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Open your mouth.Because what should happen will happen sooner or later, and what should erupt will erupt sooner or later.Chapter 2 I don t want to fuck off Be honest, is there such a thing Han Chaoyang did not dare to lie, and said nervously, Yes.A civil servant, a state cadre, and a policeman actually did private work, even went to an entertainment place to play the piano for others, and played a phone call at get off work.You re just playing the piano after work It s a coffee shop and a western restaurant, not an entertainment venue.Han Chaoyang couldn t help but argue, his tone cautious.I said yes The director opened his eyes angrily, and the veins on his forehead swelled with a rough breath, and picked up a copy of Civil Servant Law and threw it in front of Han Chaoyang, Look, look Article 53 He would read it if he asked, and if he didn t, he might really do it.Besides, do cbd gummies stay in your system chewable cbd gummies Yu Xiushui asked me before My aunt s opinion Even if my aunt listened to him at the time, my aunt should ask my father s opinion.Although I don t know the compensation standard for the demolition, I can be sure that the storefront is worth at least a million dollars.Involving huge economic interests, this kind of civil dispute has no possibility of mediation.He didn t bother to eat dinner until now, Han Chaoyang was hungry and didn t want to do any more useless work, so he signaled Lao Xu to call Zhang Beibei in, and said with a blank expression Zhang Beibei, Jiang Erhu, not only I can t take care of your affairs, our garden The street police station can t control it either.I suggest you negotiate a solution on your own, and if the negotiation fails, you can go to the court to see how the judge decides.Why don t we find a place where we can hold a celebration banquet for ourselves Although Liu Suo still doesn t like him, the attitudes of the trainers and masters have obviously changed.Even Lao Tao and the policeman on duty, Lao Jiang, spoke differently at night.Han Chaoyang is really happy and has a sense of accomplishment tonight, and smiled happily.Okay, I ll treat you tonight Chapter 34 Don t kill or bury Morning boss Morning, Officer Han, you didn t leave last night, Officer Han My dormitory is in the HCMUSSH royal cbd gummies for joint pain police department.Where can I go if I don t live here.A new day, a new beginning.I thought I would follow the original arrangement and arrive at the institute at 8 00 a.m.for a 24 hour shift.As a result, as soon as I woke up, the duty room called and asked me not to go.It s not that there are enough people in the royal cbd gummies for joint pain how often to eat cbd gummies office.Both rich and talented, and full time Han Chaoyang was ecstatic, and hastily promised Please rest assured, the two leaders.I will resolutely obey the instructions of the street working committee and the street office, resolutely complete the tasks assigned by the two leaders, and guarantee to lead a good team do eagle hemp cbd gummies really work and maintain public security in the community.The relocation work is escorted.Okay, work hard, and when the land acquisition and demolition work in Chaoyang Village is successfully completed, I ll call your Wang Bureau and ask for credit for you.Rich and talented, Han Chaoyang has energy.Maintaining order at the venue all afternoon made him sweaty and his back ached.Director Su had a meeting all afternoon, and he was tired from sitting, but he was in high spirits and had no intention of going home from get off work at all.Deputy Director Xing realized that the Huayuan Street Police Station had become a big mess.Not only would he be scolded by the bureau leaders, but he would even become the laughing stock of the entire bureau.important things to do At the same time, Guan Yuanyuan, who hurried to the intersection of Chaoyang Village Middle Street and the fifth team, didn t bother to greet the two deputy team leaders of the working group, cbd gummies penis and asked eagerly with his mobile phone Han Chaoyang, where are you , where is the suspect The street leaders are too foolish It s a blessing or a curse, it s a when to take cbd gummy before bed disaster, it s impossible to avoid it, what Han Chaoyang can say, he can only bite the bullet and say Instructor, I I I m almost at the branch office, and royal cbd gummies for joint pain the suspect is sitting behind me.He is on his way to the sub bureau.The master only conveyed the instructions of his superiors on the phone, and said nothing else.Han Chaoyang was very upset.After washing up, he was about to go out to have some breakfast, but found that Captain Tang, community grid member Shi Lijun and others were sorting out materials in the conference room with red eyes.Who is the head of the household, how many private houses are there for rent, have you applied for the Register of Temporary Residents at the police station, who has rented the house to, how long has the house been rented out in total, how much is the rent, and a copy of the tenant s ID card There are more than 200 copies to be sorted out.Fortunately, the nature of the penalties to be punished by the Street Comprehensive gummy bears cbd Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade is different from that of the police, but the materials to be sorted out are not much different.Han Chaoyang was confused, and couldn t help asking Leader, what exactly do you want to know from me, can t you tell me here Han Chaoyang, what do you do as a disciplinary committee A familiar voice came from outside Come on, take a look, and it turns out that the instructor is there.I thought you would wear small shoes, but I didn t expect the Disciplinary Committee and the inspector to move out Han Chaoyang realized that this was not as simple as checking the guard, and thought that he was not afraid of the shadow slanting, so he stood at attention and saluted Leaders, I m sorry, I just felt very sudden and strange.I was wrong.I obeyed the order and actively cooperated.I Willing to go with you.Let s go, the car is parked at the gate of the police station.Yes The young man looks talented, has just started working, has just made great achievements, and the political department is preparing materials, preparing to report to the city bureau for his meritorious awards.

But it is a victory to let him lower his head and let the police station actively cooperate with the street work.Secretary Yang nodded nonchalantly, motioning for him to continue.Secretary Yang, you may already know that this morning, the Disciplinary Committee and the inspector of the sub bureau took Comrade Han Chaoyang, a policeman wana gummies cbd from our station, to understand the situation.The Disciplinary Committee and the inspector are very strict, and I still don t know why.Comrade Su Xian gave I reported it, and I really can t figure it out, what s wrong with him as a small policeman I m also puzzled, but there must be a reason for the Commission for Discipline Inspection and the inspector to find him.The director of the department is responsible for the leadership.One post has two responsibilities, so we must take good care of our own doors and manage our own people.What do you mean by that New here, don t have those messy relationships, and haven t worked with those of us who have been working together for several years Why do you think so.Isn t that what you mean Guan Xiyuan thought for a while, and then said No You are not the only one assigned this year.Why didn t the Commission for Discipline Inspection and the inspector look for Wu Wei, why did they just look for you Tell me about it.It doesn t matter that you don t even believe in ghosts, I don t care if Xiyuan can think of others as well.The matter of turning Ji Qingyun to the sub bureau is not over yet, and you kid doing this again, isn t this offending everyone to death Thinking about it, it seems that this is the case, but if you don t do it, the future will be even more sad.Han Chaoyang took a deep breath and secretly comforted himself that the situation in the prison was bad enough, how bad could it be If you offend once, you are offended, and if you offend twice, you are also offended.The key is that our campus is so big and there are so many faculty members and students.It seems that there are many people in the security office, but in fact it is The safety and security work in the school is too busy, so there is do cbd gummies stay in your system chewable cbd gummies no spare capacity to assist you in police patrols.The situation in our Sixth Hospital is similar.I can t even sweep the snow, and I really don t care about the frost on other people s roofs.If there is not enough manpower to recruit more, the richest people now are universities and hospitals Deputy Director Xing hit a soft nail and was very embarrassed, but he didn t know what to do chewable cbd gummies 500mg cbd gummy worms with these two units that were beyond the control of the company district.Just as he didn t know what to say, cbd thc gummy royal cbd gummies for joint pain Deputy Director Jiang said again Since it s voluntary, let s recruit more volunteers.Like Liu Jianye, Guan Yuanyuan didn t want to talk to Han Chaoyang any more.He kept guarding at the north gate with a few policemen, pulling the door in from time to time to help maintain order.Seeing Han Chaoyang running over in a hurry, he subconsciously asked, What s the matter, why are you so flustered Pingtou Road goes towards Xinmin South Road, which is under the jurisdiction of Lao Cao Am I mistaken, you, a policeman stationed in the Chaoyang Police Office, are actually in charge of Xinmin South Road Guan Yuanyuan felt a little absurd, but thought that this was a clue after all, and he reported it immediately and did not take a few patrol members directly.He turned around and said, Smart, I ll keep an eye on it here, you take a few people to have a look.Yes After Guan Yuanyuan gave the order, he opened the glass door and walked into the bustling lobby of the furniture store.He does as much work as the owner pays.The materials are bought by the owner himself.He is unlikely to lose money.Comrade Public Security, I think there is something strange about Xianhong avoiding debts.If you really owe money, no one will come to collect the debt.I haven t seen it once, really This is a do cbd gummies stay in your system chewable cbd gummies major doubt, and Han Chaoyang asked subconsciously Since it is unlikely, how do you know that he is hiding from debts outside Qiuyan said it, Qiuyan said it herself.What else did she say How can we get to the bottom of this kind of thing, anyway, Qiuyan Said that Xianhong lost money in business and dared not go home.Gu Guoli pondered for a moment, then turned around and asked, Did she say when Qiao Xianhong would come back, and did she call home I did ask, she He said that he didn t know, and that Xianhong didn t call his family, and he cried when he mentioned it. I called to ask, but I don t think there is much hope.The tow truck does not belong to the traffic police, it is For those in the parking lot, they will either not come out, and they will definitely have to pay for it.For a fee, tell them clearly that this is emergency rescue and disaster relief Okay, I will try.Just after hanging up the phone here, the branch bureau sunmed cbd gummies for anxiety asked the police from all police stations A text message reminding residents to take precautions against heavy rain and asking the police to step up inspections to eliminate hidden dangers has arrived.Sent in groups, in a hurry.The title has been changed, but the signature has not been changed.It is still the Yandong District People s Government Office, not the Yandong Public Security Bureau.After receiving this text message, you can talk to your superiors.

Many policemen work hard.For several years, the bureau leaders may not remember your name.As for you, you have only been working for a few months, and everyone in the bureau knows you, Han Chaoyang.Looking royal cbd gummies for joint pain back, I was really lucky.The grievances I suffered in the prison before were not grievances at all.Facing the sudden and overwhelming praise and praise, Han Chaoyang was really caught off guard.After thinking about it, he asked Master, if the reporter really comes to interview tomorrow, what should I say then Gu Guoli seemed to be holding up the microphone Holding up the phone, I can t help but laugh and say, Now I m a reporter, and I ll interview you.Chapter 114 The Most Handsome Policeman 5 The street cadres are busier than the police tonight.Director Su came back after 11 o clock.The team leader rushed to the neighborhood committee after 12 o clock.Last time he was in the river, and I was on the shore.There was really nothing I could do about him.It can be regarded as justifiable.This time is different.I knew who he was and where he lived last night.If I didn t wait to catch him and went to him directly, such a tragedy would not have happened. You are the police , you are just a small policeman, it is impossible to control everything I am the chief of the river, and he electrified the fish in the section of the river I am in charge of, so I should take care of it.It is almost certain that the reason for his wild thinking was influenced by Grandpa Gu.In terms of responsibility, the responsibility of the person concerned is the greatest.He decided to go to the electricity when he clearly refused to let the electric fish, it is really his own fault.Good brother, I really have nothing to say.Han Chaoyang glanced at him cbd thc gummy royal cbd gummies for joint pain gratefully, leaned on the steering wheel and said with a smile I appreciate royal cbd gummies for joint pain your kindness, my mother is too busy to enjoy the blessings.She can t take a car, and she feels sick when she smells gasoline.Come here once.It s really not easy, I probably won t be able to eat anything at noon.Motion sickness Xu Hongliang asked with a bitter face.I was very dizzy.I called in the morning and said that I would get up at 5 o clock and take motion cbd thc gummy royal cbd gummies for joint pain sickness medicine.I didn t know whether the motion sickness medicine would work or not.I specially prepared a few convenience bags.I was afraid that I couldn t help but throw up in someone s car.There was no other way, Xu Hongliang After thinking about it, I asked again Auntie can t take a car, so how do you go to see the house Riding an electric car, I have agreed with Xu Cheng, and I will borrow his electric car for a few days.Okay, first go to the Chaoyang Community Police Office to pick up Han Chaoyang.Liang Dongsheng has participated in the work for so many years, and he has participated in the detection of many major and important cases.It is the duty of the community police to assist in handling the case, and Han Chaoyang readily agreed since he really couldn t sleep tonight.Liang Dongsheng hung up the phone, and said with emotion It s really special for three days.This kid is becoming more and more like a policeman.Maybe we were wrong before.Captain Liang, are you The most handsome policeman Well, I m not afraid of your jokes.At first we felt that he was a little slack, not very responsible, and his work attitude was not very positive.I didn t expect that after leaving the community, he seemed to be a different person, and he did a great job.Not active after get off work ,Brain problem.Huang Ying checked the time on her phone, made a face for Su Xian, and immediately cleaned up the account books on the table.Su Xian looked back outside, looked at her with a smile and asked Yingying, Chaoyang, are you sure you want to buy the house you introduced I have paid the deposit, so there should be no change, Huang Ying said with emotion after locking the safe For his son, his chewable cbd gummies 500mg cbd gummy worms father and mother are going all out.Especially his mother, she is very powerful, 2.6 million is 2.6 million, and the final word is unambiguous.If my father and mother have this courage, now Still need to pay the mortgage There is a reason why Su royal cbd gummies for joint pain Xian has a good relationship with her.She has known her aunt for a long time, and she is not ignorant of her family s situation.Miss Zhang is enthusiastic about public welfare and best cbd gummies forum actively supports the work of our police office royal cbd gummies for joint pain and our patrol team.A member of our patrol team.Ms.Zhang, this is Huang Ying, Yingying works in our street finance office, and has helped natures only cbd gummies price me a lot like Director Su.Not only did Su Xian know about the recruitment of voluntary patrol members, but she also printed posters All the money was approved by her.Since the recruitment is open to the whole community, if people meet the conditions, they don t even ask for anything in return, so they can t be driven away.Su Xian really regretted giving him the money to print posters in the morning, but thinking of the title he used in the introduction just now, from the title he could tell how close he was to these two beauties, she felt much more comfortable, and didn t move Sensitively said Ms.

Zhang supports community work and volunteers to participate in security patrols.Welcome.Director Su, please don t say that.I m new here, I m not familiar with the place, and I don t have any relatives or friends in Yanyang.Sign up to join the patrol team and participate in security patrols.I can do what I can, and I can also find for myself A backer.With you and Officer Han here, no one will dare to bully me in the future.Zheng Xinyi, who just came back from the bathroom, was completely convinced, thinking to herself how powerful this southern woman is.Any fool can see that Han Da has an unusual relationship with Accountant Huang, otherwise you wouldn t call him Yingying.You actually put on a cute and pitiful look and said that you need Han Da s protection.What do you mean This is not intentional.Reaching out to not hit the smiling face, Huang Ying thanked her and sat down generously.After chatting for a while just now, Su Xian had a good impression of Zhang Beibei, and felt that she could play a catfish effect , leaning on the back of the chair and sighing Yingying, it s not easy to HCMUSSH royal cbd gummies for joint pain think about Beibei, a fresh graduate, a A girl from the south came to Yanyang alone to attend to the funeral of her uncle who just passed away.The situation in her uncle s family is more complicated, and everything is up to her, let alone a weak girl s family, even a man may not be able to do it.How could Huang Ying not know that Su Xian was provoking her, so she smiled sweetly Inheriting the real estate is several million, although there is pressure, there is motivation.If it were me, I would do the same.Huang Ying is really worried that he will learn everything from Grandpa Gu.How much does Grandpa Gu earn a month How much is his salary Just bought a house and the economy is so difficult.If you want to come back, it will be difficult if you put your head on it.Ask for instructions and report, I don t know how long you will be a hostage, and you have to go to work tomorrow, so I ll go back first. Go back, drive koi cbd gummies for pain slowly on the road, and call me when you get home.It s nice of someone to care, Huang Ying Feeling happy in her heart, she subconsciously royal cbd gummies for joint pain glanced at Zhang Beibei and said with a smile, Understood, remember to call me if you need anythingChapter 150 A burnt out person is refreshed on happy occasions.With a girlfriend, even if it s just a prospective girlfriend, Han Chaoyang s mood couldn t be better, and he s full of beautiful visions for the future.Are there any mistakes Not only did you not help me keep the secret, you also helped me decide Han Chaoyang was called It s ridiculous.What s the relationship between us, isn t your business my business Xu Hongliang smiled secretly, and then asked in a daze, Chaoyang, haven t you called Lingling these days No.Did she call Lingling You fight Not at all.How did this senior brother uly cbd gummies shark tank manage to ignore the younger junior sister.Xu Hongliang really wanted to despise him, touched his nose and asked I don t have time to contact, haven t I seen her circle of friends I posted a few very sad words in the circle of friends in two days.The more I thought about it, the more something was wrong, so I asked her what was wrong.She said that she was fine, but her tone was obviously wrong, as if she had cried.I was not at ease, so I called Wei Brother, Brother Wei didn t know at first, but after further questioning, I found out that she met Chen Shimei.Seven people in total Seven.Could it be a fight It was the first time Han Chaoyang encountered such a police situation, and asked Old Yan, we have already set off and will be here soon.Didn t you take the opportunity to go to the bathroom to inquire about it Do you remember that they probably What does it look like, what kind of clothes do you wear, do you have any obvious features Lao Yan looked up at the opposite side and said, I didn t see clearly what he looked like, but I saw two big tall guys, one wearing big shorts, One is wearing jeans.There is a fat man with a big bald head.The other is wearing checkered short sleeves and looks sloppy.Understood, keep watching for us and cbd living gummies coupon call in time if there is any situation.Xiaokang s cell phone and Li Xiaobin s The mobile phone remained on the call all the time, Han Chaoyang took Xiaokang s mobile phone, and used his own mobile phone to call Liu Suo, report the location, and report the situation of Lao Yan Gang s reaction.The Chu branch secretary left as soon as he said, and he didn t know how many days it would be until he left the village.Village head Cui took it for a long time, sent his immediate boss away, got into the electric patrol car with accountant Chang, and sat in the co pilot to guide Han Chaoyang.It is called sponsorship, but it is actually alms.This is the first time Han Chaoyang has encountered such a thing, and he felt very embarrassed, so he couldn t help asking Mr.Cui, who is Tian Jiming , The business is very big, he has done many projects in the development zone, his net worth is hundreds of millions, and he is the richest boss in our Yangguan.Cui village chief lit a cigarette and introduced excitedly He used to He also worked as a village head, and Xiangyang Road was built by him when he was the head of the village, and then he felt that it was boring and quit.

I didn t expect Yanyang to be the most The handsome policeman is right by our side, and he will take care of our Yangguan Village.What the most handsome policeman, let Boss Tang laugh at you.Jun er, they are all on their own, so I won t make circles with you.The security team in the village is poor.20,000 yuan, you can go to the canadian cbd gummies Three Treasures Hall for everything, we are here to fight the local tyrants.This is the first stop for you, and you will find Jiming later.It s not like you don t know about Qiao Xianhong s family, he watched him grow up Yes, if there is a public security team in the village, such a tragedy could really be avoided, and it hurts to think about the death cbd hemp gummy of all three members of the family, and this is also a remedy for the past.The village head Cui has a good relationship with him, and he cut to the chase.The people in the street went to inquire and compare Trouble, the participation of the sub bureau is different.There are police stations in every street, and you can arrange any policeman.You don t even need to arrange a policeman.How to know yourself and the enemy, in order to get the first place, you will do everything you can Huang Ying was completely convinced, she giggled ree drummond cbd gummies for diabetes and said, royal cbd gummies for joint pain cbd gummies walgreens You must have come up with this bad idea, right The leaders have done everything they should and shouldn t do.If you don t get the first place again, I ll see how you end up.For other things, Han Chaoyang didn t dare to guarantee the ticket, but this matter Han Chaoyang was full of confidence, and he smiled proudly As long as cannavative cbd gummies there is no shady, as long as there is no black box operation, as long as the judges are professional enough, then the first place will definitely be a must We are none other than us.You have never come to listen to the rehearsal of our street choir, and tonight is just practicing typhoon, and the real trump card has not yet been revealed.Secretary Yang was full of confidence in the strength of his unit, and he said with a smile Minister Gu, as long as the judges score fairly what do cbd gummies do for anxiety and fairly, I believe we must be number one.In fact, it is unscientific to just let the judges score.It is better to let the audience Participation, this is not difficult, find someone to make an APP, invite the audience to participate, and score on the mobile phone.The combination of the judges and the audience Trouble.That s right, I ll go back and study, if I have time, I can try.Just as I was speaking, the second song started.Han Chaoyang waved his arms in front of the conductor, the chorus actors sang affectionately, Aunt Qian and other dancers danced lightly, the applause rang out again, but Su Xian didn t have time to appreciate it, and quietly ran outside the school to answer the phone.He raised his arm and pointed to the entrance All the things chewable cbd gummies 500mg cbd gummy worms inside are arranged, and they are all marked with numbers.You can t move around.Go outside and see if there is any chair delivery car.Didn t leave, didn t leave, just let them borrow it, there should be more. Section Chief Zhang, will he lend it to me Just tell me what I said, they have my phone number. Thank you, Section Chief Zhang.Luck Yes, he ran to the parking lot outside the square out of breath, but the big truck delivering the plastic chairs did not leave.The boss who rented these things called Section Chief Zhang to confirm that they could be borrowed, and asked Han Chaoyang to unload them from the truck himself.There were more than cbd gummies barneveld ny 30 patrol members in the choir, and Han Chaoyang didn t need to do anything at all.Factory Manager Wang not only took a good look at the place as soon as he got out of the car, he even asked the chorus members to enter the venue to find out who owned the cars parked at the entrance, and he really let them find the owner of the car, who was also easy to talk, and immediately ran back to move the car.Han Chaoyang thought it was a bit funny, and waited for Professor Nie to record everything, and then said Conservatively speaking, if the average value of each musical instrument is 5,000 royal cbd gummies for joint pain yuan, 65 musical instruments would cost 325,000 yuan.But 325,000 yuan is obviously Not enough, because large musical instruments such as timpani, harp, piano, pipe bell, drum, and gong are all expensive, costing tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands.In addition, small things such as supporting music scores, music stands, chairs, wind music platforms, etc., At least 700,000 yuan is needed to build a medium sized orchestra It s going around and around about the funding.We ll talk about the funding later, let s talk about the staffing first.Professor Nie, I m sorry, I digressed again.Han Chaoyang smiled embarrassingly, and continued Actually, I want to say that if Li Dazhen wants to do something, it can be done according to local conditions.Old best cbd melatonin gummies amazon Tang just took office, so he can t help but make some achievements, he said that he will go to the neighborhood committee tomorrow.Chapter 231 There is a problem with the base area 1 Han Chaoyang, who is intoxicated in the gentle countryside, really doesn t want to think about it, and really doesn t want to go to work.However, there are too many things today, not only to get up but also to get up early.PolyU is preparing to build a voluntary security patrol team.In the future, it is inevitable that we will cooperate with the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team.We need to be familiar with each other and get used to each other.So yesterday afternoon, we talked with Captain Zhang Jinhai of the PolyU campus security team and Lao Jin, manager of the Chaoyang Community Security Service Company.

The train will kill other passengers. Water is so precious, if I don t wash it, I won t wash it, I ll keep it to smoke you. How dare you Han Da, I m Xiaobin, would you like to send you a few barrels of purified water Water I said, why are you people like this During the meal, I heard from the leaders of the institute that more than 40,000 farmers suffered from drought.Not only did the summer grain harvest fail, but the autumn grain harvest was probably not much better.They couldn t even recoup the investment in seeds and fertilizers.Now even domestic water is in short supply.In some disaster stricken villages, the villagers have to spend money to buy water outside, and the cadres in the county and township are all helping the disaster.You are lucky, you have no sympathy, and you actually talk sarcastic. Tomorrow Knowing that we don t understand the language, he asked us to communicate and learn, but I really can t figure out what is good for communication and what is good for learning. Chaoyang is right, the leader didn t ask us to communicate and learn, but to let us suffer for a few days.We were asked to receive re education from our peers from the Longdao County Public Security Bureau.This is similar to having government officials stationed in villages to help the poor.If they had the ability to make a lot of money, they would have resigned and gone to sea.The superiors did not expect them to make any achievements.It is to let those of them who sit in the office every day and blow the air conditioner go to the village to suffer, so that they will not be separated from the masses.The hardship is very tiring, there is no need to suffer again No matter how hard you work, can someone else suffer Manager, to be honest, the grassroots police in Longdao County are suffering much more than us, and we can t go home for at most two or three days a week.In the past, the villagers might have watched with cold eyes.But now is not the past.Feng Changdong s brutal murder of Feng Changqin s mother and daughter aroused the public outrage of the villagers.Even Feng Guobao, Feng Guoyu and other Feng royal cbd gummies for joint pain family members went up the mountain to search for them with machetes, rakes, shovels and other agricultural tools, and at the same time participated in the war.Police and armed police officers and soldiers led the way, not to mention other people, especially the family of Feng Changqin s mother in law.Looking down the mountain, there were people everywhere.It was a real carpet search.The logistics support is also in place.The county and township leaders mobilize the women in the village to help cook, prepare and even help send to the scene of the search and arrest, and send it to the observation posts on the surrounding hills.Others are really alone, at most they will be assisted by community grid members.He is not only a community policeman, but also the captain of the voluntary security patrol team in Chaoyang Community, with hundreds of security guards under his command.In fact, more than that, he is now also serving as the captain of the voluntary security patrol team of Yanyang University of Science and Technology.If you count the security guards of PolyU, he can mobilize nearly 200 people How does one person compare with two hundred people The director is good in everything, but he is a little indiscriminate when criticizing others.Xu Weizhong is not Guan Yuanyuan who only looks after his strengths in everything.He smiled and said haha Liu Suo, science cbd gummies for sex royal cbd gummies for joint pain eat first, and we will talk about work after dinner.Okay, eat first.The family members who came to the ceremony together were not only her, but also Ning Junde s lover Ke Jing.Although Xiyuan doesn t have a girlfriend, if he has one, the bureau will also arrange it.As a result, they rushed to Longdao County excitedly, but Han Chaoyang was not there.Old Fan, what s the matter, you didn t tell Bureau Wang and the Political Commissioner for Discipline, and you didn t inform Xiao Han It was not easy to ask during the meal just now, but as soon as we returned to the hotel, Political Commissioner Huang helped Huang Ying ask Bureau Fan.Political commissar, you have to ask your little family.Huang Ying, what s the matter I want to surprise him.Huang Ying smiled sweetly, feeling a little embarrassed after thinking about it, and hurriedly lowered her head.Surprise, it s good to give him a surprise, you young people really know how to play, Political Commissar Huang smiled, and continued Anyway, the ceremony will be held tomorrow, and he will definitely return to the county tomorrow.This night is not bad.This night, the leader is too dirty.Huang Ying s pretty face was flushed by the teasing, and she didn t know what to say.Deputy Director Fan suddenly smiled and said, Political commissar, Xiao Han didn t know about Huang Ying s arrival, but it doesn t mean that other people don t know.I ll ask the Disciplinary Committee and the Xinying Police Station Comrade said hello, they are holding a farewell banquet at the moment, and they will send Xiaohan back to the county seat after the meal, after all, it is too far away, and I may not be able to make it to the county seat tomorrow morning, and I may not be in time.267 Zhang Ligong received the award 3 In the past nine days, Han Chaoyang seemed to have come to Xinying Police Station for inspection.No matter where He Suo and Hang instructors went, they would always ask Xiao Han whether to go or not , so they ran all over the administrative villages in Xinying Township, and saw several cadres from various bureaus and committees of Xinlan City who came here to help the poor , visited the watchtowers that used to prevent bandits, tasted all kinds of wild fruits in the mountains, and even had the opportunity to shoot cbd thc gummy royal cbd gummies for joint pain and hunt The wild boar that Feng Changdong was caught contributed a lot, are cbd gummies good for weight loss but the other wild boars also suffered because of it.

If you don t give an explanation, he will How do you keep your head up, and how do you continue to be the head of the police station What did the chief say The chief told him to go to the Commission for Discipline Inspection.Did he look for it Yes, and more than once.He agreed to part of his demands.The township government will come forward and convene all the village cadres in the township and the village representatives of the village where the fighting parties are located to announce the truth of the matter and make the villagers who falsely accused him apologize.Commissar Huang murmured It s no wonder that the Disciplinary Committee wants to make a statement.No wonder he s been the head of the police station for so many years. Political commissar, anyway, I think good people royal cbd gummies for joint pain will be rewarded, and he cbd thc gummy royal cbd gummies for joint pain will definitely survive.How did people die and how did they appear in the gravel plant These situations must be clarified, otherwise there is no way to explain to the relatives of the deceased.The police from the Criminal Police Brigade of the Gaoxin District Bureau, the Beitai Police Station and the Shuishang Police Station are all visiting and asking.Angkor and I are not familiar with the situation in this area, so we can only help others to protect the scene.But but Police Chief Gu said that you were transferred to the special case team.My master may have heard wrong, Angkor and I were not arrested The transfer to the task force is just to assist the Gaoxin District Bureau on behalf of our branch, after all, the body was first discovered in our jurisdiction.How long will it be protected Teng Da s measure is really not big What happened today is really a disaster for gods and little devils Looking at this pile of sand, do we need two official police officers It is clear that they are for small shoes.So I asked a security service company in the community for help, and the security company sent more than 20 security guards, pretending to be gangsters, to come to our county to pick up the bride.It was because the villagers stopped the wedding car to get the lottery Secretary Qiao was stunned, not knowing how to proceed.Ji Yuqin took a deep breath, and then reported Secretary Qiao, I have been working in Renhe for less than a year.As far as I know, there have been no fewer than twenty disputes that occurred because of blocking the wedding car and asking .

do cbd sleep gummies work?

for the lottery.However, it did not fundamentally solve the problem, and it even became more and more serious.It used to only happen in townships, but now it has gradually spread to county towns.At the crossroads west of royal cbd gummies for joint pain the bus station, there are a group of old men and women who are waiting for rabbits.Don t worry.It s not necessary, it s his good luck. Xiao Han s luck is good, otherwise he wouldn t have picked up such a big mistake in the Northwest, but this time it s not just luck, who would have thought that someone would play such a prank, after all It was a human body, not a dead cat or a dog.Teng Jimin is very embarrassed at the moment, if it were me, I would be equally embarrassed, because I can t think of it, and I don t think about it at all.So It is easy to be preconceived when handling a case, and once preconceived, you will get into the wrong corner, and when a major case occurs in the future, you should let the front line police participate in the case royal cbd gummies for joint pain cbd gummies walgreens analysis meeting, and listen to the thoughts of the front line police, and you will understand if you listen to it.Yes Zhou Ju nodded slightly, and then said with a smile If you find the first scene, even if it s just the first scene where the body was dumped, this murder case will be solved.Teng Jiming waited for three or four minutes, and then raised the walkie talkie again No.1 car, No.1 car, return as planned.Car number one received, car number one received, it s over The royal cbd gummies for joint pain two brats couldn t identify the vehicle from the picture, so they could only use this chewable cbd gummies 500mg cbd gummy worms stupid but effective method.The criminal police drove the emergency borrowed car to turn around at the bridge head and return to the starting point as originally planned.Immediately afterwards, another commercial vehicle turned onto Huaxing Road, drove as fast as the No.1 vehicle, went straight to the bridge, and stopped at the location just now.With an identification experience, as soon as the car stopped, Pei Qimin said proactively Officer Ji, this car doesn t look like this either, the taillights are not like this.It s not like that. In hindsight, it s too late Even if there is a video, it has already been covered Wu Wei didn t want to let go of even a glimmer of hope, and said firmly Not necessarily, what if someone doesn t use the car for a few days.Then we have to hurry up and visit the nearby car owners, especially those who drove on the night of the crime.Traffic monitoring is stored for a long time.We can expand the scope and look at the traffic monitoring video around Xianzhuang at that time.First, find the motor vehicles that have been driving nearby in the middle of the night to see how many vehicles are equipped with driving recorders., and then ask the car owner to watch the video recorded by the driving recorder.That s a good idea.Can we see the key Since there is hope and even a chance, who doesn t want to solve the case Han Chaoyang weighed it up and said resolutely You go to visit and inquire, and I will report to Bureau Feng.

Director Feng nodded in satisfaction, motioned for him to sit down, then turned around and said, Comrade Yichang, what do you think Bureau Feng, you mean 9.18 cases Ok.Although Han Chaoyang just reported the latest progress of the two cases and didn t mention what the special case team is doing now, He Yichang has already guessed from the situation in front of him that the leaders of the bureau are planning to intercept Hu from the Gaoxin District Bureau.He said with a smile Report to Bureau Feng.In royal cbd gummies for joint pain cbd gummies walgreens the gambling game organized by the three murder suspects, the participants all use POS machines to settle the settlement no matter how much they win or lose.I think this is an important clue.You can go to the relevant bank to inquire about the murder suspect s identity.For personal bank accounts, it is impossible for them royal cbd gummies for joint pain to carry a large amount of cash with them, and their location can be locked by monitoring their bank account transactions., I only found out later, it s none of my business.You didn t kill it, so it s none of your business Feng Ju was dubious.I really didn t kill it, it s really none of my royal cbd gummies for joint pain business.Director Feng looked back, confirmed that the criminal police had turned on the law enforcement recorder, and asked while the iron was hot Okay, first tell me why Tan Haitao killed Cao Shengkai.Sheng Kai was brought by me from my hometown, and I knew him earlier, a little How should I put it, he always feels that I am his own person, Tan Haitao and the others are outsiders, he how do i get cbd gummies looks down on Tan Haitao a little bit, and doesn t pay much attention to what he says and does , a bit defiant.That day when we had dinner together at noon, he was fine, but I didn t know what to say at night, and the talk about Haitao became popular, so royal cbd gummies for joint pain strangled him to death., turned around and said Yingying, thanks to you this time, thanks to your parents.If it weren t for your help, I would go to help take care of it.It s okay to ask for a day off.If you ask for ten days and a half months, the leader will definitely royal cbd gummies for joint pain not approve it.Mom, what do you say This is what we should do.Huang Ying held her arm tightly and observed the surrounding environment curiously.The daughter in law is sensible and filial, and Teacher Ma s mood suddenly improved a lot.He looked at the front with a smile and said, Let s go home Your father is not a big official and has a lot of things.Today, the county leaders came to the town for an inspection and couldn t get away., I can t ask for leave, and I don t know if I can come back after get off work. Normal, it s the same when we encounter superior inspections.It s embarrassing to be detained.Where will they put their faces in the future More importantly, the Public Security Brigade of the Sub bureau and the Changlinjie Police Station have conclusive evidence They can t do it unless they want to hand over the identified gambling funds.Whoever dares royal cbd gummies for joint pain not hand in the money will apply to the court for enforcement.The Huo Jianliang dead pig I met this morning is not afraid of boiling water.He said that whoever wants to demolish the house is there.After thinking about it, Han Chaoyang asked curiously Bureau Feng, how much gambling capital has been seized Praise our branch.Considering that Li Kaiyi found the clue, the bureau is planning to give Li Kaiyi a merit award.You and Xiao Wu have also played a great role, but it is not appropriate to make a big publicity, but we know it all.Yu Zhenchuan and Miao Haizhu knocked on the door of the meeting room with a stack of transcripts, and reported in front of Han Chaoyang, Wu Junfeng and others Bao Suo, Zou Yanqing and Li Ziqiang have confessed.Not only did they steal the 16 electric cars stolen from Xinmin Community Yes, crimes have been committed in Xinyuan Road Times Internet Caf , No.22 Middle School, Xinmin Vegetable Market and other places.Because they stole too many cars, I can t even remember how many cars were stolen in total.I know that once such a case is solved, it will be a hit.Chuaner, Bao Suo subconsciously asked About how many cars From what the two of them explained, they stole the first electric car in the community since August last year without being found.Bao Suo, don t praise me.This is what I should do.The master didn t mention that Han Chaoyang almost forgot the Fox Hunt of the sub bureau, and almost forgot the contractor who worked under Huo Xuebin.I called a few days ago, three times in total.The contractor surnamed Chu said that he was at a construction site at the intersection of Huanghe Avenue and Nanxing Road in the development zone.Okay, I ll go to the office first, then go to the sub bureau, and then go to the development zone from the sub bureau, and try to science cbd gummies for sex royal cbd gummies for joint pain get back before two o clock in the afternoon.What are you doing in the office Grandpa Gu asked puzzled.Didn t the sub bureau allocate another police car for us Liu Suo wanted to borrow it for a while because the car was in short supply.Others went to pick up the car, and the police security office didn t necessarily give us the keys.

Hang Weilan doesn t know the law, and doesn t know that Han Chaoyang s pursuing legal responsibility is purely vague, and even if he pursues it, it will not be the police s turn to pursue it.Stand up again to smooth things over.You are willing to guarantee the best, Han Chaoyang said while the iron was hot Then go back, think about it after you go back.It could only be like this.Han Chaoyang deliberately let Hang Weilan and Hang Weifang go first.Ning Junmei waited a little anxiously, and said anxiously with tears in her eyes Officer Han, how can you let him go What if he takes the money away again How do you let our mother and son live in the future Before Han Chaoyang could speak, Kang Haigen held up the transcript and explained Ning Junmei, we sympathize with your experience, but this matter really does not belong to our police, the only thing we can do is to help you Collect and fix the evidence that is beneficial to you.For dedicated public security officers, the end of the year is both a busy and a rewarding season.The public security special rectification operation before the Double Festival kicked off from the morning before the day before yesterday.Zhou Ju personally served as the commander in chief of the special operation, and the leaders of the sub bureaus such as Huang Political Commissar, Du Bureau, Feng Bureau and other sub bureaus concurrently served as team leaders for patrolling, inventory, crackdown, publicity and security, etc., In depth supervision and inspection of various units.All the police officers canceled their vacations.Eight armored police cars, more than a dozen 110 police cars, more than 30 police motorcycles, and a patrol team composed of nearly a hundred police officers carried out a large scale armed patrol along Zhongshan Road and other main streets.As soon as Kang Haigen mentioned the monitoring center and the command center, Cao royal cbd gummies for joint pain cbd indica gummies Zefang pushed the question to Lao Jin, and HCMUSSH royal cbd gummies for joint pain Lao Jin made a haha and pushed it to Xu Hongliang.Obviously, they have royal cbd gummies for joint pain studied this issue today Kang Suo, there are a lot of security service fees to be paid at several construction sites, but there are more places to spend money.Xu Hongliang took a peek at Han Chaoyang, and then said in an official tone Why do your police divide the monitoring into several categories Isn t it because of investment and funding There are not many workers in several construction sites right now.You can wait until the Spring Festival is over.Look, it s estimated to be tens of thousands.We take other people s security fees, and we have to do a good job in security work.If we don t have money, we can t do anything, so we have to break a penny in half and spend it.Now that I don t give them face, they will naturally not give me face again.Of course Miao Haizhu didn t want Xie Lingling to lose her job because of this, and murmured At PolyU, Vice Minister Jiang is only a middle level cadre, not a school leader.The key point is that Lingling is just a dispensable person in school.Her counselor is in name only, and she doesn t need science cbd gummies for sex royal cbd gummies for joint pain to tutor anyone at all.Otherwise, there wouldn t be so many gossips.What should we do now This is a crisis, and crisis public relations cbd gummy bears 25 mg must be launched, and we must take the initiative to attack, and we cannot sit still.How to public relations, how to attack Miao Haizhu asked eagerly.Han Chaoyang pondered for a while, then suddenly raised his head Lingling has only one way to gain a firm foothold in PolyU, and that is to get good grades.I came out earlier, it should have been out for more than half a year.Han Zhaoyang thought for a while and asked, Who else is there besides Mo Xinchun Fatty Li, Jiang Si er, Ergou, and a few familiar faces I m not famous. When do they usually come Sometimes early, sometimes late, sometimes not, it depends on their mood.Wang Shuangcheng looked at the figures on the other side of the road, and continued Just now That thing is a bit weird, people seldom bring cash with them when they go out, and they don t take out bags as much as before, it probably wasn t Fatty Li and the others who did it, it s probably the newcomers. How did Fatty Li and the others do it Han Chaoyang asked.One strikes up a conversation to divert people s attention, the other takes advantage of people s unprepared bags and runs away the second dog has changed his career to be a liar, and has two mobile phones in his pocket, a good one and a bad looking one.Although several old acquaintances left, there were still some, such as Wang Shuangcheng, or Da Liu who was on duty at the bus exit.After chatting with Liu for a while, and learned a lot about the security situation at the station, Han Chaoyang entered the waiting hall from the parking lot through the ticket gate, walked around the hall, and came to the station police room with ease.Lao Dai just helped the female owner to coordinate with the station, brought a ticket, and said earnestly Comrade Xiao Qi, we have filed a case for the theft of your wallet and mobile phone.The police are investigating the case.The thief has probably run away.Let s solve the case.It needs another process, and it can t be done standing here.You go home by car first, and we will notify you royal cbd gummies for joint pain as soon as we have news.

Although they are not in the same system, royal cbd gummies for joint pain they are also policemen, and they are high level policemen, so they must show enough respect.The persons in charge or representatives of Chaoyang Community, Huayuan Street Police Station, Zhongshan Road Comprehensive Police Platform of Yandong Sub bureau, and Chaoyang Community Security Service royal cbd gummies for joint pain cbd gummies walgreens Company all came, which shows that they attach great importance to trainee internships.Vice President Chen, who has been unable to stand up because of the unsatisfactory rate of students entering the police these years, held Kang Haigen s hand tightly, and turned to look at the neatly lined students, very happy and even a little excited Said Kang Suo, Xiao Han, I am relieved to have you here.This is their first internship, and it is also the first time they have entered the society.Han Chaoyang didn t know what to say, when Xu Hongliang knocked on the table and said Since Junfeng and the others insist on joining the anti pickup team, let them and Lao Wu catch the thief.But there are gains and losses.The team is an anti pickup team member, and they can no longer get the salary of the squad leader and deputy squad leader.As for what to do after three months, we will talk about it at that time. Hong Liang, it s not good to lower the salary Plus, Xu Hongliang looked back at Wu Wei with a smile, and said meaningfully Old Wu, you either don t come, or you will poach all the backbone of my place when you come.I support your work.If you don t say anything, you will You have to think for them, otherwise who will obey you and who will work hard for you.Hongliang, you think highly of me too much, how can I have the qualifications to raise wages for people Isn t your branch going to allocate tens of thousands of supporting funds Well, you are the squadron leader of the Anti Picking Squad, so you have the right to say how the money is paid.How is it possible, you have houses, and other communities have houses like village committees, and Director Gu has a bowl of water.Ping, otherwise people will definitely not be convinced.Xu Hongliang wanted to laugh when he mentioned this, and explained complacently Do other communities have voluntary patrol teams To assist the street in comprehensive law enforcement, the street cannot give no funds at all.So the rent should be handed over to the street first, and then the street will allocate it to us in the form of funds.Undoubtedly, this fund will not be used for mass prevention and treatment, nor It will not be used to assist the comprehensive law enforcement of the streets, and will definitely be used by Cao Zefang for community economic construction.Han Chaoyang was completely convinced, and couldn t help laughing I said, why is Secretary Cao so generous in supporting us to form an royal cbd gummies for joint pain anti picking team It turns out that the tens of thousands given by the community can be recovered.After waiting for more than twenty minutes, the convoy finally arrived.Instructor Gu received the report earlier, together with Yu Zhenchuan and other policemen, with the assistance of the team members, took more than a dozen suspects out of the KTV, and stuffed the suspects into several police cars as before.The boss and the manager were all arrested, and even the computers used for settlement in the bar were taken into the police car, not to mention the ledgers.Although they were not officially seized, the KTV obviously couldn t be opened anymore.The two security guards first turned off the neon lights outside, then turned off the lights in the KTV, and handed over the keys to Instructor Gu who supervised them to turn off the lights and lock the doors.Go to get off work by electric car.There are too many people watching chewable cbd gummies the excitement, and they are very busy after returning.If you want the horse to run, you must give it Horse grass.This is not a young man trying to change his ways to ask for funds, but a very realistic problem.After all, the cost of security guards is not high.Commissar Huang looked back at the In the Mood for Love KTV, which was no longer brightly lit, and thought that this KTV must be punished, not only the criminal responsibility of the operator, but also the relevant personnel suspected of organizing and participating in obscene performances.Administrative penalties and fines are also imposed.He couldn t help laughing Well, tomorrow I will help you ask Bureau Du to see if I can help you with some overtime pay.Thank you political commissar.As long as the Bureau can help us solve overtime pay, If we encounter similar situations in the future, we will definitely be able to play well.In fact, he didn t know.From 8 o clock to now, I have answered five calls.There are calls from leaders and colleagues of the Huayuan Street Police Station such as Liu Suo and Guan Xiyuan, and calls from director Gu, Cao Zefang and other street leaders and royal cbd gummies for joint pain community cadres.I just hung up.It was his wife s phone number, and it was even conceivable that there would be calls coming in.As soon as the announcement period expires, there will be a formal appointment.Of course, Han Chaoyang is happy, but he really doesn t care about these things now.Yu Zhenchuan, who has been so busy since he was transferred to the case handling team of the Xinyuan Street Police Station, came and brought a USB flash drive, which he was plugging into his computer to play the surveillance video of Xinqingnian Internet Cafe last night.

Did you see that This is the one who ran away.Yu Zhenchuan clicked the mouse to pause the screen, then raised his head and said, The real name system is required on the Internet.Even if you didn t meet those five last night, we can still find them.Internet cafes have their identities.The monk who escaped could not escape the temple.The one who escaped was different, and we found that the ID card was real, but not his own.The video just played showed that the ID card used by the suspect who fled in fear of crime was his own.It was taken out of the inner pocket of the jacket, and it was not provided by the Internet cafe for doing business in violation of laws and regulations.That is to say, it can be confirmed that the twenty seven year old man with a crew cut is wearing a short down jacket on royal cbd gummies for joint pain the upper body and a black one on the lower body.23 million.Due to the fact that there are many mountains and little land, and it is located in the southwest of the motherland, there are not many factories and enterprises.According to incomplete statistics, at least 300,000 people work in the economically developed coastal areas.It is also precisely because it is a major labor exporting county that illegal and criminal activities are inevitable among migrant workers, and colleagues from public security organs in other provinces and cities often come to chase them away.Sun Chenhua, deputy head of the criminal police brigade, and Wan Tianlu, the deputy director in charge of criminal investigation, were receiving colleagues from Zhejiang Province when the cell phone rang suddenly.Bureau Wan, Bureau Xu, I m sorry, I m going out to answer the phone.Before entering the kitchen, I asked the waiter if there was a back door, and Jiang Xiaoquan was guarding the back, waiting for him to fall into the trap.In order to paralyze the suspect, Yu Zhenchuan called out his current name while chasing him.The kitchen is huge, but the aisle space is limited, so Wu Wei simply jumped onto the operating table and rushed forward.In front of Gui Pride was a hotel colleague who was panicked and his feet were slippery.Wu Wei was not as fast as Wu Wei when he stumbled.Wei Lingkong pounced on him, and with a plop , he was forced to the ground.Yu Zhenchuan and Yang Tao followed closely, and hurriedly held down the hands and feet of Gui Proud.Wu Wei climbed up and took out the handcuffs, first handcuffed the suspect s left hand, then with the help of Yu Zhenchuan, handcuffed the suspect s right hand, and then put the suspect up together.Manager Zhang placed the position very well and complimented without losing the opportunity Said Secretary Cao is courageous.If it were me, I wouldn t dare to take this risk.If the risk is within the controllable range, you can give it a go.Manager Zhang, have you really merged with Xinyi s cleaning company Old Ding asked subconsciously when he heard about it for the first time.Merged.Without waiting for Manager Zhang to speak, Cao Zefang introduced with a smile From now on, Lao Zhang will be the general manager of Chaoyang Property Service Co., Ltd.after the merger and reorganization, and Xinyi royal cbd gummies for joint pain will be the deputy general manager.Lao Zhang is not only a merger After the reorganization, the property company is the second largest shareholder, accounting for 36 of the shares, and is also a shareholder of the security company, accounting for 10 of the shares of the security company.My surname is Lu, my name is Lu Siqin, do cbd gummies stay in your system chewable cbd gummies I m from Fengyong, and I m 19 after Chinese New Year.Huang Ying glared at him, and said angrily, Do you have an occupational disease Everyone looks like a bad guy, and it seems that Siqin is scared. I m sorry, I just asked casually.It s okay, brother in law, are you thirsty, I ll get you a glass of water.Siqin, leave her alone, you are busy with your work.Oh.Xiao The girl responded, picked up the rag she had just wiped off the bar and ran to the back.Han Chaoyang walked over and opened the door to look at the duty room, then poked his head around the small dining room and kitchen, returned to Huang Ying and Xie Lingling and asked, What s the matter, where are Aunt Chen and Aunt Yang Aunt Chen quit, Aunt Yang doesn t work in the hotel anymore. Why, isn t it a good job Huang Ying sighed softly and said helplessly, Didn t your community set up a housekeeping and cleaning company The hotel also has community shares.Don t express your opinion in a hurry, listen to me.Kang Haigen stopped in his tracks and said very seriously Comrade Sun Guokang, the police is a very practical profession.There are many situations that are not in the books.Therefore, when new comrades join the police, the superiors will arrange for an old comrade to lead you, and arrange for an old comrade to be your master.I know, although I have been in the police academy for so many years, although it is said that practice depends on the individual, but Only the master can really lead us into the door, and it can be said that the master is the enlightenment of our police career.As expected of a graduate student, he said the same thing Liu Suo likes newcomers like this, but Kang Haigen feels that such a highly educated policeman is not easy to take care of, but he can only keep these words in his heart, smiled slightly, and continued Maybe you royal cbd gummies for joint pain already know that after the training is over, you will be divided Come to work in our institute, so the institute will not treat you as an ordinary student who came to intern for a month and then leave, but treat you and Xiao Zheng as the policemen in the institute.

This alarm situation is even more wonderful Han Chaoyang walked to the door, and Xiaokang said with a bitter face, Aunt Zheng, today is New Year s Eve.Today is the New Year s Eve.In the eyes of some residents, it is not a New Year s Eve without setting off firecrackers.They think that only setting off firecrackers can increase the joy of the Spring Festival.Atmosphere.I know, I know, there are regulations prohibiting setting off fireworks, but this prohibition is only prohibiting random setting off.If people set off fireworks in designated places, we can t control them Maybe I have never seen it before, Mr.Hong said The police department is more interested in watching the Spring Festival Gala.Before Han Chaoyang could open his mouth, he leaned over and asked, Young man, is there something wrong with setting off firecrackers Noisy, the non stop ringing of firecrackers made her feel frightened and disturbed, it is understandable that she likes to be quiet when she is old, but we really can t control this matter.There was a lot of chatting and laughing in the air, and the meal was enjoyable.Han Chaoyang worked a 24 hour shift, and after drinking a few glasses of wine, he couldn t bear it anymore.It was a rare time to come back, and since it was Chinese New Year, Huang Ying didn t mention going back to the PolyU dormitory, and the young couple just stayed at home for one night.It is worth mentioning that this is also the first time that Han Chaoyang has slept with Huang Ying since he received a marriage certificate and officially confirmed his relationship with Huang Ying, and he slept with Huang Ying in the same room.In normal times, I would definitely feel a little embarrassed, and even feel a little irritated.But this was not usual.He was too tired and sleepy.He fell asleep as soon as he took a shower and went to bed.It s true of you, I m not sure what s good Bao Qingshan s cards were far inferior to his character, and he complained when he saw the bad cards in his hand.Today is the Chinese New Year, and it is at the master s house.There are only elders and juniors, and there are no superiors or subordinates.Han Chaoyang was about to fight back when Grandpa Gu asked while holding down his cards Chaoyang, how did Dai Lishi s matter be resolved Take him into a detention center, or cbd pure herbal gummies put him under residential surveillance Master, today is Chinese New Year, royal cbd gummies for joint pain and we don t talk about work.You caught the person, and this matter is very difficult, how can you not talk about it.Grandpa Gu put down his cards, and without any accidents, he threw down a pair of king tune masters , and then looked up at Han Chaoyang Don t be impatient.This is the second time.It stands to reason that he will not I can run, but I m not afraid of 10,000, just in case, if I run away, I will be in trouble, I want to ask you for a favor.My own people, I can t talk about helping, how can we help There is surveillance in the shed, and Junfeng happens to be here.I will tell the other on duty staff later, and be more careful when on duty.As soon as you find Dai Lishi going out, let us know., please pay attention to the staff on duty here.In short, we can t let him out of our sight.I thought it was a big deal, the hospital is full of surveillance, as long as he doesn t leave the hospital, he will definitely not be out of our sight.Just Worried about him leaving the hospital.Well, let me tell the security guards for you.Dozens of people are watching one, and he can run away.If you don t be active, others won t be polite to you.Sun Guokang That kid is crazy, he shows his attention when he sees Haizhu, Haizhu and I are of the same generation, if he succeeds, wouldn t this generation be messed up Sun Guokang is interested in Haizhu Didn t you see it Really didn t Come out.Zhen Chuan and Zhang Beibei have been talking for so long, and I didn t see it.Anyway, it s too late for you to find out about this kind of thing.As Han Chaoyang said, Sun Guokang is really interested in Miao Haizhu, and this meeting is sitting at the East Bus Station Call Miao Haizhu in the police room.Sister Miao, I heard from Xiaokang that my uncle and aunt are here this morning.I cbd thc gummy royal cbd gummies for joint pain will be on duty today.I will have a rest tomorrow and have dinner together tomorrow night No, don t be so polite.Anyway, it will not exceed one thousand at most, but detention is not acceptable.If it is not for being imprisoned for ten days, it will be a waste of time.He drooped his head like an office.Han Chaoyang drove to the Huayuan Street Police Station, first asked Sun Guokang to hand him over to Guan Xiyuan, who was on duty today, and then he opened the anti theft door with the original password, and quickly ran to the second floor.Kang Haigen was in charge of the class today, and as soon as he saw him, he joked Chaoyang, why did you come to pay New Year s greetings in the third year of junior high, and still have nothing, how can you be like this Downstairs.What annual gift A drug addict who pretends to be someone else Han Chaoyang briefly introduced the situation, and then said There are more than 30,000 current deposits in the bank card, and the clothes are full of famous brands No matter how you look at it, it doesn t look like he went to work in Beijing.

The pregnant woman was cbd thc gummy royal cbd gummies for joint pain pale and sweating profusely.Holding a bunch of things and running along, complaining about the doctors and nurses.When we came here yesterday, we said we had a cesarean section.You insisted on a normal delivery.You made the baby hurt for more than 20 hours, and you still have to have a cesarean section in the end.Isn t this pain for nothing Isn t this sin for nothing Auntie, you Let me explain Is there anything to explain, let the baby hurt for more than 20 hours in vain, let us waste a day and a night here, which is equivalent to giving birth to two children It was full of expecting babies, and the cries of pregnant women could be heard from so far away.The situation encountered by this family made the other relatives who were waiting for the premium jane cbd gummies vs keoni cbd gummies pregnant woman to give birth inside to have lingering fears.As expected, Team Liang replied that he had not contacted the inspection team of Yandong District Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, but directly contacted the Special Service Team of the Municipal Tobacco Monopoly Bureau s Inspection Detachment.certificate.Considering that the owner is not at home, many things may not be clear in the future, so let me help you find two witnesses.After reading WeChat, Han Chaoyang dialed the mobile phone of the old factory manager without hesitation Director Wang, I am Chaoyang, have you rested yet Two thieves were caught at night.Smoking, drinking tea and chatting, subconsciously asked Xiao Han, what s the matter, do you still have accomplices I would like to invite you to sit in the South Gate Duty Room for a while, and when Team Liang and the others arrive, you can help to be a witness.Liu Jianye didn t expect things to turn out like this, at this moment Too late to regret, he had no choice but to bite the bullet and get into the political commissar s car.Han Chaoyang didn t know why, and he do cbd gummies stay in your system chewable cbd gummies didn t cbd thc gummy royal cbd gummies for joint pain dare to ask more questions, so he just got into the police car and followed him all the way to the Huayuan Street Police Station.Walking into the reception room on the left side of the hall, Political Commissar Huang slammed the door, lit a cigarette and asked, Who came up with the bad idea of carrying a gun I am familiar with the situation over there, and I know how difficult it is to ask others for help.I am afraid that the other party will not pay attention to it.In case I need help and the other party does not help, I came up with this idea.I thought that I would not bring the gun into Beijing.Old Hu smiled helplessly, and opened the suitcase to search for a change of clothes.Han Chaoyang came to his senses, and immediately turned around to pick up the room card that Xiaosun put here, and handed it to Lao Hu Go to the opposite side, Xiaosun s room also has a bathroom.Great, I ll go first.I don t know the suspicion Whether people are taking a taxi at the entrance of the village or waiting for the bus, there are many people in Beijing and there are many vehicles and roads.Lao Hu is worried that Wu Wei, Xiaogu, and Xiaokang will be lost, so he dare not delay for a moment.Go to the opposite room to take a shower.Wu Junfeng and Liu Chengquan have become a pair of good gay friends at this moment.In order to save time, they stripped naked and squeezed into the small shower room to take a shower together.This is Yours, I promise I won t meet with someone else. Brother Liu, don t be angry, it s not that I HCMUSSH royal cbd gummies for joint pain don t trust you, I m worried about those courier companies, so I d better take it easy.This is the last time, if you get the goods in the future, just do as I said just now, if the goods are lost by the courier company, I will reissue them how does cbd gummies make you feel to you.Okay, the last time will be the last time.As Qiao Peiming said just now, Li calls online The agreed destination was already very close.The driver turned on the turn signal, looked in the rear view mirror, looked for a gap and drove the car to the far right lane, and turned right when approaching the intersection.While holding the steering wheel to observe the buildings on both sides of the road, he asked in a low voice Boss, is it the express hotel in front Qiao Peiming glanced at it and said royal cbd gummies for joint pain with a smile, Yes, yes, it s the one in Luxi This is the double yellow line, science cbd gummies for sex royal cbd gummies for joint pain and there s a camera in front, or I ll stop on the side, You walk over by yourself.Xiaogu didn t care whether it was dangerous or not, so he lay on top of him and stretched out his hand to pull out the car key., and then scolded does cbd gummies give you munchies The police are handling the case, put your head in your hands, do you hear me Chapter 640 Everyone got all the stolen goods When Lao Hu received the call, he hurried to the entrance of the Express Hotel.The right hand of the man surnamed Liu and the left hand of Qiao Peiming had been handcuffed to the steering wheel.Sun Le actually carried gloves at all times, and royal cbd gummies for joint pain was sitting in the back of the off road vehicle with gloves on to study what Qiao Peiming had just prepared.Demolition of imported biscuits.Although he didn t say hello before the action, Lao Hu didn t dislike Sun Le s decisive action.After all, law enforcement resources are limited.There are only a few people in total, and they are not familiar with the place.

Four kilograms, that s a lot If only four kilograms of methamphetamine were seized, I wouldn t be in such a hurry.I just listened at the door for a while and found that one case turned into two cases The concubine Guan Jie, the main criminal, Liu Qingjun, confessed , they didn t think of drug 10mg cbd oil gummies trafficking at first because her cousin Guan Peng was both a drug dealer and a drug addict., openly selling marijuana online Zhou Ju subconsciously asked.It should be semi public.Han Chaoyang looked behind him and said eagerly, That can t be considered a website, it should be a forum.Under the guise of exchanging aviation flights , it is actually a cbd thc gummy royal cbd gummies for joint pain platform for exchanging cannabis information.I want to go to In this forum, you need an acquaintance to send an invitation code to register royal cbd gummies for joint pain and log in.From planting to smoking, if you have any questions, just post a post, and someone will reply, and some even make a video of how to grow marijuana for people to learn.Sometimes attitude can really determine everything.Han Chaoyang reacted, and agreed immediately If the parents can actively compensate, and he has a good attitude of pleading guilty, even if he doesn t say hello, he can win leniency.After all, he is only 17 years old.That s what I mean, no, it should be That s what Lao Yu meant.In short, I won t let you violate the principles, and I won t make it difficult for you. HCMUSSH royal cbd gummies for joint pain Okay, I ll report to the Criminal Police Team first. Okay, I ll wait for your news. In the past, Han Chaoyang might really be too lazy to report to Mao Kangle.But now it s not like before.Since I became a team leader, even cbd thc taste buds gummies if the team leader is only voluntary, I still have to look like a team leader, and I can t compete with my brothers for credit.After receiving the notification from Han Chaoyang, Mao Kangle immediately rushed to the computer, logged into the intranet to check in a hurry, and said with a smile Okay, I will check right away, and if I find out where he is hiding, I will lead someone to arrest him.And they asked you.Uncle Jiang, do you mean to let that kid go Zhang Xiaoyun asked abruptly.How can you let it go casually If you don t teach him a lesson for a little bastard like this, this time it is a robbery, and next time it will probably be a robbery.But the lesson is the lesson, and he must be given a chance to reform.All in all, the parents Be reasonable and promise to compensate no matter how much economic loss royal cbd gummies for joint pain cbd gummies walgreens is caused.I am a parent like your father, so I must be reasonable.As long as the compensation is in place, as long as the kid knows that he is wrong, HCMUSSH royal cbd gummies for joint pain he can forgive plus cbd mariguana gummies him.As for how to deal with it, it is the criminal police team, the procuratorate and even the court.Professor Zhang, do you think so Yes, as long as the thing can be found, it is fine to pay the price even if it cannot be found.Okay, that s it.Chapter 697 Fresh things sent Kang Haigen and others away, cbd fgold harvest gummies Han Chaoyang was caught Attracted by a pickup truck parked on the west side of the gate of the Sixth Courtyard.The compartment has obviously been modified, and it is neatly filled with brightly colored bicycles.A middle aged man jumped out of the car, sorted out the electric cars and bicycles parked on the side of the road, and then unloaded their bicycles with the help of the driver and a girl.Neatly placed on the side of the road.Several passers by stopped to watch the excitement, and even Grandpa Gu, who had just come out of the Sixth Hospital, walked over to watch.Han University, there are also at the entrance of Li University.Mei Tiejun pointed in the direction of Li University and smiled.Sharing bicycles, sharing economy.I just bought the postgraduate entrance examination materials to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination in the second half of the year.I thought Han Chaoyang would sleep until around nine o clock, but when he read the book and saw it was ten past eight, he heard Han Chaoyang yawning in the bedroom and asking, Wife, when did you come back Didn t you say you have to sleep until 9 30, it s only 8 00, why don t you sleep more Can t sleep. If you can t sleep, then don t sleep, I ll buy you a meal and heat it up yourself. Okay , let me wash my face first.Han Chaoyang put on his clothes, washed up, put the food in the microwave to heat up, and then moved to the dining table to eat and asked curiously Have you read last year s real test If you use the same test paper in the second half of the year, are you sure Look, it s so difficult.In this way, you have our phone number, and we also have your mobile phone number, if there is anything, we will contact you in time.Chapter 706 Inventory 4 At 11 46, after the inspection, the group rented in Yangguan Village For the ID cards of the outsiders in the first row of private houses, Han Chaoyang ordered the team members assisting in the investigation to withdraw, and Guan Xiyuan and other policemen also led the auxiliary policemen from the Huayuan Street Police Station back to the station.As for the suspected MLM gang in the village, the patrol members stationed in the Yangguan Village Police Office are watching.If there is any change in them, the team members will report it immediately.What has just ended is a big operation, which needs to be summarized and reported.Kang Haigen was not in a royal cbd gummies for joint pain hurry to go back to the royal cbd gummies for joint pain police station, and rushed to the Zhongshan Road Police Office with Han Chaoyang.

Han Chaoyang couldn t bear it anymore and fell asleep, and he slept until after eight o clock in the evening.Sit up and look, He Zhedong and a young man from the law enforcement brigade of the Market Supervision Bureau were standing by the rear window smoking.A few colleagues in the sub bureau may have practiced the skills to sleep anywhere, or hugged the quilt, or covered their heads with the quilt and fell asleep.Jian Zhenfei s sleeping appearance was chewable cbd gummies 500mg cbd gummy worms the worst, a thirty three year old was actually drooling.Jiang Xiaomin violated the secrecy discipline and was hiding in a corner and secretly playing with her mobile phone.She was so absorbed and focused that she didn t notice when Han Chaoyang walked to the door.It wasn t until Han Chaoyang opened the door to go downstairs to go to the bathroom that she was so frightened that she hurriedly put the phone under the bed.Excited and excited, he patted Han Chaoyang on the arm You continue to wait for the leader of the detachment, I will go in and have a look first.It wasn t long before Liu Jianye went in.The royal cbd gummies for joint pain leader of the criminal police detachment arrived with the city bureau science cbd gummies for sex royal cbd gummies for joint pain s forensic doctor and technical police.As a result, so many people came, they could only stand on the sidelines and watch.The leaders looked at the river for a while, and returned to the parking place to talk in a low voice.The leaders how much cbd in relax gummies of the various brigades who came with Director Liu and Liu Jianye could only stand aside, and just stood there and waited until 11 o clock in the middle of the night.The bureau turned around and said, Comrade Xiaohan, have you found the place where the case analysis meeting will be held Report to Bureau Liu.Only one person s footprint was found at the chewable cbd gummies 500mg cbd gummy worms scene, and it is unlikely that more than one person committed the crime.Now look at your , please work harder, and inspect the scene carefully to see if the victim s urine can be extracted.It is easy to detect DNA from urine, but it is difficult to extract the victim s urine from the scene.Another matter royal cbd gummies for joint pain After all, urine is not blood, even if there is at the scene, how can it show up Xiang Yaxin s head got bigger, and Yu Guosheng also felt that this task was not one or two tricky.Liu Jianye didn t care so much, he took out his mobile phone to check the time, and said in an unquestionable tone Comrades, the site is so big, and the survey task is not enough.It s a heavy calculation, three hours should be enough, please collect more samples, I have reported to Bureau Feng, and Bureau Feng has also greeted the Forensic Medical Inspection and Appraisal Center.There are shops selling mobile phones in front and small restaurants in the back.People in our shop often go there to eat.Thinking that the police may not believe it, The girl emphasized again We usually eat in the store, but sometimes we also go out to eat, such HCMUSSH royal cbd gummies for joint pain as someone s birthday, or want to have a party or something.She has worked nearby and may be related to Yu Xiufen, so she couldn t help asking Look again, and see if it s the same person The girl said in a positive tone Don t look, it s him, we ve been there Many times, and there is only one waiter and him as the waiter in Chuanwei Restaurant.What s his surname, what s his name It seems that his surname is Teng, I don t know what his name is, but you can ask Sister Yu, Sister Yu should know , He and Sister Yu seem to be from the same village.Liu Jianye said sincerely, I m sorry to bother you.I whispered a few words to the two comrades cbd gummies single strength 200mg at the police station, and then went straight to the private house across the road.Liu Jianye and the other three criminal police officers from the arresting team quickly followed.They thought they were going to call for the door, but it turned out that the iron door was falsely opened.Turn royal cbd gummies for joint pain on the light and open the door.We belong to the police station, so check our ID cards.The comrades at the police station are familiar with this, knocking on the door of the rental house one by one as soon as they come in.Here, I just checked the day before yesterday, why did I check it again today The light in the second room came on, and a woman s voice came from inside.It s too easy to startle the snake Liu Jianye was taken aback, and was about to let Jin Qingrong, who came with him, go out to have a look.Wei Ping licked his lips, suddenly raised his head, and said expectantly Comrade Public Security, I ll go with you, kill for life, shoot for death, I m really not afraid of death I just ask you one thing.What s the matter There is a wallet under the pillow, and there are six passbooks and a bank card in the wallet.The regular and current accounts add up to more than 87,000 yuan.You can t give Yu Xiufen a penny of the money.You help me keep it, help me pay Xiaohui s tuition, and usually give some living expenses.When she is 20 years old, when she grows up and has her own ideas, then give her the rest.Wei Ping After thinking for a while, he said, There is still a house, let me transfer the ownership to Xiaohui.Called personally.It can be heard that Director Feng mainly wanted to tell the three old seniors, Grandpa Gu, Ji Kaiyuan and Wu Wenge, after all, the three old seniors contributed a lot, so we must tell them the good cbd gummies cure copd news.

If it is clear that someone can be found but not handed over, it is not as simple as ordering rectification.Deputy Director Xing paused, and then emphasized You can t lose a gun if you lose it.As long as guns and ammunition are involved, it is not a trivial matter.How serious is the violation of gun management regulations light Han Chaoyang worked so hard to help the special case team solve the case, but in the end not only did he not royal cbd gummies for joint pain get any credit or even hard work, but he was also ordered to rectify and make in depth self criticism.This is a special case, why should I do a review You couldn t find someone to hand it over at that time, but it s not that you have other options cbd gummies in wilbraham mass What other options You can send the gun to the Huayuan Street Police Station, lock it in the safe of the Huayuan Street Police Station, and ask the firearms specialist at the Huayuan Street Police Station to keep it for you, or you can send it to the Xinyuan Street Police Station, or even send it back to the branch.Behind the power distribution room far away, I went back to sleep after hiding.The little soldier went back to the sentry box after urinating and found that the gun was missing.The Bayi Bar, and there was no separation of bullets at that time, there was one empty ammunition in the magazine, and the others were all live ammunition, if it fell into the hands of criminals, how much harm would it do to society This is the first time I heard cbd thc gummy royal cbd gummies for joint pain my father in law talk about the army Han Chaoyang couldn t help asking What happened next The little soldier was terrified, and the company commander s trainer was as frightened as he was.He immediately reported cbd thc gummy royal cbd gummies for joint pain to the regiment.The chief of staff was on duty that night, and he broke into a cold sweat from fright.The whole company went out to look for it, and then reported it to the political commissar of the head of the regiment, and then rushed to Xiaoyingmen to organize the guard company to find the cbd and thc gummies reddit whereabouts of the guns, and even alerted the division.He met Team Tang some time ago, and Team Tang mentioned it.Looking at Zhang Beibei s serious look, he couldn t help laughing and said There is this policy.Coordinators in the urban management system can participate in the provincial examination as public welfare positions, and the recruitment rate is not low, which can solve 100 of the total number of people.5.However, it seems that law enforcement support personnel must have a full time undergraduate degree or above to apply for the exam.Junfeng and the others do cbd gummies stay in your system chewable cbd gummies have little hope.Doing has a sense of accomplishment and a sense of belonging It is clear that the demolition will not only disband the patrol brigade, but also disband the anti picking team.Han Chaoyang would not be able to think of a solution for a while, so he could only perfunctoryly say Why don t you ask Junfeng and the others first, and listen to their ideas first.It makes sense, Wu Wei nodded.Then he said How about this, call Lao Ding later and ask him to investigate Luo Weixing s social relations in our Yanyang side.We will find those creditors who lent money to Gan Jianren tomorrow and explain the policy to them.After asking them to cooperate with us, we will ask the Economic Investigation Brigade of the Changshan Sub bureau to cooperate and investigate Luo s social relations in Jiangzhong.I think so too, after all, you can t just sit in a hotel and wait for news after finishing your current affairs.Han Chaoyang scratched his head, thought about it and said In the final analysis, this case is about money.We really have no choice but to arrest Gan Jianren together with Jiang Zhong.As long as we can catch Gan Jianren, Luo Weixing will naturally show up.He was most familiar with the situation.Director Huo of the royal cbd gummies for joint pain engineering headquarters called him out and asked him to participate in the pursuit.Another policeman is in charge of this case, so please let me ask you if you have time on May 1st, and if you can take part in it.Liu Qiuping took the invitation, opened it to look at the photo on it, and couldn t royal cbd gummies for joint pain help laughing This kid has Good luck, the bride is very beautiful Xiao Huang is very beautiful.When she was first assigned to Huayuan Street, not only the single cadres in the district chased her, but also the police from our branch, but no one caught up.Chaoyang has caught up By the way, the reason why the district transferred her to the administrative service center is also because she has a better image.Now it is not like before, we must follow the mass line and implement the spirit of the eight central regulations Liu Qiuping neither agreed to go nor refused to go, but put down the invitation and asked, Where is the Shuxiangyuan The guest house is inside the University of Science and Technology.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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