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It flows inside, and the jade pendant is exquisitely carved, which seems to be of great value It is obviously impossible for this to be left by the police, and I did not have it myself Could it be that it was left by the person last night After picking up the key at the property and entering my uncle s house, I was so relieved that I just fell asleep on the sofa.In vegan cbd gummies near me my dream, I dreamed that I was wearing a big red ancient wedding dress, and walked into a very simple courtyard.The surroundings of the courtyard vegan cbd gummies near me were covered with red cloth, and there were gilded happy characters on it.The two bright red coffins set off the strange atmosphere very strangely.A man dressed in bright red, who looked like a bridegroom official, stood beside the coffin.He couldn t see his face clearly, but he could see his pale face.The old woman really died a year ago, so what happened to the old woman I saw Before I could ask, the police s mobile phone rang, and he answered the call and gave me a meaningful look, telling me to contact them before leaving.On the way home, I felt trembling when the wind blew gently, as if some person passed by me.I just walked to the door of my uncle s house, only to find that the big red box that I had thrown far away appeared at the door again.It was only thought to be my uncle s thing by the neighbor next door, so I put it back at the door, and I couldn t help feeling deeply Taking a breath, he quickly stepped forward to pick it up and took it to a trash can outside the community.Just about to throw it down, he received a text message from an unfamiliar number.There are some things, you d better not throw them away.Chen Yanjin, please don t let me survive this time.Otherwise, if I don vegan cbd gummies near me t kill you, I ll take your skin off At the moment when the broom was about to hit me in the stomach, I gritted my teeth fiercely, rolled to the side with all my strength, dodged his attack, and before I had time to breathe, he again He took a broom and called me fiercely.At this vegan cbd gummies near me moment, I have long been limp on the ground, and I can only watch helplessly as the broom hits my stomach, unable to recover.I hate I hate myself for being involved in this chess game for no reason, hate myself for being powerless at the moment, but I don t hate the people who plot against me, I want them to know that I am not easy to mess with At the moment when the broom was about to hit my stomach, a wave suddenly flashed in the air, and the broom instantly shattered into pieces in the air, and the corpse was also sent flying a long way by this force.Daoist, do you think it s better for me to be a teacher or to stay temporarily Unexpectedly, the old man shook his head and said that neither apprenticeship nor temporary residence is good.The tendency to drive people away scared me into a cold sweat.When I raised my head again, I saw the old man smiled and whispered in his mouth.Temporary residence is more suitable for you.It seems that my uncle had already planned everything for me before I came, probably because he was afraid that Gu Yicheng would continue to make trouble for me at home alone, so he let me come vegan cbd gummies near me here.After exchanging a few pleasantries, the old man asked the woman from before to accompany me home to pack my things, and then went back upstairs.As soon as the old man left, the woman vegan cbd gummies near me delta 10 cbd gummies rushed to my side and smiled at me like a flower.But the way he laughed was particularly frightening.I couldn t help but swallowed and looked at him.Wh what account Junli raised his eyebrows, a sense of amusement suddenly appeared on his face, and he walked towards me step by step, only to hear a click , I was forced to hit the wall by him.But Jun Li stretched out a hand, and put it on my cheek, bent his head slightly, and put it behind my ear.Did you forget In one sentence, the surrounding air was instantly lowered a lot, and the cold wind blew on my body, making all the goosebumps on my body stand up.He shook his head nervously, but Junli suddenly reached out, touched my right cheek and raised my face, forcing me to look at him.Afterwards, he rolled his eyes, brought his face down a bit, breathed on my face as he spoke, and almost opened his mouth against my lips.It went on like this for a while, and grandma s eyes widened instantly.The moment she opened her eyes, there were no pupils in her eyes, and the whites of her eyes hemp vs cbd gummies for anxiety were very scary under the light of the fireworks.Afterwards, grandma put the oil lamp in her hand in the center of the circle, stepped back a few steps, and, like the surrounding wampes, all raised their hands above their heads and began to kowtow and kneel down.The ground under the oil lamp suddenly trembled, as if something was about to HCMUSSH vegan cbd gummies near me break out of the cocoon.Although it is far away, I can vaguely feel that the faster the shaking frequency, the more excited grandma and the yellow skin underneath.Not long after, the shaking suddenly stopped, but the ground began to make the sound of soil sinking.After a while, a blood red coffin emerged from the ground.A chill rose from my back, and I felt that grandma still had a lot vegan cbd gummies near me delta 10 cbd gummies of things to hide from me.I even felt that the trouble in Huang Pizi s grave was all vegan cbd gummies near me arranged by grandma.The purpose is to make those yellow skins owe her a favor, so that they can use these yellow skins to lead out the blood colored coffin.The pores all over my body stood up, I just felt that the people around me were too scary, and trublue cbd gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies for smoking there was only one thought in my heart, which was to escape The farther the escape, the better, otherwise, if I stayed here, I might not even be left with scum At this moment, grandma stood up suddenly, stretched out her hand and touched my cheek, a flash of vegan cbd gummies near me distress flashed in her eyes.I ll ask your uncle to take you away in a while, don t come back by yourself, it s dangerous.I really wanted to shake off grandma s hand, but looking at her face eroded by the years, I held back up.Otherwise, I will only be reduced to a pawn in the end.This meal trublue cbd gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies for smoking was eaten peacefully, with a familiar taste, just like the meal my uncle brought me last time.Grandma hasn t seen me for a few years, but she came all the way to the city just to cook me a meal.I think she misses me very much, right It seemed that my uncle had pinpointed it correctly.As soon as my meal was finished, he would appear, nod to grandma, and let me go with him.Before leaving, grandma held my hand tightly and said the same words to me as my uncle.We won t harm you.But they kept too many things from me.If you talk about the me before, I will definitely believe the things my grandma told me.But for me now, I always feel that my grandma just talked superficially, and didn t tell me the most fundamental things.Otherwise, what s the matter with Junli and I taking care of Gu Yicheng And why did he appear in my dreams frequently and wanted to marry me while he had a long standing grievance with the Xiao family I didn t give him much response to grandma s words, and I didn t even look back at her when I got into my uncle s car.Later, when I saw my dead body in the west building, I found that I was plotted against.And the person plotting me was your relatives, and you brought me I went to the west building.So, it was because of this that you hugged Chu Lianqiao and walked away angrily, right When Junli paused, I asked out my doubts.I never thought about it, but Junli shook his head at me.I know if I don t leave, your uncle and your grandma won t let you go back here.My palms warmed up, and my heart was beating violently in the atrium.In other words, Junli has always believed in me and didn t misunderstand me Inexplicably, a feeling of satisfaction and being trusted suddenly appeared in my heart, it s so good But the next second, Junli let go of me, and smiled at me brilliantly.Now let s talk about the vaginal fetus in your stomach.Qin Zheng has been looking for me for so long and can t find me.Naturally, he can t be boring himself.After much deliberation, I always feel that it is abnormal for Suxiu not to contact me.Could it be my uncle s handwriting It can be said that Uncle is the person who vegan cbd gummies near me shows up the least in the whole chess game and seems to have the least interaction.If it wasn t for the showdown between me and Gu Yicheng that my uncle appeared to save me, it would be mail order cbd gummy iowa really hard for me to think of my uncle together with the person who plotted against me.He is obviously the vegan cbd gummies near me green ape cbd gummies near me person who has the most incompatibility with each other, but he has secretly laid out a huge chess game.I have a feeling that Junli will come to save me, I will leave with Junli, or even meet Junli, it s all in my uncle s plan.It s really scary to have such a strategist by his side, but stay out of the way, a person who is bio lyfe cbd gummies amazon vegan cbd gummies near me deep in the city.Because if I don t open the door, the door can be cracked by Suxiu I just stepped forward and opened the door, only to see that Suxiu brought in big and small bags, threw them beside the sofa and sat down unceremoniously, patting me on the shoulder while sitting.I m afraid that something will happen to you alone.I want to come out and stay with you for a are cbd gummies legal in tennessee few days.The master disagrees.I vegan cbd gummies near me quarreled with him and was kicked out.I am really homeless.Before I could answer, she turned the table Last night I drank half of the water I drank, and just after drinking it, I gasped and asked me something.Am I loyal enough The one who laughed was called slutty.Seeing her expression, I couldn t help laughing, it s nice to have friends.She raised her eyebrows at Suxiu and said.Enough.I chatted with Su Xiu for a while, and then let her stay in the room next to me.It was Junli I just raised my head, and saw a trace of forbearance flashing in Junli s eyes.Just for a moment, he seemed to notice it.My gaze will soon be hidden away, and the pair of yo he pupils are like a bottomless ice pool, completely calm.Obviously there is no emotion in it, but I just took a look, and I was almost sucked into the darkness under his eyes.I was so scared that I took a tight breath, and immediately moved my eyes away, and then wanted to look at the man who looked exactly like Junli just now.Suddenly, he disappeared And the red oil lamps around have faded away, only the circle of red candles is left to remind me that what happened just now is not illusory.The surroundings suddenly became quiet, and there was no more sound.It was so quiet that one could even hear the sound of burning candles.But at this time, I could no longer maintain my previous composure, and panicked I was trembling all over, and I could clearly feel the sarcasm from Gu Yicheng.Second obeisance to the high hall.A few seconds later, the voice of Daoist Wukong sounded again, and I was once again severely pressed down by the shadow beside me.Even though I don t want it in every way, it seems that everything has long been a foregone conclusion.I was very scared, my whole heart was hanging in the air, and my face was as pale as if soaked in formalin.He silently recited Junli countless times in his heart, but Junli really did not appear as Gu Yicheng said.The paler my complexion was, the more proud Gu Yicheng s face became, as if he had already planned everything and controlled the overall situation.The sound of husband and wife praying to each other sounded from my ears, my heart was already half cold, a feeling of powerlessness emerged spontaneously, tears rolled down the corners of my eyes, I tried desperately to struggle, but was pressed down by the paper man beside me tighter.He gave it to me, and finally told me not to die alone, if you really want to find Junli, you can go to Suxiu to accompany me.When I saw the landlady s old lady talking about Suzhou embroidery, I was a little surprised, but I didn t think much about it, I just felt a little strange seeing this tomb of a troubled face in the world.After all, when Gu Yicheng forced the marriage, he said something to Junli.Fuyan s corpse is in my hands.If Fuyan s corpse is in his hands, then who will be buried in Fuyan s tomb Also, what was the meaning of that dream I had last night Why do I have such a strange dream, and the sentence in the dream.I would like to be anonymous, so I can take vegan cbd gummies near me your surname.Did this sentence come from the hands of Huo Yan I immediately called the landlord s old lady again, but I still couldn t get through.There is no doubt that this is Jingmen.But when Suxiu saw the word Jing , she went crazy, pulled me excitedly with one hand, and pointed at the handwriting on the door with the other.Huayan s handwriting I nodded and said nothing, but Qingjingzi glanced at Suxiu in disgust, and subconsciously stepped back a few steps.When I saw his behavior, I couldn t help but burst out laughing.Just about to walk towards Jingmen, Qingjingzi suddenly stopped and stopped me and Suxiu, pointed to the somewhat messy footprints on the ground and opened his mouth.Before us, someone has already entered through Jingmen.Seeing this, I raised my eyebrows and asked.Is there more than one person After asking this question, I couldn t help but have some guesses in my heart, maybe Junli also entered vegan cbd gummies near me the tomb of Huoyan from Jingmen, right Qingjingzi did not respond to me, but locked her eyes on the hand that started the game again, and then pushed open the door of Jingmen.Weakness, does it mean that you must be a sheep at the mercy of others Playing such a big game of chess, let me know that there are tigers in the mountain, and I prefer to go to the mountain.Want to invite the king into the urn Then I want to let you know what it means to lure a wolf into a house But the uncle moved, took out a dust whisk from behind, and snapped his hands quickly, summoning the dead baby in the iron coffin and the corpses on the ground before his eyes.The next moment, my red lips parted, and I whispered a word into the air.Broken Before the dead babies and the corpses on the ground appeared in vegan cbd gummies near me front of my uncle, they were crushed into powder by a force in the air.The blood in the dead baby and the corpse spurted out instantly, covering the surrounding air with a layer of haze, but it seemed to embellish a bit of bloody background for me, making it more alluring.It was very cold on the floor, and gusts of yin air shot directly into the joints through the clothes.I was so cold that I couldn t stop shivering all over my body, but at this moment, the long hair cbd gurus gummies of the female ghost gradually fell from my ankles.It spread all the way to my thighs, as if I would never give up without wrapping my whole body in her hair.I kept shaking my legs and tried to break free, but her hair entangled my legs tighter and tighter.The pain was so painful that I didn t even have the strength to resist Seeing that the hair was about to It spread to the lower abdomen, if I don t take out something to stop it now, I won t be able to take it out again The moment I thought about it, there was a smell of burning in the air.I turned my eyes and found that the yellow talisman that Zhao Yiyun gave me spontaneously ignited out of thin air just for a moment.I watched this black line slowly close my eyes.There used to be a black line at this position, bio lyfe cbd gummies amazon vegan cbd gummies near me but it represented my child Chapter 79 The Bloody Girl Turns Madly Suddenly Showing a sad look, the blood girl frowned and came up to me and asked me what was wrong.I looked back at her and quickly concealed my emotions, and said something to her with a smile.It s nothing, I m very happy to have a contract with you.But what I said was too inconsistent with the expression I showed before.The blood girl looked at me suspiciously, but didn t dare to ask more questions.After cbd thc melatonin gummies all, everyone has their own territory in their hearts.More or less, big or small, only you can enter, others can t get in if you want to, and you can t get out if you want to go out, forming a world of its own.The blood girl glanced at me gratefully, and said something softly to me.Jiaojiao, I love you and want to protect you, but you don t accept my favor, so I can only keep you from being obtained by anyone, the voice just finished.He suddenly made a formula with both hands, and the fluent formula was blurted out in an instant.Old Master Taishang, teach me to kill ghosts, and give me the magic formula.Calling on the jade girl, it is ominous to take pictures.Climbing rocks are cracked.Wearing a seal.Wearing a canopy on your head, walking on your feet, supporting Liujia on the left, and Liuding on the right.Front There is the Yellow God, and then there is Yuezhang.The god master kills, does not avoid the powerful, first kills the evil spirits, and then kills the night light.If the ghost does not subdue, the thunderbolt will shatter.Haste is like a law.The yellow talisman flew out of his hand and hit the bloody girl fiercely., Kill the world with the palm of your trublue cbd gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies for smoking hand Cloudscape Although Yunjing didn t say anything, he didn t express it, but it can be seen from his love of making tea that people who love tea naturally cherish tea.Xiao Jue smashed Yunjing s tea set over and over again.It was two consecutive violations of Yunjing s bottom line.Sure enough, in the next second, Yun Jing s forehead was stained with a touch of frivolous anger.If it weren t for his desireless temperament, he might really be able to get angry and fight Xiao Jue directly.If it is said that Xiao Jue was a literati who strategized and played chess secretly, but now he feels like a reckless man.The difference is that he has more scheming skills than a reckless man.Seeing that Yunjing didn t speak, Xiao Jue just stood up from the stool angrily, but seeing a flash of killing intent in Yunjing s eyes, Xiao Jue immediately sat down.Maybe it s because we spend a lot of time together, and I have become a friend and teacher to Yunjing, so I asked boldly He said a word.Aren t you going to see me off Yun Jing, who had already turned around, didn t expect that I would ask this question at are cbd gummies bad all.He froze in place, and it took him a long time to hear a sound.The moment the sound came out, he quickened his pace ahead of time.Yunjinghe actually told me that he is a road idiot Although his back is facing mine, I can always hear his embarrassment from his tone, as if he hates others knowing that he doesn t know the way, it s so cute that my face is bloody, no wonder he doesn t say this at all A mountain villa.After I got home, I called the blood girl several times and she didn t come out.On the contrary, she appeared just before I went to bed.When Junli heard this, he said Oh , and said that he wanted Yunjing to help him figure out where Xiao Xiao was and whether it was safe.As soon as he finished speaking, the anger bursting out of Yun Jing could almost burn everything within three hundred meters.Aren t you looking for Xiao Xiao Junli nodded as if he didn t see his angry face, and said yes, I just want to see if she is safe or not.Yun Jing was so choked by Jun Li that he couldn t speak anymore, and he ordered the people behind him to get paper and pens, and just when I was worried that he would let me start the game, he ignored me completely and quickly.Arrange the time, stems and branches on the paper, and then set the Yinshield, Arrangement, Tianpan, Nine Palaces, Eight Gates, Nine Stars, and Nine Gods.In less than two minutes, Yunjing directly started a situation, but instead of prevaricating with unfamiliar words like he did to Xiao Jue before, he directly said something to Junli.I asked Yun Jing, why didn t Junli get too close to women Yunjing smiled at me mysteriously, saying that he thought Junli was short sleeved before.I shuddered when I heard it, and said ah , and asked him what he meant Later he told me that when he trublue cbd gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies for smoking knew Junli before, he was chasing a man, and later best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress trublue cbd gummies he found out that the man was a woman, but before he chased the man, there was a woman who approached him about one meter away , he will throw that person out.After HCMUSSH vegan cbd gummies near me I heard this, my complexion turned pale in an instant.Although I knew that Junli had a dewy beauty with Fuyan before, I never thought that Junli would be such a person before.Just wanted to gossip and best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress trublue cbd gummies ask Yun Jing who the person Jun Li was chasing after, but Yun Jing s complexion changed instantly, as if he realized that he had talked too much and directly vegan cbd gummies near me changed the topic elsewhere.There is not even a street lamp.The road ahead depends entirely on grandma s head.Lighted by the oil lamp.The surrounding wind is very strong, and it is very evil.It blows on my body and freezes me all over.I almost jumped up from the ground.It was the cloud scene that held my shoulders and gave me some warmth.Okay, I just calmed down.The moment how much is 500mg cbd gummies Yunjing put his hand on my shoulder, I clearly felt a sense of displeasure.It was Junli who looked back at us at this moment, and that gaze was tightly locked on Yunjing s hand on my shoulder.On the hand on the shoulder, in the eyes, apart from a bit of displeasure, there was even an expression that I couldn t understand.Junli, this is what s wrong You must know that since I saw Junli these days, not only did I not exchange more than three sentences with him, but even his eyes rarely stopped on me.Every time Yayang dies.But at the same time, the small group of yellow skinned children who were following us unexpectedly walked into the grass in front of us one by one, looking at the rows of green eyes on both sides of the road, my heart couldn t stop it.Trembling Chapter 92 Yin Coffin Nervously clenched the whisk in his hand, perhaps feeling the existence of the beauty puur cbd gummies melatonin picture, I suddenly realized, what the hell am I afraid of Am I still the Xiao Xiao who was always plotted against I have pictures of beauties, white jade pendants, and evil books in my hand.There is still a blood girl hanging around my neck, what have I to be afraid of The sudden fighting spirit made me straighten the joystick in an instant, and my white face gradually became rosy.Yayang Cloth Technique.At this time, we had already reached the end of the mountain path, and layers of black mist formed around us, covering up the scene in front of us a lot.A scent of ink came from the tip of my nose.I suddenly widened my eyes, but in the next second, Junli threw it directly on the floor.One hurt, and the back of my head hit the floor directly.At the same time, Yun Jing also jumped down from the top.Looking at my miserable appearance, he gave a tsk tsk and joked.Junli, you really don t eat fireworks in the world, and you don t care about fragrance and jade at all.Do you still plan to be a broken sleeve Junli didn t even give Yunjing a look, but walked to the side on his own, carefully Take a closer look at the murals on the wall.Yun Jing stepped forward and pulled me up, pulled me up from the ground, and said kindly , he saw that I had been staring at Junli all the way, so he wanted to create opportunities for me, but he didn t expect Jun Li is so ignorant.I think she left because of you, right When he said this, his tone was quite calm.But when he found out.When he said that Chunxia was missing, Junli didn t even react at all, and suddenly became furious, and he almost missed a fight with Junli.Junli, who the hell are you showing that face to at this moment Didn t you care about Chunxia before What s the matter, Xiao Xiao is back, so you don t care anymore Huh Junli, you Damn talking Do you think Chunxia is ugly She is not as good looking as Xiao Xiao When I heard Yunjing say this, my face darkened for a moment, but Junli couldn t hold back her laughter anymore.This time, Yun Jing was completely annoyed, and he rushed vegan cbd gummies near me to Jun Li.Shaking Junli s shoulders fiercely, the actions of the two men seemed a bit weird no matter how you looked at them.Presumably, if Yun Jing kept talking, he and Jun Li would be able to reveal all their little secrets.The next second, Jun left his mouth and said something to Yunjing.Don t worry, nothing will happen to Chunxia.I have nothing to do with Xiao Xiao.But just after Junli s words fell, Yunjing was even annoyed.He opened his hand, pointed at Junli and said a word.What s the matter with Xiao Xiao It s all right if she lives in your house If it s nothing to do with Xiao Xiao, what s the matter with Chunxia She disappeared in an accident, and you re still so calm Before Jun could leave his mouth to speak, Yun Jing spoke again.Added a sentence.Junli, I found out HCMUSSH vegan cbd gummies near me that you are really a beast.As soon as he finished speaking, Junli s face darkened for an instant, and I kept holding back my full smile until I couldn t bear it anymore, and just ignored the two of them The battlefield ran upstairs to the room, and the moment he turned around, he almost fainted vegan cbd gummies near me delta 10 cbd gummies from laughing.After all, I have remembered what should be recorded and photographed, and I have finished watching what should apetropics cbd gummies be left to me.Qin Zheng and I stood outside the toilet door, watching the policemen and funeral home workers busy cleaning up the scene, no one said a word.But the moment a funeral home worker came over to tear up the face on the mirror, I suddenly let go of his hand and pulled him behind him, but he was caught off guard, and he was tripped by the corpse under his feet and fell to the ground , his face fell directly into the peach blossomed belly of the corpse.Qin Zheng quickly pulled him up, but the moment he pulled up the staff member, he suddenly found that his face was vegan cbd gummies near me gone Seeing this, a policewoman at the side screamed in fright, and everyone ran to our side when they heard the sound, but at this moment, the face stuck on the mirror was blurred by the mirror bit by bit.As soon as the sound fell, the air seemed to be torn apart by a force, and the expression of the woman pretending to be a disaster was forever frozen in horror, and she was torn to pieces by this force in the air.After the woman died, I turned my eyes directly back to Bi Se s hand, and vegan cbd gummies near me the constant aura around her made her afraid like a king descending.You want to kill me The voice that came out of her mouth was very cold, but Bi Se was already scared to death.Are you so scared Another sound came out, and Bi Se s mouth came out with a look of misfortune, it was impossible, as if she had no strength to fight.There was a sneering smile on the face of I , and the hand pinching her neck was vegan cbd gummies near me a little harder.The moment the white jade pendant flew out of my pocket, it turned into a short white jade blade and landed firmly on the ground.What kind of book is this Upon hearing this, Jun Li sarcastically replied two words.history books.At the same time, my mobile phone rang suddenly.I just picked it up to check and found that it was a text message from Yunjing.Chapter bio lyfe cbd gummies amazon vegan cbd gummies near me 141 Chu Lianqiao Yunjing sent me a text message saying that he is going to enter Fuyan s tomb now, and he doesn t know if he will be back in a few days, and asked me to wait for him and avoid contact with Junli.He also scolded Junli and Xiao Xiao from head to toe in his vegan cbd gummies near me usual arrogant tone, saying that Junli vegan cbd gummies near me likes the new and dislikes the old, and is ungrateful.Talking about being entangled with Xiao Xiao.I just finished reading this text message, and just trublue cbd gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies for smoking as I was thinking about how to reply, I felt a chill on the back of my neck.When I turned around, I saw Jun Li s half smile expression, my heart trembled, and I said something.Old Shen, do you still remember me The next second, Bi Se s thin and charming voice suddenly sounded.Chapter 147 Bi Se s Identity The old man raised his head and glanced at Bi Se to the stranger.I m sorry, I don t have a very good memory, are you Bi Se smiled coquettishly, and covered her mouth with her hands, looking very enchanting, not to mention, with the hidden smile of a lady in ancient times.teeth feel.Mr.Shen.You don t remember me, but I know you.Mr.Shen didn t answer, but glanced at Bi Se suspiciously, but Bi Se sat directly in front of the old man, speaking so loudly that everyone was afraid Can t seem to hear.I heard vegan cbd gummies near me that Mr.Shen has a scroll of beauties in his hand that will be put up for auction.Is this news true At first, I was the only one looking at Bi Se, but just after Bi Se finished speaking, Xiao Jue s eyes turned straight.The demon s seal is loose, and after running away to wipe his afterimage, it is very likely that Junli and Granny Liao have gone to Changbai Mountain.They made an appointment I asked, Yunjing said no, let me stop thinking about it Too much, how easy is it to strengthen the seal, you won t be able to come back in half a month, let me prepare for tomorrow s auction, and then hang up on me directly I have my phone.Standing there in a daze for a long time, not coming back for ten days and half a month, but Jun Li has been gone for almost ten days, right Early the next morning, I specially took off the big cotton jacket and big fat trousers that I often wear, and put on a more fashionable formal suit.My waist length hair was let down, and I specially messed it up., tucked behind the ears, with a little makeup on her face, if you ignore the big mole on her mouth, she can be regarded as a cbd thc sour gummies vegan cbd gummies near me middle class beauty.I will find a way to vegan cbd gummies near me get your father and queen to take you back to the palace.The little man whispered something to her.Shi Tian, thank you.Feng Shitian smiled, wiped away the tears on the beggar s face, and asked a question like an adult.Sister, don t cry.Your father and mother didn t give you a name, so how about I give you one When the beggar heard this, he nodded excitedly, and smiled, revealing the shallow jimmy buffett cbd gummies website dimple at the corner of his mouth If there is something wrong with these two identical little people, it must be that there is a small dimple at the corner of Qi er s mouth.Father named me Feng Shitian because he wanted me to be like a man.I want to be released in the sky, so what s the matter Since the father has put the burden of this man in my hands, then sister Just enjoy the blessings of Qi people.Feng Jiu was wearing a green dress, standing beside Feng Shitian, acting like a clown, without any of her complexion and elegance.But the Crown Prince of Yan Kingdom is not close to women at all.Crown Princess Feng Jiu has been married for such a long time, and there is only one title of Crown Princess, and there is no real progress at all.So when Jun Li looked at such a beautiful Feng Shitian, he only took a few more glances than ordinary women, and didn t react much, and directly ordered the soldiers to attack the city how to shop cbd gummies The fighting next to the ear sounded again.But the emperor and vegan cbd gummies near me empress were vegan cbd gummies near me all dead, and Feng Shitian even stood on top of the imperial city dressed in women s clothes without any intention of resisting.All the soldiers of Chu State who could surrender surrendered, and those who could not surrender also died.Chapter 169 Huang Fu Spontaneous Combustion And Yun Jing once told me that the beauty picture is as mysterious as the woe face, no one knows what mystery is in him, now Junli can tell me so easily, the beauty picture Sealing the Record of Hundred Ghosts always makes me feel a little strange I couldn t help but mention Feng Shitian s name again in front of Junli s eyes.Wanting to see Junli s reaction, he didn t avoid it this where to buy cbd products in forest va gummies time, but asked me who told me about Feng Shitian I almost blurted out the word Yunjing, but I swallowed it down, and said a word to Jun Li.I just know, tell me who Feng Shitian is.Jun Li didn t answer my question, but asked me instead.You already know the name, don t you know who she is In a word, I choked to death, but I have to admit that if Junli wants to tell you about something, he will tell you directly, and if he doesn t want to tell you, he won t say a word if you ask him Sighing, it was already getting late, and I was about to go upstairs to sleep when my phone rang.The words are somewhat disrespectful.My servant said, this servant said This servant is here to tell the truth, please don t let the emperor and queen know The emperor s voice asked why Princess Rong Le s sedan chair stopped at the side, and the two gossiping servants were so frightened that they knelt on the ground and trembled, Feng Shitian replied flatly.Father, it s my son in law who saw a very beautiful wild flower on the side of the road, and just asked the maid to pick it.The emperor told Feng Shitian to follow quickly.Then the vegan cbd gummies near me sequence was lost, Feng Shitian asked the two gossiping eunuchs and maidservants to get up and get into her sedan chair, and then the sedan chair moved again.Although Feng Shitian was only seated in this sedan chair, it was very spacious, more than enough to accommodate ten people.The two servants knelt in front of Feng Shitian, and planned the disaster star Feng Jiu according to the Emperor Chu s plan.Feng Shitian told Feng Shitian the script verbatim.After vegan cbd gummies near me she heard this, she didn t make a sound for a long time.The two servants panicked and looked at each other, but they couldn t figure out what the eldest princess was thinking in her heart.It wasn t until Feng Shitian raised his eyes that their aura calmed down.Looking at Feng Shitian with a pair of impatient eyes.Then do you know where my sister who was born with my mother is now Although the voice was very immature, there was coercion in the tone.But it does not reduce what the emperor and queen brought.The two servants shook in fear.The one who didn t know just said it, Feng Shitian said um , and they both kowtowed quickly, knocking the wooden sedan chair loudly.I m from Sichuan, and I m not married yet.I was a little embarrassed at once, feeling like I d hit someone s sore spot by saying something wrong, but at this moment the proprietress spoke about her past.It turns out that the reason why the proprietress opened this hotel at the foot of Changbai Mountain is because she and her boyfriend once came here to watch the snow, but there are unpredictable circumstances and people have good fortune and misfortune, just when the proprietress and her boyfriend came to trublue cbd gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies for smoking Changbai Mountain When they were watching the snow under their feet, the two of them got separated with the brigade, and they didn t know where they went, but they saw a black lake that was slowly flowing.You know, there is snow on Changbai Mountain all the year round, and it is winter when it comes, so how could there be a lake Moreover, the proprietress and her boyfriend are used to seeing green lakes, red lakes, and lakes that are clear and low, but they have never seen a lake that is black, and it is still a little black against the vast white snow.Junli gently pulled me stepped on.This ice bridge is very cold, and the moment I stepped on it was very bone piercing.The cold air rushed directly into my knees, piercing my knees, and I almost fell into the billowing magic energy.I m in my arms.So stupid.When I said this, the undisguised disgust on my face made me happy, and I made a face at Junli, but in an instant, he had already walked into the tomb with me in his arms.I don t know why, but I always feel that the Junli who entered Lingshun s tomb this time is a bit strange compared to before, and I can t explain why it is so strange.It wasn t until he took me to cleverly avoid many organ formations in the tomb that I suddenly realized it It seems that since Junli left last time and came back, he has become more and more mysterious and powerful after recovering his memory Ling Shun s tomb is much simpler than the one I went to before, but it is also quite dangerous, but Junli walking in this tomb is as easy as going shopping.Don t you think life is too boring if you don t create some excitement If there is a hole in front of me, I really want to go straight into it Thanks to my hard work at that time switching between the two identities of Xiao Xiao and Zhang Chunxia, Yunjing actually knew everything a long time ago Soil clip winter skills.Then what do you want me candy king cbd gummies to do My face turned cold for an instant, and Yun Jing s expression changed from the previous cynical to very serious.Chapter 188 The old friend Chunxia, are you willing to believe me For some reason, Yunjing already knew that I was Xiao Xiao, but still called me Chunxia, which made me a little flattered.I didn t know until a long time later that Xiao Xiao s misfortune face belonged to Jun Li.But Chunxia spent the longest time with him, and in his heart, Chunxia belonged to him.I closed my eyes and felt the breath in my body.Flowing, I just feel a very comfortable breath slowly flowing in the body.Constantly blending in the body.As for the dantian, there seemed to be a pure white power slowly flowing inside.I followed the instructions in the evil book to feel it, but suddenly remembered one thing I want to reach the state of foundation building, and really start to practice evil spirits.The content in the book required a hundred days of foundation building, so I opened my eyes Is this evil book kidding me It takes a hundred days for the most basic practice of building a foundation I was so angry that I directly covered the evil book, and locked the whole person in the quilt.I was so upset, but I was thinking in my heart, this evil book divides the levels of cultivation so clearly, what level would Jun Li and the others be When I woke up the next day, I got up from the bed staring at the dark circles under my eyes.Yun Jing sneered twice, and asked Zhao Yijun to give him her horoscope, so that he might be able to help figure out something.The moment Yunjing s voice fell, I could clearly see a few traces of embarrassment in vegan cbd gummies near me delta 10 cbd gummies wanting to refuse from Zhao Yiyun s face, but I had no choice but to bite the bullet and write my birthday on it.When I saw the horoscope of birth date above, the corners of my forehead trembled.The vegan cbd gummies near me horoscope of birth date belonged to Zhao Yiyun.Did she investigate Zhao Yiyun s horoscope a long time ago, or was her birth date exactly the same as Zhao Yiyun s Just as Yun Jing saw the birthday horoscope, he suddenly smiled, and said something intentionally or unintentionally.What a coincidence, I have an old friend whose birth date is exactly the same as yours.Zhao Yiyun s face froze, and the corners of his mouth slightly curled up That s right, what a coincidence.powder.The one who dares to touch me Junli s voice suddenly cut through the air, Bi Se s movements suddenly stopped, her eyes widened as if she never expected Junli to appear suddenly, she turned around and wanted to escape, but was caught Jun Li flew far away with a palm slap.I can i buy cbd gummies in ny want to save your dog s life and let you linger on for a while, but don t be too presumptuous.Bi Se glared at Jun Li and me viciously, turned into a fright and fled without saying a word, and I just vegan cbd gummies near me delta 10 cbd gummies froze in place.He rarely showed up when I called him to save me before, how could it be so timely this time The blood girl was very knowledgeable, and when she saw Jun Li coming, she took the initiative to return to the blood amber.Why are you here I asked differently, but Junli grabbed my hand and cursed in a low voice.Sure enough, the next second, Zhao Yijun squeezed my hand tightly and asked me What do you have on your body that these cats are afraid of I quickly shook my head and said no, and then found a reason to say that I was here After living for so many years, maybe these cats knew me or something, and then just wanted to take out the mobile phone from his pocket, but Zhao Yijun clapped his hands quickly, and then pointed to my back You are a pig You managed to hide Turn on, don t those cats come over as soon as the lights are turned on Then, Zhao vegan cbd gummies near me Yiyun said to me in a low voice, asking me to follow her, when I said this, I could clearly feel the fear in her eyes, she was really I m afraid of this place, but I don t have the intention of turning back.Instead, I walk with me.Involuntarily, I suddenly felt guilty for hiding so many things from Zhao Yiyun.I can only vaguely lament the exquisite craftsmanship from the incomplete painting.On the gate, an ever burning lamp was lit to illuminate the surroundings, and Zhao Yijun and I breathed a sigh of relief the moment we saw the light.Just as he was about to go forward and open the gate, he suddenly discovered that there was a keyhole like thing better delights cbd gummies peach in the mouth of a stone lion next to the gate.Chapter 198 Doubts The moment I discovered the stone lion, Zhao Yijun also discovered it.While asking me to see if I could open the door, he took a hairpin from his trublue cbd gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies for smoking head and stuffed it into the key in the stone lion s mouth.hole.While I was trying to push the door with my strength, I looked back at Zhao Yijun s movements.But in the end, neither of us succeeded.It seems that if you want to enter this stone gate, you must have a key that can be inserted into the mouth of the stone lion.And the most vicious thing about this mirror soul snatching array is that once it is activated by someone, after activation, anyone who is sucked into the array as an array spirit will be trapped in the array for eternity, unless someone comes in to replace you position, or someone smashed this formation Otherwise, you will never be super god So the moment Zhao Yijun and I looked at each other earlier, we saw ghosts behind each other.In fact, we were both stared at by the spirits in the mirror at the vegan cbd gummies near me same time, but Zhao Yiyun automatically broke the mirrors behind him and entered the formation to help me delay Time for me to go After escaping from the corridor, what appeared was an antique palace.Before I had time to see what was in this palace, I couldn t wait to sit down, opened the evil book, and turned to the page of the mirror soul seizing array , I wanted to find a way to save Zhao Yiyun, but I almost read the entire book, and there was no other way except to find someone to replace him, bio lyfe cbd gummies amazon vegan cbd gummies near me or use my own ability to break the mirror soul snatching formation.When Yun Jing heard this, he immediately shook his head and said, The souls of the two sisters, the hostess of the homestay, must have been imprisoned.Even if they forcibly conjured up their souls, they would not be able to recruit them.After hearing this, Jun Li smiled and asked me I don t understand, it vegan cbd gummies near me s like a secret signal between him and Yun .

what is the difference between thc and cbd gummies?

Jing Before he died, did you tell me who I am Yun Jing raised his head differently, and asked Junli You remember it Then he muttered to himself It shouldn t be, she didn t mean to But Junli directly interrupted Yunjing s words, cut his finger, and dripped a drop of extremely bright red blood on the white on paper.Try it with my blood.Yun Jing didn t do it directly, as if everything related to Huo Yan was very important in his mind, he asked Jun Li When did you remember it Do you know I know that in the life you didn t remember I know, I know everything.Junli said lightly When the Yin soldiers give way.But seeing Junli s unaffected appearance made me heave a sigh of relief.Fortunately, there is Junli, otherwise Yunjing and I would really die here.But Yunjing, damn it, didn t the game start just now that there are evil soldiers here As soon as I asked this question, Yunjing bit the bullet and nodded, and said, Really, it s just Just what I asked nosara cbd gummies reviews for no reason.But the moment I opened my mouth, there were bursts of squeaks, squeaks in my ears, as if the lids of coffins were lifted After these sounds, there was the sound of vegan cbd gummies near me corpses falling to the ground The sound of bang bang bang There are indeed ghost soldiers, but they are not ghosts, but corpses Corpses wearing Chu s war robes flew out of the coffin, instantly surrounding the three of us Chapter 214 Three Lives and Myriad Things I looked at this lineup and was stunned, thinking about it It is impossible to imagine why their bodies were sealed here by Ling Shun And the most important thing is that this is not the first time I have visited Lingshun s tomb How on earth did he hide such a vegan cbd gummies near me large mechanism tomb Could it be that Ling Shun studied Fengshui Qimen.Look, I told you that you still need to meet Ling Shun.Shengmen Kongxuangong is approaching Xiumen, you can go out easily, but you will be dragged here by trivial matters around you.From Yunjing s words , I can basically conclude that even if I don t answer Junli, Junli has already made a decision, and when he asked me, he just wanted to hear my opinion.As soon as Yun Jing finished speaking, he was about to push the Shimen open, but was stopped by Jun Li.Wait a little longer.Until the voices from outside gradually faded away and were about to disappear, Jun Li opened the door bio lyfe cbd gummies amazon vegan cbd gummies near me and walked in the opposite direction from where Xiao Jue and the others disappeared.I asked Junli Xiao Jue is also looking for grandma, why don t you go with them Junli turned his head, glanced at me like an idiot, and asked me Do you really want to be with him The dislike of it is super obvious, and at the same time, we actually went back to the corridor of the eight stone gates before.Obviously, these souls were controlled by Bi Se s demon energy, but Bi Se s green eyes, which were constantly glowing green, directly reflected in front of my eyes.Suddenly, I closed my eyes subconsciously.The moment I closed my eyes, I heard the sound of fighting, and the voice of Gu Yicheng telling me to close my eyes But I couldn t see the changes around me with my eyes closed.There is no way, I was about to open my eyes, a strong hand suddenly pulled me away from the sofa, the moment I pulled away, I opened my eyes, only to see the bloody woman rushing up with a hideous face , and her pupils glowed green at this moment Damn it, Bise actually controlled the blood girl It was only later that I realized that Bi Se not only can change thousands of faces like a thousand faces, but her blue eyes can also infuse souls, but the cost of using inspiriting is a bit high, so she has been useless before.Under the big hole, it was bright red, and hot air and blood bubbles continued to come out., like purgatory on earth I stood nervously behind Gu Yicheng, tightly holding the scroll of pictures of beauties in my hand, and Gu Yicheng s face was also very serious, his eyes locked in the big sunken hole.In an instant, waves of demon roars resounded in both of our ears.Under the big bright red hole, at this moment, a very bright red figure that looked like a skinned figure slowly condensedYong Dongshuang s blood.The more she saw this scene, the more Bi Se laughed wildly, and her mouth squirmed more frequently, until the moment when the figure was about to condense into a human form, she laughed maniacally and said, Now promise to go see Ling with me.There is still time for Shun.Obviously, Bi Se came prepared this time, otherwise she would not have summoned Dahei Tian as a vegan cbd gummies near me sacrifice to herself A big hand stretched out from the big hole with a click , and then a huge and blurry blood shadow slowly crawled out of the hole I was terrified when I saw this blood shadow that was four or five stories high.And then he sat down beside Xiao Jue, the moment he sat down , I just feel that the atmosphere in the hall is very awkward.Although they are very calm on the face, I just never dreamed that one day, such a scene would happen.Junli, Yunjing, Xiao Jue, and Gu Yicheng sat together calmly and talked about business.The scene was awkward for a long time, and for a long time, no one spoke first, Jun Li was expressionless, Gu Yicheng was smiling, cbd gummies for ringing ears Xiao Jue was unhappy, and Yun Jing was watching the show.I glanced at the four of them, sighed, and asked Gu Yicheng first You have the beauty picture, when will you give it to me As soon as the words fell, I thought Gu Yicheng would delay for a few days or Negotiating some conditions with me, unexpectedly, he readily took out the roll of beauties from behind.This volume of pictures of beauties is the fourth volume already in existence.The style of painting is exquisite, slightly different from the previous three pictures.It is actually a picture of a woman sitting in a flower bush under the moon, closing her eyes and resting her mind.The painting style is very beautiful, but it is the same as when the previous three pictures of beauties were not activated.The woman in the picture has no facial features, until I took the picture of beauties from Gu Yicheng s hand, bit my finger and dripped my blood on it.On the top of the beauty picture, the beauty picture floated in the air, and then glowed.And the facial features of the woman in the picture are gradually highlighted.She looks exactly like me, but my face really lacks the aura of the woman in the painting.But the moment I got this letter and was about to go downstairs to Yunjing, I received a text message from Xiao Jue.When I clicked on it, it turned out that it was asking me not to show this letter to anyone I suddenly felt a little different, Xiao Jue, does this mean that he knew that grandma left the key and the existence of this letter I quickly replied to him why, but he didn t reply to me for a long time, probably because it was inconvenient to reply text messages in front of Yunjing and vegan cbd gummies near me the others.It s not that I don t believe in Yunjing and Junli, it s that I always feel bio lyfe cbd gummies amazon vegan cbd gummies near me that Xiao would never send me such a text message for no reason.In the end, I hid the letter and wanted to see it first.What a trick.When I went downstairs, I pretended to be pale, and said to Yun Jing I seem to have lost the letter.Why can t I show the letter to Yunjing Ten minutes later Xiao Jue still didn t reply to me., you actually know, right Why are you pretending you don t know As soon as the text message was sent, Junli s best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress trublue cbd gummies voice suddenly sounded from behind me, scaring me so much that the phone almost dropped to the ground How do you feel that you have become frizzy after Yunjing and Xiao Jue left I blushed, I don t know if it was because of the warmer weather, or because I was scared because of my guilty conscience, and replied tremblingly Yes Is there any Junli nodded, but at the moment Junli nodded, my mobile phone rang suddenly, breaking the conversation between me and Junli I really wanted to check the mobile phone, but I was afraid that Junli would become suspicious , had no choice but to hold the phone tightly, sat back on the sofa, and seemed to be watching TV very seriously, but his mind was already wandering and he didn t know where he went.Fortunately, before the child was thrown bio lyfe cbd gummies amazon vegan cbd gummies near me into the world, his mother arranged a nanny by his side, otherwise he really would not have known.How did he survive.But when the boy was fifteen years old, the nurse his mother arranged for him got tuberculosis.This made the child s already poor life even more difficult.Even when he went to work in a teahouse to earn medical expenses for the nanny, he was tortured like a thief.Speaking of this, Xiao Jue smiled vegan cbd gummies near me self deprecatingly, and said If Feng Shitian hadn t rescued him at that time, that child really didn t know what to do with himself.The child next to him was very thin and small.I asked Xiao Jue differently, but Xiao Jue asked me back, a child who doesn t have enough to eat and doesn t have the nutrition to keep up.Could it be possible for him to be big Then why is it in Feng Shitian s memory.He thought that she would step forward to obstruct, he thought that she would hinder everything, and he even thought that she would go directly to snatch the kiss.But she held back, trembling all over, and even threw herself into Yunjing s arms and wept.At this time, Xiao Jue realized that there was a cloud scene standing behind her.Yun Jing was an accomplice in the demise of Chu State, and even promoted many things to frame Chu State, but Fuyan didn t hold any grudge against him, and even regarded him as a friend.Xiao never understood, he really didn t understand why Huo Yan did this Served between the array to carry.He even started to be jealous of Yun Jing, jealous that it was Yun Jing who appeared by her side when he was in distress Instead of Xiao Jue himself Xiao Jue could only watch Fuyan cry for Junli and throw herself into Yunjing s arms, but there was nothing he could do.However, I wouldn t be angry if he didn t tell me.After all, Junli was much more magnanimous than before when he told me this.What s more, if I recover my memory, I ll know everything, right I had no dreams all night, and I woke up very early the next day.When I woke up, Junli was no longer at home.I didn t say where I went.I just sent me a text message to let me not worry, and there was a message on my phone.Short message.It was Xiao Jue who sent it.The text message Xiao Jue sent was very simple, but I don t know what kind of mentality he sent me.He best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress trublue cbd gummies said that he had already taken out the soul shock nail from my grandma, and also pulled her soul out of the corpse, sent her to reincarnation, and cremated her corpse.I really wanted to go back to Xiao Jue and ask him what he was thinking, but I held back.Yun Jing hurriedly stepped in, and as he stepped in, he cursed Master, I m used to all kinds of complicated tombs, how can I ever see someone using such a low level organ formation to build a tomb HCMUSSH vegan cbd gummies near me Hearing this, he immediately rolled his eyes, walked in with Junli, and then replied to Yunjing, No matter how low level this tomb is, didn t you fall into the mud as well Yunjing snorted, and replied I fell into the mud, didn t I read it wrong Did I tell you to be careful not to step on it when I was about to be buried in the sand are cbd gummies or oil better just now His last sentence immediately held me back, hey, it seems The mechanism of the sand was really stepped on by me this staircase is not made of white jade like the tombs I went to, but it is made of stone slabs.All kinds of dust, when the three of us finished this staircase, all of us were covered with lime Yun Jing and I looked at each other, and we couldn t help laughing when we looked at each other, but when we turned our eyes to Junli, we saw that Junli was very calm.Jun Li said softly to Gu Yiyun, but Gu Yiyun turned blue with anger Not only did he work harder to summon the skeleton army, he even stepped forward to add a seal to the coffin that sealed Yunjing.At the same time, with a flash of my eyes, I suddenly realized that apart from Ling Shun, there are few people on this battlefield Before I turned my attention to the side, I felt a chill on the back of my neck again, but when I turned around, there was no one behind me.The moment I turned my head, I suddenly saw the dark green and gloomy figure of Bi Se appearing at my side.I don t know what she wants to do, just stand aside and stare at me, like a fox ready to go, but she doesn t attack, just keeps looking around.The scene was at a stalemate for a while, but at this moment, there was a sudden bang sound next to my ear, and the coffin that previously closed Yunjing was blown to pieces from the inside out, and Yunjing s body was blown to pieces.Anti Spa.But I also understand that doctors do not heal themselves, and those who do calculations do not do calculations by themselves.In this case, I set up a game for myself, and my position was chaotic, and the calculations may not be accurate.But as soon as Yunjing finished speaking, Junli still asked him to start a game to see who stole the blood amber.After hearing this, Yun Jing sighed, and said in a low voice, I m really afraid of you.But there was still a lot of concern hidden in his eyes, presumably, Yun Jing was also very anxious, right hazel hills cbd gummies owner It s just that Yun Jing is good at disguising himself, using a skinless, heartless appearance to disguise himself, but in fact he is more delicate than anyone else.After the start of the game, Yun Jing did not directly end the game, but showed me the paper, and then said The overall game is Fuyin game, Heaven, earth, people and gods stay in place , the three passes are one, and the battle pattern It is a fierce character, and it also indicates that the first step is to find a starting point that has no results.I wrinkled my face vegan cbd gummies near me delta 10 cbd gummies in pain.When I opened my eyes and rubbed my head, I found that the boat floated directly into the sea, and the surrounding waves The sound kept ringing, and there was still the smell of salty sea water in the air.But I can t see everything on the sea very clearly, especially when I turned my head, looked up, down, left, and right, but I didn t see any place to land.This ship seems to have lost its way in the sea Yes, slowly flowing in the sea.Layers of white mist floated on the sea surface, completely covering the road ahead, and the large and small waves made the boat tremble continuously, which made my stomach roll and I almost vomited.I don t know how long I ve been floating on the sea.I was so shaken by the waves that I couldn t bear it anymore.I asked Junli to send a text message to that anonymous number to see what he was thinking Chapter 255 The Insidious Man Behind HCMUSSH vegan cbd gummies near me the Scenes After hearing this, Junli directly handed me the phone.But what Junli said next shocked me so much You give it to me yourself, or shall I get it Obviously Before Junli entered the canyon, or when the dragon showed its tail, he knew the purpose of the people behind the scenes.He simply wants to use us to get the dragon s snake gall Although I don t know how precious this snake gall is, but this dragon is a legendary thing, and any place on its body is a treasure.If it is sold, it may be exchanged for several houses.When Jun Li said this, his tone was very light and flat, but the arrogance surrounding him did not diminish at all.If I hadn t seen it with my own eyes, it would be hard for me to imagine that someone would dare to say such arrogant words in front of Jiaolong, and still in someone else s lair As soon as Junli finished speaking, a burst of strong waves suddenly came from the sea, Jiaolong roared angrily, and then rushed towards Junli, and the pythons around were not to be outdone, all stared at him.After hearing this, they both asked me the same question at the same time Is the person who asked you to send you to the Niangniang Temple the one who gave you the blood amber How uncertain, what is uncertain, I can t say it myself.As soon as I finished speaking, Yun Jing suddenly asked me The person who gave you the blood amber was Liao Cuilian, right When I heard that, I was taken aback, and subconsciously asked, How do you know But he didn t He didn t speak, but got up and left Jun Li s house, his behavior was quite strange.Zhen Yacai.And Junli also went upstairs directly, leaving me in place.The more this is the case, the more I feel a little strange.I always feel that the two of them have formed a CP, and they can communicate with each other with eyes It wasn t until the next day that Junli and Yunjing asked me to pack up my things and said that the three of us would go to Changbai Mountain again.Where did you go just now After making sure there was no danger, I poked my head out of Junli s arms cautiously, but just as I finished speaking, there was a bang next to my ears, and I turned my head, but Seeing that Bise was bound by Yunjing like a spider web, she threw it out.The moment Bise was thrown out, she almost stared at me with eyes full of resentment.If eyes could kill, I would probably be killed by her thousands of times When you texted me just now, Bise is still by my side.I ignored Bise and asked in surprise.I spotted Ling Shun and Gu Yiyun before, but I didn t catch up.When I found the Songzi Niangniang Temple, I ran into her and brought her here along the way.Jun Li was lying.She was blushing, obviously she had kidnapped someone here, but she said it so nicely, she was brought here together And when he said this, Bi Se s eyes were even more sad, especially that she was not using Bi Se s face, but Feng Jiu s face that was exactly the same as mine, it almost made me feel pity She looks HCMUSSH vegan cbd gummies near me exactly like me with Feng Jiu s face now, why didn t you admit your mistake Thinking of this, I couldn t help but ask again, but Junli twitched the corners of his mouth, and sarcastically said Dong Shi is just imitating.Let s go to the illusion.Now, Ling Shun will not be wronged if he is tricked, after all, Junli s trick has even fooled me, and Junli is so black bellied, he will dig a big hole in front of your eyes every minute, Let you know that there is a problem, but still can t stop trublue cbd gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies for smoking jumping down, who can play him After knowing everything, seeing Junli and Yunjing casually walking on the street, I couldn t help being speechless, so I asked them, What shall we do next Junli replied flatly, Go home.When I heard this, I asked again Aren t you afraid that Ling Shun will find out that the Yin soldiers are fake and kill your family directly But Junli smiled meaningfully, and said a very cryptic sentence Do you think that my house can cbd oil gummy bears drug test come in as soon as you want, and come out as soon as you want I was a little puzzled, after all, I was at Junli s vegan cbd gummies near me house When I lived there, I was often attacked I wanted to ask Junli, but Junli s face changed into a very indifferent look, he held my hand tightly with one where to get cbd gummies for anxiety near me hand, and walked aimlessly on the street.And this in a short period of time.The village, which has experienced all kinds of supernatural things, unexpectedly showed a rare calmness at this time.But faintly, I felt a little danger from this cbd gummies sample tranquility After dinner, we each returned to our rooms, but it was a bit early.I was lying on the bed, tossing and rolling, unable to sleep at all.Jun Li, who was lying on the side, didn t respond when he saw him.Instead, he said Don t sleep, there will be a good show.When I heard this, I raised my brows suddenly, and there was a difference, and I asked Jun Li Why do I feel like you know everything Junli gave a faint hmm and asked me what s wrong Remember Yu Changcai.I curled my lips and didn t say anything, but at this moment, Junli clung to my ear slightly and asked me Do you feel that there is someone who has never appeared I was surprised and asked Who But Junli made a smirk You guess.But Gu Yiyun didn t appreciate it at all, gritted his teeth, and wanted to get up from the ground, but Gu Yicheng didn t give her a look, and directly ignored her transparently.Suxiu and Qingjingzi died.The tendons in Yunjing Gu Yiyun s hands and feet were severed, Xiao Jue and Bi Se were seriously injured, and they were lying on the side.Gu Yicheng has been scarred for a long time, but he has been holding on to nothing, with a resolute face.Jun Li and Ling Shun were still fighting, and the figures of the two became more and more mysterious, to the point where they were so mysterious that they were vegan cbd gummies near me inseparable.Everyone s eyes were focused on them.But I don t know why, but I feel that this scene seems to be missing something It seems that someone is missing Before I could open my mouth vegan cbd gummies near me to ask, Xiao Jue motioned and said in a low voice Give me the beauty picture.The moment I walked towards the altar, I could clearly feel the strong mockery from Bi Se and Gu Yiyun, as well as the nervous expressions of Xiao Jue, Yun Jing, and Gu Yicheng.Even Ling Shun, who had a fierce fight with Junli.Seeing the movement of me walking towards the altar, I couldn t help but stop, wanting to stop me.However, his opponent is Junli.It wasn t that he stopped whenever he wanted, it cbd thc sour gummies vegan cbd gummies near me was almost the moment when he was doppelganger.He was slapped by Jun Li for a long distance, and hit the wall next to him fiercely, and couldn t help but vomit a big mouthful of blood.Seeing this, I twitched the corners of my mouth, but didn t stop, but stepped forward and climbed up to the altar faster.The whole situation seems to have settled down.Standing on the altar again, I looked down at the corpse sealed on the altar, closed my eyes, and quickly executed a formula in my hand to set up the inverted Yin Yang formation that had been broken before.But at the moment when Gu Yicheng was kicked away by Yunjing, he pounced on him again as vegan cbd gummies near me if he had no skin or face, but he almost missed Yunjing.Obviously, he didn t want to disturb Junli and me, so he made such a bad plan.Otherwise, from his eyes full of disgust when best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress trublue cbd gummies he looked at Yunjing, it can be seen that he and Yunjing don t get along, and he doesn t really want to get along with him.He veromin cbd gummies stays together.After they both left, only the two of us were left in Junli and I s room at Aunt s house.After I got out cbd thc sour gummies vegan cbd gummies near me of the dragon s veins, my condition was not very good.I sat on the bed in a daze, and Junli just sat aside like this look at me.But I have always regarded Xiao Jue as an enemy, even a super enemy, but he suddenly became my savior.This contrast is so big that it is really difficult for me to reverse it for a while, and I always feel very twisted.And like a person who has trublue cbd gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies for smoking nothing to do, what he said seemed serious, and he opened the bathroom door and went out after speaking After taking a bath, Junli was already sleeping in his room, leaving me standing outside alone in a daze.Presumably, the things that happened these days are not only complicated, but also very changeable, and there are so many things.I saw it.I also went back to my room and buried myself in the blanket and started to sleep.I don t know if it s because I ve been sleeping with Junli all this time, but suddenly he s sleeping alone.I felt a little uncomfortable all over, lying on the bed tossing and turning almost rolled under the bed, but still didn t fall asleep Seeing this, I took a deep breath and was about to get up, but when I walked to the door of Junli s room, I saw Junli s peaceful sleeping posture.After all, most people used spittoons at that time, but the most mysterious place in this room is the latrine.Because, the yin, death, and even the smell of blood in the whole yard came from the latrine If abundant life cbd gummies Yunjing s guess is correct, this courtyard has either been set up by someone, or someone has raised corpses under the ground in this courtyard, and he is afraid that this place is under the foot of the emperor, and many capable people and strangers will be discovered, so this The corpse was kept under the latrine, and the breath of the latrine was used to cover up the traces of the corpse.Or, someone died and was buried under the latrine to cover up the facts.In short it is impossible for someone to be buried under such a filthy place for no reason.Therefore, Yunjing endured his nausea, and while observing the latrine, he watched the movement in the yard.After all, judging from Yunjing s hexagram, he infers that Ling Shun and the others will return to Beijing within three days, and the target is the voice in Yanzhi Hutong son s yard.If the three of us hadn t figured everything out before he showed up, we might be led by the nose.After chatting for a while, Yunjing was kicked out of vegan cbd gummies near me the room by Junli and returned to his own room.Afterwards, I washed up and was about to sleep peacefully in Junli s arms, but Junli put I pushed out and let me wade through.When I heard it, I couldn t hear it clearly.I said ah and asked Junli, Why do you turn around But Junli asked me, Are you very hot Why is your breath so heavy I When I was asked this question by Junli, I immediately blushed a little, but what he said made me react immediately, tsk tsk , looked at Junli with a smile, and turned around , Then Junli embraced me in his arms from behind me.I didn t realize that there seems to be a behind the scenes pusher behind everything and everything, pushing me forward, and it seems still pushing me into a big pit, an endless abyss Thinking of this, the thoughts in my mind suddenly became chaotic.I took a deep breath and asked Yun Jing You and Junli, do you baypark cbd gummies price know my grandma and master Do you know where they came from Yun Jing shook his head when he heard this.He shook his head, said he didn t understand, and mocked me Could it be that you are suspected of your grandma and master I held my breath and didn t speak.The strange thing is that the master said The sentence I ve said the most, don t trust the people around me, keeps circling in my mind, disrupting my whole thoughts.But at this moment, my feet were suddenly empty, as if being hugged by someone, a very pleasant smell of ink came to my nostrils, I turned around suddenly, only to see Junli s iceberg face Just right behind me.Coquettish, but also with endless attractiveness.But her beauty had been covered by a shell before, and it was not until after her death that she revealed her original appearance.Both the picture of a beautiful woman and this ancient lamp were placed in my hand, I was a little dazed for a while, trublue cbd gummies staring blankly at these two things in my hand, a little at a loss.But Yun Jing spoke lightly at this moment, and asked me Xiao Xiao, are you an idiot What are you looking at No, some people don t know how to transcend Yin er It s not that they haven t transcended ghosts before, but Yin er is full of yin.Almost all of them are directly connected to do cbd gummies have sugar the Yin Division, and they are so thick that they exist like a ghost king.I really have nothing to save her Suddenly, I took a deep breath secretly, and took a very serious look at Yin er.Fortunately, Junli s vigilance was strong, and he had already found out the clues before they came, otherwise he would really fall here tonight It s you The old man seemed to know Ling Shun and the three of them, and he spoke directly, with a rather blunt tone.However, Ling Shun, Gu Yiyun, and Bi Se s gazes were abnormally constant, and they were all a little surprised, as if they didn t recognize who the old man in front of them was Ling Shun is also a restrained person, Although the old man s tone was very unkind, it could be seen that the old man was not someone to be provoked.He best cbd gummies 2022 walked in front of the old man and didn t answer, but looked at the old man vegan cbd gummies near me lightly.Do you recognize us I don t know where Bi Se made a mistake, but at this moment, she opened her mouth in surprise, her eyes narrowed, quite poised.And in this dust and musty smell, there is also a vicissitudes of life, which is amazing I thought there was something in the door vegan cbd gummies near me that I didn t want to see, but it was strange.As soon as I opened the door, the familiar mahogany coffin immediately came into my eyes.This coffin is exactly the same as the mahogany coffin that grandma was sealed before Could it be that after Xiao Jue took grandma s body away, he didn t cremate or bury her at all, but took her back to Luofeng Village and put her in the courtyard of this ancestral house I froze in place, looked back at Junli in surprise, and asked him, Why is there my grandma s coffin in the yard When Junli heard what I said, he was obviously also a little surprised, and asked me, Why not allowed The voice just fell.He asked again Do you think there will be something in your house I thought I said this intermittently with an embarrassed face, but before I finished speaking, a voice came from the side Seeing Yunjing s hilarious laughter, Yunjing laughed haha twice.When I saw this, I immediately wanted to rush out to save Granny Tongxin, but Junli took my vegan cbd gummies near me hand again, HCMUSSH vegan cbd gummies near me telling me not to be impulsive, and then stuffed a hard, yet warm thing into my hand.I glanced at Junli in surprise, picked up the thing in my hand, and suddenly discovered that what Junli gave me was actually a white jade pendant I am not unfamiliar with this jade pendant at all, isn t it just me The one with Junli and Gu Yicheng each It s just that my jade pendant has been broken long ago, and among the three jade pendants, only Junli and Gu Yicheng are left.Immediately, I didn t understand what Junli wanted to do, so I couldn t help asking in surprise What s wrong Unexpectedly, Junli walked to vegan cbd gummies near me the door of the room at this moment, without any hesitation, he directly pulled Open the door of the room I watched the movement of Jun leaving the door, and my heart trembled suddenly.Before Xiao Jue died, he had found Junli and Yunjing, told them about his funeral, and told them that in Luofeng Village, he had hidden a volume of pictures of beauties for the two of them to look at and deal with, but he did not take the pictures of beauties.Where to hide, tell them the details.He just left a sentence saying that his mother had already been cremated by him, and let them tell me when the time came.The last sentence didn t sound like a big problem, vegan cbd gummies near me but best cbd gummies for sale online and legal in fla when Junli Yunjing saw my grandma s coffin at my home in Luofeng Village, he naturally discovered the problem Why the village became a dead village, the two of them didn t know why the people in the village disappeared, and they didn t have the patience to investigate.But regarding the cbd gummies insomnia matter of my grandma s coffin, they will investigate patiently.It was very likely that he was cursed or imprisoned here.After I heard this, my face turned pale for an instant, and I asked Junli from the bottom of my heart Who is the inner ghost Junli didn t answer me, but held my hand at this moment and walked forward, not forgetting to let Yunjing and Gu Yicheng follow but didn t say where, until he left the vegan cbd gummies near me moat and came to the In a relatively remote tomb passage next to it, Jun Li sighed a little, and even said in disappointment I can t see it through either.But I knew that Jun Li didn t see who the inner ghost was, not because of How deep is the inner ghost hiding, but we both regard him as our own and are defenseless.But besides Yunjing, Gu Yicheng is the only one we consider as our own.If there is really an inner ghost between them, I really don t know what to do.Junli replied to me lightly, but he didn t even bother to raise his eyes, and stared at the cloud scene under the water with all his attention, but I can also understand, after all, Junli has always said no He will help Yunjing, but if something happens to Yunjing, the first one to rush forward must be Junli.Yunjing underwater has already swam to the side of those court ladies and eunuchs, but Yunjing who swam to them green hornet cbd gummies seems to have discovered something, his eyes are full of shock, not to mention, even the movement of swimming is unbearable.He moved a lot faster, as if something was chasing him from behind, and swam in the water suddenly.Seeing this, I was a little worried, and asked Junli in a low voice, Is nothing wrong with him But Junli didn t answer me, his face was full of vigilance, as if something happened to Yunjing in the next second, Junli could jump into the water immediately.When I saw this, I couldn t help cursing inwardly, what a fool, why comfort me at this time And Junli and Yunjing are standing in the center of the palace, both of them are very embarrassed, but I can t see any differences from them, that is to say, Yunjing is not a traitor at all, right At the moment when I was surprised, Gu Yicheng s figure also appeared in this palace, but what I didn t expect was that Gu Yicheng didn t come empty handed, but actually pulled three people in his hand, and they disappeared.Ling Shun, Gu Yiyun, and Bi Se who asked me vegan cbd gummies near me for help.Gu Yicheng is Ling Shun s avatar, I know I have always wanted to kill Ling Shun, but I never thought that there would be such a day that he would capture Ling Shun and appear in front of me You The moment Gu Yicheng appeared, I spit out a word unbelievably, but nothing came of it.After all, I am not the Nine Heavens Xuannv now, and Junli is not as powerful as I was in my previous life.It is impossible to resist her.In front of her, maybe all of us together are nothing This is simply a war without any suspense.After Junli rescued Chu Lianqiao, he hugged him all the time.Although he didn t say a word of concern, and didn t even bother to give him a look of concern, he let me know that Junli was guilty.He made Chu Lianqiao feel guilty.When they came here, they just wanted to use him to pry Junli for help, but they didn t expect Chu Lianqiao to suffer such serious injuries.And Chu Lianqiao didn t look like a child who just crawled out of the gate of hell, she was in a mess, she still didn t forget to smirk at me, her face was so arrogant, standing with Yunjing, the two of them could form a combination up But after thinking about it, I still can t figure out where my master went Is she still alive And whether it s for Master or the seven volumes of pictures of beauties that I worked so hard to collect, it s impossible for me to leave at this time, the three of us can only wait outside this door, although we can t even hear the slightest sound inside , but still waiting for the opportunity.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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