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Pooh.She opened her mouth to spit at him, but all she spit out was blood.Fuck him.She tried her best to say the last three words, but Cui Wei could not hear clearly.In a daze, Zhou Rujun vaguely returned to her childhood, she was sitting on a swing, her dress dangling in the air, looking up at the gorgeous wisteria flowers.A gust of wind blew the purple petals into the air, and she seemed to fly out of the high courtyard wall along with the petals and into the bright world Dingning Hou Mansion.Cui Wei knelt at Mrs.Cui Tai s feet.Get up quickly, Mrs.Cui said, I don t blame you, and you don t need to kneel because of her.Cui Wei didn t get up The matter is urgent, there is still the second prince and the rest of the party in the prison, I can t delay too much.It s been a long time, and that person has already put her Okay, Mrs.

Cui Zhen said calmly I ve been swimming in this lake since I was a child, and I ve been busy in the military for a long time, and I want to go around, so you don t have to follow.He wasn t just looking for the purse, but also wanted to take a moment of peace to clear his mind.After speaking, Cui Zhen jumped into the water.Second Master, the attendant next to him couldn t help worrying, Should we protect Lord Hou Cui Wei shook his head Brother is very familiar with this place, he should be fine, and even if you go into the water now, you won t be able to find him.As Cui Wei said, golden love cbd gummies keoni cbd gummies amazon after Cui Zhen entered the water, his figure disappeared without a trace in an instant.in the lake.Gu Mingzhu let go of her hand, and the purse in her hand sank into the lake immediately.After everything was done, she started to turn back the same way.

Most importantly, she revealed golden love cbd gummies keoni cbd gummies amazon that on the mountain today, she met two people, one fell from the hillside and the other disappeared.The general judge of Taiyuan government compiled the whole matter into a confession, sent it to a yard without stopping, and handed it to Wei Yuanchen respectfully.Seeing Wei Yuanchen read the entire confession, the Taiyuan government judge cautiously said Master Wei, the other murderer that Miss Huaiyuan Hou s family mentioned is you.Hey.The Taiyuan keoni cbd gummies amazon strawberry cbd gummies government judge seemed to hear laughter coming from outside the door.But soon the sound of cluck, cluck, cluck came again, and the judge of Taiyuan Mansion realized that it was not a person laughing, but keoni cbd gummies amazon strawberry cbd gummies a hen laying eggs in the place where Mr.Wei best cbd gummies for sex drive stayed.My lord, this place is close to the market, why don t I find a place for you to settle down as an official.

Allowing the refugees to cultivate and resume farming is very effective, and the refugees in Shanxi can be considered to be under control.Unexpectedly, after the summer, robbery cases began to occur again.Those big merchants were escorted by bodyguards and they dared not do anything.Those small merchants who walked alone were repeatedly victimized.Cui Zhen and Cui Wei naturally knew about these situations long ago, and Nie Chen didn t say much Although the merchants lost their property in keoni cbd gummies amazon those robbery cases, no one was killed because of it.Until the case of Master Ding, the bandits not only robbed Ding s family He also killed everyone in the caravan of the Ding family.Master Ding escaped after being seriously injured.The death of the family members is very miserable, especially Mr.Ding and his son have all been tortured.

People in the city were afraid to avoid mentioning this place.Taiyuan City is becoming more and more prosperous, but here it remains the same.As soon as Gu cbd gummies for sleep 1500mg cbd gummies for children Mingzhu walked into the alley, someone rushed out from the darkness, surrounded Liu Su and her, and began to search for Liu Su.It s a doctor.Someone came to her and immediately shouted, and the shadows immediately dispersed.Those who surrounded them cbd gummies to quit drinking alcohol just now were all children, they hid in the dark day and night, and would grab some food when they found an opportunity.Where are you going Mrs.Chen s house Liu Su nodded.Chen Er is going to die, and he hasn t come out for two days.One of the children followed Liu Su and Gu Mingzhu forward, chattering, and helped them open the door of Mrs.Chen s house.The situation in the cbd gummies for sleep 1500mg cbd gummies for children yard immediately fell into Gu Mingzhu s eyes.

Chen say, the man said eagerly What are you still doing in a daze, separate and go, really come out No one can escape if something happens.After speaking, Mrs.Chen grabbed Gu Mingzhu s sleeve and left the house.The three of them walked faster than when they came here.Just after they walked through cbd gummies or thc gummies the path and before they entered Mrs.Chen s yard, they saw torches shaking around.Mrs.Chen stood there stiffly.It was officers and soldiers, and it could only be people from the yamen who made such a big commotion at night.Gu Mingzhu pulled Mrs.Chen hard, and Mrs.Chen came back to her senses and started to run after Gu Mingzhu.The three of them ran back to the yard in one breath.Mrs.Chen sat down on the ground, and now what was happening outside seemed to crush her, and she burst into tears God damn the world, don t leave any way for the poor to live, and those who cry for injustice will be wronged.

What s wrong Fourth Master Cui got up and asked.Fourth Master, the steward immediately stepped forward and whispered, The yamen went to Yong an Lane, and I heard that the thief was caught.Hearing this, Cui Fourth Master hurriedly got up and put on his clothes, and hurried out, He had to confirm the news.Fourth Brother, Cui Zhen s deep voice sounded, It s so late, where are you going Chapter 16 Night Interview Cui Zhen suddenly appeared, making fourth master Cui a little unexpected, and fourth master Cui froze there , It took a while to turn around and salute Cui Zhen.Lord Hou, Cui Si Master said, why haven t you rested yet Cui Zhen said indifferently There is news from the yamen that a few people have been arrested.I m going to have a look, where is Fourth Brother Cui Zhen went forward The courtyard doesn t need to pass by him, obviously Cui Zhen came to check his movements on purpose, Master Cui Si felt cold.

Will these quarrymen be interrogated as accomplices of the Pearl Thief if they surface Master Zhang did not reveal that he was the Pearl Thief back then, so who should wear the hat of Pearl Thief It is impossible for the case to go smoothly like this.Some people will not let such a result happen.If you think about it carefully, the biggest variable should be the Wei family.Empress Wei and the noble concubine were incompatible with each other, and there was a lot of trouble when the crown prince was established.The old royal history of the keoni cbd gummies amazon two dynasties played that although the eldest prince was the eldest son, he was not a direct descendant.The emperor was also HCMUSSH keoni cbd gummies amazon in the heyday of the spring and autumn.For a while, even if the empress cannot give birth to a son, she can still raise her adoptive prince under her body.

Nie Chen paused deliberately when he said this.Wei Yuanchen raised his eyes The case of the government office is more careful than what you said.Nie Chen couldn t help sighing to himself, no wonder Marquis Dingning was so cautious, and he didn t hesitate to use ordinary people golden love cbd gummies keoni cbd gummies amazon to do things.Without saying a word, he wanted to pour beans like a bamboo tube and pour himself out.Nie Chen had no choice but to get to the point My master found some clues that the government didn t know.The Pearl Thief brought Ao Cang out The rice grains were secretly distributed to the people.How much such things as rice grains could be moved out by one person at a time, he risked going to and from Ao Cang several times overnight.Store grain in the warehouse, if the grain is robbed by bandits, the people in the city will starve to death.

No matter what you say, Brother Zhen is also the meat that fell from me.He can still Difficult with me As soon as Mrs.Lin finished speaking, she heard a voice cbd gummies for sleep 1500mg cbd gummies for children from outside the door Mrs.Tai, Lord Hou is back.Chapter 29 Punish Cui Zhen and Cui Wei for entering the room, everyone except Mrs.Lin They all retreated.Cui Zhen raised his eyes Mother Yu was sent to the clan by me.This sentence already explained Cui Zhen s attitude.Mrs.Lin s face was full of astonishment Youhow could you do this She thought that at least Brother Zhen could listen to her before making a decision.Cui Zhen s expression was serious Great grandfather s tomb was bombed.Those people tried to light the coffin, but fortunately they failed, but the sacrificial hall in front was destroyed.They were all burned, and if such a big incident happened, if you continue to be selfish, how will you control the children of the clan in the future Mrs.

I just cbd gummies for sleep 1500mg cbd gummies for children exchanged Geng Tie with Zhou s family, and at night I dreamed that the fairy told me that Zhou s It will bring disaster to our family.As expected, the big tree of the eldest princess fell down.The fairy appeared again and said that there was something wrong with Zhou s tomb, which would affect the life of the Cui family and me.It can be avoided.In the future, when I see Mrs.Zhou after a hundred years, I will definitely settle this account with her.As soon as Mrs.Lin finished speaking, the steward came to report again Mrs.Tai, Mrs.Wednesday and Miss Tuesday are here.Mrs.Lin was even more angry.If Brother Zhen didn t hand over Yu s mother to the clan, maybe the Zhou family would be of some use, and now it would only add to her troubles.What kind of crime did she do Zhou Rujun s tomb was in good condition, but she was ashamed and paid for it.

That night he went to Ao Cang to investigate, but was ambushed and seriously injured.Liu Su finished speaking.look up.Wei Yuanchen said How do you know Looking at Wei Yuanchen s mouth shape, Liu Su said I saw it with my own eyes, when I was only seven years old, my parents died and I didn t have any relatives around me, all because of the Pearl Thief Bring me food to survive.That year he was plotted against and escaped from Ao Cang with all his might.He found me in the ruined temple and gave me all the money left on his body, telling me to survive.Liu Su still remembered that scene, Pearl Thief rubbed his head affectionately with his big hand Boy, hide it well, don t let anyone catch you and eat it.That night was very dark, but justcbd cbd gummies sugar free those words made him He thought it was so bright, as bright as the sun, but then he noticed something strange about the Pearl Thief , and the world suddenly dimmed.

Unfortunately, too many people died after that case.There was no way to find out until I met Nie Chen.What Liu Su didn t say was that the doctor s wife found him.He was seriously ill, but the doctor s wife rescued him.Hearing this, the doctor took him to investigate the Pearl Thief case.Now Liu Su already knew that the doctor s wife was Miss Gu, but he would not tell anyone, including Nie Chen, her true identity.Wei Yuanchen held the letter in his hand.The paper and ink of the letter seemed to be old, but the letter was well preserved, which shows that Liu Su cherishes it very much.So Liu Su really came today to avenge the Pearl Thief.The timing of the selection was just sugarless cbd gummies right, he caught Lu Shenzhi and Yan Hao, and he was able to confirm that there was something else going on in the Ku Yin case.

Gu Mingzhu pointed to the south, indicating that she wanted to play there.Mrs.Lin Tai said Further to the south is someone else s Zhuangzi.The land on the Zhuangzi is not as good as ours.Recently, I came to a new owner and wanted to plant medicinal materials in the fields.They said that the medicine was worth a lot cbd gummi bears of money, and it was good for patients with abdominal pain to eat, and all the dignitaries in Beijing liked it.Mrs.Lin remembered one thing The Zhuangzi should be Bought by the Zhou family.While talking, the steward came to report Mrs.Tai, Mrs.Zhou and the second lady are here.I heard that you are at the Zhuangzi, and I want to invite you to sit with the Zhou family.Gu Mingzhu Looking to the south of Zhoujiazhuangzi, I m afraid it is a place of right and wrong.Is someone going to do something keoni cbd gummies amazon here It was earlier than she expected, probably because Mr.

Many people, many things, until the last step, will never know the truth.I just hope that he made the right choice this time, and Master Wei can eradicate those people and save the people in the mountains.Just ahead, Mr.Jiang ordered, Tie Yan Hao to the Zhuangzi.He had already ambushed people near the Lin family s Zhuangzi, just waiting to bring Yan Hao.Mr.Jiang is very satisfied, the matter is half done, and then he just needs to proceed step by step Taiyuan government office prison.Cui Zhen sat in the duty room and listened to keoni cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies for sleep 1500mg the trial.He turned his head and glanced at the chair next to him.Wei Yuanchen had been away for half an hour.When Wei Yuanchen sat here with him, even though he didn t say a word, he could still clearly feel the murderous aura on Wei Yuanchen s body.It was as if there was a blood feud between them.

Bao Tong looked at the Gu s Nursing Home Follow Madam and Miss every step of the way.Madam Lin couldn t help sighing.If she had known this would happen, she would not have taken Zhuzhu out, and hoped that what she was worried about would not happen.Gu Mingzhu took out two bamboo tubes from her waist pouch and tied them into her sleeves while Mrs.Lin was not paying attention.After doing this, she looked around, looking for an inconspicuous place to hide.Zhuzhu, come keoni cbd gummies amazon quickly.Mrs.Lin shouted, and Gu Mingzhu walked over quickly.Everyone entered the house, Mrs.Wednesday ordered the servants to pour tea, the tea had just been served before she had time to drink, when she heard hurried footsteps from outside, and then Cui s steward came in to report.Mrs.Our nursing home is fighting with those people.

Mrs.Lin stretched out her hand to hold Gu Mingzhu s hand.If it wasn t for Zhuzhu s fall, they wouldn t be able to escape safely.Gu Mingzhu snuggled up beside Mrs.Lin, held a small stove and put it in Mrs.Lin s hands, and folded her four hands together to keep warm.Gu Mingzhu s fingers quietly climbed onto her mother s wrist.The mother s pulse was very stable, but it beat keoni cbd gummies amazon a little faster, so it should be fine.Mrs.Lin s frown slowly relaxed, and the heart that had been raised so high finally fell back to her chest.They thought she was taking care of Zhuzhu, but Zhuzhu is like this small stove, with Zhuzhu by her side, she I feel very ironic in my heart.Ms.Wang, Baotong and others also changed their clothes, and when everything was settled, Mrs.Lin went to the front yard to meet Han Yu.Miss, Baotong said in a low voice, shall we follow Madam Gu Mingzhu shook her head and refused to go.

It s been a long time since I fought like this with the third master.If this continues, grass will grow on his head.It s not as good as that five black chicken.When the chicken is bored, it can even fight with the birds next door.Now that he has the opportunity, he wants to vent all the hardships and fatigue he has suffered with the third master these days on these murderers.On the ninth day of the ninth day, the more you fight, the more brave you are When Cui Zhen saw the situation in the stone archway, he knew that his guess just now was correct, and Wei Yuanchen had already taken control of the situation.Cui Wei held the bow in his hand, groped the bow with his fingers, thought for a while before saying Brother, do you think Wei Yuanchen has deployed people inside Cui Zhen didn t speak, but silence can be regarded as the answer.

Wei Yuanchen looked at Gu Mingzhu, his every keoni cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies for sleep 1500mg move was so skillful, as if these talents were born with her.Zhuzhu, don t be afraid, Mrs.Lin comforted Gu Mingzhu, wondering if her daughter could understand, They are all victims of being hurt.After finishing speaking, Mrs.Lin looked at the mother in charge Go and see what can help you Help.The mother in charge responded.Baotong said Ma am, do you think their eyes are uncomfortable This servant has suffered from eye disease herself, and knows how to feel better, so I will go over and help.Madam Lin nodded.Wei Yuanchen looked at the servants of the Gu family who went to help take care of the people, what were Miss Gu and her maid whispering just now There is a person with good medical skills beside Miss Gu, and the rabbit picked up by the doctor s wife is on Miss Gu again.

I also want to relieve his pain, what a pity, His poison has entered the viscera, his heart is full of holes, and he can t be cured.Wei Yuanchen looked at Sun Langzhong Who is the patient you are talking about Why did Rujun ask you to treat him Sun Langzhong patted his head, he only focused on talking about the toxicity and pulse case, and even forgot the cause and effect in advance Because he was in the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice at that time, Rujun took care of him when distributing medicine, so I knew about him, he was Zhang Yuan who killed the household member Wai Lang, and keoni cbd gummies amazon Rujun called him Master Zhang.I don t even know if the daylilies were taken from my medicine box, but keoni cbd gummies amazon Rujun told me later.Wei Yuanchen said, Hemerocallis Sun Langzhong nodded, It s also called Daylily, Wangyoucao, Datong Prefecture has the most , Shanxi is often used for cooking.

For a moment, even he forgot why he came here.He obviously had so many official duties to deal with, but he came to embarrass a child.Gu Mingzhu is indeed very powerful, she can be called a person with thousands golden love cbd gummies keoni cbd gummies amazon of faces, but she doesn t know which face is the truth, which 12 mg cbd gummies sentence is the truth.For a liar to reach her level, he is considered baypark cbd gummies 300mg a master of the arts.Gu Mingzhu continued to play with the rabbit in her hand, even Yuan ignite cbd gummies review Xiao knew that rabbits do not eat grass by the side of their nests.The more things are delivered to the mouth, the more inedible they are.Even if Mr.Wei looks delicious now, it is untouchable.She has seen Mr.Wei s skills before, and if he is not careful, he will catch him.Moreover, the person with keoni cbd gummies amazon a gloomy face all day is now cbd gummies candy a small ball and a grass rabbit, just like a peacock with its tail open.

The big yellow dog ran up and down, and the bells jingled.Mrs.Zhao stayed far away, her face was livid, and she hurried away without saying a few words.Don t look at my grandfather s desires and desires, but he never relents when he doesn t like people, and he doesn t say a word of nonsense.This Zhao Gong has insomnia and hates this kind of abnormal and continuous noise the most.Mr.Wei didn t know the inside story, so he wouldn t guess that she did it on purpose, he would only see her carelessly drop the ball and run around chasing it.In the past, she might have stood aside and watched quietly, but after learning that Mr.Wei was keoni cbd gummies amazon a young man in prison, she felt a little bit unbearable.His old injury might be related to the sharp weapon she took out in a hurry.No matter what, let s cover up today s matter first.

Don t talk about it, Cui Zhen said, solve the matter in front of you first, maybe everything will be clear by then In the courtyard of the Zhao family.The steward of the Zhao family watched these uninvited guests shuttle in the yard, and the Mr.Wei suddenly took out the key just now, his expression couldn t help changing, he probably saw his panic, and Mr.Wei ordered the servants to break into the house to look for it.Yachai, Nie Chen and others searched for a long time, but they still couldn t find the lock that matched the key.Gu Mingzhu grabbed Nie Chen and pointed to the roof Let s go up and have a look.Nie Chen was a little surprised, could the lock still be on the roof Gu Mingzhu said in a low voice Some doors may not be on the surface.Look at the structure of this house, you can probably know the direction of all the houses, and then compare it with the reality.

Cui Wei remembered that when Zhang Xiao was killed, the guards who saw the situation came back and told him Zhang Xiao didn t drink and make trouble, Wei Yuanchen just wanted to kill him, humiliate him first, and then kill him.Zhang Xiao died aggrieved.At this moment, Cui Wei seemed to understand why the guard said this.At that cbd gummies for sleep 1500mg cbd gummies for children moment just now, he could feel that Wei Yuanchen wanted to kill him.The hairs on the back of his neck even stood up because of this, as if his life was held in Wei Yuanchen s hands, Wei Yuanchen didn t come to take it now, it s just that the time didn t come, Cui Wei lowered his head, a ray of light flashed from his eyes However, why can t he see through Wei Yuanchen Not a single piece of paper can be left in HCMUSSH keoni cbd gummies amazon the house, and all of them should be carried to the Yamen, Feng Anping ordered immediately after entering Zhao s house.

With Junior Sister Jiang s timid and weak temperament, she was so frightened that the lamp in her hand fell immediately, and the lamp rolled on the ground several times and went out.After Yacha took away all the things, all the lamps in the room were also taken away, so the one in Gu Mingzhu s hand was the only one.The lights went out and it was pitch black.Chapter 90 Wonderful Seeing nothing in the dark, Wei Yuanchen closed his eyes subconsciously so that he could adapt to the change of light more quickly.If there is a lamp that can illuminate Mr.Wei at this moment, he will definitely see his face that is as cold as ice for a thousand years, and he is breathing coldly.In an instant, Wei Yuanchen opened his eyes again, and could vaguely see the slender figure not far away.The figure seemed to be very panicked, and was leaning towards the side with his back bent.

The next one to be tricked might be the crown prince.Sun Langzhong said after a long while It s old after all.Now the dolls are better than each other.Even if Miss Gu is pretending to be stupid, her heart is not bad.Besides, she has saved the third master.Maybe they will be friends with the third master in the future.Not an enemy He didn t say anything later.After being said by the third master, he felt that Miss Gu was a talent to be made.Chu Jiu nodded again and again outside the door, he now understood that the third master went around a lot, just cbd gummies health benefits wanting Sun Langzhong to say this keoni cbd gummies amazon sentence.I really didn t see it, the third master kept saying he was on guard against others, so he gave away his waist card, if he didn t guard up in the future, then it s okay, and he couldn t wait to stuff everything into people s arms.

Tai thinks that keoni cbd gummies amazon our Wei family is a descended relative, and maybe one day I will be dismissed, so I don t take me seriously, right How could she admit the gossip she said behind her back She didn t dare to admit it.It is true that the Wei family is a declining relative, Wei Yuanchen is still working for the court after all, maybe she can be dismissed with an excuse, even if she is asked to accompany Zhao Gongren, she can t bear it.Mrs.Lin hurriedly stood up and saluted Wei Yuanchen How dare I think so, I just said that Mr.Wei is an imperial envoy sent by the imperial court, and we must cooperate with Mr.Wei in investigating the case.Mrs.Lin knew that it would be embarrassing to do so, but She has no other choice.Wei Yuanchen said indifferently Since this is keoni cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies for sleep 1500mg the case, why did you bring Lin Runzhi out Mrs.

The carriage, luggage, and followers to the prince s mansion all require money without exception.Although the amount of money is not much, there are no details, so remember clearly.Even the hairpin used to help him deal with the mechanism box was discounted on it.The hairpin cost five taels, and she was a female member of Xungui s family after all, so she could buy things accurately.Wei Yuanchen saw the image of the doctor biting the silver.He was more and more sure that the doctor was her.If she was pretending to be the doctor, many things would make sense.Even women in the market know how to do it, so naturally they will not let go of this consistent copper coin.Thinking about it the other way around, doing him a big favor, only five taels of silver, a copper coin, is it to say that she regards money as her life, or that she is innocent Or short sighted If it was someone else, he would probably take the opportunity to ask him to help with something instead of asking for this mere money.

These people drink Cui s blood on weekdays.If you just cbd gummy bears anxiety are in trouble, you will have to push the wall down.Cui Wei was silent for a while before saying Mother, take a good rest, and my son is going to see elder brother.Mrs.Lin Tai stopped her again, Cui Wei finally calmed down her mother, buy cbd gummies for sleep and walked quickly Go find Cui Zhen.Master Hou was ordered to explore the keoni cbd gummies amazon way, the Cui family s personal guard reported, and went with the Wei family.Cui Wei frowned Why didn t you take you The guard said Master Hou ordered us to protect the female relatives.Cui Wei nodded Have you noticed any changes around The personal guard shook keoni cbd gummies amazon his head No, our people have been guarding the carriage all the time, and the surrounding situation is all inspected by the Wei family and the East Palace.is not to trust them.Cui Wei got on his horse and said, You all perform your own duties, I ll go find elder brother.

Only then did I know that she turned out to be the daughter of Old General Zhao.I used to serve under General Zhao, and I have always admired him.If I hadn t been transferred to the Shaanxi Xingdu Division, I would have guarded Yulin Guard together with him.In any case, I don t believe that the old general is a person who colluded with foreign thieves.Mrs.Zhao knew that her husband s family had harmed her, but she was not sad.Instead, she thought it was a good thing.After she died, the Cheng family would not embarrass her eldest son.Father avenged.I admire Zhao s character and decided to help Zhao.Although the commander at that time made Zheng Bian dead, keoni cbd gummies amazon the people who followed Zheng Bian were still working in Shaanxi.I stayed in the guard and approached them slowly.Find the evidence that they framed Old General Zhao.

Huaiyuanhou knew that there was something wrong with her mother in law for a long time, and she also knew that it was dangerous at this time, but she still lent me the guard and followed the convoy all the way to the capital.I only think about myselfthey made a mistake because of this, and I will never be safe in cbd gummies to quit drinking shark tank my heart.I know, Cheng Yi said, Donggong Tao Duo left a team for us when he left, and we solved this problem.After the rebels, I am also preparing to rescue the team that is going to Beijing, I just don t worry about the princess.I didn t expect the princess to say these words before him.It turned out that the son in law also prepared in the same way.Princess Huairou breathed a sigh of relief Now I have a carriage, let the mother in law get in the car and I will take care of it.The son in law will immediately go to inquire about the news and find out where the Marquis of Huaiyuan and the others are.

I will lead people to surround the rebel army.We must injure them severely.Zhao s eyes were red, and tears swirled inside, but she refused to fall firmly, she swallowed subconsciously, and swallowed all the bitter water into her stomach.It s been twelve years, Cheng Yi said, I can finally do something for the soldiers who died in the country in a fair and honest way.No need to be sneaky, just plan in surreptitiously, every time you do those things, He felt humiliated and his grandfather and those soldiers.Now he finally doesn t have to worry about these things anymore, and he doesn t have to report to the court.He can lead soldiers and horses to fight the rebels.After Cheng Yi finished speaking, he knelt down politely and bowed to Mrs.Zhao.After getting up, he didn t say anything, turned his head and strode away.

The prince let out a miserable cry, and looked up, the person holding the spear was Wei Yuanchen, the corners of Wei Yuanchen s mouth were slightly raised at this moment, the fierceness on his face was daunting, Ruifeng s eyes turned and fell on him, Stare fixedly at him.The prince only felt that the murderous intent in Wei Yuanchen s eyes was even more serious, and the spear attacked him again cunningly, as if there was endless hatred, golden love cbd gummies keoni cbd gummies amazon and now he wanted to ask him for it all.The prince froze there, the rope on his arm broke at some point, and he subconsciously touched the sharp weapon on the ground to block it.Boom.The long knife in the prince s hand was blown away, and the point of the spear drove straight in.The prince felt that he was doomed and must die here.He felt the pain when the spear tip pierced his flesh.

Last year, the emperor wanted to give a marriage, but Wei Yuanchen shied away because of his old illness.What kind of illness did the third HCMUSSH keoni cbd gummies amazon master suffer from, or the Wei family deliberately separated from the emperor.Could it be for the Zhou family No matter how deep the bond between a man and a woman is, it cannot stand the passage of time.Mrs.Zhou has been dead for five years, and the two of them have no status.How did it last for so long The more Cui Zhen thought about it, the more surprised he felt.The guard of the Cui family who shot and killed the Zhou family back then died at the hands of Wei Yuanchen.Later, on the field of the lieutenant colonel, Wei Yuanchen did not want to kill Cui Wei on impulse, but really wanted to kill Cui Wei.It all started with one woman.Cui Zhen pursed his lips tightly, what kind of person is Zhou Shi What method can confuse Wei Yuanchen Did the Wei family just let it go All kinds of doubts made Cui Zhen couldn t help recalling things related to the Zhou family.

However, it was considered to support the Zhou family, and the master on Wednesday did some small business.There are rice and grain shops in Beijing and Daming Mansions, and he bought fields, earning a lot of money.This time Mrs.Zhou went to Shanxi to look after her own keoni cbd gummies amazon business, and stopped by Taiyuan Mansion to pay homage to her deceased niece, but she did not expect to be involved in the war horse case.The mother and daughter got separated from the team on the way back to Beijing, and it was hard to be safe, and someone sent a letter back to Zhou s house.On Wednesday, the master rushed to meet them, and it was time to enter Beijing in about two days.The old golden love cbd gummies keoni cbd gummies amazon lady organic cbd gummies co2 extraction Zhou was sitting in the head seat, and Zhou Ruyue stood behind the old lady Zhou and gently kneaded her grandmother s shoulders.

Seeing this, Mu Qiu turned pale with shock Third Master.What the hell is going on, it is impossible for the Third Master to be able to wrestle.Mu Qiu ran to him, only to see that Wei Sanye didn t get up, but sat there with his hands half propped up, his eyes were full of waves, and he couldn t control himself for a while.Chapter 198 Hope Third Master.Third Master.Mu Qiu s voice seemed far away.Wei Yuanchen was still frozen there and couldn t move.Some scenes were covered in mist five years ago, but now the mist seems to have dissipated a bit, and he vaguely saw someone busy in front of the bed.After I yelled for a while, the lady called the eldest lady s name, you know I know, I know.Hurry up, hurry up Come back, mother is here.Mingzhu, Zhuzhu come back quickly The girl lying on the bed had her eyes closed, her complexion was pale, and she looked unusually thin.

Clean pot and cold stove, how do you live these days Liu Su turned her head and saw a few guards standing in the yard, and the third master was busy in the house.These people have hands and feet and don t know how to work.Could it be that they are all waiting for him to do it Liu Su walked out of the room, and Gu Mingzhu stood in the dark, looking at Master Wei quietly, Master Wei picked up the letter that was placed beside him, opened it up and examined it carefully, and didn t know what he saw, the originally stretched eyebrows and eyes slowly wrinkled.The lights on the table flickered.Wei Yuanchen said again Cut the lantern flowers.Is this to let her go Gu Mingzhu stretched out her hand to tidy up the fence and gauze on her head, so she could take the opportunity of cutting the lantern flowers to look at the letter on the table.

The steward s mother turned her head to look at the clerk next to her.Since the clerk has come, she won t give up until she sees someone.If this stalemate continues, she might not look good.Moreovershe also inquired about the news, and the two merchants recognized him.In order to be the young servant of the Yuan family, that young servant is also the son of the steward Zhu next to the uncle, it may not be easy for the madam to get rid of the relationship.What s more, Manager Zhu was also arrested, and she saw that the situation outside was not good for them.The steward s mother thought in this way and said in a low voice Madam, may the steward and his son have been arrested, and they also captured the man from the north.Yuan frowned, with a surprised expression on her face How is that possible.

The sparse and curly hair scattered on the head, looked very frightening at first glance.What the prince looked at the princess resentfully, Are you afraid of me too Are you waiting for the document to abolish the prince so that you can ask the emperor to make peace with me By the way, I can t call myself I m already in my palace, I can t go back to the East Palace anymore, no no I have to go back, I have to go back.After the crown prince finished speaking, he suddenly curled up on the couch and began to cry.The concubine tremblingly stepped forward to persuade the prince.Since his return, the prince s temperament has changed drastically.He looks crazy, crying for a while, angry for a while, and he has to go to the palace to see the emperor and the imperial concubine.The imperial concubine keoni cbd gummies amazon best cbd gummies for flying has ordered that there should be no movement from the mansion, and she tried her best to appease the crown prince, but if this continues, she may keoni cbd gummies amazon not be able to hold on anymore, so she sent people to inquire, the emperor drafted a document to abolish the crown prince, just waiting After the war in northern Xinjiang subsided, keoni cbd gummies amazon strawberry cbd gummies the matter was announced to the world, and the imperial concubine acquiesced keoni cbd gummies amazon in such a result, who would have the ability to fight What s going on outside The prince seemed to have thought of something, and suddenly raised his head, Have you found the person who harmed me Has Wei Yuanchen who stabbed me been punished And Cui Zhen, Marquis of Dingning, if not He is useless, and this palace will not end up like this.

Putting the prince to death, he murmured Kill you, kill you, I m going to kill you Come on, come on The third prince held his neck, and the guards stepped forward to pull the prince, The whole yard was in a mess.Prince, prince, this is the third prince, please let go.It was he who hurt me, it was him, the prince stared at the third prince, he blamed me for pushing him off the tree back then.I ve always wanted to take revenge, but just now, he sneaked into my room and told mehe s going to kill me, I ll dieyou can t live.The guard pulled the prince away with difficulty.The crown prince ordered in a trembling voice Take your highness down quickly, and ask the imperial doctor to see the wounds of your highness and the third prince, go quickly.The two guards lifted the prince up, and the prince still kept shouting Kill him, Kill him.

Li felt more and more that Mrs.Lin was good, how could someone else say such a thing, being regarded as a benefactor, it was too late to rejoice, but Mrs.Lin was extremely disturbed, dog cbd gummies keoni cbd gummies amazon sitting on pins and needles, even if some of them The inside story is there, but Mrs.Lin s character can keoni cbd gummies amazon also be seen.Okay, Mrs.Li said with a smile, it s all a matter of thanks.Mrs.Li said and stretched out her hand to Gu Mingzhu Zhuzhu came to me, Mrs.Huaiyuanhou is so lucky to keoni cbd gummies amazon raise her keoni cbd gummies amazon daughter.Like a green onion, what does Zhuzhu like to do on weekdays What s the matter with her, Mrs.Lin said with a smile, it high potency cbd gummies hemp bombs s all spoiled by Master Hou and me, and she only knows to play at home on weekdays.Mrs.Yuan understood Mrs.Lin s thoughts.What Mrs.Lin said would attract criticism from other people s ladies.How could she bring up her own daughter like this What will happen to her family in the future But Miss Gu is different, Miss Gu was born with dementia, Huaiyuan Hou and his wife spoiled her like this because they didn t want to marry their daughter.

I asked her to learn from female celebrities, but she refused, and she refused to listen to me when I asked her to tune the piano.Later, she gave her marriage to the present emperor.I started sewing to be a female celebrity, and the things I made couldn t be used I just raised my head and looked at me pitifully.Mrs.Li said and looked at Mrs.Lin What Mrs.Lin said just now is correct, why do women have to learn those things I still regret it now, why don t you just leave her alone, let her read if she wants to read Mrs.Lin hurriedly said My Zhuzhu is different from others.What is the difference Mrs.Li said, I think Zhuzhu is very considerate by Madam s side.Mrs.Li mentioned this, and Mrs.Lin thought of Zhuzhu s care for her this trip to Shanxi, and she couldn t help revealing her true feelings That s right, many people thought I was taking care of Zhuzhu, but in fact it was Zhuzhu who protected me many times.

Second sister, try it.Came to the nunnery to help her copy the scriptures.Knowing that the third sister is just like her father, she is a smiling tiger, and she just waits to please her grandmother Zhou Ruzhang sat down to eat noodles, Zhou Ruyue went to the desk and continued to help Zhou Ruzhang pure science lab good vibes cbd gummies 450mg copy books.Why is it so early today Zhou Ruzhang asked after eating, Usually, we always come later.Zhou Ruyue said Father was summoned away by the yamen, so I don t have to follow my homework.My younger brother went to bed early today, and my mother just went to bed early today.Let me go back to the room earlier.Zhou Ruzhang didn t want to listen to Zhou Ruyue s nagging What is Second Uncle going to the yamen for so late Zhou Ruyue hesitated for a moment before saying, I don keoni cbd gummies amazon t know either.If there is anything I don t know, I just don t want to tell me Forget it, Zhou Ruzhang frowned, Second Uncle is in the Hanlin Academy, if there is any news from the court, there will be documents, and he will definitely be able to find out the news.

I can t do anything well, just make trouble and cry.Even a three year old child should be reprimanded, but she is suffering from dementia, who can t help it Can compare with her.Cui Wei was thinking like this, but he didn t dare to show any impatience on his face, he still smiled and looked at Gu Mingzhu Okay, second brother will put it up again after it falls, as long as Zhuzhu is happy.Gu Mingzhu looked at Cui Wei s face The smile on his face was full of flattery, as if he wanted to make her happy no matter what, she seemed to know what he was planning.She had heard from the maid keoni cbd gummies amazon at home that Mrs.Lin once wanted to marry Cui and Gu.When Gu Mingzhu was keoni cbd gummies amazon a child, Mrs.Lin often brought Cui Wei.However, who knew that Gu Mingzhu s condition was getting worse and worse, so Mrs.Lin gave up her thoughts.

As long as you tell the truth, Cheng Yi said, the fourth brother is my own younger brother, I will naturally do what a brother should do.Aunt Gui finally breathed a sigh of relief at this moment, she knocked on the ground He raised his head three times, and looked at Cheng Yi with an apologetic expression Master, this concubine knew about Mrs.Zhao s murder.These days, Mrs.Yuan summoned my concubine to rub her legs to force her to tell the inside story, because There are not many old people who stayed in the mansion twelve years ago, and my concubine is one of them.Cheng Yi s heart was agitated, and his mother s case was really going to be clarified through this matter.You bitch.Master Cheng charged his head angrily, wishing he could kick the woman kneeling on HCMUSSH keoni cbd gummies amazon the ground to death, he just took a step forward and was immediately stopped by two figures, it was Cheng Yi and Third Master Cheng.

, called Zhou Zecheng.When I saw his body, I hemp bombs cbd gummies reviews thought he was a woman, but it doesn t matter if it s a man or a woman, being too beautiful is not a good thing.Chapter 270 Waiting for Qiao Zheng to pick up a cup of tea and hand it to Qiao Song, Qiao Song took a sip from the bowl , the sun fell on Qiao Song, the robe on his body was clean and tidy, and his smile was natural and gentle.Only the half scar on his wrist was incompatible with his whole personality, but Qiao Song didn t care, and still enjoyed the scenery in front of keoni cbd gummies amazon strawberry cbd gummies him.A breeze blew through his long sleeves, making him look at ease.Uncle, Qiao Zheng said, After Wei Yuanchen came down dog cbd gummies keoni cbd gummies amazon to court, he interrogated Mr.Cheng alone.Mr.Cheng kept complaining, saying that Yuan was not killed by him.What should we do next Go to interrogate Mr.

Chu Jiu whispered Third Master, don t wait, Miss Gu won t come.Wei Yuanchen raised his head and looked at the sky, there was a circle of shadows around the huge moon, and he seemed to have had too much wine at night.It s so late, she should have a rest Chu Jiu cleared his throat Miss Gu has gone out.The third master stayed behind with a stern face, but Miss Gu went out in a blink of an eye.This soundsa bit heartbreaking.Wei Yuanchen s eyes became much clearer, and the moon above his head became a lonely one again.Where did you go Wei Yuanchen asked.Chu Jiu pursed his lips It should be to see Nie Chen.Wei Yuanchen walked out, Chu Jiu followed all the way Third Master, go slowly.Seeing Third Master s appearance must be very uncomfortable, He just said a good thing to let the third master take a break.

My lord, you miss Ah chan so much Gu Mingzhu looked at Mo Yangming.Mo Yangming came back to his senses.After so many years, no one asked her such a question in front of her again, and she was detached from the world, and she had long been calm, probably because she cbd gummies for sleep 1500mg cbd gummies for children I just asked Miss Gu a few words, so Miss Gu thinks this way.But Miss Gu is stupid, how can she be so smart Gu Mingzhu said I went to my grandfather s house, and my mother came to pick me up like this.So that s the case, Mo Yangming smiled, she pretended to be cbd gummies for sleep 1500mg cbd gummies for children indifferent, but she couldn t escape Chizi s eyes.Mo Yangming said I miss her very much.In front of a child, she didn t want to cover it up.Just as she was in a trance, Miss Gu sat on the wooden couch and read scriptures carved on the wall.How can a fool know how to read Gu Mingzhu turned her head Really, this What is written on it Mo Yangming said The South China Sutra.

Did the third master also keoni cbd gummies amazon read the storybook She actually knew how to climb over the wall and enter the house Gu Mingzhu looked at the box on botanic farms cbd gummies the table, she knew it was a shadow play.Mrs.Lin smiled and said to the Cui family Brother Zhen came back from the northern border, and keoni cbd gummies amazon was thinking of buying these as gifts for Zhuzhu.When a family s car and horse broke down, Master Hou ordered us to help.The old man in that family is a craftsman of shadow play, so he bought these from them.Mrs.Lin said Brother Zhen has a heart.Cui The housekeeper saluted I learned a little from that craftsman, and I know how to animate these shadows.If Missy wants to see it, I can fiddle with it.Gu Mingzhu nodded and looked at Mrs.Lin with joy Let Brother Xiang come too.Mrs.Lin smiled and said Go and pick up Brother Xiang, just say I called him.

Wei Yuanchen said Master Zhang and Zhang Shen family seem to be helping Mrs.Zhang clear the way on the way back to Beijing., Do something.One thing is such a coincidence, did the Zhang family come to the capital to clear up the relationship or to control the situation Or both.Gu Mingzhu remembered what the empress dowager said, and she raised her head to look at Wei Yuanchen The empress dowager said that the third concubine mentioned Sun Zhenzhen s excellent medical skills in the Palace of Compassion and Ning many times.If it weren t for the queen mother and Mo Zhenren getting along well The Compassionate Ning Palace has long relied on Sun Zhenren s panacea.It seems that the Third Prince s Mansion has long been involved.Gu Mingzhu was lost in thought, and it took a while to golden love cbd gummies keoni cbd gummies amazon recover.The study was extremely quiet, she raised her head just in time to see Lord Wei s clear eyes as if he had been staring at her all the time.

Gu Mingzhu subconsciously wiped her face with the back of her hand, there is nothing strange on her face My lordyou It s good like this, Wei Yuanchen said, You don t have to see through the veil so much, when will you not have to cover up like this Gu Mingzhu always felt that Mrs.Wei s words were a pun Women s relatives have to cover up when they go out.Even if her dementia gradually recovered, she couldn t show her true appearance when she went out to investigate the case, just like keoni cbd gummies amazon her identity, she would never Maybe I will be Zhou Rujun again.After saying these words, Gu Mingzhu felt that Mr.Wei should also leave.She went to the keoni cbd gummies amazon small courtyard of the Wei family, but it was always like this not to cause Mr.Wei any trouble.Gu Mingzhu waited for a while, Master Wei still sat there, showing no intention of leaving.

Tan Shangshu is definitely a person who knows firearms in the Great Zhou Dynasty.He made contributions in northern Xinjiang when he was young.After the old general Zhao fled after being defeated, they dog cbd gummies keoni cbd gummies amazon took a few people to repel the former Tatar army with the abandoned red barbarian cannon by the court The person who had a private relationship with Ah Chan back then was very important, and Tan Shangshu was one of the candidates she and Wei Yuanchen suspected, so even if there was no matter about Gu Mingwan, they should check the Tan family carefully.Chapter 318 A silent change Gu Mingzhu bit the candied fruit in her mouth, today s candied fruit was extra soft and waxy.Baotong said in a low voice It s freshly made in Pinxiang Building, and the slaves will buy it early in the morning.She thought that there would flower of life cbd gummies review be no candied fruit so early.

It keoni cbd gummies amazon is Zhuzhu s blessing to do something with Mo Zhenren.My wish with Lord Hou has been fulfilled, no matter what Zhuzhu does, as long as she is happy Cui Zhen looked at his aunt s happy and grateful appearance, the soft place in his heart was also touched, and he couldn t help thinking of his father s serious Face let him practice riding and shooting.Mrs.Lin said I have heard from your uncle that you have handed over the military power and are going to rest at home.This is also very good.These years of non stop fighting outside can be regarded as taking this opportunity to take a HCMUSSH keoni cbd gummies amazon breath.The power in Xungui s hands is too easy.Being slandered by others is not a good thing.At least you can reunite with your family and have more children with Mrs.Zhang while you are young.Your skills must be passed on.

Now it is really different, the eyebrows are dyed with ink, and the skin is fair Is it really because the knot in the heart has been untied Maybe people will become soft hearted when they see beautiful scenery and people, and the longer they look at it, it seems that they can t bear to continue to deceive him.As Gu Mingzhu was thinking this way, the sound of rustling rain came from outside the house.Suddenly it began to rain.The thunder rumbled, as if the black sky above his head was about to be suppressed.Gu Mingzhu stood up and walked to the window.Under the illumination of the wind lamp on the porch, the raindrops seemed to draw a thin line of light between the sky and the earth.The rain became heavier and heavier, slowly illuminating do cbd gummies smell the sky and the earth.Wei Yuanchen woke up, opened his eyes and saw the girl standing in front of the window, the girl stretched out her hand to catch the light in the palm of her hand, then dog cbd gummies keoni cbd gummies amazon she curled up her lips slightly.

Last year, he helped the clan to repair the school.Elder Zhang s willingness to do this is also considered a face for my sister in law.Mrs.Zhang continued Your in laws will probably be able to work smoothly, right Tian Gongren nodded The Zhang family has a very good reputation in Guangzhou.No one is more familiar with the Guangzhou Shipping Department than his in laws.Candidates.Mrs.Zhang said There is also the son in law Ding Ning Hou.Ding Ning Hou won the battle.Although he is healing his wounds at home, he can still speak in the court.Tian Gong said Madam Zhang doesn t care about these things., never let Marquis Ding Ning come forward to help her natal family, I heard from my sister that the Zhang family will not bother Marquis Ding Ning, it is not easy for Marquis Ding Ning to lead troops outside, and Marquis Zhang cannot cause trouble to Marquis Ding Ning.

Although my son has worked hard these years, he finally did it As soon as Wei Congzhi finished speaking, he felt The flesh on the arm was twisted, and then the old mother looked angry Is it you who don t want to marry, or no one wants to marry What does it have to do with your eldest sister Mrs.Li drove Wei Congzhi away like a fly Let s go, don t make me angry on the happy day.When Brother Chen also got married, even if the big rock in her heart fell to the ground, maybe she would be more pleasing to the old son at that time, because Quan Dang raised an old girl at keoni cbd gummies amazon home.in front .

can i take cbd gummies with alcohol?

of.This kind of thing is not unique to the Wei family.There keoni cbd gummies amazon are many daughters who return to live with their mother s parents after their husband s family is unhappy after keoni cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies for sleep 1500mg they get married.Every family has hard to recite scriptures Wei Congzhi watched his mother and sister in law disappear at the end of the Qingshiban road in the blink of an eye.

If it weren t for the fact that the imperial concubine was so powerful keoni cbd gummies amazon and the prince s actions became more and more ridiculous, the emperor probably would not have thought of using the Wei family to restrain the imperial concubine s party.That s why the Wei family is in the situation it is today.Thinking of this, Gu Chongyi came to his .

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senses and found that Wei Yuanchen hadn t spoken the whole time, apparently waiting for him to calm down, while Wei Congzhi next to him was snoring louder and louder, and had already lost himself in his sleep.Wei Yuanchen said Second Uncle is tired from running around these days, Lord Hou will forgive me.Gu Chongyi was suddenly curious as to what Wei Congzhi was busy with.It s not a cbd daily gummies good thing to spend too much time on him.Gu Chongyi raised his eyes and said This matter involves the Tan family.

I don t know if it s an illusion, but the atmosphere in the room seems to have calmed down all of a sudden.Not a lot.Gu Mingzhu said The cases that have been wana sour gummie cbd thc 2 1 investigated these daysYuan Zhixing cbd gummies for sleep 1500mg cbd gummies for children and Bai Gongren And some can t see clearly Just like what Mrs.Tang and Mrs.Rong always said Don t trust a person easily.The situation of the Wei family is not because the empress of the past fell in love with the current emperor.Mr.Wei should be able to understand this.It takes time to see people s hearts.Wei Yuanchen put down the teacup in his hand, and the haze in his eyes seemed to be gradually blown awayand became clear again.Wei Yuanchen said The truth can t be deceived No matter how do cbd gummies help with smoking cessation much you cover up the fake one, it will be exposed one day.Gu Mingzhu felt her heart skip a beat when Master Wei stared at her.

My lord, why don t you put on my cloak She reciprocated the favor, but Gu Mingzhu immediately regretted it.She really shouldn t have said this.Her cloak was hanging on Master Wei, and she always felt a little awkward It is short and narrow, like the little curtains that little dolls use to cover their buttocks in winter.Chapter 363 Guilty of Being a Thief The door of the residence of Shen Tonghuai, the censor of the Metropolitan Procuratorate, was slapped, keoni cbd gummies amazon and the news spread all the way keoni cbd gummies amazon to the inner house.Shen Tonghuai s wife, Mrs.Shen, immediately got up and dressed, and immediately called someone over for questioning.Cao Huai bowed to Mrs.Shen, and then said There is an accident in Prince Huai keoni cbd gummies amazon s mansion, and the Ministry of Criminal Justice has arrested Princess Huai s natal brother.Mrs.

Wei Yuanzhen still wanted to speak, but was stared cbd gummies for sleep 1500mg at by Mrs.Yuan After taking a look, he had to close his mouth.Let s go, Mrs.Yuan looked at Wei Yuanhong and Wei Yuanzhen, Let Mrs.Tai talk to Brother Chen.What s the rush Mrs.Li said, I don t have anything special to tell Brother Chen, everyone Listen, maybe you can come up with an idea.After Madam Li finished speaking, she told everyone Sit down Listen to what Brother Chen has to say.Madam Li set her eyes on Wei Yuanchen I am pregnant this time.Is the palace a big deal Wei Yuanchen nodded Although the Ministry of Criminal Justice has only arrested Mr.Fang Er, the Shen family will soon be implicated.Shen Tonghuai and Shen Guicheng have close contacts with Huaiwangfu.Those children with different surnames have been working for the Shen family.

As mother comforted Mrs.Li You don t have to think so much.Foresight is good, but not everything can be thought out so thoroughly.Maybe hemp cbd gummies canada the boat will be straight when it reaches the bridge.Mrs.Li let out a long sigh of relief You still can comfort people.I want to tell you a good thing, Ru s mother said with a smile, just now when the third master was changing clothes, the servant accidentally glanced at him.The third master was wearing a cloak under his cloak.The cloak was so small that he didn t look like the third master.Later, Mama Lu keoni cbd gummies amazon pressed the cloak under the cloak keoni cbd gummies amazon calmly and took it away.Mrs.Li s eyes lit up, Brother Chen would not wear other people s cloaks casually, especially under the cloak, the cloak is so small, could it be used by female relatives Recalling Miss Gu s size again, she wished that someone could find out immediately.

The Empress Dowager twisted the Buddhist beads in her hand Whenever there is a disturbance in the court, the harem will inevitably be chaotic.The Ai family heard that the Ministry of Officials submitted a memorial, and there were many officials listed in the memorial.Most of these people are from the court.Since the time when these officials became officials, the Huaiwang Mansion and the Shen family lent them money to rent a mansion to support their families.The minister of the Ministry of Rites exposed Shen Guicheng, secretly forming a clique for personal gain, and lent him money Yes, the evidence is conclusive, the Shen family used family studies to support many children from poor families, and now these people are working for the Huai Palace.The Queen Mother said this, and sighed In the past, the emperor praised Shen Shoufu as a rare man in the Zhou Dynasty.

As soon as Gu Mingzhu finished speaking, her face lightened, and the battered fake chin fell into the palm of her hand.Chapter 394 Moved Gu Mingzhu to look at keto cbd gummy the pimples on the palm of his hand, it is useless for Mr.Wei to turn his head now.A hand reached out and took Gu Mingzhu s dropped jaw.Wei Yuanchen looked at it carefully, the chin was really expressively made, his fingers rubbed the strange dough, the surface was rarely made smooth, if you don t look carefully in the dark, you can t see any clues.No wonder .

how many cbd gummies to take at 1000 mg?

on the Shanxi flower boat, he always felt that she was looking at him with contempt.His disguise was really too rough.Wei Yuanchen said What are you made of Noodles and glutinous rice.Wei Yuanchen put it on keoni cbd gummies amazon his nose and smelled it, and there was indeed a faint smell of rice Glutinous rice is not the color.

Gu Mingwan said Seeing that it is the Lantern Festival, my mother asked me to Follow grandma to the mansion to see if there is anything else I can do to help.Gu Mingwan said and looked at Gu Mingzhu I just found out that the beads are all ready, and this year the lanterns in the mansion are very beautiful.Mrs.Lin smiled and said Zhuzhu is used to playing with these playthings.Gu Mingwan said I heard that the plum blossoms on the lantern were also painted by Zhuzhu Gu Mingzhu nodded I drew it with Zou Xiang.While painting the lantern, he caught up with Mr.Wei Come here and light a few strokes on the lantern.Thinking of Mr.Wei, Gu Mingzhu couldn t help thinking, Mr.Wei has been out of Beijing for seven days, so it s time to come back now The emperor has always been afraid of the Wei family, and Wei Long is often watched around the Wei mansion.

Fortunately, Yan Shen didn t give up the case for Shen s.Even if he keoni cbd gummies amazon died for it in the end, it was worth it for Yan Shen.He chose Shen s back then and regretted it later.Gu Mingzhu took a sip of tea, then turned her head to look at the hourglass next to her, her father and cbd gummies for sleep 1500mg cbd gummies for children Master Wei should be ready, and the banquet can officially begin In the teahouse not far from Huaiyuan Hou s Mansion, Wei Yuanchen saluted Gu Chongyi I will entrust this matter to the Marquis.Gu Chongyi shook his hand It s nothing.The descendants order cbd thc gummies of the deputy generals have never broken contact with our family.Ge Zhenning, the son of Deputy General Ge, served as the deputy envoy of Haidao in Zhangzhou.When Ge Zhenning came back from Zhangzhou in the new year, he happened to call him to my house to speak, so that no one else would suspect him.

After saying this, Cui Zhen turned around and walked out the door without looking back.Shen still wanted to say something to Cui Zhen, but she finally opened her mouth and did not make a sound.Marquis Ding Ning was like a piece of ice for ten thousand years.Once a person makes a decision, he will not give face to anyone.Mrs.Zhang was also gagged and dragged out, apparently to wait until the Yamen came to interrogate her.Before she left, Mrs.Zhang looked at Mrs.Shen beggingly.The meaning was very clear, she wanted Mrs.Shen to help Mrs.Zhang.Taking advantage of the fact that the mother in charge and jolly cbd gummies 20 mg the mother in law did not come to forcibly drive her away, Shen Shi pursed her lips and walked quickly to Mrs.Zhang Tell me the truth, did you let someone kill that child Mrs.Zhang golden love cbd gummies keoni cbd gummies amazon s spirit As if withdrawn from her body, she stared blankly at the direction Cui Zhen and Zhang s mother left, turning a deaf ear to Shen s question.

Shen s chariots and horses arrived at keoni cbd gummies amazon Zhang s house, and Guan sent back the news in advance.Now the Zhang s house is brightly lit.Mrs.Zhang is dressed and is about to rush to Dingninghou.Seeing Shen s return, she speaks.He said Why are you back Why aren t you staying with Yanniang in the Hou Mansion at this time Mrs.Zhang s boudoir name is Yuyan, and everyone in Zhang s family calls her Yanniang.Shen said in a low voice Master Hou forbids me to enter my sister in law s yard.I waited for a long time and did not see the old man cbd gummies for sleep 1500mg cbd gummies for children and you coming, but the people from the Yamen of Shuntian Mansion stood all over the yard.I panicked and wanted to come back to greet you.Mrs.Zhang was surprised, she didn t expect the trouble to come to this point People from Shuntian Mansion have also gone.Mrs.Shen nodded It seems that Lord Hou doesn t want to take care of my sister in law s face.

That is who are you and what are you going to do Whether it is forced or willing, it is one s own keoni cbd gummies amazon choice.Gu Mingzhu reached out and touched Zou Xiang s head Go back and stay with my aunt.Zou Xiang kept looking at the girl s figure Leaving, just yesterday when Miss Gu helped him, he felt another kind of warmth.Gu Mingzhu returned to her room, changed her clothes, and then went out again.Today she will enter the palace with Mo Zhenren.Be careful, Mrs.Lin instructed, Speak less in the palace, and be more cautious in doing things.Gu Mingzhu said Mother, don t worry, the empress is very gentle.My daughter removed the netting in the palace and didn t make it up.Madam Lin didn t blame me.Mrs.Lin said It can t be keoni cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies for sleep 1500mg like this today.Gu Mingzhu said with a smile This time I am prepared, my daughter brought some into the palace, if you want to tear them down, you can take them with you.

The corner of the empress s mouth raised into a smile, Miss Gu seemed to be unintentional, but she knew everything.Come on Zhuzhu, said the empress, weave a net with me.Gu Mingzhu responded.The female officer also followed, the empress did not want to weave the net, but to tear it down.Gu Mingzhu didn t feel the slightest bit of depression in the Kunning Palace, and the empress didn t ask any more questions.It wasn t that the empress pretended not to care, but that the empress knew it in her heart.It was almost time before Gu Mingzhu got up to say goodbye.Sending Mo Zhenzhen and Miss Gu away, Empress Wei looked at the female officer beside her Is there any movement in the palace these few days Prince Huai s mansion has contacts, but he has not done anything wrong, please forgive me lightly, but keoni cbd gummies amazon the emperor has not agreed.

Now she finally bowed her head and asked him for authority.He really didn t expect that it would come so soon.He thought that Wei Shi would endure it for a few more years, but after all, he thought highly of her.The emperor suddenly felt that it was very boring.He, Zi Tong, had lost his natal status, lost her majesty as a queen, and now lost the last bit of her self esteem and face, and fell into the mud completely.Don t worry about her any more.The emperor said coldly What else Huang Chang didn t keoni cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies for sleep 1500mg speak for a long time, the emperor frowned and looked over Say.He didn t want to bother to look.Huang Chang s voice was low The queen said that you let the noble concubine do whatever she wants, if you don t clean up the mess, I m keoni cbd gummies amazon afraid people will see that there will be troubles at the right time.

The Shen family has come to such a state, it is their own fault.If it hadn t been dragged down by the Shen family, Yan Shen would not have lost his life.If she could choose again, she would prevent her second brother from finding Yan Shen.Before Shen walked up to her, Yan Shen suddenly took out a dagger and stabbed her in the stomach fiercely.Shen exclaimed, and she woke up with a start.Only when she opened her eyes did she realize that this was a nightmare.Eldest lady, said the mother in charge when she entered the door, something happened to the second master.The mother in charge was brought by Mrs.Shen from her natal family, so when the mother in charge said the second master, she naturally meant her second elder brother from her natal family.The remaining drowsiness on Shen s body was completely gone What s wrong with the second brother The mother in charge said in a low voice There is news from the Shen family that the second master quietly left Beijing with chill cbd gummy worms his wife and children.

Your Majesty, Huang Chang stepped forward to help, The body of the dragon is important, you should rest a little longer.The emperor looked towards the main hall, as if he could see Concubine De kneeling on the ground through the curtain.Can you rest Did they give him a chance to breathe That s all for the empress and concubine, and so is Defei The emperor s eyes became sharp again Interrogate all the palace servants of Yongchun Palace one by one, and see if Defei has ordered other people to see the secretary except for the female official.The eunuchs in charge of ceremonies, if keoni cbd gummies amazon they met, what would they say I hope Concubine De is just being used temporarily.Huang Chang nodded.There is also the supervisor of ceremonies, the emperor glanced at Huang Chang, How many of them still have dissatisfaction with me.

Gu Mingzhu remembered that Nie Chen once wanted to recognize Master Zhang as a foster father.Could it be It took Gu Mingzhu a long time to ask Liu Su You can Several Second, Liu Su said in a difficult voice, Nie Chen is going to be the eldest brother.Now besides the fourth sister natures method cbd gummies reviews Ziyuan, there are also sixth and seventh younger brothers.What s going on, he was very repulsive at first, but now he is often called the second brother, and that feeling is quite good.Liu Su controlled her joyful mood, he was just a judge, he must not get too involved in the drama.But it seems that being the adoptive son of the young lady is okay, anyway, the young lady saved his life, and her kindness is greater than heaven.Gu Mingzhu looked at Nie Chen and the others who were muttering together.It was rare that Nie Chen cost of hazel hills cbd gummies hadn t discovered the truth until now, so should she tell Nie Chen It is better to find a festive day to recognize these adopted sons, and Nie Chen will probably keoni cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies for sleep 1500mg be chased and beaten by then.

It was covered with a layer of icy frost and snow They will all die if they do this.Speaking of this, Mama Liang said My lady, you will know after you have a trial of Mama Tian who is next to the old lady.Mama Tian made the clothes for the eldest wife.If the mother was killed by someone, there would be scars left on her body when she struggled.Gu Mingzhu stood up I m not here to interrogate her.This place is too comfortable for those people, and the real prison and torture is where they go.As soon as Gu Mingzhu finished speaking, there was a rush of footsteps.Zhou Zesheng opened the curtain and entered the door.After hearing the mother in law s report, his heart was filled with anger, and he wished he could immediately go to the HCMUSSH keoni cbd gummies amazon prison and chop Master Wednesday into meat sauce, but he thought of Ah Jun, at this time Ah Jun needs him more.

Jiang Shi seemed to know that he would open the door to check, so she stood on the bluestone, where he could see it when he opened the door, and looked at him from a distance.That Jiang family seemed to be able to see through his thoughts, Zhou Zejing shrank in his heart, feeling a little scared.Gu Mingzhu looked at Zhou Zejing, no one could stop the person she wanted to take away and the case she wanted to investigate.Zhou Zejing said It s just Zhou Zesheng s dog, how capable it is, who can Zhou Zesheng invite to help As soon as Zhou Zejing finished speaking, he saw someone running all the way.At the gate of his yard, he knocked on the gate.Second Master, Master Yin Su of Shuntian Mansion is here.Su Fu came in person, he couldn t see him, Zhou Zejing took dog cbd gummies keoni cbd gummies amazon a deep breath, how could Zhou Zesheng invite Su Fu Although he still can t figure it out, Zhou Zejing can only bite the bullet and walk out of the house right now.

It s a pity that he was only a little bit close to succeeding, and he didn t want his sister in law to catch the jade hairpin on his head and stab him hard in the chest.Fortunately, the hosta wasn t sharp enough, so he didn t have to worry about his life.After being injured by Yuzan, he became angry from embarrassment and grabbed his sister in law s neck with his hands.It wasn t me, Zhou Zerui couldn t help but said, I didn t kill the person, it was Xu GuiXu Gui killed my sister in law.Chapter 486 Survival Driven by Zhou Zerui s desire to survive, he said all the following words in one breath.Zhou Zerui said I just pinched my sister in law, but didn t kill her.He didn t expect that my sister in law, who usually looked so weak, was so powerful.He thought that sister in law didn t have the protection of her brother, and maybe she would be half hearted after a few words of persuasion from him.

Gu Mingzhu nodded.Zhou Zesheng said But I don t know if what he said is true or not Gu Mingzhu had already thought of several details, she turned around and walked to a secluded place, and asked Chu Jiu to stand by, before whispering to Zhou Zesheng Zhou Zerui said that she saw her mother draw out the dagger and hold it in her hand, but Master Feng just asked Tian Mom, Tian s mother said that she found a dagger under the cabinet in the corner.If the mother hanged herself, she should have put the dagger away.The dagger fell in the corner, and it seemed to be taken off her hand suddenly.When the mother died, her shoes and socks were not put on properly.Even if mother is going to which cbd gummies are lowest sugar content die, she must at least tidy up her clothes.And Before Zhou Zerui said this, Wenpo asked Tian s mother, Tian s mother specially looked at it when she was changing her mother s dress, and Zhou Zerui probably didn t succeed.

Lin pulled Gu Mingzhu onto the heating kang, Sleep here for a while, and wait for the kitchen to cook.I ll call you when the meal is ready.Gu Mingzhu nodded, her mother s room was very warm, and curling up under the quilt seemed to dispel all the cold.Zhuzhu, Mrs.Lin reached out and stroked her daughter s head, It s been hard work for you these days.My daughter doesn t think it s hard work.Mrs.Lin watched Zhuzhu s red eyes light up again.Gu Mingzhu said I am very happy to see my mother and brother Chun are doing well every day.That kind of joy can heal everything and make her feel at ease again.Gu Mingzhu slowly closed her eyes.If there is a next life, she will protect both parents and stay by their side, Cheng Huan s knees.When Chunxuan and Xuanxuan prosper, it is the most sunny day Kunning Palace.

Interested in asking about the affairs of my sister in law.What puzzled him the most was that he sent people to go to the government office to do some work.The people in the office were very talkative.How could those little servants eat people without spit out their bones How could they be so talkative Clearly someone had been notified in advance.These small details made him suspicious of the Cao family, but what s the use of knowing these Is it to avenge the eldest brother and sister in law Although he has fame and fame, he has not formally embarked on an official career.After all, he is a soft spoken person, and he is already dead.Even if he finds out the truth, what is the use The Zhou family will be involved in this disturbance.What he should do is to strengthen himself, which is beneficial to both him and the Zhou family.

Regarding the matter, I heard that there were several rhythmic people in Pyongyang, so I went to visit.The eldest brother accidentally discovered that among the people who are good at rhythm, there is a female gentleman who has taught the concubine Defei.The eldest brother and the female gentleman had a one sided relationship, only because Miss Cao, who is now the concubine De, also likes to collect Guqin scores.The female gentleman was ordered by Miss Cao to search for the piano score, and happened to collide with the elder brother.Later, with the consent of Miss Cao, the female gentleman gave the piano score to the elder brother.The elder brother was very grateful to the female gentleman, so I remembered her face.After explaining the relationship between Zhou Zecheng and the female gentleman, Zhou Zejing continued Brother thought it was a common thing to meet that female gentleman, but he didn t expect that female gentleman to ask for help from him, begging him to take her back to Dazhou.

Speaking of this, Su Fu s heart moved max healthy products cbd gummies You mean, the eldest princess of Yongkang took it on behalf of others Those musicians may be the Cao family s eyeliner Gu Mingzhu shook her head Not necessarily, the Cao family can t say It has long been under the control of others.Zhou Zejing said that the female gentleman taught the female relatives how to tune the piano, and then the Cao family began to raise such a woman and sent them to various keoni cbd gummies amazon mansions.This is like King Gong buying and selling war horses, and King Huai smuggling imported goods on the sea.Well, King Liang s method is to use the manpower and power of King Gong and King Huai to secretly seek benefits for himself.In the case of the Cao family, King Liang may also use Cao s eyeliner to help the Cao family raise these women.On the surface, these women work for the keoni cbd gummies amazon Cao family, but in fact they serve the King of Liang.

General, let s go The deputy came to protect Cui Wei, and the keoni cbd gummies amazon group wanted to leave here while Cui Zhen was breathing.Cui Zhen discovered Cui Wei s intentions, but he got off his horse and stood there without moving.Perhaps the elder brother wanted to let him go, but Cui Wei just had a thought in his mind when he suddenly heard a sound of piercing through the air, and countless arrows were shot at them.Cui Zhen, Cui Wei opened his eyes wide, Look at the government you are loyal to, regardless of your life or death When Cui Wei shouted these words, he found that Cui Zhen s expression did not change, as if he had expected it.Cui Wei understood that this was arranged by Cui Zhen early in the morning.Cui Zhen, you are crazy.Cui Wei roared loudly.Cui Wei s voice was quickly lost in the sound of firearms exploding.

It took Shen Lan a long time to squeeze out a voice from her throat Our mother did not collude with King Liang.No Empress Wei looked indifferent, her eyes did not fluctuate, Then who is the Tang family Is Si Leren really the eldest princess of Yongkang Shen Lan froze with trembling lips.Empress Wei continued Your father s family is four, mother s family is three, plus all the in laws who are married to the Shen family.How many people are there One hundred Two hundred I m afraid you haven t counted it yourself, it s three hundred and forty Two people, the elder is seventy five years old, the youngest is less than two months old.Such a heinous crime, these people may be executed Shen Lan looked at Queen Wei s sharp eyes and wanted to look away But the whole person froze there.Possibly executed Empress Wei said again.

Wei into the door, she said she should be more on guard.It s all right now, when Lord Hou goes out to fight, he still has the help of the Second Master Wei, how should he repay the favor owed to the Wei family She didn t care about it, and waited for Master Hou to come back and throw this problem to Master Hou to see how he would deal with it.Although she was thinking this way, Mrs.Lin became worried again, hoping that the court would defeat the rebel army as soon as possible, and that Mr.Weinoall the soldiers of the Great Zhou could return safely After the Su Wang Party was taken down, the emperor ordered the ministers of civil and military affairs, including the cabinet bachelors and the heads of the six departments, to go to the Hall of Mental Cultivation.This meeting is different from usual, because the empress is in power now.

After becoming Gu Mingzhu, she did many dangerous things to investigate the case, but she didn t panic this time.She was really worried about Mr.Wei and the people in the market.Moreover, along the way, she found that she seemed to care more about Mr.Wei than anyone else.She knew that Mr.Wei would have more responsibilities, and the situation was naturally more dangerous than others.Besides, there was a feeling flowing in her heart.I don t know when, Mr.Wei already occupied a big place in her heart.Every time the case progresses, she will immediately tell Mr.Wei that when she encounters danger, she can t help worrying about it.In the past, when she was unstable, she could only get better by eating a few candied fruit, but today she has no appetite for the whole keoni cbd gummies amazon day.Could it be that Master Wei s status in her heart has surpassed that of Candied Fruits Gu Mingzhu couldn t help questioning herself, Mr.

That chilling and dangerous aura slowly enveloped him.Maybe it was because he thought too much, Liang Wang closed his eyes, the feeling that Wei Yuanchen left in Gongji City s battle was too deep, and he couldn t get rid of it for a while.His arrangement was watertight, Wei Yuanchen never thought that he would return to Daning like this.The secret guard said in a low voice Mrs.Tang is ready, Li s big ship will arrive at the end of Yin Shi tomorrow.King Liang nodded.Marquis Huaiyuan and the Guo family began to clean up the coastal guards.Now there are many soldiers and horses in the guard.Once they find something strange in the sea, they will chase after it by boat.In addition, Liang Wang still has HCMUSSH keoni cbd gummies amazon one thing to worry about.The matter of Concubine De s mother and son came to light, perhaps Wei keoni cbd gummies amazon Yuanchen had already learned that he had contacts with the Li family in Pyongyang.

Her vision blurred, and she vaguely saw Wei Congcheng s shadow in the yard.She fixed her eyes on the shadow but it disappeared again.Madam Yuan couldn t help laughing, she missed the master so much that she was dazzled.Master, look, Brother Chen has a smile on his golden love cbd gummies keoni cbd gummies amazon face again.This is the look that a child in his twenties should have.When you left, I couldn t say a word to this concubine, but this concubine knows what s in your heart What is the most worrying thing Although I am dull, I will try my best to help you do it well.Mother.Wei Yuanzhen s voice interrupted Madam Yuan s thoughts.Wei Yuanzhen walked over quickly Look at the third brother s appearance, he is much more stupid than I was then, right There are so many guests here today, and the third brother will probably get drunk at the banquet later.

Nie Chen drank a few glasses of wine and got a little drunk.Being able to be entertained by Mr.Wei, they have a good reputation in the world.The cbd gummies st louis most important thing is that Mr.Wei married Miss Gu.The people in the world are so prosperous, the foster father will be happy to know It s a pity that the adoptive father didn t come this time, so he had to drink a few more drinks for his adoptive father Nie Chen looked at Chu Jiu who was walking around with his guards not far away, and took a chicken leg to go up to him.Chu Jiu, have you eaten yet Nie Chen smiled.As soon as Chu Jiu was about to answer, Nie Chen put the chicken leg into his mouth, eating it very sweetly.Chu Jiu s face gradually darkened, and he knew that after the eldest lady married, his status would not be as good as before, and now even Nie Chen came to bully him.

Master.Madam Lin s voice interrupted Gu Chongyi s thinking.Madam Lin frowned and looked at the robe on Gu Chongyi s body, which was covered with oil stains, and keoni cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies for sleep 1500mg then looked at the messy dishes on the table, what did she say, the youngest person in the house was Lord Hou.Mrs.Lin stretched out her hand to cover Brother Chun s eyes, and she must not teach Brother Chun badly.Master Hou, you were not like this before, Mrs.Lin said, How long has it been since Zhuzhu was married, and you don t care about it Gu Chongyi looked down at his brand new robe.Rousi, he wanted to rush out to explain, but Mrs.Lin who walked into the yard suddenly turned her head.Master Hou, I seem to have heard what Second Master Wei said about the beauty in the golden house Gu Chongyi s heart sank.Mrs.Lin looked worried Is it because of this sentence that you drove the Second Master Wei away No, no, Gu keoni cbd gummies amazon Chongyi hurriedly explained, Madam heard it wrong.

Wei Congzhi shuddered, his family members chased him, and he knew without thinking that they were going to tie him up to meet the Mu family.Master, we can t go anymore, Chuan Lao said, The waterway is blocked by a big ship.So you want to make him submit Forgetting that the young master is an idiot in the waves, Wei Congzhi turned around and was about to jump into the water, but his body froze and he jumped off the boat as he wished, and was firmly hugged by the boat boss at the waist.You can t, you can t, the boat boss yelled, It s better to live than to die.Although you are not young, you still have some time to live after finding a good doctor.Maybe you can find a family and pass on an heir Who is going to die.Wei Congzhi stretched out his hand to tug on the boat boss, he just wanted to have fun.

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