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The gunshots disappeared temporarily, and after a while, the British soldiers who were lying on the ground raised their heads quietly, then stood up carefully, and moved forward carefully Wang Weiyi laughed, and the Bergman MP18 submachine gun showed the fangs of death Suddenly A long string of tongues of flame spewed out, sweeping the enemy like a whirlwind.Under the short and violent attack of the charge, the British army dropped a few corpses, turned around and ran towards their barracks.But this was only the beginning, and immediately, the heavy machine guns of the British army launched a retaliatory attack.The bullets rained down here, and Wang Weiyi and Guo Yunfeng couldn t look up at all.Under the cover of heavy machine guns, the British army regrouped more than 20 people and began to charge here.The British captured one tank, and then with the help of the surrendering British tankers, three more tanks surrendered.They were completely destroyed during wellness nutrition cbd gummies the attack.The British are going crazy.The details are in the intelligence.Please Bring it to Major Nicholas immediately.Wang Weiyi s serious expression made the Germans who were in charge of responding dare not neglect in the slightest, and immediately left here in a hurry with the information.Although the two false information were sent out, Wang Weiyi was not at ease at all.We must wait until the farmer, otherwise there is a possibility of exposure.He was sure that unless something irreversible happened, the farmer would not come.In the joints of spies in this era, the timing is often impossible to be so accurate.Sometimes in order to meet a target, the connector will even wait for several days in place.To my surprise, they all agreed HCMUSSH paleo vegan cbd gummies to come to Berlin to testify for cbd gummies means Baron Alexson When it came to this, Felix said Please allow me to express a German s respect for you, Lieutenant Colonel Rosen.You have nothing to criticize in your conduct, no matter what kind of ending you face, you are an upright gentleman.Thank you, Lord Marquis.Lieutenant Colonel Rosen didn t seem to think it was a big deal Let me tell you what happened that day in detail He said everything that happened that day carefully.How the Germans suddenly launched .

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an artillery attack, how Ernst Brehm s troops took the positions defended by the 43rd Battalion, how he and his companions were wounded, and how Ernst Brehm promised them pleaded, and personally escorted them back I praise God from the bottom of my heart that we have met Baron Alexon.Elena turned her head When leaving, he suddenly said to Bi Mengai s body Bi Mengai, I changed my mind, I promise I won t think of you in the future Bi Mengai s body fell heavily to the ground.A gust of wind blew in, flipping the book, and finally stopped on that page.There was a line written on that page It was the best of times, it was also the worst of times Guo, your weapon Manstein threw the gun to Guo Yunfeng, and there were two corpses lying on the ground, the unfortunate Corporal Maloof and Private Sakovich.They never figured out what was going on until they died.Where are we going now Guo Yunfeng asked loudly after taking the gun.We have to do something.Major Ernst is waiting for us.Although he couldn t understand the other party s Mandarin, Manstein still said loudly, and threw two grenades at Guo Yunfeng Guo, here Those French guys look good Another aerial bomb fell, and it exploded not far from them, and the huge air wave made Manstein and the others lie down on the ground in a hurry, waiting for them to get up At the time, a bright red plane roared past arrogantly.He was the son of an Irishman who was a sea captain, and had been born in Tippershire.In fact, he was the illegitimate child of a Russian woman and a Viennese Jewish doctor, born in a small town near Odessa, Russia.Because of his Jewish ancestry, Riley left his mother very early and went out to do business to make a living.He went to Moscow and St.Petersburg, and then went to Brazil with the immigrant ship that developed South America.A few years later, he went from Brazil to London, England.He married a young and wealthy widow in London.Soon he took his wife back to Russia and lived in Petersburg.At this time, Riley was already engaged in intelligence activities for the British Intelligence Service.Only then did Wang Weiyi know that this super spy originally worked for the British.Shortly after returning to Russia, Riley got acquainted with Akashi Akashi, the itinerant military attache stationed in Russia by Japan.Baron Bram arrives.Accompanied by Depusey s long list of paleo vegan cbd gummies titles, there was applause in the huge living room.Wang Weiyi really did not expect so many guests to come.The beautiful and charming Countess Leonie, who is full of temptation and beauty, Today is more and more radiant.Those female guests standing there are completely setting off the amazing beauty of the countess.Wang Weiyi also has to admit the beauty of the countess.It is full of huge lethality in front of any man Baron Alexon, you are welcome.Countess Leonie walked over with a charming smile Today is my birthday party, so I took the liberty of inviting you to Berlin.I don t think the occasional slack will delay you from continuing to build for Germany on the battlefield.meritorious service.Birthday Countess s birthday Wang Weiyi was a little embarrassed Countess, I really didn t know that today is your birthday.Maybe there is some secret hidden here In the past thirty five years, any secrets have been hidden Wang Weiyi smiled This is a Russian secret, not to mention that we are soldiers, not detectives, murderers or anything else.cause of their death.It has nothing to do with us.Having said that, Wang Weiyi still maintains a certain degree of curiosity about this mysterious manor full of death.Guo Yunfeng, Stark and several other soldiers carried a lot of firewood.They have to rely on them to keep warm at night Stark, who didn t hear Wang Weiyi s conversation with them, pointed outside Hey, Major, we just found a few corpses, all turned into skeletons.Skull Commando Looks like we ve come to the right place.This remark caused a burst of laughter.They are elites golden bee cbd gummies in the German army, and they are never afraid of any mysterious and weird things Come on, everyone, hurry up and rest, Stecker, Bon Cray, you are in paleo vegan cbd gummies charge The police alert in the first half of paleo vegan cbd gummies the night Wang Weiyi didn t want to waste his energy on these boring things.He told Wang Weiyi all the information here, and then asked, Major Ernst, what are you going to do with these supplies what you think Wang Weiyi asked back.Colonel Sergey was a little embarrassed I don t think you can bring back everything here Why should I bring it back Wang Weiyi smiled These are war supplies, in my opinion, destroying them all would be the best choice.Colonel Sergey s complexion changed instantly.It s terrible, it s really terrible.It s okay if the other party just wants to go back with some trophies, but they actually want to destroy them all How can I explain to my superiors Not to mention my status, even my own life may not be saved.General Kashanov is anxiously waiting for the batch of life saving shells at the front Ah, yes, the cruel winter is coming, The winter supplies of the frontline soldiers are all stored here Are you scared Colonel Wang Weiyi asked with a smile.Major, come here to take a look.Follow Adolf.Hitler s voice, Wang Weiyi saw the corpse of a Russian police officer, lying on the ground with his eyes wide open.Sergey recognized the body, he belonged to Colonel Fritojak.Hitler searched the corpse for a while, and found something.He stood up solemnly, and handed the thing to Wang Weiyi Major, look.It was a skull badge, and Wang Weiyi held it in his hand.Slightly trembling, he took it, then flipped it over, and he can you take cbd gummies on a airplane paleo vegan cbd gummies saw a person s name written on the back of the badge Sami.This is the skull badge that belonged to Sammy, and Sammy is dead.Wang Weiyi put the badge away, and he told Hitler softly Don t tell other people, let them all think that Sami is still alive, man, hope is better than complete despair.179.Early morning Breakthrough people always have hope.

Trade war for peace, although we don t want to see it, but when our enemies force us to do so, we must also meet such a challenge The German Empire is fearless, and the German people are also fearless.There is only one Germany in Europe, and there is only one Germany in the world One Germany One Germany A crazier voice sounded with His Majesty s speech.Wang Weiyi watched all this calmly, and did not join the cheering crowd.However, the voice of the German emperor still reached his ears Now, please allow me to pay tribute to the soldiers who are fighting on the front line and have created one victory after another for their country.A moment of silence for the proud and sacrificed soldiers of Germany The cheering stopped, and every German bowed his head quietly.Among them, Wang Weiyi was also included.What if one day you become the commander of the Luftwaffe When Wang Weiyi No Wang Weiyi also said a word no There is one person who can do it, and that is you Ernst, you really know how to joke, how can one person shoot down so many enemy planes Richthofen didn t believe this at all.What if one day you become the commander of the Luftwaffe When Wang WeiyiAfter asking this sentence, Richthofen was stunned again Commander of the Luftwaffe God, I never thought about it.His greatest ideal is to command a flying brigade, that s enough Ernst was probably joking with himself Don t you think you eagle hemp cbd gummies 750 mg can do it Wang Weiyi s voice There is no joke at all At where to purchase cbd gummies locally that time, you will be able to command thousands of planes and destroy the enemy in the blue sky You can destroy a hundred or two hundred planes by yourself, but when you lead the whole world The German air force can destroy dozens or cbd gummies legal in north carolina hundreds of times more aircraft Me Richthofen murmured, Ernst, what you said may be right, but I don t think paleo vegan cbd gummies I can be Commander of the Air Force in Germany You can, you can, because you are the Red Baron Although Wang Weiyi said so, he himself was not sure.But if he fails, he will not hesitate to order a retreat.Udine is completely a place that can be abandoned in his plan.Once the battle fails, General Cadorna will order him The troops retreated all the way to the Piawei River along Palmanova and San Dona.With his personality, he would not care about Udine.Then our chance has come.Wang Weiyi pursed his lips and thought for a while When retreating, they can retreat like this, but if there is a chance to counterattack, Udine will become a nail in the enemy s way forward.Elena was a little confused Ernst, do you think the enemy will counterattack Italy is not fighting alone.Wang Weiyi smiled bitterly They still have the support of the British and French.If we have Enough railways and cars to transport troops, the Battle of Caporetto will be a decisive battle, which can even make the Italians surrender, but unfortunately we don t have to consider retreating when our troops are exhausted Udine will become a very important strategic point.Just turn around and run backwards.The officers ran first, followed by the soldiers, and the whole scene was chaoticwhile the German paleo vegan cbd gummies artillery shells kept chasing after them The paleo vegan cbd gummies first attack time was very short, even shorter than The Italians had already retreated before General Vogel s cup of English black tea had time to brew They lost about forty soldiers General Bivorge couldn t laugh or cry, what is this ah Now, he finally knew why the Italians were so incompetent on the battlefield.General Bivorge didn t want to listen to the explanations of the Italian officers at all.Instead of allowing them to rest, he ordered the Italians to re enter the offensive immediately in a tough tone Italians under persecution.I had no choice but to hold the rifle, and launched a second charge to the enemy s position in fear This time there was no mortar bombing, which made the Italians a little more courageous.Gun butts were fired, and two hundred people were killed in one hour.The battle so far has killed Liu Zhouji, the battalion commander of the 151st regiment, Qiang Zhaofu, the commander of the 151st regiment, and Xie Guji, the commander of the 152nd regiment.The death rate of officers is even higher than that of our 18th divisionBut those Sichuan soldiers are just fighting in the big field.To be honest, I can t guess how they persisted.Wang Weiyi nodded.The 26th Division of the Sichuan Army fought fiercely and tenaciously, but the casualties were too great Yes, but if I want to complete the mission of the base, I .

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paleo vegan cbd gummies must contact the 26th Division.Wang Weiyi thought for a while Ouyang, go to patrol the position, in case the Japanese army sneaks up paleo vegan cbd gummies at night.I ll go to rest for a while.Yes When he came to a place where no one was around, Wang Weiyi opened the connection with Xiaoling Xiao Ling Ling, can you give me a batch of equipment Prepare to reinforce the 26th Division and complete the task of defending the big field Xiao Ling said unhurriedly Now I can t give you the equipment without anyone noticing, but there is a way, at the Tahe Bridge , there is a Japanese army s temporary armory on the battlefield, which is newly delivered weapons and ammunition by the Japanese army, and there is unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus a small team guarding it.From Sanhuqiao to Li s homeowner s position, the two troops fought bloody battles, holding back the advance of the Japanese army.Time and time again, even the Japanese army forgot how many times they had launched attacks, but the opposite position was like a fortress of iron and steel.The casualties of the squadron were justcbd cbd gummies 3000mg jar huge, but it was worth it for the entire battlefield.When the enemy s attack was repelled again, the soldiers looked very tired.They lay quietly in the position and seized the short time to take a good what is purekana cbd gummies used for rest.After a while, perhaps a more brutal battle will break out.It is now 3 o clock in the afternoon on October 27th.The time stipulated by the base is getting closer and closer, and Wang Weiyi is fully confident to stick to that time.This is cbd gummies charlottes web the first task that Wanderer has accepted in this era, and it seems that it has made a good start.It grabbed the captain s neck and pinned him to a wall.Then he asked Do you like dancing Captain R ben was stunned there, not because this Chinese could speak Japanese, but because he actually asked this question Welcome to the Death Ball Wang Weiyi said with a smile, and then plunged the bayonet forcefully into his heart the seventh Welcome to the Death Ball Every national soldier here will use the greatest enthusiasm to welcome those visiting guests.They will hold the most solemn welcome ceremony for them with bullets and bayonets.Welcome to the Death cbdfx broad spectrum cbd gummy bears Ball it s dark hours of time.The huge casualties in Xiguan made Kazushin Sugimoto unbearable.The corpses were carried out one after another, garden of life cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies for ed amazon and the death conditions were horrific.Some of them were killed by bullets, and some died by knives.Wang Weiyi has decided to devote all available troops to this counterattack.Spare no strength, one blow will kill Brothers Wang Weiyi s voice rang in the ears of the brothers The Japanese are tired, they will not attack anymore They want to wait until tomorrow when they regain their paleo vegan cbd gummies strength before attacking, but I don t want to give them this chance Just tonight, I m going to teach them the worst lesson Tell them that Chinese soldiers will attack as well It will also crush them The soldiers emotions were mobilized at once.Beat the snake, hit the seven inches, the devil s seven inches is now Wang Weiyi s voice was so inspiring No one is left behind, and all who can move will be thrown into the counterattack The mortar how many cbd gummies should i eat garden of life cbd gummies reviews fires first, the tank supports, the tank assaults, the second company, the third company, and the fourth company protect the tanks, and all the first companies get on the truck.

There are still a few days left, what are you thinking Save Gao Zhihang once like saving Richthofen But you can t do it, you can t There are no dark fighters.Little Ling, help me Wang Weiyi s voice sounded like he was pleading The National Air Force doesn t have much strength.It s a good idea to keep one more excellent pilot like Gao Zhihang.Xiao Ling was silent for a while You take care of the matter in front of you first Xiao Ling is indeed different from the past, and no longer directly refuses so coldly.Maybe this is a good start.look up.The fierce battle in the sky is still going on.However, it seems that the Chinese fighter paleo vegan cbd gummies planes have begun to gain the upper hand, and the Japanese fighter jets are somewhat embarrassed.A national fighter plane suddenly pulled up rapidly, and then condescended again Enemy plane, enemy plane Suddenly, someone shouted loudly.The water in front of Jiuhu Town is dense and the road is difficult.In addition to greatly restricting the mechanization of the Japanese army, you can also wait for opportunities Looking for an opportunity to attack them, we can go forward to the complex terrain of Jiuhu Town, and continue to launch attacks to delay their progress.Xiao Zhichu listened carefully to his words Brother, it s not like I haven find cbd gummies near me t thought about your solution.However, have you ever thought about the consequences once you give up the front position The Japanese army took advantage of the situation to pursue.Can the frontline troops be withdrawn in time Even if you follow what you said, attack all the way from the front, but it will take a very long time.High tactical literacy.One hit must be hit, the transfer must be rapid, and there must be no delay for a second.Toshio Aoki, who changed into plain how many cbd gummies should i eat garden of life cbd gummies reviews clothes, looked left and right.I m afraid that a plainclothes cbd condor gummies paleo vegan cbd gummies assassination team will suddenly appear somewhere.I can speak English and Chinese well, but I look like a Chinese in a long robe and mandarin jacket.What about the Baron Not to mention, paleo vegan cbd gummies wearing a long gown paleo vegan cbd gummies top rated cbd gummies 2022 is not much different from Chinese people, but Elena knows paleo vegan cbd gummies garden of life cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies for ed amazon that she is a foreigner at a glance.Under the strong request of Aoki Toshio, Elena was left in the residence There is no danger.There is no danger.I like it here.Wang Weiyi smiled and said in English, then pointed to the front There is a teahouse there, I like it.Toshio Aoki bravely led the baron into the teahouse and ordered two cups Tea.Watching the surroundings vigilantly.He knows this place too well.This paleo vegan cbd gummies teahouse is the favorite place for spies to stay.Seeing a few cannons is like seeing his own wife.Now, the fighting initiative in Jiangjia Village has been controlled by Wang Weiyi Is the guard 3o5 regiment coming up Come up We are passing through Jiangjia Village where the engineers bombed it Okay, tell Zhang Lingfu, isn t he going to fight Immediately build a defensive line outside Jiangjia Village to stop the Japanese support Yes Wang Weiyi, holding a paleo vegan cbd gummies top rated cbd gummies 2022 submachine gun, looked at the battlefield coldly.Now, it s time to kill the 65th Regiment Since the outbreak of the all out war between China and Japan, until now, the squadron has never wiped out a single unit of the Japanese army, but now.This miracle will be born here Because, here is a miracle created Wang Weiyi Any miracle can happen to him At this time, his subordinates strictly implemented the pre war orders.Of course, it s not complicated to figure out the context it was Baron Alexon how many cbd gummies should i eat garden of life cbd gummies reviews who gave the order to stop the bombing of Britain In view of the great reputation of the Baron Skeleton in Europe, the British government tried its best to keep this secret, but it was still discovered by all pervasive reporters.The version that is more recognized by the British people is this The baron returned to Germany, immediately became furious at the can you take cbd gummies on a airplane paleo vegan cbd gummies war behavior of the German head of state Adolf Hitler, and ordered to stop the attack, green line cbd gummies and turned his finger directly on the red Bolshevik cbd condor gummies paleo vegan cbd gummies Russia.The UK is temporarily in a safe state from now on.Long live the invincible Baron Long live Ernst, the gentleman on the battlefield From the time the Luftwaffe began bombing London to the present, although the British people have endured such bombing with more endurance than ordinary people imagined, the impact of the bombing is still obvious.At this moment, Morgan suddenly asked It s strange, Baron Alexon.On your invitation list, why is there no name of Rothschild or any Jewish consortium I don t deal with vampires.Judah policy has nothing to do with it.Wang Weiyi said lightly.When these words came out, Henry Morgan and Lawrence A satisfied smile appeared on Rockefeller s face.This is a fundamental conflict of interests.The so called fundamental interests refer not only to economic ones, but also political ones It is also the endless century old war between the so called Wasp consortium and the Jewish consortium that calls itself our group.In the United States, the Hornets are the dominant group, a group of people who really rule.The so called wasp.Meanings are white, Anglo Saxon, Protestant.For example, the Rockefeller family s ancestors were Huguenots who fled to Germany from France, while the Morgan family belonged to the Anglo Saxon Germanic people.No, it is more accurate to say that it is invested in Joe Cole s garden of life cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies for ed amazon gold stock The car is mortgaged to the bank.The house is mortgaged to the bankeverything that can be mortgaged is mortgaged to the bank money Now as long as you can turn everything into cash, you can get several times, dozens of times, or even hundreds of times in return Anyone who does not invest in the stock market is a fool But.There are still people like this fool The Jewish consortium has already sensed the HCMUSSH paleo vegan cbd gummies coming of the crisis There is no such thing as a waste of gold in the world, even if there are gold mines, if you want to process so much gold It also takes a long time to complete the finished product It is impossible for Joe Cole Company to turn so much gold out of thin air Conspiracy, this must be a huge conspiracy The our group of people group began to strictly order all members not to participate in speculation in the New York stock market, and must immediately tighten their funds.Williams and his King Rank could not afford to buy it 199 Joe Cole gold stock fell below 200 at the opening of the afternoon US dollar195190 The speed of the fall far exceeds the speed of .

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the rise.Some people began to realize that something was wrong, and at the same time began to sell Stocks170160 Gold stocks, which once rose at a frightening speed, are now falling at an even more frightening speed William Si was stunned, he couldn t think of any way to deal with it at all how so How is this possible Chaos, chaos on the New York Stock Exchange Just over an hour.Gold stocks plummet 40 per share And the downward trend cannot be stopped at all Throw Throw Williams, who finally came to his senses, yelled loudly at the top of his lungs.Rescue the loss must be saved as much as possible Mr.Williams, we have too many gold stocks in our hands, and no one wants to take them right now Mr.

Therefore, both of them strongly demanded that their high command send as much combat personnel and weapons and equipment as possible to the African battlefield.Obviously.Montgomery has an absolute advantage in this regard.The war machines of Britain and the United States were at full power, and a large number of fleets rushed across the Mediterranean Sea, paleo vegan cbd gummies bringing a large amount of weapons, equipment and logistical materials to the British army.The strength of the Eighth Army has grown day by day.Churchill told Montgomery that the X Corps was being formed and that 300 Sherman tanks were expected to be shipped from the United States to North Africa in early September.On August 30th, Rommel finally made the most difficult decision in his life that is to attack the British army.This can actually be said to be the last fight to the death.Out of sympathy for the sickly Marshal.Most of his requests for instructions were answered satisfactorily.It is really difficult for them to refuse the Marshal who fought bloody for them in Africa face to face.They promised to dispatch 3,000 people to build a road leading to the front line.At the same time, they would transport more than 7,000 tons of steel rails and sleepers to Africa as soon as possible to repair the railway that was blown up by the British army.certainly.These are only lip service promises.This road could never be built.When General Barbasiti in Tunisia received an order to send 3,000 people to repair the road, he claimed that he could only send 400 people at most, and only 100 people arrived in the end, and none of the 7,000 tons of rails and sleepers were shipped to the road.General Woodrow took out his pistol and gesticulated on his head.When the pipe was exhausted, General Woodrow put down his pipe and went out, pistol in hand.The deafening sound of guns and shouts everywhere made General Woodrow sigh What a magnificent war He saw the German troops coming from the left and right flanks, and he saw the German troops coming.tanks are appearing.General Woodrow suddenly laughed at this time, and then repeated what he said just now What a magnificent war Then, he pointed the gun at his head On October 25, 1942, at 1 55 pm, the British frontline commander, General Woodrow, took his own life with a pistol.He would rather die than become a prisoner of the enemy.He used a bullet to finish his last journey as a soldier.The moment he fell, a tank stopped in front of him., these things should end.I am Ernst Brahm, paleo vegan cbd gummies and I will command all German troops in North Africa to bring you freedom Long live the freedom of Egypt As soon as his words fell, the voice of Long live Egypt s freedom resounded through the barracks.Wang Weiyi aroused the patriotic enthusiasm of all the Egyptian mutiny soldiers with the HCMUSSH paleo vegan cbd gummies simplest sentence.They will not dare to come, as long as they can provide them with Help, that is their friend.I, Ernst Brahm, as a German military officer, in order to express the support of the whole of Germany to you, so I brought you the first batch of gifts Under Wang Weiyi s signal, Guo Yunfeng stood on the truck Weapons A truck full of iris 3 mg cbd gummies weapons and ammunition caused the Egyptian mutiny soldiers to burst into wild cheers at this HCMUSSH paleo vegan cbd gummies moment Colonel Tamusta smiled wryly.And the Indians and South Africansespecially the 6th South African Armored Vehicle Regiment, they fought in almost all the battles until they were transferred to Cairo after the Allied defeat at the 2nd Battle of El Alamein.They are in front paleo vegan cbd gummies and back battles.Although they have been replenished many times, more than one third of the armored vehicles and soldiers have been lost.The sentiment of war weariness is already very strong among the officers and soldiers.Especially their commander, Colonel Toppler.The colonel is very clear about one thing.Once Cairo falls into the hands of the Germans, the next target of the Germans is likely to be South Africa.His family owns a large manor in South Africa, and he has to think about the future of himself and his family At this time, his good friend Michael the German super spy Murray found him.Everyone Wang Weiyi raised his voice slightly The U.S.Pacific Fleet is ready, and I also brought you all the deployment and fire coordination of the paleo vegan cbd gummies top rated cbd gummies 2022 Pacific Fleet, including the names of their commanders The Japanese looked at garden of life cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies for ed amazon each other in blank can you take cbd gummies on a airplane paleo vegan cbd gummies dismay.If this is the case, then this information is really precious.The sneak attack time will be set on December 25th Wang Weiyi emphasized his tone This time the code name is Papans Eagle , and in this plan, Japan s code name is Cherry , and I have All the passwords that people use to contact This is Colonel Shimizu finally said Your Excellency, everyone, we have indeed intercepted a large number of telegrams from the Hawaiian Fleet of the Pacific Fleet and the United States.The word paleo vegan cbd gummies cherry was mentioned, and we couldn t figure it out, but after hearing what Miyamoto kun said, I think we have the answer Bring all the telegrams immediately.Now he couldn paleo vegan cbd gummies t hold on any longer, and fell to the ground with a plop.Watching his subordinates dragging Mo Guangzhi away like a dead dog.A smirk appeared on Shimamoto s face.Of course he knew that cbd condor gummies paleo vegan cbd gummies what Mo Guangzhi said was true, but he had been looking for an opportunity to rectify Yoshimura Hidezo, how could he let this opportunity pass If you can t find a reason, it s good to find an excuse Shimamoto was talking to himself contentedly, and walked quickly to paleo vegan cbd gummies the office building.As soon as he entered the office, he called the adjutant over Deputy Captain Yoshimura will be here later, let him come to my place.Mo Guangzhi was beaten again.Dragged to the door of the detention room by two gendarmes, Mo Guangzhi s brain had just cleared up a little before he was thrown into a trance by a few gun butts.He was about to open his eyes and look around, when a voice holding back his laughter suddenly sounded beside him The gendarmerie is gone, you don t have to pretend, just open your eyes.Guangzhi stopped pretending, and opened his eyes abruptly, and his eyes suddenly brightened.Not only because he closed his eyes for a paleo vegan cbd gummies long time and suddenly fx cbd gummies 1500mg saw the sun, but also because there was a pretty female doctor standing tall and graceful in front of him.And he also knows this doctor, Keiko Matsuzawa But Mo Guangzhi pretended to be confused, frowned and asked, Doctor, you finished the examination, why don t you give me some medicine I m in a top cbd brands gummies state of disarray now.Matsuzawa Keiko smiled slightly How can I not give you medicine The nurse will give you an infusion in a while, how dare we neglect the friends of Vice Captain Yoshimura Mo Guangzhi was taken aback, Friends of Vice Captain Yoshimura Who said that Keiko Matsuzawa laughed and said, He said it himself, He said that you are a well known detective from the police department.

On August 29, 1942, Chapman was summoned by von Groening in his study and handed him a stack of typed documents.Von Groening asked Chapman to read the documents and sign them if he had no objections.It was a contract, some clauses to be duly enforced, that required him to green ape cbd gummies walmart spy on his country like no other in the annals of history.The first part lists what not to do Chapman must never reveal the name of any German he met in Jersey, France or Germany, where he stayed, or what he studied.If these rules were violated, Chapman could be executed.Chapman will engage in espionage activities in the interests of the German Supreme Command and unconditionally complete the tasks assigned by the German Intelligence Agency.He will be compensated in the following amounts cbd gummies sold at walgreens twelve thousand francs a month in France, and three hundred Reichsmarks a month from the day of his departure until the day of his arrest.He ordered commandos to dig foxholes and sit in them and wait.The commando removed the shovel from his belt and began to dig.Finished with a snug foxhole, the commando sat in and talked about the previous fight.The commando talked about how Misha bravely saved the Heavy.It s nothing, Misha said modestly, If I was injured, any of you would do the same to save Heisenberg.Edim asked Heisenberg quietly, Well, how many did you kill Heisenberg Heisenberg paused for a moment I don t know, not many.Edim said with a smile Come on, Heisenberg, I know your marksmanship is very good, I miss you Killed at least a dozen enemies.It s nothing to be proud of, Edim.Heisenberg, these people are enemies.They ll kill us all The commando sat silently.Edim could see that Heisenberg was disturbed.Heisenberg lay down and slept for a while with the helmet on his face.Also lost 1 large submarine and 5 pocket submarines, 77 crew members were killed and 1 was captured.A total of 133 personnel were lost.The U.S.sunk four battleships Arizona , California , West Virginia and Oklahoma as well as a minelayer Oglala and a target ship Utah.One battleship, three cruisers, three destroyers were severely damaged, three battleships, three cruisers, and five auxiliary ships were slightly injured.260 aircraft were destroyed and 63 were injured.2,334 people were killed, 916 were missing, and 1,341 were injured.The California and West Virginia were later salvaged and returned to war.The U.S.military also inspected the sunken Arizona to see if it was possible to salvage it.Finally, seeing that there was no hope, they removed the hull exposed on the water, and the hull at the bottom of plus gummies cbd mango the water remained in the sunken place., the USSR lost all foreign aid In the weather like Russia, if an injured person cannot receive effective treatment, the only result waiting for them is death.However, Colonel conor cbd gummies Trovic had nothing to do with what was happening in front of him.Not only him, even Major General Tasotsky could do nothing.I can only bless them to survive on their own.night.The sniper s sniper s sniper is still ringing, and if he is not careful, the sniper will take a life.certainly.At night, Soviet snipers still had the upper hand.It is undeniable that the Soviet snipers are more familiar with the terrain here and are more able to adapt to the severe cold climate.In contrast, the Germans cannot do these two points anyway.Because of this, General Paul Hausser, who was familiar with the situation, gave strict orders to the German army from the beginning.of.So again I advise you to give up on them But what about them They are also our comrades.Tasotsky asked, frowning.I will take a platoon to protect them Otzkoman put forward his idea without hesitation All of us plus Together, they are not worth as much as you, general Tasotsky smiled wryly when he heard the word value.The battle has garden of life cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies for ed amazon already been fought like this, so what s the value Can it be said No, I will not give up on them and escape alone, this is not what a general should do.Tasotsky said decisively Comrade Captain Otzkoman, I have lost this war, and I must be responsible for the lives of all comrades Even if I die because of this, I will not What a pity But Tasotsky interrupted before Otzkoman could say anything, Nothing but, everyone in the civil service Weapons are allocated, and women are also allocated weapons.Since my sister died, my brother in law has become my closest person But now it s too scary Avrona, I was entrusted by General Lindelof to rescue you Wang Weiyi lowered his voice and paleo vegan cbd gummies said.Avrona was taken aback again.Wang Weiyi took out a letter and handed it to her This is a letter from General Lindelof.Avrona read it carefully, her eyelids fluttered, and randomly put the letter away carefully Thank you, although I don t know who you are.So how are you going to save me Wang Weiyi outlined the rescue plan, and Avrona quickly replied Okay, I will definitely wait for you at the specified time Sir.General Lindelof is also waiting for you.Wang Weiyi said, stood up, and then deliberately amplified his voice Comrade Avrona, I will report the situation you explained in time.Go up.After speaking, he walked to the door, opened the door, and smiled at Avrona before leaving But, after he left.Just as General Demilov could clearly see that the German army was about to win two days The 57th Army couldn t last two days in the battle here.In Fronis, it lacked all the favorable conditions for long term street fighting.The German army can fully deploy its forces here The enemy has absolute superiority, in every sense of the wordGeneral Demilov didn t know what else he could do.Now, the German army has surrounded here from several directions, and the two wings are reinforcing troops, and there is no progress under the tenacious defense of the German army.Moreover, German what is the best cbd gummy for sleep and anxiety reinforcements also arrived on the garden of life cbd gummies reviews battlefield one after another, but General Demilov s reinforcements were similarly surrounded by the Germans.War without hope, eh One day, under the sudden attack of the German army, Fronis was about to be lost.Those Pentium Tigers, Leopards, Ferdinands, Vespasshowed an invincible momentum how many cbd gummies should i eat garden of life cbd gummies reviews on the battlefield A large number of t 34s are very impressive in front of the Tigers and Leopards.Passive, they can t pose a real threat to enemy tanks.Weidmann s Tiger Style is always at the forefront.At this moment, any danger or difficulty has nothing to do with Weidmann.He only feels his blood is boiling Marshal Ernst is here, Marshal Ernst is by his side Fight for him, die for him The shells of the 88mm artillery fell on the enemy army like Thor s lightning, and burned into the sky in the enemy s formation And above their heads, the Luftwaffe planes dropped bombs and dived and strafed again and again Perhaps the German officers and soldiers who are fighting on the ground don t know who is commanding these German air forces Commander of the German Air Force Marshal Manfred von Richthofen The German air marshal came to the Russian battlefield in person and commanded the German air force to give the ground forces the strongest support Now, Richthofen has to thank his best friend Ernst.

The artillery fire continued to roar, but it was not aimed at Stalingrad, but at the few remaining Russian troops on the other side of the Volga River.A large number of prisoners were escorted out in groups.On their faces, apart from numbness and despair, you can see something else.Such as liberation.Yes.It was really a huge paleo vegan cbd gummies relief for them when the war was over.At least, they no longer have to worry about the shells that may come at any time, paleo vegan cbd gummies at least they can have a good night s sleep at night Wang Weiyi watched groups of captives pass by in front of him.With their heads down, occasionally some people raised their heads and looked this way.But it will quickly put its head down again.They didn t know at all that the person standing at the edge of the team and watching them was Marshal Ernst Brehm who commanded the German army to win this victory.There was a scene of the Soviet army attacking the Soviet army on the battlefield.The Russians of the 21st Infantry Division of the Free Army who had just surrendered did not even have time to change their original uniforms before they threw themselves into the attack on the enemy wearing the same clothes as them.But at this time the 21st Infantry Division.But they no longer have to worry about threats from air and ground artillery fire.On the contrary, these powerful armed forces have now become their reliable backing.Cannon fire is venting on this battlefield.From day to night without end On the next morning, the former Soviet Marshal Timoshenko delivered a famous speech.He called garden of life cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies for ed amazon for the war to stop immediately, and all Soviet soldiers and civilians should lay down their weapons, end the suffering of Moscow, end the war that can destroy Moscow, and overthrow the brutal comrades.But this is only a fantasy. Order Despite his reluctance, Zhukov issued this order In the direction of the cotton mill, it is allowed to abandon the position if it is necessary, and retreat to the direction of the fifth position Tell the No.Comrades in the fifth position.They shoulder the important task of covering the 7th and 96th divisions, and they must stop the enemy s offensive I will personally command it.Ershakov said immediately.Comrade Ershakov, I believe that the German army that captured the cotton mill will launch an even more violent assault Zhukov glanced at his loyal subordinates If the fifth position is lost, then here is already There is no need to continue the defense, and the entire front will be shaken completely.Even the Kremlin will be directly threatened, you must understand your responsibility Ershakov nodded silently nod.Marshal Timoshenko did not ask me to say these things Marshal Zhukov, your task now is not to continue this hopeless war, but how to end it as soon as possible.Too many people have died and too much blood has been shed for this tragedy to continue.At the same time, I also brought the words of Marshal Ernst Brahm, when you decide to surrender and end the war.You will get the fairest trial, and you have the right to defend yourself Did Marshal Ernst really say that Will I get a fair trial Zhukov asked.What he must admit is that Ernst Brahm, the greatest opponent in his life, did not deceive himself.He was clearly conveying a meaning to himself.He will definitely be judged.An opponent who will never deceive himself The enemy is undoubtedly worthy of respect.And what Zhukov needs is a fair trial Yes, that s what Marshal Ernst said.Can you do this Thibius looked at the other party, trying to read something from the other party s face, but he couldn t find anything.After a while, he nodded I am willing to obey your orders, and so are my people, but can you really lead us to defeat the Romans I promise cbd gummies no high Wang Weiyi said forcefully For Bius, maybe you don t know how much I am willing to do everything I can to help you, a united Germanic can t be defeated by anyone What is a United Germanic Tibius obviously didn t understand the meaning of this sentence.Including Germanians, Vandals, and Goths Wang Weiyi said seriously.What, including them Thebius was a little unhappy Before the Romans came, there were many wars between us and them.Thebius, this is why we can t fight against Rome.The most important reason for people.Wang Weiyi s face was serious The Romans can concentrate all their strength to deal with us.Dear Ernst, all of them have been dispatched.I think we will be in danger if we don t follow them.Leonie smiled.Even though the place is full of dangers now, she doesn t feel afraid at all.Her only purpose is to be with the man she loves.It s too barbaric, it s really too barbaric, a baroness, to come to such a dangerous place.Obviously, Butler Depusey was very dissatisfied with all this.Look, Butler Depusey is actually scared too.Butler Videlio would never give up any opportunity to sarcasm the other party.Wang Weiyi smiled and shook his head.At this time, Guo Yunfeng came over and threw a mask to him and Richthofen.Wang Weiyi looked at it, and found that his own was a skull mask, which was made very ferociously, and his sudden appearance at night could give the other party a strong shock.After the laughter subsided, the Roman envoy bit the bullet and continued The wise Caesar had expected it a long time ago.You will be like this.Yesterday, Caesar heard that there was a barbarian who could use two daggers, and he fooled countless distinguished Roman citizens.This caused the wrath of all Roman warriors.Where is the barbarian who wields two short swords Right in front of you.Guo Yunfeng replied coldly.The Roman envoy was stunned again Is that you Caesar had a gladiator.Marris, he was one of the bravest and strongest gladiators in all of Rome The beast Marris At this time, Guo Yunfeng heard the exclamation of the Germanians behind him.Although he didn t know who the beast Marris was, even the Germanians had heard of this man s name.He heard the Roman envoy continue to say Yes, Marris the Beast, he loyally served the great Caesar, when he heard what happened to the Roman citizens yesterday, he couldn t restrain his inner anger.More importantly, they also possess advanced weapons such as Germanic trebuchets.Can the Romans continue to win Calini, as the frontline deputy consul on the battlefield, what do you think Caesar was the first to break the silence.Kaleini was somewhat reluctant, but under Caesar s questioning, he had to say Dear Governor, I am surprised by can you take cbd gummies on a airplane paleo vegan cbd gummies the performance of the barbarians on the battlefield.There are too many of them.Their people are really Too many.In the first penalty battle, we never imagined that there would be paleo vegan cbd gummies so many barbarians However.I think we can continue to fight, after all, the advantage is still on our side.I The suggestion is that all the legions that can be concentrated by the concentrator will inspire the determination of the soldiers and use a large scale attack to destroy the resistance of the barbarians.

When winter comes, the cold Freeze all the wine in the tank and completely seal the wide Danube River, thus opening the door for the barbaric tribes who came to burn, kill and loot Krasicius recited the verses in The Lamentations with a sad tone, This is written by Ovid who never pays attention to his own doom It seems that he will no longer sing cheerful love poems.If the glass can be filled with good wine every day, and the house is always full of sincere friends.What more could I ask of the living gods Listening to the conversation of his guests, Servius stared at the wine glass from Alexandria in his hand, and the Campania wine in the glass was particularly charming in this precious vessel.His words caused a burst of praise from the guests.Speaking of fine wine.Generous Servius, you don t mean to feed us with wine When do we have a paleo vegan cbd gummies meeting I can already smell paleo vegan cbd gummies the tempting aroma coming from the kitchen.Anthony didn t take it seriously either Since our distinguished guests don t like the female slaves here, I think the next entertainment activity is Spley Senator Ouse will love it.He clapped his hands, and soon two gladiators were brought up, which immediately aroused the cheers of the Romans who crazily love the sport of dueling.These are the best two gladiators I brought back from Egypt and Alexandria.fighter.Facing the cheers of the guests, Anthony said triumphantly The guy on the left is the violent Shatongs, and the one on the right.It s savage Ernie.Along the way, I pitted them against countless gladiators.They have never failed a single time.So now, I would like to ask the distinguished guests, how long do the cbd gummies last who do you think is more powerful among them Rage Shatones No, I think it s Ernie the Savage.He is proud of himself.From the beginning to the end, he has lived up to the reputation of his parents, the reputation of the Skeleton Master, and the people flying around him.This battle flag.Not to mention his father Ludwig Ellierst He knew that victory was hopeless.He knew that sooner or later the enemy would break through this line, but he didn t care.As long as the Skeleton Master still has a soldier, they will fight to the end On the first paleo vegan cbd gummies day when he became the head of the Skeleton Master gloriously, his fate was already doomed fight for him die for him No one knows better than him what the Skeleton Division means.Its predecessor was the Skeleton Commando, a myth of undefeated Germany.And its founder, the first captain, is the miraculous Ernst Alexson von.Baron Bram Baron Skeleton General, the enemy has begun to attack Colonel Coleham, the commander of the 2nd Skeleton Infantry Regiment, shouted amidst the sound of cannons filling the sky.Sergeant, I need to see General Jonson. The Baron.You re embarrassing me, I m just a staff sergeant.Not eligible to meet the general and paleo vegan cbd gummies are cbd gummies good for you report your request.The sergeant said in embarrassment.At this time, the baroness smiled slightly Sergeant, you will think of a way, HCMUSSH paleo vegan cbd gummies won t you The sergeant s heart donde puedo comprar uly cbd gummies jumped again, he thought for a while, walked to the guard box and picked up the phone Hey, please pick up Captain JayneCaptain, I m here A baroness couple Brigadier General Jonson, the brigade commander of the 6th Marine Corps Brigade, had never seen a real baron.After hearing the news from his subordinates, the baron aroused his curiosity, and he agreed to be in his headquarters.Meet the Baron.Not only that, he also specially invited the Daveen agent of the CIA stationed in Dessau to meet with Baroness Platt with him.Let the shells explode not far away.There was a scream, and it was a commando who hadn t hidden well and was injured.He gasped heavily.He wailed, and stretched out his hand, hoping that his companions could save him.Allen rushed over regardless of the risk of being killed by the paleo vegan cbd gummies bomb, but he only took one look and knew that the team member was hopeless.The wounded probably also knew In his own situation, he uttered a voice with the last of his strength in pain Kill me, kill me, do me a favor, kill me The pain caused by the injury is sometimes even more terrifying than death Kill him, Alan, and end his pain Max yelled out loudly.Alan pulled out the bayonet tremblingly, his hands were shaking constantly.The one in front of him is his companion, the team member who has fought bloody battles with him for so long.As far as I know, after the enemy attacked Berlin, my father lived in the base.That s why I need you to go with paleo vegan cbd gummies me.Kroller said coldly Maybe I can t mobilize the Baron Guard, but I can order you, Chief of Staff Werner Heisen Yes, following your orders.Werner said with some helplessness.At this time, General Olitz s face showed deep worry A country, a nation needs faith, and the faith of Germany is Baron Alexon.But it seems that the head of state has never taken the baron to heart.It even gives people the feeling that the head of state still has some contempt for the baron.This is not good news for GermanyKonstan base.The sound of artillery outside Berlin came here faintly.Although it was only intermittent and vague, one could still feel the intensity of the battle outside the city.Outside the base, a large number of machine guns were erected , more than a dozen tanks vigilantly monitored the surroundings, and behind them were cannons watching all the movements.Wang Weiyi and the commando he led were also not idle.The humble Lieutenant Celtic has now become a very useful weapon.Whenever he encounters some American soldiers who are still resisting, Wang Weiyi will always ask Lieutenant Celtic to shout loudly, urging them to surrender, and this has indeed played a very good role.From morning to noon, from noon to afternoon, with the close cooperation of the German HCMUSSH paleo vegan cbd gummies people, most of Ibor has been controlled by the German army.However, the reinforcements expected by the US military have not yet arrived At night, the attacks of German civilians did not stop.Instead, it became more active.They used the night as a cover and used the extremely familiar terrain to continuously turn American soldiers into corpses.Ibor has become an American nightmare.Wang Weiyi and the commando he personally commanded.It s time for us to counterattack.Now, I order that at 7 30 tonight, concentrate all artillery fire on the enemy s positions, and launch a counterattack on time at 8 00 Yes, I will fully carry out your orders, in the name of Ernst In the name of Ernst And this is exactly what Wang Weiyi wanted At 7 o clock, tell all the troops participating in the counterattack that I, Ernst Brahm, am back I must tell you again, it is the greatest honor of my life to fight side by side with you Eight hundred and twenty seven.The anger of Germany Before I recommanded the German army, I didn t know if I could lead them to survive such a difficult situation, but when I saw the high confidence of the German soldiers, look Seeing that my status paleo vegan cbd gummies top rated cbd gummies 2022 in their hearts has not been lowered a bit, I know that we will be able to succeed Generalissimo of the Army, Navy and Air Force of the German Empire Ernst Alexson von brahm.

He felt that he had no regrets.At least he heard the Baron s return.And also vaguely saw the hope of Germany.In the office of the division commander, General Eredrick, Hart also saw an old guy in a wheelchair.He saluted, and General Eredrick nodded Lieutenant, this is Phil from the Intelligence Bureau.Admiral Firth.General Firth, it s an honor to meet you.Hart had never heard of General Firth.Look, you say it s an honor, but you don t have the slightest idea in your heart.I guess you re wondering now.Who the hell is this old guy He s in a wheelchair, what right does he have to be can you take cbd gummies on a airplane paleo vegan cbd gummies a general Fels said unexpectedly.Hart was immediately amused by the humorous cbd gummies airplane joke.But he quickly straightened up No, General.Okay, Hart, take it easy.Fels also put away his smile Do you know what you did today You caught a The general, and also the commander of the Guards, beat him and tried to shoot him.Napoleon defeats the Continent.was exiled overseas.Ferdinand also returned to power in 1814.Although he accepted the new constitution jointly formulated by the representatives of the people in 1812, at the same time, the monarch, who was changeable and easy to be influenced by others, overturned many reform measures of his predecessor Charles III.The torture returned to Spain.The story that Kroller suddenly told Wolfe quickly understood something.The overthrown German head of state although he didn t want to admit it still wanted to be like Ferdinand VII, and one day he could return to the Go to Berlin, take over the power again, and regain everything that belonged to him But there is probably one thing he didn t think of.Now, his biggest yummy gummies cbd review enemy is Baron Alexson The baron will never hand over the power in his hand so easily But Kroller didn t think of this at all.After the enemy s artillery attack, the Skeleton Division and the Grossdeutschland regiment will attack at the same time Attack The generals looked at each other.Passive defense will only make the enemy more unscrupulous and increase our pressure.Wang Weiyi said coldly Although taking the initiative to attack, although we can t achieve any great victory, it can make our enemies fearful.Qiang Na General Er Yes, Marshal The Skeleton Division and the Grossdeutschland Regiment are under your unified command for the time being Wang Weiyi glanced at his subordinates Your father Ludwig, the Army Director, has always been a very brave man.Soldier, you have never flinched in the face of difficulties, I hope you can be like your father.You will live up to the name of the skeleton This is the most sonorous answer of Jonall.All the secrets of Germany were mastered by the United States, which made Germany extremely passive in the war.When the baron ordered me to find and arrest the spy in the shortest possible time, I knew that my biggest postgraduate entrance examination had come. Luo Ruo, head of the German Intelligence Service General Fels.December 1965.Berlin, December 15, 1965.Outside the city was the constant sound of artillery, and the enemy s air strike had just passed.This is nothing more than a daily encounter for Germans in Berlin.After the enemy plane swaggered away, the Germans reappeared on the streets.They repaired the bombed fortifications and rescued the wounded under the ruins as paleo vegan cbd gummies top rated cbd gummies 2022 they had done countless times before.They have never been afraid of enemy bombing The same is true for Lieutenant General Punet, one of the city defense commanders.What does he have What can t be done As for those countries coerced by the United States Wang Weiyi continued I know you are unwilling to see such a war.The existence of a strong Germany is more beneficial to you, but you have to succumb to the pressure of the United States for your own safety.But you will soon see that Germany will not fail and that Germany will soon be as strong as ever.You cbd condor gummies paleo vegan cbd gummies can wait and see, or you can wait.When we start to win, I ask you to break away from the control of the United States and rejoin the alliance headed by Germany and Britain.I will not pursue paleo vegan cbd gummies those things you have done in the past.I will still regard you as my staunchest allies and Germany s most loyal friends.This is my promise.Indeed, after the war broke out, many of Germany s former allies were unwilling paleo vegan cbd gummies to abandon Germany.In any case, the position must be regained into its own hands, and the US military s unstable foothold will be the best opportunity.The British soldiers fiercely attacked position a3.With the assistance of sparse artillery and the only tankthey were hit back cbd gummies free sample by American artillery fire.The shells fell among the soldiers, stirring up bursts of excitement Explosion.Captain Mann is doing his best, and so are the British soldiers.They approached the position little by little, but were soon hit by US firepower, and several soldiers fell in a pool of blood Captain Man organized all the firepower, and fired violently at the U.S.military, finally suppressing the enemy temporarily.Taking advantage of this time, the British army quickly began to advance again.But the U.S.blockade soon reappeared.Almost every step has to pay a high price, but Captain Man doesn t care how much loss he has suffered, the only thing he cares about is whether he can regain the position Little by little, every time you get closer, you are one step closer to victory.German guy We have been waiting for a long time The French army above shouted loudly in German.There is an ambush Everyone hide Sergeant Cram yelled lying down in the sandpit, and then shot towards the top of the dune.Second Lieutenant Geyunser hid himself, took out his loudspeaker and shouted towards the top Hey, you know.You are hopeless.Our counterattack is starting, lay down your arms and join us, you will be safe from harm.The second lieutenant above laughed loudly My friend, you are cbd condor gummies paleo vegan cbd gummies so naive, do you think you can really defeat the Americans I think you re all going to die here today.Second Lieutenant Gyunthal was furious.He aimed his rifle at the second lieutenant s head and shot him, and the second lieutenant fell down.Afterwards, Second Lieutenant Gyunthal shouted at the subordinates behind him Kill these damned bastards, bitch raised Staff Sergeant Nord swept his submachine gun at the enemy above.Launched an attack on the South African army, how many cbd gummies should i eat garden of life cbd gummies reviews but the troops were scattered and lost the cover of tanks.The German HCMUSSH paleo vegan cbd gummies army and the South African army took advantage of this opportunity to launch a counterattack, and they fought fiercely.Holding inexhaustible bullets in their hands, they shot desperately at those enemies, and the paleo vegan cbd gummies French also fought back, as if they were red eyed.It s as if these guys have been injected with two barrels of morphine Major Ludman shot a Frenchman to death, and immediately attracted dozens of bullets.Second Lieutenant Firth ignited the explosives and threw them out.The violent explosion stunned the French Second Lieutenant Geyunser sneaked up to Second Lieutenant Firth in his busy schedule Dude, I have to say sorry to you.It is.If you know it, you don t need to explain anything Now is not the time to say these words Second Lieutenant Firth killed an enemy who rushed over.

The surrounding American troops rushed in like a tide.Thomas shot and killed one of the American soldiers who rushed over, and another American soldier suddenly rushed over and threw his gun at Thomas.Knock him unconscious.Seeing this, Gattle yelled Bastard , and then pushed the butt of the gun away with a bayonet.But Gattle was weaker than the American soldier, and the soldier kicked Gattle stumbled, then pulled out the engineering shovel, and slapped Gattle hard on the back.Gattle fell to the ground.Two other German soldiers rushed forward and inserted their bayonets into the American just cbd gummies 500 mg reviews soldier s arm.chest, the U.S.soldier vomited blood and died.Another soldier of the U.S.Army has been by the side, because he did not dare to shoot because he was afraid of killing his own people.Seeing that his own people had died, he pulled the trigger.Jelden put his mouth to Zaitsev s ear and asked, Is it still that dream Hmm OkayI understand you, I ve been having this dream ever since you learned of your brother s death.no way.My younger brother paleo vegan cbd gummies wrote me a letter two days ago.He said that he had been incorporated into the German army long ago, what is cbd infused gummies and he was in this damned place.It is not known whether he is dead or alive.After fighting for such a long time, this is the first time I HCMUSSH paleo vegan cbd gummies have experienced such a disgusting battle.My brother also died here Second Lieutenant Shedevsov said this and sighed.Everyone knows that since he learned of his brother s death, he has cried several times every night.This is very rare for the strong Shedevsov.In the basement of the railway station Most of the soldiers sleeping here suffered from eczema.There were soldiers coughing, and some paleo vegan cbd gummies people sat on the ground and took two small bites of bread.He saw Slat rushing towards him.Then he swung his knife to kill Slat, but Slat swung the knife horizontally to block the attack.But the vibration from his hands made Slat s hands numb, and enduring the severe pain, he swung the knife sideways, cutting off the man s horse s front feet directly, and the horse did not roll over like the previous one.Because of the broken front foot, he directly led the man down heavily.At this time, Slat looked at the man.Looking at the medal of the man, the military rank should be similar to that of Slat.Slat didn t dare to neglect and rushed towards him quickly.His reaction was very fast, and he turned around and kicked himself.In the stomach, the sharp pain from the abdomen made Slater unable to maintain momentum and fell to the ground.He struck at Slater with the knife, and Slater blocked his attack with the knife again.Despite the difficult situation, they are still struggling to persevere.This is the most elite armed force of the Allied forces in the Middle East, both in terms of equipment and the combat quality of the soldiers.The reason why Manstein chose this force as his target paleo vegan cbd gummies of annihilation is to use This way completely hit the morale and confidence of the enemy.At this moment, the 9th Armored Division of the U.S.Army is still resisting, but what kind of mood will they feel if they learn the news that they have been abandoned Perhaps, they will be defeated in the shortest possible time Marshal Ernst, I am Ruden of the 11th SS Panzergrenadier Regiment of the 6th Northern Mountain Division of the Waffen SS Army Dolf, I have been ordered to enter the Fabermann first to protect your safety After seeing Marshal Ernst Brehm, Ludendorff seemed somewhat nervous.Major General Chernock and his troops were nothing more than some political victims.There is always such a thing.Wang Weiyi sighed softly and said, General Chenock, do you think the Allies can win the war Can Italy get what they want from the war Whether the Allies will be able to win I do not know, but I know that Italy will gain absolutely nothing.Chenock sneered A country that keeps betraying its allies, coupled with its own strength, will never be truly respected by others.When the value of Italy is used up, he will be like a broken sack He was also kicked away This is not only a brave general, but also a very wise general.Wang Weiyi nodded.Suddenly said Would you like to join us, General Chenock I do Surprisingly, Chenock didn t even hesitate for a second As a general in Italy, I have fulfilled my duties here.Mr.Gregory was frightened.He would never want to paleo vegan cbd gummies be a prisoner, especially a prisoner of the Germans, and he knew what that meant to him.So, is there really no room for redemption After getting an affirmative answer from the chief of staff, Gregory sighed helplessly Then do as you said.The war in Ukraine has arrived It s finally over here Nine hundred and seventy nine.The battle for Orbjok Ukraine is over, in a very peculiar way.The Grand Duke Bierstoka ran away without any suspense, and he threw all his troops on the terrible battlefield.Perhaps, he never had the concept of subordinates in his heart.The entire Russian army has collapsed, and the Russian officers and soldiers of the 15th Army feel the shame of being abandoned, and they have no intention of continuing to fight.As a result, surrender became the main theme of the Russians on the battlefield.They followed suit, and they gradually merged together and slowly approached DeGro.This shouldn t be some conspiracy.DeGro thought to himself, and then he ordered a soldier beside him to check the stronghold to see if there were any Russians, don t be a trap.In fact, the surrender this time was because the chief of the stronghold had died during the melee, and some veterans who had experienced resistance were also killed.Most of those who surrendered were recruits who had no combat experience at all.After witnessing their companions fall to the ground covered in blood one by one, it was a great shock to their psychology.They didn t know how many Germans were on the opposite side, they could only hear gunshots one after another.This cbd gummies ca is like a sledgehammer, constantly hitting their hearts until they are terrified, they are afraid, yes, fear, making cbd gummies holland them feel insecure, as if there are German troops everywhere, and there is nowhere to run No, they didn t want to die, so they had to choose to surrender.Admiral Tangroniv replied calmly However, I will never open fire on my compatriots.This will damage the honor of Russian soldiers.I will not become a sinner in Russian history.Your Excellency the Grand Duke, the situation It is irreparable, out of respect for you.I suggest you give up Gregory listened blankly, unable to say anything If you want If you give up, I will try my best can you take cbd gummies on a airplane paleo vegan cbd gummies to protect your safety Admiral Tangeloniv on the phone continued In an hour, I will send a battalion of armored troops to pick you up.And I will Send you out of Moscow safely.However, you are not allowed to bring any personal belongings, and this is probably the only thing I can do for you The phone was hung up again, and Gregory was dumbfounded Sit down and can t think of anything Is it the same with Admiral Tangeloniv Did he betray himself or continue to help himself there Andreas and Similov looked at each other, and after a long while Andreas said Your Excellency the Grand Duke, we are finished, everyone has chosen paleo vegan cbd gummies to betray, I think.

Unexpectedly, Steinman made gestures to several German soldiers on the side, indicating to retreat to the second line position, and the snipers obeyed my command.Then, Romeo, if you don t starpowa cbd gummies benefits want them to be reimbursed collectively after firing a volley, let them quickly Transfer, I know They are already transferring Romeo said, picking up the magazines on the ground one by one.Put it on the sandbag, and take the grenades out of the ammo box one by one.Make preparations for the next wave of attack.Steinman They often mean that they have reached the defense line at total bliss cbd gummies the three way intersection.They are assisting in planting mines.I feel that they are in trouble Bentonson changed the subject, and his tone suddenly became a little panicked, Valley With an exclamation, all the British soldiers and mercenaries looked towards the valley.It is said that an extremely fierce battle broke out here.About one battalion of American troops stayed here, causing the German and British coalition forces to suffer relatively serious casualties.After the battle, almost all the U.S.troops in a battalion were killed, and the few U.S.prisoners left were massacred by the local uprising German people.total allied forcesCommander Westmoreland believed that this was a very serious incident and accused the German army HCMUSSH paleo vegan cbd gummies of massacres, but this was quickly refuted by the German side.German soldiers or British soldiers had never participated in the massacre of prisoners of war.It is a manifestation of the anger of the angry German masses, and hopes that the Americans will first ask what the US military has done locally, especially whether they have committed any brutal acts against the local Germans before accusing them.But what does it matter As long as Hanover is still in its own hands, the plan formulated by the Allied Command will actually proceed.Commodore Dolby is even ready to open a bottle of wine to celebrate.General, a call from Commander in Chief of Westmoreland Brigadier General Duby walked over quickly to answer the phone Mr.Commander in Chief, hello.Yes, the enemy s attack has been repulsed for the time being., our casualties are heavy, ah, don t worry, Hannover is impenetrable, the enemy has no way to capture it in a short period of time Thank you for your compliment, all the Allied soldiers who fought in Hannover will thank paleo vegan cbd gummies you for your compliment Oha new reinforcement of a division paleo vegan cbd gummies is arriving That s great, it will keep me in Hannover indefinitelyGood luck too, see you soon Putting down the phone, Commodore Dolby let out a long breathit was a wonderful day.Moyol, if you are in another If you say such things, you may be arrested by the secret police, you know, President Katri has exhausted his heart and soul for France Please also pay attention to your words, Director Berkeley.Pipondu interrupted him unceremoniously Mr.Moyol is not French, he is just from the United States, and he is our most respected friend.I don t want him to have any troubles in Paris.Unpleasant Rotini suddenly felt that his son in law had embarrassed himself, damn it, did he want to bring his work here He gave his son in law a cold look, and then said apologetically, It s really embarrassing, but Berkeley is always like this, and he can t forget his job for a moment Well, these are just It s just a little disturbance Will said with a smile I think you must be very hungry.Grislow, I think I know what to do.I need to borrow your phone here.Grislow also seemed to understand Baron Alexon Want to do something Mr.Moyol, what s the matter with you asking me out in such a hurry After receiving a paleo vegan cbd gummies top rated cbd gummies 2022 call from Mr.Moyol , Mrs.Delk hurried to the appointed cafe, obviously she thought something very important happened.Ah, there are some very important things.Wang Weiyi smiled and asked Mrs.Delk to sit down Mrs.Delk, I have encountered some troubles and need your help.Ah, just say it, As long as I can do it, I don t think I will refuse.Mrs.Delk was obviously full of affection for the handsome young Mr.Moyol who had saved her life.Wang Weiyi seemed a little hesitant I have a friend in Yelverton, who just got back in touch with me, and he invited me to paleo vegan cbd gummies a banquet the night after tomorrow.Delk left the consultation room.At this time, a door of the consultation room was open.Mrs.Delk looked inside naturally, and suddenly cried out in surprise Pirocco, Liz There were three people sitting in that consulting room, two men and one woman.When they heard the cry, the three of them would go over together.When they saw Mrs.Delk, Liz s complexion changed, but then he stood up happily Get up Fanny My God, I didn t expect to see you here.Mrs.Derk quickly introduced the two parties.She knew the Pirocco couple very early, but the strange Chinese beside them Young people are strangers.This is Mr.Dona.Piroco quickly introduced He is our good friend, and he left from Germany together.Ah, he is not used to life at sea, and besides a cold, he also got some other symptoms disease.So we brought him here for treatment, and we are fortunate to know some friends who can bring us here.It is said that he can stay up for days and nights in order to find out the truth of a case.He can also stay up for several days and nights, paleo vegan cbd gummies just to ask a stubborn prisoner to open a phone to explain the information he wants to know.Such a person is undoubtedly extremely trusted by Fenton, and Nash s loyalty to the Fenton government has reached an unimaginable level He has caused great damage to us.At Monlington s home, Grislow said worriedly Of the people we arrested before, more than two thirds of the cases were eagle hemp cbd gummies owner solved by him alone.I once sent people to try to bribe him, but the people I sent were instead arrested by him.Arrested on the spot.If it wasn t for my strong willed people, I m afraid I would have been implicated a lot Wang Weiyi frowned.But Grislow s immediate words made him feel even more troublesome It s not just that money can t buy this stubborn guyYour Excellency the Baron, he once participated in the secret arrest of Her Majesty the Queen and members of the royal family.Wang Weiyi fully understood what he meant Look.Mr.Nash, you I also said that I am an American, and when I came to London, which was unfamiliar paleo vegan cbd gummies to me, I could only choose to cooperate with my compatriots.But let s be honest.Their efficiency and work attitude let me down.The underground resistance organization is so frequent But our people can do nothing about it, even at such an important time, what they think about is how to intrigue, how to fight each other, Norden s death paleo vegan cbd gummies has given us a good warning, if we If I can be more open and honest with each other, and can be more just cbd gummies 250 mg how many to take frank with each other, such misunderstandings will not be caused.It how many cbd gummies should i eat garden of life cbd gummies reviews is a pity that my colleagues are obviously more enthusiastic about power A person who really deserves the award is sitting in my seat right now.And those who don t have much credit are getting the limelight in the reporters questions Nash s tone was sympathetic Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, I don t have any other meaning But I think you should look for a new partner, one who is stronger and more able to help you.

You gang of damned niggers nigger The two policemen struggled desperately on the ground.In fact, they should have shut up at this time However, they didn t do so, so the result of this was only a burst of beatings.This An unexpected episode aroused the anger of the black people even more.They rushed to Carlisle College desperately, and smashed the iron gate desperately.Behind the iron gate, the white teachers and students of Carlisle College They were completely frightened.God, are these black people crazy Seeing the iron gate shake under the impact of the black how many cbd gummies should i eat garden of life cbd gummies reviews people, the white people let out horrified screams and scattered The iron gate was finally opened under constant impact.Hundreds of blacks swarmed into this place that originally belonged paleo vegan cbd gummies top rated cbd gummies 2022 to whites The vast majority of whites at Castri College.1963 was not It means the end of the struggle, but the beginning.Some people hope.Black people will be satisfied if they just blow their anger if the country does not respond, these people will be disappointed.Without the basic rights of citizens for black people, there can be no America Peace or calm.The bright day of justice will not come.The whirlwind of rebellion will continue to shake the foundations of this country The tweeters in the how many cbd gummies should i eat garden of life cbd gummies reviews college played Martin Luther King s most famous speech.This seems to be declaring the determination of the Black Panther Party.And this adds to everyone s worries When Oakland Mayor Duira and Police Chief Douglas appeared, they were quickly surrounded by parents and reporters, asking anxious questions one after another.thrown at them.Calm down, please calm down.We have been waiting until our army s counterattack, and I can also wait patiently now, waiting for General Gendra to beg me again.Grislow didn t quite understand the Baron s next plan, but at least one thing he was very clear about.Everything was firmly in the hands of the Baron.He knew what he should do, and he knew what he should do.What is the most suitable time to do the most suitable job.When he has made up his mind, no one can stop his progress.Nash is like this, Yes is like this, and now General Gendra has also encountered such a desperate situation Situation.Always be Baron Alexon s friend and never try to become his enemy.Grislow suddenly remembered this sentence.Yes, always be Baron Alexon s friend, and don t try to become his enemy All his enemies are doomed One thousand ninety three.Come on, let s not shark tank copd cbd gummies talk about these codes.Tuna opened the door completely, and let two people walk in I noticed it .

are cbd gummies as effective as cbd oil?

at the window a long time ago, you have three cars in total, and now your people have quietly blocked them.Hotel entry and exit.Well done, Colonel.Your men are very well trained.Captain Roger noticed that Tuna was holding a pistol in his hand as he opened the door Conditions here are not great Good.Colonel Jed looked at the environment in the room If you need it, I can definitely change you to a hotel with better conditions.Tuna shook his head No need, I feel comfortable living here.Very satisfied.Colonel Jed.I m here for work, not for vacation. Of course.Colonel Jed had long heard that Tuna had a weird temper This is Captain Roger, my assistant, and at the same time He will also assist you in infiltrating the underground resistance organization.Tuna finally showed some satisfied smiles on his face Thank you for your efforts, Captain.This plan is very important, and its success will depend on whether we can fully grasp the enemy s dynamics in the future and provide the most reliable guarantee for our lurking.And in order to completely gain the trust of the enemy, I will kill a cia agent.No, it won t work Captain Roger called out Sir, the agents who participated in the operation are all my colleagues.They are brave and loyal.How can they die at the gunpoint of their own people Captain Roger never thought that this damned Tuna would come up with such a terrible plan.Tuna gave Captain Roger a cold look Captain, what we are doing is a very dangerous job, Our lives may be lost at any time and anywhere.If we cannot gain the true trust of the enemy, then any efforts we make will be meaningless.Jonar doesn t care who the enemy surrenders to.In his opinion, all he wants is one victory Oldford s British army completely collapsed, and when night fell, there was less than one platoon of troops left around General Denardo.He was not prepared to surrender at all, and he asked can you take cbd gummies on a airplane paleo vegan cbd gummies himself to go back to London no matter how difficult it was, where, even as an ordinary soldier, he could fight to the end There were gunshots everywhere in all directions, although it was much more sporadic than during the day.Those damned enemies are probably cheering their victory at Oldford, General Denardo thought angrily.Hey.Who is it Suddenly, there was a burst of gunshots.General Denardo and the people around him hurriedly fell to the ground.They saw that a large number of Germans appeared.General Denardo smiled wryly, but the Germans still found out.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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