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Yes, how many do you want Twenty here.After buying some necessary things, I discussed with the boss and waited for the mold to be made and came to pay the bill, which would only be a deposit.On the way back, Zhang Dong asked curiously, Why did you buy so many clips To eat Of course it s for business, reaction to cbd gummy kushly cbd gummies owner what do you think Li Guohao said angrily.No longer entangled in this matter, Zhang Dong is still puzzled by what Li Guohao reaction to cbd gummy said before, I said, Ah Hao, why did you choose that store You must know that the higher the rent, the higher the rent.The price of the first floor.Li Guohao nodded, Of course I know, the rent of this store is 20,000 to 3,000 more expensive than others, and it costs 20,000 to 30,000 a year.But this store is not only very popular, but also very It meets the goal in my heart.

Indeed, what Li Guohao said is very reasonable.The Nathan Road area is originally a commercial area plus some office buildings, and there are many residential buildings nearby.The best intersection on Nathan Road is at Wing Kee.The shops on both sides of the road reaction to cbd gummy can be called the golden zone.The flow of people coming and going exceeds 10,000 every day.After all, commuting to and from get off work has to go through that intersection, and buses and trams have to go that way.In addition to the traffic of people in that reaction to cbd gummy area, there are also a lot of office buildings nearby.Many of those white collar workers will buy some pastries to satisfy their cravings during their spare time at work.But opening a store opposite Rongji, I always feel that there are those strange places.Li Dexiao thought for a long time, and came up with a very strange sentence in itself.

Rong Bing, who was sitting on the recliner, listening to the music on the radio, shaking his head and drinking tea, saw that the employee who came in was frizzy, and couldn t help yelling, What are you doing, running so fast to reincarnate Hoo The employee panted heavily, bent over with his hands on his knees, and said after a while, Master Rong, when I came back from delivering the goods across the street, I found that we opened a new store just across the street.I You know, they have been renovating for a month, what does it have to do with us The boss who sold clothes across the street liked to eat Rong Kee s pastries, and he would buy some of them every day.Even as a half neighbor, Rong Bingcai also learned from the boss that the store has changed people.I know, but I passed by there, reaction to cbd gummy looking at the things inside, and someone sent tables and chairs up, it seems to reaction to cbd gummy be a coffee shop.

Ah Zhen, stop making trouble This Mr.Li is Well, thank you for your kindness, forget about this puppet, we just want to buy some pastries here.Zhao Yazhi is not the kind of person who is greedy for petty gains, and hearing Li Guohao s other thoughts, she also politely refused.Ah Zhen glanced at the old sister with an aggrieved face, she heard the seriousness in the old sister s words, and said in a low voice, Sister Okay, go pick some pastries and see what you want to eat It s already nine o clock, and I have to go to the interview later Zhao Yazhi could not help but point to the dazzling array of pastries in the glass cover next to her.Okay.A Zhen replied sadly.It s okay, Ms.Zhao, these dolls were originally given to customers.If reaction to cbd gummy your sister really likes it, it s not a problem.Forget it, these dolls are worth a lot of money, and you are here for promotional activities.

Liji Dim Sum across the road is proud of himself.For a whole day, people came and went, and they queued up at the door from morning to afternoon.This scene made the passers by look sideways.Because the store is too busy, my grandfather has been helping to make pastries at the back of the store since he came in the morning.Whether it is peanut candy, wife cakes, or even some high quality pastries, they are out of stock.There is no way that the promotions in the store are too good.From time to time, someone wins a lottery, and the taste reaction to cbd gummy of the pastries is much better than that of ordinary stores, which reaction to cbd gummy kushly cbd gummies owner leads to overcrowding.Perhaps part of the credit is due to the Panda Abao puppet.Many children looked at the cute and funny puppet and cried to their parents wanting to have one.In addition, people have the mentality of gathering crowds.

This kind of change is naturally something that every parent would like to see.Chapter 24 Location Selection The bakery business on the second day was even busier than the first day, and under the shortage of manpower, Li Guohao had no choice but to call his parents to help.Rong Bingcai, the head of Rongji across the road, also thought hard for a day before he organized an activity similar to a lottery promotion.He gave this activity a very interesting name Rewarding New and Old Customers.After all, Wing Kee has been open on Nathan Road for so many years, and there are many regular customers nearby.The store opened early this morning, and the activities were widely publicized, which naturally attracted a lot of attention.Originally, some elderly people who thought Li Ji s court cakes were expensive, came to Rong Ji one after another and formed a long queue.

Where are you going Li Huifang asked, wiping the sweat off her forehead with her arm.I have something to go out for a while.Li Huifang didn t doubt it, Okay, you go, there are me and your dad in the store.Mom, if there is anything in the store, you can tell A Dong.After a period of time, Adong followed me, and he was able to be alone.Well, Mom understands. Central, Central and Western District, Hong Kong Island.Mr.Mai, I m sorry to keep you waiting for so long.Li Guohao got off the bus, saw Mai Qi waiting outside the bus stop, walked quickly and apologized.It s okay, I just came here not long ago.Mai Qi smiled lightly and shook his head.Which store is there Li Guohao was not polite, so he went straight to the question.That s right, I came to Central this time to choose a place for the new store.

Maggie thought for a while and came up with a compromise.Well, it s a good idea.Li Guohao imagined what Mai Qi said, and nodded in agreement.Have you taken a fancy to this store If you like it, we will contact the owner of this store about renting out.Well, let s go to this store.Li Guohao nodded and agreed to this store.In the ten minutes after walking from the bus station, there were basically no food shops on the road.Except for a small fish ball shop less than ten square meters, I didn t see any other shops selling food.Central is fine, but this street is too narrow Li Guohao glanced around, and after scanning around, his eyes fell on the street again.Xiangjiang is like this.There is very little land available.Even if the government wants to expand in Central, it is impossible.Maggie has lived in Xiangjiang for decades and knows the situation in Xiangjiang very well Wing Kee Bakery.

Go, reaction to cbd gummy the office worker also changed from walking to running when he heard the voice behind him, for fear that someone would find him buying a wet doll book.Shangguan Xiaobao Li Guohao just heard Shangguan Xiaobao s words, followed the voice, looked across the road, liberty gummies cbd and shouted for fear that he would disappear in the street again.Who Who called me Chapter 27 Kung Fu Panda Hey boy, do you want a doll book That one just didn t suit your appetite It doesn t matter.I have a lot of others here.How about European and American ones Shangguan Xiaobao caught a glimpse and called to himself The person in question was the young man who just sold the product, and seeing his companion leave, he mistakenly thought that he was embarrassed to buy it just now.Hearing Shangguan Xiaobao s words, Li Guohao felt chills.

I have to say that Zhang Dong has grown a lot in the past month or so.Li Guohao was also very surprised that Zhang Dong would say these words, A Dong, you are right.Being a store manager does not require strong work ability, as long as you can take your work seriously, and you must coordinate well among the employees.relationship.To be honest, the position of store manager is very embarrassing.If you don t do well in grades, you will be scolded by the boss, if you are too serious, you will be scolded by the employees.If you want to please both sides, this is what the store manager should do.Chapter 33 Encounter Again With the fame of Lee Kee s court dim sum on Nathan Road, not only people from this area flocked here, but also many people in Tsim Sha Tsui knew the name of Lee Kee s pastry.A road, separated by a distance of less than 50 meters, the business status of Li Ji and Rong Ji s pastry shops, one is in the sky, and the other is in the ground.

They came out to reaction to cbd gummy buy pastries, and people who didn t know thought it was a private bank that was about to go bankrupt, and they were desperately trying to run on it.Before the opening of the Nathan Road store, Li Guohao never expected that there would be so many people coming to buy it.During the few days of the opening and promotional activities, he was very busy as a pastry chef.This time when the new store opened, Li Guohao learned how to be smart.When the new store was being renovated, he asked Zhang Dong to recruit a group of pastry chefs in advance.However, many of the pastry chefs recruited have only learned the craft roughly, and their skills are not as good as Huang He and Chen Zhipeng, let alone Sun Dafu, the new store manager of the Central store.Considering that Xiangjiang may not have so many pastry chefs who need to work in their spare time, Li Guohao also sent them a notice when this group of people first applied for the job.

At this time, a girl in her twenties, Tao Li Nianhua, with obvious mixed race features, came down from upstairs, saw the little girl sitting on the ground, frowned and said Ah Qiong, don t sit on the ground, you will catch a cold, use it as a sofa Go.Oh.Arjun nodded blankly, picked up the comic book and sat on the sofa.What are you looking at You re so interested.The mixed race girl walked over curiously, sat beside Arjun, and glanced sideways at the comic book.Sister, it s Kung Fu Cat Seeing that Sister was interested, Arjun spread the comic book on her lap generously, pointed at the comic book, and asked, Sister, is there really a treasure I want to eat this with Po too.Listening to her sister s strange words, the older sister looked sideways at the comic book, and saw a cute animal in the comic book eating some kind of pastry with its mouth wide open.

You can check it.Since Li Ji best cbd gummies to buy an has developed steadily, the bank deposits are now almost breaking through 1 million.As for why there is so much money, it all depends on the recent popularity of Kung Fu Panda in Xiangjiang, which led to the reputation of the palace pastry It is getting bigger and bigger.According to the calculations of Li Qiang and the company clerk, if Liji Bakery opened in 18 districts of Xiangjiang, and each district has 2 3 branches, the member deposit may be as high as 10 million.This is not a joke.It s not a fake amount either.Now just for the three stores in Kowloon Peninsula, the total number of registered members exceeds 5,000.The total funds have already reached more than 1.5 million, not including the amount of ordinary retail sales.Of course, a large part of it before It was used by Li Guohao to open a new store, run a comic club and make cartoons.

I really don t know about that.Rong Binghua heard that Li Guohao unexpectedly Integrating the pastry shop into a company, you must know that there is no one in Xiangjiang that has established a company like Li Kee.While my heart was shaking, I suddenly thought of the word listing.Could it be that Li Guohao wants to go public Now the stock cbd gummy bears sold near me market in Xiangjiang is very good, and Rong Binghua has also bought some, most of which are some real estate companies or reaction to cbd gummy real estate developers.Food companies have not been listed until now.Seeing that Rong Binghua was silent, Manager Zhang also said cryptically, Dabinghua, about the five points.Don t worry, big eyed boy, I ll go to spectrum md cbd gummies the bank and call your account as soon as I get the loan Manager Zhang said nervously, Don t, don t hit my account.Withdraw money, cash, and then hand it over to me.

Now she heard Ah Zhen say that Li Guohao chased sister Ah Zhi, so she recalled and asked.Yes, the one with the short hair.Ah Zhen nodded.People of this age, no matter how old they are, except for bald or flat heads, basically all have medium length hair.The older ones wear their hair back, like the God of Gamblers, while the younger ones have the old fashioned messy long hair.Sudden.There was a sound of unlocking the door.A Zhen is back.Huihui said.I ll go out and have a look.As soon as Ah Zhen opened the door and walked out, she saw Zhao Yazhi standing there in a flight attendant costume dragging a suitcase.Sister Ah Zhen ran over excitedly, and hugged Zhao Yazhi, but unfortunately she was not tall enough, so she could only hug her waist.Okay, okay, put my sister down first, and I ll get the suitcase out.

This will not only allow people to understand the theme of the promotion faster, that is, the opening of the thcv cbd cbc cbn cbg delta 8 gummies hemp edible palace pastry of the same name as Kung Fu Panda , and the opening of the original Goose Papa pastry.People have the habit of following suit.This is not a reaction to cbd gummy bad habit, but a way to avoid risks.Ever since the cartoon Kung Fu Panda became popular in Hong Kong.Many pastry shops have begun to make some unique pastries.It s not that it s unique, it s probably that the image is slightly different from today s pastries.The cakes in the cartoons were drawn by Shangguan Xiaobao himself in reaction to cbd gummy Liji Bakery reaction to cbd gummy kushly cbd gummies owner and brought back as samples.After small changes, such as caricature.Therefore, the palace cakes in the comics are the epitome of Li Ji s palace cakes in reality.Except for the modern decoration style and the ancient one, basically the pastries inside leva cbd gummies 40 mg cbd gummies florida and even the ingredients mentioned by Dad Goose are exactly the same That night, at Yung Kee Restaurant.

If you are not in a hurry, grandpa, can I bring you with you Li Guohao asked.That s right, Dad, no way, let Guohao go with you.There is a road in the New Territories, and you haven t been there much.It would be bad if you get lost.I just said to go there a year ago. Palace Pastry Food Company.Li Guohao yawned and walked into the company.Ahao, you are here, come quickly Seeing Li Guohao approaching at this moment, Zhang Dong hurriedly yelled.What s the matter Shouting early in the morning.Li Guohao was dragged into the chairman s office by Zhang Dong.I told my parents about Xiao Min yesterday, Zhang Dong said.Well, what then My parents agreed.Seeing Zhang Dong s excited expression, Li Guohao rolled his eyes speechlessly and said, Please, your parents definitely want you to get married and have children as soon as possible.

Well, that s the only way to go.Zhang Dong nodded, followed After Li Guohao said something, he went back to work.Looking at Zhang Dong who left the office, Li Guohao complained in his heart Why do I feel that this kid is the protagonist If everything goes well, he might get married soon.I m just a single dog after time travel.Boom At this time, the office The door was knocked.Come in.Xie Honghe opened the door and walked in, Chairman.What s the matter, Manager Xie Li Guohao asked curiously.This is the copy that I discussed with my staff yesterday to broadcast the advertisement on TV.You can have a look at it.After finishing reaction to cbd gummy speaking, Xie Honghe handed over a notebook, which seemed quite solid.Well, I see, let s put it on the table.After Li Guohao finished speaking, he remembered something and asked, Manager Xie, do you know anyone from the bus company Bus company Chairman, what do you think Is the Kowloon Bus Yes.

The above is basically the introduction of some special pastries of Liji Palace Pastry, as well as the development history, and some promotional activities during the New Year.In order to better expand the publicity.Li Guohao discussed with the person in charge of Ming Pao, and made a new event without paying a penny for advertising.Propose an activity that is beneficial to the interests of Ming Pao and the company.With the newspaper from February 1st to February 15th, everyone can use the newspaper of the day to receive a piece reaction to cbd gummy of honeycomb cake for free in the store every day.That s right, it s free, as long as you need a piece of newspaper, you can get a piece of honeycomb cake about the size of a fist for free.This will not only increase the sales volume of Ming Pao, but also expand the effect of publicity.

Hehe, what kind of stocks are there to make money Although the stock market in Xiangjiang is very good now, there has never been any business that is sure to make money.Just play around Stocks are fine, but don t go deep into them, this is something that most people can t handle.Li Qiang chuckled lightly.Ordinary people can t play it Li Guohao rolled his eyes when he heard this, this kid still loves to hit people so much.Just when Li Guohao was about to continue to say something, Gu Qianqian who was on the side said Chairman, I just read the document, it is mentioned that our company will help the merchants who join, from brand, technology, and storefront Is this a bit broad Li Guohao shook his head and said Manager Gu is something we must guarantee as the head office, and it is also something we must do well.

But we don t seem to have authorization.What if Bruce Lee sues him Li Guohao asked with some concern.You must know that this kind of behavior of directly using the other party s name to draw comics is very likely to be the defendant.I reaction to cbd gummy know this.I sent someone to contact Bruce Lee recently.It s just a name anyway.It shouldn t be a problem to buy a portrait right with a little money.Shangguan Xiaobao naturally considered this and sent someone to contact Bruce Lee early in the morning Well, that s good.That s right.Shangguan Xiaobao suddenly said, Didn t I tell you about the Datong Toy Factory last time What Shangguan Xiaobao put down the pen in his hand and walked from the table Pulled out a document from the previous pile of documents and said The other side has agreed to our request.Recently, it seems that dolls of the same style as Kung Fu Panda have been produced.

My name is Li Guohao.What kind of gift, I m sorry.Zhao s mother sat there and looked at her daughter s boyfriend deeply, and saw that he was wearing a black close fitting suit, and he looked very energetic.Although his face was a little immature, he had an imposing manner Not like a young man of his age.Dr.Huang who was sitting next to her had been staring at this so called Zhao Yazhi s boyfriend since Ah Zhen came up.Dr.Huang was very jealous.One thing he had to admit was that the other party was very handsome.Wearing this strange suit, he was so handsome that he almost blinded his eyes.But after thinking about it, no matter how handsome he is, it s just a false appearance, and he feels a lot of comfort in his heart.Li Sheng, right It s okay.I called you here temporarily.Are you Ah Zhi s boyfriend Zhao s father had a good first impression of Li Guohao.

James simply flipped through the book , asked thoughtfully How is the sales of this comic book in Xiangjiang I don t know, but Xiangjiang TV station has an animated version of this manga, and you can often see some children holding this panda puppet in their hands on the street.It looks pretty good.George shook his head, and only said what he saw.James picked up the comic book and sat on the chair for a moment.George asked What s wrong, James Sorry George, I m going to give you a three day holiday when I come back this time, but I may have to trouble you to go back to Xiangjiang again James spread his hands and apologized.Why Do you still want to talk to them about the movie George asked in surprise.No, it s the comic book James pointed to the comic book on the table.I saw four big characters Kung Fu Panda written on the comic book.

Shangguan Xiaobao said to the interpreter at the side Our boss will be here soon, tell that ghost to let him wait a while.Just as the interpreter was about to translate with George, the door of the office was opened from the outside.Liao Peng, manager of the comic book club, led Li Guohao and Li Qiang in.President, you are here Shangguan Xiaobao said to Li Guohao, This is Mr.George sent by Warner America.Li Guohao glanced at George who was sitting on the left after listening, and then looked around the office Seeing Bruce Lee sitting here, I was a little surprised and wondered why he came here too.Hello, Mr.Li.George stood up with a smile and walked to Li Guohao to say hello.Li Guohao understood the English sentence, and said to George with a smile, Hello, Mr.George.George said directly about the cooperation We are here at Warner Bros.

After hearing what the translator said, Li Guohao shook his head and mocked You are not cooperating at all, you are extorting, understand You want to buy out all the copyrights of Kung Fu Panda except Asia for 100,000 US dollars.Are you kidding me Is it your cooperative attitude Then what does Mr.Li think George didn t disclose the price the company gave him, but asked Li Guohao s price for cooperation.If you want to cooperate with Kung Fu Panda, you only have the publishing rights in the United States, the broadcasting rights of the animation version, and other corresponding copyrights, but you have to share half of the corresponding profits with us., I just want to expand the pastry shop with the help of comics.This effect is very good in Xiangjiang.Not only has it driven the business of the pastry shop, but even the comics club has gradually turned a profit from a loss at the beginning.

After all, I don t have a woman to accompany Mr.Cai to dinner.Cai Langyi He also laughed and said, I can eat a hundred flowers made by Mr.Li himself.It s really delicious.I want beautiful women.I want delicious food without beautiful women.Cai Lang just said, Li Guohao and Shangguan Xiaobao looked at each other and laughed.Strongly push the testimonials.I HCMUSSH reaction to cbd gummy read the comments before, saying that the layout is too small, or that I have been writing about the pastry.Let me simply respond here, the layout is not small.Speaking of this, I would like to give a special thanks to Dao Tseng Wuchen, who wrote very good comments in the book review area before, and I also revised the outline according to his opinions.The catering industry does not only refer to hotels, beverages, fast food, snacks, etc.Of course, these things are enough for me to write for a while.

Each family must invest at least 100,000.If Some people don t have enough money or whatever, others can pay more to buy this stock.One hundred thousand yuan is trivial, if someone doesn t have enough money to tell me, I ll buy his dr sterns cbd gummies share Gu Yonghe slapped his chest and pointed at everyone Said.I said Boss Gu, it s only 100,000 yuan.Is there anyone here who can t take it out You really think everyone is a beggar.The chubby man said with a strange tone.The people next to him echoed That s right, Boss Gu, don t think that you are the only one who made money in the stock market, and I also made a lot of money.If you are tight, I can also pay a little more to buy your share.Haha, I have plenty of money Gu Yonghe laughed and said, Do you know what I ate yesterday What did I eat Boss Gu ate abalone or bird s nest again Gu Yonghe said triumphantly Oh, I m too lazy to eat these things.

I know, but they No but If you have any questions, go directly to Manager Xiong of the Franchise Department.Yes.Xiao Wang nodded and turned to leave the door.After the people left, Li Guohao reaction to cbd gummy frowned.He didn t expect that Liu Peilin would recruit so many shops to join in just over a month.Boom.Come in.As soon as Li Qiang entered the door, he said directly I have checked clearly.Now there are more than 120 yummy cbd sleep gummies reaction to cbd gummy stores in Xiangjiang that cooperate with Liu Peilin.More than 100 stores Li Guohao knew that Liu Peilin and many The shops have cooperation, but I didn t expect that there are more than 100 shops.This is not a small sour gummy bear cbd edibles near me number.Every day a shop sells pastries worth 1,000 yuan, which is almost 100,000 Hong Kong dollars Well, most of these are stores in the New Territories, but I heard that Liu Peilin intends to open new factories in Kowloon and Xiangjiang Island recently.

Okay, okay, little ghosts, go to the kitchen to eat today s breakfast, don t hinder big brother here.Seeing that cbd gummies side effects reaction to cbd gummy Li Guohao was a bit overwhelmed, Wendy smiled and clapped her hands, and brought the group of little ghosts to the kitchen.Ah Hao, these children Zhao Yazhi felt inexplicably sad when she looked at such a young and handicapped little boy, and stepped forward to ask.Seeing that all the little ghosts were gone, Li Guohao sighed and said Many of these children are born with some disabilities, or were abandoned for some reason, and then they were brought to us by Valerie and Wendy.This orphanage takes care of it.At this time, Valerie came out of the kitchen.Mr.Li, Ms.Zhao kept you waiting for a long time.It s okay.After a few people chatted for a while, Li Guohao introduced Zhao Yazhi to Valerie, saying that his girlfriend would be responsible for the donation of the orphanage in the future, and at the same time If Valerie s orphanage has any needs in the future, you can call Zhao Yazhi.

No, if we only cooperate with shopping malls and supermarkets, there must be people who will reaction to cbd gummy kushly cbd gummies owner actually buy them, but the sales volume is definitely not as high as that of Daronghua.After all, they cooperate with hundreds of stores Li Guohao rebuffed.Just kidding, if you really only cooperate with the mall, how can it compare to Ronghua s sales.But there s no need to rent five hundred refrigerated trucks Why are there so many Li Guohao asked.Not many I wonder if there are 500 refrigerated trucks in Xiangjiang Xie Honghe saw that Li Guohao asked innocently, and he was so angry that he just wanted to hit someone.This refrigerated truck cannot be rented as much as you want.They earn a lot of money by running for a day by themselves, so why rent it to you Besides, there may not be yummy cbd sleep gummies reaction to cbd gummy five hundred refrigerated trucks in the entire Xiangjiang.

The only airport in Hong Kong, Kai Tak Airport.Palace Pastry also has a branch here.I got information from the branch store, saying that the cbd gummies and alcohol leva cbd gummies 40 mg sales of pastries have increased significantly recently.The sales of ordinary pastries are very good, but the best is the snow skin moon cake.Not only the branch at Kai Tak Airport, but also other directly operated branches of the company, as well as franchised stores have received information that the sales of pastries have increased significantly recently, the most notable being the snow skin mooncakes, which big guys have never eaten before.A new type of moon cake.The taste is not only refreshing but not greasy, especially if it is only eaten under refrigeration, the taste is the best.Li Guohao also specially added an extra cabinet refrigerator to each store.

Then Boss Liu means that Li Ji can t threaten us Gu Yonghe asked nervously.You must know that in order to cope with the Mid Autumn Festival this time, the company has spent a lot of effort and money on this aspect.Simply investing, almost one million Hong Kong dollars has already been invested The money for the two workshops, the money for materials paid in advance, and some expenses such as labor, water and electricity.Basically, Li Ji can only sell it in his own store.Even if he sells more, he can have as many as us And they don t dare to make too much at one time, otherwise they won t be able to sell it.Li Ji is a threat, but it s not a big threat.After all, how delicious their snowy mooncakes are, quality assurance is a problem, and the second and most important one is that they have too few stores.

Except for the establishment of the factory, he did not participate in it.A series of publicity programs later came from his hands.It can also be said best cbd gummies for smoking cessation that since the soul wear, apart from the few branches opened by Li Guohao, this is his biggest handwriting so far, and it is also a place to demonstrate his ability.By the way, Manager Wang, has there been any news from the shopping mall and the franchised stores Li Guohao asked.Although the street sales of 200 refrigerated trucks are the focus, the shopping malls and stores also have a lot of business.Wang Zhenzhen shook her head and said I ve already done the age to buy cbd gummies calculations at the store.It s a little better than the day before yesterday.It sold a total of more than 200,000 yuan.After all, we drove the refrigerated trucks to the streets, and we have already eliminated a small number of them.

Chen Zhipeng met Zhao Yazhi once when he was at the store on Nathan Road, but it was so long ago that he had long forgotten about it.Now, seeing this beautiful woman looked familiar, he asked, Huang He, who is this He smiled and said, Madam Boss.Oh.The office.Azhi, why pure science lab cbd gummies review are you here Li Guohao saw the door of the office was opened suddenly, thought it was Huang He and Chen Zhipeng who had something to do, looked up and saw that it was Zhao Yazhi, and asked in surprise.What Don t you welcome me Zhao Yazhi asked with HCMUSSH reaction to cbd gummy her lips pouted.Li Guohao stood up with a smile, poured Zhao Yazhi a glass of water from the water dispenser next to him, and handed it to her, Why, reaction to cbd gummy aren t you busy with the orphanage I m angry when I say it.When talking about the orphanage, Zhao Yazhi puffed her mouth and said angrily.

Yes, there are five people in the association now.Except for me, one of them manages files in the association, and the remaining three are promoting the association and inviting others to join.But When Wang Zheng said this, he hesitated for a while and said When we went to promote the association, there were indeed quite a few pastry chefs who wanted to join the association.I m happy, everyone feels that their craft is the best, and we don t need us to classify them.this one Rating is one of the purposes of Li Guohao s establishment of the association.Only by being able to control the standards can it bring greater influence.Not only this, but the shop owners are also reluctant.Until now, apart from the more than 100 pastry chefs and some apprentices in our company, there are basically no outsiders joining the association.

Even my son buys more than a dozen packs green ape cbd gummies phone number of bear biscuits every day, and he can t finish it, just for collecting cards.Xie Honghe couldn t help yummy cbd sleep gummies reaction to cbd gummy thinking of his son.said with a smile.It s normal.This kind of card collecting activity is the one that can arouse people s desire to buy the most, let alone a child.Li Guohao smiled.After 00, everyone has had this experience.Collecting activities have been popular for a long time, and even some people who have grown up or have children are fascinated by collecting games and activities.Li Guohao himself doesn t know why, maybe some people who do related research understand, but in the eyes of most people, it s not for comparison, or other things.I simply want to collect a complete set of cards or toys, and feel that this is the only way to be satisfied.

Come on, this restaurant is an old sign in Chinatown.The taste is very good.The owner of this restaurant has opened here since the last century.Li Qiang pointed to a Chinese style decoration in the distance, and he knew it was a restaurant at a glance.The store smiled.Along the way, most cbd gummies side effects reaction to cbd gummy of the pedestrians seemed to be Chinese, and only a few whites and blacks wandered in this area.Most of them are Chinese here.From here, it stretches for 16 blocks, and there are about 50,000 to 60,000 Chinese living here.So as long as you are here, you don t have to worry about language communication, and you don t have to worry about getting lost.Considering that Li Guohao came here for the first time, Li Qiang went all the way, introducing the local cultural environment along the reaction to cbd gummy way.Here we are, this is it.

Yes, hiss Huang He saw that he had caused trouble, and wanted to apologize, but he ignored the mochi in his mouth.As soon as he opened his mouth, he felt red bean paste flowing out yummy cbd sleep gummies reaction to cbd gummy of his mouth, so he took a happyhemp cbd ribbon gummies reviews deep breath and swallowed whole After getting down, he felt and said, I m sorry, Manager Li.Forget it.Li Qiang knew that Huang He didn t do it on purpose, so he didn t make things difficult for him.He picked up the restaurant paper from the table next to him and wiped the red beans on his forehead and face.filling.Chen Zhipeng and the other two apprentices didn t pay much attention to this scene, but stood there enjoying the chairman s handicraft beautifully.How does it taste Li Guohao asked with a smile.Good Chen Zhipeng gave a thumbs up and praised It tastes great, although the red bean filling is a bit sweet, but considering that Americans like to eat sweets, it doesn t matter, especially this mochi skin, which is soft Refreshing, just like eating marshmallows, bite it down, it is soft, with a little bit of elasticity, it s really great.

After stirring, he put the bowl aside, and Chang Xiaotu picked it up again.In a small pot, pour a little milk, and add something that looks like whipped cream, then red bean powder, two yummy cbd sleep gummies reaction to cbd gummy spoons of white sugar, turn on the gas, and heat it with a warm fire.Sitting here so dry , It is indeed a bit boring.Li Guohao glanced around, everyone seemed to be very curious about the production process of the contestants on stage.What Boring Cai Lan asked beside him.It s a bit.Li Guohao laughed.That s how recording shows are.You ll get used to it after a few more sessions.Forget it, I may not have time to come over in the future.Dim sum is really boring.Chapter 191 The championship may be what Li Guohao thought in his heart.He let director You Jinjie know that it wasn t because after Master Wang explained the dim sum made by the three contestants, he arranged for several singers to sing songs on stage.

Some took it and put it in their pockets, some took it and threw it on the ground, and some directly held it in their hands, their eyes wide open.Keep an eye on the stock market.Go up, go up Keep going up, keep going up Go up A group of stockholders looked at the stock market and shouted frantically.The stock trading in the 1970s was made up of a huge splicing blackboard and countless chalk tips.It is not controlled by an electronic screen like later generations, so the public comes here early and waits.The only fun every day With passion, it is standing in front of the blackboard, screaming and screaming at the blackboard Xiangjiang Taipingshan mid level villa.Li Guohao took Ni Xingqing into the special car and went straight to the villa area of Xiangjiang Regal.The land price here in Xiangjiang is not cheap.

The kind that may completely control the shares of a company by itself.He Qianjin is a very nice person.Don t mention the matter of pledging the shares to her this time, just ask her to help transport flour from Wanwan, and the other party agreed without saying a word, which shows that she is a very nice person.After thinking about it, Li Guohao nodded with a smile and agreed Yes, but I will send someone over to discuss this matter with you later.Li Guohao signed a share mortgage with He Qianjin, and after getting 20 million in cash, he went to HSBC Bank to have lunch with Shen Bi, and asked the other leva cbd gummies 40 mg cbd gummies florida party martha stewart cbd wellness berry medley gummies to help him get some loans.The pastry company, food processing factory, stuffing processing factory, and packaging processing cbd gummies for ed problems factory, together with its comic reaction to cbd gummy company, all used loans for a total of 60 million Hong Kong dollars.

If Li Guohao hadn t order medical leaf cbd hemp gummy bears sent a fax to the United States before the stock market crash to mention such a word, Li Qiang would have lost just like those stockholders.Seriously.Li Guohao said with a smile Didn t I tell you I will tell you when I sell stocks.How about letting you sell them together How much did you make this time Not much, about two hundred Let s do it.Li Qiang invested in the stock market relatively early, and the price he bought was very cheap.Although he didn t pay much, he made a reaction to cbd gummy lot of money.After Li Qiang finished yummy cbd sleep gummies reaction to cbd gummy speaking, he picked up his tea cup and drank tea, and asked curiously I said, even if the Xiangjiang stock market has fallen sharply now, Nanshun Group will need at least several hundred million yuan to fully acquire it.You have a loan of seven from HSBC.Ten million, and I got more than 20 million from He Qianjin, which seems to be only 100 million I made almost 90 million in the stock market No one sits.

Bao Daheng raised his own doubts.After all, a normal person obtains funds HCMUSSH reaction to cbd gummy from the bank, and should expand the scale of his company as soon as possible, just like the franchising plan of the royal pastry.In the past, I was trying to find a way to go public in Xiangjiang with the help of the number of franchise stores, so cbd gummies and alcohol leva cbd gummies 40 mg that I could not only make money, but also continue to develop.But it is really unwise to disperse the funds here and there.Bao Sir may not know my company well.Li Guohao smiled and explained The expansion method adopted by our company is roughly the same as that of McDonald s in the United States.They all adopt the franchisee plan, and the profit of the franchisee plan is in the supply of raw materials Qianjin s situation is similar.Facing Bao Daheng Li Guohao, he didn t hide too much.

He in Macau, there was a verbal conflict, and then there was a verbal dispute at reaction to cbd gummy the charity banquet.If you insist that there are conflicts, there are probably only these two points.The matter of card palace pastry flour was not Xu Guanghe s proposal, but Jardine s subsidiary Landmark.After Xu Guanghe learned that the palace pastry was Li Guohao s industry, he felt old hatred and new hatred.Naturally, he happily agreed to Landmark s request.After all, Nanshun Company is planning to expand overseas business recently.It has always been a powerful company in Asia, Xu Guanghe is willing to cooperate with them.Li Guohao Xu Deming carefully thought about some wealthy businessmen and celebrities in Xiangjiang.There are many people with the surname Li, but he has never heard of such a person as Li Guohao, so he asked, Who is this Li Guohao It s nothing more than a peddler selling snacks I reaction to cbd gummy don t know where I got the money to buy a lot of our shares.

The man cbd gummies for smoker in the black coat said to the friend who came with him Have you heard What did you hear The friend asked in agreement.Do you know why the stock market suddenly plummeted all the way One of the people on the table who heard the two talking said, Didn t it be said on TV that the stock market plummeted all the way because the stock market was inflated and the economy was affected The man in the black coat rolled his eyes at the person who interrupted.Why are you so yummy cbd sleep gummies reaction to cbd gummy stupid, you believe everything on TV You The man who was scolded for being stupid was a little anxious.Sorry, my friend is like this, don t take offense.My friend apologized.Say it Not this is for some reason The man asked persistently.The man in the black coat looked around at the other people on the table, seeing them all looking at him curiously, he thought for a while before saying Let me tell you, I also got this matter from the inside.

A huge sum of one million was just a trivial matter in Li Guohao s eyes, and they could write a check easily.Cai Lan was also shocked by Li Guohao s financial resources When I first met Li Guohao, the other party was just the owner of a small pastry company, and the first mooncakes shipped by his food processing factory were advertised in newspapers by Li Guohao asking him to find some celebrities.Seeing the appearance of everyone like this, Li Guohao felt a little reaction to cbd gummy funny in his heart, and it was hard to see the surprised looks of the future bigwigs in the film industry.I don t mean to belittle anyone, it s purely for plot needs.This story is purely fictitious, and any similarity is purely coincidental.Chapter 219 Instant Noodles February 1st, only two days away from the New Year, the stock market crash is still going on, and the grieving people are still immersed in bankruptcy, but the New Year is still coming, even if every household is tightened due to financial problems The belt is worn, but the new year s goods and new clothes that should be bought are still necessary.

, I came to the chairman s office early in the morning when I was at work.Li Guohao sat down to accept Jin reaction to cbd gummy Jiashi s report, and before reading it, he couldn t help complaining This soundproof door is really inconvenient, and I always have to get up to open the door.In the office, the desk at the door was prepared for the secretary.Jin Jiashi laughed.The word secretary has many meanings.Li Guohao s first thought was the well known one, Secretary if you have something to do, if you have nothing to do Cough, Let s talk about it when the time comes And remember to talk about Guohao Nanshun in the future Li Guohao discarded the unrealistic thoughts in his mind, turned his head and opened the folder to read, flipping through the papers one by one Suddenly, there was no sound in the office, only the sound of flipping through papers.

At that time, the Jockey Club did not allow Chinese to join the club, they could only be guests.It was not until after World War I that the Jockey Club widely absorbed members, and wealthy Chinese could also become members and horse owners.In 1960, the Jockey Club was renamed The Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club.With the recognition and love of Hong Kong people for horse racing, two years ago, in 1971, Hong Kong horse racing became a formal professional activity.It was originally a simple private jockey club, and gradually became a large scale sports activity in Hong Kong Many wealthy businessmen and celebrities have bred their own private horses and become horse owners of the Jockey Club to participate in the Jockey Club activities, not for the sake of earning a little bonus, but probably for the purpose cbd gummies and alcohol leva cbd gummies 40 mg of comparison.

After returning to the company, Li Guohao immediately went to the new 25mg cbd gummy department, the Charity Department.In order to take care of Zhao Yazhi as much as possible, Li Guohao also added a lot of manpower to the charity department.Now, besides Zhao Yazhi, the who owns eagle hemp cbd gummies manager of the charity department, there are also several assistants and salesmen who are dedicated to helping Zhao Yazhi reduce the burden.In the spacious and bright office, Zhao Yazhi also got up and helped Li Guohao make a cup of tea and put it on the table.Seeing Li Guohao who was becoming more and more tycoon like, she was also sitting beside her, fascinated by her big black eyes.Noticing Zhao Yazhi s gaze, Li Guohao touched his face and asked, Is there something on my face No.Zhao Yazhi chuckled.By the way, have you found the costumer you were looking for Ever since he attended the charity banquet reaction to cbd gummy last time, Li Guohao had a deep understanding of one thing, that is, he had to find a special costumer to help him pollen powerbank cbd gummies match.

That s fine.I don t know how to sell it to the island countries.What year and month.As long as it can be sold in Southeast Asia without paying patent fees, Li Guohao knows that the earliest inventor of instant noodles was a cook in the late Qing Dynasty, and Momofuku Ando was born in a good age and understands patent law, otherwise he really wouldn t It must be the other party s turn to become the father of instant noodles.You apply for patents for quick frozen dumplings, all countries As long as the countries that can apply for patents apply for me, Li Guohao said.I will apply for patents as soon as I make them.By the way, not only quick frozen dumplings, quick frozen wontons, quick frozen glutinous rice balls, but also all foods that can be quick reaction to cbd gummy frozen.No, I have to apply for the technology of quick frozen food.

It is completely different from the current glutinous rice paper.The current glutinous rice paper is not yet capable of wrapping hot things, but according to the information I checked, it is said that the heat and humidity resistance of the glutinous rice paper is being improved.Chapter reaction to cbd gummy 231 Sharpshooter Team At dusk, the howling cold wind gusts of wind cut people s cheeks like blades, bringing piercing pain.Xiangjiang Happy Valley.Hiss It s so cold today.As soon as Zhao Yazhi got out of the car, she was shivering from the bone piercing cold wind.Didn t you tell me to put on a coat What Didn t you bring it Li Guohao frowned seeing Zhao Yazhi shivering.He also took off his black coat, stepped forward and threw it on the other s shoulders.Seeing her lover s movements, Zhao Yazhi was not hypocritical, sniffing Li Guohao s unique breath in the coat, not only warmed her body, but also warmed her heart, I didn t expect that it was fine in the morning, but who knew it would be cold reaction to cbd gummy in the evening It s so fast.

Anyway, I don t do real estate.King He laughed.Huo Daheng shook his head, Don t talk about this.He suddenly smiled and glanced at reaction to cbd gummy He Gambler and said, I heard that your precious daughter has been .

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getting closer to a young man recently.Wouldn t that refute Xiao Ming s face The gambling king didn t want to talk about his own affairs, so he said directly Let them handle the children s affairs themselves.Although I am satisfied with Xiao Bai s child, if Ah Ying doesn HCMUSSH reaction to cbd gummy t like it, I won t force anything.Say Cao Cao Cao Cao is here Zheng Yutong pointed to He Qianjin and his party who were walking towards the opposite side and said with a smile Li Guohao s table.Mr.Li heard from Ah Ying that you seem to be planning to open a branch of sour gummies cbd the pastry shop in Southeast Asia recently Zheng Jiachun asked.It s a franchise store.

He only sent people to find a larger shop.There was no good place before, but recently there is a footwashing city in Central because the boss lost money on stocks.Yes, the house was also lost to the bank.Li Guohao saw that the surrounding environment of Footwashing City was good, with plenty of people, and it was in a downtown area.In addition, the transportation was convenient, and there was a temporary parking lot nearby.He also bought it to benefit from the poor economy.It took more than 600,000 yuan to buy two floors.Hearing that his grandson had found the location of the restaurant, his grandfather Li Renzhong nodded excitedly and said, Okay.At this time, Chen Sheng leaned into Li Guohao s ear and said, Boss, I just called the security company., Zhang Bowen said that another group of newcomers joined, and asked if you want to come to the company to have a look.

Soon, the two cars separated.Although Rolls Royce is commonly known as a classic car, this reaction to cbd gummy car is by no means comparable to ordinary cars in terms of performance and speed, let alone the obviously dilapidated white van behind.Seeing the distance between the two cars, Li Guohao also cbd gummies and alcohol leva cbd gummies 40 mg heaved a sigh of relief, thinking that he could avoid this reaction to cbd gummy apetropics cbd gummies free sample crisis.After all, the car speeds up, and as long as you pass this Pok Fu Lam Road, you will go straight to Kowloon, and the flow of people will gradually increase.With more, the other party should not be so blatant.But Chen Sheng didn t think so.The car behind was coming, but he was afraid that someone would intercept him.When he came in the morning, Chen Sheng remembered this road very clearly.It took about an hour to drive to the city.There was hardly any other traffic passing by, and at the beginning there was a construction crew, repairing the road, where only one car was allowed to pass.

This kind of news, not to mention rare in ten years, was at least the most talkative report in recent years.Most of the rich people s first reaction when they saw this news was whether they would encounter such a situation.You must know that since the other party dared to kidnap a rich man, he might kidnap the second, or even the third This matter is no longer within the control of the Mid Levels Police Department, and the command of the rescue has been temporarily handed over to Chief Inspector Hansen of the Xiangjiang Island Police Department who just arrived at the scene.After Chief Inspector Hansen took over the temporary command, he also dispatched a large number of policemen to block the entrances and exits of the barren mountain, but this is a mountain after all.A phone call to Hong Kong Governor MacLehose asked the other HCMUSSH reaction to cbd gummy party s opinion.

Li Qiang s remarks belong to a large scope, and they are the development direction of the group in the future.Guohao Group made its fortune from pastries, and its main business in the future will also be in catering.Catering involves real estate, decoration, raw materials, etc.industry, so it is necessary to lay a foundation.Manager Li is right, but that is the future development.I think the top priority now is to find a reaction to cbd gummy way to expand the business.Huang Yaohua, who has been promoted to the position of general manager of Guohao Food Co., Ltd., agrees with Li reaction to cbd gummy Qiang s point of view, and he also thinks that the future The catering and food industry has a great future, but those are all imaginary things.Now we are talking about the group s next development plan.Li Guohao glanced at Huang Yaohua and asked, Manager Huang, what do you think I agree with Manager Li Qiang s words, but those are the future development situation.

Glancing at the crowd, Li Guohao also nodded and said, Okay Soon, besides Zhao Yazhi and bodyguards, twelve people stood in front of the gate of the stadium, behind them were the white towers on both sides of the stadium, and countless Clear crowd.With a click , this very commemorative photo was left on the film.Afterwards, Zhao Yazhi asked the bodyguard to take a picture of her and Li Guohao together.at this time.Suddenly there was a familiar Cantonese voice.Li Sheng Li Guohao looked over upon hearing the news.I saw two people squeezed in from the crowd, one with a camera on his shoulder, and the other with a microphone in his hand.Looking at the two people who were obviously dressed as TV reporters, Li Guohao also frowned and asked, Who are you The reporter with the microphone in his hand also took a breath and said Sheng Li, we are reporters from Li s TV station.

Seeing He Guanchang approaching, Li Guohao roughly guessed what the other party was thinking, and asked with a smile, Mr.It s all right now, the doctor said that he s out .

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of danger, and now he s recuperating in the intensive care unit. Well, I ll go back first, and I ll say hello to Ms.Linda later.Thank you, Mr.Li.Cai Lan didn t sleep all night, so she took Li Guohao s car and stopped by to go back.As for Xu Guanwen, he had to go back to the crew to deal with some matters.Chairman, the script you told me before has been revised.Cai Lan said as well when thinking about the previous script.As Li Guohao s career grew bigger and bigger, Cai Lan was also aware of the relationship between the two, and gradually changed his original title to chairman or boss.Oh What s the general content Lee Kwok ho had an idea a long time ago to make a movie to promote a pastry company, but because there is not much market now, unless some other elements, such as martial arts, comedy, etc.

Li Guohao smiled.The idea of the plus cbd oil gummies benefits club is also something that Li Guohao has thought of recently.After all, he started from scratch, and he doesn t know any big shots.Except for Zheng Jiachun, He Qianjin, Shen Bi and some people in the cultural circle, Li Guohao knows some wealthy businessmen and officials.It was very rare, and it took several months to get the gun license, and it was only because Zhang Bowen knew a boss in the police station that he got it.This made Li Guohao feel guilty about himself.I feel a serious lack of contacts and resources.Xiangjiang is a capitalist society, and many things are often only about profit, but it is very different from Europe and the United States.In addition to capital, there is also human contact.This forms a relatively complicated network of relationships.

This is not Li Guohao.I think, mainly considering the aesthetics of today s people, the style of product packaging should also conform to the current era.But compared to other companies or individuals that make packaged pastries, it is much more fashionable and beautiful, after all, it costs a lot of money to hire someone The design was specially drawn by the people from the manga club.As the manager of Guohao Food Company, Huang Yaohua is naturally aware of the current situation in the company.He proposed to open a soda water factory just to expand the company s business, but he didn t think that it must be opened.It can be said that this is a knot in his heart.I know the chairman.Huang Yaohua did not continue to entangle on this issue, nodded and changed the subject, Now the company s stall is indeed a bit big.

Hongkong Land Company is also the major shareholder of Maxim s Company, so Woodshun s tone of voice was naturally cautious.Well, it seems that I called at the wrong time.McHans said on the the best cbd gummies uk phone Just now the financial side sent me the performance report of Maxim s Company.It s like this Wood Shun was just about to explain.No need to explain.If cbd gummies and alcohol leva cbd gummies 40 mg Maxim s Bakery doesn t improve next month, I will consider closing five branches in order to maintain the interests of the company s directors.McHans is a standard Westerner who pays attention to interests., almost disregarding favors.Can Wood Shun was startled when he heard that five more stores were going to be closed.Although he is the chairman of Maxim s Company, he and his younger brother own 51 of the shares.Although he is not afraid of the company changing hands , but if the other party comes to divest, my company will be over.

Li Guohao plans to hold a bigger promotional event this year than last year, completely respecting his position in the Xiangjiang mooncake industry Chapter 294 Chinese Manufacturers Association Guohao Food Factory.Huang Yaohua handed the sales report sent in the morning to Li Guohao and said, Chairman, this is the sales situation of quick frozen food in the three days since it was launched.He ordered 300,000 bags of various quick frozen foods, and asked in surprise, There are already 300,000 bags You have to keep buying.Huang Yaohua smiled happily, and he could sell 300,000 bags in three days, completely exceeding his personal expectations.It seems that quick frozen food should be regarded as a success, and we need to pay more attention to whether anyone follows suit.Huang Yaohua was puzzled Follow reaction to cbd gummy the trend Follow us to make quick frozen food.

I m calling you if there is anything.That s a good boss.Chen Sheng nodded, took the key of the next apartment from Ni Xingqing, turned around and led Ajie and Amin to the door.After hearing the sound of the guest room door closing with a click , Li Guohao casually went to bed.The plane journey was quite tiring and he was a little sleepy, but he wanted to ask Ni Xingqing how he was preparing.Has the trader s business been settled Yeah.Seeing that the boss looked tired, Ni Xingqing also walked to the table, picked up the mineral water, opened it, put it on the bedside table and said, It s been recruited, there are five people in total., Considering some factors, I specially recruited two more.Seeing Ni Xingqing put the mineral water beside the bed, Li Guohao picked it up and took a sip, endured sleepiness, got up and leaned on the bed and said You Are you curious about why I came to America to speculate in stocks I m a little curious.

The excitement in his heart could not be relieved for a long time.On the one hand, he naturally knows a lot about stocks.To put it bluntly, Ni Xingqing can get a manager position if he goes to any financial company.It s just that he is lazy by nature and doesn t like the company s commuting system.On the contrary, I like to give people a personal financial advisor, which is not only easy, but also very rewarding.It is because the more I know, the more I understand the unpredictable changes in the stock market.The stock market is like a battlefield, changing rapidly, and the slightest slack may result in complete defeat.And In the same way, as long as you seize an opportunity, you can go from the bottom of the world to the center stage of the world Exaggeration Ni Xingqing has been trading stocks for many years, not to mention any secret recipes, but he also has a lot of experience.

His current body can no longer support him to shoot high intensity movies upside down day and night for a long time, which has already shattered the dreams of actors in it.Who said that Aren t you enjoying a happy life with your family Bruce Lee was taken aback, then laughed and said, Yes, I am very satisfied with my current life.After teaching students every day, I just .

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go home to spend time with my family Eating and playing with the children, I am very satisfied.Your Enter the Dragon has sold well at the box office in the United States, and now I heard that it is very good at the box office in some other countries.You, Bruce Lee, are already well known all over the world.You have accomplished two of the three goals.And you can also change to a more ambitious goal.Promote the Jeet Kune Do you created around the world, and further improve the concept of mixed martial arts.

half an hour later.Downstairs in the building, when getting off the car, Li Dexiao was nervous again.Okay, Dad, just follow me.Okay, I will follow you.Chapter 306 Returning Meeting 1 Chairman, you are back Chairman, hello.Walking all the way Come, the employees in the office area got up and said hello when they saw Li Guohao who had not seen him for a long time.The employee who greeted him, Li Guohao, did not show a trace of impatience, but just nodded slightly, indicating that he heard it.He has long been used to walking around in the company, and there are always pictures of people taking the initiative to say hello.It s either a flattering shout of good chairman, or a plain shout of good morning chairman.On the contrary, Li Dexiao, who followed closely behind, had a serious expression on his face, coupled with his full face, some employees mistakenly thought it was the boss s new bodyguard.

There is no way for the company to monopolize ingredients such as rice, vegetables, meat, and condiments, so that they cannot make money from the ingredients.Second, if you only charge the franchise fee, you will earn too little.It is impossible for you to charge two to three hundred thousand yuan for a franchise fee, so if you can only charge a one time fee, it is better to open your own shop.The investment is indeed a bit big, but what I can t stand is that Li Guohao is rich now 1.2 billion Hong Kong dollars in cash, this is the only one among the rich businessmen in Hong Kong.Except for large century old groups like Jardine Group, it is difficult for anyone to gather such a large amount of cash in a short period of time.This is also why a few years later Bao Daheng raised 2.1 billion Hong Kong dollars to acquire Wharf in one fell swoop, and became a man of influence in Hong Kong and even Asia at that time.

S.stock market in order to earn hundreds of millions of dollars and return to Hong Kong Shen Bi couldn t help admiring Li Guohao in his heart.The Xiangjiang stock market crashed at the beginning of this year.Li Guohao seemed to have made 100 million Hong Kong dollars from the stock market.This time he made so much money in the U.S.stock market.cognition On the other hand, the U.S.stock market continued to slump.When Li Guohao returned to Hong Kong, there was already an oil crisis in the United States.Many people drove long queues at gas stations, but most of them were told that there was no gas to fill Regardless of the fact that the United States also has oil, the amount is still too small for the entire United States.Because of the ban on oil transportation, the U.S.stock market has fallen a lot.

In Golden Harvest s cinemas, the average attendance is about 70 to 80 , and it is expected to exceed 6 million Hong Kong dollars before the movie is released. Four million Hong Kong dollars so tall Li Guohao remembered that Ghost Horse Twin Stars was indeed the annual box office champion, but it should be next year.I didn t expect it to be released earlier, and the box office has not changed much.Hmm Xu Guanwen .

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talked about the box office with a look of pride and excitement.You must know that after Bruce Lee s movie Enter the Dragon hit the market this year, the box office of Ghost and Horse he directed and starred in exceeded four million in less than a month.In other words, it surpassed Bruce Lee I remember that we signed a guarantee agreement with Golden Harvest So, the film company should make a lot cbd gummies for fatigue of money this time.

Well, we strictly screened more than 100 back chefs, as well as two high paying chefs.Following what you said, chairman, we want employees to eat and cook happily, so I specially recruited two chefs.Provide us with the weekly menu.Huang Yaohua flattered him.Well, this aspect must be handled well.Food hygiene must not only face the general public and consumers, but also our employees.They are also consumers.We must do our best in this regard The only cafeteria that Li yummy cbd sleep gummies reaction to cbd gummy Guohao ate in his previous life was probably the one in high school.It is a closed school, with high tuition and living expenses every year, but the food in the cafeteria is extremely rubbish.He often loses his appetite and can only go out to buy takeaway food yes.After a general tour of the food industrial park, in addition to the three factory buildings that have been built, there is also a five story office building, plus a canteen, and two warehouses have been built, one for raw materials Storage, one is used for good product storage.

There is a TV show called Winner Weekly , which is hosted by the five of them.After seeing the Winner Band at the entrance of West Kowloon Street at noon, Li Guohao had a thought.Bruce Lee and Xu Guanjie are also very popular now, but generally speaking, they can only be popular in the film industry.And the Winner Band is It s different, as an early pop band in Xiangjiang, their long wavy hair can attract many young girls and boys.I don t cbd gummies side effects reaction to cbd gummy know if it s an illusion of Li Guohao.In later generations, he always felt that some fans of boy groups or girl groups , is reaction to cbd gummy a little bit crazier than the fans of actors, or they are willing to spend money.And now Xiangjiang can be regarded as a new pop band, the Winner Band, which was popular in the four years between leva cbd gummies 40 mg cbd gummies florida 1974 and 1978 The whole of Southeast Asia.

Cai and others are HCMUSSH reaction to cbd gummy here.Oh It s there.Just in front.After hearing this, Li Guohao apologized to Zheng Jiachun and said, Brother Zheng has some guests over there.I ll go over to greet you.Go ahead, don t worry about me, I just want to see what your food industrial park is like.Zheng Jiachun waved his hand nonchalantly, indicating that it s okay.After saying goodbye to Zheng Jiachun, Li Guohao led Di Yimin to the front of the stage.Not long after leaving, I saw Mr.Jin holding a long gift box in his hand, while Cai Lan, Ni Hua and others were walking towards this side with big flower baskets.Congratulations, Mr.Li After seeing Li Guohao, Mr.Jin was the first to congratulate Li Guohao.Mr.Jin, thank you very much, you are really radiant.Haha, Li Sheng was joking, I have such ability.After laughing, Mr.

Boss Li, the competition is about to start, do you want to win some prizes Lao Zheng walked in with a notebook in his hand with a smile.Everyone in the box with you got off Li Guohao looked at Lao Zheng s full backpack, and guessed that the employees and bodyguards who were with him should have participated.It s all down a little bit, just for fun, it s rare to come here once.I have to say that Lao Zheng still understands people s hearts very well.He has been a tour guide for so many years, and he has seen many tourists, ranging from rich to poor , almost as long as you come here, you will gamble a little.And he can also draw part of the commission from cbd gummies orlando the organizer of the boxing match.Chen Xuewen HCMUSSH reaction to cbd gummy wanted to have fun, but seeing that the chairman was here, he didn t dare to be the first to speak.

After finishing speaking, Chen Xuewen thought of one thing and asked Chairman, shall we buy a large cargo ship by ourselves Buy a boat yourself Why There is no direct boat from Roi Et to the sea port.If you contract someone else s ship, it s a bit uneconomical.Instead of doing this, our group can buy a large cargo ship, transport it to the sea port, and then hand it over to the transportation company.Go to Xiangjiang.Li Guohao thought for a while, and felt that what Chen Xuewen said was good, but the matter of buying a ship had to wait until he returned to Xiangjiang.It s the chairman.It was past ten o clock in the morning when Jin Jiashi and others came back, Li Guohao didn t reprimand them, but just gave them a cold cbd gummies side effects reaction to cbd gummy look.When Jin Jiashi saw this, he didn t know that Li Guohao was angry, he was the highest rank among them, cbd gummies side effects reaction to cbd gummy and when he was about to step forward to say something, he only heard Lao Zheng say Boss Li, the person you want me to look for has been found.

Li Guohao only knows about Red Bull because Red Bull is the first functional drink in the mainland, and with more than 20 years of publicity, Red Bull s popularity once climbed to the No.1 functional drink the next day.Before dawn, Li Guohao and his party got up early, took their suitcases and boarded the bus to the pier.When Chen Xuewen came to Bangkok from Roi Et to pick up reaction to cbd gummy Li Guohao two days ago, he had already agreed with the boatman to charter the boat today.When I came to cbd gummies and alcohol leva cbd gummies 40 mg the pier, I saw a lot of boats docked on the shore, most of them were wooden fishing boats or small cargo boats.Which one Looking at the ships docked at the pier, almost none of them were decent, Li Guohao frowned and asked.That ship, with the number 728 written on it.Chen Xuewen pointed to a ship not far away.Looking up, the ship is not very big, but the deck is quite spacious, and a car can be docked on it.

It is a standard transport ship.It can be seen from the hull of the boat exposed to the river that the boat is old, the surface is rusty, and the ground is wet.Hello, my friend.The captain, wearing a yellowed white short sleeve, walked up to welcome Chen Xuewen happily after seeing Chen Xuewen.Hello Basong.Chen Xuewen replied with a smile in Thai.Get your people on board, we are ready to leave for Roi Et.Okay.After a while, the last person boarded the boat.Your people are all here Well, the boat can be set off.Chen Xuewen looked around and saw that there was no one of his own on the pier, so he called the captain Basong to set off the boat.Here Li Guohao just boarded the boat and was about to leave Bangkok for Roi Et.In Bangkok s Chinatown, Chen Guangbiao was eagerly looking for something.After finally finding Lao Zheng in a shop in Chinatown, he hurriedly asked Where is the boss Li who was with you yesterday Lao Zheng looked at the person who came and thought for a how much is liberty cbd gummies while, then said in a daze Who are you from yesterday Ask Boss Li He has gone back to Xiangjiang.

We have invested 400 reaction to cbd gummy million baht here this time.One can imagine how much they welcome such a large investment.When I first came, the local county magistrate came to see me in person.The environment here is pretty good, and it s okay to have a tourist attraction.After finishing speaking, Li Guohao couldn t help but took another sip of rice wine.I have to say that this rice wine tastes great, sweet with a little scent of fragrant rice.Except for a small amount of alcohol content, it can be drunk as a drink.attractions Chen Xuewen was taken aback, and then said When it comes to tourism, the scenery here is really pretty good.There is a stream one kilometer to the west, where you can kayak.There is a natural underground cave in the east.I visited it with the locals last time.Apart from do cbd gummies show in urine being dirty and dark, there are many naturally formed stone statues.

Huang Yaohua didn t ask if the formula could be cracked, but said Okay, I will get it to the technical department in person after I deliver it in the afternoon.After Huang Yaohua left, Li Guohao was about to go back to sleep.Thinking delta 5 cbd gummies of Zhao Yazhi, he also went downstairs He said hello to the other party, asked her to have dinner with her at night, and went back in the car of reaction to cbd gummy some bodyguards temporarily sent by Zhang Bowen.As for Chen gummy cbd and thc Sheng and the others, they were given a day off and went home to rest. the next day.The delisting of Guohao Food Company s food products in Dalian Lian Supermarket also attracted the attention of some newspapers who didn t know whether it was intentional or received the news.Is it a food quality problem, or Looking at the content in Xiangjiang Commercial Daily , a sneer appeared on the corner of Li Guohao s mouth, and he thought about this matter after sleeping in leva cbd gummies 40 mg cbd gummies florida the office break room last afternoon.

Isn t his comic Little Hooligan quite popular in Xiangjiang Let him change it, leva cbd gummies 40 mg It will be republished in our comic agency under a different name, and as for the name, it will be changed to a new one.Okay, I will arrange it.The two chatted for a while about the recent situation of the comic agency, and the comic God of Cookery has begun to appear on the market on sale.The God of Cookery has been drawn Yes, it has been drawn for three issues.You will send someone to me later, I will take a look.Yes.Just as Li Guohao hung up the phone, he heard the phone ring again It rang, and when I answered it, it was actually Cai Lan calling.Boss Dim Sum has been filmed, do you have time to come to the company to see the samples Finished So fast Only about two months, so it s finished The filming of Dim Sum started When Cai Lan mentioned it to Li Guohao, it was only two months.

He didn t mention the wedding to me, only that I will be satisfied when the cbd gummies side effects reaction to cbd gummy time comes.Zhao Yazhi said a little shyly.Ah I m so envious of you, Ah Zhi, a wedding of 100 million I knew I shouldn t have married Zhang Dong so early I should wait a few years to let him earn more money, so that I can have a grand wedding.Mai Xiaomin looked at Zhao Yazhi enviously.The wedding that was built for a hundred million yuan, you can guess how grand this wedding is with just your butt.It is definitely more grand than the 20th anniversary celebration of the Queen s enthronement last year.Dong is also very good.Look at how kind he is to you.He has been working hard since he got married.I heard Ah Hao say that you are planning to buy a villa in Mid Levels Ok.Mai Xiaomin said happily Yes, we plan to borrow a little money to buy a set in the lower half of the mountain.

Suddenly, there was a sound of firecrackers exploding, which made him startled.Lu looked panicked, the picture froze for an instant, the ending music played, and the subtitles flashed one by one.If this movie is played decades later, it will be an out and out company promotional movie, reaction to cbd gummy and the advertisements will fly, but in this era, people will only think that this security company is powerful through the movie, I won t think too much about it.Slap At the end of the movie, Li Guohao took the lead in applauding, and Xu Guanwen and others followed immediately, and the audience applauded.Ah Wen, this movie is well done.There are so many laughs, I have laughed many times.Li Guohao looked at Xu Guanwen encouragingly and said.Xu Guanwen said excitedly Thank you, Chairman This movie took Xu Guanwen a lot of energy.

In the original history, Mi reaction to cbd gummy Gao did discuss with the mainland about the power grid cooperation, and reached a cooperation, and later participated in the construction of the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant.I have seen this information, and with what Zhou Dakang said before, leva cbd gummies 40 mg cbd gummies florida he believes that the cooperation between Mi Gao and the mainland should be a certainty, so he dared to act like this.The specific discussion about the transfer of shares in Hutchison Whampoa could not be settled within a few days.Shen Bi also made a special call to Li Guohao to explain the current situation to him.Li Guohao didn t care much about this.As long as HSBC would not change its mind temporarily, it would be fine to negotiate for as long as possible.The premise was that an acquisition agreement had to be signed first.

Because there were not many places to live in the grandfather s house, Li Guohao took his family and a group of subordinates to live in the guest house.The guest house was expanded at the end of last year, and it was very easy to arrange dozens of people to live there.Just as Li Guohao put down his luggage, Zhou Dakang, the magistrate of Baoan County, Zhang Zhangqin, the county secretary, and Hu Jianjun, the deputy director of the Guangdong Merchants Bureau, came to visit.After Fu Shengkuang introduced each other, they became acquainted.Mr.Li, you are welcome to invest in how much melatonin is in cbd gummies the mainland As the magistrate of Bao an County, Zhou Dakang took it for granted that he was the owner.Li Guohao did not directly answer the other party s investment, but said with a smile Long time no see, county magistrate Zhou.

Chapter 769 Genetically modified food technology The theoretical basis yummy cbd sleep gummies reaction to cbd gummy of genetically modified technology comes from molecular biology derived from the theory of evolution.Before 2013, except for relevant scientific researchers or students studying this subject, most Chinese people were extremely unfamiliar with this vocabulary, and some people may have never heard it in their entire lives.However, since 2013, Teacher Cui and Fang Zi had a dispute over genetically modified food on Weibo, and then there was a mutual scolding war, the term genetically modified has spread among the general public.Genetically modified technology is a relatively important technical field of modern science.From the most fundamental technical knowledge, there are gradually different branches, such as genetically modified crop technology, genetically modified biological technology, etc Humans have used artificial selection or selective breeding to modify the reaction to cbd gummy genomes of plants and animals for thousands of years.

Whether the British continue to rule Hong Kong or return to the mainland will have a great impact and fluctuation on Hong Kong s economy.Li Guohao touched his chin and continued I don t know if you have noticed that the real estate economy in Xiangjiang is developing too fast.A few years ago, a thousand square foot mansion cbd gummies legal in new york could be bought for only a few hundred thousand yuan, but now it costs four or fifty thousand dollars.If China and Britain talk about the issue of return this time, I think it will have a huge impact on Hong Kong s real estate.It is very likely that the real estate bubble will be punctured like Florida in 1926, and housing prices and land prices will drop rapidly.No one cares about it.Hearing this, Ni Xingqing immediately asked in astonishment Boss, then you told me last month that you let me recharge my batteries for a period of time, was it for this Yes.

The market only sells but not buys.In addition, the Sino British negotiations have come to an end, and there are rumors that the mainland is mobilizing troops and is ready to go to war at any time.The New Territories, which is across the sea from Shenzhen, can be said to bear the brunt.Where are the houses And the land, no one dares to buy it anymore.Land prices were the first to be affected by the collapse of the real estate market.From the afternoon of September 24 to October 1, in less than a week, land prices in Xiangjiang generally fell by 20 to 30.The biggest drop was in Industrial land and high end residential land.Guohao Real Estate invested in the land in Kowloon Bay last year.At the beginning, many high end residential buildings, shopping malls and shops were built.It can be said that it has made a lot of money.

At the beginning of February, Xiangjiang was still shrouded in the cloud of war.In the New Territories closest to the mainland, housing prices in places like Yuen Long had already fallen.This New Year, Xiangjiang went up to the wealthy business class and down to ordinary citizens, and their lives were very unsatisfactory.On the contrary, people who have been renting public housing have enjoyed their lives.Shenzhen, the mainland, and other areas that were first developed seem to be enjoying a second spring.Property prices and land prices are gradually rising, almost double the increase compared to last year.In the early morning, inside the Li family villa.After Li Guohao washed up, he yawned and went downstairs.As soon as he got down, he caught a glimpse of his grandfather Li Renzhong sitting at the dining table eating breakfast.

On the same day, Li Guohao contacted Huo Yingdong, Zheng Yutong, Bao Yugang, and He Hongsen by phone to inform them that the bargain hunting plan was about to start Inside the suite of the New Century Hotel.Huo Daheng glanced at the environment in the suite, and said to Zheng Daheng I said, Lao Zheng, the decoration of your hotel seems a bit outdated.It s okay.Zheng Daheng smiled and said It s all built It s been almost ten years, and the decoration must be a little outdated, but the equipment is still brand new.Huo Daheng said That s not okay, look at the Peninsula Hotel, every few years, it will be renovated in a small area.It s been a major refurbishment for more than ten years. I also want to renovate, so I have to ask the opinions of the shareholders.After Zheng Daheng said, he happened to see Li Guohao who came in, and said quickly Li Sheng, you Uncle Ho Dislike our hotel s decoration is too backward, do you want to renovate it Renovation Li Guohao was taken aback, looked at the two reaction to cbd gummy kushly cbd gummies owner of them with some doubts, and then he recovered and said with a smile Yes, but Now is not the best time to renovate.

In 1991, Li Guohao acquired the island country Ebara food company.After getting the formula of catering seasoning, he opened more than a dozen large processing factories in the mainland, and closed the island country Ebara seasoning reaction to cbd gummy factory in the same year.Coinciding with the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Li Guohao mobilized a large amount of raw material and grain reserves in the Mainland and Southeast Asia, as well as a large amount of funds, to the Soviet Union in exchange for a lot of sophisticated machine tool equipment and a lot of scientific and technological materials.In 1992, with the help of scientific research materials obtained from the Soviet Union and the acquisition of corresponding companies, Li Guohao opened the first mobile phone manufacturing company in Xiangjiang, named Guohao Mobile.

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