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He didn t ask some key questions, but asked such insignificant things.After replenishing the bullets of the submachine gun, Wang Weiyi whimsically said Can you get me a blackberry Z submachine gun I suggest you take the time to test your IQ.Xiao Ling will definitely best cbd gummies to lose weight know that this person is very speechless now.He has repeatedly explained the weapons he can use in this era.Why do he ask such strange questions I also suspect that my IQ is a little low, otherwise I would not come here What a damn mission.Wang Weiyi muttered and put away his weapons.He came to the three tanks reluctantly.Unfortunately, he can only use them once.What a pity, he doesn t know when he will get support next time.What the hell is this mission Can we get support Wang Weiyi thought about it, but he didn t understand it.

The artillery fire instantly submerged the surrounding area Cannonballs fell one after another, and Wang Weiyi and Guo Yunfeng couldn t look up at all.Two of the four tanks on the opposite side were blown up by artillery fire in an smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode instant Hell, it s not British fire This is the artillery fire of the German army German artillery coverage began ahead of schedule Did the command advance the time, or did the bloody orderly get it wrong The artillery bombarded everything around and enveloped everything around.Overwhelming, it seems that this place is going to be completely destroyed The attacking British army was instantly dispersed.But the problem now is that Wang Weiyi and Guo Yunfeng can t martha cbd gummies reviews and side effects of high tech cbd gummies run out either What happened to Site B How are the brothers from the third company There is no way of knowing everything now Damn it, why did you shell out in advance Stecke yelled loudly.

Elena really couldn t understand why Ernst and Ernst on the battlefield The Ernst in real life is actually so different.The Ernst on the battlefield was fearless and was regarded as a hero by countless German soldiers.And what about Ernst in front of him at this time Glib, not a serious and cautious German police officer at all Fortunately, Elena was already mentally prepared for this, and she didn t bother to argue with him In this case, I have to ask you a few questions.How did you cbd gummies australia buy capture the British tank Wang Weiyi thought for a while I And Guo Yunfeng, ah, it was the Chinese laborer.When he was hiding, he found a British tank stopped.The tank soldier probably wanted to take a rest.When they came out, we jumped on them and captured them.Fortunately Yes, they sympathize with Germany and are willing smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode to stand on our side.

I can be very sure that hearing you say that Russians are the most terrifying.Wang Weiyi bit the bullet Yes, I think the Russians are far more terrifying than the British or the French.Ludendorff was a little dissatisfied Lieutenant, I admit that you are a hero, but maybe you don t know much about the situation in various countries.In the Battle of Tannenberg, the Russian Second Army was managed by the Tsar before the war to fight against Germany.This army has the best equipment in the Russian Army, and its combat effectiveness is the strongest in the Russian Army.It is far different from those smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode other armies with three soldiers and one gun, but even so, they suffered the fate of the entire army, and even their commander Samsonov committed suicide in despair.Do you think this is the case Is Russia scary I m not talking about the current Russia Wang Weiyi didn t know how to say it I heard that some revolutionary forces have great influence in Russia, and I m worried about what they will do for example Hindenburg s interest was mobilized.

Stark is the strongest among his companions and the one who can fight the most.He had only come into contact with the British army, and he sent three Englishmen to see God.Before he could just cbd sugar free gummies catch his breath, an Englishman rushed up to him with a bayonet in his hand.But he didn t wait for him to hand out the bayonet, he had HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode already fallen to the ground with a scream.It wasn t until this time that Stecke realized it.When he turned around and saw the German soldiers who had helped him escape the siege and stabbed to death the British who tried to attack him, he couldn t help but let out a surprise voice Adolf Adolf Hitler Hey, Boncrere, it s me said the high spirited Hitler.Well done, even Hitler himself couldn t help but praise the assassination.Adolf is back Captain Ernst Stecke shouted eagerly Adolf, where is Captain Ernst Look, he is there Hitler pointed in the front direction.

And under their cover, the fire dragons in the hands of the fire breathing soldiers roared out one by one, burning everything that could be seen in front of them Although there are not many people, it is these few people who have brought their fighting power to the maximum.Maybe the Germans are far from the opponents of the French when talking about the taste of clothing, but on the battlefield, German soldiers are the real kings of war Colonel Fargud has not yet figured out what happened, nor has he figured out how many enemies rushed in.With such a large scale, the enemy must have at least one regiment, right His subordinates shared his ideas, and the French absolutely could not believe that less than twenty Germans dared to storm a regiment headquarters of the French army.This is impossible.

Of course, I will be happy to serve as a judge again.Nicholas did not dare to speak for himself What excuses He just gave Elena a vicious look But what can he do to Elena Adjourn the court for ten minutes.I will read the judgment against Baron Alexon in ten minutes.Felix left his bench after finishing speaking.No one left their positions, and everyone was waiting patiently, even though smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode they had already guessed what the final outcome would be Ten minutes later, Felix showed up on smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode time.He said solemnly As for the case of Baron Alexon being accused of treason, after listening to the testimony of a large number of witnesses, I have a complete idea of the whole case Ernst Alec cbd gummies hawaii smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode Baron Sen von Brahm Wang Weiyi stood up.Felix paused for a moment I judge that Baron Ernst Alexon von Brahm is a hero of Germany and a model for German leaders.

However, a large number of Chinese people have lost their wives and families in this war If Ziguang Military Base can bring itself back to that country How wonderful the times would have been Of course, Samokski couldn t guess what the other party was thinking During that war, terrible things happened.A large amount of our information was learned by the r himself, and after that, our password index and a telegram that had just been half seralab cbd gummies review encrypted were lost.Word This indirectly cost us the victory Wang Weiyi listened calmly, he remembered that he seemed to have heard this story there.This information was passed on to the Japanese themselves by a spy Shamoksky was a little annoyed There was an intelligence agent named Mandrov who found some clues about this spy, but when he was about to investigate further, he died mysteriously in a car accident.

Even when he created the Miracle on the Somme , the Allied Powers still didn t feel much threatened by him.After all, this was a manifestation of personal heroism.However, it is very different now, and the skeleton commando he commanded has also become a symbol of invincibility The British Army, the French Army, the Italian Army, and even the Russian Army, as long as the Baron Skeleton and the commando commanded by him are mentioned, their expressions will change drastically, which is a terrible blow to morale.How can I defeat the Skeleton Baron In order to solve this problem, Britain and France dragged the smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode United States, which was about to reach Europe, and set up a secret research team.This group is code named s and has only one topic how to defeat the Skeleton Baron This is a research team composed of military experts, and they must find a way.

In front of Montfort Kong, the French dropped a pile of corpses Early morning fog, thousands of bomb craters, barbed wire, slippery ravines and dense forests also hindered the French advance.Their first attack was repelled without any suspense Looking at the skeleton battle flag fluttering in Montfaucon, every French soldier from General Guro to the following seemed a little helpless.Skeleton Commando, Skeleton Baron, will they really never fail The French made a total of two efforts, but they failed once.Instead, they dropped more than 2,000 corpses in front of the positions defended by the Skeleton Commando Cruel war, terrible war, the indestructible line of defense Seeing that the French really had nothing to do with the Skeleton Commandos, Marshal Foch promptly used the US First Army commanded by Pershing to capture the French Fourth Army.

They were asked the same thing repeatedly by reporters every day Hey, Major, have you seen the Baron Skeleton General, please stay a while, This is the first time you have suffered defeat at the hands of the Baron Skeleton General Liggett, it s great to see you, do you think you can take Montfaucon before Christmas Unless they give up voluntarily Enough, enough Enough is enough for these Entente officers who have suffered such disgrace on the front line of Montforkon On October 0, the unbearable Lieutenant General Ligett, after waiting for new reinforcements, gathered all the troops he could concentrate, and launched a Meuse against Montfaucon the most violent attack since the outbreak of the Argonne War attack.The Germans are running out of ammunition, and the Germans are running out of grenades.

Mr.Wang, what do you want me to do Ah Si, who spoke Shanghainese, opened his mouth and asked bluntly.I was introduced by Xiao Mabiao from Suzhou.Wang Dehai said with a smile.Ah Si was stunned, and then turned around and asked his wife My wife, is Xiao Mabiao a cousin Ah Si s daughter in law, who was born as a cousin, combed her hair and said impatiently Yes, yes, Yi Personal disappointment, Bai Xiangren, do you have any money in your hand, the two oceans I borrowed from the year before last have not been returned As soon as he heard that he was a bad boy , Ah Si s face immediately sank.Wang Dehai quickly took out three oceans from his pocket and stuffed them into Ah Si s hand Brother, sister in law, here are three oceans.If there is still a block, it will be regarded as interest.Seeing that Dayang got it, Ah Si and his wife looked better, and Ah Si s daughter in law hurriedly said, Oh, it s really a blessing that Allah s cousin has a friend like Mr.

Now.It s time for revenge The head that was once lowered can be raised high again His big knife had already cut down two devils, and when he was about to rush towards the third devil, his vest suddenly felt cold, and then Fu Dezhang knew he was injured.And it hurts badly Fu Dezhang did something cbd gummies to stop smoking as seen on shark tank unimaginable to the Japanese soldiers who attacked him behind him he rushed forward suddenly, and pulled himself out of the bayonet then.Fu Dezhang turned around, roared wildly, and the sword fell fiercely on the Japanese soldier s head Blood splattered all over his head and face, and a head was cut in half abruptly Fu Dezhang laughed loudly Kill Kill His left rib was in great pain again.Fu Dezhang grabbed the bayonet, bleeding.It flowed from his hand He didn t seem to feel it at all, grabbed the bayonet, and pulled it violently towards his side The bayonet stabbed deeper And the Japanese soldier was pulled in front of Fu Dezhang involuntarily.

But Wang Weiyi s complexion was ashen Before the attack, it was emphasized again and again that the tactical deployment must be strictly followed, and the attack must be cbd gummies hawaii smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode strictly followed by the instructions, but it still happened that the soldiers charged on their own matter.Originally, casualties could be reduced Most of the Japanese troops here use light weapons, while the Guard Battalion has mortars, tanks, and various machine guns for support, occupying an absolute advantage in firepower.In Wang Weiyi s previous vision, even if the combat quality of the soldiers in the guard battalion is poor, with such fire support, as long as the tactical deployment is strictly implemented, casualties can be kept to a minimum.Instead of seventy eight people killed or injured He endured the anger that was about to erupt, and while transporting the wounded and inspecting the battlefield, he gathered all the soldiers together Who was the first to say that he was going to charge Report, it s me Walked out proudly.

Vote for recommendations, monthly tickets, your support is my biggest motivation.Two hundred and eighty six.A group of heroes After receiving the order of Matsui Iwane, the 6th Division of the Japanese Army launched an attack on Matsue again.At 5 30 in the morning on November 8, 1937, the Japanese army bombarded Songjiang.After an hour of artillery fire, a large number of Japanese troops launched a fierce attack on Songjiang.At this time, 424 soldiers from the Songjiang Security Brigade were defending the outer line of Songjiang Xiguan.And their opponents were the two teams of the Sugimoto Infantry Brigade of the 45th Regiment of the 6th Division of the Japanese Army.The enemy has an absolute advantage in firepower, but these security forces don t care at all.Just like what their captain Huang Xibei said, damn it, I have had enough fun, and the woman has slept too, so what the hell is there to regret Do it, maybe you can get a martyr after you die, and make your family members who have been unable to hold their heads up in the past look good.

To be honest, many people in the German army don t have a good opinion of R himself.The key reason lies in General Ernst.General Ernst once mentioned two Asian countries to his teammates, one is China and the other is Japan.For China, General Ernst has never hesitated to praise, but for Japan, General Ernst has always been full of contempt and disdain.The comrades who have been with General Ernst for a long time have been affected without exception Yes, General.Kroller said, It is very strange that the Japanese military police They broke into our hotel at night, confiscated our radio station, and took us to the Gendarmerie Command.But the one who talked to us was Kobayakawa Koi, one of the Japanese troops Did he say anything Stike asked ponderingly.When Kobayakawa saw us, he seemed to have a very complicated expression.

The chariot troops began to retreat first.In the defense of Xiguan, three chariots were lost here, but they made great achievements in the defense of Xiguan.Niu Dao Man absolutely could not have imagined that the team would voluntarily give up their smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode where can i get cbd gummies for pain positions when there was no reviews and side effects of high tech cbd gummies hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed possibility of losing Xiguan, unlike the battle in Shanghai where the team would retreat does cbd gummies make you drowsy only when they could not hold on.Fight badly, and blackmail all possible disasters in advance.This is what Wang Weiyi will do However, the offensive of the Japanese army on the 12th day has weakened significantly.They will also shrink back.In the whole day, although the Japanese army claimed to have carried out 13 charges, but these charges were often thunderous and rainy.The casualties between each other were not very large 12 days and nights , the main force of cbd gummies hawaii smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode the guard battalion began to withdraw from Xiguan.

Originally, in their opinion, they had already withstood the Japanese army for five days on the outside line, and it would not be difficult to continue to hold on for three days in Songjiang.But in Wang Weiyi s mouth, it seems that these three days are much more difficult than those five days Wang Weiyi was about to speak, when a staff officer suddenly came in with a telegram, Wu Keren looked at it, and his expression changed slightly Changed, and then glanced at Wang Weiyi Battalion Commander Wang, Acting Commander in Chief of the Right Wing Army Huang Qixiang sent a message that the Huben Guard Battalion completed its mission in Songjiang, and now it is ordered to retreat to the Jiangyin Fortress on the smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode where can i get cbd gummies for pain Xicheng Line.This is a death order., cannot be changed.Wang Weiyi was stunned.retreat Order yourself to retreat at this time Let the brothers of the 67th Army fight alone here Army seat Wang Weiyi was about to smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode where can i get cbd gummies for pain speak, but Wu Keren interrupted him with a smile Battalion Commander Wang, it was said in the telegram that this is a death order and cannot be changed.

Not only can I go out, but I also want to make a big fuss will cbd gummies show up on a test in Shanghai.Tan, let the r people have a headache when they hear my name from now on Qiao Zhihe and Lu Mingzhai looked at each other, and really couldn t think of what this extremely courageous Wang Weiyi was going to do Back at the Tang residence, Wang Weiyi also said stimulirx cbd gummies goodbye to the Tang family.Everyone in the Tang family was a little worried.Right now, there are Japanese people everywhere outside the French Concession, how can he go out But Wang Weiyi didn t care Tang Naian repeatedly told him to be careful on the road, and told his wife to prepare some food and supplies for Wang Weiyi, and bring them to the brothers in the front line.This is also one of the few things he can do for the War of Resistance for the time being Li Zufa walked over with a gloomy expression, and it seemed that he still held a grudge against Wang do cbd gummies give you diarrhea Weiyi Wang Lieutenant Colonel, anyway I still don t believe what you said But, you are a man Well, I can t go to the battlefield, so please Help me kill more smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode on the battlefield A few r people Wang Weiyi laughed, although this Li Zufa spoke annoyingly, he was not a bad person Brother Li, I will.

The man opened his mouth and smiled Please call me the Baron Skeleton Then, the submachine gun in his hand fired again, almost turning the Japanese second lieutenant into a hornet s nest.Looking at the corpses on the ground, Wang Weiyi took out a skull badge from his pocket and threw it into the sky the badge fell.It happened to land on the body of the second lieutenant of the Japanese army Four knives, let s go Wang Weiyi turned his head and said lightly.This is December 3, 1937, this day.Skull Baron Ernst Alexon von Brahm has reappeared after nearly two decades of disappearance A reporter happened to pass by.When the Skeleton Baron and his most steadfast and loyal assistant Sidao turned around and left, the camera in the reporter s hand clicked Asano kun , have you heard.Just about an hour ago, two strange German veterans in old fashioned military uniforms showed up.

You must know that if it really existed, it would be thrown away.All the face of the imperial family.But this time the captive is absolutely true Toshio Aoki seemed to have thought of something You and Naomasa Sugawara are good friends, could it be You guessed right.Gato Hideyori sighed General Matsui is commanding the battle at the front smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode line, so we can t make him sad because of this incident.The higher ups strictly demand that we find a way to rescue Sugawara NaomasaI belong to Sugawara kun.Good friend, and this time He glanced at the Baron as he spoke Does he really not understand Japanese A conceited and extremely arrogant Englishman who never came to the Far East.Aoki Toshio said very disdainfully.That s good.Gaten Xiulai was relieved This time I cracked a Russian secret underground intelligence agency and captured several Russians.

Among them was a woman who, according to her companion, belonged to some Soviet official.wife.Did you know that the Soviet Union is secretly negotiating military aid with the national government, so we are wondering whether we can use these Soviet prisoners to exchange Naomasa Sugawara Aoki Toshio suddenly realized You are responsible for taking these Soviet prisoners To go to Shanghai Yes, there are three people in total, including that woman.They have already confessed everything they know, and it is of no use.The woman s husband is only the head of the Russian regiment, so he is not very useful.Gato do cbd gummies show up in your system smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode Hideyori nodded and said But we don t know whether the national government will agree.What s even more troublesome is that we don t even know where Sugawara Naomasa is being held.We only know that he was captured by an army commanded by Wang Weiyi I can reviews and side effects of high tech cbd gummies hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed t help you, Mr.

An Fei Here Wang Weiyi glanced at him Remember, on the battlefield, it s about survival, not death.Don t risk your life to fight the enemy until the necessary smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode time Understood, brigade seat An Fei s answer was so resounding An Fei wants to keep this life, to avenge my cousin An Fei wants to keep this life, and watch all the Japanese themselves be driven out of the country Then That s it Wang Weiyi patted him on the shoulder Get ready to go Manluzuo, your gun.Guo Yunfeng handed the gun to Wang Weiyi You personally command the skeleton team Yes, personally command Wang Weiyi shook his gun Si Dao, you will understand.Guo Yunfeng didn t quite understand what this meant, and Wang Weiyi didn t explain, but walked towards the Skeleton Team holding the gun.Report to the general, the skeleton team has completed its assembly Werner stepped up and said loudly.

Those British, French, German, and American weapons of all kinds.The Huben Guards Brigade has become a weapons world expo.Moreover, they have a trump card among trump cards Wang Weiyi Welcome to the battlefield of the Skeleton Baron Here r himself will know what the real war is Numata Tokushige seems HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode to have seen the hope of victory.Just now, he received an encrypted telegram from Commander Dizhou again.The 13th Division will take a short rest with Jiangjia Village as the center, and then attack Jiuhu Town.The 116th Regiment must arrive as soon as possible.Jiuhu Town, and launched an attack on the opposite Chinese army, waiting for the main force of the division to arrive.The captain of the 115th regiment, Hachime Shimoji, was also eager for the upcoming victory.The annihilation of the 65th Regiment was a great disgrace in the eyes of the entire 13th Division.

Originally, he only wanted to eat small fish to satisfy his hunger, but unexpectedly attracted a fat and big fish.When the Ueno detachment launched an attack, Wang Weiyi was still thinking about it It would be great if I could kill a General R ben sometime.I didn t expect that General R ben would really come.My luck is so good Walker, one hour Thirty minutes later, the 116th Wing will arrive.According to reconnaissance and analysis, Numata Tokushige s headquarters is in the middle of the team.Elena quickly passed the latest information to Wang Weiyi.Wang Weiyi began to fall in love with the base Call all the officers above the battalion Looking at the officers who heard the news, Wang Weiyi didn t talk too much nonsense All the 116 regiments are dispatched, and the brigade commander of the Japanese 26th Brigade is in the regiment.

Bombs fell like raindrops.Thousands of Soviet soldiers died in their sleep.Facing the HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode sudden and violent German bombing and shelling, the Soviet army fell into an extremely passive situation for a while.By noon that day, the Soviet army lost 1,200 planes, of which 800 were blown up before taking off at the airport.By evening, the German army The tank force had advanced 50 kilometers into the Soviet Union until 7 15 that night, when the Soviet Union officially ordered to open fire on the invading German army.A ship launched a full scale attack on the Soviet Union on the 1,500 kilometer front from the Baltic Sea to the Black lake geneva wisconsin cbd gummies for sale Sea.The German army was divided into three groups.The granary situation in Ukraine is very dangerous for the Soviet Union the German army on the North Road penetrated 400 450 kilometers into the Soviet Union s belly within 18 days.

This will be the first battle under the official command of the Skeleton Baron after his glorious return the glorious battle When the skeleton battle flag began to fly again, every German officer and soldier of the skeleton division already knew that although they encountered setbacks in the Russian battlefield, from this moment on, their most glorious era was about to begin feals cbd gummies Ernst.General Brahm will never allow failure he hates it Follow the steps of the general and destroy every enemy on the way At this time, Wang Weiyi has received instructions from Xiaoling The Glorious Man Mission has started, the first stage goal restore the glorious weapon support of the Skeleton Commando None The self reform and upgrade of the Ziguang Military Base has started for the third time.Weapon support, no This is something that Wang Weiyi has never encountered since he started time travel.

He carefully put on his military uniform and carefully looked at it in front of the mirror.He had to dress himself meticulously to meet General Ernst.He asked his adjutant again and again how he was dressed, and the adjutant smiled and answered him every time General, you are very well dressed.Rommel was not relieved, but just when he was about to leave , suddenly stopped again What rank is General Ernst now Ah, I don t know.It is said that General Ernst has not accepted any rank.Is it true that he hasn t accepted any ranks for the rank of Major General of the Wehrmacht Hell, why should I change into a general s uniform General Ernst may not be happy, so can you find me a normal soldier s uniform Okay, General, but I have a better suggestion.I think General Ernst would be more pleased if you could change into the Skeleton Commando uniform.

Wang Weiyi thought in his heart.Elena What about Elena She can t be allowed to stay in the military base forever, she has already how much cbd gummies should i take reddit returned to Germany, this is her motherland, but what kind of way should she be thought of to make her appear Wang Weiyi felt a little headache, Hey, what are we talking about here Richthofen called out We have to find a place and ask Ernst what happened to Ernst these years, ah, fuck me How is home No, there is a better place to go.Hitler said mysteriously Don t you think it would be better for us to go to the baron s manor Bowman, listen, from now until tomorrow, don t let anyone bother me Yes, I m not free, I m busy Putting down the phone, he looked at the generals What are you still standing here for Don t you Do you think it is an honor to go to the do cbd gummies show up in your system smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode Baron s Manor empty handed Go, go, tonight, we will have a good meal at the Baron s Manor.

Do you want us to surrender At this time, Major General Yiliglu still found it hard to believe that this was true.From the mouth of a German captain How many of you have come Here, seven of us have come and one died.Klingenberg replied with a smile But.Soon Hundreds of thousands of German troops have cbd gummies hawaii smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode arrived He paid special attention to the opponent s performance, and found that the flesh on the faces of the general and the mayor twitched.Klingenberg had already made up his mind Look, we are not here to destroy the city.The less people die, the better.Do you agree with me Seeing that the other party did not answer, Klingenberg said to himself Our intelligence shows that there is only one brigade here.I smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode don t think it can withstand our attack.Listen to me, it s time to surrender.The contemptuous tone of the other party made Iliglu feel insulted Captain, I can arrest and shoot you cbd gummies and sertraline right now Ah, of course.

He believes that the once powerful Ottoman Empire can truly represent Turkey, and believes that Turkey can only be led by the Ottoman Empire.to become stronger again.Germany s public opinion and propaganda agencies smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode are running at full capacity, promoting the heavy feats that the Ottoman Empire once had.And repeatedly mentioned Abdul Hamid II, who unfortunately died in the hands of do cbd gummies show up in your system smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode the rebels, otherwise Turkey is now.Never facing a terrible war Germany seems to be providing a very strong signal the German government only trusts the rulers of the former Ottoman Empire.The top leaders of the Allied Powers saw the German conspiracy at once.This is to restore the rule of the Ottoman Empire in Turkey.A completely dictatorial monarchy is more in Germany s interest.However, to be honest, Germany s hand is still very useful, especially for the Turks who are suffering from the war Humans are always such a strange animal, when you decide to overthrow When a regime is in power, I can t wait to wipe out its influence completely.

This is a country with astonishingly large reserves of oil and natural gas.However, the problem before him now is that he must stop the British attack, otherwise all of this will be destroyed.There is no way to talk about victory, what I need is a victory.Wang Weiyi s face is dignified cbd gummies hawaii smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode Even if we make huge sacrifices, we must defeat the British army and restore the balance of power on the battlefield.Wang Weiyi used the word balance of power He knows very well that before a large number of purekana cbd gummies cost reinforcements arrive, the German army will not be able to resolve the war situation in Africa.However, a large number of reinforcements will not arrive now, and Germany will put its main force in Russia.As long as it reviews and side effects of high tech cbd gummies hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed wins the Russian war Only after the major victory in the war can Germany re launch a new large scale campaign in Africa that is sufficient to establish a victory on the African battlefield.

I have no brothers, so now I am in charge of the jewel Sure enough, it was exactly what he thought, Wang Weiyi laughed He smiled It s a pity that you are not a competent custodian.I heard that you always like to take this gem as a mortgage when you are in koi delta 8 cbd gummies a hurry.Because I can get it back smoothly every time, except this time.Queen Farida stared at Wang Weiyi Tell me, what price do you need to return the gem to me How much do you need I will raise it for you.Even if I secretly open martha cbd gummies reviews and side effects of high tech cbd gummies my husband s safe I don t hesitate My wealth is beyond your imagination Wang Weiyi put away the gems Do you think your husband is the richest person in the world You are wrong, his Less than one percent of my fortuneah, I think I m flattering him too muchso money is just a symbol to me Law Queen Rida was really surprised this time.

Colonel Inschick, who was in charge of the telegraph, was a spy, and Major General Hoperick, who was in charge of intelligence, was also a spy In front of the British, what secrets does the Afrika Korps have This organization is buried too It s getting deeper, and the way of transmitting information is incredible.If it wasn t for Marshal Ernst Brahm s discovery, this organization would not have been cracked at all.Wang Weiyi didn t feel lucky at all, but felt a kind of sadness.Deciding the victory of the war There are many ways to bear, and intelligence is undoubtedly the most important oneWhen you have no secrets from the enemy, the war is actually doomed from the beginning.The mess, once let the Germans The extremely proud intelligence work is now in a mess Fortunately, it is still too late to save it, Colonel Fels will take over the intelligence work of the African Legion in an all round way, and what is even more beneficial is that the British do not know that their intelligence network has been cracked, let alone know The super spy Fighter has been captured.

In addition, he also promised to send a large number of the latest Tiger tanks and a large number of new anti tank guns to Africa Our Tiger tanks will disable the enemy s anti tank guns, and our anti tank guns will be ineffective.Tank guns will destroy any type of enemy tank.Although Hitler s words were full of loopholes and even contradicted himself, for Rommel, who was already despairing of the African war situation, the promise of the head of state was like a shot in the arm.He seemed to see buitrago cigars cbd gummies that the armored corps, which had obtained these latest weapons, was chasing the British army with great force, from Alamein to the Suez Canal.The British dismissed such intelligence, Hitler was just deluding himself there Rommel also blamed the Italians for the leak We learned from the captured British officers and soldiers I learned that it was the smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode where can i get cbd gummies for pain Italians who told them the secret, that they leaked our every move to the British, causing us to fall into the trap that the British had already set Rommel angrily told Hitler Of course most of their soldiers are good, smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode but their officers are all useless guys, a bunch of traitors.

Then Italian troops arrived one after another The German army gathered up these defeated Italian soldiers.At the same time, Wang Weiyi also ordered the detainment of General Motta who fled here, and chose to take over the command of the Italian army by himself Although those Italians were unwilling, under the threat of German bayonets and cannons, they had to assume a decisive battle posture in Kalman At 2 00, according to the scheduled time, the British forward troops arrived in Kalman on time.But the Italians stopped fleeing and put on a decisive battle, which still surprised the British.They did not dare to attack rashly.At smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode 2 30, Lieutenant General Woodrow, the British frontline commander, arrived on the battlefield.When he heard the movement of the Italians, the British general, who had made outstanding achievements in positions 22 and 23, just smiled contemptuously.

Okay, Ernst.Rommel received the telegram What about those Italians They were yelling all day, and even Mussolini was on his way to Cairo.Italy, which often performed extremely poorly in wars, couldn t wait to join the ranks of dividing up the fruits of victory after the war was won.They are constantly asking for interests in Africa, smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode and they have always regarded Africa as their inherent Land.They think that the Germans should fight for them.After the victory, those Germans should leave quickly, and Italy will digest the victory alone.And Mussolini, can t wait to complete his dream Entering Cairo under the protection of a large number of Italian soldiers, accepting the cheers of all Egyptians like an emperor.Without consulting with Germany, Mussolini has already set off for Cairo and decided to receive Ernst.

When Mussolini fell, the Italians around suddenly panicked.Assassin Assassin Mussolini, clutching his shoulder, cried out smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode heartbreakingly.There was a mess around, and the Italians didn t martha cbd gummies reviews and side effects of high tech cbd gummies know what to do at the first time.It took a full minute before he realized that the rescuer was the rescuer, the guard was the guard.The Germans in charge of security at the scene were also a little panicked.Although the Italian dictator was arrogant and annoying, he was the leader smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode where can i get cbd gummies for pain of Germany s allies after all.If something happened here, it would be hard to explain.But where did the gunshots come from There are Egyptians who don t know the truth everywhere, and they are still waving their flags vigorously to welcome them.They don t know that the person they welcome has been killed.This is what Mussolini, who regarded himself as the ruler of Africa , experienced after finally entering the dream of Cairo.

Xiao Ling said at this time I think this attack cbd gummies hawaii smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode on Pearl Harbor is very different from the ones that happened in history.One person will get a huge benefit from it.Benefit.who Wang Weiyi asked with a half smile.You Xiaoling said bluntly After the outbreak of the US economic crisis.The Wittgenstein family frantically waved the checks in their hands and acquired a large number of companies.Once a war breaks out, it will be brought to ordinary people.It is the pain of war, but it brings endless wealth and benefits to the big capitalists.Those huge American companies acquired by you will bring you an endless stream of money Look at cbd gummies hawaii smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode you, what did you call me Wang Weiyi had a smile on his face I just let me distribute part of the war fortune made by the United States Moreover, this Japanese sneak attack is very different from the ones in history.

We have only one way to break out of the siege, defeat the frontal enemy forces, and point directly at the Terek River Start a decisive battle with the Soviet army in advance on the Terek River All the German generals immediately understood what Marshal Ernst meant.Now that the Soviet encirclement had been formed, the marshal was going to use the center assault group as a counter bait to attract the main force of the Soviet army, and then ordered the left and right wing assault groups to attack The Terek River formed an anti encirclement circle for the Soviet army The decisive battle will break out on the Terek River However, there is a problem here, whether the Chinese assault group can break the enemy s blockade and successfully reach the Terek River., the Soviet army on the Terek River must also guard against death.

What is this desperate thing called Thousands of lives are swallowed up here.Whether it is a German or a Russian, their eyes are reddened by the heat of war.Their hearts kept beating because of the continuous sound of cannons.The huge battlefield drove each of them to jump into this big melting pot without smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode hesitation, and then be completely melted Those who died had different death conditions.Some died with fear, some did not see any regrets, and some died with a smile.They have been able to experience such an ultimate trial, and they have no regrets anymore The tanks fired at each other, and the shells roared in the air, stirring up pieces of fire, burning everything around them.In the raging fire, countless soldiers continued to attack, defend, and counter attack.Even if they were exhausted from the martha cbd gummies reviews and side effects of high tech cbd gummies fight, they did not dare to slack off in the slightest.

Join the defense battle here.In addition, Comrade Vasilevsky also mobilized 21 guerrilla brigades, two workers divisions and two women s divisions, as well as HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode five youth regiments Stalin sighed in a low voice.Once upon a time, the Soviet Union had a huge military force, but now there are only such pitiful forces left to defend itself.Such a huge force was not able to stop the Germans, relying on these forces alone, Stalingen had no hope. Maybe.The time has come to end your destiny.But Stalin did not show this in front of his subordinates Very well, Comrade Zhukov, Comrade Vasilevsky, you have done a good job, and I respect your efforts.Now, our party and HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode government The core of the organization is here, and I believe we can defend the Kremlin and Moscow.We must tell our comrades that a large number of reinforcements are approaching Moscow, and we will soon receive huge reinforcements Zhukov and Vasilevsky smiled wryly at the same time, what time is this.

On this day, though I don t want to, it is with a heavy heart that I must tell each of you that the war is over.Less than a message after Zhukov put natures one cbd gummies 300mg forward his opinion, Volwork came back.He told Marshal Zhukov.Marshal Ernst agreed to his request.Now it s time for you to do what you should do, Marshal Zhukov.Zhukov nodded calmly, and then he issued this order to all the Soviet soldiers Soviet officers.Soviet soldiers, now It was September 15th, 1943.On this day, though I don t want to, it is with a heavy heart that I must tell smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode each of you that the war is over.Less than a message after Zhukov put forward his opinion, Volwork came back.He told Marshal Zhukov.Marshal Ernst agreed to his request.Now it s time for you to do what you should do, Marshal Zhukov.Zhukov nodded calmly, and then he issued this order to all the Soviet soldiers Soviet officers.

Under the sunlight that leaked through the gaps in the clouds, the Roman phalanx looked extremely mighty.The neatly arranged shields make the entire formation look extremely thick, and the bronze five cbd gummies reviews reddit helmets reflect the color of the metal, like the waves of the ocean the stars shine on the tips of the spears.As if to pierce the thick clouds above their heads from time to time there was a flash of lightning in platinum x cbd gummies 1000mg the formation, which was the terrible light of do cbd gummies show up in your system smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode the Roman short sword.Contrary to the practice of Roman commanders, Gaius walked at the front of the phalanx.He looked contemptuously at the rout soldiers running past him, and soon came to the foot of the mountain, where he stopped and looked up the mountain intently.Go The little advantage that the Germans had in the charge just now gradually disappeared, as the Celtics retreated step by step.

This sentence immediately attracted everyone s attention.Caesar called the two released Roman soldiers in and asked eagerly, How did you escape from the hands of cbd pure strength gummies the barbarians My lord governor, they put us back. Oh, the barbarians will set you free Caesar was very surprised.The released Roman soldiers told the story carefully.When they heard that the Roman soldiers were forced to become gladiators to kill each other, every Roman general showed anger on his face.The Baron Alexon, who claims to be conferred by His Majesty the Emperor of the Holy German Empire, also asked us to bring you a few words, honorable governor The Roman soldier seemed afraid to say all the words.Speak, no matter what, you are not guilty.Caesar asked calmly.The Roman soldier was bold That Baron Alexon let us tell you.

I am Spurius, and he is my companion Tius.Wang Weiyi smiled and replied We are from the province of Bisnia.When we heard that you were going to hold a banquet here, we took the liberty of Became an uninvited guest here through some relationship.I beg your forgiveness, and don t throw us out of here.His words caused a lot of laughter, and Servius also said with a smile If you can afford ten A person from Orvis is definitely worthy reviews and side effects of high tech cbd gummies hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed of my respect.Then, now Tieria and Servia, the two female gladiators everyone wants, belong to you, from the province of Bisyani Friend.Wang Weiyi took out a purse containing gold coins and threw it over, Servius checked smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode it, and suddenly said with some uncertainty My friend, I think you gave it wrong, there are a full twenty of them here Aur s.That s right, my lord tribune Servius.

This marching route passes through mountains, which can restrict the activities of the rest cavalry.However, cbd gummies help with anxiety chest pain the arrogant Crassus did not adopt this suggestion.He was unwilling to make a detour and insisted on crossing the Mesopotamian plain.Drive straight in.This decision ultimately cost him seven smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode Roman legions.The Parthian Emperor Orod learned of Crassus s invasion and immediately summoned the commander in chief Sulena.He decided to lead the army northward to attack Armenia and prevent Atabazu from rushing to help Krasu.At the same time, he left Su Lai with less than 20,000 elite horses.Orod s plan is to hold Crassus as long as possible by Sulena until he solves the Armenians, and then rush back to join him smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode and fight Crassus for a decisive battle.Su Laina, who was born in a noble family and was only thirty years old at the time, was the most outstanding commander in Anxi.

Spurius When the name came up, another discussion rang out.Spulius, please stand up and meet everyone.In Pompeo s voice, Wang Weiyi stood in front of everyone.Opposition soon appeared Pompey, we heard some rumors that most of the expenses for this Sea God Festival were paid by this Spulius out, but this is not the reason for his election.Yes.Then another said He is not even a true Roman citizen.I have heard that his ancestors left Rome very early to undertake this adventure in the East.How can a man who is so unfamiliar with Rome be able to sit in such an important position as a member of Parliament Opposition began to increase gradually.Pompey waited patiently for everyone to finish speaking, and then said to Wang Weiyi Spulius, do you have anything to say about these accusations have.Wang Weiyi said calmly Yes, my ancestors left Rome smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode very early, but no matter where they were, they never forgot the city of Rome.

Roman soldiers continued to cry and fall.But these Roman soldiers are still advancing with all their strength. Under the smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode constant blows of the barbarians, the Roman phalanx finally approached their comfortable attack range, and the shields quickly stepped aside.Then a large number of javeliners appeared, and javelins flew out one by one.Now, it was the turn of the Germanic people to be forced to resist the attack from the enemy.The astonishing thing happened, behind the line of barbarians.Suddenly, a large number of shield soldiers appeared.The huge shield offsets the damage to the greatest extent.And the shields they used were even larger and stronger than the Roman shields.Senardi frowned tightly. The barbarians are learning the advanced tactics of the Romans. In fact, he didn t know that the Germans didn t need to learn any tactics from the Romans.

His legion will soon be Arrived in Gaul, and share power with you.Then, let s defeat the Servius Legion first Caesar immediately made up his mind This man is very good at fighting and commanding.I also know what Pompey is using him for.He wants me and him Only when both sides are hurt can he get the most benefit.Caesar, please appoint me as the striker.Anthony said excitedly I admit that Servius can fight, but will I lose to him If you can t agree My request, then this will be regarded as a disgrace, and I will even use suicide to wash away this disgrace Anthony, besides you, I will not appoint another person to serve as my forward force Caesar used to slap I touched Anthony s shoulder I just said that I have ten legions, but I was wrong.I should count you.I have eleven legions, and you will bring me the greatest glory Of course, And you, Callini, my friend, you will be the first to enter Rome for me That is our honor, Caesar said Antony and Callini together.

As long as his statue stands, all Germans will Fight for the Baron.Mom, can we see the Baron Yes, after we die, we can see the Baron.Because he is the Baron from hell The little girl stopped talking, her His eyes fell on the Germans who continued to shout slogans loudly.Then, the big parade began.Everyone is expressing their support for Germany and the German government in their own way Each of them is actually very clear that their greatest spiritual pillar, Baron Alexon, is no longer in this world, he is dead, and he will never come back to help the German people.However, they don t care at all.In their bodies, the proud blood of Germany flows in the sky above their heads, there is a person who is always looking at the citizens of Germany even if he is not in this world He is the Baron Skeleton Fight for him, die for him This is the twenty first day of the Battle reviews and side effects of high tech cbd gummies hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed of Berlin F hrer, the situation is already very critical.

Suddenly, a soldier pointed to the front and said.Lieutenant Colonel Carls and all the American soldiers looked in that direction It was a wall with a huge pattern painted on it, which miraculously survived the fire.It was a blood red skull with empty eyes, as if it was staring at these Americans coldly Colonel Carls shivered, and suddenly thought of a long legged story Hell Once the door to the palace is opened, the baron who has been canonized by the god of death will appear riding a war horse covered in flames It was a baron from hell General, Skeleton Commando s call When hearing this voice, General Olitz hurriedly answered the phone Major Moyol Are you sure, Major, your intelligence is accurate, the enemy has stopped attacking for two days.Yes, there are only some sporadic diversionary offensives On behalf of the German army, I thank you for your effortswhat You attacked Longenberg and smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode burned the enemy s large amount of gasoline God, how the hell did you do it The civilians of Schrotenberg They have no news yet, I have sent troops to meet them Going to Ah, I really want naysa cbd gummies reviews to see you, no, I want to fight with you in person.

Before getting smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode in the car, Colonel Chelus asked What about you, Major Moyol or Prie Special baron I still have some work to do to deal with the aftermath.Wang Weiyi calmly replied See you the day after tomorrow, good luck.Good luck to you too.The car drove away, and Wang Weiyi looked at it again Time, 9 20.There is still plenty of time.He calmly walked back to the main road, and his smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode car was still there.Get into the car and start the car.He took out his ID and looked again Brad Pitt.Wang Weiyi still hasn t figured out which nerve cramp Xiaoling actually gave himself such a name.He smiled, and then the car left here unhurriedly.Seven hundred and ninety nine.Escape plan What Carl.Chelus was rescued When he heard the bad news, Major Davyn almost collapsed.He had no time to pay attention to the scene of the explosion.

These things were all buried by himself, and they were the most insignificant part of his huge wealth in the base, but.These treasures can solve some troubles for themselves.He was sure Jonson and Davyn would take the treasure for themselves.Wang Weiyi could have left Dessau with the help of the base, but he did not intend to do so.He decided to give some treasures to the two Americans, and Jonson and David discovered the whole truth of the smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode where can i get cbd gummies for pain matter.Because of smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode their greed, they absolutely dare not speak out about these things, otherwise, they will probably go to a military court.Even after they left, they pretended to continue to search for the whereabouts of Colonel Cherus in Dessau This is tantamount to buying themselves more time More importantly, maybe I will still need them in the future.

Then he threw the grenade out. Boom Wei Luo, Wei Luo Damn it, damn it The voice of the last American soldier was already full of fear at this moment Both companions were dead, and he didn t even see the enemy s face He took the m16 and shot randomly.He clearly knew that the enemy was hiding behind the big tree smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode in front of him, but he didn t dare to go forward at all.Vero was killed.However, Anris was stabbed to death from the lower body with a branch, which had already hit him hard.The bark hit by the bullets flew around, and Wang Weiyi could tell from this that the American soldier had just joined the army not long ago.He said loudly Come on, I m here, and I don t have any weapons in my hand, why don t cbd gummies hawaii smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode you come and kill me The gunshots stopped suddenly. Wang Weiyi knew that the other party was scared.

Accumulated small victories for Great victory, using victory after victory to inspire Germany s confidence, so why can it be said that real miracles cannot happen This is the case in the whole of Brest The members of these new skeleton commandos, who had previously I never thought they could create so many miracles, but under the leadership of Major Moyol, they managed to do it.These commandos in Brest, no one cares about how many enemies they are smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode about to faceand no one cares what challenges they will face.As long as they are here, Brest will still be theirs.The amazing Major Moyol is the greatest treasure that the enemy will never have And at this moment, Americans are suffering from extreme headaches.Skeleton Commando, Skeleton Commando again In front of them.They are still as invincible as before.

That s a knight from hell that s a baron from hell A moment of effort.More than half of the American soldiers in the smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode 161st Artillery Battalion were killed or injured, and the remaining survivors who had no determination to resist raised their hands in a hurry.The battle ended in the shortest possible time Tell Fels, we have succeeded here.Don t forget what he should do.Four knives.Ah, Lieutenant Jonas, go and assist Fels.Wang Weiyi calmly gave the order, and then he looked here Bottom Clean up the battlefield.Gather those who surrendered.Turn the muzzle and fire at the Americans Ah, there are some of us who can fire, and all of us join the attack Then he clicked Stephen Stephen, put Gather all the weapons you think you can use, and the Americans may soon fight back Yes, Lieutenant Colonel Stephen said excitedly.

He didn t know how to face the baron who appeared in front of him He saw three people walking towards him, God, it smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode was a German general and two marshals Werner understood in an instant The Baron has appeared The three people got closer and closer, and when cbd gummies easley sc they gradually saw the face of the marshal in the front, Werner thought for a moment that he was wrong.Who is that Who is that Werner will never forget that face in his life that is that is General Wang Weiyi Werner will never forget this face Shanghai, Nan Shaodu, November 15, 1937.The location of the decisive battle between the Chinese army and the Japanese army, the location of the decisive battle, is not in Nanjing, but on the Xicheng Line Lieutenant Werner also smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode where can i get cbd gummies for pain participated in that battle as an adviser to the German Advisory Group, and he was with General Wang Weiyi, who was still the battalion commander at the time.

After the Blizzard operation started, he originally planned to attack the enemy s smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode position for the first time and perform well in front of the allied forces, but what he didn t expect was that he was the first to suffer failure.And then General Garden s phone call arrived.On the phone, General Garden sternly asked why Italy didn t wait for the general attack order to start before launching an attack.General Catavasso, on the other hand, justified himself, because he found that the enemy was preparing to flee, which was the best opportunity to strike in advance.Faced with Catavaso s plausible words, Garden hesitated instead So what s the current battle situation What is the current battle situation The current battle situation is that under the attack of the German artillery, the Italian officers are fleeing in embarrassment, and the Italian soldiers are fleeing in embarrassment.

Doss and his French soldiers were betrayed by the Italians.They are forced to face a fate they never imagined before.Allied aircraft finally showed up.But just as Doss was worried, in the face of the two armies that were strangled together, there was no way for the plane to bomb and straf.At this time, the entire 33rd Infantry Division of the French Army had been shaken, and they fled back in a panic.For the French, the entire battlefield had already been defeated.At this time, the night began to fall, which increased the difficulty of the air force.Wang Weiyi would never let go of such a great opportunity, and premier hemp sugar free gummy bears with cbd he invested all the troops he could in his hands.The battle must be over before dawn.This wave of enemies must be eaten before dawn.Once this victory is achieved, the confidence of the German soldiers is bound to be greatly improved.

Marshal, the 34th Infantry Regiment of the Storm Division of the Netherlands received a strange call At this time, Mario hurried in It s the enemy s commander Kerrett, And he wants to call you by name.Oh, is that so Wang Weiyi suddenly became interested Korrett He wants to call me After thinking for a while Go to the 34th Infantry Regiment.On the phone Corrett in the head must have been waiting for a long time, right Wang Weiyi answered the phone I am Ernst Brahm.Marshal Ernst Brahm, I am honored to hear your voice.I am Kerrett.General Kerrett Hello.Hello, Marshal Ernst, I must admit that you and the troops under your command are determined smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode to fight far beyond my imagination, and we may have to pay a higher price if we want to win.But You also have to admit that the final victory must still belong to us.

But, do you have anything novel to tell me Ah, let me think about it.Rabadawa chose a few things that he thought were interesting and told the other party, but obviously Rabadawa was not particularly interested in these.Rabadawa patted his head Ah, there is something else, I don t know if you would like to hear it.The United States and Germany are at war What The United States and Germany are at war Atedler s The voice rose and became a little sharp Is this true Ah, I think it is true.Rabadava was taken aback by the attitude of the other party do cbd gummies show up in your system smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode I heard it on the radio., there is also a country called Britain, which surrendered to the United States.I heard that many troops headed by the United States have already reached the capital of Germany, what is it called Berlin He said it.Yes, Berlin, Atedrezaba, you know a lot.

You go back first.Yes, General, do I need HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode a car for you ah.No, there is a car waiting for me outside.When we left here, Anne Marie s car was already waiting charlottes web calm cbd gummies outside.Punet got into the car, and the car quickly disappeared.Major Martin lit a cigarette and watched the car leave the smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode direction slowly.Slowly spit out a puff of smoke General Punet, I am so happy that you are here.Anne Marie greeted her like a happy bird.Ah.I m just as happy to be at the banquet.General Puneat took off his coat.But even so, he never let go of the briefcase in his hand.General.Shall I help you carry the bag Gent Butler asked cautiously.Ah, no need, I ll take it myself.Punet looked very cautious.He saw that a gentleman in his thirties had arrived, and Anne Marie introduced This is General Punet, our patron saint.And this is Andert Krupp, the future of the Krupp joint venture.

But in terms of strength, the German army is still far behind.The reason why this great victory can be achieved so smoothly, there are various factors.Allied intentions.The Ziguang military base is fully fired, etc Once the pursuit continues, the Allied Command will inevitably increase its troops, and the German army, which do cbd gummies show up in your system smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode has lost the fire support of the base, will inevitably increase its losses under the enemy s all round attack.When chasing a tiger, you must never drive it to the edge of a cliff But stopping the pursuit now, in addition to achieving a brilliant victory, can also prevent the Allied forces from finding out the true strength of the German army and buy the most sufficient time for Berlin.After Marshal Ernst Brehm s order was issued, the elated German soldiers still had some regrets.

Thomp observed carefully and said.It doesn t matter, let s kill the machine gun first, sergeant, you protect us, and your people will lend us to use it.Ge Yunser was very impatient.The German army threw a grenade there, and then rushed over, and the submachine guns swept there.Five of the seven or eight American soldiers there were killed on the spot, and the other smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode two or three ran away.Enter the trench Suddenly, more than 20 American soldiers in white robes stood up in the snow.It turned out that this was a decoy reviews and side effects of high tech cbd gummies hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed used to lure and kill the German army.Colonel Stam really had a plan.With a bang, a US machine gunner was killed.Nice job Thomp said, as several American troops ran towards the sergeant.Be careful Tom beat the American soldiers to death with a submachine gun.The sergeant fired another shot, killing the other machine gunner.

As a descendant of the British, to be honest, he never put the Germans in his eyes.The cbd day gummies truck stopped, and the soldiers got out on foot.Morto was in front of them, and the enemy didn t seem to notice them.Hey, let me say, brothers, let me assign some tasks.Second Lieutenant Gyunthal said in English Sergeant Nord, you lead your men to attack from the north of the village, and my men and I will attack from the front Lieutenant Fiers, your men attack from the south and take it in one fell swoop.But I think I can persuade them to surrender if possible.You can speak German.I can understand, your English is a bit Second Lieutenant Fiers, as a native English speaker, couldn t understand, The South African guy actually understands German.The arrogant Second Lieutenant Gyunthal said.He was somewhat racially discriminatory.

Deed for house at 296 de Blasio Avenue, Bronx.60,000.65,000 70,000, I m paying 70,000 80,000., hey, I offer 80,000 The offers rang out, as if they weren t worth the money.In the end, the deed for 296 de Blasio Avenue in the Bronx was won by the guy who offered 80,000, a middle aged man.His There was a look of great excitement on his face.He paid 80,000 dollars and signed a contract without even taking the contract that should belong to him.Mr.Why don t you take the deed Wang Weiyi came to the man and asked.The middle aged man looked at the young man in front of reviews and side effects of high tech cbd gummies hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed him like a monster Are you crazy Tomorrow, no, this contract will rise to more than 90,000 US dollars in the afternoon, why should I pay an extra handling fee ah.young people.You re probably in New York for the first time, and nobody here takes away the deed.

March 1966.The city was once the capital of the Red Soviet Union.When the Bolsheviks were overthrown, it became the capital of the Russian Empire.Wang Weiyi is very familiar with this city.it s here.He staged a scene of miracles then, he commanded a powerful German army and entered the city himself.The German army also had defeats and victories here.There have been tears and cbd gummies spokane laughter.The fate of Germany was smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode who makes smilz cbd gummies actually linked to this city in a certain period of time.And now, Baron Alexon is back At this time, Moscow has completely lost all the imprints of the Bolshevik era.Everything in front of him is both familiar and unfamiliar to Wang Weiyi.There are two extremes here.The main facilities are concentrated in a few areas, where there are many tall buildings.Luxuriant.And once you leave these areas, you cbd gummies help tinnitus enter a slum that is completely two worlds.

Where did the money go I think there is only one use, and it was divided up privately by the big bureaucratic group headed by Gregory Baron.Solkina hesitated and said I once heard the conversation between the Grand Duke and his son Ilya, and I overheard it.They seem to be buying a lot of securities in the US.U.S Wang Weiyi frowned, and then smiled Solkina, thank you for everything you have provided me.When a person is anxious to seek death, no one can stop him.Gregory was undoubtedly such a man.Said.He stood up, picked up the phone, and after waiting for a while, said Capone Get me in touch with Mr.Elliott immediately, and let him trade in the US securities market and the US housing deed market.Find huge sums of money from Russia.Yes, let Elliot focus on following up reviews and side effects of high tech cbd gummies on these funds When he put down the phone, he turned around and said to Solkina with a smile You did a very good thing for me, I I think this can hasten Gregory s downfall.

Scores of enemies put down their weapons, and they no longer had any point in continuing to fight.At 15 00 on the afternoon smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode of March 23, Marshal Ernst Brahm announced the end of the Second Berlin Counterattack In this battle, the US 2nd Armored Cavalry Division suffered a devastating blow, and the smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode rest of the Allied forces also suffered heavy losses.The defeat of the Allied forces this time far exceeded the loss of the first Berlin offensive and defensive battle.After the war, Westmoreland, the commander in chief of the Allied Forces, had to say sadly This failure has dealt us too much blow, to the point where we cannot bear it In the future In the long years, we have no strength to launch a third offensive.In addition to facing the frontal enemy attack, we also have to face endless resistance in the occupied areas.

The capture of Ukraine means that Germany has taken a big step forward In fact, since World War II, Germany has laid a very good foundation in Ukraine.All major offensives also started from Ukraine.The local Ukrainians also have a favorable opinion of Germany, and pro German forces are quite active in Ukraine.Getting local support is also a very crucial condition for victory April 17, 1966.With the arrival of Marshal Ernst Brahm, HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode the German army launched a general assault on the Russian 21st Armored Army with the Baron Guard as the main force.This is the last Russian force to stop the Germans After the battle broke out, German air support quickly appeared in the sky.Compared with Germany, although the Russian Air Force has a large number of fighters, the models are backward and the combat quality of the pilots is low.

It s a pity that they have nothing but machine guns and submachine guns.Ah, it s not that there is nothing, at least, they still have their own lives.Volyn Katzky can now see the most clearly why the Russian army suffered a crushing defeat.Their weapons are not at the same level as the Germans.The Germans can slaughter the Russians without restraint, but the Russians cannot give any substantial harm to them.Apart from being passively beaten in such a battle, what else can they do Volyn Katsky s heart was bleeding, and at this time the machine gun became his only companion.Like all Russian soldiers, he could not know when he would die At that time, it was his real life.relief The enemy s attack was finally repulsed again, but at this time on the position, there were only 11 Russians left in a whole company.

The attack on the French stronghold.Immediately spread throughout the entire area.The French army knew very well that this might be a counterattack by the Germans, because in the face of a tight blockade, I believe they couldn t stand it any longer.Strive to completely block the recalcitrant Germans.Stronghold A officially welcomed the Russians who arrived in a hurry.All legions in this area approached outside the stronghold, and a chilling atmosphere slowly permeated.An arrogant French officer stepped proudly on the sand, looking around, the entire stronghold was silent.But he was sure that the soldiers who had been wandering around the French army recently were inside.Unfortunately, this stronghold was surrounded heavily, and there was no possibility of escaping.He smiled contemptuously, and said a few words to the guard next to him.

Andreas smiled wryly Your Excellency, Grand Duke, I think you have to get some more money What, more money Gregory didn t even have the strength to get angry at this time Andreas, the bag is my last possession, where else can I find money I know.I know you re in a very difficult situation, but I m afraid we have nothing else to do but money Andreas sighed Otherwise, you will fall into the hands of those who hate you.I think that is the most terrible thing Gregory Gauri s body couldn t help but tremble No, no matter what, I can t fall into the hands of those shameful traitors That would make my life worse than death He took off his coat, revealing the shirt inside.Then.He unwrapped an ornament from his shirt cuff It s a diamond.I think it s worth a lot smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode where can i get cbd gummies for pain of money.Give it to some greedy vampires Not enough Andreas finished the diamond smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode ornament, and then his eyes fell on the buttons of Gregory s shirt.

So many years of life.You are just a tool that I can use.When the value of this tool is no longer useful, do you think I will not have the heart to destroy it Ah, maybe I used the wrong word.It should be destruction It is more correct Grigory shuddered all over.Destroy, man, did he really say destroy these two Did Elijah really lose all my money Until this point, Gerry Gao Li is more concerned about his money This person is hopeless Wang Weiyi is very sure about this If a person wants to If he is concerned about these things, he doesn t deserve any sympathy at all You have nothing, Gregory.Wang Weiyi said flatly You lost all your money in the securities market and house contract transactions.So, all the cultural relics and works of art you stole from Russia are now mine.All your funds in Russia have been invested in Armenian oil fields.

Oops Steinman suddenly exclaimed.Romeo, where did your team of tanks HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode go Steinman then remembered the team of tanks just now.The British army didn t have many tanks.This team of tanks must also be precious, but judging from the current situation, this team of tanks is in danger.Lost contact We lost contact with the left field Leave them alone for now Get out of there quickly I can t keep it there Romeo knows that the deterioration of the war situation is inevitable, not to mention that they have caused such losses to the US military, but he can t help feeling sorry for the deaths of so many brothers.The war has ruined the hope of happiness in so many people s hearts.clear Steinman s face was low, for some reason, he felt a little sad and angry at this moment, he swallowed his saliva Romeo, do you want to give up Romeo didn t expect Steinman to ask him so bluntly.

The fierce German firepower completely suppressed the follow up American infantry, and the American infantry could not hold on, so they had to withdraw temporarily a block of streets.Don t let one go Steinman picked up his rifle and chased after the retreating American infantry.Steinman Come back soon You are dead, what about brothers Steinman stopped where he was, turned his head slowly, and looked at the Rabbi with an expression of extreme hatred Rabbi Are you afraid of death not afraid The rabbi wondered why Steinman asked this question.After all, the rabbi had lived and died on the battlefield for 2 years, and he was brave and naturally not afraid of death damn it Steinman fired several shots into the sky, the anger and guilt in his heart made him miserable.Then we will fight this street fight with all our strength, whether we win or lose We all have to fight for our country.

Lieutenant Pozik suddenly thought of something.He turned his head and shouted loudly to his subordinates Everyone in row A who can move.Come with me Huh Someone replied loudly.The gunships in the air began to bombard the enemy forces around the landing area indiscriminately, and the helicopter formation of the 42nd Assault Battalion took advantage of this opportunity to land crookedly at the designated location under heavy artillery fire.The soldiers jumped out of the helicopter.run to the side of the road.After the soldiers were all gone, the helicopter formation couldn t wait to pull up, and hurriedly escaped from this terrifying Shura field.The world was spinning, and it was impossible to tell who was firing and where it was firing.Bullets swished past the ears, and various ballistic paths flew back and forth like silver needles, interweaving into a death net that even mice could not crawl smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode through.

Lantes Wang Weiyi interjected and asked Who is this Mr.Lantes Dodoan hesitated for a while, as if he was considering whether he should tell the other party this information, but he quickly felt that Mr.Moyol was trustworthy He is another leader of the opposition, and Mr.Yatz s most Faithful friend, after the arrest of Mr.Yatez, Mr.Lanters cbd gummies and smoking cessation was also almost arrested, but his friends in the police station notified him in advance.Let him escape from his residence successfullyMr.Moyol, you smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode will not tell the police this Those policemen and I are not friends Wang Weiyi smiled Mr.Duo Duo an, I have a small request.Can you take me to see Mr.Longtos Dodoan didn t dare to agree so easily You must know that the police and secret police in Paris are arresting Mr.Langtes and his friends everywhere But Moyo Mr.

Quick, let s go Michael held the gun tightly in his hand.Hey, there are real guys in front, are you crazy Peter couldn t help but feel a little worried when he saw McKen rushing so aggressively.Eric was advancing cautiously.He looked around, and there were several machine guns shooting at them from different angles, but none of them hit them.Damn, I Knowing that he can t hit us, but I still don t believe their marksmanship.Pete murmured while wading in the sea.Just bet on your luck Mike held his gun high I believe they are not stupid.Gentlemen, rush up as soon as possible.Although you must pay attention to the bullets in the minister s eyes, don t be afraid of them, because you are brave German soldiers Did you hear that The colonel is urging us, smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode we have to work harder Mike En threw out a sentence, and rushed forward with all his strength.

Fifty people died.Hundreds were injured.This massacre blue madeira cbd gummies has worsened the relationship between moderates and reviews and side effects of high tech cbd gummies hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed radical reformers, and the disputes between revolutionaries, monarchs, and nobles have thus expanded Speaking of this, Wang Weiyi was silent for a while This is the history of France, the history of the Champ de Mars, is it like it is now I think it s a lot like that.Bloodshed, perhaps soon to be repeated in Paris.Dodoan, are you afraid Dodoan, who heard the story of the Champ de Mars for the first time, straightened his chest No.I m not afraid, I ll die for France like Mr.Yetiri child.Never say the word death easily Wang Weiyi s tone sounded so gentle To live, and to live well, you will know that living is always more difficult than dying.Maybe you can t understand this now, but when you grow up, you will know how difficult it is to be alive.

I think we can give them the final fatal blow.I In the pursuit of terror, Sinager is also in pursuit of terror.Wang Weiyi was not too anxious The difference between us before is that terror will soon come to him.Berkeley, you are ready to welcome victory Are you ready Yes, I m ready.What about you, Colonel Heisenberg The German soldiers are preparing every second.Colonel Heisenberg He said firmly We are waiting for your order every second Then let s start Wang Weiyi stood smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode up The gummies cbd and thc storm is hovering over Paris, what we have to do is to let This storm has completely destroyed the city There was a fierce sound of guns and shells outside, and it was the 51st Armored Army and the 52nd Armored Army who were in action.The whole of Paris is in action, from ordinary citizens to those defecting soldiers.

All he has to do is to perform his duties well.When patrolling to Tenth Street.Captain Hayes suddenly found two sneaky guys in front of him, he yelled at them to stop immediately for inspection, but the two guys didn t mean to stop at all, instead they ran away.Catch up Captain Hayes and his two subordinates quickly chased forward Captain Hayes lost track of the two guys in a small alley.Just when Captain Hayes was wondering, more than a dozen guys with submachine guns suddenly appeared.The man in sleepy time gummies cbd the lead yelled In the name of revolution, you Robito s lackeys are sentenced to death Then all the submachine guns fired Captain Hayes and the two Soldiers of the French Wehrmacht have does cbd gummies help with quitting smoking been assassinated Early in the morning, all Parisians knew the news This is totally shocking, Captain Hayes is the hero of the revolution.

You promised peace talks with Germany, but smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode now The Germans won another victory in France a few hours ago.We only have less than a week to go The councilors were dumbfounded.I can t believe that the German army s offensive has reached such a speed Robertson s voice sounded so severe The soldiers in France bravely defected for the victory of the revolution, and the soldiers in France fought for the victory of France.What are you doing when you are fighting for freedom and blood You are talking endlessly here.You are planning assassination after assassination.General Robito is doing everything possible to protect your interests.The betrayal of General Robito The soldiers can no longer wait, we will use our own methods to determine the future of France Now, as a representative of the French military, I make the following demands to you He took a deep breath.

Then he called Lopez aside Mr.Lopez.Did anyone leave the smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode banquet between 8 10 and 8 20 Oh, I m afraid no one.No, no, I thought of it.Maybe someone left here during this timebut I don t think this person should be under any suspicion.Lopez s answer lifted Pascapa s spirits Mr.Lopez.No matter who it is, I hope you can tell me, you probably don t know lights out cbd gummies reviews how involved it is Lopez glanced at Major White who was being questioned by the police Director Pascapa, you probably know that I like all kinds of clocks.During the banquet, he once talked about it with Major White.Coincidentally, Well, Major White happened to have a very old pocket watch, and he suggested that I should see the value of it.So he left for about ten minutes Director Pascapa s eyes lit up Mr.Lopez, in your opinion.How long would it take to get from here to his room, take out the pocket watch, and walk back If everything is normal, I think three minutes will be enough After all, the guest room of Major White and his wife is next door Lopez seemed very hesitant Director Pascapa, I don t think Major White would do such a terrible thing.

I also don t want to meet you again.Paris stood up and said Sir, I think I should say the last sentence.The definition of a traitor or a hero sometimes depends on how you dog eats cbd gummy look at him A traitor or a hero, sometimes it depends on how reviews on keoni cbd gummies you look at him There may be some truth to this sentence, at least for Britain now One thousand and seventy six.Mrs.Nash and her daughter s finances The arrest of Minister Yess shook the whole of London.He was charged with , which is a charge that the Fenton government has given him after HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode careful consideration.If it is treason, it may make him a part of the UK.The hero in people s hearts.That guest is definitely not a scene that the do cbd gummies show up in your system smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode Fenton government wants to see.Yess has not confessed any crimes he has committed for a long time.He even insisted that he did nothing wrong, but Nash is also a very conscientious guy.

A figure appeared faintly, and that was you.But I couldn t believe that you were a spy.But just over ten hours later, Special Envoy Singlag was killed, and Major Barack has also disappeared.I I called and asked, Major Barack had left the barracks twice in a row.Lieutenant Colonel, please tell me, where did he go He met me twice.Wang Weiyi did not hide anything He told me that Special Envoy Sinagger came to London.He smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode also told me the purpose of Mr.Special Envoy s coming.General Gandra s eyes were beating with angry flames So, you are really that person See Lieutenant Colonel Moyol nodded.General Gandra stretched his hand to his waist involuntarily, but he found that he was not carrying a weapon Moyol, I don t care what your name is, but you have been arrested for treason Are you arresting me What qualifications do you have Wang Weiyi smiled faintly You are just a soldier with a relatively high rank, as for treason I think a German who has done these things can only be arrested for espionage at most Germany people Is the German standing in front of me General Gandra only felt that he had heard the most absurd thing in the world.

Quick battle at Oldford On October 12, 1966, the leading troops of the Axis Revolution advanced to Oldford, only one step away from London The desperate General Gandra arranged two infantry brigades and an armored regiment of the British government army on the front line of Oldford, under the unified command of General Denardo, and at the same time ordered the troops on both wings to quickly get rid of the entanglement of the guerrillas , advancing in the direction of Alderford, in an attempt to slow down the advance of the Axis Revolution here.General De Nardo was a cousin of Premier Wilkins, and there was no question of his loyalty.Although he does not have any outstanding strengths in command, under the current circumstances, General Gandra would rather use a not very good general, and must first ensure his loyalty.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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