic detectives can understand the situation of fraudulent loans.This All the 4S stores condor cbd gummies cost how much is 500mg cbd gummies will be closed for a while, take a break after you bring them to the task force, and visit all the 4S stores in the city tomorrow morning, and continue to track down that Yao.Chapter 136 The determination is made Wu Wei and him The master was busy visiting and inquiring, very tired.Han Chaoyang was also very tired when he took his mother around to look around on an electric scooter.

Ma Fengying likes it more and more.Thinking of the housing prices that she has learned in the past few days, she can t help asking Chaoyang, a bright future The location is so good, the surrounding environment is so beautiful, and it is next to the city hall, how can it sell for 15,610 square meters A better environment is more beautiful.Han Chaoyang turned his head and smiled, and continued Besides being next to the city government now doesn t mean it will still be next to it in the future, the development zone is to the east, and there is a new district to the north.Go to the new district, it s under construction there, and we ll move there when it s finished.Ma Fengying is not an ignorant rural woman, she murmured The land in the city is valuable, so sell the current office building to the developer, and move the municipal government to the city.

He stared at Han Chaoyang and asked curiously What s the matter, who is it, why don t I know Who else, Huang Ying, you know Yes.Han Chaoyang wiped the corner of his mouth with a smug expression.I m going, I really caught up, it s amazing It s not considered to be catching up.It was my sincerity that moved her and decided to give me a chance.The revolution has not yet succeeded, and I have to work hard in the future.It s almost there, it seems that I have to sell everything to buy a house, and I can t even find a girlfriend if I don t have a house in the city. What do you mean, Yingying is not that snobbish, I have known her for a long time, and we even went to meet each other After getting married, she even introduced and bought the house, we already have a foundation of love, and this is a matter of course.

With a big wave of his hand, the special police officers who were guarding around got into the car one after another.He got into the first police car without even saying hello to the instructor, and led the convoy to escort the suspect to the north.The technical police and the forensic doctor are still busy condor cbd gummies cost how much is 500mg cbd gummies below.The roads, bridges, and ridges are full of people.If there is no traffic police, the roads will be blocked.We can t close the team now, we can only continue to wait.After waiting for about an hour, the funeral car arrived.The technical police and the forensic doctor put Qiao Xianhong s body in a body bag and carried it to the bridge from below.The moment they passed each other, how much is 500mg cbd gummies a foul smell came to his nostrils.Han Chaoyang felt sick and hurriedly covered his mouth and nose with his hands.

Can it be done The special subsidy for the management of migrant population has been approved, and now it is short of supporting funds.20,000 yuan is not much, and the village is working Find a way.As soon as the money is in place, cbd gummie bear we can arrange people to go over here, and then you will be much more relaxed.Others may not be able to set up the public security defense team, but this one in front of him can definitely.Old Xu knew how highly valued he was by the street leaders, and was about to say a few nice words to flatter him, when Han Chaoyang suddenly asked Old Xu, when you came over, did Xiaobin and I catch those boys on Shijia Road at night Let s go. How did you deal with it It s no secret can cbd gummies give you diarrhea how much is 500mg cbd gummies that the office is very lively in the morning.Old Xu lit a cigarette, couldn t help laughing and said Detention is not enough, how can we deal with it, we can only hit 50 boards each, let the surname Bao give the boy the wages in arrears, and then fine him, it s like punishing him alone five hundred.

Village head Cui knew very well that he could not handle the Chaoyang community on the issue of organizing security patrol forces, but he also did not want to make it too shabby.He was not satisfied with alms for 30,000 yuan, so he came out of Xinlong Steel Structure Company and dragged Han Chaoyang to several houses., looking for a few richer small bosses in the village.Boss Li of the cement prefabrication plant was willing to offer 2,000, Boss Huang of the supermarket offered 1,000, and Boss Wu of logistics offered 1,000 He ran to more than a dozen stores non stop until four o clock in the afternoon, and finally got more than 50,000.sponsor.It can be seen from this that he is quite powerful as the village chief, who would give this face to anyone else.With the money, Han Chaoyang was very happy, and immediately called Lao Jin and asked Lao Jin and Xiao Zhong to come over to discuss specific matters with Cui Village Chief.

How could Su Xian not know Gao Yueqing s hard work, and how much is 500mg cbd gummies raised her head with a smile Donghai Conservatory of Music You are so famous, there are not many people who study music, and there are even how much is 500mg cbd gummies fewer people who specialize in violin performance like you, the City Music Association needs talents like you, and needs fresh blood.Let s see if we can make it this year.Gao Yueqing turned to look at Huang Ying, and continued, Apply to join the Municipal Music Association first, and if you have time, apply to join the Provincial Music Association.Wait for some achievements in cultural activities in the future, and wait for the performance and conduct After the level has improved, you can apply for a national second level performer, and you can apply to join the Chinese Musicians Association when you have a deputy senior title.

Okay, that s it.The content is ready made Yes, Zheng Xinyi moved extremely fast.Su Xian had just returned to the performance site and took a few photos with her mobile phone.The WeChat official account of the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Brigade already had four or five news items, and the layout of the interface was also very beautiful.Su Xian immediately forwarded it to the work groups of the neighborhood committee and the patrol team, and then notified the police and patrol members who were maintaining order one by one.The choir actors sang on it, the dance team danced on it, and Han Chaoyang conducted on it, and they spread the WeChat public account of Chaoyang Community Volunteer difference between delta 8 and cbd gummies Security Patrol Team row by row below.This is not only for the how much is 500mg cbd gummies dr oz cbd gummies website patrol team but also for our neighborhood committee.

The police department has so much work, because Xiao Binbin s affairs are almost becoming a charity foundation, and he has brought in all these troublesome errands in a daze.Never be troublesome how much is 500mg cbd gummies in the future, never be troublesome in the future, never be troublesome in the future Important things are usually said three times.Han Chaoyang, who was so busy that he didn t even have time to talk about love, really regretted it.He didn t know how many times he secretly reminded himself on the way back.However, as soon as I arrived at the police office, after Chen Jie reminded me to go to the meeting room on the first floor of the neighborhood committee, my mood suddenly improved, and I felt that the world was really full of love.Chaoyang, you re finally back.Come, let s sit down and talk.Aunt Ye, this is I got them from home, and they haven t expired.

If it weren t for the Construction Bureau, Planning Bureau, Price Bureau, Transportation Bureau, China Merchants Bureau, and the Party School of the District Party Committee who were eliminated in the primary election, it would take four or five hours for each unit to sing a song.Whoever sings first how much is 500mg cbd gummies dr oz cbd gummies website and who will sing second is all carefully considered by the director team.The large scale song and dance on Huayuan Street and Yandong Public Security Bureau was unsurprisingly ranked last, as the finale of the whole party The community group choir organized by the District Federation of Literary and Art Circles took the stage.The reason why the Construction Bureau and other units were eliminated has a HCMUSSH how much is 500mg cbd gummies lot to do with the poor selection of the repertoire.Like others, they selected and sang Songs of One, Two, Three and Four , I am a Soldier , March of the Big Sword , Soldiers from East, West, North and South can cbd gummies give you diarrhea how much is 500mg cbd gummies , Learning from Lei Feng s Good Example and other familiar military songs, the result was that I didn t prepare enough and sang it well, so I was eliminated in the first round.

He took a deep breath and said with a smile Xiao Han, do the school leaders pay attention to it Is there any funding Can you recruit them When it comes to art students, let s put it aside for now, and tell me how many musicians are needed to form an orchestra.I m free how much is 500mg cbd gummies and I m free, let s chat with you, not to mention that I m really interested in this topic.Han Chaoyang pondered for a moment, and said like a few treasures Generally speaking, to form a medium sized orchestra requires about 65 musicians, that is to say, at least 65 instruments.There are 22 violinists, including 12 first violinists.People, 10 second violins, 6 violas, 8 cellos, 6 double basses, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 500mg cbd gummy green lobster cbd gummies ingredients 3 trumpets, 4 French horns Wait, let me make a note.Knowing that this is an impossible thing to do, he actually took it seriously and took out his mobile phone to record it in the memo.

Although Kang Haigen s situation in the office is not as bad as when Han Chaoyang first came , but not much better.On the surface, the police respected him very much, but they didn t know what they were thinking in their hearts.Anyway, they wouldn t look for him for nothing.It s hard to win real respect if you don t do something, but what can you do with the internal police team.He froze for a moment, and immediately smiled and said, Not busy, what s the matter Come in and tell me, let Xiao Han report to you.Good relationship, Kang Haigen walked into the office, motioned Han Chaoyang not to get up, pulled out a chair and sat opposite Gu Jindou, and asked with great interest Chaoyang, you are the most handsome policeman , what can be difficult for you Report to the Kang Institute, the matter is like this If others dare to regard the deputy director in front of them as a leader, Han Chaoyang, a newcomer, would not dare to explain the ins and outs of the matter again and again.

Du Ju not only felt that the leaders of PolyU were powerful , but also felt that the immediate boss in front of him was also not a fuel efficient lamp.He suppressed a smile and asked Zhou Ju, since we are losing money no matter what, can we agree to their conditions Dealing with them, we can count on taking advantage of them Zhou Ju knocked on the ashes and said with emotion For us, there are several such large units in the jurisdiction, which is a headache for us, but some jobs are also relatively difficult.Don t worry.They have all the functional departments that they should have, at least it is not so troublesome in population management.The key is how to deal with such units.I think this is an opportunity to let Han Chaoyang be a policeman on campus and let him play his best.The role of a bridge.

In fact, you don t need to find another property company, the community can apply to register one Director Su made a request just now when he researched one by one.According to what she said, then the property company of Dongming Community will really change from a contract type property company to a salary type property company.It is difficult for residents to do their jobs.With the property management company in place, the neighborhood committee can still supervise, supervise, and coordinate.If the neighborhood committee runs the property management company naked, there will be no room for maneuver in the future.Han Chaoyang didn t think it was a good idea to register and set up a property company in the community, and he didn t want Manager Zhang to pick him up, so he couldn t help saying, Manager Zhang, if you earn less, you can earn less.

The reason was delayed.School starts on September 1.There is nothing more how much is 500mg cbd gummies important than children going to school, and without a real estate certificate, they cannot register.Therefore, the time before HCMUSSH how much is 500mg cbd gummies school starts is the peak period for homeowners to defend their rights.The branch introduced the security business of a concert.Director Su was a hundred times more eloquent than before, and it didn t matter whether the patrol team was going to maintain order this time in Huayuan Street or not.Han Chaoyang dispatched 20 people green lobster cbd gummies ingredients greenhouse cbd gummies from various squadrons and rushed to Jinshan International in a hurry.The scene was really lively.The sales department outside the east gate of the community was occupied by emotional owners, with more than a dozen large banners such as Kids going to school at the door.

Fun is fun, but Huang Ying still doesn t feel at ease after thinking about it.If there is anything to worry about, I have explained it to Chang Sheng.Besides, it is only assistance, it is only to maintain order at the law enforcement scene, and she does not need to temporarily seize things.She s full of energy now, and when the enthusiasm passes, she ll realize that you re playing tricks on her.This is work too, so it s okay if you play tricks on her.Chapter 236 The phone was hijacked Enough weird things happened tonight, and it turned how much is 500mg cbd gummies out there were even stranger things.I thought that although I moved to the faculty dormitory of PolyU, I couldn t be lazy because of it.I was going to go out as usual, patrol around 500mg cbd gummy green lobster cbd gummies ingredients 12 o clock and then go back to sleep.Not only did Huang Ying go there first without making excuses, but let me wait.

Chapter 238 Difficult task 2 The police office is not considered a unit, but there are four policemen including Miao Haizhu who is training at the grassroots level.More than one will involve how to divide labor and cooperate in the future.Han Chaoyang suggested that Miao Haizhu go deep into the Xinmin community.Grandpa Gu felt that it was necessary to hold a small meeting, and the four of them sat down to discuss future work together.I don t know if Miao Haizhu rested too late last night and couldn t get up in the morning, or he didn t get a ride to Zhongshan Road, it was already 8 o clock and no one arrived yet.There is a lot of work today, and Grandpa Gu didn t want to wait any longer, so he raised his head and said, Old Tang, let s start first.Compared with the Xinmin Community and Longren Community you manage, our area is relatively small and the mass base how much is 500mg cbd gummies is better.

He handed Jiang Da the cigarette butt in the bag.Great cbd gummies doses China, Jiang Da looked down at the words on the filter, stared at him and asked, Feng Guoyu, there are so many people in the village, did Feng Changdong come back, did he come to see you after he came back, just find a few people Just ask and you can find out the truth.Tell the truth, don t take chances, don t scare your two grandchildren.III really don t know.I don t know, Feng Guoyu, I see you If you don t get to the Yellow River, your heart how much is 500mg cbd gummies dr oz cbd gummies website will never die Jiang Da slapped the table down, and said sharply Raise your head, look at me, and talk nonsense with your eyes open, you know what you are doing, you broke the law, do you know I I didn t deal drugs, I didn t break the law, don t scare me.I m scaring you, I m really a legal illiteracy, listen clearly, if you don t tell the truth, you will be suspected of harboring a fugitive, do you know what harboring a fugitive is Article 310 of the Criminal Law stipulates Whoever knowingly provides a hiding place or property for a person who has committed a crime, helps him escape, or makes a false certificate to cover up, shall be sentenced to fixed term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention or public surveillance Seriously, you will be sentenced to fixed term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than ten years Several young people were arrested or even shot for drug trafficking.

The headquarters informed Feng Changdong that he was wearing a gray jacket on top and light blue on the bottom.Jeans, brown leather shoes, and a black travel bag.When he absconded from his uncle Feng Guobao s house at about 10 20 yesterday morning, he had two bottles of Wahaha mineral water and no dry food.The headquarters asked us to Pay attention to safety, and report any traces of it in time.Have a gun Yes, it has how much is 500mg cbd gummies been confirmed.Feng Guobao told Feng Changdong that he has a pistol on him.From Feng Guobao s description, it should be a May 4th military pistol.Or an imitation May 4th pistol, how many rounds of bullets are unknown, so the headquarters asked us not to act rashly when we found its trace.That bastard actually has a gun He was so close to him yesterday morning, if Jiang Li caught up with him when he chased him out, and he stubbornly resisted and shot, then the person who is going to be rounded up now is likely to be a fugitive suspected of killing three people, including a policeman.

What s going on The wind on the top of the mountain is strong, and the smell dissipates quickly.The police dogs the police dogs can t smell the fugitive s how much is 500mg cbd gummies smell.The police with dogs are trying to find a way.Other police officers are searching for possible traces left by the fugitive.Deputy Director Wu of the Municipal Bureau didn t know much about police dog technology, so he subconsciously asked, Xiao Yang, how far can a police dog smell After running more than ten kilometers, can it find it There how much is 500mg cbd gummies is ree drummond selling cbd gummies should be no problem about ten kilometers.Are you sure there is no problem No problem, the two police dogs being tracked are all meritorious dogs in the bureau, and we not only have The source of smell, the smell environment in the forest area is also more conducive to the tracking of the police dog.

Excellent, one who worked tirelessly to help the masses carry water and fell down while helping the masses to push and pull water on the slope.One assisted our police in uncovering a case of illegal reselling of ephedra grass, and seized more than 120 kilograms of ephedra grass on the spot.The party committee of the bureau studied It was decided to reward these two comrades at the ceremony of Fire Line Meritorious green lobster cbd gummies ingredients greenhouse cbd gummies Service and Fire Line Joining the Party.At the same time, three policemen were awarded for meritorious service, which was different.A how much is 500mg cbd gummies total of twelve people came, one was awarded second class personal meritorious service, two One is rewarded, and the real reward is rewarding Although Bureau Fan felt that this plan was acceptable, he still smiled and said, It turns out that Xiao Guan how many 500mg cbd gummies can you take and Xiao Ning also performed very well.

It is an honor to receive an award for meritorious service Chen Xiujuan was not only envious, but even a little bit jealous, and muttered People are more angry than others.I only got one award after working for five years, and he made a second class meritorious service during the probationary period.And this is just the beginning.It will be the same after I come back.Will participate in the year how much is 500mg cbd gummies end awards, at least one third class merit, maybe two, he has a bumper harvest this year.Envy Liu Suo, one after another meritorious service, who is not envious Envy is to work hard, Honors don t fall from the sky, they come from hard work As Xu s instructor said, the street granted Huang Yingte five days leave, and she flew to Xinlan City with Huang s political commissar, and then took Xinlan Vehicles from the Municipal Bureau rushed to the Longdao County Public Security Bureau without stopping.

The leader begged for mercy.You only have one chance, as long as you honestly explain the how much is 500mg cbd gummies facts of the crime, as long as you have a good attitude in pleading guilty, as long as you can actively return the stolen goods, our public security organs can make an exception, and the school can also consider giving you a chance to change your mind and start a new life.Interpol The fact that they have been squatting at PolyU shows that they have the evidence, not to mention that the nonsense just made up cannot stand scrutiny at all.Zhu Youwei was so frightened that he didn t dare to quibble anymore, and he didn t dare to talk about it anymore.Tears of remorse rolled down his face, and he confessed the crime facts with tears in his nose It is confirmed that the suspect s psychological defense has been defeated upstairs, and the suspect has already confessed.

He agreed to go to 20 people and only charge 6,000 yuan.Compared to being blackmailed by the villagers for 30,000 to 40,000 or even 40,000 to 50,000 yuan, spending 6,000 yuan is not much.However, for the Chaoyang Community Security Company, this short, flat and fast business of picking up relatives is also profitable.To go to 20 security guards, it is calculated as 300 per person, and the company will give the security guards at most 100, and the 200 is a net profit.Han Chaoyang also believed that sending 20 young men armed to the teeth should be able to bring the bride back before the auspicious time, but this matter has too many uncertainties.In case of physical conflict with the locals, it will be very difficult.trouble.As the manager of a security company, Lao Jin only has money in his eyes, as long as how much is 500mg cbd gummies he takes care of it, he doesn t worry about the repercussions.

South Received at the south gate.Received at the north gate, received at the north gate.Received by the third class, received by the third class Today is different from usual, new students enroll, old students register, and people on campus Many, the cadres of the security department and the security guards are all on duty, the four gates and one gate are all guarded, and there are cadres of the security department leading the security patrols in the campus.After receiving the reply from the school guards, Han Chaoyang switched the intercom to another frequency Duty Room Duty Room, I m Han Chaoyang, please pay close attention to the surveillance from the gymnasium to the activity center, and cbd gummies with cbn pay attention to three suspicious men who are fleeing in a hurry.One of them The man is wearing a plaid shirt, and the other man is wearing a black advertising shirt.

Comrade Han Chaoyang, what s the situation A second level police inspector approached, and Han Chaoyang didn t know what to call him.An auxiliary policeman introduced in a low voice This is the rich station of our Beitai Police Station.Fusuo is good, the situation is like this, there is a man s body in the yellow sand that this master took away from it, and the superior asked me to come and protect the scene.Han Chaoyang didn t know Fusuo, but Fusuo knew him as the most handsome policeman, but now It s not the time for small talk.While leading the crowd to the storage yard by the river, he asked, You are the driver, what is your surname and name Chu Yicheng.Where did you load the sand from Sand pile.Who loaded the car for you Xiao Sun helped me load it, and the loader is still parked there.

They usually not only assist our branch to maintain social order, 500mg cbd gummy green lobster cbd gummies ingredients but also assist the street in comprehensive law enforcement.Ji Yuqin was so surprised that he couldn t believe his ears.Fan Ju, it s not that I don t trust you, but that the impact of this incident is too bad.The county leader just called me.What do you want me to do now The impact has already been caused.I know this matter is difficult to deal with, but there is a reason for it.The Planning Bureau, don t be angry if you insist on doing business as usual, and you don t even need to send the police.I will call the Chaoyang Community nr3 cbd gummies Neighborhood Committee for you.Let the manager of the community security service company turn himself in to you.It doesn t matter if they are detained or fined, but in the end they won t step down, let alone our sub bureau.

Deputy head Luo rushed to the project headquarters and held a small meeting with the three deputy leaders of the special project team, including Tengda, and decided to expand the time frame of the car inspection.The traffic control center reported six times more car passing records than before.It is obviously too busy to rely on Han Chaoyang, Wu Wei and other six policemen to call and inquire one by one.It was a race against time, of course Gong Da would not just watch just cbd vegan hemp gummies the fighter plane slip away, and immediately assigned the task to several criminal police squadrons of the Gaoxin District Bureau, and asked the auxiliary police officers of the respective squadrons of the criminal police organizations that did not participate in the murder investigation to call together to inquire.Han Chaoyang and Wu Wei were then freed from the customer service work, and were responsible for summarizing the query results fed back by each unit and integrating the information fed back by each team.

Giving things away There is no reason to take it back.Sheng Yanwen sat up, hugged the pillow and said, Don t think I don t know, you haven t completely changed your career, you are both a policeman and a special lecturer at PolyU s School of Art, and you want to lead apprentices and help PolyU form a symphony band I have become a university teacher, how can I not have a decent piano.I m an amateur, I don t need such a good piano, and it s too expensive, I can t bear it.Chaoyang, don t do biolyfe cbd gummies reviews this, this is A little heart from me.This is not a trivial matter, and it has to be how much is 500mg cbd gummies said, Han Chaoyang turned to look at Huang Ying, held the phone tightly and said, I ve got the heart, Qin will send it to you later.Yanwen, I don t how much is 500mg cbd gummies want to It makes you sad, but I still want to say a few words from my heart.

Big green lobster cbd gummies ingredients greenhouse cbd gummies river prawns, black fish, crayfish, eels, old turtles There is a big table full, if the dishes on this table in Boss Deng s restaurant cost less than 1,000 yuan, they can t afford it.Liquor is more than a hundred bottles of sea blue, and smoke is Greater China.But no one moved their chopsticks much, just talking.Director Qi first asked about Han Chaoyang s work situation, and then asked about Miao Haizhu s current situation.Hearing that Miao Haizhu went to the grassroots to take part in 500mg cbd gummy green lobster cbd gummies ingredients training and worked under Han Chaoyang s undermanship , tears almost burst out of tears, and he kept talking about how this happened skillful.Boss Miao took the opportunity to mention Miao Haizhu s personal problems, and said worriedly Chaoyang, Yingying, no matter how strong Haizhu is, she is a girl after all.

He got married early, his son is four years old, and now he has a big belly, and he plans to have a second child Back then, those classmates, especially the female classmates, got married relatively early.Being a mother is normal, and having a second child is also normal.But Miao Haizhu didn t like it when she heard it, and muttered She is her, I am me, what is the comparison I make up my own mind about my affairs, and you don t need to worry about it.No matter what my father tells you, Just listen to it, don t take it seriously.Understood, who are you, do you need others to worry about finding a partner Han Chaoyang asked back, suppressing a smile and said But there is one thing I think you Dad doesn t want to be joking, he really plans to go to Yanyang to buy a house.Why don t you ask Yingying to inquire after she goes back to see if there are any owners in Splendid Future who plan to sell the house, and if so, just buy it in our community, so that we can be neighbors in the future.

Third Chapter 174 International After eating in the conference room on the first floor, the interrogation on the second floor also made progress.Yu Zhenchuan and Miao Haizhu knocked on the door of the meeting room with a stack of transcripts, and reported in front of Han Chaoyang, Wu Junfeng and others Bao Suo, Zou Yanqing and Li Ziqiang have how much is 500mg cbd gummies confessed.Not only did they steal the 16 electric cars stolen from Xinmin Community Yes, crimes have been committed in Xinyuan Road Times Internet Caf , No.22 Middle School, Xinmin Vegetable Market and other places.Because they hemp bombs cbd gummies 25mg stole too many cars, I can t even remember how many cars were stolen in total.I know that once such a case is solved, it will be a hit.Chuaner, Bao Suo subconsciously asked About how many cars From what the two of them explained, they stole the first electric car in the community since August last year without being found.

Office to solve it. Inspector Gu, I m here to assist Chaoyang s work.Liu Suo and the trainer made it very clear that I listen to Chaoyang. You are partners, and there is no one who listens to the other.You must respect each other.Learn from each other.Yes, learn from each other.The topic of retirement is too sensitive for the old man.Han Zhaoyang smiled and turned around and asked, how much is 500mg cbd gummies dr oz cbd gummies website Director Su, why do you have time to inspect our work today Inspection work, why not inspect and guide, I said Chaoyang, I haven t seen you for a few days, you medical marijuana cbd gummies are getting more and more bureaucratic.Just kidding, I heard from Yingying that you plan to set up another entity, and it will still be a joint stock company Su Xian was amused, and laughed and said In this matter, although the security company is also an entity, you know that it is purely for making money.

This was not a matter of obedience, but a fear of difficulties.After all, the suspect had fled abroad.It seemed an impossible task to arrest him with the resources of the branch office.The young man is different, he really takes the task assigned by his superiors to heart, no matter how difficult the task is, he has been perseveringly pursuing it.Zhou Ju felt that it was not luck, how much is 500mg cbd gummies but that the young man had a more responsible attitude towards work than other policemen He returned to the meeting room calmly, sat down how much is 500mg cbd gummies and continued the meeting, and did not follow out of the meeting room until the secretary announced the end of the meeting to call Feng Bureau to find out the progress.Chu Zhengnan has arrived at the bureau and is being questioned downstairs.Qian Fangyi also contacted him.He expressed his active cooperation in our arrest and promised not to act rashly.

I don t know, why don t we go over and have a look.Gan Suo pretended to be ignorant, parked the police car aside, and accompanied him to the gate of the decoration city.As he walked forward, Grandpa Gu realized that something was wrong.All the boys on duty at the event site were young men from the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team, all smiling without speaking, but with meaningful eyes.Many hawkers who sell things at roadside stalls also know him, and when they see him, they gather around to say hello.Inspector Gu, you re back Inspector Gu, you can transfer me if you say so.I condor cbd gummies cost how much is 500mg cbd gummies ve been away for two or three months.Yes, how much is 500mg cbd gummies yes, in our line of business, you can go wherever your superiors tell you to go.There were too many people, and Grandpa Gu couldn t handle it at all.When he was about to squeeze to the door of the event site, he was greeted by a few more familiar villagers.

Just after I drove the 110 police car out of the police station, my mother in law rang, asking what time I got off work and whether I was going to the hotel for dinner.It was only then that Han Chaoyang remembered that the Chaoyang International Youth Hostel was officially open today, and it was only a trial operation before.The reason why the official opening was postponed until today was not because the preparations were not done well, nor was the procedure incomplete, but because I had read the almanac, which said that how much is 500mg cbd gummies today is an auspicious day suitable for opening.Regardless of the trial opening or the official opening, it has become his third home in Yanyang, at least it can be regarded as the third place to eat, but obviously he can t go tonight.Han Chaoyang explained, touched the bluetooth headset and asked curiously Mom, how is the occupancy rate today I can only arrive.

If something happens to Zhang Ziyue, the colleagues in Fujiang will definitely contact relatives as soon as possible instead of following them.That means there is something wrong green lobster cbd gummies ingredients greenhouse cbd gummies with Zhang Ziyue Nonsense Zhang Beibei rolled her eyes at Wu Wei, and said angrily, No problem, can she leave behind her beloved and her own daughter and leave without saying goodbye The key is what s wrong with Zhang Ziyue, Huang Ying took over the conversation and analyzed it enthusiastically Said If she hasn t left with Xinxin perez hilton cbd gummies s father, or if her ex husband comes to make trouble for her, she may leave without saying goodbye because she doesn t want to hurt Ling Bin and Xinxin, but the Fujiang police will not follow here because of this matter.In other words, she does not have a problem, but a big problem Zhang Beibei looked back subconsciously, green farm cbd gummies review and said nervously She may be a wanted criminal, and even if she is not a wanted criminal, she is still the person Fujiang police are looking for.

He drove Lao Jin s car to the downstairs of the PolyU teachers dormitory.Li Xiaobin didn t does cbd gummies show up on a drug test even need to change his uniform, and went directly to the security room at the South Gate of PolyU.Facts have proved that Han Chaoyang s how much is 500mg cbd gummies dr oz cbd gummies website judgment is very accurate.Sister Wei followed Xie Lingling and Miao Haizhu from a distance, and followed PolyU from the south gate of Dongming Community.She watched Xie Lingling greet teachers and students, and watched Xie Lingling and Miao Haizhu walk into the doorway of the dormitory together.Xie Lingling opened the door and walked into the dormitory, and asked with a wry smile, My police officer Miao, what are you doing What a surprise Don t be so loud, can cbd gummies give you diarrhea how much is 500mg cbd gummies it s a surprise.curtain.Don t play tricks, you think I m just playing, we re rehearsing, and the winter vacation is about to start, and this year s rehearsals won t last for a few days.

Ling Bin was surfing the Internet.When he saw Han Chaoyang standing at the door, he subconsciously stood up.Miao Haizhu squeezed into the duty room, sat on the bed and pointed to Xinxin who was sleeping soundly, and then pointed to the door.Ling Bin came to his senses, grabbed the cigarette and lighter, walked out of the duty room, and went to the kitchen with Han Chaoyang and Huang Ying.Officer Han, is there any news about Ziyue Ling Bin asked eagerly.Say it, I m dying of anxiety Huang Ying was more anxious than Ling Bin, pushing his arm to urge him.Han Chaoyang didn t know how to organize his words, so he just gritted his teeth and said bluntly Brother Ling, you have been with Xinxin s mother for so long, in fact, you have .

what are the best cbd gummies for anxiety?

discovered that she has many abnormalities, but you didn t think about it.

Political Commissar Huang put down his teacup, and pondered There is already a Kang Haigen.I think it is not appropriate to select a policeman from the agency to serve as the deputy director.It will affect both the work and the morale of the team.Director Du said in a low voice Directly How about selecting from the policemen at the Huayuan Street Police Station It s okay to smoke a few cigarettes at night.Anyway, no one will see when the door is closed.Zhou Ju took out a cigarette from his bag, scattered one and asked, It s okay to choose from the police.Who do you think is competent If you just watch Whether you are competent or not, as long as you meet the requirements, there are many candidates.That s true, but one must be selected.Comrade Yang Tao is very capable, has a sense of responsibility, and has a certain prestige in the institute.

Brigade, and then sent to the Zhongshan Road Police District as the chief of police, fully responsible for the work of the police district Why didn t I say it earlier, it was shocking.After confirming that he hadn t been masturbated, Han Chaoyang finally let out a sigh of relief.As for being transferred to the security brigade, it is no different from not being transferred.Anyway, people who are transferred to the security brigade still have to stay at the grassroots level, and it is impossible to sit in an office.In the words of the leader, it is just to straighten out the relationship.As for the sheriff, it was a joke.Because this sergeant is not that sergeant, long before the reform of the sheriff system, the police station began to appoint sheriff , and the criminal police team began to appoint detective.

Han Chaoyang looked at Grandpa Gu who was coming towards him, and said with a smile The bureau decided to turn the Zhongshan Road Comprehensive Police Platform into the Zhongshan Road Police District, and take me from Huayuan Street.The police station was transferred to the Public Security Brigade, and then from the Public Security Brigade, I was sent back to serve as the police chief of the police district.From now on, I will be a policeman who will stay at the grassroots level every day.Huang Ying laughed and said, Is this transfer interesting Interesting At least it is more legitimate than it is now.After all, this side of the road is under the control of the Xinyuan Street Police Station, and the opposite side of how much is 500mg cbd gummies dr oz cbd gummies website the road is under the control of the Huayuan Street Police Station.I m not a policeman from the Xinyuan Street Police Station, I represent the branch office, and I can be impartial no matter what happens.

If he was not worried about revealing his identity, he would have taken the shoes away Go get them to refund the money, anyway, many passengers are deceived every day.Wu Junfeng thought for a while, and then said The owner of the second small shop on the east side of the station gate is not disciplined.When changing money, he made tricks, folded ten yuan notes in half, counted them in front of others, and gave them ten yuan as twenty.When he was discovered, he excused not paying attention.He didn t find it at the time.Deny it.There is no evidence, and the case is not worth much.We know that there is nothing we can do about him. This Gao Yahua, he is so tired of being taught Old Dai felt very embarrassed, and said with a gloomy face, I will go to the court later.Look for him and ask him if he wants to go in Dai Da, don t worry, his shop is open at the entrance, and the monks can t escape the temple if he runs away.

Old Dai found out that this work can be done, so he couldn t help asking with a smile how much is 500mg cbd gummies Chaoyang, what about the scalpers We can t control the scalpers, and the city management can t control the scalpers.They can only come to the bottom of the pot.Han Chaoyang suddenly turned around and pointed to the service desk in the station hall We can t handle this matter, you have to come forward in person, you can discuss it with the station leaders, and see if you can HCMUSSH how much is 500mg cbd gummies do it outside the station.Set up another service point to help those passengers who have not bought a ticket to solve the problem of returning home. During the Spring Festival travel season, the station is obliged to help. If the station can help coordinate the solution, who will look for scalpers, no one Looking for scalpers, scalpers will naturally not be able to do it.

, I only heard the policeman climbing the mountain late at night eagerly asking, How far is it, and is the direction correct , The suspect shot, is Comrade Han Chaoyang injured There is no background music, only nervous and hasty phone calls.The screen kept shaking, and only the position that the flashlight could reach was visible, and it was blurry.The policemen and armed police who walked in front were loaded with live ammunition, and some people kept wrestling as they rushed to the scene.Even those who did not stumble, their faces, necks, arms, and even their police uniforms were scratched by the thorns in the mountains, and all of them were injured just by walking.Then, a little light appeared ahead.The policeman who led the team shouted and rushed green lobster cbd gummies ingredients forward.Following the shaking of the law enforcement recorder, a policeman who looked like a bloody man was sitting on the ground.

If I were the leader, I would definitely hire you.I hope so.Have confidence in yourself.Sure, it s fine.Get ready to treat.Tang Junwei, who hadn t said anything, squeezed forward and said with a smile, Chaoyang, I reported to Director Gu just now, and Director Gu is very supportive of the rectification of the three disturbances in the station, and he will wait for the fine to be returned.I will come up with some support for your anti pickup team.Thank you very much, what we need most now is funds.It should be, I said I support your anti pickup team, but in fact it is your anti pickup team that supports our work.Today the leader They spoke 500mg cbd gummy green lobster cbd gummies ingredients highly of our improvement of the surrounding environment of the station, and proposed to persevere, not just a gust of wind.Don t worry, we will definitely support it, even if we have no money.

Stuff Is it okay not to pick it up in the future No more, what did you say I said, I won t pick it up if I say I won t pick it up.It s clear that you are talking nonsense with your eyes open Han Chaoyang knew people like him too well, but many of the surrounding villagers, including him, didn t think it was illegal to go to the construction site to steal things like scrap steel bars.They didn t dare to steal things that were really valuable, they just wanted to steal some Small things are sold to subsidize the family.They were sent to the Huayuan Street Police Station, but there was nothing to do with them.Han Chaoyang could only believe it tentatively, holding up his mobile phone and saying, Zhou Chunshen, I trust you once, and I won t look for your son today.If there is another time, if you are caught by others, you can push the tricycle and follow me to the police station.

The Secretary of the how much is 500mg cbd gummies Provincial Z Office M was startled and almost organized the evacuation of the participants, including the provincial leaders.Thinking about it.Yes, I seem to have heard from Chen Jie.When mentioning this, Huang Ying laughed and said, At the service window of your sub bureau the day before yesterday, Sister Yang of the Exit Entry Management Brigade of your sub bureau also mentioned this matter, you, Yu Zhenchuan, and Wu Wei because This incident became famous, and those colleagues in your sub bureau even gave the three of you a famous nickname.They heard about it Alarmed the provincial leaders, and even talked about anti terrorism, they don t know.Huang Ying felt that this was the real funny are there cbd gummies thing, and she laughed out how much is 500mg cbd gummies of breath and said They said behind your back that you are the Desperate Saburo of the sub bureau.

For the villagers, it will be demolished sooner or later, why not wait to get more compensation for the demolition , so the enthusiasm of the villagers is not high, and many people joked that this policy was formulated for nothing. It was not formulated for nothing.Dai Lishi is waiting for money to save his life.He made it tailor made, so that Xiao Han should not hide his illness, and tell him clearly that he is doing his work.It is a loss to ask for demolition now, but who told him to idle around and not do his job properly If he used to honestly find a job, even If you work hard, you won t even have the money for the rural insurance.Who is not afraid of death, even how much is 500mg cbd gummies ants are greedy for life.Director Xing believed that Dai Lishi s job, Han Chaoyang, would be how much is 500mg cbd gummies successful, but after thinking about it, he asked After it is done, whether condor cbd gummies cost how much is 500mg cbd gummies it is residential surveillance or future medical parole, he must have a place to stay.

I sat down and didn t rush to eat, took out my mobile phone, clicked on WeChat, and made a video call with my parents in my hometown in Linshan Town.Father Han and Teacher Ma were also eating while watching TV.As soon as Han Chaoyang finished celebrating the New Year with them, Father Huang held up his wine glass and made a cloud toast to his in laws through the camera of his mobile phone, which was quite interesting.Chaoyang, I have made an appointment with my relatives for a treat on the eighth day of the lunar new year.Are you sure you can t come back Mom, it s not that I don t want to go back, I really can t Han Chaoyang put down his chopsticks and explained helplessly I was afraid that my parents would not understand Dai Lishi s matter, so they emphasized with a bitter face Because this suspect disappeared and lost contact during the residential surveillance period, our Liu Office was almost called to drink tea by the procuratorate.

He was not at home at the time, and his brother had his mobile phone number, so I called and got in touch. He committed a crime because of something.How many years have you been sentenced to Fraud, seven and a half years.He went to high school before me, he can speak well, write and count, and he performed better than us in it, so his sentence was commuted later., Then he was released on parole.Han Chaoyang asked Where is he from My hometown is in Fenghuai County, so I feel strange why he doesn t go home during the Chinese New Year.Mo Yunhu stood in a group of just Sweeping the scraps of firecrackers together, he thought about it and added He said he was staying at the World Trade Hotel, asked if he had time tonight, and called me to have dinner.Being able to speak well, write 500mg cbd gummy green lobster cbd gummies ingredients well and calculate, it shows that this Wang Yigui is very shrewd, and it is not impossible to make a career after being released from prison for a few years.

Liu Jianye knocked on the cigarette ash and smiled a little embarrassedly Chaoyang, I didn t expect the matter of Dai Lishi to be a success.In this way, the Second Squadron is too fucked up.It is obviously their case that they actually evade.I will write this account to them.There is nothing wrong with them now, but I don t believe that they will not ask us in the future. Liu Suo, don t you I m sorry, it s really nothing, and the problem is basically solved.I know, I called Director Xing to ask.Liu Jianye took the last puff, snuffed it out on the ground, walked to the side of the road and threw it into the trash can, then how much is 500mg cbd gummies turned back and said It s a good thing that his dilapidated house can apply for demolition.It can not only solve the treatment cost of uremia, but also compensate the victim s medical expenses, lost work expenses, nursing expenses and nutrition expenses.

One can fight and the other is very clever.You should also have a little impression of Xiao Gu and Liu Chengquan.I will let the four of them come back to report with Wu Wei.Okay, counting Lao Hu, there are six That s enough for one person.Liu Jianye thought for a while, and then said, There s no need to come back, let him prepare and stand by in the community, so as not to run back and have to rush back After dinner, Liu Jianye called in front of the two of them.Fan Bureau, who is on duty today, reports.The drug case was not any other case.Although there was no conclusive evidence or even clues, Bureau Fan still agreed.The green lobster cbd gummies ingredients greenhouse cbd gummies suspect cannot be locked up for too long, otherwise the suspect will become suspicious.As soon as Liu Jianye hung up the phone, Han Chaoyang called Wu Wei, Wu Junfeng and others, telling them to go back to the dormitory to pack their luggage, and then stand by in the meeting room on the first floor of the community.

The reason why your two cousins are willing to lend you money is because they think it is too bad to dismantle it now, and it is also for your sake.They didn t say anything else They Having said that, they never thought of wanting your family property.They live so well now, the house is so beautifully built, and the family has more people than you.If it is really demolished in your village, how much land can they get for demolition compensate I believe that.Dai Lishi muttered with embarrassment Lijun sports cars have made a lot of money these years.Liyang sells pesticides and fertilizers, and the fertilizers are pulled to the store by car, and they have made a lot of money these years.They all have money, and they all bought houses in the city.It s good to know, but I can t figure it out when I mention this.

Okay, I Arrange for you, let all the passengers get off the bus when the bus is checked, and let your people keep the guns while the suspect is not paying attention.Thank you very much, what is your surname Mian your surname is Han, Han Qingsheng , now is not the time to be polite, let me find someone to take you to the police station first Police officer Han at the checkpoint didn t think there was anything wrong with the police in the police station handling drug cases, because the situation in different places is different, especially in recent years.Police reform, many places how much is 500mg cbd gummies are implementing the big station system , the police station is like a small public security bureau, with its own criminal police team.Lao Hu climbed into the off cbd gummies good to sell road vehicle again, and rushed to the police station without stopping under the guidance of an auxiliary police officer arranged by Officer Han.

They should still be sleeping in there now.Where are you now Lao Hu looked at a rental notice at the how much is 500mg cbd gummies entrance of the alley, and said in a low voice I m at the entrance of the alley, and I just woke up.There is a house for rent in the courtyard where they live, and the notice is posted at the entrance of the alley.I plan to go in and have a look.What do you think Han Chaoyang pondered If it s just a temporary foothold, then he will leave soon, and we have to follow.If you go in and meet him face to face, then it cost of oros cbd gummies will be difficult to follow.It s done.That s right, let s watch outside.Thank you, keep watching, I ll go out to have breakfast.Han Chaoyang picked up his mobile phone, walked out of the room and just closed the door, holding the doorknob to get ready After checking whether it was locked, a young man in a black down jacket came out from the opposite room.

The man suddenly crossed the zebra crossing, ran to the sidewalk at the entrance of the shopping mall and followed him.After following for about two minutes, he suddenly quickened his pace, ran up and yanked off the bag, and ran away as soon as he got it The girl was stunned for a moment, and then she came to her senses, shouting and chasing after her.However, she was wearing high heeled leather boots, so she couldn t run fast or run at all, so she could only watch the little bastard get what are cbd gummies best for into the crowd and worry.With such a big commotion, it was impossible not to startle passers by.But the passers by who almost noticed her yelling stopped subconsciously.Some looked in the direction of the suspect s absconding, some looked around without reacting, and some walked over to talk to her.The whole process was quick, less than three minutes before and after.

Han Chaoyang thought for a while, and then said Also, the construction site will start in a few days, and the migrant workers They will come over soon.Hong Liang, ask the security guards on duty at the construction site to ask the person in charge of each construction site about the date and time of the arrival of the migrant workers.If you know in advance, we can make corresponding preparations.When the migrant workers arrive, we will first Go to the construction site for a while and register them as foreigners.Okay, I will ask you tomorrow.By the way, don t you have a big project Why are the old buildings in Factory 527 untrustworthy now Are you going to deal with the body Zhang Beibei became depressed when he mentioned this, and sighed, The efficiency of the Chengxi District Court is too low.

treat.Han Chaoyang cried and said, Thank you Zhou Ju.You re welcome, this is what I, the chief, should do.Director Zhou weighed in, and then said, Xiao Han, I know it s very sad that your comrades sacrificed you, but you must cheer up.How to investigate and deal with suspects suspected of drunk driving Regarding the matter of traffic police and criminal police, you will be responsible for assisting Director Wen and the Huayuan Street Police Station to deal with the aftermath, that is, to handle the affairs of Comrade 500mg cbd gummy green lobster cbd gummies ingredients Liu Chengquan.Yes I will call Director Wen first, and Director Wen will wait for a while Contact you, you can discuss how to notify relatives, and the most important thing is how to appease the relatives of Comrade Liu Chengquan.When Dad Huang was in the army as the chief of transportation, there was a car accident in the car company, and a soldier died on duty.

Three minutes later, Bao Qingshan is cbd gummies legal in louisiana and police officer Guo Yanfeng walked in with a stack of transcripts.Han Chaoyang hurriedly got up to introduce, and Mr.Tao hurriedly took out a cigarette.Smoking was not allowed in the institute, not to mention that the person in front of him was here for business.Bao Qingshan also politely declined his offer, and while beckoning him to sit down, he talked about the business Mr.Tao, Hu Songping, Song Yunkai, Li Shanwen and The four of Zhu Hongyu were suspected of gambling.There is no doubt about it.The facts are clear, the evidence is conclusive, and they gambled a lot.According to the regulations, not only the gambling funds will be confiscated, but they will be fined and even detained. I know, so please ask Bao Suo, I m not afraid of your jokes.The four of them are project managers of our third construction company.

Maybe they will bring back all those suspected of pyramid schemes after the net is closed.The Bureau really can t find a more suitable place than the old district committee compound for a while.At least the venue is enough It how much is 500mg cbd gummies dr oz cbd gummies website s big, and it s not easy to leak secrets once the courtyard door is closed.Han Chaoyang agreed immediately, and then called Xu Hongliang.Come to us to handle the case, okay In Xu Hongliang s view, the branch s decision to set up the headquarters in the security company is a kind of recognition for the company, and he asked happily Did Bureau Fan say when he will come, how many people will come, and whether we need help whats the difference in cbd gummies and hemp gummies with food and lodging.solve.How many people don t know, we probably need our help to solve the food and accommodation.But don t worry, the bureau will definitely not eat and live for nothing, and the settlement will be settled after the case is completed.

But the Huayuan Street Police Station is usually very busy, and tonight they will participate in the 3.06 Calling action, there are several policemen in the old district committee at the moment, and sending Yang Xiaorong there is to add chaos to the old unit.Han Chaoyang and Lao Ding can only take Yang Xiaorong to the police room first, and let him stay temporarily to talk.In the room.Are you hungry Not hungry. Thirsty, do you want to drink water Maybe he had no face to face Boss Wang at the construction site, no face to see the workers who got along day and night, Yang Xiaorong was not as scared as before when he arrived in the police room, and sat on the sofa honestly and said I m not thirsty.Han Chaoyang pointed to his bedroll, and said coldly, From now on, you will stay here, and you are not allowed to go anywhere without permission.

Really, Sister Miao, you used to be so good at sports I I was kicked out of the shelves.Miao Haizhu obviously didn t want to talk how much is 500mg cbd gummies about this topic, and said eagerly There are so many projects, every class has to participate, our class teacher doesn t care about anything, I can t help it There must be Story, otherwise Jiang Yan wouldn t have hesitated just now, and her expression now wouldn t be so exciting.How could Han Chaoyang miss this opportunity, and asked Then, did you participate in all of them The insider was sitting next to him, and Miao Haizhu realized that he couldn t escape, so he simply said openly I only participated in six Xiang, Jiang Yan remembers me not because I won the first place, but because we didn t have sportswear and sweatpants at that time, and I couldn t afford them, and I wore flowered shorts that my mother made for me when I ran long distances.

If you want the horse to run, you have to give the horse grass.You can t end up doing more or less.The other is that the name is not correct.The words are not going well, and the work is not easy to carry out without giving people a formal status as a population coordinator. These two problems are easy to solve.Didn t the bureau give us some funds, and we can squeeze out some for population management funds.Give how much is 500mg cbd gummies some allowances to the team members who also serve as population coordinators at each construction site.As for the identity, I will go back to the Liu Office to discuss and see if I can distribute a set of auxiliary police uniforms to each of them.From now on, I will start as an auxiliary police officer of the Huayuan Street Police Station.Work.Liu Suo is definitely willing.Liu Hui couldn t help but said, It s their job to manage the immigrant population.

Han Chaoyang smiled, followed the patient to the door of the second surgery room calmly, looked outside for a while, walked out of the emergency center thoughtfully, and drove back to the old district committee compound.Director Feng has already left, and Lao Dai has gone home.Even Wu Junfeng, Wang Jiayong and other young men from the anti pickup team have gone back to the dormitory to rest.There are only three old men, Lao Ding, Lao Tang and Miao Haizhu left in the meeting room Master, Uncle Ji, Uncle Wu, it s so late, go back and rest early.Don t worry, I ll take another look.Unwilling to find out the suspect, Ji Kaiyuan looked through the materials and muttered Old man Gu, your apprentice is how much is 500mg cbd gummies filial, I am worried that you will be exhausted, why don t you and Lao Wu go back first.If we want to shark tank cbd gummies for ed go together, what is the point of leaving you here alone Grandpa Gu asked back, taking off his reading glasses Rubbing the bridge of his nose, he said Actually, you can t see anything when you look at it again.

First of all, those who are local are unlikely to be the murderer.Han Chaoyang stood up where to buy cbd gummies in florida and looked through the how much is 500mg cbd gummies personnel materials that were found out, and put the local people on the left hand side according to the notes on the materials, and said while searching Ji Uncle said in the evening that the geese passed by to take pictures and people passed by to leave their names.The special case team investigated and we investigated in more detail.If these people were really related to the victim, even if there was only a little connection, we would have identified him as a suspect.After all This is Yanyang, not a deserted and remote place, as long as the victim has dealt with him, it is impossible that no one has seen him.Wu Wenge raised his head and asked Chaoyang, do you suspect that he is a local who is not here If Uncle Ji s conjecture is correct, so this is the only possibility.

Envy I m not envious, money is something outside of condor cbd gummies cost how much is 500mg cbd gummies me, let s talk about me There is no shortage of money, my son and daughter in law are filial, and even my grandson buys me a lot of things every time he comes back, which is too much to eat and spend.In front of Grandpa Gu, Ji Kaiyuan could only show that he had a son.grandson.Grandpa Gu got used to it a long time ago, and laughed, You are blessed.You have sons, daughters, and grandchildren.You are indeed better than me in this respect.Just as they were joking, the proprietress brought the first basket of steamed buns to the table.out of the cage.Han Chaoyang was really hungry, so he picked it up with chopsticks and ate it.Miao Haizhu was not in such a hurry as he was, she cbd gummies and trazodone turned into a waiter and went in to help serve the soy milk.The taste of the crab roe buns was similar to that of meat buns.

Behind the power distribution room far away, I went back to sleep after hiding.The little soldier went calm by wellness cbd gummies back to the sentry box after urinating and found that the gun was missing.The Bayi Bar, and there was no separation of bullets at that time, there was one empty ammunition in the magazine, willie nelson cbd oil gummies and the others were all live ammunition, if it fell into the hands of criminals, how much harm would it do to society This is the first cbd gummies green bag time I heard my father in law talk about the army Han Chaoyang couldn t help asking What happened next The little soldier was terrified, and the company commander s trainer was as frightened as he was.He immediately reported to the regiment.The chief of staff was on duty that night, and he broke into a cold sweat from fright.The whole company went out to look for it, and then reported it to the political commissar of the five cbd gummies thc head of the regiment, and then rushed to Xiaoyingmen to organize the guard company to find the whereabouts of the guns, and even alerted the division.

Where s your single police equipment Han Chaoyang was stunned for a while before explaining.Said Director Liu, I m here to send 500mg cbd gummy green lobster cbd gummies ingredients for inspection and do a deep review.The work style of the sub bureau is too lax.From eight o clock in the morning to now, nine currents have been arrested.Liu Qiuping is on fire.How could he let Han Chaoyang go like this You don t need to wear individual police equipment for the inspection.Comrade Han Chaoyang, you are different from Comrade Qiao Yueqing.As the captain of the voluntary security patrol and the chief of the Zhongshan Road Police District, you must be ready to receive the police at any time when you go to work.There is a major police incident in your jurisdiction, do you need to find the individual police equipment first, put on all the equipment and then go to the police Yes.

Do you know what I saw The uncle left last night.He is not a direct relative.According to the latest regulations of the bureau, he cannot ask for leave.Not for fun, sitting in the co pilot of the police car and asked absent mindedly What did you see Wang Jiayong couldn t help but said, I saw Chen Xiujuan posting a dress code illustration on the wall of the duty room, and posted two, one One is for the police, and the other is for the auxiliary police.From now on, everyone in the office must dress according to the legend.During working hours, the eight major pieces cannot be separated from the body, and wearing one less will be a police appearance.It s good to wear it.Although the quality is not very good and it is still in the way, it can really save your life at critical moments.If you are afraid of accidents, you should send a bulletproof vest to yourself.

District Chief Liu may have really ignored it.Don t coax yourself, people are worried and don t trust us, so there is no need for us to put on that cold ass.Xu Hongliang turned to look at Zhang Beibei, and said in a nonchalant tone I discussed it with Beibei, and I also want to talk to Zhang Beibei.Secretary Cao and Director Gu reported that there are more and more workers in several construction sites, and the pressure on security work is also increasing.From tomorrow onwards, the normal shift handover will resume, and they will no longer gather at PolyU and patrol the streets.There s no need to engage in formalism.Zhang Beibei smiled, and added The salary of the security guard is not high, 500mg cbd gummy green lobster cbd gummies ingredients and the rest time can no longer be guaranteed.Think about it, they are on duty all night, and they have to patrol the streets.

Can I open a standard room It s their business, after opening the room, it s their business to order them some takeaway, whether to eat or not.Okay, let me ask first Han Da, do you care about this kind of thing Just put down the phone , Jiang Xiaomin suddenly asked in confusion.The anti pickup funds mainly come from the engineering headquarters, and they work for them after taking their money.Han Chaoyang sighed helplessly, picked up his mobile phone and dialed Zhang Beibei s number again.After waiting for about ten seconds, Zhang Beibei s voice came from the other end of the phone Captain Han, what instructions do you have at this late hour What sister in law, am I that old If kushly cbd gummies mayim bialik you don .

does cbd come in gummies?

t want to sleep, I still have to rest.If you have something to say, hang up if you have nothing to do.Can I call you if I have nothing to do Han Chaoyang asked back, introducing what happened at night Everything, and then added Don t you know Lawyer Duan, you can introduce a business for Lawyer Duan.

You can Talk to Manager Jiang over there.It s still the same sentence, you can defend your rights, but you can t break the law.Chapter 780 An accident happened at Boss Hu s construction site 6 Manager Jiang has a car, and the police car can accommodate a few people, and the Xu family To keep someone to take care how much is 500mg cbd gummies of Xu Min s lover, Han Chaoyang just sent the short man and five others to the neighborhood committee.The police cannot intervene in civil disputes, so Han Chaoyang sent them to the local police station and returned to the police office to report to Xiao Gu.The result is surprising, Xu Min s elder brother and Xu Min s two brothers in law are both in charge, each of them has his own idea, his own family actually quarreled first, Xu Min s elder brother was so angry that Xu Min s two brothers in law let go When I went to the station to buy a ticket to go back to my hometown, Xu Min s son, Xu Jun, had no right to speak, so he could only stop his uncle from leaving.

Haizhu was as heartless as ever.We enforce the law impartially, but in Director Wang s opinion, we are doing nothing.As long as we don t support their work, is it doing nothing Laughing, he turned around and said, Guokang, this is the first time you have encountered this incident today, but it will definitely not be the last time.If you encounter similar situations in the future, you must remain calm.You must know that our law enforcement is based on the law.We must not do anything without permission, and we must not be fooled by others.Once the green lobster cbd gummies ingredients greenhouse cbd gummies masses are dissatisfied, our life will be difficult, and if we fail, we will be suspended or even punished. Don t worry, Han, even if I am criticized I would do that kind of cbd relief gummies stupid thing. It s good to understand.Thinking of his current job, Han Chaoyang couldn t help sighing, We re okay, we re only responsible for temporary handling and not for dealing with it, and we don t do much to offend people.

m., because the repertory troupe in Donghai will rehearse the next morning, and they will have to set up the stage overnight and adjust the lighting and sound overnight.He Qiyuan scratched his head and added Actually, the performance time is in the theater For Director Chen s sake, the leader made it out of the time he spent setting up the stage and adjusting the sound.After hearing what He Qiyuan said, Zheng Yutong felt like he was rubbing against other people s venues, so he couldn t help but smiled wryly It seems that spending money is not a good idea.Spending money is different.That s for sure, if you are willing to pay hundreds of thousands, they will give you rehearsal time.Actually, rehearsals are the same everywhere, the question now is whether there is enough time for Kang The teacher adjusts the lighting and sound.

After printing, we will split up.I will go to the Municipal Bureau, and Lao Huang will be in charge of the district.Li, Lao Wen, you are in charge of each detachment and brother branch, invite everyone you can.Commissar Huang laughed and said, That s what I think.Also, ask Liu Jianye, where is Han Chaoyang Tell him to come back quickly if the matter is over.He is the protagonist, and I don t feel at ease if he doesn t come back sooner for such a big 500mg cbd gummy green lobster cbd gummies ingredients event.Chapter 817 Special gift 4 May be Wu Wei and Shi Junhua leaked Maybe it was overheard by Le Ken s colleagues when he answered the phone.In short, the colleagues from the Lezhong Branch of the Leken City Bureau knew that half of the how much is 500mg cbd gummies members of the arrest team from Yanyang were grooms to be, and they didn t want to delay their marriage, so they handled everything specially.

18 days of marriage leave.Huang Ying meets the requirements for a late marriage, but Han Chaoyang is not eligible if he is under 25 years old, so he can only take 3 days of marriage leave, plus 3 days on May 1st and the weekend after May 1st, he can only take 8 days if he is full.Being able to rest for 18 consecutive days, Han Chaoyang was really envious, but seeing Wu Wei s expression of nothing to do with others, he felt so happy, and couldn t help asking Angkor, what s the matter with Haizhu, what s going on with her temporary job The period is only one year, and it will be gone in a blink of an eye.You have to seize such a good opportunity if you are close to the water.It was really a pot that was not opened or lifted, and Wu Wei said angrily I wish you happiness, don t worry about it Can you stimulate me Old Wu, what is the relationship between us, how could we stimulate you Xu Hongliang took over the conversation, patted him on the shoulder and smiled, Don t be unhappy, I think the problem still lies with you.

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