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Her father s pampering and mother s pampering made her a jewel enshrined in her hands.Her father and mother have taken care of her for many years, so she should be allowed to guard the Gu family, but in the eyes of outsiders, she will always be Gu Mingzhu, a silly girl.Miss succeeded Baotong whispered.Gu Mingzhu took out a purse from her district edibles cbd gummies sleeve, which she had untied from Zhou Ruzhang just now.Baotong looked at what Gu Mingzhu took out from his purse Is this a wax pill Gu Mingzhu nodded, the wax pill was well sealed and had not been opened by anyone.A secret letter is usually placed inside a wax pill of this size.Obviously, a young lady in the inner house should not carry such a thing on her body.Banditry has been serious in Shanxi in recent years.At the beginning of the month, how to make gummies cbd liberty cbd gummies price another caravan was robbed and killed by bandits on the official road.The man s eyes narrowed in displeasure, and there was a slight chill coming out, as if if she dared to rush over again, he would stab her with a sword.Ordinary people naturally turned pale with fright, but she was just a silly girl, her mind was confused, how to make gummies cbd liberty cbd gummies price she couldn t understand those hidden expressions, if she could have any emotions, it was just because she was thrown for nothing, she couldn t restrain her sadness, So she screamed loudly Mother Baotong Wuwuwu The voice was deafening, as if it could resound through the entire Golden Pagoda Temple.Wei Yuanchen frowned again, the woman in front of her looked stupid, what she did was ridiculous to others, but without this ignorant look, it would only scare people.A weak woman, but like a habitual murderer, her actions were swift and merciless, without giving that person any chance to resist.Cui Si and lay on the bed.In the darkness, Master Cui Si said again What did the women of the Zhou family say I didn t say anything, Mrs.Cui Si said, I just have that kind of thought for Master Hou.Fourth Master Cui said indifferently You are overestimating your own strength.The Zhang liberty cbd gummies price making cbd gummies family cbd gummies for high cholesterol has violated the Tai Sui in the past two years, but Mrs.Ding Ninghou is not unable to hold on to her position.Fourth Master Cui stopped talking, closed his eyes as if to Fell asleep In the dark prison, the jailer was washing the blood on the ground.The murderer was interrogated for a whole night, but he didn t say a word.When the Tongzhi of Taiyuan Mansion turned his head to look at the case, the comatose murderer suddenly bit off his tongue.Blood gushed out from the murderer s mouth, soaked his clothes, and flowed on the ground.Xu Shi saw the light, and the watchman couldn t help asking Who is there My fourth master.The young servant of the Cui family immediately said.Fourth Master.The watchman naturally knew that this was the Cui family s ancestral house, and immediately bowed to salute.Fourth Master Cui waved his hand The city is uneasy recently, you should pay more attention when you walk around the streets.Thank you, Fourth Master.As he spoke, Fourth Master Cui naturally stepped aside I won t delay your time.It s an errand.The watchman saluted cbd gummies for cancer vegan hemp cbd gummy and walked into the darkness again, clapping his clapper.Fourth Master Cui looked at the back and seemed to be talking to himself I hope there will be no more accidents.Fourth Master Cui turned liberty cbd gummies price and returned to the yard, and the two figures quietly followed the watchmanTaiyuan Prefecture is an important border town in the north, and there is a curfew on weekdays.Gu Mingzhu pointed to Chen Er on the bed, and kept nodding.Chen Er stared at the paper bag and kept swallowing.At this moment, he seemed to think of something again.He looked at Mrs.Chen eagerly Give it to my brother too, give it to my brother.Picking up the lamp, I took a photo to Gu Mingzhu I know a few people who also have the same disease, but they are much milder than my second child.Can my wife cure it There are diseases that imperial doctors and doctors can t cure, but There is no disease that doctors dare not treat.Gu Mingzhu nodded firmly.Okay, said Mrs.Chen, I ll give Xiao Er some medicine first, and then I ll take you to see them.Hearing the word they , Liu Su who was behind Gu Mingzhu became nervous, and immediately clenched her hands.He looked at his wife, expecting her to refuse.He could hear clearly what the man said in the house.The doctor woman was invited to treat them and had nothing to do with this case.So he brought Chu Jiu and others here to ask the doctor.Wei Yuanchen walked towards the doctor woman.The doctor woman began to shiver and tremble, but she just clenched the silver in her hand a little tighter, and when Wei Yuanchen came to her, she had already shrunk behind Liu Su.Can t talk Gu Mingzhu nodded.Illiterate Gu Mingzhu nodded again.This man s pair is like a pool of cold water.Most people can t help but tell the truth after seeing it.Then why do you practice medicine Wei Yuanchen said calmly.Gu Mingzhu still hugged the medicine box tightly.Open the medicine box and let me have a look.Wei cbd gummies for cancer vegan hemp cbd gummy Yuanchen ordered Chu Jiu.Chu Jiu immediately stepped forward to take the medicine box from the medicine woman s arms, held it in her hand and opened it, and moved the lantern in her hand to make it easier for the third master to check.Do you think I did it Mrs.Lin opened her eyes wide, Who liberty cbd gummies price buy cbd gummies justcbd gave you this thing Call someone over and I will ask carefully.Mother still wants to use this to scold others Cui Zhen said with laura ingraham cbd gummies cbd gummies for cancer a straight face, Mother came to the clan Is it because of this matter The son has never mentioned it, because he thinks that his mother should have a sense of proportion as an elder, and will not make a joke to end it.Now that he saw Ya Sheng, the son had to tell his mother that there is a case in Taiyuan.The most liberty cbd gummies price buy cbd gummies justcbd important thing is that the wife in the family is mediocre.Mrs.Lin Tai felt that her chest was blocked by a rag, which made her unable to breathe, and a burst of anger rushed to her head I worked so hard to drag you up, Is it so unbearable in your heart Is it because you are getting bored when you are old, and you have to suffer like this after only half a day.The case in Taiyuan cannot be hidden, and we have already fallen into it.In this case, it is better to take the initiative and use our Cui family s reputation in Taiyuan Mansion to gain the trust of those people and let them speak the truth., can t get around us, if we don t have anything in our hands, we can t negotiate with others.At the last step, we have investigated the case first, and even if we are blamed, we are only doing it for the people., if the Taiyuan matter is inseparable from the prince, our Cui family will have a bad relationship with the prince.It involves so many people, and it also has something to do with mines and war horses.Cui Zhen narrowed his eyes slightly, as long as the case is clarified , the emperor will also doubt the prince s intentions, if the emperor wants to punish the prince, the Cui family will be safe and sound.Giving them some silver money can also be explained, but the most convenient ones to use in the market true bliss cbd gummies shark tank are copper coins and one two weight broken silver.In order not to be noticed, Master Cui Si should give such silver coins.What s more, the fineness of Chen Er s silver is very good.This kind of fineness is either made by an official or from a big company, and the incision of the silver Chen Er gave her is very new, as if it has just been cut from a silver cake or silver ingot.In addition, Chen Er also mentioned gold, and Master Cui Si would not give does cbd gummies help sexually liberty cbd gummies price gold to the quarryman, so where did his gold come from When Chen Er mentioned these things, Mrs.Chen was very shy, and she was even unwilling to let Chen Er spend the money.Obviously, the money was not visible.The quarrymen may have also done banditry and other businesses, but the recent robberies of merchants are not necessarily all their work.He stood behind the tree and looked around.It turned out that it was the doctor who met that night, and thought that the doctor would leave soon, but unexpectedly, the doctor stopped in front of Miss Zhou s tomb, obviously attracted by those tributes.Ah Jiu didn t know if the young master had cheated himself.Everything he had worked so hard to prepare was disturbed by the doctor.Thinking of this, he rubbed his stomach sadly.He was also very pitiful.There was nothing else in his stomach.The son made a bad red bean cake.Ah Jiu couldn t help hiccupping red does cbd gummies help sexually liberty cbd gummies price bean flavor, he didn t want to eat red beans anymore.Wei Yuanchen stood there with his hands behind his back, and he never took his eyes off the doctor.It was a coincidence that the doctor would appear every time something happened.What is she here for Do you also do those gods and ghosts like that Taoist priest Seeing the doctor s wife approaching step by step, Wei Yuanchen picked up a stone.He stopped regretfully.Never seen such a brazen person.He didn t want to stand here and look at this woman anymore, Wei Yuanchen was going to throw a stone to startle the doctor, and when he heard the sound, the woman would definitely run away immediately.Before Wei Yuanchen s stone was ejected, the doctor standing in front of Miss Zhou s tomb seemed to sense something, and suddenly strode towards the tomb.A mass of things struggled beside the tomb, because its hair was black, and it was not conspicuous in the dark, so Gu Mingzhu didn t see it at first, until it started to move slowly, Gu Mingzhu didn t notice the clue.It was a pure black rabbit, only the size of a palm.When it saw someone approaching, it struggled to escape.It was obviously inconvenient to move.After jumping two steps, it curled up and shivered.Wei firmly.The women in the Goulan Courtyard often joked and joked with each other, and this push meant that the beauty was in their arms, and everyone was happy.However, only Mr.Wei can understand what it feels like to hug a market doctor.There was a burst of laughter all around.Wei Yuanchen, who was sitting there propped up on the table, sat there motionless, as if he was too young and immature, he liberty cbd gummies price seemed to have been stunned.The girls in the cabin even laughed wildly.The young man lowered his head and said nothing, but Gu Mingzhu in his arms felt the accumulated chill.Fortunately, at such a critical moment, Mr.Wei couldn t let it go, so it can be seen that Mr.Wei s temperament is also true.Calm and tenacious, someone else would definitely not be so calm and composed.As for her, she is naturally very generous.Mrs.Lin frowned slightly.She remembered clearly putting it in the box.How could it be gone Chapter 52 Trouble making The steward s mother took the maid and searched Mrs.Lin s house carefully again.All the valuables were there, except for the fish scale book.Ma am, said the mother in charge, or tell the Cui family that you won t go if you feel unwell.Gu Mingzhu yawned at the right time, indicating that she was tired and didn t want her mother to go out.When she came back from Cui s house yesterday, she thought of the fish scale book in her mother s hand.Mrs.Lin Tai of Zhuangzi kept it all the time and waited for her mother to send the fish scale book.For my affection, this one hundred mu of land is worth it.But she couldn t watch her mother buy a fake.This sisterhood cannot be returned or exchanged, and their family s money is not blown by strong winds, it is precious.After he became an official, he realized that everything was not as hemp bombs high potency cbd gummies simple as he thought, and some things could only appear in stories after dinner.The queen empress has no legitimate son, the prince s background cannot be admired, several princes are constantly fighting openly can dogs take cbd gummies for pain and secretly, coupled with natural disasters and man made disasters, the people are in dire straits.He searched everywhere for evidence of Wang Zhifu s corruption of ink, and wrote a memorial to impeach the court.If he hadn t been harmed by Wang liberty cbd gummies price Zhifu, he would go to inform the prince when he came to Taiyuan Mansion.Later, he was pushed down from the mountain, and after a near death experience, only grief and indignation remained in his heart, so Mr.Jiang coaxed him to kill Wang Zhifu.Thinking about it now, Mr.Jiang and those people are not using him.You didn t notice such a big thing No, Mrs.Wednesday said, I I have been waiting for Mrs.Tai at the gate of Zhuangzi just now, and she also came liberty cbd gummies price buy cbd gummies justcbd here with Mrs.Lin.Mrs.Lin said and looked around You should know when the land was dug, right Mrs.Zhou immediately looked at the steward , the steward faltered Just now someone was digging the land here, saying it was a tenant in the village.I wanted to say a few words, but they left, and then Mrs.Tai and Mrs.Tai came.Zhuangtou couldn t help but said Mrs.Tai, so the people who killed Sun Yong may not have gone far.The Zhuangzi of our two families is so big and so far away from Taiyuan City.I m afraid I m afraid Kill us Zhou Ruzhang s voice trembled.Mrs.Lin gave Zhou Ruzhang a disgusted look.She knew that it was useless to say these words at the critical moment.Mrs.Lin ordered someone to vacate the guest room, and Chu Jiu helped Wei Yuanchen lie on the bed.Mrs.Lin said What should I do Why don t I ask someone to hire a doctor.Chu Jiu thought of Mr.Sun, was about to speak, but saw Wei Yuanchen on the bed opened his eyes and shook his head.Chujiu understood Wei Yuanchen s meaning, turned around and told Mrs.Lin My third master is just tired, so there is no need to invite the doctor.Madam let him rest here, and he will be fine soon.He will leave, if he walks by force now, he will have to carry the third master back, the weak appearance of the third master will definitely be seen by others, fearing that someone will take advantage of it.Mrs.Lin was a little worried.The appearance of Mr.Wei was not caused by fatigue.If something went wrong, she couldn t bear it, but Mr.Wei is in Taiyuan Mansion, he can find out the prefect of liberty cbd gummies price Han, and other things must not escape his eyes.Thinking of Mr.Wei s cold gaze, Zhao Gongren couldn t help but shudder liberty cbd gummies price Trembling, when Cui Zhen walked out, he slumped on the chair.Everyone in the courtyard seemed to have gone out.Zhao Gongren muttered to himself Where did the second brother go Is there anything wrong Amitabha bless the second brother to return to Songjiang Mansion smoothly.Gu Mingzhu was sitting on the corridor.Why was Zhao Gongren so afraid that others would know about the second master Zhao What about in Taiyuan Prefecture Zhao Gongren is so nervous about the war horse case, the second master Zhao must have something to do with the war horse case.Gu Mingzhu thought carefully about the war horse case.On the surface, the father came to Shanxi after being convicted of a crime, and found that there were a lot of war horses in Xingtaipu Temple in Shanxi, so he invited the court to come to review the horses.If you try will cbd gummies thin blood to stop the eighth lock spring, it is a waste of liberty cbd gummies price time, so the seventh plate is the last one you can manipulate If you accidentally encounter This kind of mechanism, and the first seven pieces have been opened, don t think that if you release the mechanism, the sooner you can get rid of it, the better, don t delay for a moment.Gu Mingzhu walked quickly into the room, not seeing with her own eyes.rest assured.Junior Sister.Nie Chen didn t expect that Junior Sister Jiang would go back and forth, and before he could step forward to stop her, Junior Sister Jiang had already arrived in front of Wei Yuanchen.Gu Mingzhu s eyes fell on the copper butterfly, and Mr.Wei tightly held the last swivel of the eighth lock spring.According to Yan Tanhua, even if he controlled the eighth lock spring, it would be useless.In the past, some mechanism masters were injured by this, so Junior Sister rushed to remind me.Wei Yuanchen thought again of Gu Hou who was far away in the capital.Who did Gu Hou invite to teach his daughter However, with the evidence of an expert in the agency, her identity as the Pearl Thief will not be able to escape.Wei Yuanchen said The eight spring lock is aimed at mayim bialik sell cbd gummies me.The title set on it should only be opened by me.This is the same as Gu Mingzhu s conjecture.That s all for now.After Wei Yuanchen finished speaking, he looked at Nie Chen Pay attention to the movement in the past few days, mainly the whereabouts of the second master Zhao, and remind the people not to act rashly.The prince has come to Taiyuan Mansion.He has many eyes and ears, and you can t afford to provoke him.Nie Chen nodded.Madame is unlucky.Does Master Wei have any feuds with the Cui family She hadn t heard her mother and the Cui family talk about it, but if she said it like this, the Cui family would really dare not act rashly in the future, at least not blatantly standing on the prince s side.After Wei Yuanchen finished speaking, he stood up again Please trouble Mrs.Lin to prepare a room.I have a few words to ask the second master of the Lin family.Mrs.Lin cleaned up the study.Wei Yuanchen walked into the room with Wen Li and Lin Runzhi.Lin Runzhi looked at Mrs.Lin Tai with a look of fear.Mrs.Lin couldn t protect herself.She collapsed in the chair and let the mother in charge rub her chest.Naturally, she had no time to pay attention to him.It s okay, Mrs.Lin comforted Lin Runzhi in a low voice, You can say whatever Master Wei asks you, we ll wait for you outside.First, the body of Si Cheng must be carefully do cbd gummies effect stomach inspected to see if there are any clues.Second, Lin Sizhen is more or less involved in the War Horse case, and what is missing now is the evidence.It can be regarded as adding an important clue to the subsequent investigation.Wei Yuanchen stood up and walked towards Gu Mingzhu.Mrs.Lin hurriedly hid her daughter in her arms.Wei Yuanchen looked indifferently, looked at Gu Mingzhu and said, Who asked you to call Lin Runzhi There was no joy or anger in his voice, and his eyes were calm, so it was difficult to understand his thoughts.Gu Mingzhu was obviously frightened and refused to speak.Wei Yuanchen was very patient, she came to report to him, and he reciprocated, so he repeated Who asked you to call Lin Runzhi Gu Mingzhu then said Aunt Aunt eat pomegranate Wei Yuanchen got the answer, raised his head and ordered Call the women who help in the yamen.Your Excellency you can give it a try, Gu Mingzhu said, Ifyou can t seeMaster Weithen Then the possibility of a trap is even greater.Lu Shenzhi s forehead was already covered with sweat.Although this was just the guess of Junior Sister Nie Chen and further confirmation was needed, he felt that it was very likely.Then what should we do Lu Shenzhi said, Aren t we going to arrest Mr.Zhao Er natures boost cbd gummies for tinnitus You don t arrest, Gu Mingzhu said, The Yamen received the news and it will also be passed on to the crown prince.There, the crown prince will also cbd gummies for cancer vegan hemp cbd gummy go there, and if it is a trap, everything will still happen.It s impossible to go, and it s impossible not to go, so what should we do Lu Shenzhi couldn t think of a way to solve it.Chapter 107 She Came to the Prince s Mansion.Mr.Shen was looking at the chess piece in front of him, the white chess piece seemed to reflect the bright moonlight, he suddenly waved his sleeves, the white chess piece was pinched in his hand, and the original place was replaced by a black chess piece.What was fought in front of the enemy was flesh and blood, but now it was the bones that were destroyed, but Cui Zhen still stood upright, like the big flag on the pass he had guarded.The personal guard finally stepped forward and snatched the spear from Mrs.Lin Tai.Cui Zhen didn t seem to be affected at all, he still looked at Mrs.Lin calmly, and Mrs.Lin s eyes were full of fierce expressions.Are you satisfied now Mrs.Lin said, Let everyone in the Cui clan know that the next step is to let the people from the yamen come Cui Zhen stood up and looked into the yard The clerks from the yamen have liberty cbd gummies price come, mother Explain clearly to the civil servants what happened back then, you didn t kill your father yourself, I will report to the court and save my mother s life for the sake of my military merits, but if the mother keeps hiding it, the son will be helpless, this matter It s related to a big case, so I have to ask.At this moment, it seemed that if one walked out from here, one would be swallowed up.Cheng Yi was not timid.He held the long sword at his waist and strode out of the house.He was about to go outside the Yifu Inn to see the situation.As soon as he walked into the yard, he felt a strong wind coming from his side.Cheng Yi immediately turned around to dodge, he had been in and out of the military camp, although these years he was idle at home because of his status as a son in law, but he did not let go of his fists and kicks, so that he would not be suppressed by one move.After dodging, he immediately drew out his long sword.Swinging it over with a boom , it collided cbd gummies for cancer vegan hemp cbd gummy with the opponent s sharp blade.Cheng Yi only felt numbness in the tiger s mouth, and the long sword was almost thrown out of his hand.The recent military training records and the situation of the people and herdsmen have been investigated and clarified.Even if these things are clarified, it will take a lot of trouble if the border guards help to cover them up.Really, it caused turmoil on the frontier.Cui Zhen has been looking at the map, inferring the current situation.Lin Sizhen and others have made troubles in the frontier for many years.It may be difficult for the crown prince to solve everything in a stable manner.The only person who might discover the movements of those heavenly soldiers is Wei Yuanchen.When Wei Yuanchen arrived in Taiyuan Mansion, he would definitely start secretly looking for those missing war horses, but Wei Yuanchen would not say clearly that the Wei family had been disarmed for many years.He has nothing to do with military power, but he probably still has his own eyeliner in the guard, and those eyeliners will be exposed if he fails, that s why he went to Wei Yuanchen.Cui Zhen stopped talking and walked forward, Cui Zhen followed closely Elder brother doesn t have to make friends with Wei Yuanchen, our Cui family s business is up to you.Carrying it, the emperor has his own holy judgment when he arrives in the capital, although Wei Yuanchen has found out the case, it is not appropriate for the eldest brother to get too close to him.Cui Zhen reined in his horse and stopped, turning his head to look at Cui Wei, his eyes were deep and impressive does cbd gummies help sexually liberty cbd gummies price I can t see what I m thinking The war horse case in Shanxi is indeed due to Wei Yuanchen.If Han Yu and others are left to do it, you should know what the result will be when you have been guarding the border in Datong all year round.In this matter I admire Wei Yuanchen, so how can we talk about getting close to him Cui Wei s expression was full of worry After all, Wei Yuanchen is not easy to get along with, the eldest brother is frank and open, and I am afraid that Wei Yuanchen will take advantage of him.In the past, his junior sister was always dressed in men s clothes.Just now when he looked at the back, he subconsciously thought that it was the junior sister.He must have mistaken her, right If he recognized the wrong person, shouldn t he apologize He was so abrupt.Nie Chen was about to speak when he heard people on the village castle yelling, Master Zhou Qi has brought Mr.Lu back.Everyone in the city was on alert immediately.The matter was urgent.to help.Gu Mingzhu took a step forward and said Let everyone be careful tonight.The commander made the man made catapult available.People on the city wall must see the enemy and .

can cbd gummies help tinnitus?

friends clearly before throwing stones.Besides, there is Princess Huairou and her son in law outside, so don t accidentally hurt your own people.I hope the princess can receive the news and come here, if the rebels come to attack the city tonight, they will contain the rebels, and the princess s troops will surround them from the outside.To Da Zhou and Ao Er Du Si, they were too insignificant, and it was impossible for him to achieve his reputation as a hero.In the end it was defeated.As the blazing sun shone down, all the lieutenants around Lin Sizhen were destroyed, and Cui Zhen came towards him with a knife.Lin Sizhen suddenly stretched out his hand to press the wound on Mrs.Lin Tai s shoulder, and Lin Sizhen suddenly woke up from a daze.Lin Sizhen lifted Mrs.Lin Tai from the horseback.Elder Sister, Lin Sizhen said softly, Look at how your eldest son killed his uncle, Eldest SisterI lied to you when I said I used you to blackmail him, I didn t want you Die, I just want your eldest son to give our siblings a way to survive, but he refuses.Eldest sister, if you survive, you will avenge your younger brother, live well, live longer than him, and don t make it easy for him.Wednesday s hand so painfully.Mrs.Zhou frowned.The Gu family is still so impolite.Don t they have the slightest repentance after suffering so much Zhuzhu, come here, Mrs.Wednesday wished to release all the anger and grievance in her heart at this time.It s not easy for the soldiers.It s not all because of us that they are injured and bleeding.There are no rules laura ingraham cbd gummies cbd gummies for cancer like this, and we don t know when it is.Who is breaking the rules A mid spirited voice sounded.Mrs.Wednesday raised her head and saw a tall and mighty figure approaching.She looked carefully at this man and it seemed to be Marquis Huaiyuan.Mrs.Zhou opened her mouth wide Hou Lord Hou Since the little girl came to the village, she has been helping the doctor make medicine and take care of the wounded soldiers.What s wrong with her going to see the wounded soldiers Very majestic, no longer the smiling face of the past, what he hates the most is saying this kind of thing in front of people, it seems to be a statement of righteousness, and it is not stepping on others to show himself, obviously he is in a mess, but he does not carefully reflect on what he has done , but to find face from others.Chu Jiu let out a long sigh of relief secretly, the third master was happy, and he was also relaxed, he should be able to sleep well tonight.After Liu Su finished speaking, he was thinking about how to mention the arrangements after entering Beijing.He pretended to be Mr.Wei s servant in order to pass the news to the eldest lady conveniently.After arriving in Beijing, he would naturally resume his status as a commoner.Liu Su bowed and was about to speak when he heard Wei Yuanchen liberty cbd gummies price say Go and light the torches in the courtyard.Liu Su had no choice but to answer liberty cbd gummies price buy cbd gummies justcbd first.Chu Jiu swallowed with a bad feeling Third Lord, you Wei Yuanchen stood up and said calmly, Go outside with me to stretch your arms and legs.Why why Chu Jiu was dumbfounded, isn t there punishment cbd gummies for cancer for being unhappy They had just come off the battlefield, and their muscles and bones had already been stretched, so where was the use of stretching The corners of Chu Jiu s mouth drooped, and he seemed to be getting more and more confused about what the third master was thinking.Just now when his second uncle mentioned his illness, there was a cloud of the past hidden in the fog in his mind, which made him not see clearly.In the current situation, Wei Yuanchen had no choice but to interrupt the thinking in his heart, got off his horse and strode into Wei Mansion.Just as Wei Yuanchen entered the door, Second Master Wei stopped Chu Jiu solemnly, and said with a serious face How is it Have you eaten the five black chickens Chujiu looked aggrieved.Not only did the chicken fail to be eaten, but it became a master.The pain in it could not be finished in three days.Chapter 196 People Suspect Wei Yuanchen just walked up the corridor when he saw the gray haired old grandmother.Mrs.Wei was all smiles, and looked at Wei Yuanchen with joy in her eyes Finally back.Mrs.Wei next to him looked at Wei Yuanchen and nodded how to make gummies cbd liberty cbd gummies price again and again.These are the real relatives.Except for the liberty cbd gummies price royal family, no one is more noble than the Wei family.Dressing up like this, Mr.Wei must have won the emperor s award.Dressing like this is also a deterrent HCMUSSH liberty cbd gummies price to the party of noble concubines.No matter how lonely the Wei family is, they are still dignified.However, this body also needs some money, right Gu Mingzhu secretly calculated in her heart, Mrs.Wei is really rich, it seems that her bill can be charged a little more.More than ten taels of silver, presumably Mr.Wei would not care.The jade pendant around Mrs.Wei s waist is also quite beautiful, such a net made of gold thread can cover the traveling expenses of ordinary people.Wei Yuanchen felt five cbd daily buzz hemp full spectrum gummies Zhuzhu s eyes fall on his face, but soon she moved away to look at the jade pendant on his waist, and then moved to his robe.Tai laura ingraham cbd gummies cbd gummies for cancer is not allowed to step out are cbd gummies a placebo of the door.Cui Wei also had to stay in the courtyard, waiting for the imperial court to ask him.Mrs.Zhang had never experienced such a thing before, so she couldn t help feeling a little flustered.When she heard that Marquis Huaiyuan and his wife had arrived in Beijing, they came to Gu s house, firstly to visit, and secondly, to ask for advice.Mrs.Zhang was waiting anxiously, but she saw a young girl running over.The girl was wearing a goose yellow dress, like a cloud in the sky, blown by the wind.That was Gu Mingzhu.Zhuzhu.Mrs.Zhang got up and walked a few steps forward, smiling at Gu Mingzhu kindly.When Gu Mingzhu walked in, Mrs.Zhang immediately opened the box of eight treasures handed over by the maid, which was full of candied fruit and candied fruit.Mrs.She mentioned that Master Wei s mother s maiden name was Yuan when she heard her mother chatting with Princess Huairou before The Cui family.There were bursts of crying in Mrs.Lin Tai s room.Mrs.Zhang waited anxiously outside.After Mrs.Lin returned to the Dingning cbd gummies for cancer vegan hemp cbd gummy Hou Mansion, she hid in the house and did not allow anyone to approach.The servants who brought food to the door were all beaten out.Mrs.Lin yelled, she seemed to be insane, she had just been served by someone to clean the room, and she kicked the bucket on the ground, the smell was so bad in the room, Mrs.Zhang hurriedly ordered someone to go in to clean it, and Cui Weiqian After going to persuade, Mrs.Lin s mood improved a little.After this incident, the mother child relationship between Mrs.Lin and Cui Zhen could not be maintained on the surface.The clerks in the village were busy, and someone moved a pot.This person hasn t woken up yet.No hurry, it s not too late to wake him up after the meat is cooked, and then he will be fed with the meat and soup.Hou Yong s cold sweat rolled down his forehead.What kind of meat shop cbd gummies HCMUSSH liberty cbd gummies price do they want to cook for him Hou Yong watched secretly, and saw that the Yachai threw something that looked like an arm into the pot.Whose arm was that Hou Yong looked tremblingly at Qian Yunsheng again, Qian Yunsheng s sleeve was empty Hou Yong almost vomited out, and the Yamen wanted him to eat Qian Yunsheng s meat.It s easiest to interrogate two people.If he refuses to tell after eating the meat, then tie him up, take off his legs, boil them and feed them to that person, let them eat each other s flesh and blood in turn, and there will always be one person who will tell the truth.The rush to get rid of Zhao and Peng Liang is nothing more than not wanting anyone to keep an eye on the case of Old General Zhao.Once Zhao dies, even if the case of the Shanxi mutiny can be found out, there are some things such as the fact that General Zhao was defeated.Someone will spend energy to track it down.Gu Mingzhu raised her chin, Master Wei must have thought of this too, thinking of Wei Yuanchen, she couldn t help but think of what Wei Yuanchen and Peng Liang said.Why does she always feel that he means something When my uncle was in liberty cbd gummies price the village castle, she let Nie Chen get acquainted with him, and there will always be a chance to ask him in the future.Gu Mingzhu yawned and was going to sleep for a while.Today, her mother will definitely go to Princess Huairou s Mansion, and she will go with her when the time comes.Princess Huairou said There is news from the palace.The empress said that this matter is easy to settle.As long as you send the documents from the Cheng family and Li, it will be clear.Zhao was a little surprised.Gu Mingzhu, who was sitting on the side, also raised her head.The empress helped Mrs.Zhao.Given the current situation of the empress, how difficult it is to say such a sentence.The Wei family is behind the scenes of Zhen and others in Chalin Temple, and the people behind the scenes are most likely several other princes.Now that the people behind the scenes have repeatedly suffered setbacks in front of the Wei family, they will definitely find ways to fight back.Empress Wei is in the palace.Every word and deed was monitored by others, and whoever said it would attract the emperor s suppression, and laura ingraham cbd gummies cbd gummies for cancer the people behind the scenes might take advantage of this to deal with the empress.Yuan hanged herself in the small ancestral hall of the Cheng family.The Cheng family is now in chaos.The two sons of the Yuan family went to the princess mansion.Go out so as not to be bumped into.Mrs.Lin was surprised So the Yuan family was not rescued The mother in charge said, I will send you to liberty cbd gummies price Cheng s house to inquire about it.No need to go, Mrs.Lin said, very Everyone in Beijing will know about it soon.Since Princess Huairou sent someone to send a special message, the Yuan family is probably no longer alive.Gu Mingzhu took out a small fancy lock from her purse and fiddled with it in her hand.After Yuan s death, the crimes of framing Peng Liang, forcing Zhao to death, and having contacts with Tatars all fell on Yuan s body.In this way, the Cheng family and Yuan s brother Yuan Zhixing can all escape.The servant girl did not go private.Ku, my servant went to the corridor of the back garden to be lazy.Hui Xiang looked at Mr.Cheng with burning eyes after speaking, Master, you have to trust this servant, everything that this servant says is true.Mr.Cheng frowned.Xue Laotong judged In this case, let someone call Aunt Gui for questioning.Mr.Cheng subconsciously looked at Wei Yuanchen who was sitting on the chair.Looking at everything in the room with his eyes, although he is young, he has great authority, even the lamps around him seem to have dimmed a lot because of him, not daring to compete with him.Master Cheng said in a hoarse voice, Let the steward call Aunt Gui.Unexpectedly, as soon as he finished speaking, he heard a panicked voice Help help my lord help A figure came from outside Stumbling in, does cbd gummies help sexually liberty cbd gummies price it was Aunt Gui.Gu Mingzhu took out from her waist a bunch of nets made of the hair shed from Yuanxiao and twisted into threads, and she didn t miss any things for Mr.Wei.Seeing the soft rabbit fur, Wei Yuanchen only felt a little itchy on his neck.The bad experience in Gu s family came out of his mind.Fortunately, he woke up in time and saw that Miss Gu s hand was quietly moving.Push an object over.Wei Yuanchen dodged backwards, Gu Mingzhu s hand was emptied, and a letter was stuffed instead.Wei Yuanchen said indifferently You want to simply return what you took away My lord, that chapter is no longer usable, Gu Mingzhu said with tears in her eyes, I don t know how it fell into my pocket.On the clothes, I didn t see it, but when I was changing clothes, the chapter fell on the vegan cbd gummies for anxiety ground and a corner fell off, or you can get a new one and forget about it A crystal clear teardrop rolled down the side of the cheek, and It s like a child got into trouble and tried every means to find a ridiculous excuse to prevaricate.Someone made careful arrangements in advance, for fear that they would track down Huixiang s family, so he asked Huixiang s younger brother to return to his hometown in a false manner, and sent the property he got to Anqing Mansion.After the case is settled in the future, Huixiang s younger brother will go to Anqing again The government lived his good life.It s just that it s not certain whether it s wealth or death that awaits him at that time.After all, killing Brother Huixiang will arouse suspicion from others.After the rumors pass, he can be killed for any reason.A dead boy does not let go.The matter of Huixiang has been verified, but the Lu family only found rice grains and some spices from the sea, and it was not completely fruitless.There is a secret door in the house of Lu s house, in order to prevent others from being overwhelmed, Master Wei ordered people to stare at the Lu s house, but he has not done anything yet.At this moment, he is like a rich gentleman sitting in the mountains of gold and silver.It is a pity that he can t hire a painter to paint this scene for how to make gummies cbd liberty cbd gummies price him.He can only remember it in his heart and think carefully in his mind when he can t sleep at night.Put the seal on it, Feng Anping said, immediately send it to the Yamen of Shuntian Mansion.The Yachai responded and immediately closed the boxes.Feng Anping smiled and looked does cbd gummies help sexually liberty cbd gummies price at Xue Laotongpan Master, are we proud this time Xue Laotongpan squinted his eyes to see the busy clerk, did he get ahead of Qiao Song In any big case in Beijing, as long as Qiao Song intervenes, there will be no room for others to gain a foothold.Tonight, he watched the Ministry of Criminal Justice chasing them, and felt a sense of joy in his heart.Finally, not everything is under Qiao Song s control, and when Qiao Song missed liberty cbd gummies price buy cbd gummies justcbd the calculation, Xue Laotong thought, maybe in the near future, he will re investigate Yan Shen s case, and he can also bypass Qiao Song s eyeliner.The carriage of the Gu family was ready, and when the old lady was about to leave, she told her In addition to praying for Zhuzhu, I also came to the Taoist temple this time for Mingwan.Let s talk slowly when we get home.She was sure.To use this opportunity to get Chongyi to help fulfill Ming Wan s marriage.After Mrs.Gu left, Mrs.Zhang and the third concubine also came out together, and ordered the female relatives to leave one after another.The third concubine sat in the quiet room for a while, and waited until the yamen liberty cbd gummies price had almost settled the matter before preparing to return home.The third concubine looked the same as usual, except that she accidentally tripped over a crack in the brick while walking and staggered two steps.Be careful, Mrs.Zhang stretched out her hand to help, The dew is heavy at this time, and the floor is covered with blue bricks, so it will inevitably slip.If they are questioned, they cannot intervene in this case., but if he can stay for a moment, he will stay for a moment.He wants to submit a memorial, asking the court to rectify the Wucheng Bingmasi and the Metropolitan Procuratorate.Su Fu thought of this and turned his head to look at Xue Laotong, only to find that Xue Laotong s eyes were wandering and he didn t know what he was thinking about.Mr.Xue Su Fu called out, but Xue Laotong didn t know it.It was rare for Xue Laotong to do this.Su Fu waited patiently for a cbd gummies for cancer vegan hemp cbd gummy while, until Xue Laotong raised his eyes, and he said, Did Mr.Xue think of something Xue Laotong didn t answer Su Fu s words, but instead Bowing down, he said, My lord I have something to ask.Su Fu hurriedly said, Sir, just say so, don t be so polite to me.Xue Lao Tong judge solemnly said I want to go to Dengzhou mansion for a humble job.It s a pity that the case of Xiu s family has not been found out.He had given up in his heart, but he never wanted Yan Can to come to Beijing to take the exam, so he asked someone to stop Yan Can and asked Yan Can to come to the mansion to explain.That night he had a lot of conversations with Yan Can.The fifth uncle of the Shen family who died was also a righteous man.He had told him more than once that the Shen family s family study recruited many foreign children to study, and these people had different cbd gummies minneapolis personalities.Qi, since his father passed away, many people have done bad things in the name of the Shen family, ruining the reputation of the Shen family.Uncle Wu did not become an official, but has been helping the patriarch to manage the clan affairs.Seeing the Shen family like this, he felt very anxious.After the emperor inherited the throne, you would have stopped asking about the government.If you hadn t received a letter saying liberty cbd gummies price that Huai Wang There is something strange about your death, and you will not let people look for the insider, but the guards around you are not enough, and people took advantage of the loopholes, so you were injured, and the imperial doctor came to treat you urgently.Unexpectedly, the imperial cbd gummies for cancer vegan hemp cbd gummy doctor was also Liang The king s people want to take this opportunity to poison you, but thanks to the empress empress who cbd stop drinking gummies came to intercept you, you are safe and sound.The empress empress also suffered from the cold, and the noble concubine took the opportunity to win over the emperor, and since then she has dominated the harem.Mo Yangming didn t understand it all the time.The emperor withdrew his thoughts, he really shouldn t have thought of these things that annoyed him.Bring me another cup of tea.The emperor told Huang Chang that no matter what the future holds for the Wei family, it is because she is self willed and self willed, so how to make gummies cbd liberty cbd gummies price she can t blame others The carriage sent Mo Yangming all the way to Taiqing Temple.The toxins in Mo Yangming s body hadn t been completely cleared, and it was inevitable that he liberty cbd gummies price buy cbd gummies justcbd would be tired after such a journey.Gu Mingzhu was worried and sent Mo Yangming to a quiet room in the back mountain.Supporting Mo Yangming to sit on the wooden couch, Gu Mingzhu asked about Queen Wei s injuries.Baotong went to watch outside, and there was no one else in the room.Mo Yangming looked at Gu Mingzhu Don t ask about Queen Wei s injury, so as not to cause trouble for you, understand Gu Mingzhu nodded with a very serious expression.The manager of the Cui family resigned and left.Gu Mingzhu opened the box of the shadow play, took out a few shadow puppets, and then she looked at Zou Xiang Do you like it Give it to you.Zou Xiang shook his head No I see Just look at itno needthank you, miss.As if these things had teeth, Zou Xiang couldn t avoid them, and the circles of his eyes turned slightly red.Gu Mingzhu couldn t bear it for a while.If she wanted to find out Zou Xiang s identity and intentions, she would inevitably start with Zou Xiang.Children are the easiest to show their strangeness.Although Zou Xiang is very pitiful, she can t be soft hearted for a while, because behind the scenes She is too cunning, if someone uses Zou Xiang to deal with her father, she how long do cbd gummies start working can t let her father be plotted against and put in danger, it would be a good thing for Zou Xiang to find out earlier.Chapter 316 Rejection As soon as Cui Wei finished speaking, he felt Cui Zhen s eyes become sharp.No.Cui Zhen s voice was majestic and his attitude was decisive.Cui Wei had a lot of things to say, but all of them were stuck in his throat.After a long pause, Cui Wei said Why not Cui Zhen frowned Do you really like Zhuzhu Or do you want to marry the Huaiyuan Houfu What did mother say to you Cui Wei s face gradually darkened, and his expression also became stiff Brother, you don t think that does cbd gummies help sexually liberty cbd gummies price I want to marry Zhuzhu because I am thinking about Huaiyuanhou s family wealth So unbearable Cui Zhen looked in the direction of Mrs.Lin Tai s courtyard If Zhuzhu is not the eldest daughter of the Huaiyuan Houfu, would you marry her Will your mother agree Cui Wei said Zhuzhu is my aunt s daughter.I often go to Gu s house to see her, elder brother won t remember this, because elder brother is not at home, does elder brother know that Zhuzhu s illness is much better Cui Wei s eyes changed as he spoke, and his expression became sincere Sister in law is from a famous family, and her health It s also getting better gradually, and it s easy to manage the entire Dingninghou Mansion.Mrs.Lin and Mrs.Gu looked at each other Do you have a plan Mrs.Gu said with a smile It is precisely for this matter that I came to ask my nephew and daughter in law, and Sister Wan followed me.When Mrs.Ding Ninghou went to the banquet together, she met the eldest wife of the Tan family, who was the eldest sister in law of Tan Dingfang, Minister of the Ministry of War.This Mrs.Tan had a son of the right age who was not yet married.Serving as the general banner in the Beijing camp, although the current official position is not high, but being able to serve in the twelve guards of the Beijing camp does cbd gummies help sexually liberty cbd gummies price has won the trust of the emperor.With an uncle like Tan Shangshu, are you afraid that you will not have a good future Sister Wan is married You will have a good life in the past.Mrs.Lin listened carefully without interjecting.Let someone boil a pot of warm water first, Mo Zhenzhen said, turning around to prescribe the medicine, First we must find a way to relieve the fever.Nu Guanzi took the prescription from Mo Yangming s hand, and Mo Yangming continued to check on the liberty cbd gummies price child.illness.The man said He fell down, and I didn t take it to heart, so I took him to the pharmacy and applied the medicine, but the wound would become so serious.This morning, he was so hot that he vomited after eating something.It came out Mo Yangming carefully inspected the child s injury, the ankle was swollen high, the skin was bruised, and thick water dripped down from the injury.Carry it to the house, Mo Yangming ordered, boil some hot water and bring it.I liberty cbd gummies price m going to clean the child s wound.The steward of the Anji Institute immediately brought someone to carry the child.Adults, take off your wet clothes and warm yourself by the fire.A charcoal basin was burned in the room, and the steward found two clean robes.Don t bother, Tan Dingfang said, I changed into the outer robe, but the inner clothes are also wet and useless.Both Gu Hou and I are good at punching and kicking, so it s not a liberty cbd gummies price problem if you get a little rainy.Go ahead and get busy The steward of Anjiyuan responded and then withdrew.Tan Dingfang picked up the wooden stick next to him, moved the what does cbd gummies make you feel charcoal in the charcoal basin, and then raised his eyes to look at Gu Chongyi Gu Hou is in a much better mood, unlike a while ago when the war horse case was on his shoulder, I asked you a few words Just a bitter face.Gu Chongyi s face was full of smiles At that time, my wife and daughter were in Taiyuan Mansion, and I was really worried.I would have known and asked someone to take care of me earlier.Aunt Zhen didn t die of illness.Yes, Baotong interrupted Jiao Zhong, she Although Baotong didn t make it clear, her gaze was strange.Jiao Zhong seemed to realize something, cbd gummies for cancer vegan hemp cbd gummy and the hairs on his body stood up.Jiao Zhongdao liberty cbd gummies price Then she Gu Mingzhu kept looking at Bao er in Jiao cbd gummies ebay Zhong s arms.Hearing this, Bao er clenched his hands even tighter, but as if he wanted to make sure, he turned his face to look at it tremblingly.Xiang Baotong.Baotong nodded When Missy and I went in, there was a lot of blood on the liberty cbd gummies price bed, Aunt Zhen s wrist was cut open, all the blood flowed out, she was already dead.Jiao Zhong seemed to have seen the scene, After being dazed for a long time, she finally came cbd gummies brand back to her senses What s going on Is it She couldn t figure it out, or was someone But has the steward in the yard reported it to the official Bao Tong nodded It has been reported to the official.The master saw the disadvantages of ethnology more than ten years ago.If it weren t for this, he wouldn t liberty cbd gummies price have asked Yan Shen to help investigate the case Although he gave up and did not pursue it to the end But the second uncle and uncle are pressing, and the master can t refuse all of them.He has to deal with it, so he can t help but follow the second uncle and uncle to do things Naturally, he is physically and mentally exhausted.The master liberty cbd gummies price and Mr.Zhang are in the Imperial College together The two families often communicate with each other.The master complained to Mr.Zhang when he was drunk, and Mrs.Zhang knew something about it, so he asked her about it.Mrs.Zhang smiled and said You should breathe a sigh of relief, why are you still frowning Tian Gongren came this time In fact, he wanted to inquire about some information.The corner of the basket was lifted, and there were incense candles and pastries in it.Gu Chongyi narrowed his eyes, if he didn t come, who would Tan Shangshu plan to worship The two sat down in the study, and Gu Chongyi saw a lot of official documents on the short case beside the desk, and a map of northern how to make gummies cbd liberty cbd gummies price Xinjiang hung on the wall.The steward took the servant and put the map in the box next to it, which was already full.Tan Dingfang found that Gu Chongyi was looking at the map, so he said In the box are the maps of the previous dynasty and the Great Zhou Dynasty.It just so happened that this year s new reconnaissance map has just been drawn.If you want to see it, take a look.Compared with Taizu At that time, our northern territory had been retreating southward step by step, and now we are not far from Wanquandusi and Kaipingwei, and the east is also cbd gummies and aspirin the same.It is understandable to use some means in an emergency.Cui Zhen glanced at Wei Yuanchen.Although the war horse case is fine, it does not mean that the Wei family is not in danger.The emperor has always liberty cbd gummies price been afraid of the Wei family.Although the Wei family has risen in the past two years, no one knows what will happen in the future.Uncle Walking too closely with the Wei family is not necessarily a good thing.Wei Yuanchen investigated the case, and it gaia cbd gummies was fine to come here to ask about the situation, but in the study, the two of them set up a few small dishes to drink together Cui Zhen felt that it was not appropriate.Cui overdose on cbd gummies Zhen didn t speak, and his expression was too calm, which seemed out of tune with the atmosphere in the study.Gu Chongyi realized first that Cui Zhen was also in the study, and he had just talked too warmly with Wei Yuanchen, and forgot Cui Zhen for a moment.Cao Huai said Ding Da and Ding Guanshi were also arrested together.Madam Shen s face became even more ugly Then, wouldn t our family be implicated Had she known that she would not have let Ding Da and Ding Guanshi work with the Fang family, But when Fang s family came to the capital, they didn t have enough manpower.Ding Da and Guanshi Ding helped Fang s family deliver news in the past, so she couldn t make excuses to keep them away from Fang s family at such a time.Cao Huai thought for a moment and said Even if Ding Da and Ding Guanshi are interrogated, they will not say anything botanica cbd gummies that is not good for the Shen family.I will restrain the family during this period and make a decision when the master comes back.Mrs.Shen nodded, and that was the only way to go.She believed that the people in Ding Da had a conscience.Chen Weicheng looked excited Master Qiao, you must not be are cbd gummies ok to take while pregnant deceived by him, you can check carefully , These things have his shadow all these years.Qiao Zheng didn t speak, but turned his head to look at the Zhuangzi Take him down, and the rest will go to the Zhuangzi with me.Chuang Tzu found enough evidence.Now that the case has been investigated, he doesn t want the greatest credit to be taken away by others Wei Yuanchen looked at Zhuangzi in do cbd gummies for sleep work front of him.Several carriages in the huge manor were full of boxes and cages, and all the people in the cbd gummies for low libido manor were fully dressed, obviously preparing to flee with their goods.The boxes and cages are full of brocade and porcelain.If one hadn t seen it with one s own eyes, no one would believe that there are so many valuable objects hidden in such a village.Mrs.Lin thought about shell shock cbd gummies going to see Zhuzhu, but just as she was about to go out, she heard the steward come to report Madam, the young liberty cbd gummies price lady is going to the Shangqing Temple to find Zhenren Mo.Madam Lin sighed in her heart, the how to make gummies cbd liberty cbd gummies price child really grew up.When she was older, she turned her head to look at Gu Chongyi in the room, and blamed Lord Hou for not saying good things early in the morning, which made Zhuzhu want to go out.Gu Chongyi felt a wave of resentment coming towards him, and as expected, he only heard his wife say coldly Won t Lord Hou go to the Yamen Alas, Gu Chongyi sighed, he only said a few words, and his wife would hate him so much.Zhuzhu was accidentally cheated away, will the wife also drive him out of the house Shangqing Guanzhong.Gu Mingzhu brought a cup of hot tea to Zhenren Mo.Zou Lin was beside him, he didn laura ingraham cbd gummies cbd gummies for cancer t go over to ask for the beeswax to take a closer look, but he couldn t help but heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that the pearls were wearing well.Zou Xiang also greeted Cui Zhen Master Hou.He still refused to call Cui Zhen Big Brother together with Gu Mingzhu.Cui Zhen wanted to say something, but facing such an immature child, he really didn t know how to talk to Zou Xiang, so that Zou Xiang could relax his vigilance, maybe because he had too much emotion in dealing with family affairs recently, he would not have cared before These, seeing this warm scene now, will also feel envious.Gu Mingzhu said I ll send Aunt Zu back to the house, and then I ll talk to my elder brother.Cui Zhen nodded again, then walked towards the study.In fact, when Cui Zhen walked into the yard, Gu Mingzhu heard Baotong whispering reminding her that she and Zou Xiang were talking together, and there liberty cbd gummies price was nothing to hide, so she just let it be and didn t do anything on purpose, but Cui Xiang Zhen s look of preoccupation is because he verified Cui Wei s ambition Zou Linshi was helped to lie down in the room.Baotong said in a low voice When the maidservant went in to deliver things, I heard Lord Hou mention Madam Zhou.Gu Mingzhu s heart sank, Cui Zhen mentioned what she was doing Could it be that because of suspicion of Cui Wei, the matter of Cui Wei shooting and killing her was also investigated Miss Baotong called out again, and Gu Mingzhu liberty cbd gummies price came back to his senses Baotong, what did you say Baotong said, Do you need to find a way to listen I knew it well, You can find an excuse to go to father s small study once, but if you go again, it will arouse suspicion.Father is fine.Cui Zhen will most likely be interrupted, and he will not explain his words to how to make gummies cbd liberty cbd gummies price father.Besides, if Cui Zhen gives clues There is no difference between her knowing about her father and her knowing about it.Others she is not interested in knowing about it.Cui Zhen continued The sharp weapon in this child s hand is also Didn liberty cbd gummies price t hurt you Gu Mingzhu said No.Cui Zhen was relieved now, and turned to follow the manager s mother to Zou Lin s yard.Baotong stepped forward to check on Gu Mingzhu s injury, but Gu Mingzhu stopped her with her hand Don t worry about it, I m fine, let someone tell father and mother what s going on here, so that father and mother can rest assured that there is a mother in charge to how much cbd gummy watch over here.Hope nothing will happen, but don t show any clues in front of Zhang s family.Earlier Zhang does cbd gummies help sexually liberty cbd gummies price s family was prepared to startle the snake, but now the most important thing is to let Cui Zhen figure it out.Baotong understood and went to make arrangements.Gu Mingzhu raised her feet and walked towards Zou Lin s residence.In fact, she already knew the answer, but she still wanted to hear the whole thing so that she could have a better understanding of Zhang and Zhang s familyZou Linshi woke up dizzy, and the maid who was guarding her side hurriedly served the water.Zhang, don t stop me, Cui Zhen said indifferently, It will be good for everyone to find wyld cbd and cbn gummies out everything.Cui Zhen s eyes were like deep pools.Seeing that gaze, her heart suddenly trembled.She always felt that Cui Zhen s words had no deep meaning.They seemed to be targeting her, making her liberty cbd gummies price think of the Shen family involuntarily.The situation of the Shen family today is also because they didn t find out what happened back then.Are you reminding her or mocking her Shen Shi was slightly absent minded, and the rude envoy pulled her away.Madam, Lord Hou is doing it for your own good.You must not struggle, so as not to hurt the baby in your womb, the doctor said in a low voice, I have practiced medicine for many years and will never kill anyone.Madam, don t worry Mrs.Zhang As if caught by the doctor s words, the strength of the struggle gradually weakened, and was finally pressed down on the soft bed by the mother in charge.The fragrance of tea is overflowing, and it is a very good loose tea.After a while, the door opened again, and a woman wearing a fence came in and brought a tray of refreshments.Nie Chen said to the old man, This is my junior sister, surnamed Jiang.Gu Mingzhu saluted the old man according to the rules of ordinary people, and sat down next to Nie Chen.The room became quiet again, and the old man said Do you know why I came Nie Chen didn t answer but looked at Miss Gu When we were investigating the war horse case in Shanxi, my junior sister came across an eight bolt lock box.Although the old man s face remained unchanged, there was a hint of surprise in his eyes.Nie Chen went on to say The person who made the eight spring lock box was extremely vicious.He put a firearm in the box.If my junior sister hadn t been quick eyed and quickly pinned the reel with a hairpin, Master Wei s hand would have been injured at that time.The repeated blows and lessons made her understand that she had already sent the person she cared about the most out of right and wrong.In this palace, she no longer has any weaknesses It s not that easy to deal with her Jiang Guifei raised the corner of her mouth slightly when she heard the news, revealing a smile.The female official said in a low voice Before, it was a cover up, but now it is an official decree.It seems that the empress of Kunning how to make gummies cbd liberty cbd gummies price Palace will be abolished soon.You have waited for so long, and finally you have a clue.Concubine Jiang stood up.Walking to the warm cage, she had been hoping that the emperor would take this step Whether it is the current dynasty or the previous dynasty, as long as the book treasures are taken back and the feet are confined in the palace, cbd gummies bellingham wa the imperial edict will be issued next.Cui Zhen s eyes were deep When Wei Yuanchen said Just tonight.Tonight, when the evidence from Shandong enters Beijing, Qiu Hai and Zhang s family will be arrested.Cui Zhen stood up Okay, I ll go back to the mansion to change my official uniform, and hand out a sign before the court to ask for a face saint.After Cui Zhen finished speaking, he turned and walked forward.Just as he was about to pull the rein and get on the horse, he saw the man who was making flat food The man went to ask his guard Wang Jing how to make gummies cbd liberty cbd gummies price for money.Two bowls of flat food.The man said with a smile.Wang Jing handed over a tael of silver to the man.Cui Zhen got on the horse, and saw Wei Yuanchen picked up the bowl again, carefully drinking the remaining flat food soup, at this moment, for some reason, Cui Zhen felt a little envious, maybe he should taste what the flat food tastes like The Zhang family.It is not enough to have the northern border alone.Only by taking down the coastal guards will the army be able to advance northward from the sea and attack the capital in one fell swoop.Steward.Xiong Ruzong does cbd gummies help sexually liberty cbd gummies price s followers all called him that.The entourage stepped forward and continued The imperial court should have only found out about Yan Can s case, and will not find this place.After you arrange the affairs in Beijing, you should leave here quickly and go back to Daning.Xiong Ruzong looked at the house in the dark, There were two clusters of burning flames in his eyes, it didn t matter if one of the Lu family was found, just extinguish it casually, now it was the Qiu Hai and Zhang family.The affairs along the coast are indispensable to the Zhang family.If there is no chaos in Beijing, there is no way to start, Xiong Ruzong said, We can t leave now, we must try to save Qiu Hai and the Zhang family first.The eldest lady and the stewards of the Shen family disappeared.He escaped from the capital with Master Shen Er.After much deliberation, liberty cbd gummies price the fault should still be passed on to the Shen family.The Shen family used the identity of the Shen family s daughter to win over the shipyard officials to work for the Shen family in private.This is why he intervened in the affairs of the Shen family.in front of you.Just looking for full spectrum cbd gummies in case, he would take people to pursue Shen Shi, and if the wind in Beijing was not right, he would go all the way to Antonwei to board the boat and leave Dazhou to avoid disaster.In short, in this way, he can advance, attack and retreat.Chapter 437 Would you like to conceive the palace.Most places in Dazhou are gradually getting warmer, but the Prince Huai Mansion is still covered with ice and snow.The charcoal in the warm cage seemed to roast everyone, especially the emperor s majestic face.Huang Chang and the others glanced at Miss Gu, everyone s attention was on the Empress Dowager and the Emperor, so they ignored this young female relative.Who would have thought what such a little girl could do Seeing such a scene will probably be intimidating.But this little girl took advantage of everyone s attention to do such a thing for the empress dowager.Huang Chang looked at the servant beside him, the servant shook his head, no one saw Miss Gu making a move.But the burnt paper did exist, Huang Chang frowned, Miss Gu has no superpowers, no kung fu, she is just an ordinary person, it is indeed very convincing.Thinking of this, Huang Chang took a deep look at Miss Gu.Miss Gu s expression was nervous and green, and she followed behind the empress dowager.Gu Mingzhu picked up Mo Yangming s medicine box, followed Mo Zhenren to the inner room, opened the curtain and entered the inner room, Gu Mingzhu smelled a sour smell mixed with sesame oil.The concubine De concubine on the bed had a haggard face and liberty cbd gummies price a disheveled bun, curled up on the bed looking very embarrassed.Gu Mingzhu looked at the vomit in the spittoon.The imperial hospital suspected that Empress Defei was cbd gummie pucks poisoned, so she used sesame oil to induce vomiting, and the liberty cbd gummies price vomited pickles were still there.Gu Mingzhu smelled it, and there was a faint smell of mung beans in the mixed sour smell.Mung beans can detoxify.But since sesame oil is required to induce vomiting, I would never take detoxification soup before inducing vomiting.Gu Mingzhu went forward to salute the imperial physician and said, Did the concubine De concubine drink detoxification soup before she vomited Mung bean dumpling soup, thanks to this, the toxin that the empress has taken can be restrained.Wei Yuanchen said There is news from the palace that my aunt Wei Yuanchen s eyes changed slightly, his eyes softened a little, and he changed his words in front of Gu Mingzhu My mother has received the queen s treasure book, and everyone in the house I m very happy, Grandmother wants to invite you over, thinking that at this moment, if you walk too closely, the emperor will be suspicious, so I plan to wait a little longer before going to the door to thank you.He had never called his aunt like this before in front of others.I don t want my grandmother and family to worry about him pretending not to know his life experience, and trying to be responsible in front of my husband, but now facing Zhuzhu, he relieved the burden on his shoulders, and just said it, the moment he said it , There was a warmth flowing through his chest slowly.He just waits for the imperial court to attack the imperial warships from behind when they start a war with the rebels.If the situation is what he thinks, the imperial court will Send more reinforcements.Second Master Wei boarded another Cangshan boat, and Gu Chongyi could not hold back his words Don t die.Second Master Wei raised his eyebrows Chongyi, you owe me such a big favor, and you will have to pay it back in the future.He was obviously fighting for the imperial court, but in the end, he owed a debt.Gu Chongyi didn t bother to take care of that thing.The face of everyone in the Wei family probably grew on that thing s face, and Wei liberty cbd gummies price Sanye knew the general situation and knew how to advance and retreat., will not do such a thing.Just as Gu Chongyi praised Wei Yuanchen in his heart, a gust of liberty cbd gummies price wind suddenly hit him and made him sneeze unexpectedly.Gu Mingzhu turned to look at her mother s yard Mom just fell asleep, I will go in and report later.Mother can t come out and walk now, telling her mother is just to make her worry.Mama Yang nodded.Gu Mingzhu said I will take does cbd gummies help sexually liberty cbd gummies price people there, and when does cbd gummies help sexually liberty cbd gummies price cbd gummy bears 300 mother wakes up, she will say that I will take care of the matter.Aunt Yizu means that she will let people follow Zou Xiangfuling to Hubei and bury Aunt Zu Zou Family s Ancestral Tomb, wait until everything is done over there, and then bring Zou Xiang back to the capital.Before how to make gummies cbd liberty cbd gummies price Gu Mingzhu changed her clothes and left, she ordered the steward Go to the lotus alley again, and let me know if you have any news.The Tan family wanted to approach the Huaiyuan Hou s mansion through the lotus alley, but they discovered the clue first, and their father reminded him earlier.The mother in law responded and took Gu Mingwan away.Gu Ziyan turned to look at Gu Minglan who was not far away Third sister, help me watch.The mother and eldest sister at home are too confused, and the second sister is cowardly and easy to be judged by others.Persuasion, only the third sister has her own opinion and sees things clearly.Gu Minglan naturally knew what it meant.Although she was in a bad situation at home, she couldn t just hide when it came to a critical moment, hoping to help her elder brother.After saying this, Gu Ziyan looked in Feng Anping s direction, Is that Cousin Feng Feng Anping took a few steps forward.Gu Ziyan bowed to Feng Anping Let Cousin Feng worry about it.Now that I am at home, Cousin can go to other things.I know that the Shuntian Mansion Yamen is busy now.I will send someone to the Yamen to report what is going on here.Gu Mingzhu was about to step into the carriage when suddenly there was a rush of hooves approaching from far away.Gu Mingzhu turned her head to look, and the figure became clearer and clearer.Wearing armor, majestic.It s really Master Wei.Mrs.Wei is not really worried and wants to meet her again, right Chapter 469 Lost and Found Gu Mingzhu looked at Wei Yuanchen on horseback.The officials from the Ministry of Rituals hadn t left yet, so Master Wei couldn t get off his horse and walk in front of her.Gu Mingzhu looked around and waved.If I knew she should pretend to be a woman, maybe I could squeeze forward to toast the soldiers.Wouldn t it be more harmonious than now I used to dress up like that when I met Mr.Wei in the teahouse before, admiring the lanterns together It was a very good scene when I think about it.Wei s mouth, Gu Mingzhu felt that all she should do was done.My lord, let s go Hearing the girl s crisp voice, Mrs.Wei thought, she was anxious to 750mg cbd gummy let him go, was she afraid that she would eat up all her candied fruit It seems that he is now between walnuts and candied seeds.If you want some snacks, ask Pinxianglou to deliver them.Don t let Xiaobai eat too much.Seeing that fat chicken looking leisurely and contented by her side, maybe he can t help stewing it.Wei Yuanchen said It won t be long.Gu Mingzhu nodded.The battle in Northern Xinjiang won t be long.After the imperial army guards Yongping Mansion, the two armies will face off temporarily.King Liang must use dark chess to find opportunities Raise troops again.You know Gu Mingzhu said Got it.The girl raised her face, her eyes were full of thought.Zhou Zejing wellution cbd gummy reviews was overjoyed, his words obviously convinced the judge liberty cbd gummies price buy cbd gummies justcbd of Shuntian Prefecture.While talking, Mrs.Zhou and Zhou Jerui also walked outside the main room.Mrs.Zhou s voice became more choked Who are you talking about My Jun girl Why are you talking about Jun HCMUSSH liberty cbd gummies price girl cbd gummies for cancer vegan hemp cbd gummy Zhou Zerui comforted Mrs.Zhou in a low voice Mother, don t worry, we all know that Ah Jun was wronged, and the truth will come to light one day.Looking at the sad faces of the Zhou family, Feng Anping nodded for the third time, and then asked a question This The official understands that you love Miss Zhou, and that she was wronged.So, since this is the case, have you ever defended Miss Zhou The room suddenly became liberty cbd gummies price quiet, and the old lady Zhou s sobs followed abruptly.end.Chapter 474 The Truth Zhou Zejing did not expect Feng Tongpan to ask such a question.Gu Mingzhu looked at Lu Guangnie Chen happily and told about the the duke cbd gummies process of capturing Zheng Ruzong.Zheng Ruzong has a lot of people in his hands, and he has collected money all these years, and everyone is very rich.When the words came out of Lu Guang s mouth, there was an inspiring meaning, which made people want to go down the mountain to grab a vote.Thanks to Uncle Ge for knowing Zheng Ruzong, that Zheng Ruzong is very cunning, he changed his appearance several times, and the people sent by the court were almost thrown away.Uncle Ge is an old man who has tracked down Zheng Ruzong for six years.He just told everyone his surname.After this incident, he can be his revealer again.Gu Mingzhu admires Yan Can, and people like Ge Ye are also happy for them.Lu Guang looked around and saw liberty cbd gummies price that there was no one around, and said to Junior Sister Jiang who was wearing a fence, Junior Sister Jiang will come with us next time, it s fun.For the sake of the same clan, we didn t Don t blame me for disregarding my affection.Aunt Clan, don t worry, Zhou Zesheng said, I know Aunt Clan is always fair, and I reported to the yamen for Aunt Clan before entering the door.Mrs.Zhou suspected that it was only now.Confirmed It s you Zhou Zesheng admitted generously It s me.I wanted to do this six years ago.Since my elder brother passed away, the clan s aunt s family has been in a bad way.It should have been rectified by the elders of the clan.It s just that I was very soft spoken six years ago.In the end, I could only be put in prison, but at that time I swore that one day I would come back and expose the filth of your family.You Mrs.Zhou was furious, Zhou Zesheng was like this Without concealing it, the old lady Zhou gritted her teeth tightly, knowing that she should have prevented the boss from saving Zhou Zesheng next time, and should have fed him to the wolves.Zhou Ruyue exclaimed, and took two steps back in fright, and then she saw a liberty cbd gummies price figure wearing a fence, and the woman behind the fence said faintly I thought it was something sneaky, it turned out to be someone.Anyone can It can be heard that people in the market are deliberately taunting her, Zhou Ruyue is about to refute.Did you hear that Gu Mingzhu said loudly, Miss Wednesday said that you can talk about everything related to the third bedroom of the Zhou family.Anyway, what happened to the third bedroom has nothing to do with the second bedroom.The first half of the sentence was said by her, but the second half was fabricated by this ordinary person.She is usually knowledgeable and courteous in front of outsiders, but now being said like this, it seems that she is full of conspiracy and tricks, Zhou Ruyue thought of this and said You I knew you were such a person.Zhou Zerui said After saying this, he saw Feng Tongjuan walking in front of him, and Zhou Zerui struggled excitedly My lord, what I m telling is the truth, I didn t kill anyone.Feng Anping said coldly Then why did you say yes Xu Gui killed someone Zhou Jerui said I ran out of my sister in law s house and found Xu Gui in the yard.Xu Gui was the nursing home of the Zhou family at that time, so I must have heard the movement so I came here.I m afraid Xu Gui Bad thing, just trying to intimidate him, but Xu Gui took the initiative to say that he would never tell what he saw today, and he was worried about me, what if my sister in law made this public I was also panicked, but The matter has come to this point, there is no other way.Xu Gui said to help me go to the sister in law s yard to listen to the news, and report to me immediately if there is any movement.Concubine .

can i drive after taking cbd gummies?

De is as smart as Wei Shi, but Wei Shi will never learn to be submissive.The emperor said I let King Su try to deal with political affairs.When King space candy brand 3000 mg hemp cbd gummies Liang is settled, I will help him remove all obstacles in front of him and help him sit on the throne.It s the most important thing.Concubine De s tears fell on the back of the emperor s hand, Those are trivial matters.You woman, the cbd gummies five emperor said sternly, but the look in his eyes became more gentle, the empress and concubine know how to read the political situation, especially the empress is no different from those officials in the previous dynasty.Saying such foolish words all the time, I want to make your son the crown prince, and he will definitely be the next emperor of the Great Zhou in the future, don t you like it Concubine De was still sobbing I want the emperor to get better.After protecting the third master and leaving, I went to check on the situation of the eldest wife, and found that the eldest wife was hanging from cbd gummy bears in kingston ny the beam.I hurriedly went to the third master to report the matter.Later, the old lady came forward to cover up for the laura ingraham cbd gummies cbd gummies for cancer third master.Feng Anping said, What else Don t you know anything else Xu Gui pursed his lips, but did not speak.Gu Mingzhu said Why did you appear outside Mrs.Zhou s courtyard at night The servants of the Zhou family all have their own duties.If you hadn t harbored evil intentions, how could you have sneaked close to the residence of the female relatives Xu Guidao I once saw the liberty cbd gummies price second master go to the eldest wife at night, thinking that he could find out some secrets of the master, but I didn t expect that it was the master on Wednesday.Gu Mingzhu showed a scornful smile, but, just like what Zhou Zejing thought, what the lady wanted to tell her father was, are Concubine De and the Cao family related to the Li family in cbd green gummy bears uk Pyongyang The person who the lady works for is liberty cbd gummies price the Cao family I m afraid that s not the case The female gentleman said The whole northern Xinjiang is his eyeliner.If she is found to want to escape, those people will kill her.As far as Gu Mingzhu knew, at that time, the only person who could make eyeliner all over northern Xinjiang seemed to be King Liang.If the female husband belongs to King Liang, then Concubine De has two possibilities.One is that Concubine De is a pawn in the hands of King Liang.Concubine De is used by King Liang just like the crown prince and third prince, or she liberty cbd gummies price buy cbd gummies justcbd is approached by King Liang s order.After Gu Chongyi finished his calculations, he involuntarily glanced at the sea.What about people Why don t you come back There are no imperial ships nearby Wei Congzhi must have drowned or been swallowed by fish, right The big ship of the Li family in Pyongyang slowly sailed towards Dazhou.Li Zhao, the eldest son of the Li family, was looking at the map in his hands.They had an agreement with King Liang before, and they would come to help when King Liang raised his troops.If King Liang s attack on the capital goes well, they will send many soldiers and horses to Yongping Mansion, and if it doesn t go well, they will also send large ships to meet them.I really didn t expect that King Liang would be defeated so quickly.Li Zhao heaved a long sigh, it really wasn t that easy to change the dynasty, but fortunately, King Liang had other plans, and after returning to Daning, he could make a long term plan.Zhu Wu wanted three to five hundred Liu Su nodded Fifth brother is right, but big brother This is what the elder brother means, Zhu Wudao, Everyone will keep the kindness of the elder brother in mind, but I think it is not suitable for the elder brother to see the foster father, what do you think about the second brother Liu Su has no objection, this is a good idea, just Some cheaters, could it be laura ingraham cbd gummies cbd gummies for cancer that Nie Chen himself is the only one who is kept in the dark in the end That s really no one s fault.Nie Chen knew that the eldest lady was pretending to be Miss Jiang.Every time there was a case, the eldest lady was in charge of the overall situation.If she couldn t guess the truth, she could only say that Nie Chen was too stupid.The two walked back to the courtyard of the common people, and when they entered the door, they heard Nie Chen talking about the liberty cbd gummies price elder The righteous father is so righteous, I have been walking in the world for many years, and I have never seen such a heroic person as the foster father.Please trouble Mr.Sun.Cui Zhen could see Mr.Sun s hostility, and if it wasn t for the benevolence of the doctors, he would definitely not want to pay attention to him.After wiping his face with a warm towel, Cui Zhen regained some clarity for the time being, and was about to say goodbye to Mr.Sun.He couldn t really be sick here, and he had to go back to the Hou s Mansion no matter what.Amitabha.A Buddhist voice came from the door, and Cui Zhen looked up.A monk walked over slowly, and this monk Cui Zhen recognized him.Elder Chonghua.After burying the old monk in the frontier that year, he took the scriptures left by the old monk to Longhua Temple, where he had a conversation with a monk named Chonghua, and he did not expect to meet him here.Cui Zhen stood up and saluted.Chonghua returned the courtesy Benefactor Cui.These mothers in charge had all done errands when the clansmen got married.If the clansmen didn t know King Qing s intentions at the beginning, they would all know now.There was does cbd gummies help sexually liberty cbd gummies price silence in the room for a moment, Mrs.Li said first We appreciate your kindness.Mrs.Yuan also nodded.The Wei family refused, but the old King Qing was not frustrated I see that there are many guests in the house, all relatives and friends who came from afar, right I am a close friend with the old man, and this time I also came from a long way from Pingyue Mansion, so I have to trouble you Prepare a guest room for me at home, and I will join in the fun with everyone.The clan members widened their eyes, their faces became hot, Prince Qing opened his eyes and told nonsense, they all blushed for him.Don t say that Lord Qing has a mansion in Beijing, and that King Qing came to the capital from Guangxi not to come to the Wei family to observe the ceremony.He doesn t know how to go by land.He knows how to go to the pier.Going south by liberty cbd gummies price buy cbd gummies justcbd water, trying to find a merchant ship to go out to sea, no one will find him.Miss Mu stood up and bowed to Mrs.Li Thank you, Mrs.Tai.No thanks, no thanks, Mrs.Li smiled, You didn t bring enough people, I ll help you.Come on, Mrs.Li looked at the sky outside, it s still early, and it s not too late to leave after dinner..Miss Mu saluted again Madam Tai lends me some manpower, as long as I call the second master s name at the pier, I will arrange the rest.So sure Mrs.Li s eyes lit up, it seems that her youngest son can t escape from other people s palms In this way, she can feel at ease.Chapter 567 Wei Congzhi didn t dare to waste his time, so he ran directly to the pier, and then found the boss of the boat.He would like to thank Brother Chen, if Brother Chen hadn t brought Zhuzhu to the boat last year, how could he have had the opportunity to meet the people on the boat and pass such a waterway.

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