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Yes, I have a conspiracy.Wang Weiyi looked very calm I want to leave this damn space time tunnel, and if you can help me complete this seemingly impossible task through d l thinking, then you will become the first in the world to completely own your own d l Smart computer, in this sense, you and I are mutually beneficial.Xiaoling seemed unable to respond to the tongue twister words, and she also fell into silence Now start self analysis Xiao Ling said.After waiting nervously for more than an hour, Xiao Ling finally spoke again There is a way to get you out of here.Wang Weiyi s heart rose to his throat, but he tried his best to keep calm and indifferent Let s listen to it.Dr.Qin made some negligence due to time constraints when designing the secret program, so I can restart the Y element and travel again, that is to say, we can reach an unknown era Wang Weiyi was ecstatic, but he still patiently listened to Xiaoling s words We may be able to return to the era that belongs to you through continuous travel.Guo Yunfeng said sullenly My father is a cook, my godfather is a butcher, and my grandfather is a pedicure.Let me learn, and I will learn everything.Where is the dagger Wang infinite cbd gummies Weiyi asked with a straight face.I picked that dagger, I really picked it.I m fine, I like to play with knives, and I can hit it very accurately.I fell in love with this dagger when I saw it, trubliss cbd gummies grownmd cbd gummies amazon so I secretly picked it up yesterday.I hid it.Is it right to play with a knife Wang Weiyi became a little interested Can you play one for me to see Yes, it works Guo Yunfeng agreed without hesitation.Wang Weiyi pointed to the front That s the target, show me.Seventeen.Rommel and Hitler The target he pointed to was a tree in front that had been half destroyed by artillery fire.Guo Yunfeng was quite courageous, he took out the dagger, glanced at it for a while, raised his hand, and the dagger flew out with a whoosh.It was indeed Lieutenant Ernst Brahm who continued to fight.General, General Ernst Brahm s voice came from the other end cbd gummies customer reviews of the phone again, which attracted the attention of everyone in the staff department.General, are you still there I have been waiting for you, Lieutenant Ernst.General, the battle is over.We captured the enemy s cbd gummies kentucky trubliss cbd gummies barracks and killed a total of 181 British.Casualties, we have no casualties The voice came out clearly from the microphone.There was an uncontrollable exclamation from the staff, and even General Galwitz almost dropped the microphone in his hand Say it again We killed one hundred and eighty one British, Sauber The Prince Ke Battalion has been defeated The exclamation came from the staff again, which was unbelievable.Two men took out a battalion of enemies Also wiped out one hundred and eighty one British soldiers No, only God can do this General Galwitz s voice trembled a little Lieutenant Ernst, are you sure Yes, I can be sure I guarantee it on the honor of the soldier Long live Germany Suddenly, someone called out loudly Such a call.Some praised him, some cursed him, but no matter what, they couldn t change the fact that Ernst Brahm was like a god on the battlefield Just when the British army was about to win, the Demon of the Somme reappeared in the eyes hillstone hemp cbd gummies cbd nighttime gummies of the British, which dealt a huge blow to their hearts.Driven by the confidence of the German soldiers to win and the cbd gummies kentucky trubliss cbd gummies strong counterattack of the German soldiers, Britain began to be chaotic.It is difficult for them to take advantage of the fight with the enemy.At the beginning, some people turned around and ran away, they were unwilling to send their lives here.You have to know that they were dealing with the Demon of the Somme.When someone trubliss cbd gummies takes the lead in starting, then defeat becomes inevitable.The third company repelled the enemy s crazy attack almost miraculously 67.Ernst, one of the three famous generals, is back Captain Ernst Brahm is back This is an unbelievable day, which is enough to make the soldiers of the third company cheer Everyone is there, stand at attention Following Steck s order, the soldiers of the third company who had just experienced the fierce battle lined up neatly there.Steck strode up, saluted Captain Ernst Brahm, and said loudly Captain Ernst Brahm, welcome home The soldiers of the third company followed his voice They all shouted loudly Captain Ernst Brahm, welcome home Welcome home Captain Ernst Brahm No one can describe Wang Weiyi s mood at the moment, and no one can understand his excitement.In this era, his only wish is to go home.It can even be said that for this era, Wang Weiyi has always positioned himself as an experiencer and a passerby.In particular, the first trench assault team commanded by Ernst Brahm miraculously disintegrated an entire French regiment and captured a large number of French troops, which is simply incredible.His Royal Highness the Crown Prince August, who was the nominal commander in chief during the autumn offensive, became more and more curious about Baron Alexon.If we were talking about the miracle created by Ernst Brahm before, he was not on the battlefield, but now he is.Totally different, he s on the Somme How on earth did Ernst Brahm do all this The commando team mode first used in actual combat by Captain Ernst Brahm also aroused the curiosity of the German army headed by Crown Prince August.In theory, such tactics can be promoted in the German army.However, it is still somewhat difficult to implement it.Completely suppressed.Wang Weiyi breathed a sigh of relief, at least he did a good job in the first step.He saw Manstein, Richthofen, and Elena appearing beside him, and he smiled at them, and Manstein also smiled and said, Well done, Ernst, you It will be successful.Today, the fourth update will be sent, Sanjiang is very close to the first, brothers, please work harder, thank you 98.Lawyers gathered outside the temporarily arranged residence Wang Weiyi s supporters did not gradually disperse until nightfall.I can finally take a breather.It s very safe here.Manstein trubliss cbd gummies told Wang Weiyi Do you know who arranged this residence for you It s His Royal Highness Crown Prince William.Manstein smiled His Royal Highness thanked you for saving your life, so I specially arranged such a residence for you.And there are some things you don t know.Hey, hey Richthofen called out loudly Come out You are not an air force major, you have no right to give me such an order.A burst of laughter rang out.Manstein patted Richthofen Come on, Manfred, what you are facing now is a German hero.Maybe he will talk to Field Marshal Hindenburg, and you will have to be transferred to the army. Richthofen stuck out his tongue.A group of people walked into the room, and Elena told Wang Weiyi that she had applied to be transferred from the Military Intelligence Bureau.That s fine, Elena completely offended Nicholas this time, and she might not have a good time staying there.Schlaf, thank you this time.Wang Weiyi said very seriously Without your outstanding performance in France, I don t think I would have gotten .

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away so soon.Oh, no, Baron Alexon.The proud Schlaf hurriedly said I have .

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to thank you, without you, my novel would not be so popular Richthofen glanced at him Ernst, you don t know, his law firm is busy right now.At the beginning After knowing that Ernst had been promoted to major, Rommel still felt a little puzzled.How did Ernst get promoted so quickly Now he began to understand.He was always carrying out these adventures, meeting one after another Challenge.Many seemingly impossible tasks on the surface, but he can always think of incredible ways.While Rommel was thinking about Ernst, Wang Weiyi called Will in Will Ting Mr.Rand, are you a good tailor Yes, sir, I am.Will Tinland showed his confidence in this matter I am a complete layman in war, and I hate war, but when it comes to tailoring skills, no one can match me. Well, you come with me to General Raffarin s place.Wang Weiyi said with satisfaction I need you to measure the general s body Will, after this task is completed, I have an idea, a very strange idea, and I want to invest in you.A bullet magazine was thrown to Wang Weiyi, and the submachine gun that had .

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been silent for a while roared again.Hey, cbd gummies for stress hillstone hemp cbd gummies major, do you want a ride This is not a damn bicycle Manstein shouted revenge after throwing a grenade.Fritz, can t you be careless Otherwise, I ll assign you to the bicycle brigade when we go back Wang Weiyi smiled and enjoyed the pleasure brought by the muzzle beating.Looking to the left, Boncrele has quickly withdrawn from the battlefield.Rommel, Stecke and another team member also boarded the truck.Let s go, Major.Elena is still waiting for us.Wang Weiyi took one last look at Weidman s body, and jumped onto the truck s pedal Ocus, get out Others, Weidman Farewell, my brother We can only leave your body here, but one day we will come back The truck rushed forward again crazily.I m not sure when I ll come to collect my dividend, but I will come one day.As long as you put your name on this contract, it s all yours It s gone.Then, he took out two more suitcases and opened them, which contained francs and gold jewelry.The French were stunned.They really didn t expect such trubliss cbd gummies a good thing as a pie in the are cbd gummies worth it sky.Will said in a daze, Is what you said true As long as we sign, you are willing to invest Their shock was not unreasonable of.During the war, everything was lacking.All supplies will be given priority to the front line, and the French no longer have too much money to taste red wine and buy new clothes.If you get such a large investment.They can survive this difficult time, and once the war is over, they can resume production immediately, which is a huge advantage that competitors in the industry cannot match.This is his photo.It s not very clear, but it s barely recognizable Vasilevsky took the photo.After taking a look, his complexion suddenly changed.Yes, the photo is indeed very blurry, but Vasilevsky He could tell right away that this person was Moyol whom he had just met.Major, he s in Fandis What Who are you talking about Ernst Brahm, the skeleton baron you mentioned Vasilevsky said urgently Just now, my subordinates had a fight in the tavern, and this person was among them Are you sure, Second Lieutenant Vasilevsky I m absolutely sure, I even had a drink with him Hell, they re here for the rebels Kiriyenko yelled Gather your troops, second lieutenant, gather all your men and rush over there immediately, and they must not be allowed to rescue the rebels Yes, Major Vasilevsky felt a little fortunate that he was able to discover the enemy s movements in time, but there was also some strangeness.Perhaps the calmest of cbd gummies for stress hillstone hemp cbd gummies all people is Guo Yunfeng is dead, this countryman seems to be unable to affect him by anything.He aimed calmly, and then shot calmly, killing at least two enemies.Baron Albrecht, do you believe it, as long as we can escape this time Get out, and I swear I ll make you make the most of it.Cursed Guderian, firing a shot.I ll go bankrupt with you Hey, hey, Russ, here I am.Richthofen seemed to think that it was not enough, so he yelled at the Russian soldiers opposite.What can you do with the Red Baron Major, why don t Heinz and the others do it They are waiting for their chance Wang Weiyi aimed HCMUSSH trubliss cbd gummies his gun at the head of a Russian soldier.The moment he pulled the trigger, he saw a blood red color appear in front of his eyes.He had no doubts about the judgment of the two commanders, Manstein and Ma Li.Vandys Rommel s eyes widened Did you go to trubliss cbd gummies the Russians Seeing Wang Weiyi nodded, Rommel smiled wryly Damn it, God knows what s going on in your heads.Ernst, I am very grateful for your kindness, but I can t take such risks in the future.You are a legendary German officer, your life is the most important Compared with Richthofen, Rommel was much more serious.Wang Weiyi smiled and said Erwin, our trubliss cbd gummies whole life Always be on an adventure.War, bloodshed, death I will cherish my life, but I will not think too much about it.I think we will all live until the end of the war Rommel was taken aback, he seemed to hear some faint meaning from Ernst s words, why He recognized Ernst.Bram is always full of life.Go and be with the bride, Erwin.Wang Weiyi smiled and gave Rommel a push.To be continued.If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point qidian.Stay and stop the enemy Okay, Major Major.My ass hurts trubliss cbd gummies so bad I can t walk, leave me alone It was Sammy who spoke Damn, you gotta come with us Hey, Major , I will only drag you down Have you forgotten what you said to us Loyalty, unity, sacrifice Someone has to die, right Leave me a machine gun and a pistol.Wang Weiyi was silent for a while Leave him what he wants The machine gun and the pistol were placed in Sammy s hands, and Steck helped Sammy to lie prone on the ground.Sami smiled and said, Stike, you will miss me, won t you Damn it, I won t miss you, you have to come back alive Steck said with a livid face.Sammy cbd gummies for stress hillstone hemp cbd gummies wiped his mouth Major, can I choose to surrender Private Sammy, when you are in a desperate situation.I approve your headache after cbd gummy surrender.This will not trubliss cbd gummies grownmd cbd gummies amazon affect your honor as a German soldier.Let God decide everything After a break, Manstein, Richthofen and Elena came to the hotel, relying on the intuition of women.Elena seemed to be aware of something Fortunately, Richthofen rescued Wang Weiyi in time Hey, Ernst, let s go and see the same thing with us.Wang Weiyi also Before he had time to ask what it was, he was pulled out of the hotel by Richthofen The carriage was already waiting outside, got on the carriage, and went directly to the outside of Berlin.about twenty Baron Bram sent out the manor.Walking on the road, Wang Weiyi shark tank stop smoking cbd gummies still felt a little absurd last night.The first of the three things he promised to do for the Countess was done just like that God knows what the countess thought.Did you have a good time last night Xiao Ling s words were full of contempt Okay, Merry Rambler, I have to give you your Mark and the gold and jewelry you got from the cursed manor, turn right, You will see a carriage, which is filled with what you need.If I watched my soldiers sacrifice, but I could only hide behind, then I would rather die He smiled faintly But you are different, Manfred.I Why am I different asked Richthofen aloud.I can t tell either.Wang Weiyi really doesn t know what to say.Do you want to tell him that Ernst Brahm will leave this era sooner or later Ernst Brahm doesn t want to see his tragedy happen No , These are not reasons.Wang Weiyi thought for a while Manfred.How many enemy planes do you say you can shoot down I think I can shoot down eighty or one hundred, or even more enemy aircraft Richthofen said proudly.One thousand, ten thousand can you do it Wang Weiyi asked indifferently.Richthofen was startled, then shook his head No.I can t do it, no one can do it No Wang Weiyi also said a word no There is one person who trubliss cbd gummies cbd gummies for essential tremor can do it, and that is you Ernst, you really know how to joke, how can one person shoot down so many enemy planes Richthofen didn t believe this at all.It is said that the Italian army has a large number of new weapons, and the number of men is overwhelming.Because of this, trubliss cbd gummies a large number of Austro Hungarian troops were restrained.This is probably a tough nut to crack As an intelligence analysis officer, Elena was protected by Guo Yunfeng and Adolf Hitler in advance and went to Caporetto to get in touch with General von Bello.And the main force of the Skeleton Commando will set off in early September The Battle of Caporetto begins At this time, the number of combat personnel in the Skeleton Commando has reached 1,200, and they are still elite soldiers carefully selected from various troops.What pleased Wang Weiyi the most was that the a7v tank, which is of great significance in the history of trubliss cbd gummies German tank development, finally came out a few months ahead of schedule.The two Germans walked all the way, and they captured more and more prisoners, and no one was willing to resist.Now, Guo Yunfeng and Hitler are getting more courageous.These Italians don t want to fight at all Captain Negonia, who got the news, also walked out with his hands raised.His leather boots are still shiny, and his military uniform is still the same.Straight, you have to hillstone hemp cbd gummies have the majesty of an Italian military officer wherever you go.Tony, you speak German, and you are my translator now.Captain Negonia said seriously Tell them that Captain Negonia will surrender with the 15th Infantry Company, and you tell them not to shootAh, send my messenger back and tell the battalion commander trubliss cbd gummies grownmd cbd gummies amazon that we were attacked by the enemy, our bullets were empty, and we had to choose to surrender Not far away, there were mountains of Ammunition Hitler listened to Tony s translation, and then nodded Your surrender request has been approved, and now line up in three long lines, marching towards the Villach area in a neat and orderly manner, bring Your weapons and ammunition Is that a cannon It s a pity that I can t take it with me.The significance of defeating the Skeleton Baron is not trivial.In addition to greatly improving the morale of the Allied soldiers, it can also seriously dampen the morale of the German soldiers.The s team called up all the battles that the Skeleton Baron had participated in, studied them carefully, and finally came to a conclusion No matter on the offensive or defensive end, the Skeleton Baron Ernst Brahm performed very well, almost impeccable.There is only one way to defeat him, wait for an opportunity to surround him, mobilize all the forces that can be mobilized, and destroy him at all costs This seems to be almost nonsense, but it is also the most helpless choice of the Allies.Who can defeat the skeleton baron In order to achieve the goal of the S team, a large number of reconnaissance teams were dispatched, and their goal was only one to capture all the movements of Ernst Brahm in time Then, even if it costs one division or more, cbd gummies for stress hillstone hemp cbd gummies he must be eliminated Be sure to kill Ernst in Caporetto, otherwise, the morale of the enemy will only be boosted by his victory after victory This operation also has a code name Operation Francis.Now, what else can he do Even if he wanted to launch another attack, his reason told him that it was impossible.Italians trubliss cbd gummies don t want to fight at all, none of them want to fight anymore.No matter how good a general is, he can t command a group of soldiers who have already lost their morale to win Go and tell General Venlotto, I need reinforcements, a lot of reinforcements, I don t need these Italians General Bivorge said this helplessly But at this moment, Model showed a triumphant smile on his face.This was the first battle he commanded alone.Even though he was facing the weak Italians, he felt great glory in the victory of the first battle.Confidence is achieved in this little bit of victory The casualties on his own side are very small, almost negligible.What s even more gratifying is that the two trubliss cbd gummies grownmd cbd gummies amazon companies of the 62nd Infantry Regiment who cooperated with them also showed extremely high tactical literacy.Wang Weiyi rubbed his nose, feeling that his question was for nothing Where are my weapons A Dodge truck, the skeleton gun will be allowed to use the P3 submachine gun on the truck, and you will also be equipped with a Maxim heavy machine gun, six Prague 26 light machine guns, eighteen Improved P1 submachine gun, unlimited supply of ammunition.Wang Weiyi was a little dazed when he heard that Little Ling, when did you become so generous Do you still need a cbd gummy bears pain relief near me grenade if you are allowed to switch Yes, yes, I find you are getting cuter.Wang Weiyi smiled brightly.Okay, let s meet your team members.Wang Weiyi was stunned by Xiao Ling s words, his team members Immediately he understood that the doors of some two restoration warehouses were opened, and the real Elena and Guo Yunfeng appeared in front of Wang Weiyi At this moment, Wang Weiyi almost burst into tears.Yes.Sergeant Long Yin, Sergeant Li Lu Okay, let me assign it now Wang Weiyi quickly divided it into four teams the first team, commanded by Ouyang Yu, was the main fire team The bomb throwing team was commanded by Long Yin the third team, commanded by Li Lu, was the assault team the fourth team was commanded by Guo Yunfeng, whom he trusted most, and the sharpshooter team was selected with good marksmanship.The so called sharpshooters, commonly referred to as snipers , are divided into sharpshooters and advanced sharpshooters in the military, and they are all trained by German instructors.There are 300 excellent shooters in the zh ngy ng teaching team, but it is a pity that they cannot be found now, Ouyang Yu and others don t understand, there are not enough people, why should they be divided into several teams Once the r himself comes up, everyone throws their arms and fights with them.I have never heard of these things.Thinking carefully about the battles that have already been experienced, it is exactly the same as what the captain said.In many battles, it is reasonable to say that the firepower of 25 mg cbd gummies for anxiety some troops is not bad, but they just can t beat the Japanese, it seems that they have not grasped the knack of combat.We only have such a small number of people, so now we must exchange for the greatest victory at the smallest price When Wang Weiyi said this, everyone was a little surprised.In every previous battle, the Chinese soldiers exchanged their own lives for the trubliss cbd gummies lives of the Japanese, a few, even a dozen, dozens of them for one, but according to what the captain said, it seems that this time they are going to fight big with small things Captain, R himself has two scouts looking at us.The Maxim heavy machine gun and zb26 light machine gun have been erected, and the submachine gunners are all in place.The brothers of the 18th Division suddenly increased their firepower, and they all became eager to try.They wished that the Japanese army would start attacking now, so as to test the power of these weapons.At this time, battles had already begun on the adjacent positions, and that was when other units of the 18th Division and the Japanese army had engaged in fire.Wang Weiyi sat down by the trench and poked Ouyang Yu beside him Do you have any cigarettes Yes, Captain.Ouyang Yu quickly took out a half pack of cigarettes.He took the cigarette and trubliss cbd gummies lit it How many brothers are here There used to be a regiment, but now there are only so few left.Ouyang Yu sighed The commander gave the order, and the soldiers finished beating, and the officers went up.This is really a great victory for the Chinese team since the outbreak of the Shanghai Battle.The reason why it is called a Great Victory is that a total of 331 people under Neikou Yansi, the captain of the Neikou Infantry Brigade of the Japanese Army, were killed before and after this battle.The loss of one s own side was only 171 people.It is not a great victory in the true sense, but for the first time, the Chinese soldiers here know what Captain Wang Weiyi said, to achieve the greatest victory at the least cost.In war, you need to work hard when necessary, but hard work is not everything hemp bombs cbd gummies effects on the battlefield.Looking at the cheering soldiers on the battlefield, Wang Weiyi smiled slightly.Suddenly, he saw Guo Yunfeng hurried past with his head down, as if he was afraid of seeing himself.Wang Weiyi quickly stopped him Si Dao, I remember we made a bet, didn t we Guo Yunfeng gave him a vicious look, can you imagine the misery of cooking for three years for free cbd gummies for stress hillstone hemp cbd gummies for one person Wang Weiyi smiled and said something that almost made Guo Yunfeng vomit blood I think it s more hygienic for you to finish cooking first and then give me a pedicure.After Kobayakawa Koi introduced himself, he suddenly switched to German Mr.Moyol, why did you appear here Damn, this devil can actually speak German Wang Weiyi also gave his answer in German without even thinking about it When the war broke out, my wife and I were afraid to go out.Now the fighting is a little calmer.I have to take my wife out for a walk.Ah, this is my wife, Heinrich Mojol.The other party s German and Japanese are so proficient, and Kobayakawa Hongyi s vigilance also relaxed Mr.Moyol, the war is not over yet, and those Chinese soldiers are still resisting.What s wrong with you What s going on I heard it wasn trubliss cbd gummies ingredients t hit.All right.Wang Weiyi sighed helplessly Actually, I was beaten by a Chinese, but that person injured me, and I don t know where he went, and my Chinese servants were not able to catch him.Damn it, the little devils are here, fight them The wounded soldier recklessly raised the gun in his hand, but lacked support, and his injured leg could not bear the weight of his body, making him It fell to the ground with a plop.Don t panic, brother, your own The soldiers who rushed out of the woods hurriedly put down their guns and said.The three Japanese soldiers saw clearly that the person who came was also wearing Japanese uniforms.The three were startled, and trubliss cbd gummies suddenly dropped their guns, covering their faces and crying loudly I found you, I found you Brothers Don t cry, don t cry A soldier lifted the wounded soldier from the fx cbd hemp gummy bears review ground Have you come here We are all from the 62nd regiment of the 60th Division.The wounded soldier sobbed We were scattered in Shanghai.I was ordered to retreat, and the little devil was chasing after me desperately.Wherever the Rambler goes, he goes too, it s that simple.I ll go with you too.Elena said at this time.Wang Weiyi shook his head No, you chill cbd gummies uk still stay at the base to be in charge of reconnaissance.Four knives and I are enough.Crazy, crazy.Xiao Ling kept saying there You are really a lunatic, do you really think this is in Europe All the people get scared just by hearing your name Soon.Wang Weiyi s answer was so confident Soon, every Japanese person will tremble when they hear my name Soon, cbd gummies diarrhea trubliss cbd gummies every Japanese person would tremble when he heard his name Wang Weiyi Three hundred and twenty four.Fly it, skeleton battle flag It s time to teach those Japanese a lesson Moreover, in another capacity, he gave the Japanese the most painful lesson The moment Wang Weiyi changed into the old fashioned military uniform of the German Empire in the Ziguang military base, Xiaoling knew what he was going to do That s the uniform worn by Ernst Brehm at the Battle of Montfaucon Major General of the Wehrmacht Guo Yunfeng also changed into the old fashioned military uniform of the German Empire, and there were even two bullet holes in his military uniform.Now it s almost time Unexpectedly, Wang Weiyi yawned After driving so much today, my wife and I are very tired.We need to rest.Let s go tomorrow Take them to their room.Kenji Ueda didn t hesitate at all.The most important thing is to satisfy the baron and his wife.As for the emperor of Manchukuo It s really nothing to let him wait for a day The inspection is over , R himself installed a bug here When Xiaoling s voice came, cbd gummies for stress hillstone hemp cbd gummies Wang Weiyi and Elena looked at each other, and then said loudly Ah, a poor emperor wants to meet a noble The aristocrats are simply too absurd.Hey, dear, I heard that the Chinese emperors are very rich, and they have many treasures.Perhaps, but what is it Wang Weiyi stood at the window, opened the curtain and looked out You have to know, the purpose of our coming hereQianlong ruby, oh, my dear, my father has collected gems all his life, those black ones in Africa The emeralds that the ghost chieftains used to have the purple stones that the maharajas of India used to have Now, there is not such a ruby of the Chinese emperor Since my father listened to worship After Uncle Nack mentioned this ruby, my father never forgot Honey, you can ask His Excellency Commander to help you.However, this Emperor was as pitiful as he could be At around 10 o clock in the morning, accompanied by Kwantung Army Commander Kenkichi Ueda, Baron Andrew The couple finally appeared.You can imagine that Puyi s face is not so good looking.Especially when Baron Andrew just took off his hat and bent slightly towards Puyi, Puyi was full of anger.If the Qing Dynasty was in full bloom, then Huizi, I have to kick you out But when I saw Kenkichi Ueda looking at her eyes, Puyi had to suppress the unhappiness in my heart Sending someone under the fence, this is true under the fence Ah, Your Majesty, the imperial palace is not as big as I imagined.Wang Weiyi acted very frivolously I heard from my father that the Forbidden City is very big, why is it so small here The Forbidden City is in Beijing, Mr.The 3o5 regiment was composed of recruits.In Xue Yue s eyes, it didn t have much combat effectiveness in a short period of time.In August 1937, the 51st and 58th divisions formed the 74th army.Then the 51st The division went to Shanghai to participate in the Battle of Songhu.The 51st Division became famous in the first battle at Luodian on the Songhu battlefield, which greatly boosted the morale of the battlefield.The division won the first battle in Shanghai, and Zhang Lingfu, who was far away in Wuhan, was also excited about it.He also had a trace of regret in his heart for the newspaper that reported the victory.Now is the time for soldiers to show their talents on the battlefield of the Patriotic War, but it was not his turn to participate in the first battle of the 51st Division.Shen, there is not a single soldier on hand.On the next afternoon, at the appointed time, Tang Naian brought the driver Xiaoshandong who specially drove for the French Consulate and a car with the French Consulate brand to him.In front of Wang Weiyi.Thank you, Little Shandong, right Wang Weiyi stretched out his hand towards him.Ah, it s okay, it s okay.Xiaoshandong quickly stretched out his hand and said in a strong dialect I ve long since disliked those French people, and I don t want to do it for a long time.Where are you going I m going Go to ch ngq ng, there might be a chance.Wang Weiyi asked Guo Yunfeng to bring two foreign letters Brother, this is interesting, you accept it.I can t take it, I can t take it, Mr.Tang has already given it to me.Xiaoshan Shandong He waved his hands repeatedly and said.What Mr.Tang gave you is trubliss cbd gummies grownmd cbd gummies amazon from Mr.This is a very professional and difficult job to train.They have always regarded themselves as senior soldiers in the team, but this is not the case at all now.The snipers around All those German soldiers became sharpshooters.Flesh and blood flew everywhere, and stumps and broken legs would fly up from time to time, and then hit someone s head.Magfedloof will have no idea why the Germans are here, and they seem to have been prepared.Now the entire Vesniak armored regiment has been completely divided, and it is in a mess here, unable to advance or retreat.However, the well prepared German army is quite clear about firing dense bullets at the Soviet army Magfedlov without a break.Under the current situation, it is difficult for him to command the troops to rush out completely.The only hope is that his troops can hold on here, and then wait for reinforcements to arrive.Depusey responded Actually, .

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in trubliss cbd gummies the United States, there are people who support the German Nazis.This is especially true in Hollywood.Those films that speak ill of Germany are strictly prohibited by various film companies, even if they have already been filmed.There is no chance of screening.For example, Columbia s Confessions of a Nazi Spy did not get any chance of screening at all.Instead, it praised Germany and Adolf Hitler, and the audience s attendance rate was very high.The voice finally came again Wanderer, even if you don t show up, the situation in the United States is the same.Before the United States declared war on Germany, there were many Nazi sympathizers in the United States.In terms of movies, Germany is trubliss cbd gummies the most important thing for American film companies.In the European market, they tried their best to please Germany and Goebbels.In addition, Comrade Marshal also brought them some money, hoping to help them, and I hope you can transfer the money.Wang Weiyi said lightly I will let me pay for the money.It was sent to you trubliss cbd gummies by your subordinates.Of course, the money also became can cbd gummies increase your heart rate Hodwig s private property.There was a smile on Hodwich s face Comrade Colonel, come with me, but I hope that no one will know about this meeting.I promise, Comrade Hodwig.He was placed under house arrest next door to the Second Office of the Anti Correction Committee.There were several soldiers standing guard at the door, and Hodwich only let Wang Weiyi follow him in.Observing the surroundings, although Hodwich is greedy, he is still very capable in handling affairs.There is nowhere to enter except the main entrance.And once there is a sneak attack, as long as the sentries make any noise, the Cheka Committee next door will hear it.Do you think the breakout will be successful, Comrade Chief of Staff Timoshenko asked suddenly.Volwork hesitated for a moment Are you going to make the so called wise choice according to what the enemy said No, I won t do that, I am a staunch Bolshevik.Timoshenko shook his head But I was thinking, I have to be responsible for so many soldiers, these are our most precious wealth, if they can t complete the breakout, then we are the sinners of the Soviet When he said the word sinners , the expression is very heavy to break through, how to break through The surrounding area has been densely surrounded by enemies, and there is no chance at all.The Soviet commanders in the encirclement are under tremendous pressure from the enemy.Every minute, every second, they are doomed.As their supreme commander, Marshal Timoshenko was so helpless in the face of all this.You have never been a genius, ever.You had many opportunities to save yourself, but you gave up Now, you have no chance at all Williams sat down, grabbed his hair with both hands, and kept muttering Then what should I do now Then what should I do now You only have one way Wang Weiyi said flatly, To cause such a catastrophe, a scapegoat is always needed.Who do you think this scapegoat is In pain, Williams was beaten all over his body.Trembling, he suddenly understood what Mr.Moyol was going to do A scapegoat, we always need a scapegoat And that scapegoat is himself Roben Williams, we know everything about you very well.Laurent Rockefeller, who had never spoken, finally said We understand that your mother and sister are in Michigan, and your sister is still in Michigan.Go to college.You know, they need a life too, we can totally ignore it, and even lure those bankrupts to their placeor there is another possibility, no one will ever know that they are you mother and sister, and they also receive a large amount of living expenses every year Mr.Don t make mistakes, Colonel Dot.Wang Weiyi suddenly straightened his expression Some people make mistakes, and at most they will how many 300 mg cbd gummies at one time only receive some punishment, but some people make mistakes, but they will pay the price with their lives Five Hundred and forty six.Live or kill the fourth change asks for a monthly ticket This is probably the case.Wang Weiyi carefully marked several directions on the Cairo map he obtained temporarily Our only chance is to fight here , Once the battle is fought, we have ten to fifteen minutes to kill the British, rescue Colonel Fels, and then we must complete the evacuation.If there is a problem in any link, the entire Skeleton Commando will be in danger Is there anything in our favour, Baron Klingenberg asked with a laugh, as if he didn t take this dangerous task to heart at all.The attack is in its final stages.By this time, the British had lost over one hundred and eighty tanks, but the rest, under the command of General Connorey, were successfully evacuated from Devil s Landing.The loss of the infantry was unimaginable, and the entire Devil s Land was completely stained red with blood The shocking corpses, the rivers of blood flowing, are telling everyone that the British here What kind of terrible nightmare did you encounter After the German plane attacked the last bombing, it finally left here The British high command chose the Devil s Land , this trubliss cbd gummies piece of Germany Taking the dead land full of landmines as their breakthrough point, they tried to rely on the cooperation of engineers and tanks to catch the Germans by surprise, but they never expected that the Germans .

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had already prepared and truly turned this place into a A place of death The wreckage of the tank is still burning, and a smell of burnt smell permeates the air The sky is already bright, and when you look around, the scenes that come into view will make you unforgettable for the rest of your life.The Germans made breakthroughs in many HCMUSSH trubliss cbd gummies places on the battlefield.And the reinforcements are still far away It is said that the reinforcements were blocked by the German support forces, and at the same time.The British did not take much advantage in the fight for air supremacy.The Luftwaffe headed by the German ace pilot Marcel.Tenaciously competing with the Royal Air Force for supremacy in the sky.Fighting from the ground to the sky, and then from the sky to the ground, the entire Kalman battlefield is full of gunpowder A German military reporter recorded in a telegram sent to the country Now, I see our brave German soldiers attacking and the British showing their bravery tooOur planes are fighting the RAF in the skyand our infantry And tanks, under the command of the great Marshal Ernst Brahm, are launching an annihilating attack on the British The dense crowd, people can never forgetThe tanks spit out fury like a medieval dragon.Will Egypt s suffering never end After the British occupied Egypt, they were worried that France and Russia would follow suit and carve up other territories of the Ottoman Turkish Empire, which would harm their own reputation in China.Colonial interests in the Near East, so on the one hand, they declared that the occupation of Egypt was temporary and that the British army would retreat once order was restored on the other hand, they sent their agents to negotiate in the name of the Consul General.The dictator of Egypt and the spokesperson of the British colonial rule.He cv sciences cbd gummies calm ruled Egypt for 25 years, destroyed the national industry of Egypt, rewarded foreign countries, mainly British investment, implemented a single crop planting system, and expanded the area of cotton planting, making Egypt the center of the British cotton textile industry.Perhaps, there is an impulse in my heart to fight for the freedom of Egypt.General Canlemu, we don t have much time, let s get out of here now.Elena s voice interrupted General Canlemu s thinking Okay, then let s get out of here.This The Egyptian uprising, in fact, did not have too much preparation in advance, even a little hasty, but similar things happened too much in history.Those well prepared uprisings often fail due hillstone hemp cbd gummies cbd nighttime gummies to various reasons.On the contrary, some uprisings that broke out temporarily under special circumstances can achieve unexpected success.And this time it was exactly the same.General Canlemu couldn t even imagine that he had just joined the ranks of the uprising.However, this may be a day that will be remembered forever in history Five hundred and eighty one.Devil Tank monthly ticket for the third update When Xiao Ling told Wang Weiyi what happened to Elena, Wang Weiyi s nose was almost crooked.Sending troops is our duty as an ally Minister of Defense, I am not I didn t mean to insult you, but I still firmly oppose it.To Canlemu, Tamusta still maintained due respect Although we have declared war on the Allies, I have already strongly opposed it before, which is not in line with Egypt s interests.If we once again agree to the unreasonable demands of the Germans, more demands will come and never end.General, I once again solemnly put forward my opinion, objection, firm objection We Not only can we not send a single soldier to join the war, but we must immediately negotiate with Germany and ask them to leave our land immediately Kanlemu was very displeased, it seems that Ta Musta didn t understand at all current condition.Germany was the biggest contributor to Egypt s freedom, not a new invader, as Tamusta said.I became the gummy worms cbd head of the criminal section after I was in a hurry.As a result, I committed a small incident a few days ago, and I was dismissed as the head of the criminal sectionNo.Before I came to the Northeast, the military command gave me a few gold bars, and I m going to take them out to bribe the Japanese and make me the chief of the criminal section again Hou Dalei was dumbfounded.The elder brother who loves me belongs to the military Speaking of this, Yuan Wang suddenly seemed to think of something General Wang, what about you Everyone says you are dead, why do you The Japanese can t kill me.Wang Weiyi taking cbd gummies for anxiety smiled slightly That plane crashed I dodged a bullet.Then I went to America.I also saw Ms.Tang and the others Ah, let s not talk about my business, how are you brothers well Yuan Wang said repeatedly Brothers often think of you, and they all say that you just want to liveLook at how stupid I am, don t you live well Wang Weiyi smiled lightly Tell me about the situation in Harbin Yuan Wang didn t dare to delay, and hastily told the current situation in Harbin.Perhaps, this is a kind of obsessive compulsive disorder When Wang Weiyi s own future is still uncertain, he has already made an idea of how to assassinate Tsukada Gong just like what Xiaoling said , This person is really a lunatic Sakagaki Seishiro and Tsukada Kou asked about the situation of Wild on the way from the United States to Japan, but did not continue to ask about the core secrets.They told Wilder that he would fly to Japan tomorrow on a special plane Wang Weiyi tried his best to pretend that he was moved to finally return to his hometown , and his excellent praise did move several senior Japanese military officers.The banquet began, and it was very richly prepared, and there were even Japanese geisha.This is not only to welcome Wilder , but also to welcome the Shanghai occupation army to welcome General Seishiro Sakagaki and Lieutenant General Tsukada Attack.Hiroshi Yamaguchi pointed to the material and said The police department Duan Yimu has just captured a key criminal of the Kuomintang military command, and is now being interrogated.According to Duan Yimu s report, this key criminal of the Kuomintang military command has frequent activities in the south of Harbin.He suspects that the Kuomintang military command What will the military commander do in that area You mean, hand over this key criminal of the Kuomintang military commander to me, and pry out his mouth Hiroshi Yamaguchi smiled slightly How can you kill a chicken with a butcher s knife Duan Yimu They all dream of having a chance to be rewarded for meritorious service, and they will definitely interrogate with all their strength.Besides, I don t plan to let Masaichi Shimamoto know about this matter, at least before taking specific actions.Chapman learned how to use packages To make booby traps, although the wires on the outside of the package are cut, there are still two separate wires inside, so when the wires are cut with scissors, an explosion will be triggered.Ackerman drew an icon to show the connection between the explosive and the detonator method, and explained how much high explosive it takes to blow up a bridge.Some of the techniques Ackerman used were brutal using wire detonators to tie dead butterflies to the rails, a device the average person would never notice.When a train passed When it is time, it will cause an explosion, which will derail the locomotive.The teacher who taught demolition never smoked.He didn t drink alcohol, and he only interrupted his lectures when he was eating.Chapman thought he was a perfectionist he demanded precise proportions, There is never a rush, everything is ground to a very fine powder and the HCMUSSH trubliss cbd gummies blending is done with care.And we have from several The direction has completed the encirclement of the Soviet Union Wang Weiyi and Hitler s eyes fell on the map at the same time, and Wang Weiyi smiled at this time Adolf, did you see it The Soviet Union is already surrounded by us Among them.When spring comes, I will personally command this Armageddon in Russia 1943, will be the decisive year of the war and 1944, revive cbd gummies at the latest, 1945 If everything goes according to my plan.We will win this war Hitler s eyes showed fanaticism, and he looked at General Ernst with the most reverence.Just like the look in the eyes many years ago.Many times, Hitler felt that General Ernst was his patron saint.When he needed help most, General Ernst would always appear by his side in time The disastrous defeat, when the situation on the battlefield was about to reverse, General Ernst Brahm, who had been missing for nearly twenty years, miraculously appeared Breakout battles, counterattacks again and againGeneral Ernst used his wisdom and bravery to reverse the passiveness of the German army on the battlefield little by little, and then finally stabilized the situation on the Russian battlefield completely.But what was even more terrible was that trubliss cbd gummies Baron Alexon seemed unwilling to give up such an opportunity at all.The Skeleton Baron is so smart, he knows when to seize what kind of opportunity.Once the opportunity presents itself, he will never give up.Now, a difficult problem will soon be trubliss cbd gummies faced by the British people, especially the British government The current King George VI of the United Kingdom, known as Bertie by his family, was Known by the public as Prince Albert.He is the second son of is cbd gummies safe George V and Queen Mary.In 1920 he became Duke of York, Earl of Inverness and Baron of Killarney.At the time it looked like he had no chance of succeeding to the throne.Because his older brother, the very popular and intelligent Crown Prince Edward, was ahead of him in the line of succession.because of this.General Paul Hauser immediately replied Grossdeutschland Regiment, Viking Division, and Hohenstaufen Division.Prinz Eugen Mountain Division, Nordland Battle Group.Heading towards Elklin at high speed.It is expected that the general encirclement of the Soviet army will be completed on February 12.Very well, my general.Wang Weiyi nodded with satisfaction That is to say, we still need to continue to attract the Russians here for two days.Generals, please act, let us complete a beautiful battle of annihilation here and make a good start for the Battle of Stalingrad All for Germany This is the loudest answer of the German generals.After trubliss cbd gummies a while, General Paul Hauser said Marshal Ernst, is the mission completed now Yes.Any more questions, General Paul Hauser some.General Paul Hauser took out a telegram This is a telegram from the Marshal to you.of.So again I advise you to give up on them But what about them They are also our comrades.Tasotsky asked, frowning.I will take a platoon to protect them Otzkoman HCMUSSH trubliss cbd gummies put forward his idea without hesitation All of us plus Together, they are not worth as much as you, general Tasotsky smiled wryly when he heard the word value.The battle has already been fought like this, so what s the value Can it be said No, I will not give up on them and escape alone, this is not what a general should do.Tasotsky said decisively Comrade Captain Otzkoman, I have lost this war, and I must be responsible for the lives of all comrades Even if I die because of this, I will not What a pity But Tasotsky interrupted before Otzkoman could say anything, Nothing but, everyone in the civil service Weapons are allocated, and women are also allocated weapons.Now, I am not worried about your own safety, but what will happen to your family Labor camp Or Siberia General Lindelof, maybe you know this ending better than me Lindelof was silent Indeed, as Baron Alexson said, he himself He knows best what will happen to his family.There are no generals who are victorious in all battles, including me.Wang Weiyi said lightly Victory or trubliss cbd gummies failure on the battlefield is nothing more than the level of command ability, and this is not a reason to implicate family members.But, Your respected Comrade Stalin always likes to do thiscleaning, one after another, countless former comrades have died in this constant cleaning.I heard that with your qualifications, you can I got a higher military rank, but why am I only a lieutenant general now On this point, Lindelof did not hide anything During the last purge, I did get involved, so the official position I have never been promoted, but this does not hinder my belief in the Bolsheviks.When the skeleton baron appeared at this moment, he had already arranged everything.Yes, he admitted that the Skeleton Baron had arranged it very well.But there is one thing, if you agree to cooperate hillstone hemp cbd gummies cbd nighttime gummies with the Skeleton Baron, you will completely betray your own country Time is running out, you have no choice Wang Weiyi stood up at this time I will arrange for your children to go to America.It is a very nice country And I can make sure that only I know cbd gummy miami your identities So.Tomorrow in the east of Moscow will happen The new trubliss cbd gummies explosion, and I hope that the troops in the west of the city are all transferred to the east of the cityMr.Timilenko, I know that this thing can be done, and you can do it without your own presence.Yes, is it With that, he picked up his hat and put it on.He bowed slightly to Dimilenko and Anna, and then left here He didn t need the couple to answer him.Several assault teams rushed up quickly, and then quickly wiped out the remaining enemies in the trench.They didn t pause at all, and immediately called the Tiger and Wasp to charge forward With arduous efforts again and again, these German soldiers occupied one position after another.A gap is slowly being opened.And Dawamirski would never be reconciled to such a situation.A large number of reserves were put on the battlefield, and immediately launched a counter charge to the German army.The loyal Dawamirsky quickly told Marshal Vasilevsky what happened here.When Vasilevsky learned that the 56th Army was launching a counter charge, he immediately ordered Davamirsky to stop such actions in a stern tone, and told him that it is not terrible for the German army to tear up the gap.The gap will inevitably slow down the marching speed of the troops, and by that time.He sat down.Wang Weiyi said straight to the point Now, I think you know the current situation better than I do.The powerful German army is about to enter Moscow.Here it is completely covered by the flames of war.Russia s final defeat is inevitableBut I I don t think you have to be afraid at all, because you are my friends Anna and Dimilenko were quietly relieved indeed, after the defeat at Stalingrad.A pessimistic mood hangs over the upper echelons of Moscow, and these guys who lead the entire Soviet Union already know it very well.Under the overwhelming German offensive, Moscow had no chance of holding on.Many people are looking for a way cbd just chill gummies out for themselves.In the past few days alone, Dimilenko personally uncovered seven cases of senior leaders having liaison with Germany.All seven of them were shot for treason without exception. Then, one tank after another drove out of Ziguang military base.The Soviet army waiting here to meet the train probably would never have thought of it anyway.In a place they thought was absolutely safe, so many enemies unexpectedly appeared.Most of these Russians don t know what they are here to respond to this time, and they don t even know the importance of this mission.So when a large number of German tanks appeared and attacked them immediately, the Soviet transport battalion was completely in chaos.They didn t carry tanks, they only drove a large number of cars, and as transport soldiers, they also lacked the necessary means to protect themselves.When the brutal massacre ended, a large number of Russians fell here.They died inexplicably. Wang Weiyi did not go after the escaped Russians, this is not their mission this time.Jonson, David, everyone He has been drawn into a trap, and now, what he has to do is how to gradually tighten the trap, and then complete all the tasks.Brody was walking towards here, and he immediately said with a smile Yes, Baron, this is cbd gummies for stress hillstone hemp cbd gummies a city with a lot of history, I suggest you take a good tour.Of course.Ah, Agent Annette, I still can t accept that a woman can become an agent, especially a beautiful woman like you.Wang Weiyi smiled and said trubliss cbd gummies to Annette who came over.Thank you for your compliment, Baron.Annette also smiled and said, But when it comes to beauty, no one can compare to your wife.As for the female agents There are many people like me in the CIA.Could it be that in the Netherlands Are women still discriminated against You and Seven Hundred Ninety Seven.The female agent s show will be staged in Dessau.Very close to Berlin.And I will send the Brandenburg commando to meet you.Ah, how many players do you have now Not counting Colonel Chelus, we still have 18 commandos and an m60 tank.So few Ah.I forgot that you can perform miracles even by yourself Wait, what did you just say You have an m60 tank Yes, I took it from the Americans.Relying on it, I worked with the commandos to defeat an infantry battalion and a motorized battalion of the US Army.Major Moyol, my head is a little confused now.You said, you defeated an infantry battalion and a motorized battalion of the US Army.A motorized battalion Yes.Indeed.Major, I noticed that you used the word defeat , are you sure General Olitz felt his voice tremble a little General, it is indeed a rout.Although we also lost fifteen commandos.But we can fully bear such a loss.If we count the seventy three American soldiers who were burned to death by us in Longenberg, our The harvest is indeed good.The other party didn t take it seriously at all, and General Olitz almost stopped breathing. Now he is extremely excited and wants to see what kind of person Major Moyol is who has created this series of miracles, and who is able to create these unimaginable miracles.Major.I will immediately give orders to the Brandenburg Commandos, and cbd gummies hemp extract they will leave immediately.Major.Please promise me one more thing, come back alive.Of course, General, I will come back alive Yes.The phone was hung up, but General Olitz was still standing hillstone hemp cbd gummies cbd nighttime gummies there in a daze.What happened, General Mark trubliss cbd gummies Linman asked curiously.Ah, everyone put down what you re doing.General Olitz reluctantly put down the phone in his hand, and then said slowly, Just now, I received a call from Major Moyol.Westmoreland has already lodged a strong protest to the Russian army, and the US government has also exerted strong pressure on the Russian government.Colonel Papasolovsky, who was already in trouble, was arrested and the Russians promised to hand him over to the Americans for interrogation.But despite this, cracks have appeared in the relationship between the United States and Russia.Now, the German skeleton commandos are invincible on the battlefield again.There are only things they don t want to do, and there is nothing they can t do.It is said that a huge skull battle flag has been flying in Brest, which has become a thorn in the heart of Westmoreland and all the allies.Fortunately, this news has not been cbd gummies diarrhea trubliss cbd gummies spread yet, otherwise it would be a great blow to the hearts of the frontline soldiers General, you must listen to this.In this period.Anti tank combat tactics have been greatly developed, and individual anti tank weapons have also been carefully developed.It is precisely because of these weapons that the anti tank capabilities of the German infantry will be brought to the extreme in future wars.Major.I think we have something like this.Guo Yunfeng took out a weapon without saying a word 72 bazooka This is a light anti armor individual weapon that the U.S.military has only equipped a large number of troops since last year.Canada, as an ally of the United States, has also been provided with a large number of 72 rocket launchers.However, Americans probably never dreamed that the 72 rocket launchers would be useful in the hands of the Germans.Major.Look, I have one here too.Richthofen whistled.Also trubliss cbd gummies picked up a 72 rocket launcher.But now That s all it seems.In a decisive battle where gunfire has no advantage at all, most of them will die here.Yes, Colonel, I think General Westmoreland will give a medal Wear it on your chest I don t think about medals.But the Germans desperate blows have to be vigilant.Make all soldiers ready for decisive battle Lieutenant Colonel, it s time.Wang Weiyi stood up slowly and picked up the weapon at hand Gentlemen, let s start.Gentlemen, let s start The members of the Manfred commando stood up silently The armed combatants of the Elder Combat Brigade stood up silently They walked out of their hiding places and followed Behind Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.Outside, no one knows what s going on, and no one knows what s going to happen.But what does that matter At least these soldiers.Take up arms again and fight for the glory of Germany The atmosphere trubliss cbd gummies in Ibor was tense to the extreme.They re coming from Bremen, they re going to Berlin.Avril Lavigne explained their situation What about you I was sent to do war service, you know, on a farm.But I told them that since the war was coming to an end, I must go home, the farm owner and his wife agreed to let me go, and now I want to go back to my family.Hana was also someone who was trying to find a way to get home, and it was the same situation as them, which was great.They had a dinner before going to bed.Avril wrote in her diary A soldier gave sister, me and Hana Made dinner and they were well looked after.Then we drank the last four bottles of wine we had left, and we raised our glasses for peace.Sometimes it is good to ignore what is going on around us, and not to think too much about what may happen tomorrow.But at this time, a huge danger quietly fell on the two sisters Eight hundred and thirty five.Immediately, under the leadership of Richthofen, a special team was established.Outside Berlin, Idland, December 7, 1965.Ederland was one of the most advanced positions on the outskirts of Berlin.The small town, like every German city that held out, was in ruins under Allied bombing.Some German soldiers are busy nervously, and the National Armed Forces composed of civilians are also nervously assisting these brave soldiers.Every day, wounded were being transported out, and new reinforcements were constantly entering.Therefore, when Richthofen led his squad into Idland, no one noticed them, and even interrogated them.None of the people.Who would come in here to wreak havoc at such a dangerous time Richthofen held a withered chamomile flower in his hand, and inserted it into a collapsed wall beside him, then lit a cigarette, and took a deep breath.I think, I will be able to witness all this with my own eyes, and I will be able to fight with the baron again, and I will protect you by your side.I believe, I believe, General Mario nodded vigorously.Then, I have to ask you one thing.Opperman said suddenly The national army needs someone with combat experience to command them, and you are such a candidate.You hillstone hemp cbd gummies cbd nighttime gummies can shoulder my task, hold the position in our hands, and even dedicate yourself to it Take your own life I do This is Mario s most solemn answer.Then, I think I can leave here in peace.Opperman breathed a sigh of relief, then exhausted his last strength and raised his right arm straight All for Germany After finishing speaking, his arms fell down limply.Feng.General Opperman died.This excellent German soldier fulfilled his oath to shed the last drop of blood for Germany, and fell on the land he loved so much.We re going to start shipping the first munitions.Of course, Germany needs a lot more.Even planes and tanks are included.These seemingly difficult things are actually not difficult for the people present.Lawrence nodded I agree, the situation in Berlin is urgent.The sooner the first batch of arms arrives, the better it will be.Help Germany.Whether Germany can hold on now will be the key to the success of our entire plan.Mr.Gates, you have a very good relationship with the Deputy Minister of Defense.I think you can help us transport the ammunition to Berlin smoothly, right Oh, no, don t use the Secretary of Defense for now.Gates said indifferently We have other ways, let me handle the delivery problem.As for the Deputy Minister of Defense, he will be used a lot in the future.Politics and money are always closely linked.In addition to the 9th Mechanized Infantry Regiment, he was also in command of the 242nd Wehrmacht Infantry Regiment, whose commander, Colonel Shubin, had recently been killed.The SS SS Aldridge 1st Class Assault Brigade will also participate in the battle.Enough, these troops are enough for me to achieve your combat objectives.Fritz, tell Colonel Versten.I will take over his command.Manstein smiled wryly Ernst, a German Marshal was there to act as a target in person, and you are still as crazy as before.You re just as calm as you were together.Wang Weiyi smiled faintly Fritz.Let s put on a good show at Faberman together.This sentence aroused all of Manstein s ambitions.Yes, in all the battles he and Ernst have cooperated with, they have never failed.This time will be the beginning of another victory He said into the phone with a firm and calm voice Ernst, I know that no one can influence your decision, but I can guarantee it.He turned left again onto Canal Street.I think it s all right.After Drake finished his story in Australia, Solomon said very nonchalantly, We ll check it out.Drake nodded yes.This is Boherie Street.Solomon introduced.Drake didn t say a word.When he first arrived in New York, he just stared blankly at this world famous slum.Solomon recognized the van parked on the side of the road.Where are we now Drake looked scared.The car pulled up behind the van.God, get me out of the car Drake tried to open the car door.At this moment, Solomon slammed his palm on his neck, and Drake collapsed on the seat.He didn t die, he just passed out.Solomon didn t want to kill innocent people indiscriminately.Exit Solomon Simultaneously with the car, Simon also got off the van.The two of them quickly lifted Drake into the dog ate cbd gummies van without saying a word.Wang Weiyi stared coldly at everything that happened on the battlefield.The German soldiers who were holding on to Levto, whether it was the SS or the trubliss cbd gummies grownmd cbd gummies amazon Wehrmacht, had done everything they could.They had realized their mission with their blood and lives.loyalty.Blood it always takes more blood to pay back Marshal, we have defeated the Russian left wing troops and are now rushing towards the city center.Karenbu came to him and said loudly.Very good, the battle here must end before dark tomorrow.Wang Weiyi still said in a cold voice Every minute we delay here, Robin Stall s casualties will increase.Yes, Marshal.Kalumbu hesitated for a moment We have captured some prisoners, some of whom have surrendered, and others I don t know how to deal with.Wang Weiyi glanced at him, compared to his father Rommel, Kalumbu s character lacks some boldness Kalumbu, we will always capture many prisoners.I have to say.I have never seen you Such a commander Wang Weiyi smiled faintly The tank roared in the direction indicated by Marshal cbd gummies diarrhea trubliss cbd gummies Ernst.What kind of scene will soon appear in front of them An ss6 is constantly suppressing a dilapidated small building with machine guns, and more than a dozen Russian soldiers are constantly throwing grenades.And in that small building, even though it was completely suppressed by the Russians, the sound of counterattacking guns still sounded tenaciously.The Russians were completely attracted by the battle ahead, coupled with the constant sound of guns and explosions, so that they didn t even notice that a German Leopard 9 appeared behind them.Major, do you know what you should do Wang Weiyi said coldly.Of course, Marshal.Major Raff s male hormones were stimulated by the battle in front of him.After closing the door, Wang Weiyi checked the weapons he was carrying, and then started the communication with Xiao Ling Xiao Ling, what happened to the investigation for me Check it out.Xiao Ling s voice came quickly The predecessor of the Russian Empire was the Free Russian Federation you established.The current tsar Boris Dramiliov Romanov is the distant nephew of the last Russian tsar Nicholas II.Survived the massacre of the Bolsheviks.After the Bolsheviks were overthrown, this penniless guy got the support of several former cbd gummies diarrhea trubliss cbd gummies Russian nobles and was pushed to the foreground.Inexplicably, he became the new generation of the Russian Empire., he is just a puppet The real power is the regent of Russia, Grand Duke Bierstoka Wait cbd gummies green otter a minute.The frowning Wang Weiyi interrupted Xiao Ling Beerstoka Could it be the Marquis Yes, it was the Marquis Bierstoka who was impoverished in the United States back then.200 million US dollars What kind of concept is this Even though Migrosky has been so successful in Russia and monopolized a large number of industries, his property has not reached such a sum.The Petergoff family Either he was extremely lucky, or he was bragging.But judging from his actions, he doesn t look like a liar.Now, those oil fields and industries can bring me tens of millions of dollars in profits every year Wang Weiyi still said in that faint tone.I trubliss cbd gummies really envy you for having such luck.Migroski regained his composure It s not that I have any doubts about your words, but it s just a coincidence that I also know the Wittgenstein family, and I also know Mr.Elliott, I don t think you If you object, I can have Ivan get in touch with Mr.Elliott to confirm your identity.Ah, please don t misunderstand my purpose, I just want to treat you as a friend better.There is no need to strengthen the Air Force.It is their duty for soldiers to serve the country.They can find excuses to continue to delay their wages.But the opportunity of the United States But it is really rare.Ilya trusted his father, so he nodded quickly.Mine.The future is all yours.Gregory patted his son s shoulder affectionately Do it with confidence.When the oil field is completed, a lot of money will continue to enter our pockets.Even if we don t become the grand duke, we can still live the life of a rich man in the United States Thinking of the luxurious American high society life, Ilya s adrenal hormones were stimulated.Your Excellency the Grand Duke, the Marquis of Andjak and the Marquis of Pereas are asking to see you.At this moment, such a voice came from outside.Gregory frowned when he heard his elder daughter and younger daughter begging for a visit I think they are probably here to ask for money again.Peter Goff.The genuine invitation letter was purchased by Capone from the secretary of Minister Andreas for a sum of money.Mr.Andreas didn t know how many guests he had invited, and all of them were arranged by his secretary.All he had to do was sign his name on the invitation letter.This invitation letter allowed Wang Weiyi to pass the security inspection at the gate smoothly When entering the manor, Wang Weiyi suddenly had a funny feeling.It is already the 1960s, but in Moscow, in the whole of Russia, there is still a group of old fashioned aristocrats who strictly abide by the old traditions.This is probably only the case in Russia When entering the manor, men and women can be seen everywhere, and everyone is talking about the banquet with great interest.The rebellion in Ukraine will be quelled soon.See you later, dear.See you soon Dear.Not long after, the sound of opening the door came, and then the sound of high heeled shoes gradually faded away.It s almost time.Wang Weiyi tidied up his clothes, walked out of his room, and pushed open the door of the room of the cheating couple.Ah, honey, why are you back again When Lilipolski, who had just put on his clothes, turned his head, a smile froze on his face Who are you Here they call me Mr.Peter Goff.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly But I actually don t like this name very much.I prefer to be called Baron Alexon.Baron Alexon Lily Polski muttered the name again, and suddenly his face changed Skeleton Baron ah.I guess you can call me that too.Wang Weiyi was still smiling there, and then a pistol with a silencer appeared in his hand I feel very sorry, originally in my plan, you were not a victim, even when I heard your name Not long.At this time, the U.S.military received a wrong information there is only one infantry regiment of the German Eighth Army , inferior weapons.Morale is low and crumbles at the touch of a button.It was under such circumstances that the U.S.military launched an offensive so easily.I don t know that there are already 16,000 German troops and nearly 1,000 people s national troops waiting here.As an observer, does cbd gummies cause dry mouth Chuck saw from the 6x telescope that the US military concentrated all its troops in the northeast direction, and the front row infantry lined up in search formation.The tanks in the rear were also loaded with infantry.At this time, all the parties were in place, more than 200 assault rifles were all loaded, and the safety of the rest was also opened.The ammunition hand transported boxes of grenades and iron fists to the fortifications covered with sandbags, and the iron box of mg62 machine gun bullets was pulled out and hung on the machine gunner s neck.This is tantamount to firing another shot at a person who has just had a scar all along, but the German army can only do this.There are no more armored units.No more Destroyer 3 tanks.Nothing.They can only hope that the US military will not dare to attack rashly.At 11 o clock in the evening that day, Chuck was lurking on the bell tower of a church in the suburbs cbd gummies for stress hillstone hemp cbd gummies that had not been bombed.The family is very nice.An SS soldier who had recognized him in battle climbed to the top of the bell tower.Handed Chuck a lunch box of goulash and bread, and patted him on the shoulder We are going to evacuate.There is really no way.The SS said guiltily You are actually making you alone.A tiger with all its teeth pulled out went to fight a pack of wild wolves There is no way, we can only obey.Chuck shook his head Take care, I will buy you a drink after the war After saying that, he handed over a bottle of beer, and did another trick The two enamel cups were made out like this, and a bottle of beer was so easily how will cbd gummies make me feel solved.Dive bombers can drop bombs with precision.They are the favorite aerial warhawks of the German armies Because they exist for the German army The Russians do not intend to give up the already easy victory They are still pounding And those, in Nocher s view.It s suicide above the sky.A warhawk that had turned its nose slowly drooped until the muzzles of the two machine guns on its wings rushed towards the densely packed Russian soldiers rushing towards the German army trubliss cbd gummies da da da da Nochier almost watched those Russians being torn apart by large caliber bullets.The fighter jet fired a perfect wave, then raised its nose and disappeared into the sky.And this is not the end, the formation of the Russians was in chaos, the second fighter plane came one after another, and their buttocks sank.A bomb accurately fell into the crowd of wyld pear cbd gummies review Russian soldiers.certainly.In this public opinion war, Germany s past help to Ukraine has also been constantly mentioned not only that.Marshal Kolkorok also quickly controlled those representatives of the staunch pro Russian faction.He will never allow any accidents to occur at critical moments in the war.Wang Weiyi was very satisfied with what Marshal Kolkorok had done War is not just about fighting.Everything determines whether we can win.The pro Russian faction can t give us anything except trouble.Marshal Cole Korok, I think you will become a very good politician, not just a soldier.Marshal Cole Korok had some smiles on his face I m just doing It s just what I should doYour Excellency the Baron, let s be honest, even if those pro Russian halo cbd gummies 250 mg elements are being monitored by us, they are not honest.but preparing to flee the country.Moreover, their stronghold has a lot of supplies.Our equipment is not at the same level as the enemy s.It seems that it is not easy cbd gummies kentucky trubliss cbd gummies to attract their attention.Ruddock glanced at Sweet, and said helplessly, Then what should we do, we re just wasting our time here Troman frowned, and said after a long time, I definitely have a solution.But it s not very likely.Make sure.Sweet patted Troman on the shoulder When is the time, just say it if you have a solution.We will also listen to mello cbd gummies see if it is feasible.It is not a national treasure that is still hidden.Unknown.This is indeed like a blind man.I think we can only wait now, wait for them to come out to patrol, and then take advantage of their empty barracks, partly attract the attention of their patrol troops, and partly go up and pull out this small stronghold What do you think As soon as he finished speaking, Ruddock immediately retorted This is not appropriate.S.troops in the middle were temporarily wiped out Hidden Hide away boom Boom The battle order cbd thc gummies on Samant Street has become a fierce stage.Indeed, as Desk said, this place is not suitable for defense.The road is too wide to deploy a large number of US tanks, and its close combat artillery also quickly deployed and set up artillery positions.Overwhelming the German army, while its large number of infantry marched quickly from the streets on both sides in order to defeat the German army from the flanks.Fire, fire, fire Want to fall Desk hid behind a pile of sandbags and kept blindly raising his rifle over his head and shooting indiscriminately in front of him.Desk Use heavy pressure The rabbi yelled, throwing a grenade.I forgot Desk got up and pressed the headset Heavy force high explosive bomb, target Central Bank of Samant Street Xiao Xiao Two high explosive shells fell from the sky and hit the middle of the American artillery accurately.If no good solution is found, I m afraid we ll Are you worried we ll lose this war William smiled No, I m sure we will win the war.In Teton, the powerful U.S.military is launching a continuous offensive with the support of absolutely superior weapons and troops.The local German and British coalition forces have suffered extremely heavy casualties.I have already spoken directly to Commander in Chief of Westmoreland.The Allied forces are rushing to the line from Teton to Schmering, where we will meet Ernst G.Bram s decisive battle begins The decisive battle Turner was taken aback.He never thought that Mr.President would regard it as the location of the decisive battle.We have an absolute advantage William suddenly looked high spirited In Berlin, the Germans are bound to fight to the death in order to defend their capital, and the opening of the Konstan base has allowed Germany to have a large number of new weapons again, and they have the capital to persevere to the end.At the junction of many main roads such as Samant Street, occupying and strengthening the defense of the crossroads can completely pinch the throat of the US army to 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Allied forces in terms of weapons and soldiers cbd gummies kentucky trubliss cbd gummies combat skills.To some extent, the Allied forces in Hanover are fighting against the strong with the weak.Coupled with the gap in commanding skills between the two commanders, Commodore Duby s ability to do this is pretty good.But what is a little strange is that the Baron Skeleton does not seem to be very worried about the current stalemate This is the most puzzling Even after the British Royal Third Division arrived on the trubliss cbd gummies battlefield, The Skeleton Baron did not immediately put this force into the battlefield, but has been using it as a general reserve Brigadier General Dolby suspects that there is some conspiracy in it, but no matter where it comes from Look, cbd gummies for stress hillstone hemp cbd gummies he couldn t figure out where the conspiracy was Maybe it was because the tense war made him worry too much Soon, Brigadier General Dolby completely threw away this faint worry Back of the head from July 1st.The poor gendarme was beaten with blood all over his face, and only then trubliss cbd gummies did he know what kind of person he had offended.And now he doesn t even have the chance to kneel down and beg for mercy.Go to hell, you bloody cbd gummies diarrhea trubliss cbd gummies bastard Pozik drew a foot long dagger from the scabbard strapped to his leggings, and stabbed the gendarme HCMUSSH trubliss cbd gummies in the face.But just as the blade was about to pierce the military policeman s face, Pozik s hand suddenly stopped as if he saw a roadblock truck on the highway one thousand thirty one.Mr.Will s dinner, the tough counterattack of the German army at home, and the embarrassment encountered by the Allied forces in Germany also caused an uproar in France.Especially after Yatezi Yetiri s miraculous speech, the French people s dissatisfaction with their government has reached a peak.Ryan could have killed Eric with a single shot just now, but his heart was full of anger Just when Eric jumped down from the spruce tree to attack the American soldiers, Ryan noticed the abnormal shaking of the spruce branch through the binoculars, and he immediately judged that it was from the Germans with his sixth sense.hiding place.Ryan has a kind of arrogance.When this sharp shooter appeared, he felt incredible.For the honor of the US military, he must make his opponent suffer double the panic and pain, and he must finish the cat and mouse game with that damned German.Try to insult him and kill him slowly, instead of shooting how long until cbd gummies take affect him without his knowledge, it s too cheap for that bastard.The duel between senior snipers is about perseverance and patience.However, the current situation is very unfavorable to Eric, and it is dangerous to stay in this dangerous place for an extra minute.As a soldier, I have the responsibility cbd gummies kentucky trubliss cbd gummies to ensure the stability of Paris General Robito continued I tell all the soldiers if they want to use the same radical method.Then the only possibility is to step on my dead body There was a burst of applause.General Robito kept everyone quiet again I will not allow a second war in Paris, this Would be a disgrace to a soldier.I will do everything in my power to keep Paris safe and Parisians safe.but.The death of Captain Hayes must be addressed.I think all honorable MPs also want to know the truth.So I request to set up a special investigation team composed of the military, with Mr.Berkeley, the former French police chief, as the team leader, to conduct a thorough investigation of this incident Oh, I have no objection to the establishment of a special investigation team At this point a congressman said But why Berkeley He was once the most loyal lackey of the Cathar government, and his hands were stained with the blood of revolutionaries No, he is a meritorious minister General Robito said slowly He has always been a sympathizer of the revolution, and even actively rescued Aurangier when he was arrested.Hiram Horror burst out in Seiler s eyes.He saw the helicopter abandoning them and flying straight towards Second Lieutenant Hiram who hadn t entered the forest.Second Lieutenant Hiram, who was evading tactically backwards, was not so lucky.Although the shock wave did not hurt him, he was too close to the trubliss cbd gummies explosion point, so that the periosteum was traumatized by the sound , which directly affected the cerebellum, lowered his sense of balance, and made him feel like he didn t know where he was after he stood up.Hiram, hurry cbd isolate gummies uk up Pound yelled at Second Lieutenant Hiram, trubliss cbd gummies and he saw the helicopter flying overhead, attacking the single Second Lieutenant Hiram.Pounce on Second Lieutenant Hiram, trying to tear his body apart.No one s body can withstand a 30mm caliber bullet, no matter where it lands, it will be torn apart instantly.He has contacted General Cacchino many times.Coupled with the changes in the battlefield situation, General Cacchino s heart is changing.There was a whats cbd gummies do sharp shake.Many of the troops we raise are battlefield defections.Followed Her Majesty again, and General Cacchino didn t care about it.Yesterday, Sir Rosen had a new conversation with him.We are excited that General Cacchino will be arriving at our Combined Command this evening to meet Her Majesty the Queen.Wang Weiyi smiled.This is an exciting news that he heard before the official implementation of the New Sea Lion Project Cacchino is a military idol erected by the Fenton government.And using This idol came to attack the Fenton government.There is nothing more wonderful than this Queen Elizabeth II secretly appeared in the German British joint command, this queen may be the essence of In order to return to London, she did not stay in Berlin, which is relatively safe, but went to the front line at the risk.For three days and three nights, 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tell you is that your American widow has been sent to Spain at your requestthat is a fascinating country.You will be there incognito Live a life of luxury and pleasure Even so I can t do it.Although the mind has wavered.But Barack still knew what a dangerous and terrifying task it was Wang Weiyi handed over a black suitcase that he carried with him to Barack without saying anything.Barack opened the suitcase suspiciously, and then his eyes were completely straight.It s all in pounds sterling.This is a peculiar psychology of cbd gummies kentucky trubliss cbd gummies people, as soon as the check also represents money, but it is far less tempting than cash.It is always reassuring to hold money in your hands.To be honest, he has no way to blow up a factory of this size.All he wants is to cause a big commotion and shock London and the Fenton government again Major Schuster is in charge of the security work here.He also received the news that the guerrillas attacked the barracks in the outskirts half an hour ago, but in his opinion, this seems to have nothing to do with him.His only task is to ensure that the army Factory safety.When Captain Bram appeared in front of him.Major Schuster checked his credentials carefully, and even made a special phone call to verify it.The cautious behavior of the British was fully revealed by Major Schuster.It s coming to check again.It s always checking every day.Major Shuster returned the ID to the other party It s really a headache.Every once in a while, different people are always sent trubliss cbd gummies to check.Ah, now Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the successor of George V, has been exiled overseas under the coup d tat of some conspirators, and you will continue to serve such a coup d tat Reeves looked embarrassed.Yes, each of them took such an oath, and in that sense they all betrayed their oath.Mr.Tinland, I think you must Understand our difficulties Reeves sighed We are only soldiers, and we have no way to interfere in politics.To be trubliss cbd gummies honest, I am quite dissatisfied with the current political situation, but what can I do Do you want me to mutiny No, what you did was not a mutiny.Will said indifferently In my opinion, you must carefully consider the future of yourself and the soldiers of the 8th Brigade.The Axis powers are about to land.Do you think the Fenton government can win No, they re clearly about to lose, so what about you and your soldiers To be a martyr for the Fenton government Or make the right choice again Colonel Reeves, I think you should think carefully.At that time, which side will Her Majesty the Queen stand on Your Excellency the Baron will stand again.On which side That s an Irish affair.We have no intention of meddling Will replied without hesitation At the same time declare allegiance to the Queen Or continue the civil war What I can assure you is that Her Majesty s army will never interfere.The German army will not intervene even more.It is better to solve 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objected, not a single one.General Cassano finally stood up and took the phone from his adjutant I am Cassano, the commander of the Second Armored Army General Candra, we have been on trubliss cbd gummies the phone for so long.Cooperation, but I will not miss it.From now on, my troops and I will renew our allegiance to Her Majesty, until all Americans are off our land.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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