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Go to the branch office to sing, what are you kidding The performance appraisal is like a magic spell.The hard indicators of the combat tasks are so overwhelming that the grassroots teams can t breathe.They are too busy to work overtime every day.Who dares to go to the branch office to sing.If anyone really dares to go, his direct leadership will probably be exhausted, and his own life will not be easy.Han Chaoyang finished reading nervously, ra royal cbd gummies and said cautiously Liu Suo, listen to my explanation, I I didn t do private work, I just saved a scene for my friends, and it was off duty, and I didn t wear a police uniform, so they didn t know I was a policeman.Saving the scene, I still quibble for this sake, tell me honestly, did you take money from others Yes, it was collected for my classmates, I ra royal cbd gummies didn t take best time to take cbd gummies a cent.

It involves real interests, and they are not active about it.In other villages, in the past, HCMUSSH ra royal cbd gummies the district would try every means to solve the problem.After all, this involves a very serious administrative division, and it is impossible for Chaoyang Community Residential Committee and Chaoyang Village Committee to exist at the same time.But Chaoyang Village is not any other village, nor is it what it was before.Everything must make way for the city s economic development, and we must ensure the smooth progress of the relocation of Yanyang Railway Station.When it comes to land expropriation and demolition, they endured and coaxed them all, 50mg cbd gummies ra royal cbd gummies and even transferred more than 30 cadres from the district and street levels to form a working group to station in Chaoyang Community and the Chaoyang Village Committee next to the community service station.

Yes, yes, three days.That s right, you go ahead, I still have to go to the working group, so I won t give it to you here.You ve become light bulbs.Director Su, I ll see you off.No, it s just a few steps, Xiao Han, take care of Yingying.Director Su waved his hand and trotted across the road.Facing this fairy girl like beauty in front of him, Han Chaoyang was really restrained and didn t know what to say, Huang Ying suddenly asked Officer Han, are you going just like this Is this okay No Go back and change your clothes The clothes were really ready, but they were dragged to a meeting and had to wear police uniforms.Han Chaoyang took out his phone to check the time, and said helplessly, It s 8 50, it s too late to go back and change, so let s go, anyway, I don t have any hope of meeting you.Let s go, get in the car The girl s car is different, it s clean, unlike Xu Hongliang s car, when you open the door, there is a tangy smell of smoke.

From the perspective of cadre training, in line with the attitude of being responsible to you, I suggest that you take the initiative to sign up for the grassroots.If there is no mistake, let me go to the grassroots Secretary Shan, to be precise, was deputy section chief Shan, who was dumbfounded and hesitated for a long time before nodding reluctantly What Secretary Tong criticized was that I am indeed a little revive 365 cbd gummies amazon ra royal cbd gummies out of touch with the masses in my usual work, and I am willing to go down to the grassroots level.Just Should I have this awareness, okay, continue to eat.Now the grassroots is different from the grassroots in the past, not to go to a street or town to take a second job, but to go to the village to engage in targeted poverty alleviation, as a cadre in the village, if you can t complete the task, you don t want to come back.

He hasn t been home for five days.How can he have time to participate in the flag giving ceremony of the community volunteer security patrol team Guan Yuanyuan shook his head impatiently Help I would like to express my humility to Director Su, there are too many jobs in the office, and I really can t take time off.What about Xu Institute, you don t have time ra royal cbd gummies cbd gummies to help quit smoking cigarettes for Xu Neng, can you take the time to visit What do you think Guan Yuanyuan raised his head, Knock on the table It s not like you don t know how busy the office is.Guan Xiyuan has slept for three hours since returning from a blind date with you.There are a lot of things going on at the institute, and you are the most busy in the institute., you just need to be there.If you don t have time, you don t have time, if you can t go, you can t go.

If you have something to ra royal cbd gummies say, why get angry with me, I m just a messenger Han Chaoyang was very depressed, and said bitterly Okay, I ll tell Director Su that you can t go, you really can t get away.Let s go, the flag giving ceremony must be very grand, you should go back early to help Get ready.Guan Yuanyuan is really exhausted these days, thinking of others being more busy than the other, this one in front of him is less busy than everyone else, his tone is not very good, and he even couldn t help but sneer a few words.Han Chaoyang felt ashamed, and didn t want to humiliate himself here, so he helped the instructor close the office door and handed the situation statement and funding application to Chen Xiujuan.Riding a two wheeled police car back to his blessed land.Unexpectedly, as soon as I entered the gate of the neighborhood committee, I saw two buses parked in the yard.

Han Chaoyang was so confused that he didn t know what to say.Director Su folded his arms and smiled again The leader knows very well that if there is no money, there will be no one, and no one can do anything, so they are trying to help us expand the base area, the security guards and guards who work without a license in the street office and some units in the street , All will be cleared within a week, and we will send security guards to take over.The purpose of allocating these two vehicles is to 50mg cbd gummies ra royal cbd gummies improve our emergency maneuvering capabilities.What emergency maneuvers, that is, if something happens, the leader makes a phone call, and I will take it with me.people go Han Chaoyang was completely convinced, and couldn t help asking with a smile Director Su, am I a street cadre or a policeman at the police station Is that important Anyway, it s work.

The night snacks of the participants are all managed by the working group, and all the money spent is included in the funds for land acquisition and relocation.Director Su took out his mobile phone to check the time, got up and said, Director Cai, sit down for a while, I ll go and talk to Director Gu and Director Weng.I ll also inform Captain Xia Tang and Manager Jin.Go ahead, don t worry about it.Me.I went downstairs to inform the participants that the action was delayed, and just after talking to Lao Jin, Guo Xinyi and Chen Jie, who were supposed to be on duty in the police station, ran over, and Guo Xinyi said expectantly Han University, let us also participate Well, Hong Liang and Lao Xu are the most experienced in interrogating outsiders, and asking them to type on the keyboard to compare their ID cards is really overkill.

I thought I couldn t find a clue for a while, but a message about chasing and fleeing online appeared in front of me.Guan Xiyuan couldn t believe his eyes.He picked up his mobile phone and clicked on the photos sent by Han Chaoyang, and compared them with the photos on the arrest warrant., was uploaded into the system after being found by the local public security bureau, the pixels are not high, and it is hard to see whether there is a mole under the left ear.Chaoyang, you may have caught a big fish Guan Xiyuan couldn t get any more excited, natures boost cbd gummies prices holding his mobile phone tightly, staring at the computer monitor, and said excitedly The person you are investigating looks very much like a suspected ra royal cbd gummies low price cbd gummies deliberate The wanted murderer, surnamed Ji, called Ji Qingyun, is from Humboldt Township, Yuanfu County, he should be 46 years old this year, and ran to Menya County twelve years ago because of emotional disputes and killed two people.

There are so many Chaoyangs, you are going to make me dizzy Secretary Ma of the District Political and Legal Committee told Secretary Yang of the street made a joke, and immediately held Han Chaoyang s hand that had just been put down after saluting Comrade Xiao Han, I didn t expect to see your deeds in the materials in the morning and see the true face of Lushan in the afternoon.Han Chaoyang defends Chaoyang Community security, you really came to the right place.A young and energetic policeman like you should go deep into the community and take root in the grassroots.Facts have proved that working at the grassroots is just as promising.Create brilliance Han Chaoyang didn t know that the person in front of him was the secretary of the District Political and Legal Committee, but only knew that upstate elevator cbd gummies review he was the leader, and said excitedly, Thank you Secretary Ma for your praise, thank you Secretary Ma for your encouragement, in fact, I didn t do the work alone It s very modest.

He smiled and said, ra royal cbd gummies Small community, big society small policemen, great achievements Secretary Ma, Secretary Yang summed it up in twelve words.It is both catchy and very appropriate, and it can be called a true portrayal of the work and life of our grassroots policemen.When I go back, I will ask the Political Department to use this two small and two big as a slogan to motivate community police.Okay, don t delay the anxiety any longer.For the chief s precious time, let s go to the punishment scene, Comrade Xiao Han, please show us the way. Yes Han Chaoyang climbed into the electric patrol car again, and turned on the police lights to clear the way for the leaders convoy.Guan Yuanyuan could only follow behind, clenched the steering wheel and gritted his teeth in anger, thinking to himself that so many people did the work, how could he be the only one who deserved all the credit Thinking about low price cbd gummies cbd delta 8 gummies review how Secretary Ma and Ju Hong hadn t looked at him just now, the more Guan Yuanyuan thought about it, the more aggrieved and guilty he felt.

Yang Tao was shocked when he rushed to ra royal cbd gummies the police office of Chaoyang Community, but he became more and more confused as he hurried back.That kid has been working for less than half a year.He usually only receives the police and is only responsible for trivial chores.He has even only studied two legal books, Public Security Punishment Law and Public Security Punishment Law Interpretation.After handling the case, what problems can he have, what can happen to him Although Lao Hu and Lao Ding pretended to be nonchalant, their eyes completely betrayed them, obviously gloating.Chen Xiujuan s expression was equally wonderful, she was even snickering when she went upstairs just now.Yang Tao didn t know how to say hello to them, so after a brief introduction to Lao Ding, he took his hat and hurried downstairs to the Chaoyang Community Police Office.

I didn t pay attention to details in my work, and I was reported by others with plausibility.Zou Jingnan couldn t help but glared at him, and said coldly Comrade Han Chaoyang, although you are not a party member, you are a civil servant.Since you are a civil servant, you must be supervised.What s wrong with your supervisor Can t the superior ask you for information But, the bad influence on me has already ra royal cbd gummies been caused What kind of bad influence, I said I understand the situation.Go back early, don t delay work, it s the first time to touch this car, drive slowly on the road, pay attention to safety Section Chief Zou, wyld strawberry gummies cbd per gummy you can t do this, and I can t just go back like this.It was the first time that Zou Jingnan had encountered such a thing, so he stared at him and asked, Do you want me to give you an explanation It s not that I insist on an explanation, but that you should give me an explanation.

I want to go too Old Xu asked back.All the police and auxiliary police officers will participate, so hurry up. revive 365 cbd gummies amazon ra royal cbd gummies Walked into the meeting room with the auxiliary police officers, found a seat in the penultimate row and sat down, took out a pen and paper and waited for about three ra royal cbd gummies cbd gummy dose minutes before the leaders filed into the meeting room.The political commissar and Bureau Du sat on the rostrum, facing the crowd.Liu Suo, the 50mg cbd gummies ra royal cbd gummies trainer, and Xu Suo sat under the stage.What surprised Han Chaoyang even more was that Grandpa Gu greeted everyone with a smile, and sat down like Liu Suo, the trainer, and others.Tall, a white shirt is particularly conspicuous in the meeting room.I ve only heard of it before, but I ve never seen it before.I didn t expect him to be really old Grassroots policemen come and go in the wind and rain, ra royal cbd gummies cbd gummy dose work overtime every three days, and stay up late is commonplace.

Cao Mingzhi realized that this person should be what Han Chaoyang said The crowd looked at it curiously, did not stop, and continued to chase forward.Old Cao, over there, the tricycle is parked in front of the small shop.I see.The police car braked suddenly and stopped behind the tricycle, and there was indeed a brand new red scooter on the tricycle Han Chaoyang slammed open the co pilot door, and rushed into the small shop with Li Xiaobin who got off from the door on the right almost at the same time.There were only two people in the shop.The man in the advertising shirt is drinking the iced mineral water he just bought, while enjoying the cold wind from the store s air conditioner.Three policemen broke in at once, and the man was taken aback.Is the tricycle outside yours Han Chaoyang asked, staring into his eyes.

Gu Guoli said suddenly You don t need to be so troublesome, just ask a few people.What happened shocked the whole village.Although it was late, the number of onlookers continued unabated.Police and auxiliary police were on duty at the entrance of the alley, and no one was allowed to enter without permission.The villagers who came one after another could only watch at the entrance of the alley.Han Chaoyang asked Lao Xu to come over to help Guan Xiyuan cover, and went to the cordon with Grandpa Gu to chat with several villagers.Qiuyan is such a nice person, and the couple have a good relationship.They have never blushed in the years of marriage.Xianhong is hiding from debts outside.Qiuyan has to work and take care of the children.She is busy from morning to night, and it is impossible to flirt with anyone.

Moving a grave is so troublesome, The next demolition will be more troublesome Han Chaoyang was thinking about what strange things would happen next when his phone rang, and it was Li Xiaobin calling again.Xiaobin, what s the matter Han Da, he is repairing the door.Sitting in a black Santana sedan, Li Xiaobin looked at Ke Jianrong, who was 50mg cbd gummies ra royal cbd gummies busy across the road, and said excitedly There is no camera at the door of the store with the damaged door lock, but there is one on the side of the road.It seems to be high definition.After he repairs the door and leaves, you and Chief Gu will come over and talk to others about the video.Take a look.Not everyone can view the surveillance video, Han Chaoyang said without hesitation Okay, you can send me the location.Chapter 105 There may be an accomplice I had planned to ask Director Gu and Director Su for an hour off to watch the surveillance video with the master, but the situation changed.

Many people want to know what the little policeman s last name is, and which unit he belongs to.Some people thought it was just an auxiliary policeman, just a temporary worker, some looked on coldly, and some even made sarcastic remarks.Li Yun realized that she had inadvertently snatched the exclusive news.If she could break the news as soon as possible, she would be able to drain traffic.Not 50mg cbd gummies ra royal cbd gummies only the newly registered WeChat official account was followed, but even Weibo, which had not been updated for several months, became popular.A rare opportunity, she snatched her mother s mobile phone He has WeChat, let me check.I have dozens of friends, can you find them Playing with the mobile phone is just slipping, watching her keep forwarding the photos in Xiaohan s Moments to her mobile phone, Aunt Mi muttered This is Xiaohan s before, he didn t post the photos of being a policeman on Moments.

Who bought the car, and whose name is on the driving license Mine, I bought the car, I bought it before I married that bastard Zhu Zhenxing, comrade policeman, I have an invoice, and the invoice has a date I don t care when you bought it, I only know that Zhu Zhenxing cares about me You were not divorced when you borrowed the money, this car is the joint property of your husband and wife, and the name on the driving license is the same.The big bald man made a call and handed the phone to Gu Guoli Comrade policeman, I am not a gangster.I m not a usurer, I opened a factory and started a serious business, because I ra royal cbd gummies hired a lawyer for this matter, if you don t believe me, tell my lawyer.Chapter 116 Liar The big bald head was emotional, and the people who were with him booed one after another.The snake beauty is not a fuel efficient lamp, pointing at him and yelling at him, the people she called also booed, the two sides were gearing up, and the situation was on the verge of breaking out.

On the surface, Chaoyang Community Security Service Company is an entity of the neighborhood committee, but in fact it is a company of the street office, which is equivalent to a state owned enterprise It is backed by a big tree to enjoy the shade, and it is a service industry.With a street background, it will never close down.Captain Tang also said a few days ago that the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade will be expanded, and that the security company will give priority to recruiting administrators.A coordinator is not a temporary worker, but a social welfare position.If you can become a coordinator, you will have the opportunity to take the career establishment test.From the perspective of income, staying in a security company is more money worthy than working as a coordinator in the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade.

Cheng Xinhui realized that he wanted to visit key population homes, and while locking the door, he introduced Shi Guicai went out to work, and ra royal cbd gummies went out with his brother in law a few days ago.I don t know what kind of job he is working for.Anyway, the case of Qiao Xianhong s wife and child has nothing to do with him.I was interrogated several times before I left, and I lead the way every time the criminal police team goes.Solving the case is the task of the criminal police team, but Shi Guicai s whereabouts must be clarified.This involves the management of key populations.To find out where he is, you need to contact the local police station, which will take care of it.This is what the community police do.The three of them rushed to the first team together, found their relatives, chatted for a while, figured out the situation, and were about to go to the next one.

Famous teacher To be a high level apprentice, with Grandpa Gu, he is not good.Captain He, things are not what you think, the bureau leader transferred Lao Gu from the Changfeng Street Police Station to our Huayuan Street Police Station, and let Lao Gu be his master.It can be said that letting Lao Gu take him is the icing on the cake.Worshiping Lao Gu as a teacher is a later thing You don t even think about it.If he doesn t do anything, the bureau leader Can you know him, can you have these subsequent arrangements Thinking about it carefully, there are many achievements.First, a huge gang producing and selling fake certificates was discovered, and then a robber and a murderer were captured.More than two million fines.It s interesting, I ll see you later, I really want to see how handsome he is.

My mother called me in the afternoon and said that there is no problem with the credit union, and that the director of 50mg cbd gummies ra royal cbd gummies the credit union is very helpful, and the loan can be released within three days at the 50mg cbd gummies ra royal cbd gummies latest.Several relatives agreed earlier, and the money has been transferred to her bank card , now it s only 80,000 to 90,000 yuan, the school teacher and my dad s colleagues are helping to make up the money, anyway, money is not a problem, I m going to come over on Sunday and come with my dad. I m relieved. You re afraid that my family will regret it Is there a mistake I m afraid people will go back on their word By the way, I don t think it s 50mg cbd gummies ra royal cbd gummies appropriate for you to rent out the house after buying it.It s a newly renovated house, and it will be used as your wedding house in the future.I The key is that I can t live there for a few days after buying it, and ra royal cbd gummies .

are cbd gummies legal in mas?

the pressure to repay the loan is so great, the property fee is so high, and I have to pay the heating fee in winter.

Han Da Han Da, we are here, we saw them.Li Xiaobin s group also arrived at the designated location, Han Chaoyang hung up Xiaokang s cell phone, raised the walkie talkie and asked, Xiaobin Xiaobin, how far are you from them About 15 ra royal cbd gummies meters away, the official car we drive can be closer.Juncai and the others are behind, on the left side of the road.How many people are in your car There are five of me.Juncai Juncai, I am Han Chaoyang , there is a small alley diagonally across from the parking lot, take the time to check the electronic map to see if you can go around the alley to prevent them from absconding from the alley later.I received it, check it immediately, and go as soon as you find it.The leader said not to act rashly, and Han Chaoyang was not 100 cbd vegan gummies 1000mg sure that none of them would escape, so all he could do was wait and make some necessary arrangements.

For example, I want to invite the cadres of Yangguan Village to hemp bomb cbd gummies low price cbd gummies meet Qiao Xianhong The parents of Wang Qiaolan and Zhang Qiuyan, mothers of Wang Qiaolan, consoled and asked the elderly on both sides what their plans are for the future.Doing work in advance will save Qiao Xianhong, his wife and children from being dead, and the elderly on both sides will turn against each other because of some property.The matter is very important.Wang Qiaolan cannot say that she has not fulfilled her duty as a mother, but in the eyes of the villagers and the villagers, she is not a good mother, mother in law or grandma.The uncles and brothers of the Qiao family and the Zhang family will definitely think, you They have already remarried, and it has nothing to do with this side, so why should they inherit the property of their son and daughter revive 365 cbd gummies amazon ra royal cbd gummies in law Zheng Xinyi was taken aback for a moment, and immediately realized that she was convinced.

Han Chaoyang was very depressed, and couldn t help but point to her police rank Sister Miao, didn t you just go to the Legal Affairs Corps last year Why did you get the rank so quickly Miao Haizhu turned her head to look at the a Mao Er , asked proudly Not convinced I joined the job the year before last, and I had already passed the probationary period, but thinking of what my mother said, I couldn t help asking Sister Miao, did you ra royal cbd gummies cbd gummy dose join ra royal cbd gummies cbd gummy dose the job before you graduated Who said, I joined the job as soon as I graduated.I used to work at the Provincial Police Academy.I was seconded to the Provincial Department during the probationary period.After the probationary period, I went through the formal transfer procedures.The starting point is high, but it is different.Just thinking that people are more popular than others, not to mention being transferred to the provincial department, they may not even be able to go to the branch office, Miao Haizhu put away the police card, and said lightly The provincial department will organize cadres to go to the grassroots in a while.

Huang Ying was not very interested in groups like the Writers Association and the Music Association, so she couldn t help muttering Chaoyang works in the Public Security Bureau, not in the orchestra, let alone a deputy senior.He raised his salary.What do you know Gao Yueqing rolled her eyes at her, knocked on the table and said, A person like Chaoyang should give full play to his strengths.Even if he is not transferred in the future, he will still be a policeman and a violinist in the future.The best, the best policeman who organizes cultural activities.Think about it, the sub bureau is now looking for Chaoyang to rehearse the program.If it can be premiumx cbd gummies done well and its professional level can be recognized.In the future, if there are more cultural activities, the city bureau may look for Chaoyang Go, maybe the Political Department of the Public Security Bureau will look for it, why not use such talents in this system, why go out and ask for help.

After washing the clothes, I played games.I played games and she watched Korean dramas.It s getting late for me.I have to go to work tomorrow.Say no more, go to bed early.She didn t say anything, turned off the TV and went to bed in the bedroom, and thenthen she got angry and kicked me.Yue Lianlian, is that so Almost.Washing HCMUSSH ra royal cbd gummies Bowls, washing clothes, I think your husband is very good, why are you angry, why are you kicking him, is it because he patronizes work and has no mood, nono that.Are you a policeman, where do you want to go Now It s normal for the couple to lead a married life.Since it s not because of the disharmony between husband and wife, then there must be a reason for it.Ask him I asked, but you didn t hear everything just now.Well, now I want to hear from you.Yeah, Lianlian, where did I go wrong Chen Jun was confused, devastated, and embarrassed at the same time.

Don t be kidding, this is a murder case, there are clues We need to investigate, even ra royal cbd gummies if the suspect is not here, he will not make a joke.Guan Xiyuan looked around and said with emotion Old Hu, stop talking about Chaoyang behind his back, no matter what.They are all from the same unit, and as you said, he is so lucky now, it is simply luck, and besides, we are the ones who are laughed at.When we came here, we made so many complaints, but now the situation has changed, and the company leader All will be here soon.The more Lao Hu thought about it, the more embarrassing he became, and he asked resentfully, What should I do now I don t know, I d better ask Grandpa Gu.The two were about to ask for instructions and report, but Grandpa Gu s phone came first, and he gave the order as soon as he got through.

Old Gu, why are you going back to the police office, just go home.Liu Suo, ra royal cbd gummies I m fine.Besides, Chaoyang will continue to organize rehearsals at night.You can t carry it without rest, and ra royal cbd gummies the police office can t leave people.Inspector Gu, isn t there me, you go back and rest, you are not in good health and can t compare with us young people.Wu Wei stood up hurriedly, Pull out a tissue and wipe your mouth.This is the backbone, able to withstand critical moments, Liu Jianye nodded with a smile Old Gu, that s it, let Xiao Wu work hard, what do you worry about with Xiao Wu here Master, you should go back and rest Let s go.Everyone said in unison, Gu Guoli simply smiled and said Okay, I will go home and sleep for a few hours first, and go to the police station good cbd gummy to change shifts at 12 o clock.I m used to it.

Secretary Tong, do you know Xiaohan Comrade Xiao Han also participated, but Xiao Dan mistook him for the auxiliary police sent by the branch to maintain order, and asked him to guard the door for a long time.By the way, the one on your street that Xiao Huang was also there, and we went together at noon that day After dinner, I even apologized to him on behalf of the organizer.Going on a blind date and being treated as a doorkeeper, there is such a thing.Secretary Yang felt a little interesting, and couldn t help laughing Secretary Tong, so the blind cbd gummies legal minnesota date organized by the district was a success, maybe the lunch played a key role.What do you mean Xiao Han and Xiao Huang are married, I m in love, and maybe I ll have a wedding in a short time.There is such a thing If you don t believe me, you can ask them later, oops, so Secretary Tong, you are Yuelao No, you can tell me how many cbd gummy bears should i eat later ra royal cbd gummies If you don t ask me, I have to ask them, drink water to think of keoni cbd fs 500mg gummies the source, and don t focus on HCMUSSH ra royal cbd gummies dating and forget the introducer who leads the red line.

The funniest thing is that just after forwarding the news about tonight s show on the patrol official account to Moments, dozens of people liked it, including Liu Suo, Guan instructor and other colleagues in the unit, as well as Zhou who just added as a friend last night.Game Chaoyang, let me take a look, yes, that s it.Su Xian was not at ease, and actually checked one by one.After reading them one by one, she said with regret It s still too late.If I thought about it earlier, if you The Most Handsome Policeman was launched when it was the hottest, and now revive 365 cbd gummies amazon ra royal cbd gummies it has 80,000 followers even if it doesn t have 100,000 followers.Since you missed it, you can only make up for it, Xinyi is trying to find a way to attract people who used to follow you.Director Su, what if there is one more follower and one less follower, we are applying for registration in the name of a government department, too many advertisements will have a negative impact.

The child really suffers from the kind of disease that he is most worried about, and even the conservative treatment and rescue station can t handle it.Deputy station manager Chang is really anxious, pointing at Han Chaoyang and urging him to make a phone call.Master, you are back, but the diagnosis result has not yet come out.Director Su said that this is suspected of abandonment, which is a criminal offense.Have you told the clinic, oh, okay, okay, best cbd gummies to buy I am in the doctor s office of the emergency center.How do you say it Deputy Station Master Chang asked eagerly.My master has already reported it, and the office attaches great importance to it.The case must be filed for investigation.The head of the class will let Wu Wei, a policeman who is helping in our police office, be in charge.Is this the end Stationmaster Chang, listen to me.

Don t worry, Chang Zhang, my master is talking to ra royal cbd gummies cbd gummy dose them, and we will do their ideological work.That s good, thank you for your hard work.Just after hanging up the phone, Lu Yatou brought a man she ra royal cbd gummies hadn t seen much before.The doctor is here.Han Chaoyang greeted them, opened the door and walked into the police room together.The child s parents were brought into the case handling area.The man sat on the left side of Grandpa Gu with his head drooping and said nothing, and the woman sat diagonally across from Grandpa Gu and cried.A black travel bag was placed under their feet.Their ID cards and the baby s previous The medical records during the treatment and the reports of various examinations are all on the desk.Grandpa Gu was taking notes while asking in a slow voice, and ra royal cbd gummies vaguely heard Wu Wei calling the office to report from the backyard.

No, what I m doing now is all useless, no matter how much money I spend, it will be in vain.Parents should be fine, right Not necessarily, the most worrying thing now is this, in case the bone marrow of the child s parents is not good enough, The bone marrow bank can t find a suitable one, so it s troublesome. Why can t the parents This is not a blood transfusion, anyway, that s what the doctor said.They take bone marrow for examination.If it is not worthy, and if the bone marrow bank can t find it, then there is no need to continue to raise donations.It s so pitiful.Who says it s not, so we will get married in the future, and you will get married in the future.Don t play with mobile phones when you re pregnant, don t get close to computers, I just searched online, and it s said that electromagnetic radiation may cause leukemia in pregnant women s babies.

Director Su, you only consider the residents of the community.I think you should take into account the outsiders in the community.There are few people from other places now.It s been a while, and the area to the south is full of construction sites, so I don t know how many migrant workers will come in at once. Yes, this also needs low price cbd gummies cbd delta 8 gummies review to be taken into consideration.I m not familiar with the construction unit, and you must be responsible for the management of migrant population.Those who are going to various construction sites, you can see who is suitable, and then I will talk to them and give them a letter of employment.Chapter 203 August 1st Song Club In order to complete the tasks assigned by Liu, Han Chaoyang made various preparations.For example, after bringing a begging child to the neighborhood committee, you can ask Auntie Ye and other directors and directors of the Helping the Distressed Foundation to help take care of it.

Sister Su, what are you doing for such a serious concert How could Su Xian not know that the jealous jar was overturned, and she took her arm and snickered, Promoting the WeChat official account of the Patrol Team is also a job, please be generous.Don t be petty.You re asking him to sacrifice his appearance Just take a photo, just take a photo together, don t worry, he stands firm revive 365 cbd gummies amazon ra royal cbd gummies and can stand the test.Chapter 207 Finale If you don t participate in such activities, you don t know how many units there are in a district After the procuratorate finished singing, it went to the court, followed by the Audit Bureau, the Local Taxation Bureau, the National Taxation ra royal cbd gummies Bureau, the Radio and Television Bureau, the Quality Supervision Bureau, the Statistics Bureau, the Earthquake Bureau, and the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau interspersed with several streets and several large companies.

If can i order cbd gummies by mail you think that Manager Zhang plant based cbd gummies breached the contract, it will cause you Economic losses can be resolved through legal channels, such as suing in court.Bao Shien, you have to rely on your conscience, I only charge you 10,000 management fees, how much does the community charge you If you didn t do anything, you would have something like today Stop arguing, take my words as deaf ears, go, get in the police car, and go to the police station Just go, what s the big deal.Just stuffed them into Li Xiaobin The police car that drove up ten minutes ago, Aunt Liu, Tan Xiaoying and the owners who hadn t left quarreled with Manager Zhang again, and there was chaos outside the west gate.Old Tang who came with the car briefly understood the situation, took the transcript and said, Chaoyang, I will send them to the prison.

this head.Han Chaoyang touched his nose habitually, motioning for her to continue.According to the procedure, a preparatory team needs to be set up after the application is initiated.The members of the preparatory team are mainly owners.The whole process will ra royal cbd gummies cbd gummy dose take three months at the fastest.Not only will there be no money, there will be various things, and it will even attract all kinds of criticism, so we will talk about it in ra royal cbd gummies the afternoon.The previous owners were not enthusiastic about it.Miao HCMUSSH ra royal cbd gummies Haizhu sighed lightly, and continued The majority are opposed, and you may not believe it, even the owner whose electric car was stolen ra royal cbd gummies the afternoon before yesterday was opposed.The reason for the opposition made me Speechless, I said that I have lost an ra royal cbd gummies electric car now.If I set up an owners meeting and hire a security company, I would say that I would have to pay more than 1,000 property fees a year, which is .

can i use cbd oil to make gummies?

equivalent to losing one in the next year You want to help others fix the situation, but they don t want to.

Everyone threw away their cigarette butts in a hurry, and was about to go up to stand at attention and salute when a minibus followed.Stone Bureau It turned out that the director and the trainer knew that the bureau leader was coming, and walked up quickly from behind the crowd to greet a short, thin middle aged man.Whatever you do outside, go back to the office.Yes Lao Chang was taken aback for a moment, and hurriedly pulled Han Chaoyang who couldn t understand what the leader said, and ran back to the duty room.Pingyuan, let s go upstairs and talk about it.Shi Ju looked back at the large army that was getting off the car, and strode towards the stairs with another thirty seven or eighteen year old plainclothes man with his bag in his hands.He reacted and hurried to catch up.Instructor Hang tacitly stayed behind to greet reinforcements from the criminal police team and the anti drug team.

Think of a way, Lao Mei, I know you must have a way.It must be admitted that the director of the police station on the other end of the phone is still very nice.Lao Mei decided to help does condor cbd gummies work for ed people to the end, supported San Mazi and agreed Okay, I will go to Lao Yuan s shop to watch them gamble, if they invite me ra royal cbd gummies to play with them, I will play with them for a while, if I win, it will be mine, if I lose It s yours The reason why the people in the mountains are poor is not only because of poor natural conditions, perennial drought, little money or even loss of money from farming, but also has something to do with their ideas.Delicious and lazy, no awareness of poverty alleviation.Especially those villagers with little education, as long as they can live on, as long as they have a stutter, they will never go out to work, so there is a phenomenon of sitting on the side of the road drinking and playing cards even though they are clinking.

Another one Since you are frank, why didn t you turn on the body camera at that time I I forgot, besides, the memory of the body camera is so large, and it can charge so much power, it is impossible to leave it on 24 hours a day Right.Mediation is not law HCMUSSH ra royal cbd gummies enforcement, and the mediation is not a big case, and I do it for his family s good.His grandson is only in his teens and is still in the second year of junior high school.The family that was beaten has already done his ideological work., as long as he pays more or less, his grandson can continue to go to school, and he might be able to look like a man in the future.The problem now is that the person is dead, Secretary Tang of the Bureau of Discipline Inspection kanha cannabis infused cbd watermelon gummies pointed to the phone and said blankly Major Cheng of Xinying Township looked at the body and told the relatives of the deceased that there was revive 365 cbd gummies amazon ra royal cbd gummies no trauma, so it should have nothing to do with you, He Pingyuan.

Xiao Guo, a patrol member of the Second Squadron, reported a migrant worker who was watching TV at a food stall on the south side of Dongming Community Seen the guy with the punctured tire.Team Liang and Wu Wei were in the construction site office asking Boss Zhuang who was in charge of the earthwork project.Han Chaoyang called to report first, and then climbed into the patrol car and went straight to Dongming Community.Sure enough, the entrance of the small restaurant was full of migrant workers who couldn t sleep at night.Few people ate supper, and a lot of them watched TV.It may be because of the large number of people that they are popular.The boss who was busy receiving a few taxi drivers who had supper didn t want to drive them away.Han Zhaoyang saw Xiao Guo at a glance, jumped out of the car and went up to ask Who is the witness I, I saw it.

Just say that we will take over later, don t make a record, don t pay a fine, and just let him go. Understood. I m going up.The professional matters are handed over to professionals, and it s really hard to have them in Han Chaoyang s hands.Nothing to worry about.In normal times, you can join in to watch the excitement and learn how other people handle cases, but today is not normal, tens of thousands of people flooded into the school at once, and they have to go on patrol.Back at the gate, my girlfriend was already tired from propaganda , and was sitting under a sun umbrella drinking water.Miao Haizhu is still distributing leaflets, and is still beguiling new and old students who have registered, and even the parents of students to pay attention to the WeChat public account of the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team.

The leader of the Criminal Police Detachment of the City Bureau was the same as Teng Da, striding over to Han Chaoyang as soon as he got out of the car to ask about the situation.Just finished reporting for the second time, and finally saw a familiar face, Deputy Director Shi of the branch in charge of criminal investigation arrived.Based on the degree of corruption, the time of death should have been three days ago.The deceased had a wallet in his trouser pocket, which contained his ID card, two bank cards, and a loyalty card for Daifuku Supermarket, which contained 176 yuan.Cash.It can be confirmed that the ID card belongs to the deceased himself.His surname is Cao and his name is Cao Shengkai.I brought all my belongings, all in evidence bags.As for the cause of death, are there any obvious wounds on the corpse Deputy Chief Luo of the Criminal Police Detachment of the City Bureau asked.

Seven or eight policemen got out ra royal cbd gummies of the high end and high grade cabin, climbed onto the iron boat, and went ashore from the gangway of the big boat.They should be the policemen from the Shuishang Police Station of the Gaoxin District Bureau.Although the Yandong Sub bureau also has rivers, the Chaoyang River is a landscape river.The other rivers in the jurisdiction are neither as large nor as long as the Chaoyang River., there are not even a few small boats rowed by people, and there is no water police station.The sand and gravel factory is located by the Beitai River, the largest and longest river in the city, and the most developed water transportation.corpse.Han Chaoyang realized what the police from the water police station were going to do next, and was thinking about what he could do when a few car horns sounded outside, and Wu Wei arrived in a big car, lying on the window and following the police on duty at the gate Negotiate with the auxiliary police.

This area must be developed, and it will be sooner or later.Thinking of the bright future, Lao Du showed a knowing smile again.It is also land acquisition and demolition, and it is also located in the urban rural fringe area, but you don t expect to enjoy the demolition standards of Chaoyang Village.Han Chaoyang thinks it is a bit funny, but now is not the time to talk about these things, so he asked while the iron is hot Master Du, your family lives You work here every day, so you should be familiar with this area. That is, I know all the bosses who do business by the river, and I know several steel bosses in the market. This Are there people who always make trouble out of nothing and like to do things that hurt others and benefit themselves Idle around, don t do business properly, and cause trouble all day long Yes.

Mr.Ye, please recall, at 11 55 on the night of the 15th, where did you drive from Shengli Street to Anhe Road from south to north I have no intention of inquiring about your privacy.Just tell me an ra royal cbd gummies approximate range.I know what time and hour I pass at any intersection, so I shouldn t be a ra royal cbd gummies cbd gummy dose liar.The owner of the car thought for a while, then suddenly said Remember, I drove a car that night to send a friend home.His family lives in Xianzhuang.The destination was Xianzhuang.Han Chaoyang regained his energy immediately, looked up at Wu Wei who was also on the phone, and asked, Mr.Ye, have you seen a commercial vehicle on the way to and from Xianzhuang Comrade police, I m sorry, I really can t remember this.It s okay if I don t remember, is there a driving recorder installed in your car Yes, the road is full of cars now, if you don t touch everyone, What if you don t install a driving recorder.

Thank you Gong Da.Han Chaoyang picked up the phone record just now, and ran downstairs while saying Angkor, slow down, the Fourth Squadron made it very clear just now, the owner of the car is on a business trip, and the door cannot be opened when no one is around.What s the point of rushing there like this Did you smash someone s car window Hurry up and contact the owner of the car, he may not have taken the car keys away, but even if he did, he should have a spare key.Okay, I ll call and ask first.Han can i take cbd gummies and xanax Chaoyang pulled away The car door got into the co pilot, took out the police phone and turned it on, ignoring the dozens of missed calls prompted by text messages, and dialed the owner s cell phone according to the call records brought down from upstairs.Mr.Bing, hello, I m Han Chaoyang, a police officer from the Yanyang City Public Security Bureau.

Deputy Luo s detachment did not give orders to the police patrolling near the toll gate of the airport expressway through the command center, but asked the special case team to rush over.Although Teng Jiming thinks that the murder of Cao Shengkai is likely to be a homicide caused by private lending, he also believes that the possibility of the victim being involved in other illegal and criminal activities cannot be ruled out.Who doesn t want to expand the results Before Vice Captain Gong could speak, Teng Jiming stood up and said, Luo Zhi, we re going over now, please help me out, please help me keep an eye on the suspect vehicle, and please inform the traffic control center of the latest information on the suspect vehicle.Location.The suspect vehicle just got on the expressway, so you must have time ra royal cbd gummies to set off ra royal cbd gummies now, don t worry on my side, and act quickly.

3 received Car No.4 received Following the urgent conversation on the mobile phone, the black Volkswagen car that Gong Da and cbd gummies for quitting drinking other criminal police were riding in and the ra royal cbd gummies criminal police such as Team Ji took The gray Toyota sedans in the car merged into the traffic flow at the same time.Car No.4 followed closely, and it turned into the leftmost lane with its turn signal, and drove westward at the same time as the black Mercedes Benz saloon car that was getting faster and faster.The white SUV passed by, Han Chaoyang did not dare to be distracted, hurriedly pressed the electronic handbrake, lightly stepped on the accelerator and followed.Chapter 329 Tracking and monitoring 2 Tracking and monitoring is far less simple than in movies and can you order cbd gummies online TV.There is a lot of traffic in the urban area, there are many traffic lights, and there are more large and small intersections.

Going to towns and towns, wherever there is a market, I just go to the market everywhere, and the business is okay.His daughter is married, and she is married in the city.The son in law is a bit capable, and seems to be an engineer.The second child, Cai Xiaofang, who you want to know, used to be a ra royal cbd gummies soldier , After retiring from the army, I didn t arrange a decent job in the street, and now I seem to be helping people drive.Master, the old man was right, this Uncle Wei really knows the situation of Cai s family.Han Chaoyang hurriedly took out a pen and paper, and picked out the key points to record.Uncle Wei, does Cai Xiaofang come back often Last year, he came back almost every day.This year, he drove for others and came back less often.Rong Zhiping asked, Has he been back during this time Uncle Wei thought for a while, then suddenly said He came back at the beginning of the month.

That s right, ra royal cbd gummies seeing how busy I am, I actually forgot about this.So there is nothing to worry about.I will call Lao Du right now and ask Lao Du to report to the Municipal Bureau.After receiving reports from the masses, the Public Security Brigade of our sub bureau and the Changlin Street Police Station jointly seized a case of gambling in the form of chalac.Cases where huge amounts of money were gambled.When investigating this gambling case, they accidentally discovered clues to the 9.18 case.Given 9.Case 18 was jointly investigated by the Criminal Police Detachment, the High tech District Bureau and our branch.After discovering the clues, the ra royal cbd gummies cbd gummy dose criminal police brigade of our branch followed the clues, found out where the suspect might be hiding, and organized the police to arrest him decisively.

Need the creditor s contact information He Yichang asked puzzled.He team, I know that there are many creditors, but there should not be many who can go to Huo s house to collect debts, and they should all be small contractors.They don t just lose 10,000 to 20,000 wages, and they don t just lose a little profit.They may lose a few dollars.Tens or even millions Think about it, so many migrant workers go to the district at the same time every year to pull up banners to explain, there must be an organization, and it is definitely the small contractors who organize those migrant workers to go to the district to make trouble.I know that, But what s the use of their contact information They know Huo Xuebin s situation better than us, especially the social relationship.And if it were me, I would definitely not let it go and put all my eggs in one basket.

Facts have proved that the authorities are obsessed with onlookers, Han Chaoyang s eyes lit up, he nodded again and again, and grinned Director Wang, your idea is good, and our bureau leaders will definitely support it.I ll think about it again and see if I can make it more colorful.A little.That s it, it s a big deal, think about it again, and I ll add it up for you when you think about it.There s still a month left, enough time, you can make good preparations and strive to make it lively.Okay, I ll listen to you, and I ll ask you to help me when the time comes.Help is not a big deal.Thinking about it, I haven t held an event for a long time, so it s time to have a lively event While chatting, the phone rang Yes, when I looked at the caller ID, it was actually my girlfriend calling.As soon as Han Chaoyang pressed the call button icon on ra royal cbd gummies the phone screen, he heard Huang Ying happily say on the other end Husband, it s confirmed Secretary Yang just called our director and said that the district will second me to the administrative department.

Gan Suo s words really touched Grandpa Gu s heart.Compared with the Huayuan Street Police Station, he has more affection for the Changfeng Street Police Station.Just as he didn t know what to say, Instructor Cheng said with a smile If you don t waste money, you won t waste money.The four dishes and one soup in the evening are all what you like to eat Sister Lu did it Grandpa Gu asked subconsciously.Who else is there besides her We can t replace her as the chef.Grandpa Gu couldn t help sighing when he thought that Sister Lu s working years in the restaurant were longer than his own Sister Lu is sixty five this year, right Is there any benefit to ra royal cbd gummies not having a staff, as long as you don t drive her away, as long as she can work, she can keep working. It s impossible cbd gummies for sundowners syndrome for her to work in the institute at such an age, let s not talk about it, let s go , let s go eat first.

You have been working for less than a year, and you have arrested two murderers.One of them is an ra royal cbd gummies cbd gummy dose A level policeman from the Ministry of Public Security.The wanted criminal is stronger than the master in the past, and the blue is better than the blue.It is you, just do it like this, keep it up, and you will definitely have a future.Han Chaoyang muttered Like the master, you will be a police officer for the rest of your life What s so bad about being a police officer at the level of a master Shi Ju asked back, and then smiled It can be seen that the leaders of your branch bureau intend to let you inherit the mantle of the master, but now it is different from before.And the right time, place, people and you are all taken, as long as you work hard, as long as you can hold on, the superior will definitely entrust you with important tasks.

I m going to work.I ll talk to you at night if I have anything to do.Suddenly it rang, and when I looked at the caller ID, I knew there was an alarm.Xinyi, what s the matter It s a strange thing, others can t handle it, so I can only call you.Zheng Xinyi stood at the back door of the police station, looking at the few caring PolyU girls who were surrounded by the police station.stop laughing.Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked, What s going on, and how weird is it Four PolyU girls sent a litter of puppies.They were so small that they didn t look ra royal cbd gummies like a full moon, and they were bigger than a mouse.They said the mother dog was hit by a car and died., and took a few photos of the scene of the car accident, bloody and oozing.They said the puppies are cute and pitiful, and dogs are not allowed in the dormitory.

Grandpa Gu put on the law enforcement recorder, and said very seriously There must be one procedure that must be followed.For training, you need to study, write an applicant s autobiography, and write an ideological report.The party branch will conduct political examinations, group investigations, and letter investigations on you.In the future, you will also need your parents political examination materials. So there revive 365 cbd gummies amazon ra royal cbd gummies are so many procedures for joining the party. ra royal cbd gummies cbd gummy dose I just found out, it s good to be able to join.Grandpa Gu smiled, and was about to remind him to have time to read the party constitution, when Han Chaoyang s cell phone rang suddenly.Yingying, what s the matter His girlfriend called, Han Chaoyang .

how much do cbd gummies cost uk?

hurriedly pressed the call icon and raised the phone to his ear.Huang Ying walked out of the office, clasped her phone tightly and asked with a snickering smile, Student Han Chaoyang, have you received a notice to study at the party school Got it, how about you Me too So we can go to school together tomorrow I cbd sugar free gummy bears ra royal cbd gummies was just about to tell you about this, we are classmates at the party school No winking, no passing notes , not to mention hands and feet, participating in such a serious training, you can t let the teachers and students laugh.

He needs to have good looks and a good figure.She has such a high degree of education, such a good job, and a kind hearted person.If something happened, how could Zhang Ziyue leave without saying goodbye, she must be worried that Ling Bin and Xinxin would be hurt.What they said was all reasonable, but so what if it was reasonable, they have already reported ra royal cbd gummies cbd gummy dose the case, and this is not under the control of the Huayuan Street Police Station.Just as Han Chaoyang was about to speak, the curtain of the main door was ra royal cbd gummies cbd gummy dose lifted suddenly, and two men, one tall and one short, walked in with bags on their backs.Hello, is there any room here Yes Zhang Beibei didn t bother to eat snacks when she was on business, she immediately got up and smiled, Sir, you should have seen it at the door.We are a youth hostel here.

Qiu Genmao heard it clearly, and thought to himself that the most handsome policeman in Yanyang is nothing special, where to buy penguin cbd gummies but he is lucky to have a great master.Han Chaoyang didn t know what he was thinking.After Wang Jianping finished asking for instructions, he discussed for a while, then hurried downstairs and drove to Chaoyang International Youth Hostel again.Huang s mother really likes children, and she is coaxing Xinxin, who just woke up, to eat cake.Ling Bin sat on the bench with several young passengers, looked up at Xie Lingling who was playing the piano for a while, looked back at Xinxin for a while, and looked down at the phone for a while.Chaoyang, are you off work Seeing her son in law walking to the bar, Huang Ma subconsciously asked while hugging Xinxin.I m not busy today, get off work early.

Sister, it s not like you don t know about my past, what else can I do if I don t avoid them That beast Zhang Boyu can do anything, I can t implicate Ling Bin, let alone implicate Xinxin.If you can t offend us, you can t hide Sister Wei pushed her away, grabbed her shoulders tightly Staring at her eyes, he said It should be a coincidence that I bumped into that animal in Fujiang.China is big.We can find a place to hide with Ling Binxinxin.I don t believe he can find it.Sister, I thought about it, but How do you want me to talk to him, tell him that I used to sell fans, I was a wanted criminal by the police, and I would be decapitated if I was caught It s been a few years, why are you still thinking about it Wei Wei The elder sister held her in her arms again, and comforted her Aren t you fine now Are you okay Maybe the police have forgotten it long ago.

It should be her Han Chaoyang straightened up and said excitedly You need to swipe your card to enter the gate, you need to swipe your card to enter the small door, and you need to swipe your card to take the elevator.Even if ordinary people can sneak in, they won t be able to go up the stairs, but this is not a problem.She actually thought of entering the fire exit from the underground parking lot, and climbing the stairs from the fire exit, without swiping the card, without monitoring, and not even being bumped into by the owner.Grandpa Gu couldn t help laughing The whole community is completely empty, The underground parking lot is so big, I must have gone the wrong way the first few times, but when I climbed up, I found that it was not the building she was going to.The sign below is just pointing hemp bomb cbd gummies low price cbd gummies at random, even when I went down for the first time, I got lost , let alone her.

It was useless to find the Ministry.Han Chaoyang wasn t worried at all that he would be complained because of this, but Grandpa Gu felt that he couldn t let Vice Minister Jiang make this call.If he called and finally got a reply that the case could not be filed, then he would definitely be embarrassed, and ra royal cbd gummies he is a very face saving person.people.Minister Jiang, don t worry.Grandpa Gu walked in front of him and said helplessly Minister Jiang, Director Wang, Chaoyang didn t just shirk, this is a private prosecution case, and the police really have no jurisdiction.Private prosecution cases, although There is reason, although you can go to the court to sue, but the cost of litigation is too high, and the time alone is not enough, the people are most afraid of encountering such a thing, in fact, the front line law enforcement police are also afraid.

Including the health office, there are already three policemen at the Chaoyang Community Police Office.Liu Suo asked Wu Wei to come over, which meant that Lao Ding would be transferred back, but how long has Lao Ding only been here Thinking of this, Han Chaoyang couldn ra royal cbd gummies t help muttering In the beginning, Wu Wei was asked to come.The bureau asked Kang to be responsible for the security of the Chengdong Transportation Hub Project site.Afterwards, the office asked Lao Ding to replace Wu Wei.Now they want to organize an anti picking team and ask Wu Wei to come.Changing old men, changing them like a revolving lantern, this is not something that changes day and night, it s too child s play.Grandpa Gu thought that the personnel transfer was a bit frequent, and said nonchalantly This is a job requirement, and it s a technical job to pick it up.

The large vehicles carrying construction materials go through the gate, and migrant workers and project management personnel have ra royal cbd gummies special passages, and three gates are installed like high end residential areas.All entry and exit must be swiped.All the cards have to be processed at the security guards.Xu Hongliang looked at today s card application records, looked up and asked The work has been suspended, what are ra royal cbd gummies these people doing here The security guard Xiao Chen got up and .

can cbd gummies give you anxiety?

explained Manager Wang said that they are ra royal cbd gummies workers from another construction site.The construction period of that project is tight, and the work is not stopped during the Spring Festival.These dozens of workers will not go home during the New Year.The conditions here are better.Let them live here at night.Go to work in the morning and come back at night.

Chaoyang Community Security Service Company sent a squad, including squad leader He Fengbao and deputy squad leader Zhou Dongfeng, a total of ten young men came.The bus station is not a train station.There are no buses leaving the station at night, but only a dozen or so buses entering the station.As long as two or three people are left watching at night, the main force can be used during the day.Lao Dai was still in the waiting room, and Lao Ding was patrolling outside with two interns from the Judicial Police Academy just like yesterday.I saw two sneaky guys sneaking into the ticket hall just now, and immediately followed in, but the two boys turned around and left.Xiao Zhong, follow and have a look.Yes Compared to sitting at the security checkpoint to check tickets and ID cards, Xiao Zhong prefers to patrol with the police, so he answered and chased out with Xiao Luo.

How about we set up several squadrons according to the number of members.We There are the most members in the community, how many squadrons do you think are appropriate Cao Zefang asked with a smile.If we set up a squadron with more than a dozen members according to the previous establishment, then we need to set up more than 20 squadrons, which is not conducive to management and cooperation.Or we should set up eight squadrons, five in Chaoyang Community , two from PolyU, and one from the Sixth Hospital.Where s the Anti Picking Team Mr.Ji couldn t help asking.If the anti pickup team is not withdrawn, the anti pickup team can be used as an emergency mobile squadron directly under it, and it will take care of emergency response while anti pickup.It is most fair to set up a squadron according to the number of members, but the anti pickup squadron that takes into account emergency response is definitely the best It is also the most dazzling squadron that can produce results.

But you can t have too much hope for our school, after all, we are different from Secretary Cao and the others, and we can only help solve a little bit as much as we can.The community voluntary security patrol team is a community security service company, The better the patrol team is, the more profits the security company can get.For example, the bureau will help facilitate some security business.In contrast, PolyU is truly obligatory and cannot allow other people to pay more money as well as people.Han Chaoyang held Zhang ra royal cbd gummies Jinhai s hand tightly, 50mg cbd gummies ra royal cbd gummies and ra royal cbd gummies said sincerely and gratefully It s not easy to help us with a little money, no matter how much, I will thank you.Don t thank you, you are quite busy, Tomorrow, I will go to the East China Sea with Principal Nie is charles stanley really selling cbd gummies to exchange ideas, and there seems to be a meeting tonight, you are busy with your work, hurry up and arrange work.

But these are not important to her, what is important is the collective dormitory that the sub bureau coordinates with the patrol team.Secretary Cao, you re right, don t take the space that was given for free, but I don t think it s necessary to invest too much.Zhang Beibei weighed things up and analyzed in an orderly manner Even if the old district committee compound is not demolished in the past two years, it will be demolished in a few years.Too much investment is pure waste.Why not save it if it can be saved, and the saving is not a whole lot.Two points.Whether it is a security company or a patrol team, why do you need militarized management In the final analysis, you need to manage and train the team well.Since you want to conduct militarized management, you must cultivate a good style ra royal cbd gummies of hard work.

The captain of the patrol brigade, he will become a deputy department level leader at such a young age, which has aroused many netizens doubts Chapter 546 Too many things happened today.I am very concerned, and I don t even bother to turn on the computer to watch the news.You just said something, you re dying of anxiety What do you want me to say Han Chaoyang looked up at Grandpa Gu, and said listlessly Who doesn t talk about others behind their backs, who doesn t get told behind their backs, who doesn t talk about people behind their backs What can I do about the face of the HCMUSSH ra royal cbd gummies elders.Besides, I am not afraid of the shadow slanting when I am upright.What is there to be afraid of when I, Han Chaoyang, sit upright, walk straight, and walk upright You re messing around with the deputy department.

Du Ronggui, you just said that I don t know you.I know you, I warn you not to solicit customers at the station again, if I find out again, don t blame me for business.Officer Han, are you determined to destroy our jobs If you obey the law, if you You are engaged in a legitimate business, not only will I not destroy your job, but I will also protect your legitimate rights and interests.Officer Han, stay on the front line and see you later.What do you mean, threaten me How dare I threaten you , 50mg cbd gummies ra royal cbd gummies You are a policeman, how much power do you have, can I go Du Ronggui turned his head and left, calling on his mobile phone while walking.Han Chaoyang was not afraid of the threat of scalpers like him, but he felt that it was not a problem to go on like this, so he walked quickly to the exit, .

where to buy cbd gummies in tennessee?

invited the eldest sister aside and asked, Sister Miao, you are a legal expert, help me think about it, is there any These scalpers laws and regulations.

Han Chaoyang just assisted in interrogating the gambling related personnel brought back ra royal cbd gummies and made notes for them.Sun Guokang was originally a policeman at the Huayuan Street Police Station, but he hadn t become a regular.Considering that he was relatively familiar with Qiao Peiming s situation, Kang Haigen did not hesitate to ask him to assist policeman Lao Xu in handling the case.Time flies by when I get busy.After finishing the last record, I basically figured out the details of gathering people to gamble, and assisted Sheriff Yang and Lao Hu to calculate the winnings and losses of the gamblers.It was dark and Liu, who was supposed to rest at home So I don t know when I came back, and I was calling everyone to eat in the corridor.Chaoyang, I m sorry, I ll ask you to help me all afternoon.Liu Suo, don t say that.

It is said that the profit of the tobacco industry last year was in the trillions, and the total fiscal revenue paid in was also in the trillions, while the total national fiscal revenue was only in the tens of trillions.That is to martha stewart cbd wellness gummies reviews say, the tax paid by tobacco has been as high as more than 10 of the national fiscal revenue all the year round.Therefore, cracking down on cigarette counterfeiting is not just a corporate behavior, it is actually a national behavior There is a leadership office for cracking down on cigarette counterfeiting in the city, as well as in the district.It is dedicated to coordinating functional departments such as tobacco, industry and commerce, public security, and taxation 50mg cbd gummies ra royal cbd gummies to crack down on the problem of counterfeiting and selling cigarettes.The sub bureau organizes joint meetings between the Public Security Brigade, the Economic Investigation Brigade and the Yandong District Tobacco Monopoly Bureau every once in a while to study how to crack down on counterfeiting.

Xiao Gu squeezed beside him on purpose, and clearly saw that he was still trying to contact Brother Liu.Although we don t know what the surname of the man from the Northeast is, it is definitely not Brother Liu.Are you sure It is certain that he called the Northeast low price cbd gummies cbd delta 8 gummies review Ren Junge at the dumpling restaurant, and each mouthful of Junge.And they are reminiscing about the old days, talking and laughing happily, and the tone seems to be nostalgic for the old days.No matter what brother, let s keep an eye on it ra royal cbd gummies first.Positive As he spoke, Lao Hu suddenly quickened his pace, walked to the front and raised his arm to knock on the window of a car.Han Chaoyang realized that the colleagues from the Nanshan branch were in the car,Hastily took off the backpack and opened the door to get into the back row.Hello, Captain Ni.

Han Chaoyang was even more embarrassed, and hurriedly said Captain Ni, how can I let you invite me to delay you all afternoon Please.Find a restaurant nearby, have a meal together before going back, no matter how busy you are, you have to eat.Don t be so polite, I really have something to do.Ni Guoxiong patted his arm and said with a smile Don t worry, I will You can t stay for a long time if you have something to do.Xiaosun has nothing to do.He will continue to assist you.If you need anything, just tell Xiaosun.Take a step HCMUSSH ra royal cbd gummies first.They not only wanted to go back, but also issued an order to expel the guests.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to open the door and get out of the car with Lao Hu, standing on the side of the road and watching Team Ni disappear from sight as he drove the car.It s all my fault that this man lost it.

The standard of 50 grams is too low, and it is an insult to the term principal offender Chapter 643 2.12 Task Force 2 Our sub bureau cracked a lot of drug cases a year, and there were very few cases where more than 100 grams of drugs were seized.The standard of 50 grams is not low You are ra royal cbd gummies in Yanyang, this is Beijing , The situation is different, so we have to treat it differently.The standard must be set at least 200 grams, and I can t talk to the leader if it is lower than 200 grams. Song team, although I am not a professional drug dealer, I have seen and heard about it.I have had many drug cases, don t fool me, no matter where it is, a seizure of hundreds of grams of drugs at a time is a big case.Song Kaiqiang never thought that he would have a day of bargaining with his counterparts from other places, so he couldn t help but said with a smile One hundred and fifty Ten grams, this standard cannot be lowered Han Da, you have to consider the morale of the team, we also have to consider the feelings of the brothers, and the next investigation must be dominated by us, at least we have to do more than you A lot.

Qi arrived very quickly.As soon as Han Chaoyang ran downstairs, he saw him arriving in a police car.Say hello and hello, open the door and get into the co pilot, and go to the office for breakfast together.For urbanites, going to work on the sixth day of the lunar new year means that the Spring Festival is over.For rural people, the Spring Festival will last until at least the fifteenth day of the first lunar month.It may be during the Spring Festival.The food in the office is better than usual.Breakfast is porridge and pickles.and meat buns.The taste of hometown, Han Chaoyang s appetite was so great that he ate three of them After breakfast, Qi Suo which gummies have the highest dose of cbd called three young policemen and drove to the county town together.The closer he was to the county seat, the more embarrassed Han Chaoyang became.

There were quite a few workers who came, and several of them looked like they might There are fifty or sixty years old.Han Chaoyang didn t want to leave a bad impression that the Yanyang Public Security Bureau was very vicious, so he stood by the car and said with a smile, Good evening, masters, I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Yandong Public Security Bureau.I wish you all a happy new year, and welcome everyone The master came to work in Yanyang.It must be very hard to take the bus for half a day, please don t squeeze, don t rush, line up and get off in an orderly manner, and pay attention to your steps when getting off Yanyang police are very polite Several migrant workers who were waiting to get off in the car whispered to each other.Lao Tang, Wang Jiayong, Jiang Qingwen and other security guards stood beside the newly opened trunk lid, smiling as they watched the migrant workers get off the car to pick up their luggage.

It is not easy for a courier to make some money, but he cannot blame others for his negligence at work.Han Chaoyang felt that this ra royal cbd gummies matter should be taken care of, and said in a deep voice Sister Liu, call the third squadron and ask if they signed for the owner, HCMUSSH ra royal cbd gummies and there is no sign for it at all, and the words are written by the courier.Let them go Find out about the situation from the owner of Room 702 in Building 3, and after we figure it out, we ll go out and find the courier who made harassing phone calls and harassing text messages.Okay, I ll call Xiao Xiao right now.Han Chaoyang nodded slightly Xiaomi, is there any more There is one more thing about express delivery.There is a group friend who delivers express delivery in the group.He is in charge of PolyU and the Sixth Hospital.He goes to the North Gate of PolyU every afternoon.

This episode just started, let me finish it, patronize Shuren, why don t you cook it It is her favorite TV series, and she has watched it several times, and she still likes to watch it , Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said Dad, leave us alone, we cook by ourselves.Han Da, cooking dumplings is not cooking, who can t, don t move, I ll go.Okay, I m not very hungry, here It s enough for me to cook ten It wasn t the first time for the two boys to come to Chow Fan, and they ran into the kitchen happily.Han Chaoyang how much are kushly cbd gummies took off his hat, sat on the bench and watched TV with his mother in law while laughing Mom, you can t watch this episode, you will cry again.I couldn t help crying here, Huang s mother couldn t help asking Are you kidding me No, I m just reminding you.Hahahaha, you said you are a man of dozens of years old, and you still cry when you know it s all fake.

Feng Haijun looked around and pondered, Don t worry, we won t be able to demolish this place for a while.The site is big enough for you, but too small for the developer, and it s next to Zhongshan Road.The starting price won t be high.It s cheap, and it s impossible for the developer not to consider the return on investment ratio.Don t you even think about it, if the land is easy to sell, can you wait until today That s true.The electric retractable door was slowly closed, and a cadre from the Market Supervision Bureau actually ran away In the past, the media reporters were warmly greeted.The more Han Chaoyang thought about it, the more strange he became, and he asked inexplicably Officer Feng, why did you invite the reporter The reporter was contacted by our branch, but it was requested by the superior.

On behalf of the District Committee and the District Government, they expressed their gratitude to the Municipal Bureau for supporting Yandong s work for many years, and welcomed Liu Bureau cbd gummy candy recipe to Yandong to perform their duties.Bureau, Fan Bureau, Zhang Da and Xi Da are closely united around Liu Bureau, continue to maintain the excellent style and tenacious quality of our Yandong County Branch, and protect the overall situation of Yandong s economic and social development.Xu Hongliang knows These are normal, because the security company needs the support of the sub bureau, and they have been very concerned about it since they knew that the leaders of the sub bureau were going to adjust.It is more normal for Lao Ding to know, he is known for being well informed.Han Chaoyang regained his composure, and asked curiously, Director Liu is here.

He and Liu Bureau is a classmate of the police school, in the same class I used to work with Bureau Liu, and worked in the same unit for more than half a year.Chapter 721 There is a man by the river At around 3 p.m., the bureau finally got news, but it had little to do with Han Chaoyang.The branch office notified the cadres above the section level who were at home to meet at the branch s general meeting at 4 30.Han Chaoyang was only a sub section and was not eligible to attend the middle level cadre meeting.I thought cbd cubes gummies that the new bureau chief would announce the division of labor at the meeting, but it was only at night that HCMUSSH ra royal cbd gummies I found out that the bureau leadership had not redistributed the work.What else is in charge.Director Liu first stated his position at the meeting, and then asked the heads of the departments, brigades, and grassroots teams of the sub bureau to introduce themselves, briefly report the work of their respective units, and then talk about ideology and politics like presiding over an enlarged meeting of the party committee, and asked the policemen of the whole sub bureau to improve their political performance.

Watching the lads go, Liu Jianye took the smoke and said with a smile Hongliang, there are so many people in the police station, you are the best This big yard, this office building, and this conference room are more magnificent than our police station Liu Suo, don t laugh at me, this yard is borrowed, this building is not an office building, and I am not a big boss, after all, I am still a temporary worker.Don t be modest.I met Secretary Gu the day before yesterday.Secretary Gu was full of praise for you.Liu Jianye looked back at Grandpa Gu and Han Chaoyang, and couldn t help laughing Old Gu, in fact, Hongliang can apply for the civil service exam, and he has grassroots work experience., and is an active member of the party, these can add points, if you ra royal cbd gummies can pass the exam, it is really better than relying on the police and civil servants.

Liu Jianye took a sip of water and continued Basic situation Labor inspection The brigade found out that Luo Weixing undertook the civil engineering subcontracted by the Third Construction Company in February this year, and the wages of the workers in February and March were paid on time.As a result, ten days ago, Manager Chen and Yang The manager, that is, these two found the construction site of the East Long distance Bus Station, and asked Luo Weixing to talk about the delay in the completion of a government project in Jiangzhong City.Han Chaoyang asked in a low voice He also contracted other projects Chen Manager, ra royal cbd gummies you know the situation best, so tell me.Okay.The man in the suit sat up straight, adjusted his glasses and said with a wry smile, Luo Weixing has been working with our company before, and his work is okay, power cbd gummies uk reviews so we trust him more.

The main reason is our performance level.It s not enough, usually the performances are okay, but it s a bit hard to be an accompaniment for such a professional concert, and if you mess up, it s not worth the loss.Kang Wei is very aware of their performance level, and also knows that it s a bit difficult for them to accompaniment.Central Concert Hall or the elegant hall of Yanyang Grand Theater, but still said with a smile Have confidence in yourself.Mr.Kang, it s not about whether you have confidence Then what are your plans Zheng Yutong really thought I gave the two teachers a perfect gift, exchanged glances with Nie Xuan, held the phone tightly and asked, Mr.Kang, it s so important to get married.It s impossible for Mr.Han and Mr.Xie not to invite good college classmates.They and you They are all professional, and they have played on the same stage more than once, and they have a tacit understanding with each other.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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