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Raise your head and stand up for me The director gritted his teeth, and there was an uncontrollable anger in his eyes, like an enraged lion.He always pulls his face at ordinary times, and everyone is afraid of whoever sees him.It s even more terrifying to launch a surge Han Chaoyang was so frightened that he hurriedly raised his head and stood up straight.You don t stand up, you don t sit down, you walk like a dance, look at you, how did you get into the police team When I saw Han Chaoyang, I thought of the major Han Chaoyang studied, and I thought of Han Chaoyang.The work performance in the past few months, the director is full of anger, roaring furiously, his voice rolls like Shen Lei, and spreads far away.The instructor who was also in the meeting room was expressionless, the deputy head Xu who was in charge of the community team was sullen and silent, and Han Chaoyang s master, the police chief Lao Yang, smoked one after another, wanting to say a few words for the apprentice but didn t know what to do.

It is necessary to establish public security patrol work registers, temporary population registers, community police work logs, and the Five Books and One Volume of the Municipal Bureau and other ledgers.I have to go to the office for a meeting on Monday morning, and I have to go to the office for a 24 hour shift every week.It is impossible to take turns to be on duty like them.There is no police situation at night, you can lean on the chair or lie on the desk to doze off, Lao Xu thinks this arrangement is good, he said with a smile It s okay, I ll go back first, and I will take over at 8 o clock in the evening.Wait a minute.Before Han Chaoyang could speak, Xu Hongliang said again Old Xu, do you think this place can live in It s so hot that there s not even an .

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electric fan.You and Chaoyang stare here first, and I ll go back and get two electric fans.

Han Chaoyang didn t even need to look at the music score.He closed his eyes and pulled up.The melodious and beautiful melody sounded.Xie Lingling followed closely.Stage is keoni cbd gummies legit fright, the band members in the back were pulling and blowing twice to test the sound from time to time, but suddenly there was no movement when they heard such a professional performance.There is music as long as there are many people watching from behind, so I don t care so much, the old factory Chang waved cbd gummies compared to thc gummies is keoni cbd gummies legit his arms vigorously, and Aunt Yu and Aunt Wang also sang loudly in a tacit understanding.The water of Honghu Lake, the waves, the waves, the shore of Honghu Lake is my hometown, and the boats go early in the morning to cast nets., Come back at night and the cabin is full of fish Wild ducks and water chestnuts are everywhere, and the autumn harvest is full of rice fragrance The band is not professional, and the two lead singers shocked the audience as soon as they opened their mouths The musical beauty of the tone and rhythm, being able to participate in the Good Voice , can be regarded as a professional level, and won warm applause.

How many fake certificates and fake seals were seized, and he signaled everyone to be optimistic about the four suspects, walked to the bedroom balcony and took out his mobile phone to call the office.As a result, as soon as the phone was unlocked, the phone rang suddenly.Looking at the caller ID, it turned out to be Liu Suo How could he call himself Han Chaoyang was very surprised, but it would be best if he called, just as Han Chaoyang pressed the call button and raised the phone, he heard Liu Zuo on the other end of the phone roaring Han Chaoyang, where are you Liu cbd sugar free gummies gnc Suo, I m at Factory 527 Before he could finish speaking, Liu Suo looked at the police room with the locked door, clutched his cell phone tightly and raged What shark tank cbd gummies arthritis hemp vs cbd gummies how many cbd gummies to take shark tank cbd gummies arthritis did you do before you came to the Chaoyang Police Office I told you that the police office can t leave people, the police office can t leave people, how many times have I told you, what is going on in your mind all day You don t want to do it, okay, I don t believe it, I will treat you I can t help you, you idiot Liu Suo, listen to my explanation.

She took a look and smiled casually This is from the boss of the hardware store in is keoni cbd gummies legit the west, not an outsider.No I don t know, I was shocked when I checked.Almost none of the express mail sent out yesterday was registered, so Han Chaoyang asked, What about this It was sent by Xiao Liu from the neighborhood committee What s the matter, don t talk about acquaintances, let alone people in the neighborhood committee, even if I, Han Chaoyang, need to register when sending express mail.If you are too lazy to write, you don t have time to write, you can first look at HCMUSSH is keoni cbd gummies legit the ID card and let the customer write it himself, isn t it just the express number, Name, ID number and phone number, isn t it very troublesome I m busy, are you bothered The proprietress said impatiently All right, all right, let them write it themselves in the future.

Qing, you go on, as long as you don t do anything, you can make noise anytime, if you re thirsty, there s water here. Officer Han, my house was taken over by that vixen, and my shop was robbed by this stinky and shameless person, they all said it was difficult to find the police , you can t stand by and watch Han, you are inaction, believe it or not, I will complain to you Complain, come, this is the supervisory telephone number of our police station, this is the supervisory telephone number of our sub bureau, you can call whoever you want , please.Han Chaoyang pointed to the poster hanging on the wall, took off the law enforcement recorder and put it on the desk.Xu Hongliang reacted, and said slowly Your affairs is keoni cbd gummies legit are really not under the control of Police Officer Han.It is very simple to ask someone to decide for you.

I m a community policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station.Manager Jin should be going to work soon.Please sit down for a while and interview when Manager Jin arrives.There was a crutch on the shoulder, and I thought it was an auxiliary policeman, but I didn t expect it to be a regular policeman.A young man who graduated from the Judicial Police Academy looked enviously at the public security armband on his sleeve, stood up and said, Thank you, Officer Han.Officer Han, smoke.You re welcome, I won t smoke, I still have some I ll see you later.They were all strong and strong young men, among whom there seemed to be five veterans who were party members, and their ID card information was all in their resumes.In order to be sure, last night, I checked them one by one with the police is keoni cbd gummies legit report to prevent criminals or ex convicts from mixing into the voluntary security patrol team of Chaoyang Community.

Not to mention Director Su, he really cares, takes care of, and helps Han Chaoyang, Chaoyang Community, Chaoyang Village Han Chaoyang, who never believed in fate, suddenly discovered that there might be some connection between his name and these place names.Only here can the wind and water flourish, and if you go to other places, you will definitely be unlucky.Some things would rather be believed than not.Just thinking about whether to take some time to go to Minghui Temple to burn incense, the mobile phone rang suddenly, and Lao Jin called.Chaoyang, I m Jin Dabao, have you returned to the police office Just came back, Manager Jin, the interviewers have arrived, and there are more than a dozen people here.I saw that it was too hot outside, so I asked them to sit in the conference room for a while.

Wang Bing has seen that suspicious looking guy.Have you ever seen him He doesn t know him when he stands in front of you.Obey the order and don t play childish temper.Why don t you let them change There is no end, obey the order and listen Command Okay.The young man had no choice but to put down his equipment and jump out of the car angrily, and ran to the small east exit.After a while, Wang Bing, the team member who found the suspicious person, arrived.Without Han Chaoyang s order, he led everyone to the third courtyard in Luxi tacitly.Li Xiaobin didn t need Han Chaoyang to say more, he didn t follow, but drove the patrol car around to the back row to prevent suspicious people from jumping out of the window and running from behind.Director Cai, Director Gu and others who were checking the ID card at the intersection just now also realized that there was a situation here.

This is because the problem was not found at home, and those who found the problem last night must be severely investigated and dealt with.For the family that rented the house to the murderer, the law enforcement officers of the Housing Management Bureau issued a fine of 10,000 yuan without hesitation.Those who rent out houses to robbers, thieves, and drug addicts, and those who rent out the yards of old houses to waste collectors, will all be shark tank cbd gummies arthritis hemp vs cbd gummies fined 8,000 yuan.This is just a fine, in addition to recovering previously evaded taxes and late fees.The compensation for land acquisition was not received, but a fine of several thousand yuan was received first.The villagers were in a hurry and complained for a while.The streets have been prepared for a long time, and Director Cai solemnly warned them that whoever dares to obstruct official duties will be held accountable.

Since you are a civil servant, you must be supervised.What s wrong with your supervisor Can t the superior ask you for information But, the bad influence on me has already .

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been caused What kind of bad influence, I said I understand the situation.Go back early, where can i buy kenai farms cbd gummies don t delay work, it s the first time to touch this car, drive slowly on the road, pay attention to safety Section Chief Zou, you can t do this, and I can t is keoni cbd gummies legit just go back like this.It was the first time that Zou Jingnan had encountered such a thing, so he stared at him and asked, Do you want me to give you an explanation It s not that I insist on an explanation, but that you should give me an explanation. Okay, I ll give you an explanation if there s one, change it, if there s nothing else, I ll encourage it statement Han Chaoyang is not hypocritical, but has seen similar things.

What s wrong with your supervisor Can t the superior ask you for information But, the bad influence on me has already been caused What kind of bad influence, I said I understand the situation.Go back early, don t delay work, it s the first time to touch this car, drive slowly on the road, pay attention to safety Section Chief Zou, you can t do this, and I can t just go back like this.It was the first time that Zou Jingnan had encountered such a thing, so he stared at him and asked, Do you want me to give you an explanation It s not that I insist on an explanation, but that you should give me an explanation. Okay, I ll give you an explanation if there s one, change it, if there s nothing else, I ll encourage it statement Han Chaoyang is not hypocritical, but has seen similar things.A cadre in his hometown was called by the Commission for Discipline Inspection to understand the situation, but no problem was found and he was not given an explanation.

No wonder Grandpa Gu can wear a white shirt when he is a police officer.He really treats the affairs of the masses as his own.Han Chaoyang admired him very much, so he followed him silently to visit one family after another.When he walked to the north gate of Dongming Community, Li Xiaobin called to say that Deputy Director Xing of the Branch Command Center and people from the Xinyuan Street Police Station had arrived.When I walked quickly to the police office, I saw Deputy Director Xing and several leaders of the Xinyuan Street Police Station waiting at the door.As soon as he saw Grandpa Gu , Bao Yongsheng, the deputy director of the Xinyuan Street Police Station, came up to greet him and said, Master, I knew you couldn t be idle, so I went to visit again Grandpa Gu smiled, and immediately stepped forward to salute Hi Director Xing, why are you here in person Face, you re thirsty, drink some water first.

I didn t know you were here, so I asked you to stay together until now, go back and rest quickly, if you are exhausted, the bureau leader will have to skin me.Liu Suo, you are asking me to specialize.No, we will withdraw immediately.How could Gu Guoli just leave like this, took the cigarette and asked, Liu Suo, has the criminal police team collected any clues, and has the case progressed How can it be so fast.Liu Jianye raised his hand Light the lighter first for Grandpa Gu, then light one for himself, take a deep breath, and say weakly The Zhou Bureau s instructions are established 7.17 task force, Feng Ju personally served as the task force leader, and the members of the task force were drawn from various units.Our police station is Liang Dongsheng and Wu Wei, and the office is located in the Criminal Police No.

Judging from the current situation, Qiao Xianhong is a person with almost no bad habits.It may be because his father died early and his family was difficult in the past, so he is very hardworking, capable and willing to work.No one has seen him play cards.When they get together, they don t play with him, they don t smoke or drink alcohol, and they are very frugal.People like him are neither likely to participate in gambling, nor are they likely to get involved in drugs.From this point of view, it can also be seen that For a cautious person like him, it is impossible to lose money when doing renovations, it s just a matter of earning more and earning less, and you can t owe huge debts because of the renovation. Qiao Xianhong disappeared, Zhang Qiuyan died, Qiao Xianhong s mother, Wang Qiaolan, had remarried long ago, what is going on with this family What s the situation, I can is keoni cbd gummies legit t find an insider The leaders studied and analyzed in front, and Wu Wei sat in the last row racking his brains and thinking hard.

As long as major cases are solved, small cases must be solved as well.Gu Guoli was very supportive of the two apprentices in handling the case, and agreed immediately Go ahead and ask, maybe we can join together.Chapter 108 Emergency Rescue and Disaster Relief 1 When I came out, I saw that the south half of the sky was clear and sunny, and the north half of the sky was dark and cloudy.The merchants along the street were busy collecting things, the hawkers were busy clearing their stalls, the pedestrians rushed forward, and the branches and leaves danced wildly with the is keoni cbd gummies legit wind.There are thunderstorms today.Brother Zhong, I m Han Chaoyang.I m drying some clothes in the yard.Please collect them for me.Important, if the police uniforms hanging outside are confiscated, there will be no clean police uniforms to wear tomorrow.

The leader is kind enough to take care of me.He didn t let me sweep the street and let me answer the phone in the duty room.Yu Stopped, the work of the street is still heavy.To clean up the main .

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and secondary roads full of mud and garbage, to check the dilapidated houses on the list, and to rescue those residents whose homes were flooded.Thinking that Director Su is still busy in Factory 527 at the moment, Han Chaoyang reacted and couldn t help but joke It s better for you to do well, not to mention the rain, even if it s a knife, it doesn t have much to do with you.At most, you just sit in the office and answer the phone.What do you mean, it s as if I don t do work.No No, there is no other meaning, just posting out of feelings.Huang Ying was also browsing Moments, looking at a piece of news that was being reposted frantically at the moment, she couldn t help asking Unlucky man, don t you usually check WeChat Look, I read it for a while when I went to bed at night.

Village head Cui was very enthusiastic, remembering that he also had a meal with Party Secretary Zhang when he first went to Chaoyang Community, Han Chaoyang was no longer polite.Driving a patrol car out to eat would have a bad effect, so Li Xiaobin tacitly parked the car at the gate of the village police office, and then went back to the restaurant owned by the village chief s brother in law.The impact of eating in the hall was also not good.Village head Cui specially found a small box, and the three of them had just sat down.The village accountant and the village women s director arrived.I ve met them before, but I m not familiar with them.We chatted at the dinner table for a while, and we became familiar even if we were not familiar with each other.Lesbians care more about the most handsome policeman than gay men.

He works as a network administrator at the Feisu Internet Cafe on Yuba Road, so he is a night owl., I ll send you his mobile phone number, WeChat ID, and QQ screenshot. Okay, thank you very much After receiving the screenshot of his mobile phone number, WeChat ID, and QQ account, Han Chaoyang asked Brother He, do you have any A QQ number surnamed Yao I don t care what he wants, Xiaokang said in the group yesterday that the person surnamed Yao might not have done a good job, and he didn t know what the relationship between my little fellow and the person surnamed Yao was, so he asked around.In other words, I didn t dare to ask in depth for fear of spoiling your affairs.I confirmed just now that he is in an Internet cafe and is on the night shift today, so I m sure I ll be able to find him now.

They found them and checked the monitoring of Building 5.Several houses are under renovation.The real estate agent found nothing abnormal when checking the surveillance, so he was advised to call the police, but the owner later said that he made a mistake, and the matter was left alone.Old Feng, you mean that Qiao Xianhong was in Hairun Have you ever worked in the new village Hairun New Village s property management is very formal, no matter which house is being renovated, you have to pay a deposit and sign an agreement.There are records of what work you do every day, and there are two copies, one for filing and one for the door of each house.The inspection records of the building chief show cbd gummies delta 9 near me is keoni cbd gummies legit that on the day the owner of Room 1102 in Building 5 claimed that the decoration materials were stolen, Qiao Xianhong was in Work in room 1103 Zhou Ju followed up Who is the owner The owner s surname is Gao, Gao Junfei, a native of the city, opened a clothing chain store on Qianjin Middle Road.

He is not a homeless beggar and does not meet the conditions for assistance.Even if he is a homeless person., we can only provide food that meets the food hygiene requirements, and provide accommodation that meets basic conditions.Help contact their relatives or work units, and provide travel vouchers for those who do not have transportation fees to return to their domicile or work units.As for sick treatment, only Only those who suffer sudden illness in the rescue station will be sent to the hospital for treatment.You should think of other ways, we definitely can t do it here. Station Master Chang, you can t do anything, what can I, a community policeman, do Who told You call the police whoever tells you to send the person to the hospital.Okay, I ll call the command center.Knowing that the rescue station won t take care of it, Director Pang and Lu Jiaxi looked at each other and hugged each other.

They drove there in a white Toyota sedan.The intelligence and technical investigation departments have achieved even greater gains.Not only did they use public security information technology to search, compare, and collide, and confirmed the recent whereabouts of the two suspects, but they also successfully locked the location of the two suspects through technical means, and successfully obtained the information of the two suspects this afternoon.To pick up the intel at this parking lot The report is big, the target has gone out, the target has gone out, number two is driving, number one is sitting in the co pilot, and number two is carrying a black travel bag in his hand when he goes downstairs.Don t follow too closely, and you must not startle the snake.Yes Gao Junfei and Chen Yabing are coming this way.

Two criminal policemen each held one of his arms.It was not very convenient to move, and his steps were very small.A criminal police officer was holding a video camera in front of the camera, and a criminal police officer was filming on the side.More than a dozen special police officers with guns cbd gummies delta 9 near me is keoni cbd gummies legit formed a circle, surrounding the suspect.Can t get close.Where is it buried The middle aged plainclothes policeman Han Chaoyang who asked the question knew him, and he was Deputy Captain Li of the Criminal Police Brigade of the sub bureau.It turned out that the suspect was not as courageous as he had imagined, his legs were so frightened that he might not be able to stand still if it weren t for the two criminal policemen standing upright.He raised his handcuffed hands, pointed to the front tremblingly, and trembled.

Little Han is a good person.He is a civil servant and his family conditions are also good.Although he came from the countryside , but he has a house in the city, and he is still the most handsome policeman.Dad liked it, and my mother seemed to like it too with a beaming face.Huang Ying was very laura jones cbd gummies proud and very happy, and said flatteredly, I m planning to buy the house, but I haven t bought it yet.Jiahui s house, the one from Fairview, you introduced it, we all know it, Huang s mother held Watermelon walked over, and couldn t help but leaned over to look at the photo of the future son in law, and said happily We used to be too anxious, and we should seriously consider life long events, and we should choose carefully.Picking and cbd gummies compared to thc gummies is keoni cbd gummies legit picking are not in vain., I finally picked the most handsome one, your dad and I have no objection, we agree.

For a person who has studied music for more cbd gummies and losartan than ten years, as long as he can be on stage, no matter how much he pays, it is worth it Huang Ying, who was not very interested in this at first, became very concerned about it when her aunt said it.She sent Director Su up to the second floor, and was not in a hurry to go home.She patrolled with him just like the night before, and snickered how many cbd gummies to take shark tank cbd gummies arthritis as she walked.It s okay to apply to join the music association.You have conditions.If you don t have the conditions, you can still find a way to join an association.Who There are many, our street has more than one.Huang Ying couldn t help laughing Secretary Yang is a member of the Provincial Calligraphers Association.Lao Qian contributed articles to newspapers and magazines every three days.After publishing a few articles the size of tofu, he became a member of is keoni cbd gummies legit the Municipal Writers Association.

Wan Xin looked at the child through the glass, chatted with his wife through the intercom system for a while, and saw the nurse came to chase them away, so he had to go back to the police room with Han Chaoyang who had been waiting in front of the elevator Wan Xin, Binbin s illness was not diagnosed just today.You have seen it at the hospital in your hometown, and you are very clear that this is not a daily thing.Rest when it is time to rest, and shark tank cbd gummies arthritis be prepared for a protracted battle.Thank you Officer Han, just now just now I was a little worried.I know, I can understand.Han Chaoyang nodded slightly, and then changed the topic Wan Xin, I see that your WeChat is also bound to a bank card.How much money does Cary have No, really not.Fearing that the is keoni cbd gummies legit well meaning policeman would not believe it, Wan Xin hastily took out his mobile phone and gave his wife a red envelope in front of Han Chaoyang and the two of them, but it turned out that even the 10 yuan red envelope was insufficient.

I work in a hotel.I know better than you.Several colleagues in our hotel have listed idle houses on the Internet for short term rent.The location and decoration are not as good as our house.It costs 300 yuan a day.Our house also has parking spaces, at least 400 yuan a night.Short term rent Well, there are online ones, which are calculated on a daily basis, just like hotels.For a family of several people who travel, short term renting a house is more cost effective than staying in a hotel, and it is also more comfortable than staying cbd gummies compared to thc gummies is keoni cbd gummies legit in a hotel.Sheets, bedding, towels I know where to send bath towels for washing, where to buy disposable toothbrushes, toothpaste, and razors.And I m not busy at work, so I can help you take care of them.Long term renting to others, the rent is at most three or four thousand a month.

Besides, there are witnesses.Han Chaoyang knocked what do cbd gummies without thc on the table, stared at him, and warned very seriously There is a surveillance video, so don t take chances.Come with me to the office.Officer Han, I admit that I overturned his car, but there is a reason for this.Chapter 232 Something went wrong in the base area 2 What reason We have signed a contract with the property management, and we pay 10,000 yuan a year to the property management.The waste products in the community can only be sold to me.If I sell all of them to others, won t I be compensated Bao Shien turned to look at Manager Zhang, He emphasized And our industry has its own rules.I do business in the community I contracted.I don t want to steal other people s business, and others can t come to steal my job.Chaoyang, we didn t sign a contract with him.

There are relatively few shark tank cbd gummies arthritis hemp vs cbd gummies policemen in the institute, there are only six people in total, including the director, instructor and a deputy director.There is no auxiliary police, no co workers, not even an aunt who cooks.It is said that the entire Longdao County Public Security Bureau only dispatches all auxiliary police from the county seat.The county bureau assigned two 110 police cars to the office, and the two cars parked next to the police cars belonged to internal staff Zou Zecheng and community policeman Zhang Tianxiang.In other units, there may be cases of private use of public vehicles , but here it is generally private vehicles for public use.In the morning, the instructor drove is keoni cbd gummies legit a police car to the county to deliver materials and picked him up.The case handling police officer Lao Chang and the internal staff Zou Zecheng drove another police car to the police.

To be a policeman, wear a policeman s HCMUSSH is keoni cbd gummies legit uniform.I signed up impulsively, and ended up being assigned to Jiangli s hometown, where I worked in the Caodian police station for several years.At that time, there were only three people in the police station, the director, the instructor and me.There are no decent roads.To handle a case in the lower village, you have to rely on two legs, find is keoni cbd gummies legit cbd gummies wisconsin a wooden stick as a walking stick, and wear out a few pairs of shoes a year.But at that time, the village level organization was able to manage affairs, and civil disputes were civil disputes.The mediation is basically out of our control, and there are not as many things as it is now.He Suo is 49 years old this year, and he is a true old director At this age, when the head of the police station, in the Yandong branch So the conditions are what kind of cbd gummies are best for pain good now.

He wasn t joking last night, Lijiayao is really far away.It was said last night that it was about half an hour s drive.I don t know if it was a slow drive in consideration of safety, and it took 55 minutes to reach Lijiayao.The road did not lead to the village, so the police car could only park on a flat ground on the mountainside.Carrying the equipment used for the second generation ID card on their backs, the two descended from the steep path and walked along the uneven houses.They first found a village cadre s house, and then continued down with the village cadre.In a small yard in the fourth group of Jiayao, I greeted the villagers, hung the background cloth on the earth wall, set up the camera, turned on the laptop, connected the power supply, and started working.The so called starting work is not to take pictures and collect fingerprints, but to do the ideological work of the masses first So far, most of those who have not applied for a second generation ID card are old is keoni cbd gummies legit people.

He stood up with sharp eyes and a serious expression.Instructor, I m sorry, it s mine.I forgot to turn it off just now.Han Chaoyang realized the seriousness of the problem and looked embarrassed.It is possible for others to leak the news, but it is completely impossible for him.The point is not just about the possibility of leaks Instructor Hang whispered a few words to the plainclothes policeman s ear, and then said in Mandarin Just close it, sit down.He turned off his phone and kept cursing himself secretly.The phone hung up when the phone didn t go through.Huang Ying was very depressed, and after thinking about it, she called again.This time it was even more extreme than last time, and it actually shut down You actually hung up on me and turned off the phone.Huang Ying gritted her teeth angrily.

In this place where even forest rangers would not come, seeing six big living people at once, including the police and armed police with guns, the old man was also shocked and almost fell off the ladder.Jiang Li hurried up to hold the ladder, and chatted with the old man who was slowly climbing down.Han Chaoyang couldn t understand the local dialect, and neither could Lu Gang and the other four armed police soldiers, so they simply acted according to the plan in a tacit understanding.Han Chaoyang went into the yard to see if there were other people, and the armed policemen went to the pass leading to the forest area to the south to set up checkpoints in groups of two.Come in and take a look, it really looks like home.An old lady with wrinkled face and nearly lost teeth was lying on the kang in the back room.

The little guy who agreed to observe at the top of the mountain ran into the woods to play for a while from time to time.After running and running, he was tired and lay down in the grass fell asleep.Brother Jiang, what did the trainer say, when will the reinforcements come Han Chaoyang turned on his phone, sat next to the little guy and called Jiang Li again.The instructor said that the cadres and masses mobilized by the superiors were all busy assisting in the search and arrest in the afternoon, and they have all gone back now.There is no possibility of reinforcements tonight.He said that the headquarters asked us to stand by and guard the checkpoint.The leader obviously thought that other The place is more important than this side, but the fugitive is from Li Jiayao in this direction, the south is indeed more important than the north.

What s the matter, why are you in a daze It s nothing, I was distracted just now.Han Chaoyang said it was nothing, but he suddenly became superstitious in his heart, thinking that the rain was God s tears.He Suo was so wronged and wronged that even God couldn t stand it and wept for it.Huang Ying didn t know, so .

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she pointed to his mobile phone next to the pillow of the sleeper Tang Xiaoxuan sent you a wechat message to congratulate you on your meritorious service.She asked me what happened and why you didn t reply.How did is keoni cbd gummies legit she know I didn t Have you posted it on Moments She and Shihan know everything, so we must treat them.Their level is too high, and it is simply unattainable.Restaurants, except Shuxiangyuan, they can choose whatever they want.For college students who spend their delta 8 cbd gummies 500mg parents money, those restaurants on the cbd gummy manufacturers PolyU campus may not be cheap.

Our economic detectives usually have little contact with the masses, is keoni cbd gummies legit so we pay so much attention to how we complete the tasks.If we don t complete it, we can t do it.It is linked to salary.Now it seems that every task is linked to salary.You are the most handsome policeman with so many fans , the relationship with the masses is good, our task is a piece of cake for you.I will send you a few QR codes later, please scan and pay attention to your fans and the masses in your police office.It doesn t need to be much, just complete the task, and I will treat you to dinner later, and you don t need to treat me.Such a thing happened As long as the police have all the tasks, what should they do if they sit in the office every day and don t have much contact with the masses Even if all relatives and friends are mobilized, they may not be able to complete it.

Bao Suo called me three times today because of this matter.It will be included in the performance appraisal and linked to salary.If you don t complete it, it s not good.No problem, the big deal is to mobilize the masses, please help the factory manager Wang.Without making a fuss about the content, will such promotion work Even if people are embarrassed to refuse to pay attention, they may not necessarily watch it, and some people even turn around and unfollow it.Although Huang Ying works on the street, she still doesn t like this kind of work that is almost formalistic.She suddenly asked Sister Su, PolyU is starting school, and there are estimated to be 20,000 to 30,000 new and old students.Do you want to promote the official account of the patrol team Of course Su Xian had already tasted the sweetness of pushing is keoni cbd gummies legit cbd gummies wisconsin life information , and she smiled proudly We have already prepared, and we will arrange 20 team members to go to PolyU to help Chaoyang maintain order in the next two days.

Old Tang and Miao Haizhu are in charge of the hotels in the north of Zhongshan cbd gummies compared to thc gummies is keoni cbd gummies legit Road.The Zhongshan Road area where the Xinyuan Street police station is located is more lively than Chaoyang Community.There are more hotels, bathing saunas, karaoke bars and other places than Lunan, so two people are needed.Han Chaoyang patrolled Zhongshan Road, in charge of the section from the Sixth Hospital to the South Gate of PolyU.Seeing that Zhang Beibei followed her into the street, Huang Ying immediately went back to the dormitory and put on her special service uniform, panting and ran back to patrol with Han Chaoyang, Xu Hongliang, Li Xiaobin, Xiaokang and the only Zhang Beibei who was wearing plain clothes.The one who sent the children to report, right The Longde Hotel is very close, so you don t need to take a taxi.

The old lady is not as vain as you think.Han Chaoyang glanced back subconsciously, and sighed softly She is mainly because she is afraid of being crowded on the bus.Now some people really don t know what it means to respect the old and love the young.When the bus comes How could the old lady squeeze past them Besides, there was no stop sign at the door of her house, and the bus was parked far away.She had to walk back for nearly a kilometer.She was too old to walk.You understand it very clearly I sent Uncle Lei and the others to fish in Chenjiaji some time ago, and I met some villagers from Chenjiaji by the river, so I asked about it by the way.Does she have children There are two daughters, No son.I have lived in Chenjiaji for decades, and I am used to it.I don t want to go to her daughter s house.

It s good that there is no police incident, what about Chaoyang Village I Master rests tonight, your master is patrolling the village, so many villagers move, and so many waste collectors, don t worry if you don t keep an eye on him. He s alone How is it possible, the street pays more attention to the villagers relocation than your house, and There was a fight in the afternoon, Director Su and Manager how long does it take cbd gummy to take effect Jin are both there, and there are dozens of team members in the village now.The scene of more than two hundred households moving together must be spectacular, and the village is deserted enough after the rented outsiders moved is keoni cbd gummies legit out , I can imagine that the village will be even deserted after the villagers move away.However, this desertion is only temporary.In a few days, it will become a large construction site, with thousands or even tens of thousands of workers stationed there, and high rise buildings will be erected within two years.

Contact again and apologize to uncle and cousin.Wu Wei didn t know why, and mistakenly thought that he was being lazy again.It is definitely wrong is keoni cbd gummies legit for others to be lazy, but he is not someone else.He is the most handsome policeman in Yanyang who is in the limelight.Even if he is lazy, he may say work and rest , what can Wu Wei say.Wu Wei did the work of two people alone.I kept circling around the sand pile, found the foreign object and immediately picked it up, half a day passed before I knew it.The Beitai Police Station did not deliver any more lunch is keoni cbd gummies legit boxes, and the leaders of the task force seemed to have forgotten their existence.The contractors also don t care about food, and the workers go out to eat in twos and threes.Wu Wei was so hungry that his chest was pressed against his back, he ran to the car and knocked on the window glass Chaoyang, are you hungry It s okay, are you hungry Hurry up, you don t want lunch Realizing that it was already past meal time, he hurriedly opened the door and got out of the car You stare here, I ll go buy food.

Thank you Gong Da.Han Chaoyang picked up the phone record just now, and ran downstairs while saying Angkor, slow down, the Fourth Squadron made it how many cbd gummies to take shark tank cbd gummies arthritis very clear just now, the owner of the car is on a business trip, and the door cannot be opened when no one is around.What s the point of rushing there like this Did you smash someone s car window Hurry up and contact the owner of the car, he may not have taken the car keys away, but even if he did, he should have a spare key.Okay, I ll call and ask first.Han Chaoyang pulled away The car door got into the co pilot, took out the police phone and turned it on, ignoring the cbd gummies delta 9 near me is keoni cbd gummies legit dozens of missed calls prompted by text messages, and dialed the owner s cell phone according to the call records brought down from upstairs.Mr.Bing, hello, I m Han Chaoyang, is keoni cbd gummies legit a police officer from the Yanyang City Public Security Bureau.

Yes Yanpeng, you all go over too, and find a place nearby to hide and wait for orders. Yes The SWAT captain immediately stood up and followed with a micro chong on his shoulders.go out.Although the ticket purchase records of the three suspects in cars, trains and planes were not found, Bureau Feng did not think they were still hiding in the city, and felt that it was unlikely that they were hiding in the auto repair shop.He stared at the electronic map brought up by the criminal police officer Xiao Sun for a while, then pondered Boss Du, I think the key to finding out the whereabouts of the suspect is the transaction records of the bank card and Fang Yaqi who just surfaced.Is it possible that this woman is the one that Yang Jiandong is keoni cbd gummies legit brought back to his hometown It s possible, Feng Ju thought and smiled bitterly, It s easy to verify whether it s true.

So much hard work.God, it turned out that he had to hide like a thief to avoid the limelight, what kind of thing cbd gummies 1000mg dosage is this Han Chaoyang was so confused that he didn t want to take Liu Da s free ride.He directly called an online car hailing car and went back to the Changlin Street Police Station.The policeman locked the safe, chatted with the master who just went to work for a while, had breakfast with Huang Ying who was about to go to work in the street, and did not take a taxi to the Provincial Third Hospital until after 8 o clock.My cousin was being discharged from the hospital in the hall, and my aunt was helping him pack his things.The uncle lost weight, and the whole person lost weight, very haggard, really sallow and emaciated.Thinking of how his uncle loved him so much when he was a child, Han Chaoyang felt very uncomfortable.

Just as he was talking, the iron door of his house was closed from the inside with a bang, which should have been closed by Huo Xuebin s mother.The old lady obviously didn t want to see the super chill cbd gummies 1000mg reviews police, and obviously didn t want the police to come in.It involves so much money that a person or even a family can t earn in a lifetime.The work of this family is not easy, but very, very difficult.Han Zhaoyang realized that the trip was wasted, and he sighed secretly.He calmly took out the police and civilian contact card You take this, it has my mobile phone number on it, and I think you have the contact information of Instructor Wang, think about it, and call us if you figure it out.Three hundred and sixtieth Chapter Grind The relationship between Qi Suo and Li Ju is good enough, and Li Ju s face is big enough Han Chaoyang originally planned to invite Instructor Wang to have a meal, is keoni cbd gummies legit but he paid for the meal, can cbd gummies make you fail a drug test saying that the most handsome policeman in Yanyang was welcome back to his hometown, and that they must do their best as landlords.

regulars.The old man put down his teacup, sat on Grandpa Gu s seat, looked at Han Chaoyang with a smile and asked, Xiao Han, what kind of happy event is it how many calories in cbd gummies that makes you happy It s nothing, nothing.Han Chaoyang couldn t talk nonsense until the transfer order came down.Han Chaoyang sat in front of him with a smile and asked, Director Wang, I m so busy that I don t have time to read the newspaper.You read it every day.What s the news today What s early bird cbd gummies the news today There is no big news, no big news is a good thing, and the world is peaceful.The old factory manager suddenly looked at the door of the police room, then looked back at the back door, and said in a daze, I hemp bombs cbd sleep gummies review was shopping in the vegetable market when I answered the phone in the morning, it was too noisy.I didn t hear clearly, what s the matter, what s wrong with your master He almost forgot about it, so it turned out that he came here for this.

We must first understand the basic situation, otherwise we will add chaos to the police handling the case.We must learn from lessons.Master, I know.I blamed me when I said it, but I didn t think much about it at the time.Just know.Grandpa Gu raised his arm to look at the watch he had worn for decades, and then looked up Tomorrow will be tomorrow.Work, take the time today to find out what you just learned first, let s divide the work, you go to Wei Haicheng, Ding Songkang and Jiang Yuan, I will go to Kong Xuekun, Yu Ming and Du Ji an, although I don t know where they live now, but they are there It shouldn t be hard to find the phone number.What about me Old Tang asked eagerly.Stay here and watch, the police office can t leave people.Thinking of what Kang said in the afternoon, Han Chaoyang suggested Master, why don t you invite Kang to visit and inquire together, so that the efficiency will be higher.

Gan could understand the old man s mood at this moment, so he hurriedly changed the topic and walked with him to the hall.Han Chaoyang followed to the door and stopped suddenly Master, there is still something to do in the police office, why don t I go back first What s the matter Grandpa Gu was confused and asked with a puzzled expression.The command center dispatched two policemen in a row.Inspector Ding and Inspector Tang were too busy.Chen Jie just sent me a text message.Fearing that the old man would not believe it, Han Chaoyang simply took out his mobile phone.Work is important, you should go back quickly.Gan Suo, instructor Hang, then I will go first The police report is 100 false, and something is true Gan Suo knew very well what he was going to do, turned his head and smiled and said, Since you have something to do, go back.

Why didn t I know Don t talk about you, I didn t know before.I didn t go to the master s house some time ago.Do you want old photos from my wife I heard what my wife said when I was looking at the album.He must be very busy as such a big leader, so I made a phone call, but I didn t expect him to come.Knowing that Grandpa Gu has many apprentices, no To think that there is such a powerful apprentice.Huang Ying was taken aback, thought about it, and then asked Your seniors are all the ones who receive the old comrades Grandpa Gu, who chatted for a while in the institute after dinner, was invited by Gan Suo and Cheng Instructor to get into the police car and said that he was going out for a walk, but he was transferred to Jingshou Community.Bursts, crowds of people, lively and extraordinary.Gan Suo, what are the activities going on in the decoration city at night Grandpa Gu asked subconsciously.

But now is not the time to gloat.He was carrying a shovel and leading the team forward when how many cbd gummies to take shark tank cbd gummies arthritis the city leader s voice came from behind him Young man, wait a minute.Han Chaoyang was not sure if the leader was calling him, so he subconsciously stopped Looking back, I saw the city leader approaching, surrounded by several entourages and a first level police inspector.He smiled as he walked, Yes, I m calling you Young man, what s your name, which unit Report to the leader.I am Han is keoni cbd gummies legit Chaoyang, a policeman from is keoni cbd gummies legit Huayuan Street Police Station, Yandong Sub bureau.Where are they The city leader looked at Xiaoliu and other team members who also stopped.Report to the leader, they are all members of our voluntary security patrol team in Chaoyang Community, Huayuan Street.Since it is voluntary, why does it look so formal.

He hasn t committed a crime for the time being, but you have committed a crime Are you kidding me, what can I do He is a key population in the area under the jurisdiction of your Huayuan Street Police Station.Han Chaoyang, who was busy writing a note, came to his senses, ran to the door of the classroom, held up his mobile phone and said, Yes, Mo Yunhu from Chaoyang Village was just released on parole a few days ago.Do you know where he lives I know, I live at his sister s house, in Room 202, Building 3, Xinmin Community.It s okay is keoni cbd gummies legit if you don t know, but Miao Haizhu is even more angry if you know, and asks through gritted teeth If you know, why don t you tell me It wasn t two days ago Are you busy with Bi Xunchang s case, and forget it in a hurry You can forget anything, but can you forget this kind of thing Miao Haizhu patted the steering wheel and said bitterly, Han Chaoyang, it s too healthy cbd gummies review not my sister who scares you.

Four hundred and twentieth The eighth chapter takes care of what you want, and the promotion plan is not as good as change again.Han Chaoyang drove to the institute, and found Liu Suo, instructor Xu, Gu Suo is keoni cbd gummies legit and Liang Dui standing in the hall talking and laughing happily.As soon as they saw him, they all came up to express their congratulations, and then asked them to have dinner at the Liu Hotel in the alley behind , there is no need to ask Huang Ying to stay.Except for the head cbd gummies compared to thc gummies is keoni cbd gummies legit of the team and Kang Suo, who is resident in the East City Transportation Hub Project Headquarters, all the big bosses in the office have come.Said Liu Suo, the trainer, let me come tonight, I will pay the bill tonight, you two must give me this opportunity.Xiao Han, this is not an exception for promotion, but an exception for the title Liu Jianye is very happy today, looking back at the police rank on his shoulder, he said with a smile The first to be awarded the second division, and I have been working for so many years.

Have you reported to the local police station Yes, the person who received me was a police officer surnamed Chen , He made a record, let me look for it first, and let me wait for the news.Chapter 431 Dragon Gate Inn The hotel has been doing well since it opened, but it has never been full, and it is the same tonight.Huang Ying and Zhang Beibei deliberately arranged the unrelated father and daughter into a large room where no passengers were staying, helped them settle down, and went back to the lobby to chat about the strange pair of father and daughter and the pair of father and daughter.Female encountered a strange thing.The woman put the real estate certificate and bank card in the living room before she left.She obviously wanted to leave the house and savings to Ling Bin, and hoped that Ling Bin could help her take care of Xinxin.

Of course, being rich is keoni cbd gummies legit is a good thing, but it is not necessarily a good thing for some villagers.The criminals in the society are fooled and deceived.I believe that as long as the work is done well, the villagers will invest their money in the investment company in the community.After all, the two entities in the community are doing well, and the security company is getting bigger and bigger.It has already started to make a profit.The youth hostel is also well run, and it will be able to recover its cost by March next year at the latest, and it will start to make a profit like a security company.Trapping money The old Chaoyang villagers money is used to invest in the development of commercial complexes Han Chaoyang was stunned for a moment, thinking to himself that this idea was not a bit bold, but simply bold.

Poor households, why are there people without jobs It s a long story.Didn t they allow low cost housing to be built a few years ago The developer of Dongming Community has an agreement with the district to enjoy preferential policies when acquiring land.After the community is completed, 20 houses will be given to the district.These 20 houses were rented to poor households.Because of this incident, four houses were rented to unqualified families, and the cadres in charge of the review were all punished.He was ordered to move out again.Unexpectedly, there was such a thing in Dongming Community, Xiaokang couldn t help asking Is there still low rent housing There is no more now, and it seems is keoni cbd gummies legit that affordable housing is not even built.The two of them were chatting about the house when Han Chaoyang how many cbd gummies to take shark tank cbd gummies arthritis s cell shark tank cbd gummies arthritis hemp vs cbd gummies phone rang suddenly.

Where s the child Playing at the bar.Got it, Han Chaoyang put down the phone, Looking back, she said, She should be calling Wan Xiaoxia.Just be more careful She cares about Wan Xiaoxia, and Wan Xiaoxia will also care about her, or she doesn t want to hurt her.Master, you mean Wan Xiaoxia will come Wan Xiaoxia may not come, but contact Wan Xiaoxia must have called Ling Bin instead of her.Is there a difference Han Chaoyang asked in confusion.There is a difference.Grandpa Gu took a deep breath and explained in a low voice The reason why they are so careful is that they are worried or even suspect that kelly clarkson cbd gummies review we are after Ling Bin and Xinxin.The relationship between them is relatively secret, what is it Even Ling Bin doesn t know what kind of relationship, let alone us.In this case, it is impossible and unnecessary for her to turn the dark chess into the bright chess.

Unless there is significant meritorious service , the death penalty cannot be escaped.And significant meritorious service performance is not so easy.To use an cbd gummies delta 9 near me is keoni cbd gummies legit inappropriate analogy, it may be even more difficult than the second class meritorious service of the police.But Han Chaoyang could only keep these words in his heart, and said ambiguously There is still hope.Attitude is everything now.You can help her with the work, and you can also help her find a good lawyer.Criminal case , the lawyer seems to be able to intervene in advance.I know a lawyer, the legal advisor of our company, and I will call him now.Wait.Han Chaoyang grabbed his hand and reminded Brother Ling, believe me, the case is under investigation.Not only will you not be able to help her by hiring a lawyer now, but it will add confusion to the case handling unit, and may even affect the case.

Lin , that foreigner inside is your foreign teacher Yes. It s fine if it s your foreign teacher, please show me the permit to employ foreigners and his employment certificate. What permit What employment certificate The foreign teacher was an international student invited from PolyU, and Lin Hongfang really didn t know what procedures to go through, so she was confused when asked.She didn t know that Han Chaoyang was very clear, because he had encountered such a thing before.Before I came to Chaoyang Community, I handled a similar case.I don t know where a restaurant found two foreigners to make Indian pancakes.The former trainer found out when he went to that restaurant to attend a relative s birthday party.The police on duty went to investigate and deal with it.Han Chaoyang went there with Sergeant Yang at that time.

Han Chaoyang looked up at the third miyam bialik cbd gummies floor where the lights were on, and then complained The control of law enforcement is stricter.I know a director who did not turn on the law enforcement recorder when mediating a dispute.The old man who accepted the mediation died suddenly after returning home., died on the bed of his house.Obviously it had nothing to do with the director.I was at the door during the mediation, but the relatives of the deceased grabbed hold of him, saying that the old man was scolded to death by the director and carried the dead body to appeal.The leader In order to calm things down, let the director pay the others 50,000 yuan out of his own pocket.Vice Minister Jiang couldn t understand what he meant, but felt that it was all an excuse, and said lightly Strict management is a good thing.

Han Chaoyang was too lazy to talk to him.Seeing that the phone screen could be unlocked with fingerprints, he grabbed his left hand, and with the help of Old Tang, he looked at the fingerprints and said with a gloomy face, Isn t it just to look at the phone, you didn t do anything wrong.What Lu Shaotao, this is not the first time you have dealt with the police, so you should be very clear about our policies.Even if you refuse to speak up, Hu Qinglin will still explain.Old Tang motioned to Wu Wei and Li Xiaobin who had just walked in to help control the suspicion.He went back to Han Chaoyang and asked, Have you unlocked it Untied it.Han Chaoyang looked down at is keoni cbd gummies legit Lu Shaotao, looked at his WeChat chat records, and sneered, There are so many friends., this Brother Hu must be Hu Qinglin.Realizing that he couldn t escape, Lu Shaotao can you bring cbd gummies on a plane to mexico simply turned his head away and said nothing.

Han Chaoyang .

are cbd gummies a placebo?

explained everything, escorted the thief back to the police office, and Mr.Wu helped push the electric car.As a result, Mr.Ji, who had just handed over the thief to Xiaokang and Chen Jie, came out of the inner room with Grandpa Gu, was not happy.He glanced at the dejected thief and turned around to protest.Old Wu, didn t you go to buy antihypertensive drugs Why did you catch a thief and come back This is like a race.You ran out before the starting gun fired.You are cheating, this is a foul, do you know that Ji Team, I didn t do it on purpose, I didn t know that I would run into a thief when I went to buy medicine.Grab one before the old enemy, let the boys know what it is called old anti pickpocketing, and let the community leaders know that there are thieves twice a month.Thousands of salary will not be given in vain, Wu Wenge was in a very happy mood, walked to the case handling area and said with a smile Inspector Gu, please give me an explanation, I have encountered all kinds of problems, can I just sit idly by Grandpa Gu hurriedly Smooth things over How can we not catch them Old Ji, you can t blame Lao Wu for this, and this doesn t count.

When Gu Tongjun encounters something, he calls them, asks them to come over to do something , and sends them away with some money after finishing the task.The money is not enough.A lot, like two or three hundred a day. There s more. The fat man sitting across from me seems to specialize in debt collection.I how do they make cbd gummies forgot his last name, but he only knows that he s called Brother Yun .He said he s busy at the end of the year.If you are going to die, you still ask me if I have time, and if I would like to help for a few days.I knew that all of these guys had problems, but there was is keoni cbd gummies legit no evidence, and it was just that they couldn t break through for a while.Han Chaoyang took out a small notebook to record, raised his head and said, Think again, what else did they say To take a bath, I added my WeChat, said that I wanted to how many cbd gummies to take shark tank cbd gummies arthritis sing and take a bath, and said that I wanted to find a lady to contact him directly, and he helped arrange it.

Han Chaoyang didn t expect that he would really beg him.Just as he didn t know how to proceed, a short and fat buddy suddenly said, I m angry when I mention this, Chaoyang, I don t have any what size cbd gummies to buy opinion on you personally, I just Your Public Security Bureau has an opinion.Brother Su, what s your opinion Han Chaoyang is keoni cbd gummies legit asked with a smile.It is reasonable to say that the concert is privately profitable.If your Public Security Bureau does not take money from the organizer, it is spending taxpayers money to take care of security.Is our taxpayer s money used to escort stars If your Public Security Bureau Taking the money from the concert is an employment relationship, can the police be hired as security guards for the concert Chaoyang, what I said by Lao Su, I also have some opinions on your Public Security Bureau.

In the end, I was afraid of what would come, and asked five or six families.A police car that was too familiar slowly drove over and stopped at the side of the benefits of cbd gummies with thc road, and a policeman who was too familiar and an auxiliary policeman who was also is keoni cbd gummies legit cbd gummies wisconsin familiar got off.Lao Hu, a policeman from the community team of Huayuan Street Police Station, looked at Wang Jiayong and Wang Jiayong on the opposite side of the road, and hurried up to meet him and asked, Chaoyang, what are you doing Chief Hu, Lao Mao, what are you doing Lu Xi It s in your police area, and Ludong is still under my jurisdiction.Lao Hu took out a folder from the police car, opened it and said with a smile The bureau will randomly check the implementation of the real name system at each courier point.Let s first check the is keoni cbd gummies legit courier delivery points in our respective jurisdictions.

Got it, and I ll go home with my mother at night, not the dormitory.You re not here, so it s boring to go back alone. The volume of the phone doesn t feel very high during the day, but it seems a bit loud at night.People nearby can hear it all.As soon as Han Chaoyang hung up the phone, Wu Wei couldn t help but tease It s boring to go back alone It s boring to eat alone, Han Chaoyang grinned, stood up and said, Master, aren t you going to measure your blood pressure , I will accompany you there.You are on duty, and the police room cannot leave people.Leave me alone, you are busy with your work.Grandpa Gu put on the winter duty uniform without police armbands, police ranks, chest badges, and police numbers.Picking up the big teacup and lifting the cover, he walked out without looking back.The old man said one thing, and he couldn t send him off if he didn t let him go.

It was Aunt Ye from Chaoyang Village.Aunt Ye, what s the matter The lobby was too noisy, so Han Chaoyang walked into the station police room.Xiao Han, Wan Xin and Xiang Yuqing just called me and saidthat the child is gone.Which Wan Xin Law enforcement on the front line, facing the masses, and not knowing how many people they have to contact every day, Han Chaoyang was momentary After a while, she couldn t remember who Aunt Ye was talking about Wan Xin.The young couple who threw the child at the door of your police station.Aunt Ye sighed softly, and cbd:thc gummies said regretfully, The child s name is Binbin, you forgot, the one with leukemia.The doctor said to last for a year at most, but this It s only been a few days, and I left as soon as I said.I remember, Han Chaoyang took off his hat, and said solemnly, It s not that I didn t think of a way, but I really couldn t.

The reason why they have not been fined is not that they don t want to be fined, but that they are afraid of being beaten and dare not be fined.It will be different with our help.The fine should be refunded.I have to follow the Team Tang has a good talk, it s fine if you don t give salaries to you coordinators, we have to give you some bonuses. You can have this.Wu Junfeng grinned.The Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade has more than 100 law enforcement powers.They control the sky, the ground and the air.There is nothing they can t control, but they have no deterrent effect.Many behaviors that violate administrative laws and regulations can t be controlled.With the assistance of the HCMUSSH is keoni cbd gummies legit police, they are definitely willing to participate in the rectification, not to mention fines.

Officer Feng was tempted, is keoni cbd gummies legit turned on the computer, searched for the webpage of Yanyang Online , clicked the mouse and said, Reporter Qian has come forward in person, I can t lose face, but I, a small officer, have told you about this matter.No, it needs to be approved by the leader.Otherwise, tell me what you think, how do you set up this column Officer Feng, how about putting the sub bureau s section here Put it here Officer Feng put down the mouse, looking like an idiot He looked at the editor in chief in the same way Mr.Hu, what are you kidding me about If you put the column here, who will read it You think I don t usually go online, and you think our bureau leaders don t usually go online, and you think we don t even have this bit of common sense Is it okay here No, it s not conspicuous enough.

Han Chaoyang s personal situation, and then an explanation about the exceptional promotion.According to the Regulations on the Selection and Appointment of Party and Government Leading Cadres , cadres who are particularly outstanding or have special needs for work can break through the qualification requirements or be promoted to leadership positions.Comrade Han Chaoyang was willing to contribute and serve the community during his work at the Huayuan Street Police Station of the Yandong Public Security Bureau.The Chaoyang Community, Yangguan Village, Yanyang University of Science and Technology, and the Sixth People s Hospital of the city were located on both sides of Zhongshan Road.The turnover of personnel is high and the situation is complicated.Comrade Han Chaoyang started by consolidating the foundation of community policing, with the goal of cleaning up the sources of public security chaos in the community and actively developing shark tank cbd gummies arthritis hemp vs cbd gummies a safe community.

Just kidding, if it feels like a different person because of the sub subject, is it still my apprentice Not only did Grandpa Gu know that how many cbd gummies to take shark tank cbd gummies arthritis the little apprentice was joking, but he was also very relieved.He looked around the empty police room and asked curiously, Is there a lot of police activity at night Where did Xiao Wu, Xiao Miao and Xiao Kang go Retired without stopping, and more dedicated than before retirement, came early in the morning of the first day of junior high school.Han Chaoyang couldn t joke anymore, put away the red envelope and introduced the situation of the night.I caught it.I didn t expect him to go to the west of the city to pick up garbage and live in the bridge hole.It was a false alarm.If it s troublesome to catch, it s better not to catch it.There s always a way.Thinking of the series of arrangements made by the little apprentice, Grandpa Gu couldn t help but say, We should let him take a bath and get a haircut first.

The reason why your two cousins are willing to lend you money is because they think it is too bad to dismantle it now, and it is also for your sake.They didn t say anything else They Having said that, they never thought of wanting your family property.They live so well now, the house is so beautifully built, cbd gummies compared to thc gummies is keoni cbd gummies legit and the family has more people than you.If it is really demolished in your village, how much land can they get for demolition compensate I believe that.Dai Lishi muttered with embarrassment Lijun sports cars have made a lot of money these years.Liyang sells pesticides and fertilizers, and the fertilizers are pulled to the store by car, and they have made a lot of money these years.They all have money, and they all bought houses in the city.It s good to know, but I can t figure it out when I mention is keoni cbd gummies legit this.

It is not difficult to say.Han Chaoyang smiled slightly, and then changed the topic Captain Song, my brother is still clear about the matter.I have to say something up front.Anyway, we set up this case first.We have done a lot of preliminary work.Comrades can t reunite with their families because of the big Chinese New Year because of this case.The bureau has to consider the morale of the team.This is what we think.If you are interested in this case, the two of us will jointly investigate and handle it, but the main culprit must be one Many of them were escorted back by us, and the drugs, drug money, and vehicles used for drug trafficking involved in the main criminal had to be taken back the small drug dealers and addicts in Beijing were investigated by your sub bureau, and the seized drugs, drug money, and drug trafficking The transportation used will also be handed over to you.

There is such a thing.Forum There are so many websites and forums on the Internet, and the servers may still be located abroad, so it s normal for us not to know.Han Chaoyang took a deep breath, and continued There is Air Traffic Management Bureau in the forum, if it appears in the post Posts about marijuana transactions will be deleted, and QQ group transactions that want to buy marijuana or marijuana seeds must be added to the forum to use private chat, this is their rule.And then Zhou Ju got up and asked with his mobile phone.Han Chaoyang licked his lips and continued to report Liu Qingjun s concubine, Guan Jie, told me that this group not only discusses buying and selling and feelings, but also shares the cultivation techniques of marijuana, and occasionally sells new drugs such as methamphetamine, marijuana, and even heroin.

I m talking about Han Da, and I m talking about you, and it turns out that it was right to arrange for you to come to the Zhongshan Road Police District for an internship, and you did not disappoint us.There is still a certain gap, but this time it is very good.What a good job, Liu Suo, I just did some of my own work.Sun Guokang was confused by the praise.The duty is very serious, the work is very responsible, and you can keep vigilant at all times, otherwise you can find out the drug dealer Qiao Peiming Liu Jianye smiled, picked up the cup and continued But the past achievements can only represent the past, and you can t just get a little achievement., you have to learn more from Han University in difference between full spectrum and broad spectrum cbd gummies this aspect, come on, let s go one more time, I hope you can make new achievements without arrogance or rashness in the future Chapter 655 Treatment of Senior Officials Lao Hu and others slept last night It was very early, and I got up early today.

Ma, as well as Director Qi of the Linshan Police Station.Director Qi, who was having a wedding, was walking back while chatting with Lao Han and his wife.Director Qi was surprised when he received a call from Han Chaoyang.Chaoyang, your parents are right next to me.They told me that you and Xiao Huang will come back on Friday.I m planning to report to the bureau leader tomorrow to see if we can arrange the symposium on the weekend Qi So, my dad and mom are by your side Well, they are by my side, we have dinner together tonight, do you want me to give your mom my phone No, call her later, Qi Suo, I There s another thing to talk about.What Han Chaoyang briefly introduced the case, and said with a wry smile This case is neither small nor big, but it is very important to me.The one who was robbed was the daughter of a professor at the Polytechnic University.

Wait.Qi Suo The chief called Han Chaoyang to stop, and continued The comrades at Huangyu Police Station learned that he had not only applied for an ID card, but also carried his ID card with him is keoni cbd gummies legit when he left home.His family members looked for it, and his father worked at the bus station.I found out that he bought a bus ticket with his ID card, but the destination is not Yanyang.It s good to bring his ID card, he just got so much money, it is impossible to sleep on the street again, Qi Suo, can you give his identity information Send it over, I will check the records of hotels and hotels, and check the Internet access records of Internet cafes, maybe I can find out where he is hiding soon.That s what I mean.If you find out the is keoni cbd gummies legit whereabouts of a seventeen year old brat, you can take two people with you.

What worries you in the future Yes Yes, Chaoyang, please.Chaoyang, we always troubled your mother before, and now we have to trouble you again, I m sorry.My own, what are you sorry for Chen Haisheng didn t expect Yanyang to be punished by his family Hold on, and couldn t how many cbd gummies to take shark tank cbd gummies arthritis HCMUSSH is keoni cbd gummies legit help muttering Dad, Mom, I m not a child, I don t need anyone to take care of me.It s is keoni cbd gummies legit so chaotic outside now, so what if I go to college, college students are also deceived Father Chen looked up at Chen Haisheng, then turned around Looking at Han Chaoyang, he said There is a child in the second team of our village who went to college outside, but was tricked into engaging in pyramid schemes.There is also a boy who just graduated from college and just found a job for a few days, so he borrowed money online.I owe a lot of debt, and the creditors have all gone to his house.

Why can t it be superimposed Huang s father lit another cigarette, took a sharp puff, looked at the road ahead and said with a gloomy face These are all compensations from outsiders, and the unit also has to pay.Xiaoliu sacrificed on duty, so it is impossible for the unit not to pay the pension.Now it depends on the attitude of your bureau leaders.The police are also members of the voluntary security patrol brigade of the sub bureau.What s the use of just admitting that Xiao Liu is an auxiliary police officer of your sub bureau, the key is the compensation standard Dad Huang is a cadre transferred from the army.Watching the news broadcast, and usually reading newspapers, I know more about this than Han Chaoyang.After taking a few puffs of cigarettes in a row, he continued There are special pensions and preferential treatments for the sacrifices of official policemen and civil servants.

Lu Jieping and Liu Chengyan are definitely going, is keoni cbd gummies legit but they have to go back to pack their things and hand over the children to their parents in law to take care of them.Liu Chengjun is the person in charge of the Liu family, so if he wants to go, he still needs to go home and explain.The old party secretary is highly respected.If the old party secretary can go together, the work of relatives will be much easier.Feng Haijun called the bureau to ask for instructions, and Director Wen agreed to invite the old branch secretary into the car.Considering that Liu s family didn t have breakfast, Wu Junfeng went to the small store in the village to buy a box of snacks such as milk and bread and biscuits while Lu Jieping went home to pack up.A large plastic bag of bread and biscuits was brought from the village to Yanyang intact.

Besides, what do is keoni cbd gummies legit we do, counts kustoms cbd gummies and what does Chengcheng do If we search for criminal suspects or solicit clues with great fanfare, what will the masses think, and what will the masses think How could we possibly die, but we really should stand up in emergency situations.When the masses are in danger, whoever we don t go up to, who will let us eat this bowl of food Just admitted to the police and civil servants, in During training at the Police Officer Training Center, they often sing Young Aspirations Don t Sorrow.Every time he sang this old song that many young people have never heard before, Han Chaoyang s blood boiled with enthusiasm, but it was only at this moment that he really realized that a golden shield is forged with blood, showing skills in times of crisis is not just a lyric.If the masses are really in danger, no matter what your skills are, you have how many cbd gummies to take shark tank cbd gummies arthritis to show off , and you have to go up without hesitation Han Chaoyang closed his eyes tightly, but tears flowed down his face.

I want the money in my card The card tied to WeChat has about a hundred thousand, if you change to a card with hundreds of thousands, wouldn t those hundreds of thousands count as gambling money Such a result is already very good Mr.Tao glared at him resentfully, and said angrily Don t be shameless, you forgot how much Lao Qu was fined when he was caught playing cards before, and he paid 400,000 yuan as a bond for bail pending trial. They are No matter where they are, if they fall, they must accept the punishment.Don t be so kind as a donkey s liver and lungs.You think about it again.If you don t accept the punishment, I will leave immediately.I should be detained and fined.It s up to the police Deal with it.Don t, don t, I ll accept the punishment.Now that I know how to accept the punishment, what should I do Maybe a friend was severely fined when he gambled in other places.

Holding a professional looking SLR camera with a flash, he ran to the front for a while, ran to the back for a while, squatted for a while, stood for a while, and even climbed up to the second floor and stood on the windowsill to take pictures.Two 110 police cars from the Zhongshan Road Police District, three police cars brought by Kang Haigen from the police station, eight electric patrol cars borrowed from the Patrol Management University, the Sixth Courtyard and Dongming Community, and three previously distributed community police electric cars It was lined up neatly with the twelve public security patrol electric vehicles that were just distributed today, and the is keoni cbd gummies legit cbd gummies for intimacy two law enforcement vehicles of the Chaoyang Squadron of the Street Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade.The police lights were all on, and it was a spectacular view from upstairs to downstairs.

After calling Xu Hongliang, he contacted Zhang Jinhai, the school guard of PolyU, and then contacted Section Chief Xiao, the security department of the Sixth Hospital.As for the investigation, that is the business of the Economic Investigation Brigade.They have Huayuan Street Police Station and Xinyuan Street Police Station to cooperate, and they are assisted by the anti pickup squadron with the most combat effectiveness of the patrol team, so there is nothing to worry about.While Han Chaoyang was busy preparing for closing the network, the 3.06 special action deployment meeting to combat pyramid schemes was being held in the small conference room on the 6th floor of the district government.Vice District Chief Chen and Zhou Ju, who are concurrently the leaders of Yandong District s anti pyramid marketing leadership team, sat in the center of the oval conference table.

Find a small hotel, even if it s cheaper, a room will cost hundreds of dollars a night, at least you can save the accommodation fee by coming here.Fan Ju is not in a hurry, Zou Ju, who was criticized by Zhou Ju in front of Deputy District Chief Chen during the morning meeting Urgently, he suddenly asked Fan Ju, Yang Da, when will the comrades in charge of the preliminary investigation arrive Recently, it is reasonable to say that he should arrive in front of us, and it should be delayed by discovering some new situation.New situation, do you want to call and ask Although Deputy District Chief Chen asked Director Zou to be the commander in chief, he was delayed by Bureau Fan.To handle such a case, you have to rely on the police.His name as the commander in chief does not match his name.He took the teacup from Jiang Xiaomin, smelled the tea, and said unhurriedly Calling now is to cause trouble for them, and everything will be done as soon as possible.

Report to Han Da, there is no one in the second bedroom.He Da, there is no one in the study Search Yes Han Chaoyang knocked on the door, and said very seriously Listen up inside, I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Yandong Public Security Bureau, we suspect that you are suspected of organizing and leading pyramid schemes.Now we will cooperate with the law enforcement officers of the Yandong District Market Supervision Bureau to interrogate you according to law and search the place you rented.Open the door quickly, and if you don t open it, we will hit how many cbd gummies to take shark tank cbd gummies arthritis the door Already Chen De, Fang Gaoya, open the door quickly, do you hear me Li Qingming also knocked on the door several times.Seeing that there was still no movement inside, Miao Haizhu couldn t help warning Chen De, Fang Gaoya, we have already obtained the evidence that you are suspected of organizing and leading pyramid schemes, and it will be of no benefit to you if you refuse to cooperate And this is the 11th floor, even if you want to Where else can I go They have already been called, and as Miao Haizhu said, this is the 11th floor, and there will be ten deaths if you jump down, and you can t escape at all.

Poor shark tank cbd gummies arthritis hemp vs cbd gummies parents all over the world Han Chaoyang could understand the feelings of Yang Xiaorong s parents, and pondered Since he was found out because of stealing money, then your interrogation last night probably aroused his vigilance.It is hard to say whether he is at the construction site right now.Before closing the team sooner or later, I greeted the security guards and asked them to keep an eye on them.They should still be there.Okay, you go there first, I ll ask Bureau Fan for a leave of absence, and I ll go take a look too.What s the big deal, I Just go and have a look, you are busy with your work.You are the only one in the police office now, what if there is a police case when h pure cbd gummies reviews you take him back The network has been closed here, and several suspects suspected of organizing pyramid schemes and The people involved in the pyramid scheme are all here, and I have nothing to do next.

Didn t Bureau Liu just take office The new official takes office three fires.He may come out to check posts at night.I have to keep an eye on him.Okay, I ll wait Go back first.Just as he was speaking, three police cars drove up in the distance.Han Chaoyang hung up his phone in a hurry, ran to the side of the road and waited, smilz cbd gummies website guiding the convoy into cbd gummys the factory.Director Xing got out of the co pilot, opened the back door, and a middle aged man in plain clothes got out.Ju Feng got off from the left side.Although Han Chaoyang had never met Liu Qiuping, he quickly guessed that the one who just got out of the car was the new director, and hurriedly stood at attention and saluted Report to Director Liu and Director Feng.The scene is by is keoni cbd gummies legit the river to the west.The forensic doctor is examining the corpse.

The team members of the task force are very strong.The vice captain of the criminal police, the captain of the serious crime squadron, the captain of the second squadron of the criminal police, the captain of the intelligence and information squadron, and the deputy director of the Xinyuan Street Police Station not only recruited elite soldiers from the above mentioned units, but also the economic investigation, is keoni cbd gummies legit network security, command center and police officers.The deputies of the Security Office were transferred to the special case team.It is a pioneering work for the Police Security Office to participate in the detection of homicides.Fan Ju, who arrived at the scene, proposed to set up the project headquarters in the old district committee compound.Liu Ju thought it was inappropriate, not because the location was bad, but because there were too many security guards in the Chaoyang Community Security Service Company, which was not conducive to keeping secrets.

The catching of traitors tonight was really satisfying, Huang Ying sneered and said, If you hate it, you can hate it.How can you not offend people when you are a policeman.That s right, I don t care if he s happy or not.Oh, now that I think about it, how did you deal with it, where did they go now Han Chaoyang briefly talked about the result, thought about it and smiled again How he ends up is his business, but he will definitely not live in a youth hostel again.He paid the room fee for a year.You d better ask mom to ask about it.Zhang Beibei, if he doesn t live, the rent will be refunded or not.He said he would live there for a year, and he was given a discount.It was very favorable, and he cbd gummies delta 9 near me is keoni cbd gummies legit signed an agreement.His breach of contract is not a breach of contract by the hotel, so why give him a refund You can t do business like this.

Ding, let the seniors pass it on as before, and she holds the printed copy and reads very seriously Cai Yipeng, the truck driver and the owner of the truck, is 38 years old this year, with a junior high school education, and lives in the fourth group of Yuannan Village.His wife works as a cleaner at Yanxing International, and his is keoni cbd gummies legit son is in the third year of junior high school, with no criminal record Chapter 747 Sleepless Night 3 Miao Haizhu reads cbd gummies compared to thc gummies is keoni cbd gummies legit the basic situation of the people who were screened out one by one, and will learn more about them during the screening process According to the actual performance of the incident, the three old men and the old man carefully analyzed it one by one like a seminar, and repeatedly deliberated whether it might be related to the victim.They were so serious and focused that Han Chaoyang couldn t intervene.

Until the next morning, I first called the hotel owner to ask for leave, and then asked Another colleague answered the phone and asked a girl who was a waiter to go to Sichuan Restaurant to find Teng Aihua after work at noon.The girl went, but she didn t see Teng Aihua, so I had to ask the waiter of Sichuan Restaurant to ask for Teng Aihua s mobile phone No, tell her the phone number.Chapter 756 Money is not a problem The situation was not complicated, Bureau Feng said be careful on the way back and hung up the phone.Bureau Liu, who had remained silent all this time, lit a cigarette and murmured Everyone is dead, so we must not be able to contact you.Based on what Qin Tao and the others have just learned about the situation and the time, Wei Ping should have been unable to do so in front of the children.

Not only was there no controversy, but everyone thought it should be.But Han Chaoyang felt a little weird, because all of this was the result of the old unit s leaders fighting for it, blue madeira cbd gummies and the reason why the old unit s leaders were able to fight for it was based on their very good personal relationship with the new director.In short, it feels a little cronyism.But this is the matter of the Huayuan Street Police Station, and it is even more the matter of the leaders.As a captain who does not live up to his name, he has neither the right to speak nor can he say anything on this issue, otherwise he will definitely become the target of public criticism.Old leaders and old friends have been promoted, Huang Ying thought it was a good thing, she put down her chopsticks and said with a smile, Does Sergeant Ding go back to work at the police station when he becomes the captain of the community Go back.

Since the children were in different elementary and middle schools, and the female policemen in the bureau were often delayed due to work, this preferential treatment of the police fell to nothing.There are not many female cbd gummies compared to thc gummies is keoni cbd gummies legit policemen in the criminal police team, mainly the police station and the detention center.Considering the practical difficulties of the lesbians, the leaders of the several stations turn a blind shark tank cbd gummies arthritis hemp vs cbd gummies eye to picking up the children during work hours, and at most ask not to pick up the children.Wear police uniform.I didn t expect that even this would not work now You can t leave the post during working hours.It s okay to go wherever you want, but you have no guarantee during off duty hours.If you can go to and from get off work normally, you don t need people to work overtime every three days.

Comrade sacrificed Miao Haizhu was not only heartbroken but also blamed himself like Han Chaoyang, staring at the surveillance screen and said coldly Is it true Ask her where she was on the night of the 27th last month, who she was with, and what she did.Got it.Chaoyang, Haizhu, I can understand your feelings, but what s the point of confirming that it s her, can she give me some explanation Bao Qingshan put down his phone and asked in a low voice.It may not mean much to others, but it means a lot to us.Han Chaoyang held his left elbow with his right hand and his chin with his left hand, staring at the surveillance screen and said solemnly I don t want her to give any explanation, after all, we just eat this bowl For food, she should go when it is time to go, and go forward when it is time to rush, but Cheng Quan can t just die without knowing why, she has to explain clearly what happened that night.

In November last year, I made a boyfriend under the introduction of a friend.His surname is Wang, and his name is Wang Maike.He is from this city.I rented an apartment above the International Plaza.Li Jun glanced down at the transcript, and then reported After living together, I found out that Wang Michael s family is not as rich as Wang Michael said at the beginning, but also cbd gummies compared to thc gummies is keoni cbd gummies legit idles around all day long.Either play games, or eat, drink and have fun with friends, is keoni cbd gummies legit but spend her money and ask her to support her.Her salary is not high, and she can t live on, so she proposed to break up during the Spring Festival.And then Bao Qingshan asked.After the breakup, she found out that Wang Maike had actually borrowed money with her Alipay and Weiweidai.She borrowed five times and used up all her credit.

Li Jun was confused and couldn t help asking Bao Suo, Is there something wrong with this woman The surveillance in the office was installed a few years ago, there is only video but no audio, only the surveillance screen in the office of the case handling team can be seen, but the voice inside cannot be heard, so Bao Qingshan simply sat down medici quest cbd gummies and stared at Looking at the monitoring screen, he whispered This Wang Can is very similar how many cbd gummies to take shark tank cbd gummies arthritis to the girl rescued by Liu Chengquan, the anti pickup team.Ah Otherwise, Chaoyang can come here in a hurry But But people can t be resurrected after death, even if it can be confirmed It s the same person, and Xiao Liu can t possibly come back to life.Chaoyang and the others are outraged, don t talk about it, just watch the surveillance.Han Chaoyang pulled out the chair and sat in front of Wang Can with a blank expression.

Deputy Director Zhang might feel too embarrassed and left first.Deputy Director Wang of the Street Street was very embarrassed and wanted to grit his teeth to end the event.The residents of the community firmly disagreed, and Han Chaoyang could not look at the contradictions.Intensified, I simply came here to do business, and made notes beginner cbd gummies one by one for the street cadres, community cadres, and the masses at the scene.There were so many people at the scene, how many copies of notes should be made, and I didn t let them continue to do it, and didn t let the conflict intensify.The international marathon is going to be held, and the branch office is in a state of turmoil.Now Liu Qiuping finally realized how difficult it is to be a top leader and how difficult it is to do grassroots work.He was really annoyed by such non police activities that took place in Xinmin Community in the afternoon.

Han Chaoyang put away the signed detention certificate, and took it out of his bag A summons certificate, read You heard clearly, according to the provisions of Article 117 of the Criminal Procedure Law of the People s Interrogated at his residence at 10 a.m.on the 27th, and those who refuse to accept the summons without justified reasons may be detained according to law Comrade police, II You, you, you, you know what you did.Han Chaoyang put the pen that Luo Weixing had just used together with the summons certificate in front of him, and said blankly You know our procedure very well, don t dawdle, sign it, and after signing, put the bill of this meal Buy it and go upstairs with us.Chapter 813 Chasing and Escaping 19 The two suspects have been arrested and must be reported to the leader as soon as possible.

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