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Today s Cui Zhen seems to be more kind than Gu Mingzhu remembers.child.She, a fool who has been like a child since she was a child, aroused some empathy from him, and in this case, she took advantage of it without hesitation.Cui Zhen is not a person to be fooled with.She has already experienced it just now by the lake.If she hadn t been cautious and had made arrangements before, she might have been caught by him.The sharp edge still needs to be sharpened.The current Cui Zhen is her The best whetstone, even Cui Zhen has no doubts, she, Gu Mingzhu, can be regarded as standing.Zhuzhu, I bought sweet fruit on the way back from Xuanfu.Cui Zhen still had a sullen face, but his voice was slightly soft, I ll have someone fetch it for you tomorrow.Then Gu Mingzhu smiled again , as if he got the best thing in the world Big brother is the best.Chu Jiu opened the door to signal Nie Chen to go out.Nie Chen muttered, Does your lord have any orders Wei Yuanchen didn t say a word, Chu Jiu s face drooped.Nie Chen had no choice but to walk cbd relax gummies review out the door.Seeing HCMUSSH oros cbd gummies katie couric the door closed, a big stone fell to Nie Chen s heart.Oiled his feet and ran away from the yard.Standing under the moonlight, Nie Chen took a deep look back again.That adult is really stingy, he took the clues but gave nothing.After tonight, he has confirmed the identity of this person, and it cbd gummies tsa legal best cbd gummies to quit smoking reviews is oros cbd gummies katie couric pure herbal cbd gummies Mr.Wei that the elder said.Since Mr.Wei took the map and let him go, they have reached a consensus with Mr.Wei.In the future, he will go around to investigate the case.Mr.Wei should not be embarrassed, but he doesn t understand why the elder wants to give away the clues that he has finally obtained.Although this kind of confession is oros cbd gummies katie couric useless in the yamen, it is very important to him.He wants to know if the Pearl Thief has really returned.Make it clear.While Lu Shenzhi was thinking like this, Gu Mingzhu ran away again.There are so many people around now, it s not a good time, he wants to find an opportunity to ask again, Lu Shenzhi looked at the mother in charge Take me to see my sister Hearing the footsteps leaving from behind, a smile appeared on the corner of Gu Mingzhu s mouth, If you want to get real news from others, you have to throw out some content that interests you.Interrogation is also about domination and obedience.Whoever is in a hurry will be controlled by others.Mr.Lu was obviously in a hurry.When he asked her, he purposefully asked her How old does that person look like He said this because Mr.Zhou asked for it.The mother in charge will go down to make arrangements.Mrs.Lin Tai said again Tell the two immortals that tomorrow will be successful, and I will definitely give them more offerings.Mrs.Tai, the servant girl came in and said, Mrs.Madame and Miss Gu are going back.Mrs.Lin frowned, she woke up as soon as she walked away Let them go Staying at home is also causing trouble, and when they are gone, it will be easier for the housekeepers to find the stolen goods.Victorious thief Gu Mingzhu returned to the small courtyard of the Gu family and had dinner with Mrs.Lin.The mother and daughter had just gone for a walk in the courtyard when they heard the steward report Mr.Feng s cousin is here.Feng Anping came to deliver news of.Among the thieves caught in Yong an Lane, someone confessed where they hid the stolen goods.Zi Yuan seemed to be about to say something, but just now she opened her mouth but couldn t help coughing, although she hurriedly covered it with a veil, Gu Mingzhu still smelled something like rust.After thinking for a moment, Gu Mingzhu opened Zi Yuan s skirt to check again.Ah Jin said The sores only appeared on the face, neck and hands, luckily they don t spread to others, otherwise my mother would have driven us away.Sure enough, as Ah eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus cbd gummies tsa legal Jin said, the skin under the clothes was still smooth and there diamond cbd gummies reviews oros cbd gummies katie couric were no sores.Gu Mingzhu couldn t help feeling strange that the sores on Ziyuan s body were different from the ones oros cbd gummies katie couric she had seen before.Is it plum blossom sores Ziyuan calmed down and asked very calmly.Many women in the Goulan Courtyard were frightened by the sores, and often found their way to death before finding out what the disease was.How many people died because of this, hehe was an accomplice.After speaking, he suddenly sobbed and cried.Wei Yuanchen held up a lamp to shine on the man s face, and saw several scars vertically and horizontally on it, the mandible collapsed, and his face looked abnormally distorted.You are Yan Hao, the surviving Yan Hao.As soon as Wei Yuanchen finished speaking, a boat approached, and then a few people got off the boat, followed by Ziyuan, who walked towards Wei Yuanchen Li, go to see that person immediately.Don t hide, you look at me, youyou are Yan Langyou are not dead Yan Lang, you are not deadyou are still on this boat, why didn t you tell me earlier Zi As Yuan said, she was about to touch the scar on Yan Hao s face Who made you like this I burned the Ao warehouse where the relief food was stored, and I led people to rob the silver bank in cbd gummies tsa legal best cbd gummies to quit smoking reviews Taiyuan Prefecture.The thief was held there without saying a word, as if he had accepted his fate, but if you look carefully, there is no trace of fear on each face, and whether they are standing there or sitting in the corner, they are like sculptures not moving at all.They have undergone strict training, even his personal soldiers are no more than that.Such a person is one in a thousand in the army, how could he steal Mr.Ding s money Not to mention being captured by those guards of the Ding family.So, there are people who are planning here today, and they are all caught in the trap.Who will it be Cui Zhen s heart moved, could it be him Thinking of this, Cui Zhen turned and walked out of the house.One room was surrounded by people.The thieves have gone in there, the steward of Ding s family stepped forward and reported, I just saw someone else in this room, maybe they are the accomplices of eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus cbd gummies tsa legal those thieves.

Wei might impeach him, let alone his future, his life might be in danger.Thinking of this, the deputy general hastily bowed and said, It s me who didn t think carefully and made a mistakethe general is willing to accept the crime.As he spoke, he went to peek at Han Yu.Wei Yuanchen ignored the deputy general and continued, oros cbd gummies katie couric Where did Lord Han and Marquis Dingning go out of the city They left with their hands so late, but because they got important clues Han Yu said Master Hou and I discovered that Lu Shenzhi was missing, and the guards at the city gate received Lu Shenzhi s paperwork to let him out of the city, so Master Han suspects that Lu Shenzhi is colluding with bandits Wei Yuanchen nodded rarely., To be honest, my lord, I was thinking the same way.If it wasn t for someone covering up in the yamen, how could the thieves high tech cbd gummies ingredients be so rampant.Sun.The patient needs to be diagnosed and treated, and the Gu family would like to keep him to stay for one night before leaving tomorrow, so as to make a good diagnosis and treatment for Miss Gu.Mrs.Lin is really a loving mother.Although Miss Gu suffers from dementia, she is also a kind child.I oros cbd gummies katie couric pure herbal cbd gummies didn t come directly, I went to the pharmacy on the street first to have a look.Every time I met Wei Sanye, I would go for a walk on the street first, and then come to the meeting place, for fear of being caught by someone.Staring at him, in fact, he doesn t care, but Wei Sanye is afraid that the turmoil in the court will implicate him.Mr.Sun walked into the room while talking, raised his eyes and saw Wei Yuanchen beside the desk, and couldn t help but startled Sir, what s wrong with you Chu Jiu approached quietly, for fear of missing the details.Chu Jiu hurriedly followed Wei Yuanchen.Before the two of them had walked too far, they heard where can i buy bay park cbd gummies a clang sound from behind, and the door of Gu s house was closed first.Third Master, Chu Jiu said, Do you think it s because we didn t behave very well today, that s why the Gu family This is so unwelcome, as if he was in a hurry to get rid of the caterpillar on the back of his hand.Wei Yuanchen glanced over, Chu Jiu bit his lip, lest his disobedient mouth would say anything that the diamond cbd gummies reviews oros cbd gummies katie couric third master didn t like to hear.The Gu family s inner house was still busy.The doctor applied medicine to Lin Runsheng s shoulder, and told him to apply ice for several hours.As soon as the ice oros cbd gummies katie couric cubes went up, Lin Runsheng cried out.Baotong rubbed his ears, Master Wei could keep silent with his appearance before, but Lin Runsheng is nothing compared to Master Wei.She could cover her face, but she couldn t hide her figure.Miss Gu s short height reaches his jaw, and he only needs to look at it with his eyes to measure the length.Even though she is a short and thin peas, she is very courageous.Wei Yuanchen snorted coldly in his heart, and walked straight past Gu Mingzhu, without changing his face, without showing any clues, he couldn t let her find out that he had seen through her, lest she just hide, and he would miss a oros cbd gummies katie couric big show She thought that she was covering up tightly, and he just pretended not to see her exposed big tail, to see how much she still hadn t used.Wei Yuanchen looked into the room oros cbd gummies katie couric What did you find out Nie Chen said There cbd gummies extract are many doubts, and it doesn t seem like he is asking for money.As he spoke, Nie Chen nodded to Junior Sister Jiang next to him, signaling that Junior Sister Jiang didn t need it.Cui Wei remembered that when Zhang Xiao was killed, the guards who saw the situation came back and told him Zhang Xiao didn t drink and make trouble, Wei Yuanchen just wanted to kill him, humiliate him first, and then kill him.Zhang Xiao died aggrieved.At this moment, Cui Wei seemed to understand why the guard said this.At that moment just now, he could feel that Wei Yuanchen wanted to kill him.The hairs on the back of his neck even stood up because of this, as if his life was held in Wei Yuanchen s hands, Wei Yuanchen didn t come to take it now, it s just that the time didn t come, Cui Wei lowered his head, a ray of light flashed from his eyes However, why can t he see through Wei Yuanchen Not a single piece of paper can be left in the house, and all of them should be carried to the Yamen, Feng Anping ordered immediately after entering Zhao s house.Lin, otherwise she would have really brought danger to oros cbd gummies katie couric the Gu family.The doors and windows of the study room are heavy, and the voices inside cannot be heard, but Mrs.Lin can imagine what it will be like, and Lin Runzhi will definitely tell the truth.Madam.Madam Lin raised her head, and the attendants beside Mr.Wei approached at some point.Mrs.Lin frowned, Mr.Wei s entourage must tell her, Mr.Wei remembered what happened that night, right That s useless, time has passed and the real evidence is gone, she won t admit it.Chu Jiu looked at the pale faced Madam Lin, and said in a low voice, Madam, if I say that my third master is actually sweet talking and good at coaxing people, would you believe me Madam Lin shook her head subconsciously.Chu Jiu felt like dry grass meeting a raging fire, without the slightest strength to struggle Then I won t talk about it.

Zhao Er lived or died.She was worried about her younger brother, who had a hard time Only cbd gummies tsa legal best cbd gummies to quit smoking reviews today s status can not be destroyed in the hands of the wives.Mrs.Tai, you can t just ignore it Mrs.Lin was thinking about it when Mother Qian came over and said, Will Mrs.Wei force the young master to say something Just arrest oros cbd gummies katie couric the Zhao family.Why do you want to embarrass a child This is to involve the Elder Master.Madam Lin clenched her hands.Mother Qian said in a low voice The Elder Master is involved, I am afraid that no one in this line will be spared, and then there will be no one to help you.When the crisis was in the past, it was not the Elder Master who risked the danger to come to Taiyuan MansionYou have successfully become Mrs.Tai, if you are missing the master, you will not only have a broken arm Mrs.If the Cui family belonged to the crown prince, they would use this as an excuse to sue the crown prince and help the crown cbd gummies tsa legal best cbd gummies to quit smoking reviews prince deal with Wei Yuanchen.It is easy to hide a spear in the open and difficult to defend against it.If everything is uncovered, some things will be easier to handle.Master Hou is here, Lord Hou Cui Zhen strode into the courtyard while the servants shouted.The slaps in the room are not over yet, this kind of punishment is mainly torturing people s hearts, naturally pulse cbd gummies dosage the slower the better, so Cui Zhen caught up to hear the last slap.Slap was like hitting him in the face.Chapter 100 Mrs.Lin s cry came from the room of shame.The woman who was being executed retreated from the room.The two men remained motionless.In the front is Wei Yuanchen standing with his hands behind his back, and in the back is Cui Zhen with a oros cbd gummies katie couric pure herbal cbd gummies gloomy cbd gummies tsa legal face.You are traveling quickly., quietly touch it and have a look.So it s Miss Jiang The person he sent to stalk was diamond cbd gummies reviews oros cbd gummies katie couric of course stalking but secretly protecting.Before the third master went to the banquet this time, he asked best cbd gummies for pain 2021 oros cbd gummies katie couric them to keep a close eye on him.Zhang Tong took a meaningful look at Lu Shenzhi, does Mr.Lu know that Miss Jiang is the oros cbd gummies katie couric eldest lady Mr.Lu probably doesn t have that kind of insight, if the third master didn t assign them errands, they wouldn t be able to see the key.Although the eldest lady is very special in the heart of the third master, Zhang Tong is smarter than Chu Jiu, knowing what is the most important thing, and he will not put priority on the secondary, he can t blindly follow the arrangement of the eldest lady.The matter of the third master should always come first.When Wei Yuanchen seldom had such respect, he bent his waist, which made the prince feel a little terrified cbd gummies waco tx Get up, get up, the prince stretched out his hand to help Wei Yuanchen up, Of course Mr.Wei won t do this, I will never believe those words.Feng Anping took the opportunity to bow down The prince is wise.Said After he was done, he looked at the officials next to him, and the officials eyes averted one after another.Wei Yuanchen pondered So I want to report this matter to the imperial court and ask the imperial court to investigate carefully, but even so, we should not be careless.Only by investigating the case from the beginning to the end without any doubts can we be worthy of the court of the Great Zhou Dynasty.Clear up troubles for the crown prince.The crown prince frowned slightly, and Wei Yuanchen took him in for a long time, as if the case was not investigated, and he would be in great trouble, a joke, if Wei Yuanchen did not come to Taiyuan Mansion to investigate the case, Where did he get all this trouble The crown prince said Master Wei must investigate the case for Da Zhou to the end, but Mr.Lord Lu, said Mrs.Wang, their brothers stopped seeing each other ten years ago.Mrs.Wang stood up and pulled Wang Da from the corner out Look, brother is working at Xingtaipu Temple.Si Cheng, our family is living in such a poor life, if Wang Er has the slightest brotherhood, why are we like this.Wang s daughter in law spat Wang Er is a bastard.He forgot that if his brother hadn t supported him, he would have died a long time ago.Our family is a military household, and both brothers went to the army.My family Wang suffered a wound on his thigh.Seriously injured cbd gummy feeling and unable to move back to farm, then Wang Er was lucky and made military exploits to achieve today s glory.Wang Er has become an official, so he should support his brother a little bit.Complain in every possible way, as if we have done something wrong to him.I don t, Zhao Gongren said in a panic again, I don t know, I don t know anything. How can you do that Mrs.Lin suddenly said, her face was full of shock and resentment Brother Zhen is your nephew, how could you harm him like this It was Wei Yuanchen who found out about the Zhao family, so what does it have to do with Brother Zhen Why are you threatening Brother Zhen with those words now We are a family behind closed doors, how can things at home get out of the way Don t mention what you said again, everyone can take care of themselves in the future, and don t let such incidents happen again.Mrs.Lin looked at Cui Zhen after finishing speaking And you, you don t even pay attention to the court s laws, but you are worthy of the ancestors of the Cui family How many years of the Cui family s foundation will be destroyed in living gummies cbd your hands Mrs.

Gu Mingzhu reached out to take it, probably because Cui Zhen used too much force when cbd gummy bears not sour wrapping the grass.Back to the grass leaves.Both Gu Mingzhu and Cui Zhen were taken aback, but soon Cui Zhen suddenly laughed, the laughter was hearty and indescribably joyful.Gu Mingzhu looked at the pile of grass, what s so ridiculous If he was seen by others, he would think that Marquis Dingning was insane.Cui Zhen smiled for a moment, then suddenly said Do you know where to find those people Gu Mingzhu was startled, but soon recovered, Cui Zhen was not talking to her, but ordering the guards around him.Go and keep an eye on that Nie Chen, I need to find him.Chapter 125 Suspected that after Cui Zhen ordered the guard, the guard retreated silently.Gu Mingzhu just pretended not to see it, and continued to pick up a few straws to weave.Mrs.Lin Tai cried bitterly, Cui Wei comforted her all the way, those voices gradually faded away.The wind and rain outside are getting bigger and bigger.Master Hou, the guard stepped forward and said, Look at the injury of Lord Hou Cui Zhen shook his head It s not hurt, so there s no need to deal with it.The guard opened his mouth and didn t say anything more.Stained with blood, how could he not be injured Lord Hou didn t want people to know the truth.Cui Zhen walked up to the elder of the Cui clan, bowed and shouted Uncle clan, oros cbd gummies katie couric please take charge of the family affairs.The elder of the Cui clan sighed It s hard for you, don t worry, since she just said everything , it will be much easier to ask later, I think she has no will to die, so I persuaded her, it is not appropriate for the Marquis to oros cbd gummies katie couric interfere in this matter, lest In order not to let outsiders say that I am oros cbd gummies katie couric not filial, Cui Zhen bowed to the ancestors of the Cui family, Thank you for the protection of the elders.The husband and wife could not stand any oros cbd gummies katie couric more twists and turns.If she hadn t been too anxious this time, she would not have come to Taiyuan Mansion, although she felt that doing so might make the son in law even more disgusted.Now the situation has changed again, the prince is willing to investigate the Shanxi mutiny case, maybe the son in law is willing to hear the news about the case What should she do, should she ask the prince for help Princess Huairou was a little disturbed for a moment.I ll think about it again, Princess Huairou looked at Mr.Shen, After I figure it out, I will go to the emperor.Mr.Shen nodded, That s fine.After saying this, he stood up and said goodbye to Princess Huairou.Princess, just ask someone to come and tell you something.Mr.Shen said again.Mr.Shen came out of Princess Huairou s room and walked to the end of the yard.Miss Gu had visited his illness, and presumably based on this, he prescribed the medicine.It really is her.Then why did she use Mr.Sun s prescription to treat her illness Why do you like to eat red bean cake What is the relationship between her and Rujun When Wei Yuanchen thought of this, the two figures slowly merged together, and his heart was moved again.Liu Su glanced at Wei Yuanchen, Mr.Wei s pulse was very fast, coming and going quickly, it really was counting the pulse, the cbd gummies with melatonin eldest lady did not make a mistake.Are you able to identify it Wei Yuanchen looked at Liu Su indifferently, he wanted to hear what she was capable of.Liu Sudao Adult s heart is blazing internally, disturbing the mind, visceral disorders caused by internal damage to the seven emotions, and the prescription of nourishing the heart and calming the mind should be used.A stone in her heart was put down.Fell asleep.Everyone seemed to be sleeping peacefully On the official road from the capital to Taiyuan, there are still people traveling with stars eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus cbd gummies tsa legal and moons.It was Marquis Huaiyuan.The continuous rush made the horse under the crotch breathe heavily, and the four hooves of the galloping became slower and slower.Master Hou, take a break The guard rushed forward and said, The horse will not be able to support it if you go on like this.Huaiyuanhou had to rein in the horse, and he hadn t traveled like this for many years, and the pain between his legs was sharp., but he had to be anxious, after receiving the news from Jingzhong, he knew that the previous plan was wrong, and his wife and Zhuzhu failed to leave Taiyuan Mansion for Shaanxi.He really didn t expect the case to be investigated so quickly.Gu Mingzhu first cut open the cloth towel wrapped around the wound, and blood gushed out immediately.Although there was a lot of blood, it diamond cbd gummies reviews oros cbd gummies katie couric was not as much as Gu Mingzhu imagined.Although Mrs.Cui Si s pulse was beating fast, it was not weak and weak.She should not have hurt her internal organs.I hope she can be rescued Not far away is Yangwuyu.The prince s face showed a joyful expression, there was no obstacle on the way, and he will be safe when he arrives at Yangwuyu.Mister is really talented, the prince looked at Mr.Shen beside him, Everything is as expected, this Yangwu Valley is easy to defend and difficult to attack, as long as you guard it carefully, not even a bird can fly in.Exactly.When Mr.Shen heard this, a mysterious smile appeared on his face, It was hard for me to find such a place.

The arrows passed by the crowd.They are below, and some rebels have attacked the wall.Continue throwing stones.Zhou Zesheng yelled when he saw this.Some people were injured.Focus on attacking the city, don t find out that the son in law is leading troops to encircle them.Only in this way can we weave a fine and large net, so that the rebels have nowhere to escape.There was a slight sound of teeth clashing next to his ears, and Zhou Zesheng turned his head to look, only to see a thirteen or fourteen year old boy staring at the blood covered crowd in a daze.Are you afraid Zhou Zesheng asked, This is just the beginning.We will open the gate of the village and fight those rebels.Afraid, the boy said, but I protect my mother diamond cbd gummies reviews oros cbd gummies katie couric and sister.Zhou Zesheng He reached out and touched the top of the boy s head Go, help take care of those wounded soldiers.Gu Chongyi was thinking and felt his hand being held by Zhuzhu.Father, let s go find mother.Gu Mingzhu pulled her father along and ran forward.Her mother would be very happy to see her father.Now that her father is here, diamond cbd gummies reviews oros cbd gummies katie couric her mother can raise her baby with peace of mind.Face, presumably father must make an apology during these days, and surround his mother to serve carefully.When the father and eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus cbd gummies tsa legal daughter rushed into the yard, Mrs.Lin was preparing food and clothing for the soldiers and the people together with her mother in law.Although the village is large, the surrounding people and so many soldiers rushed in together.If you hang around for a long time, the food and grass will not be enough.Ma am, Master Hou is here.The steward of the Gu family came to report, but Madam Lin didn t come back to her senses for a moment, and she raised her head after a while Who are you talking about Masterour master The steward just said After falling, Gu Mingzhu s voice was heard from a distance MotherMother Mrs.The rebels were attacked several times, most of their morale was lost, and everyone was ashamed of fright.When the news of today s situation spread, the third master could become famous in Dazhou, but Chu Jiu knew that the third master didn t care about this reputation.The knife in Chu Jiu s hand was also stained with blood.He wanted to accompany the third master to kill this battle, not only for Da Zhou s rebellion, but also for his family s third master.If he killed the prince, he could return to the third master from five years ago , he had already stretched the knife towards oros cbd gummies katie couric the prince s throat without hesitation.After the accident five years ago, the third master was lying on the bed staring blankly at the curtain above his head, while the second master comforted him Second uncle promises to avenge their grievances with you.Chapter 188 Lied to her Wei Yuanchen saluted Gu Chongyi, turned around and walked out of the house to see Zhou Zesheng.Gu Mingzhu also got the news, got up from the chair in a hurry, and ran towards the entrance of the village with Baotong.There were more than 20 guards who came back with Zhou Zesheng, and each of them looked extremely embarrassed.The face of the person who first entered the village to report the news was covered with blood, which looked very scary.Gu Mingzhu watched the guard lower his head to report a few words to Wei Yuanchen, and Wei Yuanchen quickened his pace.Gu Mingzhu s heart sank.Uncle might be seriously injured, otherwise Master Wei wouldn t be in such a hurry.As soon as they arrived near the village castle, they heard a woman s cry.The voice was extremely hoarse, but Gu Mingzhu was very familiar with it.In cbd gummies in tiffin ohio the dream, Rujun s face suddenly turned into Gu Mingzhu.Rujun, didn t she leave Wei Yuanchen only felt diamond cbd gummies reviews oros cbd gummies katie couric that his heart was pulled a bit, he was both happy and afraid, what was afraid was that everything was delusional, and everything would be nothing in the end.Thinking like this, Qi and blood surged, mixed with oros cbd gummies katie couric sorrow and joy, but his chest seemed to be blocked by a stone, and he felt pain even while breathing, and with a little force, the big stone that had been pressing on his chest for a long time was finally pried away, best cbd gummies for pain 2021 oros cbd gummies katie couric and the fishy and sweet smell burst out suddenly.On the throat.Mu Qiu just stepped forward to support Wei Yuanchen s arm, and was about to help Wei Yuanchen off the ground, but felt Wei Yuanchen s body tremble.Wei Yuanchen lowered his head and spat out a mouthful of blood, and fell limply to the ground.Wei Rest for .

can full spectrum cbd gummies get you high?

a while and you will wake up.Mrs.Wei supported Mrs.Wei Tai and went to look at Wei Yuanchen carefully, and Mrs.Wei felt relieved when she saw her grandson s breathing was calm.Mrs.Wei sat for a while, and Mrs.Wei stepped tyler perry condor cbd gummies forward to persuade Mother, go to the side room to rest.My daughter in law is here to watch over Brother Chen.Mrs.Wei asked Mrs.Wei to help her into the side room.Mrs.Wei leaned on the pillow If there is no serious problem, it is good to let him sleep more.Since the accident at home five years ago, Brother Chen seems to be a different person.He is busy all day.The light is still on, I look sad, but keoni cbd gummies for ed I can t diamond cbd gummies reviews oros cbd gummies katie couric persuade him, this time I go to Taiyuan Mansion, I must not rest, although he is still young, but he can t stand this kind of suffering, I hope what the doctor said is right, Brother Chen This is to spit out the congestion from that year.

This matter is up to us.Close the door and solve it, don t make trouble anymore, shame on you Brother Yi, you are obedient, go to the yamen with your father, and ask the princess to come to the palace tomorrow to beg the empress dowager and empress dowager.If your mother feels wronged, my old lady will come forward to make an apology to her.One sentence will send mother to the cusp of the storm, and then everyone will say mother s fault, Cheng Yi s voice is hoarse Okay, then I will report to the official, what father said just now, dare to go to the yamen to say it again Why don t you dare, Mr.Cheng said with blue veins floating on his forehead, but you can think about it, there is no turning cbd gummies uk price back arrow when you shoot the bow, it s fine if you don oros cbd gummies katie couric t learn from Min Ziqian, but you want to be a rebellious son, don t blame me for disregarding father and son.Liu Su said I ve given it.Other than that, let Chu Jiu teach him boxing and kicking if he has free time.Liu Su went in and took a new set of clothes and handed them to Nie Chen Miss let you buy them.Nie Chen was about to reach out to pick them up when he heard footsteps coming from the door.Nie Chen, your things The guards of the Wei family walked into the yard and immediately smelled a scent, Not bad, diamond cbd gummies reviews oros cbd gummies katie couric there is also a welcome banquet.Nie Chen smiled How is it It was ordered by my junior sister Yes.The guard of the Wei family said, That s right.We people speak vulgar words, Nie Chen said, I won t keep you here to eat, so as not to be offended if you drink too much.The guards of the Wei family put the burden Handed it over, said goodbye and walked out of the yard The Wei family.Wei Yuanchen listened to Chu Jiu s report The small courtyard is very lively, there is a welcome banquet and new clothes, and the preparations are very thorough.Let her go out.Bai Gongren s voice was hoarse.Gu Mingzhu looked at Bai Gongren who was writhing on the bed.Except for the knees, Bai Gongren was normal.When a person is frightened, what he shows subconsciously should be trustworthy.After all, with eye and ear problems, she can even pretend to be a cripple and a dumb person, so she has to guard against it.From this point of view, Bai Gongren s leg disease is caused by the severance of blood flow from the knees, the left and right legs are thin and shriveled, but the left leg is more severe than the right leg.Pinch the right leg with your hands, and you can still feel some muscles under the loose skin.Strange.Exactly how they were injured, they both happened to be injured on the knees.It was clear that the severity of the injuries on the left and right legs was different, but they all ended up with the same result, as if it was done on purpose.Mrs.Zhang once heard her mother in law talking to Lu s mother at her mother in law s place.They were asking about Lu s mother s third master s yard.Even her mother in law s tone oros cbd gummies katie couric seemed to be discussing with Lu s mother, rather than blindly ordering.Grandma cbd gummies tsa legal best cbd gummies to quit smoking reviews has worked hard, Mother Lu said, I can make some snacks.It just so happens that there are guests visiting today, so I will also help out in the kitchen.Ever since Mrs.Zhang married into the Wei family, she has never heard that Mother Lu can make these , Mrs.Zhang wanted to say something, but saw Lu s mother s expression was calm, and she couldn t see anything strange from those clear eyes, as if this was an unusual thing.Mama Lu saluted Zhang Shi again The servant girl is going to the big kitchen.Madam Zhang nodded, and when Mama Lu was gone, Zhang Shi came back to her senses Let s go and have a look ahead.After the accident at home, Brother Chen also changed.He was reticent and indifferent.He began to deal with those who are good at calculating.All lead to himself.Over the years, these changes have happened silently.No matter whether it is good or bad, he bears it all by himself, and never shows any weakness in front of her.This kneeling tonight really shocked her.Mrs.Li never thought that such a thing would happen.The most intelligent child, how can he be so dumb and stupid, before he can say a word, he kneels down and salutes.Mrs.Li took a while to come back to her senses, after much deliberation, she finally said, Brother Chen, do you like Miss Gu In best cbd gummies for pain 2021 oros cbd gummies katie couric this life, she is the only one who will not marry.Mrs.Li was surprised again You have already reached this point Wei Yuanchen said It s just my grandson.Mrs.Li fell silent Then what is the camino midnight blueberry sleep cbd gummies extent of Miss Gu s illness Is she Wei Yuanchen interjected, Those are not important to my grandson.Mrs.Li looked at Wei Yuanchen fixedly , It took a long time before he sighed You silly child, you don t know what other people think, and you force yourself into this appearance If she doesn t marry you, what should you do Smart people will give Leave room for yourself, you can t be so infatuated, if it really becomes a dead knot, you are the one who suffers.Wei Yuanchen said Grandmother always said that as long as the grandson is happy, if it doesn t go well, how can he be happy.Mrs.Li asked Walking forward, he slowly came to Wei Yuanchen s side You never let grandma worry about you, and you never made it difficult for anyone in the family Mrs.Li couldn t help being silent when she said this, but Miss Gu s illness in front of her, and what else She couldn t figure out Brother Chen s firm attitude.

Gu Mingzhu stood up and said, Bao Tong, let s go out and have a look.She was very worried about her father, although Master Wei Er s temper didn t seem that strong, he was more like a ripe persimmon hanging on a branch, his father didn t care much about it.It may be a disadvantage, but everything in this world has a just in case.Gu Chongyi walked into the mansion quickly, and the steward immediately came up to meet him.Seeing the situation of Lord Hou, the steward was startled.Why did Hou Ye look so disheveled, as if he had been rolled in the ground several times, and the corners of his robe were all shattered It s torn, and it looks pretty messed up.The steward hurriedly said oros cbd gummies katie couric best cbd gummies for stress Master Hou, what s the matter with you It s okay, Gu Chongyi looked into the main room in the inner courtyard, and then at himself, Is it sloppy The steward nodded Master Hou , You didn t suffer, did you How could he suffer, he beat Mr.Baotong said Nie Chen found out that Bai Guanzheng s eldest daughter, nicknamed Ah Chan, had leg problems since she was a child, and she was paralyzed on the bed.She committed suicide at home when she was sixteen.Chapter 246 Seeking help from Hua Chanjuan, Fanchunquan, Zhuchanjuan, Longxiaoyan.To give a girl the character Chan, I hope that she will be born beautiful.Gu Mingzhu and Baotong sat down, Baotong took oros cbd gummies katie couric a sip of tea and said, Nie Chen said that Bai Guanzheng s eldest daughter has been kept in a deep boudoir, and she doesn t come out to meet people, and sometimes she goes to live with Mrs.Bai in Taiqing Temple A few days ago, the mother in law who worked in Bai s house said that she had seen Bai Guanzheng s eldest daughter, she was very beautiful, but it was a pity that her legs were like a child s, and she didn t need the slightest bit of strength.In fact, it is not difficult for Cui Wei to coax her to be happy.Seeing how hard he worked, she made him a success.Gu Mingzhu turned around and ran to the following maidservant, picked up a cup of tea from the tray and walked towards Cui Wei.Mrs.Zhang saw that Zhuzhu was holding a tea bowl, she smiled and said to Mrs.Lin Madam, you see, Zhuzhu can take care of people.Knowing that her second brother is thirsty, she personally brought tea over.Knowing Zhuzhu s benefits, he was about to speak, but found that Zhuzhu s slender figure suddenly staggered, and all the tea in his hand was thrown at Cui Wei.Chapter 249 When Cui Wei hadn t finished arranging the paper kite strings, she felt the beads go back and forth.He was about to raise his head to see clearly when his eyes blurred, followed by warm water splashing down on his head.The bastard, the master won t even take it to heart.Just now, after Yuan er went out, she leaned on the couch and fell asleep, and when she woke up in a daze, she was about to drink the tea in front of the bed, but someone rushed in to stop her.The woman said that she was following Mr.Wei to handle the case, and saw someone poisoning her with her own eyes, and then they arrested Guanshi Cao.Hearing Aunt Gui s words, Mr.Cheng turned his head and looked into the yard.Sure enough, he saw Guanshi Cao being tied up and thrown in oros cbd gummies katie couric the middle of the yard.Mr.Cheng s expression changed suddenly.Wei Yuanchen also saw Gu Mingzhu and Chu 9 who were with Guanshi Cao, and it seemed that the clues of the case were almost checked, otherwise she would not be willing to come back.You are so cruel, Aunt Gui burst into tears, I followed you early in the morning and served you with all my heart, but you wanted to kill me.Everyone looked away from Gu Chongyi, It fell on HCMUSSH oros cbd gummies katie couric Master Wei Er and Yu Shi, and the two of them rolled around and wiped the green bricks at the gate of the palace vigorously.Gu Chongyi looked disgusted, and was about to take a detour to leave, but this was the only way to leave the palace, so he had diamond cbd gummies reviews oros cbd gummies katie couric to bite the bullet and pass quickly, he didn t want to have any relationship with Master Wei Er at all.Seeing that he was about to walk out of the palace gate, Gu Chongyi suddenly felt something rushing towards him, and he could dodge it by leaning behind him, and he didn t want to show it under the eyes of everyone, so he could only what is the best cbd gummy for joint pain clumsily step aside.As a result Naturally, he didn t get what he wanted.Gu Chongyi only felt his pants tightened and someone grabbed him firmly, and then a stronger force came, pulling his pants down.Gu Chongyi was unmoved, he was so angry with Master Wei that he couldn t even take a sip of water now.Bring tea.Gu Chongyi ordered Yang s mother.Mama Yang was about to respond.There s no more tea in the room, Mrs.Lin said upon seeing this, Master Hou just went to drink in the main room.Gu Chongyi raised his eyebrows, and Madam cleaned him up without even blinking his eyes.Make it.Mrs.Lin shook her head The water is gone.The servant was just about to carry the pot into the house, but when he heard Mrs.Lin s words, he didn t know what to do, so he just kicked in and out of the door.standing.Gu Chongyi pointed What is that hot thing Mrs.Lin said indifferently, Does the Marquis want to snatch the footwashing water for my concubine It s like a 25mg of cbd gummies big cat with its hair blown up.There is nothing else in my mind.

A private household was opened, and the government officials escorted out a black and thin man from inside, and then seized several bags of property from the private household.Su Fu, who was standing not far away watching this scene, only felt refreshed.This was the third person caught tonight.If these people were clearly interrogated, the backlog of cases in the Shuntian government office could be settled again.As the Governor of Shuntian Mansion, he didn t have to come here for these things, but today he just wanted to see the skills of the people in the market, to see if the people in the market were a sharp knife that could be used.Sure enough, Xue Laotong is really good at knowing people.Su Fu smiled slightly.It had been a long time since he handled the case so happily.Either he was restrained by the five city eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus cbd gummies tsa legal soldiers and horses, or he was controlled by the patrolling censor.The two returned to the small courtyard of the Wei family.The mother in law opened the door with a nail in her hand.She glanced at Wei Yuanchen s face and said immediately, Master, are you drinking Are you drunk I m going to make sober up right away.Soup.Third master drunk Chu Jiu looked skeptical.Seeing Wei Sanye oros cbd gummies katie couric pure herbal cbd gummies walk into the house and close the door, Chu Jiu realized that the third master might really be drunk, and he seemed to be on the sidelines on the road.Chujiu broke out in a cold sweat immediately, rushed into the kitchen to take the fire stick from the old lady s hand, and started to burn it hard Make a few more bowls of hangover soup.I hope it s still too late to make up for it.Wei Yuanchen was lying on the bed, looking at the silver needle in his hand, it was piercing really deep, and the hand oros cbd gummies katie couric was quite heavy, until now he still has waves of pain in his lower abdomen.Look, they are together, Gu Mingzhu said, Ah chan gave it to the real person.Mo Yangming looked at the lotus lock, and there was indeed a pre carved groove in the heart of the lotus flower.This lotus lock has not been made yet.Well, she hadn t noticed it before.Mo Yangming froze best cbd gummies for pain 2021 oros cbd gummies katie couric there again.Is this a coincidence or was Miss Gu mistakenly guessed it Ah chan lived with her in the temple for a few days before committing suicide.Later, she said that she missed her parents and went home.Before leaving, she forgot the unfinished fancy lock in the temple.The next day she heard Ah Chan The news of Chan s suicide.Master Bai and his wife said that Ah chan had been depressed for two months, she often couldn t sleep at night elite power cbd gummies reviews and sat there until dawn, and quarreled hhc cbd gummies with her married sister a few times, and it was about then that she had plans in her heart.The Metropolitan Procuratorate colluded with Wucheng Bingmasi, so merchants like the Lu family could smuggle imported goods into Beijing smoothly.The people behind the scenes ordered Lin Sizhen and the prefect of Han to amass wealth in Shanxi for the purpose of hoarding soldiers and horses, and buying and selling goods privately at sea naturally had the same purpose.This inference is very reasonable.But why did the Yuan family take the risk of killing the Zhao family, trying to end the matter of General Zhao Is it true that the old general Zhao was framed just to support a forest temple Wei Yuanchen always felt that this line was incomplete.Now Zhuzhu plunged headlong into Shangqingguan, refusing to come out, like a white and fat wine worm, soaking in the wine jar, swimming happily around in it.Only by clarifying this can she find out the truth about Ah Chan s death The sky gradually darkened.Bai Gongren lay on the bed and fell asleep drowsily.In her dream, she vaguely felt someone sitting beside the bed.Bai Gongren struggled to open her eyes to see clearly, but her eyelids seemed heavy, and then she felt a pair of hands lift off her quilt and touch her legs.Frightened, Bai Gongren finally opened her eyelids, and she saw a vague figure raising her hand, and in the palm was a sharp weapon, which she stabbed fiercely at her leg.In the severe pain, Bai Gongren suddenly opened his eyes, but what he saw was an empty room, and there was no one beside the bed.Bai Gongren was just about to breathe a sigh of relief, but when she lowered her head, she found a leg lying across her belly.That leg was shriveled, with only one bone left, and blood was dripping from the wound.That s all Gu Mingzhu nodded, isn t that enough Gu Mingzhu said Your Excellency, as long as you think about who you want to be and follow that person s thinking, you may be able to guess his intention to get close to Ah Chan.I can t guess, Wei Yuanchen said flatly, I You won t get close to someone you like with evil intentions, and you won t use her to achieve your own goals.Gu Mingzhu felt that Mr.Wei s expression was serious, and those clear eyes seemed to look into her heart, which made her flustered again a feeling of.Wei Yuanchen lowered his voice and seemed to murmur If you say this about me, what if it spreads out and my reputation is ruined Gu Mingzhu immediately waved her hand That won t happen, my lord how do cbd gummies work for sleep is handsome and handsome, no one will I believe it.From this angle, Master Wei looks much better than usual, with his eyebrows stretched out, and his clear eyes seem to reflect her shadow.

After taking a few sips of rice paste, Gu Mingzhu lifted her skirt and ran to Mrs.Lin s room.After dinner, she had to help her mother divide the thread to embroider the screen.Tomorrow is Mrs.Li s birthday, and this screen will be carried to the Wei family to make Congratulations, meet Liu Su again tonight and sort out the clues.She has many, many things to do.Gu Mingzhu stepped into Mrs.Lin s room, and was about to talk to her mother, when the steward came to tell her, The old lady from Lotus Alley is here.Gu Mingzhu knew without thinking, that the old lady had come to ask her mother to help her.Chapter 317 Good Reputation Mrs.Gu congratulated Mrs.Lin as soon as she entered the door, and asked someone to carry a small box in front of Mrs.Lin.When the box was opened, there were paper, ink, brush and inkstone inside, and a small cloth bag, which was used to hold books for the children when they entered school.Chapter 323 Awakening Bai Gongren Bai Jingkun was terrified by his appearance.This is his second sister.Stop, let her stop quickly.Bai Jingkun shouted oros cbd gummies katie couric hoarsely.Wei Yuanchen glanced at the jailer, who immediately opened the door of Bai Jingkun s cell, stepped forward, picked up Bai Jingkun and threw him into the cell where Bai Gongren was being held.Bai Jingkun went to pull on Bai Gongren Second sister, it s methe eldest brother is here.The jailer poured a bucket of cold water on Bai Gongren, who shivered and recovered from his madness.His eyes fell on Bai Jingkun, and then he rushed towards Bai Jingkun like a wild animal It s you Where is my medicine Quickly bring oros cbd gummies katie couric the medicine.Searching his body, Bai Jingkun stretched out his hand to stop him, but he was afraid of hurting his sister, so he was helpless against Bai Gong for a while.He knew that such a big child couldn t understand anything, so it was a waste of time to say it.Is Zou Xiang a good seed That s why he loves talents.During the conversation, Zou Lin rushed over He grabbed Zou Xiang and said, You are really a child.Master Hou can give you advice, it will be enough for you for the rest of your life.Zou Xiang still pursed her oros cbd gummies katie couric lips.Cui Zhen said indifferently Don t embarrass this kid, I just said casually, he should study hard at this age gummies with cbd oil It s not time to practice strength, so don t go astray.Zou Lin quickly smiled and said, I know Thank you, Lord Hou, oros cbd gummies katie couric for your reminder.A member like her who relies on the protection of the Lin clan has no status at all Naturally, she can t really marry Cui Zhen.Ask Zou Xiang to call out Brother That s seeing Mrs.Lin s face.Cui Zhen looked at Zou Linshi Feeling a little familiar I don t know where he has seen her in the clan, but the steward of the Gu family stepped forward and said, The meal is ready in the flower hall.Cui Zhen s voice was calm, without any fluctuations Second brother, please don t lose your manners in front of uncle.Come back home with me Gu Mingzhu looked at the upright Cui Zhen, Cui Zhen had been in command of the army for many years, his demeanor seemed calm, but he already had a stern aura.Most people have to eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus cbd gummies tsa legal lower their heads involuntarily, but tonight Cui Wei was different from normal, instead of bowing his head, he said, Brother didn t talk to Uncle, where did our brother s diamond cbd gummies reviews oros cbd gummies katie couric misunderstanding come from Cui Wei.Cui Zhen Emphasized the tone.Cui Wei turned his head to look at Gu Chongyi, and knelt down towards Gu Chongyi as if he had no hesitation.Gu Chongyi s expression changed and he didn t reach out to help Cui Wei.Cui Wei said Uncle, I have liked sister Zhuzhu since I was a child, please promise to marry Zhuzhu to me as my wife, I will definitely protect her in this life, and will never let her be wronged in the slightest.She was stupid.Well, she didn t understand what the master said.Madam Dong said Master, HCMUSSH oros cbd gummies katie couric Brother Geng really did something wrong, right Get up to wash, eat, and prepare to go out early to wait for Mo Yangming at the gate of Yizhuang.She didn t tell Master Mo yesterday that she would also go to perform errands for Aunt HCMUSSH oros cbd gummies katie couric Zhen together, she said in advance that the master might not agree, after all, there are many corpses parked in the Yizhuang, which is not suitable for her to enter or leave.She went directly to Yizhuang by car, but the master couldn t drive cbd gummies tsa legal best cbd gummies to quit smoking reviews her out.Mrs.Lin only thought that Zhuzhu was going to Shangqing to meet Mo Zhenzhen, she did not stop her.Ever since Zhuzhu became a teacher, she was full of energy and often clamored to go out to talk to Mo Zhenren.She used to sleep in the mansion for half a day The situation is much less.After using it, my illness is much better. But you cough badly, Gu Minglan pursed her lips, Why don t you ask Zhuzhu, Zhuzhu is the apprentice of Mo Zhenzhen, and she learned from Mo Zhenren.There are many medical skills, Zhuzhu can t tell the details of this medicine.Ask Zhuzhu The old lady Gu stood up, What if Zhuzhu accidentally tells it Gu Mingwan was worried about Tan Zigeng, and when he heard this, he immediately Getting more and more confused, she frowned and looked at Gu Minglan What are you thinking If you ask, the Dingning Hou Mansion will take it to heart The Gu family didn t care about her marriage, and they didn t help inquire about Tan Sanye s case., obviously unwilling to care about anything.As soon as Gu Mingwan finished speaking, he heard a loud noise outside, and then Mrs.

What Meng said is the truth, the master has no chance to become an official Earned some money Now that the children are grown up Can they get up to a higher level by getting married Those children from famous families with big families and big businesses can t climb up, but Tan Shangshu has always been clean, and his family s situation is not good What s more, the third master of the Tan family Even though he served as the general banner, he was stretched to see how much he wore and spent, otherwise he would not have concealed Tan Shangshu s intention to open a shop outside.The master saw the opportunity and took Tan Zigeng to drink twice , and settled the matter.Gu Chongyi frowned slightly Since Chongwen and Tan Zigeng are so close, why did you go to the door to mention this marriage before Tan Shang wrote it Meng lowered her oros cbd gummies katie couric eyes Master Hou has a big face, so everyone looks good.He has betrayed my trust, the emperor thought for a moment and raised his eyes, Did he find clues to the real matter of Lin Temple Qiao Song said There is no direct evidence.The emperor s eyes were cold From Yulin Wei When it comes to Daning, after all, the target is Northern Xinjiang, and the soldiers and horses who want to control the northern guards can enter Beijing to force the palace at any time in the future.Speaking of this, the emperor coughed involuntarily with an itchy throat.Huang Chang stepped forward immediately Tianjia, you have to take care of yourself.After saying that, the palace people immediately stepped forward to serve.Qiao Song also bowed The emperor s holy body is important.The emperor coughed for a long time, and finally heaved a sigh of relief Go and investigate, no matter who is caught, they will be put in prison for careful interrogation.My lord, what are you looking at Gu Mingzhu noticed that Mr.Wei s gaze was a little wandering, and wondered if he had thought of some clues.Wei Yuanchen didn t speak.Gu cbd gummies tsa legal best cbd gummies to quit smoking reviews Mingzhu said Look at his yard, there are a lot of people around, HCMUSSH oros cbd gummies katie couric and it s easy to hide his whereabouts when people are mixed together.You have to keep an eye on them these days, otherwise he might slip away.Wei Yuanchen knew that in this regard She knows best.Wei Yuanchen said It s not easy to slip under your nose.Gu Mingzhu said with a smile How can I compare with adults, adults have good eyes, and you can tell if it s true or not.Wei Yuanchen looked Xiang Gu Mingzhu You didn t tell Master Gu and Mrs.Lin that they were walking outside because you were afraid that the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion would be implicated because of your investigation cbd gummies tsa legal best cbd gummies to quit smoking reviews Master Wei had never asked her this before, Gu Mingzhu thought for a moment and said Everyone must have some means to save their lives, my lord, don oros cbd gummies katie couric t you think so If I were as powerful as Mr.After a moment, the girl raised her eyes.Gu Mingzhu said Thank you for your help, sir.Is your excellency injured Clear eyes were full of concern.Wei Yuanchen wanted to shake his head, but under such gaze, he couldn t help but groaned, and then frowned slightly.Seeing this, the girl immediately jumped out of his arms like a little rabbit, and went around to check behind him.Wei Yuanchen was a bit annoyed, he put away his empty hands, and if he gains something, he loses it.It seems that he didn t grasp the fire well, and he didn t think well enough, but then he felt a hand lightly on his shoulder Kneading, the slightly disappointed mood just now disappeared immediately.Gu Mingzhu looked carefully, and Master Wei was indeed injured.Although the wound could not be seen, the clothes on his shoulders were already soaked in blood.Should my wife take him to Beijing I found that there are many things that I haven t asked my father in law for advice.Chapter 378 Old Father s Worrying about Mrs.Lin, she was stunned for a long time, wondering why Master Hou suddenly thought of his father.Mrs.Lin said It s freezing and snowy right now, and there are so many things going on in the clan, how can father escape and come to the capital Gu Chongyi also thought about it Then I will ask my family to pick it up when the weather is warmer.Father in law must be very worried about oros cbd gummies katie couric Madam., I can still hug the little ones when I arrive in Beijing, and Zhuzhu is still close to my father, so I will feel more comfortable when I let my father take him to the Zhuangzi to play.Mrs.Lin bent slightly when she thought of the scene when she was reunited with her father.She told her grandmother that she would go to the embroidery village to see embroidery samples., but quietly left the mother in law in the embroidered village and went to the calligraphy and painting shop.Who knew that the mother in law found that she was missing and looked around.She was afraid that her mother in law would sue her grandmother, so she wanted to return to the embroidery village through the back door without anyone noticing, and almost bumped into her mother in law.Fortunately, someone rode over at that time and just blocked her.At that time, she looked back while running, and vaguely remembered a young boy straddling a horse.The boy was wearing a long robe, and just looking at his back made him feel quiet and immature.Could it be Mr.Wei Gu Mingzhu looked at Wei Yuanchen, and it was difficult to put the two figures together, but there was a big difference between when Lord Wei was in prison and now, so she didn t recognize him at first when he was in Shanxi.

Wei Yuanchen sat down After getting down, Pei Shangqing poured a cup of tea and put it in front of Wei Yuanchen It seems that the result is not bad, so I congratulate the third master.Wei Yuanchen thought about the situation just now, and the smile on his face gradually faded No She said she was afraid she would miss it, but said she was afraid of shocking her.Sincerity is as good as gold and stone, Pei Shangqing said, Third Master will impress Miss Gu with his sincerity.Wei Yuanchen picked up the teacup, Gan Xiang The hot tea entered his throat, gradually calming his mind.Pei Shangqing smiled and refilled another cup, and when most of the incense in the incense burner was burned, Wei Yuanchen said again There is one more thing that I haven t mentioned to my husband.Pei Shangqing nodded The third master is worried about himself.Gu Mingwan said Seeing that it is the Lantern Festival, my mother asked me to Follow grandma to the mansion to see if there is anything else I can do oros cbd gummies katie couric pure herbal cbd gummies to help.Gu Mingwan said and looked at Gu Mingzhu I just found out that the beads are all ready, and this year the lanterns in the mansion are very beautiful.Mrs.Lin smiled and said Zhuzhu is used to playing with these playthings.Gu Mingwan said I heard that the plum blossoms on the lantern were also painted by Zhuzhu Gu Mingzhu nodded I drew it with Zou Xiang.While painting the lantern, he caught up with Mr.Wei Come here and light a few strokes on the lantern.Thinking of Mr.Wei, Gu Mingzhu couldn t help thinking, Mr.Wei has been out of Beijing for seven days, so it s time to come back now The emperor has always been afraid of the Wei family, and Wei Long is often watched around the Wei mansion.Okay.Cui Zhen still has his own rules, Gu Chongyi nodded You just need to understand, the Zhang family has been in Guangzhou for many years, there are many things that you probably don t know, since you don t know, don t step into it just because of your in laws.Cui Zhen His expression was slightly condensed, but he quickly dismissed it cbd gummies tsa legal best cbd gummies to quit smoking reviews invisible My uncle doesn t approve of the imperial court opening the sea After all, he is the man who commands hundreds of thousands of troops.From his few words, he can see his thoughts.Gu Chongyi didn t nod Advanced The door, talk slowly when you have time.Gu Chongyi went to the main house to change clothes, and the steward came to invite Cui Zhen to the main room, and Cui Zhen was about to walk forward when he saw a small figure wandering outside the green bamboo forest.Zhang heard the movement and took Qing girl and Mrs.Jiang to Mrs.Zhang s yard.Mrs.Jiang was happy She confessed to Mrs.Zhang about the process of setting the blame, but Mrs.Zhang forbade them to speak out, because Aunt Sun was about to give birth, and the heirs of Lord Hou were the most important, and the child was innocent, and they had to wait until the child fell to the ground before punishing the biological mother, so they made excuses Lock Mama Jiang in the yard, and let girl Qing go back to serve Aunt Sun.Zou Lin said with a long sigh Who knew that Aunt Sun gave birth early that night, and the baby was still angry when oros cbd gummies katie couric she was born, but It will be gone cbd gummies tsa legal best cbd gummies to quit smoking reviews in a few hours.No matter how calm Cui Zhen was, he couldn t help but look dark at this moment, he thought of the children he had died in infancy, Aunt Zhao committed suicide, and Aunt Sun s child was not kept.He had expected that what happened in the prison was not that simple.Wei Yuanchen said None of those people can escape.In the blink of an eye, there was a layer of frost on his eyebrows.Gu Mingzhu said My lord, let s drink tea Those things are over.Even if everything happened again, it was their turn to kill the Quartet.She didn t care about all the things back then, and she didn t want to make Master Wei feel sad because of her.Gu Mingzhu didn t know how to comfort Master Wei, she looked at the small box eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus cbd gummies tsa legal on the table, took out a jujube and a few goji berries from the box, thought for a while and put a big dried longan.Jujube nourishes the middle and Qi, wolfberry nourishes the kidney and blood, longan is strong oros cbd gummies katie couric nourishes the heart and spleen.The girl talked about these treasures.Wei Yuanchen watched her put more and more in the tea bowl, the girl seemed still dissatisfied, and took a few slices of hawthorn from the box before nodding.After coming out of Huaiyuan Hou s mansion, my sister in law should have noticed something strange, so she begged her to come to Cui s house together.To slow down the current situation.The mother in charge was clever, and immediately took out a half sized box.When the box was opened, there was a thick stack of prescriptions.From these prescriptions, we could see the hard work of Mrs.Zhang s pregnancy.Shen Shi was trying to persuade Cui Zhen to talk to my sister in law well, and even if something happened, oros cbd gummies katie couric she should take care of the flesh and blood in her stomach, but a voice suddenly broke in.Madam s child is precious, our child is also a human life, and it is also the flesh and blood of Lord Hou, Aunt Sun couldn t help crying, Madam, why did you ask Mother Jiang to kill my child Mrs.Shen Surprised, she turned her head to look at Mrs Zhang, Mrs Zhang s face was pale, her eyes were only looking at Cui Zhen, she seemed unable to listen to what others said.

Zou Lin s spirit seemed to HCMUSSH oros cbd gummies katie couric be particularly good, and he was completely free from yesterday s weakness.Gu Mingzhu s heart sank, but she was afraid of being seen by others, so she walked towards Zou Lin with a smile.Chapter 418 Anxin Gu Mingzhu walked up to Zou cbd gummies w melatonin Linshi Why doesn t Auntie take a rest Zou Linshi smiled all over his face I think the prescription that the eldest lady gave me this time is very useful, and I feel very refreshed in the morning Alright, I really want to go out and walk around, just now I walked around the garden, and I didn t feel tired, so I asked Brother Xiang to shoot arrows for me.Zou Lin looked lovingly at Zou Xiang who was not far away, Zou Xiang shot an arrow and hit the bull s eye.Zhuzhu.Zou Linshi has always been very polite, and rarely calls Gu Mingzhu so affectionately.In addition to the practice of the case, it is also for the sake of Zhuzhu.After saying this, Mo Yangming stood up It s getting late, the Taoist will come again tomorrow.Gu Chongyi thanked Mo Zhenren, and sent Mo Zhenren out of the main room.When the two walked out, Gu Chongyi saw the little boy hiding under the wall.small figure.Zhuzhu.Gu Chongyi called out.Seeing that he couldn t hide, the figure stood up and walked forward.Daddy, I m going to see Master off.Gu Mingzhu said with a smile on her face, and followed Mo Yangming out.Seeing his daughter running with her skirt lifted, Gu Chongyi shook his head.After her daughter recovered from her illness, she became more and more naughty.After sending Mo Yangming out, Gu Mingzhu returned to the main room.Gu Chongyi was flipping through the military books on the table, which were all handwritten by his father back then, and many of them were related to the Navy.It doesn t matter if the six palaces are chaotic, it will inevitably involve the previous dynasty.The queen is still the queen of the Great Zhou.It is my responsibility leva naturals cbd gummies to advise you, if it is not convenient for you to come forward, return the book treasure to the empress, and let the empress stabilize the harem, even if the imperial concubine empress complains, the empress can also block it for you, and then you only need to send Taking back the treasure is diamond cbd gummies reviews oros cbd gummies katie couric an explanation to the imperial concubine and the previous court.The emperor slapped the imperial case with his palm when he heard this, What does she mean The sharp words were like a sharp weapon piercing his heart.Huang Chang dared not speak.The emperor s face turned livid Dare to talk to me like this, I don t think she has been taught a lesson yet, what face does she have to return the queen s treasure Does the Wei family think that he is still the king of Lu who needs the support of the Wei family He already had loyal courtiers by his side, firmly holding the imperial power in his hands.The snow in the courtyard has not been cleaned up, and the oros cbd gummies katie couric lanterns in the courtyard have not been lit.The mansion was almost silent and no sound could be heard.The people in the whole palace were like frightened birds, waiting for the sharp weapon that was about to fall on their heads.After King Huai was imprisoned in the mansion, the servants in the mansion were called out for questioning from time to time.Some of them came back, but some never heard from them again.The old steward who was beaten to death said Everyone will die, everyone will die.Everyone knows what the old steward oros cbd gummies katie couric means.No one is left alive.The next day the old steward soaked his head in the water basin and drowned himself alive.Many servants in the mansion went to see it.There was not much water in the basin.The old steward could lift his head from the water basin at any time.It is true that he was framed.Lin Sizhen, the war horse, and the framing of the prince had cbd gummies jolly green oil nothing to cbd gummies tsa legal best cbd gummies to quit smoking reviews do with him, and the Liang family did not plot against Mr.Zhao.General.Please, he begged Wei Yuanchen, tell my father for me, those things have nothing to do with me.Wei Yuanchen shook his head If you don t find out the real culprit behind the scenes, everything will be impossible to verify, but maybe those people will If you attack the prince, then the prince will have a chance to save himself.It may be the last hope, would you like it King Huai s palms were sweating, his teeth were chattering, but he held back, he saw someone waving at him.He waved his hand, and then he made a decision and walked out of the room In the palace.The emperor got up and prepared to go to the morning court.As usual, he would first look at the government affairs to be discussed in the morning court today.But we all ignored one point, except Huai Other than the Wang and Liang families, there are still people who benefited from it, that is Tan Dingfang who defended the pass, and it oros cbd gummies katie couric is also because of that war that the emperor valued Tan Dingfang.Chen Weicheng s actions in the Ministry of War, including secretly allocating military funds, can also be that he obeyed Tan Dingfang According to Chen Weicheng s orders, Chen Weicheng is terminally ill, and takes all the blame on himself, so that no one will question Tan Dingfang anymore.There are so many things happening in the Ministry of War.As the Minister of the Ministry of War, he really doesn t know anything Tan Dingfang is such an incompetent person in the emperor s heart The emperor s eyes slowly turned blood red, he was silent for a while, concealing his rapid and heavy breathing, and said Bring Tan Dingfang into the palace, I will ask him personally.

It may be that this person put on light armor and mixed among their people.While he was talking to Gu Chongyi, he quietly approached and threw the firearm.Now this person wants to dismiss him again.Take the opportunity to play tricks and bring men and horses to surround him from behind, and deal with the men and horses he brought out, making him unable to come back.I ll kill you first.Qiu Hai raised his sword and stabbed at oros cbd gummies katie couric the man.Gu Chongyi could vaguely see Wei Congzhi who was being chased and fled by Qiu Hai.This shameless thing, while he was shouting at Qiu Hai, quietly went over and fired a cannon.What would people think of him when it got out Conspiracy and tricks are omnipotent His reputation for frankness was suddenly wiped out.It s fine now, and Qiu Hai chased the crap out of him.Tan Dingfang said I am the Minister of the Ministry of War, and I must do my own work well at all times.He is the Minister of the Ministry of War, and the guards, soldiers and horses of the Great Zhou are all in his heart, even if something goes wrong, he will do it No guesses, how to do it is more beneficial to the master.If he left, it would mean that he did not recruit himself, and the imperial court would let people take over the various guards as quickly as possible.If he didn t leave, the case was in doubt, and it was about to go to the tribunal for trial.Over the years, many of the generals he had installed had won the trust of the emperor.Without solid evidence, the emperor was reluctant to take them all down.With such a big case, who oros cbd gummies katie couric pure herbal cbd gummies knows what the outcome will be after the trial.The emperor has always been jealous of the Wei family.Concubine De has a delicate appearance, full of talent, and a soft temperament.She rarely has any conflicts with others.When she first entered the palace, she was not summoned by the emperor., I still can t remember that the daughter of this great Confucian is still in his harem.The emperor and the great Confucianists were still interested in discussing morality, so they summoned Concubine De, and Concubine De also began to be kind from then on.However, although Concubine De is both talented and beautiful, the emperor s love for her is still not as good as that of Concubine Gui.Afterwards, Concubine De was only a small concubine even if she gave birth to the fifth prince.In this noisy harem, Concubine De seems to be an insignificant existence.The fifth prince she gave birth to is also weak and sick.It s a pity, it s only one step away, but this time when he returns to Northern Xinjiang, he will start to straighten out his soldiers and horses.He can feel that Wei Yuanchen and the others have found clues.caught off guard.Is there any news from the Zhang family and Qiu Hai yet Didn t the uncle deliver a letter Zheng Ruzong looked at the cronies beside him.No, said the friend, there has been no movement.Not quite right, Zheng Ruzong sensed danger, and it was easy for Da er to send some news to him.No matter what the situation is, it shows that the situation is very tense.Let s go overnight, Zheng Ruzong made up his mind, it s not easy to be found at night.They are in the dark, and they can escape by the moonlight.Although there are many soldiers and horses in the court, they don t know where they are, so there is nothing they can do Zheng Ruzong made a decision to go to Yanqing Guard overnight, but for the sake of caution, they would not go directly to the guard, they would go around and then inform the lieutenant guarding the guard.Li next to her continued, There is something we need to do right now.Mrs.Yuan was stunned What s the matter Mrs.Li said solemnly Marriage, Brother Chen s marriage.Chapter 467 When the master heard Mrs.Tai mentioning Brother Chen s marriage, Mrs.Yuan couldn t help but stand there in a daze.Brother Chen didn t seem to have any plans to get married.Mom, Mrs.Yuan said, are you the one who has something in mind Which girl, have I met Mrs.Li suppressed the urge to laugh.Her daughter in law is good at everything, but she is too honest.If she didn t mention something about the things in front of her, she wouldn t think about it, not to mention the two children Chen and Zhuzhu were so alert, and if they wanted to wait for their daughter in law to find out, they might have already exchanged notes with the Gu family by then.Chapter 487 Practical Gu Mingzhu looked at Chu Jiu s appearance, and the sadness shrouded in her heart also dissipated a oros cbd gummies katie couric little.Is Chu Jiu really the guard next to Master Wei She was afraid that when Lord Wei came back from the war, she would find that Chu Jiu had become her maid.Wouldn t that be a bad idea After all, cultivating a family will take more than ten years of hard work Chu Jiu, Gu Mingzhu said, Just use some more rouge.Chu Jiu hastily refused That s not acceptable.Gu Mingzhu said The rouge made of safflower juice is very suitable for you.Jiu shook his head solemnly, as if resisting to the death.Gu Mingzhu said can i bring cbd gummies to philippines Have you prepared this suit for a oros cbd gummies katie couric long time You always carry it with you on weekdays Otherwise, how could you take it out so quickly.Chu Jiu would not lie in front of his master, and subconsciously said The last time I helped the young miss to pretend to be a ghost in Cheng s house After saying this, Chu Jiu covered her mouth.

Zhou Rujun is so innocent, she lost her life just because of her marriage contract with him, but he has always hated that Zhou family from the bottom of his heart, and felt that burying her in the Cui family s ancestral grave gave her enough face.There is actually no difference between her mother and Cui Wei.No wonder Wei Yuanchen wanted to take his and Cui Wei s lives.Cui Zhen thought of Zou Xiang s eyes when he looked at him, full of hatred and disgust, he planted the cause first, and then got the result.The Cui family and him can have today, in addition oros cbd gummies katie couric to Cui Wei and Liang Wang s plan, he is also the chief culprit.Cui Zhen was about to put away the letter, but saw Long Jinwei Qianhu next to him cast his gaze at him.The emperor sent Long Jinwei Qianhu to follow him back to cbd gummies cute Datong, saying it was to help him stabilize the situation in Datong, but in fact he had suspicions about him.Liang Wang Yingwu and Renshan secretly control Liaodong, and they can make Wu Liangha willing to serve him.If they can make great contributions when King Liang ascended the throne, they will .

where can i buy green ape cbd gummies?

be able to get more care in the future.King Liang promised to hand over the fifteen cities of Liaodong to the Li family.In the future, King Liang will help him and his descendants succeed to the throne.Secure the throne.It s worth the risk to get these.Li Zhao thought about closing his eyes and slowly falling asleep.After sleeping for an unknown amount of time, Li Zhao felt a biting chill enveloped him.He moved uncomfortably.The cold feeling became more and more obvious, especially on his neck, which was cold and itchy No, it was painful, as if he had been cut by something.Li Zhao stretched out his hand to touch his neck, and what his fingertips touched seemed to be something similar to iron.Gu Chongyi said What .

what should i feel from cbd gummy?

are you still doing here Wei Yuanchen handed over the document The imperial court ordered me to return to Beijing with my uncle.Looking at the words on the document, Gu Chongyi s eyelids jumped up again, and he couldn t push him away, he couldn t hide Can t escape.Although Gu Chongyi didn t want to admit diamond cbd gummies reviews oros cbd gummies katie couric it, but in the current situation, his pearls probably won t be able to be kept, and they will be snatched away The news of King Liang being captured alive spread to Beijing.The atmosphere in the Hall of Mental Cultivation burst into jubilation.Liang Wang was arrested, and the overall situation was finally settled.The elders have not closed their eyes all the time, everyone is waiting for the result in the palace, and now they are all relieved.Empress Wei smiled and said It s been hard these days, everyone.Mrs.Zhang looked a little crazy I want to go out and have a look, I m going to have a look.She has to see it with her own eyes to believe it.The mother in law looked cold Outside they are welcoming the soldiers who have returned from victory.What are you going to do, madam Don t forget about the things about your mother s family, madam.After saying this, the mother oros cbd gummies katie couric in law set her eyes on Zhang s belly.She was thinner, but as she grew older, her belly began to swell, and she was a little pregnant My maidservant advises Madam to rest assured that this is the last way out for Madam.Mrs.Zhang still refused to give up, and tried her best to think about it.To push away the mother in law.The mother in law was impatient Ma am, don t make things difficult for the slaves.Master Hou told the elders in the clan that if Madam can listen to persuasion, she can serve Madam and give birth to the child in her womb.Long up.He fell asleep.Looking at that handsome face, Gu Mingzhu felt extremely at ease in eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus cbd gummies tsa legal her heart Chu Jiu, who was lying on the roof, reached out and poked Liu Su, then winked her eyes.What should they do next Lying here all the time But, it s very cold here.Chapter 534 Too late for Yongping Mansion.After Wei Yuanchen captured King Liang alive, the news quickly spread to northern Xinjiang, and the army of Liang King s party was in turmoil.Cui Zhen took the opportunity to lead his troops out of the city and repelled the rebels for fifty miles.Cui Zhen was seriously injured, and it took two hours for the medical staff to treat his injury properly.The two lieutenants beside Cui Zhen, one died in battle, and the other lost an arm.Regardless of the rest miracle nutritional products cbd gummies of the Cui family, Cheng Yu admired this Marquis of Dingning cannactiva cbd gummies from the bottom of his heart.I want to ask the elders of the family to come forward and take this house back.Two rooms are set aside for her to live in the yard where Mrs.Zhou lives now..The rest are surrounded by walls and separated separately.I bought it from the clan, and I will take care of it from now on.Gu Mingzhu looked far away, remembering the rules that Mrs.Zhou taught her, and always wanted to To save face in front of others, now the two sons are in deep prison, part of the property of the family has been confiscated by the court, and the rest must be returned to the clan.Even I have only two houses left to live in.The original mansion will be handed over to Uncle Qi , looking at the bustle outside the wall every day, Mrs.Zhou will spend her days in resentment and cannot be relieved.This is a great punishment for Mrs.

The imperial doctor looked at the wounds on Cui Zhen s body, the blood seeping through layers of cloth towels, he couldn t help but become serious, he didn t expect Marquis Dingning to suffer so many injuries.The imperial doctor said Your Majesty should take a good rest, so as not to leave a legacy.No matter how good the body is, it can t stand the toss anymore.Cui Zhen let out a hmm , as if he heard itin the yard.Zou Xiang was still in the stride, sweat dripped down his chin, his body didn t move a bit, especially today, he practiced two minutes more than yesterday.Zou Xiang, Gu Mingzhu waved, come and have a rest Zou Xiang didn t move.Gu Mingzhu looked at Wei Yuanchen, Wei Sanye didn t seem to see Gu Mingzhu s gaze, but the next moment he said Zou Xiang can do it, haste makes waste.Zou Xiang slowly straightened up.His last filial piety to his mother is to send her away.At the moment of his mother, he was no longer Cui Lin s son, but Cui Zhen, Marquis of Dingning.When Lin Qicheng heard this, he knew that he didn t need to reach out for help.Cui Zhen thought it over clearly and handled it properly.Cui Lin, no, since she was expelled from the genealogy by Cui, now she should be called Lin.Lin is a fool from beginning to end.The younger brother, youngest son, glory, wealth and honor she cared about are all gone.Mrs.Lin and Cui s family members also came to offer incense sticks.Mrs.Lin looked at Cui Zhen with concern Brother Zhen, you have to take care of yourself.Cui Zhen bowed and said, Don t worry, auntie I won t keep my grandfather, uncle, and aunt.Madam Lin nodded, and Cui Zhen let When people come to the mansion to send news, they say that the funeral should be kept simple, and there is no need to come to express condolences, especially the younger generation in the family, which cbd gummies hialeah fl means to avoid saluting to the elder sister.Gu Mingzhu followed Mrs.Lin s wishes and walked into the room together.She could see that her mother was very nervous, afraid of where It doesn t seem to be perfect.The two walked into Gu Mingzhu s boudoir.Mrs.Lin looked at the red sleeved gown on the hanger, oros cbd gummies katie couric and couldn t help but tighten her daughter s hand, feeling joyful and reluctant at the same time.I have to make up the house tonight.My uncle will go to worship the ancestral temple tomorrow morning.You have to get liquid gold cbd gummies review up and wash your hands at that time.Then Mrs.Quanfu will come.Mrs.Lin looked at Zhuzhu with a smile, Don t panic, mother will help you arrange it.Good.Gu Mingzhu nodded.After Madam Lin finished speaking and looked at the things in the room, she finally felt relieved I will take a break earlier, and I will be busy all day tomorrow.I ll forget it, Feng Anping said, I ll just deliver the news for you.Gu Ziyan smiled and shook his head.Cousin Feng is good at everything but he s too timid, so he didn t force it.Gu Ziyan said Then Cousin Feng will watch from the side.Let s see how he deals with the Wei family.With the sound of ceremony and music, the courtyard of Huaiyuan Hou s Mansion was full of joy, and the children rushed to step on the heights to look out, wanting to see the groom s demeanor first.First, he saw Wei Yuanchen on horseback, wearing gorgeous auspicious clothes, taking advantage oros cbd gummies katie couric of his unparalleled charm.After looking around like this for a long time, everyone turned their attention to the others.There are a lot of people here.The Wei family s welcoming team seemed to have no end in sight, and they didn t know how many people came with them.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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