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Three, the red dress Hello.Yue Ming was about to reach out Lin Xingchen shook hands, but seeing her stern eyes, looking Yue Ming up and down, she didn t intend to shake hands, so she dismissed the idea.Lin Xingchen shook his head and sighed Old Wei, I haven t seen you for two months.I didn t expect your taste to change.Fart, I still like women.This is my friend s nephew.Finally Wei Renwu Got mad.Yue Ming was at the side, he didn t know how embarrassing it was.Lin Xingchen shook his head again, and sighed again You don t need to explain to me, where do people like you get friends It s true that buy cbd gummies for sleep I don t have many friends, but I still have one or two.This kind of thing will always be won by women, let s talk about serious things, I will go home and sleep in a hurry.Wei Renwu buy cbd gummies for sleep spread his hands and said helplessly.Seeing that Yue Ming didn t talk to Wei Renwu, but just stared blankly at the glass, Wei Renwu had no choice but to drink alone.While drinking, Wei Renwu looked around to see if there were any other interesting things that could cheer up the drink.Suddenly Wei Renwu s expression changed drastically, and he whispered to Yue Ming, Xiao Yue, listen to me carefully.Ah Yue Ming didn t understand why.Wei Renwu kept staring at Yue Ming s back, Yue Ming was about to follow Wei Renwu s line of sight, but Wei Renwu stopped him.Don t talk, don t look back, listen to my command, come over slowly, and change places with me.Wei Renwu got up slowly, and Yue Ming also got up slowly, pretending to be nonchalant, and changed positions.The two of them didn t sit at the bar for drinking this time, but sat down in a corner.Doctor Huang said firmly No , it just won t work.Yue Ming begged many times, and finally Yue Ming convinced Dr.Huang.It s just that Yue Ming didn t rely on words to persuade him, or as the saying goes money can turn ghosts around.Dr.Huang began to talk about Xiang Nan, who was the boy who fell from the building.Dr.Huang said Xiao Xiang was fourteen years old when he first came here, and his heart was very fragile.There is school violence, but because of his introverted personality, he suppressed all kinds of sexual emotions in the unconscious, which eventually caused him to suffer from depression.I tried to transform his heart and personality, but failed, and finally I can only relieve part of his pain with medicine, but the root cause cannot be solved.In the past two months, he has not come to my place again.Wei is very predictable.Can Mr.Wei guess what kind of job I am Red sweatpants, big red sneakers, long hair coiled up, dressed for a night run.Can you take two steps Wei Renwu asked.Shu Xin followed Wei Renwu s instructions and took two steps back and forth.You should be working as an online writer, and the workplace is at home.Shu Xin pouted, looking surprised, and asked, How do you know Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and smiled.There are deep indentations on the lower edge of your buy cbd gummies for sleep best cbd gummies for sleep without melatonin two palms.This is caused buy cbd gummies for sleep by you typing on the keyboard for a long time and placing your palms on the edge of the table in order to relax.Your arches are flat and not deformed, which means that you seldom wear high heelsI seldom wear high heels.There are two possibilities.First, I work from home.Second, I take a car or drive to work for a long time, and the work is some office clerical work.When Wei Renwu saw it, his heart thumped.I have to say that the pajamas are not so gorgeous, but because they are worn on Shu Xin, they are more brilliant than the wedding dresses worn by all the brides in the world.Shu Xin knelt on the rug in front of Wei Renwu, and said softly, Mr.Wei, come to see me how long does a cbd gummie last today, do you have anything to ask I don t have anything to talk about, I just want to chat with you.What tree top cbd gummies liberty cbd gummies for sale should we talk about I read your blog, and you have a lot of research on Freud.It buy cbd gummies for sleep s just a little bit of understanding.In front of Mr.Wei, I dare not say that I have research.Wei Renwu laughed and said I only know a little bit, so I came here today to ask for advice.Shu Xin covered her buy cbd gummies for sleep mouth with a smile and said, Then I ll make a fool of myself.I mainly want to know what Ms.Shu thinks about the psychological defense mechanism Opinion.Wei Renwu pulled Shu Xin up with all tree top cbd gummies liberty cbd gummies for sale his breastfeeding strength.Shu Xin shouted heartbreakingly Why do you want to save me I m a demon, just let me die like this Wei Renwu s forehead was bulging with veins, and while struggling to save people, he also gluten free cbd gummies tree top cbd gummies struggled to reply I made a special trip to I didn t come here to watch you die.I came to save you, because I really like you.Shu Xin was shocked.She was so moved that the man in front of her, who had tried his best to save her up, fell in love with her.Love is sometimes a poison that can destroy a person but love is sometimes a good medicine that can save a person.Wei Renwu spent a lot of physical strength, finally pulled Shu Xin up, and his whole body was exhausted on the ground.Shu Xin s cheeks were flushed, she hugged Wei Renwu very tightly, so tight that Wei Renwu could barely breathe.A young woman lived next door.Quan Kai asked politely, Hi, I m Yan Xiluo s friend.Something happened to her, and I need to find her urgently, so I want to ask Ma am, do you know when she was last at home The woman saw Grace Pian Pian opened it all the way, and replied very politely Sir, hello, I don t know her very well, so I don t know very well.Oh, thank you.You re welcome.The door closed.Yue Ming asked Mr.Quan, do you need to ask another family Quan Kai shook his head and said No, today s message is almost done, you can go home first.Then I will take you back to the hotel first.No need, I still have to meet a friend.He lives not far from here, so I won t bother you.Having said that, Yue Ming had no choice but to go home alone.6.Who is the murderer After returning home, Yue Ming told Wei Renwu what happened next.Quan Kai purekana premium cbd gummies shark tank buy cbd gummies for sleep was about buy cbd gummies for sleep to hug Lin Xingchen to express his gratitude, but suddenly he remembered that Lin Xingchen was a girl, so he could only verbally say Thank you Thank you Stars.After the matter is done, remember to treat me to dinner.Definitely, definitely.In the office, Lin Yan stood by the window, watching the students coming and going outside the window, and said, Professor Yang, the students who are enrolled this time There are really good seedlings among this group of students Sitting on his leather swivel chair, Professor Yang said, Yes, there are two students among them, but they are called the saviors of the police.Professor Yang s year About fifty years old, wearing a pair of gold rimmed glasses, a goatee, wearing a purple evening dress.I should have met the two people you mentioned.Looking around with full open, he saw that there was just a small department nearby, and the location of this small department just happened to be able to see the word.He immediately ran to the small department, and Lu Tong and Lin Xingchen followed suit.The boss of the small department is an old man.He is sitting on a rocking chair at the entrance of the small department, shaking a cattail fan to cool off.Quan buy cbd gummies for sleep best cbd gummies for sleep without melatonin Kai asked very politely Master, I want to ask you something.Seeing such a polite classmate, the old man naturally had a very good attitude, and he said, Young man, what do you want to ask Just say it.Quan Kai pointed to the word ghost and asked The poplar tree in front has a word carved on it, I want to ask you, sir, did you see who carved it there The old man gluten free cbd gummies tree top cbd gummies showed a kind smile, and said Then you are asking the right person, I really saw it.After the old man finished talking about the matter with great interest, he felt completely open The three of them are his audience, and he is talking about a strange storytelling with twists and turns.Quan Kai bowed and thanked Master, I understand, thank you for your patience in telling me about this matter.The old man laughed and said You re welcome, I like you the most polite young man , not like that young man just now, who is uneducated Just now Quan Kai asked doubtfully.That s right, not long ago, a young man with a bearded face also came to ask, but his attitude was too bad.Quan Kai suddenly realized, and said, I see, then let s take our leave first., Master.After leaving the small department, the three decided to discuss it.Quan Kai said Obviously, Sister Lin found the ghost and chased him, that s why she didn t come to Xingchen.Quan Kai touched his forehead and said, This is strange, the things in this room are neatly arranged, which means that Uncle Wang didn t struggle before he died, which is unreasonable Li Jiaran and Lu Tong just listened to what they were talking about, and didn t dare to make any meaningless comments.Quan Kai asked again What is the buy cbd gummies for sleep best cbd gummies for sleep without melatonin Ghost used Li Jiaran replied It s a Parabellum bomb.Quan Kai said It s different from the one that killed Sister Lin.Lu Tong asked Said Is there any mystery in this Quan Kai shook his head and said I can t tell the mystery, it s just that the ghosts haven t got the police s, so use other applicable ones instead.Li Jiaran said Indeed, Mr.Wang They were HCMUSSH buy cbd gummies for sleep all taken away by ghosts , and all the policemen who died later were shot to death by domestic 9mm bullets.He opened his eyes and checked the coffee table, there was a teapot and several buckles on the table drinking glass.Yue Ming stretched out two fingers and said firmly I swear, I will never tell anyone.Next, every word of Quankai is still fresh in Yue Ming s memory in retrospect The reason why Renwu changed his mind was that his parents graduated from university.He was killed at that time, and the murderer who killed his parents is said to be a detective.1.Talking dust Mr.Wei, Mr.Wei, it s time to get up.Yue Ming called early in the morning Wei Renwu.Don t call me, it s still morning, let me sleep a little longer.Wei Renwu replied drowsily, wrapped tightly in the quilt.Don t sleep, have you forgotten that there is cbd gummies for tooth pain something important today Yue Ming still didn t give up.Is there anything more important than my sleep.Today is the day when Shu Xin s case is in court.Have you forgotten You told me to remind you today.When the guards are the most lax, get up quickly, we have to go out to meet someone.Yue Ming regained his energy and put on his clothes.Wei Renwu drew all the curtains and turned on all the lights in the house before leaving the house.At six o clock in the morning, there were no pedestrians on the street, only a few breakfast shops opened early, and they were preparing the ingredients for breakfast.Under the dim street lights, a silver Beetle car drove out.Yue Ming was driving a Beetle car, and asked, Why do you turn on all the lights at home Wei Renwu, who was sitting in the co pilot, said In this way, we can pretend that the two of us are still at home, at least they dare not take advantage of us.When we were at home, we searched our house again.Where are we going now Let s go to Wangjiang Park to find someone.In my eyes, purekana premium cbd gummies shark tank buy cbd gummies for sleep there is a difference between things and people, but there is no difference.Wei Renwu s words are very meaningful.What does this mean Yang Xi couldn t understand Wei Renwu more and more.It was no wonder that Wei Renwu was a weird person and always liked to say unpredictable things.The difference is that things can t walk or talk, but people can talk, walk, and pretend.Wei buy cbd gummies for sleep best cbd gummies for sleep without melatonin Renwu s eyes never left Yang Xi.Then there is no difference There is no difference, that is, things and people.I can read a lot of information from both.Then what information did you read from me Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and said I read that you are not a local, and you just arrived in Chengdu yesterday.You should be from Xi an.You have been a soldier and worked as a driver in the army.Now you should be working in a bank.Yue Ming didn t speak, and gradually became depressed.Wei Renwu sensed that something was wrong with Yue Ming, and said, Xiao Yue, don t listen to his nonsense anymore, he is very good at hitting people s hearts, his tricks don t work on me, that s why he turned his target to yours.Yue Ming still didn t speak.Fang Jingtang felt that his strategy seemed to be working, so he continued I suggest you leave him, you are not a pawn, you don t have to help him, he is an evil person, and you are a kind person, the two of you You are not from the same way, you can no longer be used by others.Yue Ming buried his head very low, Wei Renwu looked at him silently, and did not say another word.Yue Ming picked up a discarded dirty towel cbd gummies for beginners buy cbd gummies for sleep on the ground and walked in front of Fang Jingtang.Fang Jingtang showed a smug smile, and said, What s the suggestion I gave you Have you started to feel the same Suddenly Yue Ming stuffed a dirty towel into Fang Jingtang s mouth, blocking Fang Jingtang s words.The fat police officer finally relaxed his vigilance, smiled and said So that s the case, Mr.Wronged.The fat police officer then ordered to the other policemen who were holding up Don t put them all down.Yue Ming finally sat down with peace of mind, He, Wei Renwu and the fat police officer were sitting on the sofa at the same time, and the other police officers had been cleared by the fat police and waited outside the house.The fat police officer introduced himself My surname is Du, and my name is Du Ke.I am the captain of the Wenzhou Criminal Police Brigade.This time Mr.Shen passed away, and the public opinion is under great pressure.If I don t give a satisfactory answer, it will be difficult for my superiors.Explain to the public.Wei Renwu comforted It s okay, maybe it s difficult for you to solve the case quickly, but you met me, this will cbd gummies help me sleep is your luck, your fate.His two subordinates were also nervous immediately.Get up, and said Then what should we do If Fatty Xiao becomes the chairman, we will definitely not be able to eat and walk around.Fatty Xiao will hold grudges.What should I do I don t know what to do now Well, this time the cooperation between Mr.Jiang and Xiangyanghua could be successful, and our department would definitely be a big hit in the group.In the end, not only did the cooperation fail, but Mr.Jiang also died.There is a solution.Zhao He s words were very depressing.His two subordinates stopped talking and silently lowered their heads to think of a way.As soon as a person is depressed, he wants to smoke.As usual, Zhao He went to take out the cigarettes he put in his shirt breast pocket, but ended up emptying it out.Fuck.Zhao He couldn t help cursing, he stood up and was about to go out to buy cigarettes.Zhao He is sneaky, there must be something wrong, and this news was inquired by my wife, it should be accurate, hehe, I must swallow Zhao He s goods tonight, HCMUSSH buy cbd gummies for sleep so that he will be in the competition for the position of chairman There is no advantage.Why does my sister in law know this She heard from a girlfriend who also participated in Zhao He s smuggling of heroin this gluten free cbd gummies tree top cbd gummies time.Male girlfriend or female girlfriend Xiao Yao was a little upset, and he asked, What do you mean The thin man felt that he had said something wrong, and hurriedly said, It s okay, it s okay.It s okay Xiao Zhao said with a fierce look in his eyes, You d better Tell me quickly, otherwise, you will feel better.The thin man was trembling and hesitated to speak.Xiao Yao grabbed the thin man by the neckline and said sternly, Are you going to tell me or not I will, I will.He stood up and saw Wei Renwu, and shouted to Wei Renwu in horror Wei Mr.Wei, I I saw a ghost.Wei Renwu nodded and said Not to mention, the pain in the chest has not disappeared, and the pain is so cold that sweat is breaking out on the forehead.Wei Mr.Wei, why don t you talk Wu Wei pulled Wei Renwu s shoulder and buy cbd gummies for sleep shook it vigorously.Don t move.Wei Renwu hurriedly said, his chest hurt more and more from being shaken by Wu Wei.Mr.Wei, Brother Wu, so you are here.Yue Ming s voice came from a distance.Yue Ming also ran over from the previous intersection.Wu Wei hurriedly asked Brother Yue, where did you go Yue Ming said I just surrounded the back as planned, but I didn t see anyone, so I went back to the intersection and saw you here.Yue Brother, you don t know, I just met a ghost Wu Wei couldn t help shaking when he mentioned the ghost.It must be a person.Wei Renwu took the words firmly, There are no ghosts in this world.Everything will have a reasonable explanation.I am the one who can give a reasonable explanation.If you have to say If there is a ghost, it can only be that there is a ghost in the heart.Yes, yes, what Mr.Wei taught is to ask Mr.Wei to catch the person who pretends to be a ghost.I just want to see what kind of person can do such a thing.Something to do.Xu Hao said harshly.Wei Renwu smiled and said, It s a small matter, Brother Xu just wait for the good news.After dinner, Wei Renwu and Yue Ming sat in the Beetle car and waited for Yang Yang to get off work.Yue Ming complained I feel that your attitude towards that Xu Hao is quite good.Wei Renwu was smoking a cigarette, lying on the co pilot, and said leisurely What s wrong We shouldn cbd gummies full spectrum hemp bombs t put our attitude on the table when others invite us to dinner.Wei Renwu heard some sarcasm in Yue Ming s last sentence, but he didn t mean to retort, he said Tonight, many things are very suspicious. For example For example, there are two rooms in Yang Yang s house, and Yang Yang is alone at home without any relatives or friends.It is full of men s clothes, buy cbd gummies for sleep the food in the refrigerator is divided into two categories, Yang Yang is gluten free cbd gummies tree top cbd gummies a bachelor, but his house is clean, and there is a ghost that comes and goes without a trace, all of these It s all too weird.Wei Renwu concluded, stroking his mustache.Yue Ming asked suspiciously, What do you want to express Wei Renwu said I want to say that Yang Yang s family doesn t seem to be living alone, but like two people.Two people How is it possible If there is still one person living in Yang Yang s family, will Yang Yang not know He is not Blind man, even if he is blind, he still has someone at home, so he can t notice Yue Ming couldn t understand what Wei Renwu said.This person was wearing a black windbreaker, had a square face, a high nose bridge, short and medium hair, and a well trimmed mustache.It wasn t Wei Renwu, who else could it be.11.I am me.The mask is taken off, the cloak is lifted, and the person under the mask has a handsome face.He is Yue Ming.Yue Ming said with complicated emotions Yang Yang, you Yang Yang Wei Renwu interrupted what Yue Ming was about to say, I m afraid you can t call him Yang Yang.If you don t call him Yang Yang, what s your name Yue Ming was puzzled road.Yang Yang smiled coldly and did not express his opinion.Wei Renwu pointed at Yang Yang and asked, Tell me, what s your name Shadow Doppelganger Yang Yang shook his finger and said disdainfully Nonono, I have my own name, my name is Yang Hai.Yang Hai What about Yang Yang Why do you look exactly like him Yue Ming became more and more confused.Wei came alone, so I m not afraid that I ll ambush you, and then Have you and Lin Xingchen been killed Hahahahaha Wei Renwu suddenly laughed.Yang Xi also laughed, and he said with a smile So, we both came here alone, which means that we want to go together.So don t worry about this matter, let s talk about business.Wei Renwu Throwing the travel bag in front of Yang Xi, This is yours now, you can let it delta 9 gummies with cbd cbd gummies for beginners buy cbd gummies for sleep go.Yang Xi smiled and shook his head.He picked up the travel bag, weighed it in his hand, and threw it back to Wei Renwu.Wei Renwu asked suspiciously What do you mean Yang Xi smiled and did not answer.You don t want money patch adam cbd gummies anymore Yes, money is a good thing, of course you have to.In this world, money and beautiful women are the only things you can t refuse.Then you still take buy cbd gummies for sleep hillstone hemp cbd gummies for sex it I will, but not now cbd gummies for beginners buy cbd gummies for sleep Wei Renwu didn t understand Yang Xi s meaning, he asked If you don t want to take the money now, then why did you ask me to come here What are you doing here Yang Xi laughed and said I have two purposes for coming here Yes, the first purpose is to come to see you, to see you who have no countermeasures, to see you who is being played by me the second purpose is to tell you what to do next.Wei s whereabouts, because he must have a way to avoid danger.Then what do you want to ask What I want to ask is the whereabouts of a person who may be in danger at any time.I can t say.Mr.Nan Guo refused Yue Ming.Why can t you say it Yue Ming said excitedly.If I tell you, the person you want to know may buy cbd gummies for sleep be rescued, but I may become the person who will be in danger at any time.What Mr.Nan Guo said is not unreasonable, Fengshenhui He is so powerful that even someone like Wei Renwu will suffer, not to mention Mr.Nan Guo, who is a rotten bone.Yue Ming knew that he couldn t get any news from Mr.Nan Guo, so he could only say helplessly Since Mr.is unwilling to tell me, then this junior can only leave.return.Yue Ming didn t take a few steps, but heard Mr.Nan Guo say Day is passing away, passing HCMUSSH buy cbd gummies for sleep away is far away, and far away is returning.But Yue Ming wasn t worried at all.He summoned the second team of serious crimes and held an emergency meeting at his home.Zhang Feng took the lead and said Xiaoyue, the matter you asked us to investigate has made progress.Yue Ming said buy cbd gummies for sleep Then can you explain it to me in detail Zhang Feng said In the abandoned factory in Pi County There are a total of ten gangsters inside, and Captain Lin was tied up there.Yue Ming said We have seven people in total, it sounds like the odds of winning are not great.Xiao Wei said However, what we have the advantage of is that They don t know that we have discovered their hideout.Yang Wen er said No, there are only five of us, brother Zhang and I were injured, this operation, we may be a little bit at a loss.Yue Ming said That s right, you two don t go.Zhang Feng shouted What are you afraid of I have been with Captain Lin for so long.Yue Ming said I fully understand your difficulties, but I am really grateful that you are willing to help me complete this plan.Xiao Wei smiled and said What nonsense, this is to save us Captain, of course we have to participate together.Yue Ming patted himself on the chest and said, Then tree top cbd gummies liberty cbd gummies for sale let s work hard together.Wherever you came from, you can go back.This is the sentence left by Mr.Nan Guo to Yue Ming.The grievances between Wei Renwu and Baihutang started with Li Xuanran, and it also started in the abandoned factory where Li Xuanran died.Yang tree top cbd gummies liberty cbd gummies for sale Xi will definitely want to end this war here.That s why Yue Ming asked Zhang Feng to investigate this place.Sure enough, Yang Xi is indeed here, and there are also his HCMUSSH buy cbd gummies for sleep Baihutang subordinates, and a woman with short hair who is tied up by five flowers.Under the moonlight, Yang Xi could clearly see that this person was wearing a bright red down jacket and had a delicate round face.Oh, it turned out to be you.I thought it was Wei Renwu.Only then did Yang Xi see clearly that it was Yue Ming who came.Yue Ming smiled and said Brother Yang, long time no see.I m sorry I bumped into you last time.Are your legs still good Well, last time I bumped into you, I ve been feeling really sorry. Hahahaha, Brother Yue, at least we re not in the same camp, so you don t have to be so polite to me. One size fits all, we are enemies, Let me talk about this matter separately, but I accidentally bumped into you, I should apologize to you.Brother Yue, brother Yue, if we are not enemies, I would like to make friends with you.Thank you Yang Brother s kindness, but the apology is an apology, I really don t want to be friends with someone like you.As soon as Yue Ming saw Wei Renwu, he couldn t help asking, Where have you been these few days Wei Renwu smiled and did not answer.Yang Xi laughed and said, It s windy outside, let s talk inside.Yang Xi led the way, and the three entered the factory.Inside the factory, candles were lit everywhere, making it as bright as day.Lin Xingchen was sitting on a chair in the middle of the factory, her whole body was tied to the chair, her eyes were covered with a black cloth, her mouth was also sealed with tape, and she could vaguely hear the sound of woo woo from her mouth , and in the four corners, there were still nine masked men standing upright with their hands behind their backs, like a wax figure with only a body but no life.Wei Renwu threw the money in the middle of the factory, and said to Yang Xi I brought you the money, and I have already lost my reputation, so you are satisfied now.Lin Xingchen shook his head and said, I don t know.Zhang Feng said disappointedly, I thought you had already figured out a way Lin Xingchen replied, I m not that powerful yet.Wang Chaoyang said Although I still don t know how to find the internal response, Xingchen has indeed analyzed the work we need to investigate next.As for the method, first go to Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, and then adapt to the situation.Yes.Lin Xingchen cbd gummies for beginners buy cbd gummies for sleep and Zhang Feng obeyed.Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Tianfu Sub branch is located in Tianfu Third Street, High tech Zone, Chengdu.Because Shanghai Pudong Development Bank is too convoluted, people generally call it Shanghai Pudong Development Bank.Today s Tianfu Sub branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank is a little different from the past.Although it was not crowded in the past, some customers still came here to do business, but today it is empty.Why did it close suddenly It turned out to be because of this reason.Hang Hangwei said Yes, I closed the store to avoid the limelight, after all, the other party is too scary.Wei Renwu said This kind of person is not you.This kind of gang can deal with it.It is really cruel when you think about it, just because your subordinates saw his face, they went on a killing spree and killed everyone in your shop.Second, Broken Love Yue Ming was shocked, he It never occurred to me that the reason why the store closed was because all the clerks died.Yue Ming could see a trace of sadness in Hang Hangwei s vicissitudes of eyes.Wei Renwu said again Do you know who killed them Hang Hangwei shook his head and said I don t know, everyone who has seen his face is dead, even the surveillance of this store was destroyed by him.Wei Renwu didn t dare to speak anymore, he knew that the more he talked at this moment, the more embarrassing the atmosphere would be.And Yue Ming didn t dare to speak, he was sitting between the two of them now, he looked like a light bulb, even though they were not a couple now.In this way, the three of them were relatively silent, drinking their own wine in silence, and sat for half an hour.Suddenly, Lin Xingchen stood up unsteadily.Where are you going Wei Renwu asked with concern.Go home.3.The ambiguous Lin Xingchen in the taxi staggered two steps, slipped, and fell heavily to the ground.Wei Renwu and Yue Ming rushed to help.Wei Renwu pulled Lin Xingchen up from the ground, but Lin Xingchen was already unconscious and smelled of alcohol, and for some reason, Lin Xingchen s weight was several times heavier than usual.No matter how much the police persuaded him, he was unwilling to let go, and he kept saying that he must see Wei Renwu Let s go.Wei Renwu turned around and walked out the door.Yue Ming quickly followed.Hey, Wei Renwu, are you going to dress like this Lin Xingchen shouted.Indeed, Wei Renwu could be wearing slippers and a nightgown now, but Wei Renwu walked out the door without looking back.Lin Xingchen watched Wei Renwu and buy cbd gummies for sleep Yue Ming leave like this, but she didn t chase after them.She was also wearing a nightgown now, she didn t want to go out like this, she had to change first.Wei Renwu ran out of Yintongyuan quickly, and there happened to be a person who just hailed a taxi and was about to get in the car.Suddenly, Wei Renwu got into the taxi first the moment the person opened the door.That person, outside the taxi, cursed What are you doing Are you in a hurry to reincarnate At this time, Yue Ming also followed, busy explaining to that person.It turned out that the real situation was like this, and Wu Wei finally understood, but Wu Wei asked again There are so many red threads, why did you just cut that one Wei buy cbd gummies for sleep best cbd gummies for sleep without melatonin Renwu stroked his mustache and said proudly This is just like those shipbuilding designers.The key to the design of every ship lies in the keel , and the lead wire connecting the detonating device is also the keel.If you understand the structure of the ship, you can easily find the keel gluten free cbd gummies tree top cbd gummies of the ship, and if you understand the structure, you can easily find the keel.Wu Wei asked curiously Does Mr.Wei understand the structure Wei Renwu disdain Said Nonsense, if I want to build it, it must be much more precise than these two.A senior bomb disposal expert will definitely not be able to dismantle it without an hour or two.Mr.Wei really knows a lot.Lin Feng nodded, it seems that it is true, this girl Mo Xiaonian will make these messy things for herself, but I have to say that although Mo Xiaonian I have been staying at home all the time, but Mo Xiaonian at home can also be said to have helped me a lot.For example, this time, if Mo Xiaonian did not help me to take pictures of this land, it would take a while to get the frame.Find a suitable green and ecological land, so that there will be some delays for your own buy cbd gummies for sleep best cbd gummies for sleep without melatonin projects.The longer a project is delayed, the company s tree top cbd gummies liberty cbd gummies for sale profits will be lost.After signing the contract with Boss Liu and transferring the ownership of the first piece of green ecological building land, Lin Feng found the second piece of green ecological land, Boss Wu.According to the agreement between himself and Boss Wu, the 8 billion deal The price has its own 4 billion in it.When Boss Wu saw Lin Feng approaching, there was no smile on his face.This is probably the case for anyone who has this matter.After all, the good eight billion will be given to others for four billion.If it is Lin Feng and it is still irreversible , Lin Feng will not be too happy.But Boss Wu is also a smart person, he knows that if he breaks the contract, Lin Feng is fully capable of ruining his Qin family if he hand over the four billion now, maybe he can get it back if something good happens in the future.Thinking of this, Boss Wu said straightforwardly Boss Lin, hey, I just finished the deal with their staff, this card has 6 billion in it, buy cbd gummies for sleep and the other 2 billion is my buy cbd gummies for sleep point.It s a small thing, if there is such a thing in the future, I hope Boss Lin can take me more Lin Feng looked at Boss Wang in surprise, he didn t know what prompted Boss Wang to make such a move.When Boss HCMUSSH buy cbd gummies for sleep Wu saw Lin Feng approaching, there was no smile on his face.This is probably the case for anyone who has this matter.After all, the good eight billion will be given to others for four billion.If it is Lin Feng and it is still irreversible , Lin Feng will not be too happy.NoBut Boss Wu is also a smart person.He knows that if he breaks the contract, Lin Feng is fully capable of ruining his Qin family s property if he hand over the four billion now, maybe he can get it back if something good happens in the future.Thinking of this, Boss Wu said straightforwardly Boss Lin, hey, I just finished the deal with their staff, this card has 6 billion in it, and the other 2 billion is my point.It s a small thing, if there is such a thing in the future, I hope Boss Lin can take me more Lin Feng looked at Boss Wang in surprise, he didn t know what prompted Boss Wang to make such a move.Mr.Lin, congratulations, but I haven t seen you interested in bronze wares before Zhu Gan didn t say anything, but Secretary Li was a little curious.During this time, she stayed by Lin Feng s side almost every day.He is also aware of the fact that Lin Feng likes ancient styles, but the antiques that Lin Feng handed over before are also small objects, and he has never touched bronze wares.Lin Feng smiled I m just curious.I ve never touched bronze wares before.Buy it back and have a look.If this sword is real, then it s worth the price.I even picked up a buy cbd gummies for sleep big leak.Let s go.After buy cbd gummies for sleep best cbd gummies for sleep without melatonin the auction is over, we will sign the contract, and we still have four billion yuan to pay back, haha Since it was all backstage transactions, Lin Feng came to the backstage of the auction after the auction to be in charge of the event.Lin Feng nodded, it seems that it is true, this girl Mo Xiaonian will make these messy things for herself, but I have to say that although Mo Xiaonian I have been staying at home all the time, but Mo Xiaonian at home can also be said to have helped me a lot.For example, this time, if Mo Xiaonian did not help me to take pictures of this land, it would take a while to get the frame.Find a suitable green and ecological land, so that there will be some delays for your own projects.The longer a project is delayed, the company s profits will be buy cbd gummies for sleep best cbd gummies for sleep without melatonin lost.After signing the contract with Boss Liu and transferring the ownership of the first piece of green ecological building land, Lin Feng found the second piece of green ecological land, Boss Wu.According to the agreement between himself and Boss Wu, the 8 billion deal The price has its own 4 billion in it.Lin Feng smiled mischievously, and directly picked up Mo Xiaonian and walked to the bedroom Hey, if you want to eat me, I ll tell you earlier, I ll let you eat me right now, okay Bastard, bastard, put me down quickly, you scoundrel Mo Xiaonian exclaimed, You scoundrel, I m not allowed to do this when my relatives are here today.It s okay, it s okay to run a red light occasionally Lin Feng smirked and threw Mo Xiaonian onto the soft big breasts Hey, before dinner starts, you are the appetizer. The next day, Lin Feng came here with a full face When he arrived at the company, cbd gummies for beginners buy cbd gummies for sleep the project manager of the green ecological project team was already waiting for Lin Feng in the meeting room.Lin Feng handed buy cbd gummies for sleep best cbd gummies for sleep without melatonin them the drawings and materials of the first piece of green ecological land that he traded from Boss Liu yesterday, and asked them to start with This piece of construction land was newly designed and started construction at the fastest speed.At the same time, the company already knew that Lin Feng attacked Longsheng Real Estate Company at an auction held by Tianqi Auction House last night, and asked the other party to buy the second piece of green ecological land at a price of 8 billion.With the acquisition of a pile of green and ecological land, Lin Feng s prestige has once again risen to a higher level.Thirteen, hostages Just when the host looked expectantly at the middle aged bald man and hoped that he would pay another 550 million directly, the middle aged bald man suddenly raised his hand and said One sentence stunned the host.New address .xnb.I abandon the auction As soon as the voice fell, the audience was in an uproar.Did no one understand the purpose of his abandoning the auction If it was just to set the price, it was obvious that there was no need to say that he abandoned the auction.The driver came to the Shiling Forest Park cautiously and at the fastest speed he could.When Wei Renwu arrived at the murder scene where Zhang Feng was, it was already surrounded by police and passers by who were planning to set off fireworks here.Some policemen were chasing away the crowd, while Zhang Feng, wearing a police uniform, stood outside the cordon and waited anxiously.What is Zhang Feng waiting for Of course he was waiting for Wei Renwu.When he saw Wei Renwu, it was like seeing a relative.He quickly pulled Wei Renwu and said, Mr.Wei, you are finally here.In the evening, I have to come out to work overtime, and you can see that Officer Yang and Officer Xiao are not here.Yang Wen er and Xiao Wei were indeed not at the scene.Zhang Feng explained I just wanted them to spend a quiet year at home, so I came here alone.Of course, such a thing as a car appearing in the wilderness is already eye catching, not to mention what is green cbd gummies a horrific corpse being pulled out from the trunk.Therefore, this method is absolutely not feasible.He must have a more A reliable method.Wei Renwu said seriously.What kind of method is that Zhang Feng asked curiously.Wei Renwu didn t answer, he didn t mean to be secretive, he really didn t know now, but he firmly believed that he must have a way to find out the murderer.Zhang Feng was waiting for Wei Renwu s answer, but he heard Wei Renwu say I buy cbd gummies for sleep m leaving.Wei Renwu left without looking back.Zhang Feng yelled at Wei Renwu s back Mr.Wei, where are you going The case hasn t progressed yet Wei Renwu still didn t look back, just waved his hand, and replied Go home and sleep, wake up, maybe the case will be settled.Zhang Xiaoting looked at the terrified prey on the bed and couldn t stop thinking.Shake to express disappointment.Wei Renwu slowed down his tone and said Tingting, don t do this, you are still very young and you will have a lot of time to enjoy in the future.You shouldn t ruin yourself in this way.Zhang Xiaoting smiled.She pointed at the man on the bed and smiled sadly Young Future My youth and future have been ruined by these people.If I don t torture them or buy cbd gummies for sleep kill them, I will be traumatized all my life.You know what How did I get through these ten years I couldn t sleep every day and I didn t even dare to go to school anymore.In the orphanage I didn t dare to talk to others.So I will do whatever it takes to make them get the punishment they deserve The more Zhang Xiaoting said, the more excited she became, but she was strong but she didn t shed a single tear.Is it just that stupid brat It seems that he is also useful.No wonder you keep him by your side.If I had a cook I also bring my skilled subordinates with me every day.Yang Xi drank another glass of white wine.Wei Renwu said Although he is a little stupid, he is not the most stupid.I know that there is one person who is more stupid than him.Is there anyone more stupid than him Yang Xi asked curiously.That s right, that person is not only stupid, but also stupid to the core.Then I would like to ask who is that person Wei Renwu paused and said, That person is you.Hahahahaha Yang Xi laughed suddenly, the chopsticks slipped from his hands, he rolled over on the ground holding his stomach and laughing.Wei Renwu looked at Yang Xi, who was about to burst into laughter, and said leisurely Before I came here, I heard that the police said that you refused to confess a word.Yue Ming HCMUSSH buy cbd gummies for sleep said Then how will he escape He can t be seen at all now.Wei Renwu pointed to the buy cbd gummies for sleep various passages and said If I were him, I would immediately create a panic and let the people in the subway flee and get in.In this way, the crowd can easily use the cover of the crowd to escape from the scene.What s more, the few policemen who have just escorted White Tiger have no time and opportunity to investigate this group of people.Yue Ming said You Does that mean White Tiger has escaped Undoubtedly so.Wei Renwu nodded.Then what should we do now Yue Ming had no choice.What should I do Wei do non thc cbd gummies help with sleep Renwu slammed the back of Yue Ming s head, Of course it s chasing Wei Renwu ran towards the street, Yue Ming was stunned for a moment, and immediately followed Wei Renwu.Wei Renwu explained while running Baihu will definitely escape from Chengdu before the police form a siege formation, so we have to work harder.Then Wei Renwu kicked Yue Ming s stomach again, and Yue Ming flew several meters away, but fortunately Wei Renwu avoided the vital point, so Yue Ming didn t suffer internal injuries.It was only because of the fall that he had some scratches.Wei Renwu yelled at Yang Xi angrily If you shoot him again, you won t be able to live if he dies.Yang Xi didn t dare to offend Wei Renwu, now that Wei Renwu is his savior, he could only nod aggrievedly.Give me the gun now, it means that our cooperation has been reached, otherwise the police will come after a while.Wei Renwu persuaded again.Yang Xi nodded again.Wei Renwu slowly took the gun from Yang Xi s hand, at this time Wei Renwu s mouth raised a smug smile, he laughed and said Now you can Wei Renwu didn t finish his words, he originally wanted to say that now you can He left, but he couldn t say that because he had already flown out, not only him, but also Yang Xi.Who would have thought that on the first night, the most important part of this exhibition, Tutankhamun s Heka scepter was stolen.There s no need to talk about these nonsense.I ll just ask how buy cbd gummies for sleep best cbd gummies for sleep without melatonin the scepter was lost.Wei Renwu is most annoying that people is purekana cbd gummies legit can t talk about the main point for a long time.Some people always like to exaggerate a thing before saying it to highlight it.importance.Guo Ling said awkwardly Okay, okay, I was still at home HCMUSSH buy cbd gummies for sleep that night, and suddenly my mobile phone received an emergency text message from the alarm.It happened that my home was not far away, so I hurried buy cbd gummies for sleep here, but when I arrived, Quan The rod has been stolen.Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and said, buy cbd gummies for sleep best cbd gummies for sleep without melatonin So, the White Horse Pirate didn t avoid the infrared rays, but directly ignored the infrared rays, took the rod directly, and tried to escape.Forget it, go and see your non mainstream assistant.Wei Renwu teased.Quan Kai glanced at Yue Ming, and said, Then I ll go first, and see you on the phone tomorrow morning.Yue Ming nodded and said, Okay, Mr.Quan, you go back first and rest early, tomorrow is the real time to work time.Quan Kai also left, and now only Wei Renwu, Yue Ming, and Guo Ling were left.Wei Renwu looked at Guo Ling, showing a strange smile, and he said with a smile Curator Guo, we two have come from a long way, shouldn t you be the host and treat me to something to eat Yue Ming said Your You really have a thick skin, so there is no reason for you to ask others to treat you.Guo Ling laughed and said, No, Mr.Wei is right, the two of you have come from afar, I should do my best as a landlord, how about it, my family It s nearby, if you two don t dislike it, please come to the humble house, and I will cook a meal for you personally.Wei Renwu said That s right, it s because you and I know him well that I find him strange.In the past, he would not have reservations about us, but today he does, which also shows that this time This case is not as simple as a theft case, there should be other complicated relationships.Yue Ming shook his head and said, I don t understand.Wei Renwu sighed Anyway, it s better to be careful.Yue Ming said I still don t want to believe that Mr.Quan has a problem.Wei Renwu shook his head and said, I m not buy cbd full spectrum gummies saying there must be a problem with him, I m just saying that he behaved very strangely.What s so strange Yue Ming was puzzled road.First of all, he traveled thousands of miles to Chengdu to ask me for help.This is a very strange place.Just think about it.Although Quan Kai looks gentle on the outside, he is a persistent person in his heart.Wei Renwu speculated in his heart that the person who wrote such words should also be a courageous and self confident person.At the signature of the letter, there is a drawing of a galloping horse.This logo is unique to White Horse Pirates.Everyone who knows White Horse Pirates will know this logo.Wei Renwu put the letter card into the envelope, and put the envelope into his pocket.Wei Renwu said Director Guo, I want to go to the monitoring room to check the monitoring again.Guo Ling said Then please follow me.The three of them came to the monitoring room again.Wei Renwu said to the security guard in cbd gummies for beginners buy cbd gummies for sleep the monitoring buy cbd gummies for sleep best cbd gummies for sleep without melatonin room Please fast forward four times faster, and help me to watch the day of the theft, all day cbd gummies to quit smoking scam surveillance.The security nodded and said, Okay, please wait a moment.He sat down on the chair in front of the monitoring wall, took out a Lan Jiao cigarette from his pocket and lit it, he had to concentrate his attention, and he had to use his eyesight to the limit to find out any suspicious things.Wei Renwu shook his head and said You re wrong, I m different from Quankai, and Quankai s talent is a little bit worse, so he has to rely on some hard work to make up for the gap in talent, but fortunately, since I knew him , I have made rapid progress up to now.But I am different, I am very talented, I only need to glance at the materials, and I can remember them all, do I still have to pile up the materials at home Yue Ming flattened He pursed his lips and said, Will you die if you don t brag You don t want to keep a low profile all day long.Wei Renwu said, Low key can t be taken for granted.Besides, I m low key when I evaluate myself this way.Wei Renwu picked up some Looking through the materials, these materials are the files of some famous domestic cases, such as the Black Mass Incident , The Murder of the Oiran in Heaven and Earth , The Mountain City Boy in Red Incident and so on.Hey Pain buy cbd gummies for sleep Take it easy Wei Renwu was carried away by Yue Ming just like that.If you want to take the train to Langfang in Beijing, you must take the train at Beijing South what does cbd gummies do to you Railway Station.Beijing South Railway Station is the largest among the three railway stations in Beijing, with a construction area of 420,000 square meters.It is also known as the largest railway station in Asia, and is even several circles larger than Chengdu s East Railway Station.Wei Renwu looked at the time, it was now 11 00 noon, and urged Yue Ming to buy a train ticket, saying There is a train to Langfang at 12 30, and it is fully open.Although we arrived at the train station before us, he is also ahead of us It won t be much earlier, so he should be on the same trip, hurry up and buy the train tickets for both of us.Quan Kai said Yes, he did it in the end, out of human affection, I can t arrest my assistant who has been with me for many years, out of law, I can t let this illegal behavior go.That s why you came to me and hoped that I could catch Li Yi.Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and said, Full open, full open, when will your indecisive character change kentucky cbd gummies Right now, Li Yi sees your invitation Xiaoyue and I came to investigate this case, what cbd gummy is best for pain he was scared, that s why he ran away, but when you opened your eyes and saw him run away, you began to hesitate in your heart whether it was right or wrong to come to me, so you wanted to hide it from us, Go find Li Yi by cbd gummies canada bulk yourself.Quan Kai let out a long sigh, and said, Renwu, it s okay for me to teach the assistant, I m the one who committed the crime.Wei Renwu said, You are indeed guilty, and the crime is not minor, but your crime It s not that it s okay to teach, but that level select cbd gummies it prevents a young man with potential from choosing his own correct path.Quan Kai burst out laughing.Wei Renwu said in disbelief, Although it s been three hours, the pictures are not repeated, so why can t we just read them at a glance Yes, yes, yes, that s it, okay., Pretending to give way to Wei Renwu.Wei Renwu said reluctantly Hey, Xiaoyue, I m going to criticize you for your attitude.Let s seek truth from facts and don t need you to let me.You are contentious, Renwu, you are not young anymore, so don t quarrel with young people.Wei Renwu was not convinced again, and said anxiously What do you mean I am not young anymore, am I very old I am obviously only younger than young How old is Yue Da Quan laughed and said, Look at you, you re starting to point the finger at me 250 mg cbd gummies for sleep again.Yue Ming also started laughing.Immediately after Wei Renwu also laughed, the three of them walked out of the haze of the Li Yi incident and walked into buy cbd gummies for sleep a relaxed and joyful atmosphere.Oh, grandma , I ll cook right away.Like a good boy, Li Yi immediately turned into the kitchen.The old grandma faced Wei Renwu and the other three with a smile again, and said, Three, please don t stand at the door.She opened her mouth and said, Then we won t be polite.The three came to the living room of Li Yi s house, and Li Yi Longjing tea was prepared for the three of them, and the grandmother prepared fruits and melon seeds for the three of them.The four of them sat together in a circle, relatively silent, and everyone was silently tasting the tea in their hands.Instead, the old lady next to her kept asking Where are you all from You don t look like people from Langfang.I know all of Xiao Yi s friends in Langfang.Li Yi said impatiently Okay, Grandma, buy cbd gummies for sleep stop nagging, you go out first, we still have some important things to talk about.Of course, you are in our house.In front full send cbd gummies of you, it also shows that you are left handed, but you are still exposed.Then I have to ask, how do you call it exposed Guo Ling was still not convinced.Wei Renwu said That s the calligraphy.Is there any problem with the calligraphy Hahahahaha Wei Renwu laughed, very proudly.White Horse Pirate sighed, and said, No, it s still a failure.The scepter is right in front of you, but you didn t give it to me.Wei Renwu laughed and said, Now, if you want to take the scepter, I m afraid you have to Robbing.White Horse Thief sighed softly, facing Guo Ling s wrinkled old face, which became more wrinkled, and sighed I am a thief, and I seldom do anything other than steal., but this scepter is so tempting that I have to be a little tempted, I might make an exception today.As far as anyone can imagine, this is Shu Pu s office.Yue Ming decided to cbd gummies melbourne use the most direct and effective way to break in.When Yue Ming rushed into Shu Po s office, the people in the living room were shocked again, shouting, What are you going to do In the office, Shu Po, who was working hard, also gave him surprised looks.He asked Yue Ming, Who are you What do you want to do Although Yue Ming was nervous at this moment, he forced himself to approach Shu Po calmly.After the door of Shu Po s office was cbd gummies to buy opened, customers rushed in one after another, and Shu Pu s apprentices couldn t buy cbd gummies for sleep stop him.Yue Ming walked to Shu Po s desk, took out a letter from his pocket, and threw it on Shu Po s desk.On the envelope, wrote three large characters in red pen Challenge Letter.txt80.CoM Yue Ming shook his head, pointed to his nose with his thumb, and said, Who do you think Mr.Wei is He didn t even look at you.I want to challenge you.As soon as the words came out, there was an uproar in the office.Onlookers took out their mobile phones to record gluten free cbd gummies tree top cbd gummies HCMUSSH buy cbd gummies for sleep the explosive incident.The corner of Shu Po s mouth twitched, and he felt insulted immediately.He was a great detective, but he was challenged by a brat, and he was looked down upon by Wei Renwu.Shu Po said angrily Who do you think you are What qualifications do tree top cbd gummies you have to challenge me Even if Wei Renwu comes in person, I have to consider whether he is qualified.Hahahaha Yue Ming arrogantly He smiled and said, You must be scared, because you are afraid that you are not as good as someone else s assistant.I advise you to close the detective agency as soon as possible, and stop bluffing and cheating, it will be embarrassing.Wired chassis.An extremely thin microphone was stuck under Yang Wen er s tongue, and Yang Wen er said to the microphone, I m already in place.Yang Wen er casually installed an instrument with an antenna on the case.On the other side, in the garage of the building, Lei Long and You Ye sat on a Jetta car, hiding the car in the deepest part of the garage.Lei Long said to the microphone installed in his mouth, You Ye and I are already in place, and everything has been installed.Yue Ming nodded in satisfaction, and of course only Lin Xingchen could see this nod.Lin Xingchen said It may be illegal for us to do this.Yue Ming said At a special moment, some special methods should be used.This is what Mr.Wei taught.Lin Xingchen frowned and sighed softly You really look more and more like him.Yue Ming didn t admit it, but he didn t deny it either.Wei Renwu pursed his lips and said, Is the Five Dou Rice Gang It is indeed a scary gang.At this point, I I have to admire Mr.Shu, you can gather so many gang members to serve you, almost monopolizing the entire dark world of Chengdu, not to mention Mr.Shu can become a hero in the bright world, it is really a matter of both ends Mr.Shu is the idol in my heart.Shu Po shook his head and said buy cbd gummies for sleep I still lost to Mr.Wei in the end, but in the end it was nothing but Nankey Yimeng.Mr.Shu, don t be discouraged, you have done very well, at least the process is very beautiful.Wei Renwu said with a smile, You must know that you brought the Five Dou Rice Gang to Chengdu a year ago and placed your people in In the dark, wait until the time is right to reach this point, but it is a pity that I exist in this city, and this is the only wrong step you have taken.They mistakenly praised Shu Pu as the hero of the city, but the facts proved that they were indeed wrong.Shu Pu was just a counterfeit, and people quickly realized Seeing this mistake, I also realized that only Wei Renwu can be called the hero of this city, and only Wei buy cbd gummies for sleep Renwu can silently protect the people in Chengdu and the people in the dark world in the dark.A hero like this should always think about how to protect the city, so that he can never stop working, instead of sleeping big sleep when the sun is shining on buy cbd gummies for sleep his ass It s already three o clock in the afternoon, you said Wei Renwu is still sleeping Lin Xingchen roared angrily.At this time, Lin Xingchen, the Second Serious Case Team and Yue Ming were discussing the case in the office.Yue Ming replied with some embarrassment Yes, Wei Renwu asked me to handle the rest of the matter alone.Yue Ming frowned, and replied, I refuse.It s not that Yue Ming hates cooking for Wei Renwu , but he had to be in a hurry, he had to find another house for himself, and it had to be a decent one.It would definitely be slower to find it by himself.He had to find a real estate agency, and it couldn t be the Lianjia Real Estate downstairs, because there was a person he didn t dare to meet there.To be precise, it should be a woman.Yue Ming found a real estate agency two blocks away.As soon as he walked in, the first thing he said was, I want to buy a house.Do you have any recommendations Warm welcome, a man in a suit and leather shoes came up and asked, Handsome guy, what kind of house do you want Yue Ming knew exactly what kind of house he wanted, so he said very emphatically, Second hand, hardcover house, With a roof garden, a high end apartment, money is not a problem, but the house is needed today.If the two women couldn t budge, this stalemate might only last cbd gummies for beginners buy cbd gummies for sleep until the sun rose the next day, and Eunuch Sun would make the decision.For the two women, Shen Yi will definitely not give in, otherwise she would not be the first to attack, the only one who wants tree top cbd gummies liberty cbd gummies for sale to give up is Jiang Mengdie, and Jiang Mengdie also knows that she is not worthy of love, let alone a man like Yue Ming , so she stood up and said Yue Ming, let this end like this, as I said at the beginning, we are not the same way at all.Xiaodie, I Yue Ming had a thousand words in his heart He is not a person who gives up lightly.He promised Jiang Mengdie to take her away, but at this time, he may not be able to do so.Yue Ming feels very uncomfortable.He hates not being able to keep his promise.a feeling of.Yue Ming, do you understand that I am a liar, I have been using you all the time, and I am also using you until now, I just used you to take 10 mg cbd vegan gummies me away, do you understand Jiang Mengdie became Extremely excited, he cursed at Yue Ming.Although the result made Qinglong a little frustrated, he didn t have much time to think about it.He had to hit the target again, because the truck under his feet was also moving slowly, and he would disappear on the overpass in a short time.Qinglong lifted up again, aiming at the deeply sunken star on the trunk of Maserati that was no longer moving.boom On the other side, just before the Maserati stopped, Wei Renwu in the car shouted into Yue Ming s ear Stop Yue Ming also shouted This is a highway Wei Renwu shouted anxiously Said If you don t want to die, stop quickly Of course Yue Ming didn t want to die, he had lost his judgment in the same anxiety, when he was in this state, he would rely on Wei Renwu, he would do what Wei Renwu said, Now that Wei Renwu said to stop, he immediately stepped on the brakes.Wei Renwu asked tentatively If I told you that I can help you avenge, would you trust me Xu Jiu said contemptuously Do you think you are very capable Wei Renwu chose She raised her eyebrows and said confidently, To be honest, I think so.Xu Jiu stood up and walked slowly in front of Wei Renwu.She stretched out her fingers and moved Wei Renwu s horoscope in a very provocative gesture.Hu, Youyou said To be honest, I don t think so.After speaking, Xu Jiu laughed loudly.This kind of ridicule obviously looked down on Wei Renwu.The most unacceptable thing in Wei Renwu s life is that others look down on him.In his eyes, he is the cbd gummies wayzata only one who looks down on others.I m afraid there are no people who can look down on him.If someone looks down on him, Wei Renwu will automatically acquiesce that person as an idiot.Yue Ming patted himself on the chest and said, Of course I am not like what Wei Xian said, I also have a girlfriend, I know how to be a qualified boyfriend, but Wei Xian is a single dog, if let If he does it, it will be easy to cause problems.When Yue Ming raised himself, he never forgot to belittle Wei Renwu.Wei Renwu was so angry that his beard stood on end.He sneered, Xiao Yue, your wings are really strong now.Yue Ming lowered his head in shame.Xu Jiu helped Yue Ming to sarcastically say What Is Wei Xian not satisfied with this arrangement Wei Renwu opened his mouth and said, You guys like to play with fire, what can I do, since that s the case, I can only accompany you In the end, as long as Miss Xu, you have fun.Xu Jiu picked up a chopsticks for Yue Ming, and said softly to buy cbd gummies for sleep Yue Ming s ear Since this is the case, I think we should cultivate it now.You are bragging.Xu Jiu still refused to believe Wei Renwu, which is also true.No wonder, just after one person escaped from the tiger s mouth, another person suddenly jumped out and told you that tigers never eat people, and no one would believe it if it were anyone else.Wei Renwu said Miss Xu, you once undercovered the Fengshenhui , so let me ask you, how many halls does the Fengshenhui have Four.Xu Jiu replied coldly.Wei Renwu said Which halls are there Qinglong Hall , Baihu Hall , Zhuque Hall , and Xuanwu Hall , four halls.Originally, Xu Jiu was unwilling to share the Fengshenhui with Wei Renwu.Because of Yu Xian s confession, best cbd gummies for insomnia she can t disclose the information to people outside the organization, but now, she must use all means to prevent Wei Renwu from revealing some information to Wei Renwu in violation of the regulations.Anyway, it will be this night, and Yue Ming can only accept the result silently.However, Xu Jiu was not on the bed either.She stood by the window and closed the curtains, leaving only a small opening for her to observe the situation outside.Yue Ming sat on the chair and said to Xu Jiu Miss Xu, go to bed earlier, you have to go on the road tomorrow, I will sleep on the floor tonight, and you will sleep on the bed.Xu Jiu looked out the window and replied coldly Do you think we can sleep tonight Yue Ming said, It s safe tonight, we should have a good rest.I buy cbd gummies for sleep don t think it s safe tonight.Xu Jiu said cautiously.Yue Ming wondered Why does Ms.Xu think that we are not safe tonight Didn t we not be discovered by the Fengshenhui We will be able to leave Xi an tomorrow.No, we have already been discovered, by Wei Renwu The plot to secretly cover Chen Cang failed.The strange thing is that every bottle of mineral water seems to have been drunk by him.It s half a bottle, and what s even more strange is that there is a strange device on the cap, which looks like a computer chip.Wei Renwu walked leisurely through the lobby, greeted the proprietress, hummed a ditty, and went upstairs, throwing plastic bottles into all the trash cans one by one as he walked.When he returned to his room, more than half of the plastic bottles in the plastic bag had been put into it.Xu Jiu in the room next to Wei Renwu stood by the window and suddenly said, They re here.On the street outside the window, black umbrellas suddenly appeared densely from every corner.The black umbrella was moving, they were moving toward the Good Night Hotel.In the end, they gathered at the entrance of the hotel, neatly arranged in three rows, ten people in a row, thirty people in total.Both of them had new mobile phones prepared by Wei Renwu in advance, and only the two of them knew each other s numbers.Hello Wei Renwu spoke first.Hahahaha, Mr.Wei, I haven t heard your voice for a long time.This is not Yue Ming s voice, but this voice is very familiar.Is it Xiao Wu Wei Renwu asked calmly.Unexpectedly, Mr.Wei still remembers me as a small person.That s right, Mr.Wei, it s me.Wu Wei admitted on the other end of the phone.Wei Renwu laughed and said Don t be modest, Xiao Wu, you are the famous Xuanwu of the Fengshenhui , how could you be a small person.Wu Wei said It seems that Mr.Wei already knows my real identity Sure enough, buy cbd gummies for sleep best cbd gummies for sleep without melatonin I still can t hide it from Mr.Wei.Wei Renwu laughed at himself No, no, Xiao Wu, you are being humble again, but you have worked so hard to hide it from me.I ve been getting angry recently.It s been too long, and my temper has come up.I m going to see blood.Wei Renwu laughed and said Okay, I ll come right away, let s not talk purekana premium cbd gummies shark tank buy cbd gummies for sleep about it, I saw a taxi coming, cbd north gummies I ll stop the taxi first.Immediately, Wei Renwu hung up the phone.Xu Jiu asked anxiously What is the agreed place Wei Renwu said Efanggong Ruins.Wei Renwu noticed the map on the tablet computer, and Yue Ming s black spot stayed at Tangdu Auto Repair.Wei Renwu proudly said Tangdu Auto Repair is on the east side, and the Afang Palace Ruins is on the west side.God help me.Wei Renwu said to Xu Jiu Let s go, let s go to Tangdu Auto Repair.Xu Jiu mocked Said As ordered, boss.Wei Renwu and Xu Jiu came to Tangdu Auto Repair according to the tablet computer in Wei Renwu s hand.It was already 11 o clock in the evening, Tangdu Auto Repair was closed, and there was no light in the store.The bald man raised his hands, fearing that Wei Renwu would shoot and kill people if he got the phone.Wei Renwu smiled and said, I won t take it away.I ll return it to you after the phone call.Wei Renwu dialed Mr.Yu s phone number.Hello, who is it Mr.Yu said coldly on the phone.Wei Renwu smiled and said, It s me, Mr.Yu.Oh, so it s Wei Renwu.Mr.Yu s tone softened slightly, What You brought Xu Jiu to Beijing Wei Renwu said, It s almost here, I suggest that Mr.Yu can prepare, I don t want to see that the mission is about to end, and one or two people from the Fengshenhui will appear suddenly.Mr.Yu said Don t worry, Mr.Wei, as soon as you step into Beijing , I guarantee that no one will dare to touch a hair of yours.Wei Renwu said with satisfaction This is the best, bye.Wei Renwu hung up the phone, threw the phone to the bald man, and waved Thank you.When Wei Renwu got out of the car, he gave Mr.Yu a big hug.Mr.Yu was flattered by this sudden move.Mr.Yu asked with concern What s wrong Wei Renwu let out a long sigh and said, Mr.Yu, it s really hard to earn your 100,000 yuan.You almost lost your life twice or three times.To be honest, you finally made it through.Mr.Yu said with some shame Thank you for your hard work.On the other side, Yue Ming and Xu Jiu also got out of the car.When Mr.Yu saw Xu Jiu s handsome face, he couldn t help feeling a lot of emotion in his heart.He said with some emotion, Ah Jiu, you re finally back.However, Xu Jiu didn t buy it, she still replied coldly Yeah.Judging from Xu Jiu s expression, he seems to be a little disgusted with Mr.Yu, but if you think about it, Xu Jiu s current situation is all caused by Mr.Yu.The little girl witnessed a tragic tragedy in the Mashiqiao , which will leave a trauma to a young heart.She must forget that memory, so buy cbd gummies for sleep she will never leave again That road, even if you will take a detour on your way home from school, don t take that road.I see.Yue Ming finally understood, Then, are you going to continue investigating Reaper Wei Renwu patted his chest, Said Of course, I put so much effort into this case, how could I give do i need a prescription for cbd gummies up so easily, besides, I, Wei Renwu, have never been a person who gives up lightly.Yue Ming sighed softly Yes , I have even forgotten the name of the person who said before that he would abandon the case.The two of them went out in a hurry like this.Yue Ming drove his blue Maserati to the Mashi Bridge.In the driver s seat, he said buy cbd gummies for sleep to Wei Renwu, the co pilot Mr.Although I can tell at a glance that this is not a den of drug dealers, I still want to ask Miss whether she has found any suspicious people on this floor.The woman said with some embarrassment I didn t find any suspicious people before, but buy cbd gummies for sleep today I found two.Wei Renwu pointed to Yue Ming, then pointed to himself, and said, Could it be that Miss said there HCMUSSH buy cbd gummies for sleep are two of us The woman Said I was talking about buy cbd gummies for sleep the two of buy cbd gummies for sleep best cbd gummies for sleep without melatonin you, but the police officers have produced police IDs, so the two are not suspicious people, so I don t know other suspicious people.After finishing speaking, the woman wanted to close the door again, but Wei Renwu still pushed the door tightly, and said, Since the lady didn t find any suspicious person, can the lady leave a contact information, so that I can contact the lady at any time, and let the lady cooperate with me to investigate this floor It was very ugly, she was dressed like this, she was not suitable to be exposed in front of two men all the time, but now Wei Renwu was sticking to her like a dog s skin plaster, unable to get rid of her even if he wanted to, and even tried to ask for her contact information.Zhang Feng rushed forward and slapped two hands, knocking the cigarettes out of their mouths.The two liquid gold cbd sour gummies policemen looked at Zhang Feng, who was filled with anger, and were stunned for a moment.They didn t know why Zhang Feng was angry.Zhang Feng scolded cbd gummies cheapest price angrily You two, do you know what you are doing The two dared not answer, but just shook their heads.Zhang Feng lectured Didn t Zhao Jun teach you before Smoking is not allowed at the scene of a crime.It will destroy the smell of the scene and make it difficult for us to handle the case.Do you know The two still shook their heads.Knowing that smoking a buy cbd gummies for sleep cigarette can cause so many problems.Get out Zhang Feng yelled, pointing at the door, I will see you smoking at the crime scene in the future, and you can take an indefinite vacation.The two hurriedly left the scene, not daring to touch the newly appointed The bad head of the captain.The latest and fastest update Wei Renwu said Grandma, I want to ask, are you familiar with that family What Did the old lady remember What s your name The old lady was lost in thought, What s your name, it seems to be Zhang, or something Wei Renwu and Yue Ming were a little disappointed.It is easy to forget, Wei Renwu and Yue Ming wonder if the old woman can still remember the detailed story of the fire Yue Ming said Grandma, let s forget it, let s talk about that family.The old woman said That family, although we are all neighbors, buy cbd gummies for sleep but the family rarely interacts with us, they are not considered locals., because their hometown is in Yingshan, but the couple have lived in Nanjing for a long time.After returning to Yingshan, they lived here for five or six years before encountering that incident.Long Wei Renwu was shocked, could it be that this other child is Long Qian Hey, is the go cbd gummies surname Long or Zhang Sorry, I m a little confused, and I can t tell the difference between the two children.The old woman was caught in a tangle.Wei purekana premium cbd gummies shark tank buy cbd gummies for sleep Renwu and Yue Ming were really disappointed, it seemed that the old lady was really a little confused.The old lady still kept smiling and said, I can t remember, I can t remember.Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and said, Old lady, let s forget about it.Let s talk about the fire.You haven t talked about the fire yet.That s right, it s off topic, off topic.The old woman smiled so innocently, she looked like a child, That fire, it s too bad, this happened after another thing, maybe it buy cbd gummies for sleep s God s will Or for other reasons, I don t know.Another thing Yue Ming asked curiously at this moment.Clap clap A reporter applauds dumbfoundedly.Clap clap clap clap Immediately afterwards, applause came and went, endlessly.Everyone was shocked by Long Qian s magic, including Yue Ming.You must know that Long Qian s magic is rare, especially his teleportation magic, let alone being able to appreciate Long Qian s moment at such a close distance.Move magic.However, while being amazed, Yue Ming did not forget what he should do.Before he left, the task that Wei Renwu solemnly tree top cbd gummies liberty cbd gummies for sale entrusted to him, he remembered in his heart, he must monitor Long Qian.Then, Yue Ming started to run, and ran towards the building where Long Qian was.Yue Ming must find Long Qian and follow him closely.But when Yue Ming went from the bottom of the building to the window where Long Qian was, he never found a trace of Long Qian, as if he never appeared at all.After Wei Renwu waited for Yue Ming and himself to enter the room completely, he closed the door and said, Xiao Yue, don t you understand Yue Ming shook his head, pointed at Long Qian, and said to Wei Renwu, I really do.I don how long will 3 cbd gummies stay in system t understand, is this person Brother Qian Wei Renwu nodded and said, This person is the real Long Qian.If the uninjured Long Qian is the real Long Qian, it means that the injured Long Qian is the real Long Qian.Fake, Yue Ming understood a little bit, he asked Then who was that person just now Wei Renwu said That person is Long excite cbd gummy Qian.That person is Long Qian Yue Ming just straightened out His thinking also began to become confused, Then who is this gluten free cbd gummies tree top cbd gummies person Wei Renwu said, This person is Long Qian.Aren t you kidding me Yue Ming s voice was weak, This person is Long Qian, Is that person also Long Qian Hahahahaha Wei Renwu burst into laughter suddenly, Xiaoyue, Xiaoyue, you are so cute and stupid, forget it, let me tell you the truth, this person is Long Qian, and that person is also Long Qian, This is also the secret of Long Qian s teleportation magic.Wei Renwu tree top cbd gummies liberty cbd gummies for sale couldn t help but shudder, he is a standard He is a straight man, he can accept the true love of men and women in the world, but he still can t stand homosexuality.In his opinion, homosexuality is against the law of nature.Wei Renwu motioned to Yue Ming to go out first, he really felt the urge to do so.Now, only Yue Ming, Cheng, and Zhang Qian were left in the room.Yue Ming said Here, Brother Qian, I don t know if we have talked before, but what I want to say is that Brother Pengcheng and I have become friends, and I think we should be able to become friends too Zhang Qian lay on the ground and said slowly Ahem, most of the people who showed their faces outside before were Peng Cheng.This time is the first time you and I have officially met.Since Peng Cheng has already regarded you as a friend , then you are Long Qian s friend, and you should also be my friend.When the security guard of this scenic spot was sitting in the monitoring room, seeing Lin Xingchen showing his police officer ID, he was so frightened that he broke out in a cold sweat.Police Police officer, did I make a mistake The security guard of the scenic spot, who has always been conscientious, stands in front of the surveillance every day, and doesn t remember any big mistakes that required the police to come to him.Lin Xingchen put away the police officer s card and said, You didn t make a mistake, I just need you to assist me in the investigation, don t be so nervous.The security guard was relieved when he heard that it was not his fault, and he said Officer I will fully cooperate with what needs to be done.At this time, Yue Ming said You don t need to do too difficult things, you just need to let us use the monitoring room, and then guard the door.The two hooked up and entered the community like this.Professor Fang s intuition told him that this is Wei Renwu, which is very similar to Wei Renwu s pervert style.Professor Fang finally caught Wei Renwu s first move, which shows that Wei Renwu should be a habit of returning late.Wei Renwu is a bachelor who has lived alone for a long time.People like this will inevitably feel lonely.When people feel lonely, they will find ways to resolve the loneliness.Going out to have fun is a good way.Professor Fang is not the kind of person who makes decisions by chance.He buy cbd gummies for sleep will spend more time paying attention to Wei Renwu s late return.Wei Renwu will always have a specific place to go at night when he returns late.Moreover, since Wei Renwu would take the woman home alone, it also means that there is no Yue Ming at home, and Yue Ming, who has been inseparable from Wei Renwu for nearly a year, is not at home, which means that the two may have really broken up.The host cleared his throat, and then said To be honest, the gap between the two is only 5 centimeters this time.It is conceivable that the strength of the two is only between the two, but the competition is a competition after all, even if it is 5 centimeters , then there will be a first place and a second place, so, this time, our champion is Liu Hongyun and Zhang Yao clasped their hands tightly, their palms were covered with cold sweat, their heartbeats accelerated, and they waited At this moment, the host made another pass.Our champion is Zhang Yao Congratulations to Zhang Yao and Liu Hongyun for winning the second place.The host applauded.Some people are happy, some people are sad.The person who won the first place should of course be happy, Zhang Yao smiled so much that his face almost parted.Specifically, what buy cbd gummies for sleep he saw was not something so called, but a person, a person he was going to avoid but ran into face to face at the door.This person is Wei Renwu, and Wei Renwu is walking towards the door of the Miracle Bar with his arms around a woman with a graceful figure in revealing clothes.Liu Hongyun s footsteps froze.It never occurred to him that he didn t calculate the time well, and he would stay here past nine o clock, and just happened to meet Wei Renwu.If Wei Renwu suspected this, all previous plans would be in vain Wei Renwu walked in swaggeringly, Liu Hongyun moved his steps with difficulty, trying to relax his expression, hoping not to be noticed.As Wei Renwu got closer, Liu Hongyun s heart beat faster and faster.When the two met face to face, Liu Hongyun s heart almost jumped out.Lei Jia started to flip through the menu with satisfaction, but when she just opened tree top cbd gummies liberty cbd gummies for sale the first page of the menu, her face changed, becoming very ugly and embarrassing, from wrinkled to Her regret can be seen from the raised brow.Zuo Liang understood why Lei Jia did this, he smiled and said, What s wrong Did you find that you might not be able to afford my meal Lei Jia looked around and said in a low voice, Why is it so expensive here Zuo Liang laughed and said This is a very famous restaurant, all the ingredients are imported, and the chef is also a senior chef invited from Europe, why do you think it is so expensive Lei Jia blushed, embarrassed Said I didn t bring much money with me when I came out of Shanghai.If I invite this meal, I will spend all the money I spent looking for a house.Zuo Liang shrugged and said I guessed it too , so at the beginning, I said please, you insist on being brave, now you are embarrassing, forget it, forget it, I accept your wish, this time I invite you.Wang Xuanmin suddenly appeared behind Mr.Zhang, startling Mr.Zhang.Mr.Zhang said in horror, Why are you standing behind me Didn t I tell you to repair the door Wang Xuanmin said with a smile, I ve fixed it.Ah.Mr.Zhang was surprised It s only been ten minutes, how could it be Mr.Zhang was quite skeptical at first, but before he finished speaking, he was slapped severely by reality.Mr.Zhang saw Wang Xuanmin s achievements, a white and brand new wooden door was lying quietly on the ground.If Mr.Zhang tree top cbd gummies liberty cbd gummies for sale didn t know that his store didn t have the same door, he gluten free cbd gummies tree top cbd gummies would definitely think that Wang Xuanmin just replaced the bad door with a new one, but the fact is that Wang Xuanmin really turned the old door into a new one.Mr.Zhang exclaimed Unexpectedly, you repaired the door in such a short period of time.I took the toilet door and you as a repairman Thinking about these two things together, I found that the nails on the door frame of the toilet are a little loose, so you must be trying to use the name of repairing the door frame to bring something into the bar, such as the iron nails that must be used to repair the door.Wang Xuanmin was listening, and he wanted to know why Wei Renwu s plan, which they thought was seamless, became full of loopholes At least Wang Xuanmin can cbd gummies for beginners buy cbd gummies for sleep look at this task from Wei Renwu s perspective.Wei Renwu said The five members of Reaper will each be responsible for a part of the link, so they must have arrived at the scene.I have already found the whereabouts of three people, and there are still two people left.Sure enough, on the night of the incident, the remaining The two people below also showed up.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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