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Dad s grand master chair, let s toss it hard Tang Shuang already has cbd gummies from botanical farms a choice for a new novel in her heart, and she is going to draw a cover according to the plot of this novel.He first outlined a silhouette of a figure with a few strokes, with a straight body, his right hand raised flat, and a black long sword in his hand.Although it is only a few strokes, Tang Shuang s painting skills are excellent, showing the spirit of the characters.His eyes are firm and indifferent, as if he sees through everything and tolerates everything.Behind him, there are four other silhouettes, they are lined up one vena cbd gummies by one, each standing on both sides.Below the characters, at the bottom of the cover, is a towering and fortified city wall, and in front of the city wall are dark soldiers holding weapons.Then Tang Shuang wrote two large characters on the cover Heroes After thinking about it, I added four small characters The great man has a heart for the common people.Tang Shuang resolutely refused, and the reason was amazing Don t You ll wet the bed Tang Shuang held back her smile, You re right, luckily you reminded me If you dry your bed sheets tomorrow, you won t be laughed off by the neighbors Big teeth Candy said angrily I m still young Really, hum It seems that you never wet the bed when you were young Tang Shuang lied I have been very stable since I was a child, and I have never wet the bed.I have met it before, but let me tell you that Xiao Yezi often wets the bed, ha Tang Shuang really betrayed her little friend for the sake of her own innocence, regardless of the friendship of twenty years Huh Xiao Ye Zi is so grown up and still wets the bed Haha Tang Tanger was very interested, and instantly turned on the mocking mode, Balaba, give me my mobile phone, I want to call Xiao Ye Zi Tang Shuang wiped his sweat secretly, We Just laugh at him in private, save some face for vena cbd gummies him, how about he is 20 years old, and he won t be able to find a girlfriend.Opening the curtains, Tangtanger sat up by herself, and said to Tang Shuang with a sad face, Brother, Tangtanger s stomach hurts.Huh Seeing that Tangtang er s face was in pain, Tang Shuang kept covering her stomach with her small hands, and hurriedly sat down on the side of the bed, touched Tangtang er s forehead, she didn t feel hot, but said worriedly, Are you dizzy or not Lie on Tang Shuang s lap with her hips pouted, she said weakly, My stomach hurts.Tang Shuang picked Tang vena cbd gummies cbd gummies 300 mg er up, went to the room and got a thermometer, and took Tang s temperature.It was okay Normal body temperature, no fever.Does my stomach hurt When did it start Tang Shuang held Tangtang er in her arms, and specially found another piece of clothing to wrap her in.Tang Shuang was still moaning My stomach hurts Is Tang Tang going to die I want a mother, twitch Tang Shuang hurriedly comforted the little pity, wiping her tears.Before the show ended, she kept muttering that the camera should cut to her sister quickly, and she hoped that the camera would broadcast Tang Zhen until the end.Once the camera cuts, she green line cbd gummies 500mg is dissatisfied and whimpers.When the show was over, she was even more dissatisfied.She always thought that Tang Zhen would appear on TV, and waited for almost an hour.Under Tang Shuang s urging, she turned off the TV, and quickly climbed the stairs with her short legs, and ran to her He took out his small mobile phone and called his sister.She wants to express her admiration immediately, and by the way, make an appointment to bring her on TV next time, a real TV show Tang Shuang didn t stop her.This little person was unstoppable in this state, and she had to bite anyone who tried to stop her.Soon Tangtanger went downstairs disappointed, the small mobile phone was still dangling around her neck.Well, I m still too young and know too few characters.When I grow up, I can teach you As a writer Tang Shuang hugged her down angrily Thank you, Tang vena cbd gummies Tang is the one who supports me the most, don t make trouble, you are the biggest support for me by going out now, how about it Tang Tanger angrily Said People are praising you, but you still drive him out, why is the cbd gummies for anxiety walgreens delta 9 and cbd gummies elder brother doing this, hum Tang Shuang You said just now that bad guys are going to arrest you Where is it You re lying, aren t you Candy automatically blocked questions that were not good for her, and looked left and right in the study.Looking to the right, I saw Zhao Yunjian hanging on the wall.I was interested and wanted to take it off, but I couldn t reach it.Holding her up high, she put one hand on her small shoulder and held her down What are you doing with a sword It s very dangerous.What a smart little girl Tang Shuang praised Candy, and by the way, praised herself, telling the story while also popularizing science.It s entertaining The story continues the little rabbits shouted together when they heard it was their mother s voice Mom is back Mom is back They opened the door for mom and rushed to help mom carry the basket.Oh, mom Pulled out so many carrots The next day, the big bad wolf came again, and it knocked on the door, holding its nose and singing Tangtanger hugged Bai Jingjing tightly sense cbd gummies in worry, and said, Little Bunny can t open the door Education The time has come Tang Shuang asked earnestly, Why can vena cbd gummies t the little rabbit open the door Tangtanger cleared the door and said, The big bad wolf is outside the door, and the little rabbit will be eaten by the big bad wolf when you open the door Tang Shuang squeezed Tang Tang s fat face said with relief Smart kid got the answer right The little rabbit will be eaten by the big bad wolf when he opens the door Then let me ask you, today jolly cbd gummies for diabetes you give it to Xiao Deng, oh, it s not Xiao Deng It doesn t matter who it is, a stranger What if you knock on the door Tang Shuang was smart, and replied without hesitation Sing No, no, I won t open, mom won t come back, the door can t be opened Tang Shuang was sweating profusely.However, my brother didn t seem to notice her at all, and he was focused on being a writer.Sigh I m so troubled Tang Tang, do you want to go in by yourself Does Xiaoshuang really dislike me My parents and sisters are not at home, so I will be hungry and skinny Why is Xiao Shuangzi so stingy The Lun family is a younger sister, um, huh The little person s mind is very complicated, full of thoughts, worrying about gains and losses In the end, she finally mustered up the courage to poke her head by the door, pretending that she had just arrived He just stood by the door and shouted, Huh Tang Xiaoshuang You scoundrel, why did you take my kitten The kitten refers to a small mobile phone in the shape of hellokity, At this moment, it was placed on the desk by Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang raised her head Oh Tang Tang s children s shoes are here, come in quickly, come in quickly Don t stand at the door, talk well if you have something to say.He can t break away from the music, so why don t we do more It is a great waste to keep so many classic songs in my mind.Although it seems hypocritical to say so, it is true As soon as I arrived at the company the next day, Chen Ding came to visit Li Yuzhang.Young man, refreshing and refreshing, Liu Yilian was by his side, telling some things to pay attention to along the way.He was holding a can of green tea in his hand.Li Yuzhen liked to drink tea.This was a gift specially prepared for him.It s very clean, don t wipe it, it s been done so many times.Liu Yilian said helplessly.Chen Ding smiled embarrassingly, but didn t give up until he finished wiping, One last time, don t be rude.Liu Yilian sighed weakly, really didn t know what to say to his habit.Chen Ding is a Virgo, and has severe cleanliness.This guy who hasn t appeared yet, but he must be an important person, just looking at the static picture already feels mighty and messed up This is not over yet.After clicking on the illustration, a paragraph of text is displayed, which turns out to be a relevant fragment of the book The tone of the text is that a person is making the introduction, but it is not known who is introducing to whom.It is only written in the book This person smashed Wudang Mountain, vena cbd gummies delta 9 and cbd gummies difference between cbd gummies and weed gummies Shaolin HCMUSSH vena cbd gummies Temple, Qingcheng Mountain, Emei Mountain, and Wutai Mountain, and was arrested later.Woke up, sentenced to indefinite vena cbd gummies term, and has been imprisoned in a secret prison in HB, since he was in his twenties to now in his fifties. This man is proficient in all kinds of martial arts, and he knows everything.He can swing freely, and I don t know what kind of boxing he practiced.Chapter 79 A delta 9 and cbd gummies difference between cbd gummies and weed gummies lot of eyes Hurry up and drink the milk, and I have to comb your hair, and then go to pick up mom and dad after you dress up.Tang .

what is the best cbd gummy?

Shuang sat at the dining table and hugged her while eating breakfast.The little doll murmured, Candy said.I want to be pretty Mom and Dad came home today, Tangtanger was in a very good mood.After a while, when Tang Shuang returned to the restaurant, she saw Tangtanger was making a call on his mobile phone on the table.Seeing Tang Shuang coming, the girl was worried that her mobile phone would be confiscated, so she said seriously I m talking to Sister Meimei., you can t make trouble.It seemed that the mobile phone password was about to be changed, Tang Shuang sat beside Tangtanger and listened to what she and Chu Mei had vena cbd gummies cbd gummies 300 mg to say.Sister Meimei, Xiaoshuang and I are going to Handycraft s house, do you want to go too Ever since I met Chu Mei at the vena cbd gummies airport last time, Tangtanger knew that Chu Mei was working at Airplane s House , she and cbd gummies relax vena cbd gummies Tang Shuang were going to the airport to pick up Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning, so she first thought of her younger sister, that s why they made the call.The bone hero panicked and escaped quickly.Thinking that he had nowhere to go, he came to the signing event.Tang Shuang said to the excited bone hero, dumbfounded I m a young hero, not someone else s child.Bone dragon suddenly lost his excitement, hiccupped, and smoked the staff who pulled him around.Almost passed out, Do you want to be the leader of the martial arts too The bone hero was drunk and had nothing to talk to a drunk, so Tang Shuang turned and left.Don t go Bone Dragon rushed over and stopped Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang My kung fu is not as good as Jin Yong s and the others.Don t compare with me.I can t beat you.Gu Long said triumphantly That s right, I have punched before, and now my throwing knife is even better.Poke whereverBalabala, come Take a sip.Tang Shuang took the wine, but he refused in his heart, but the bone hero looked at him with burning eyes, and his posture clearly said, if you don t drink, I will never finish with you.How much meat can be lost in a circle It s just for show.Tangtanger was really sleepwalking, holding Bai Jingjing for a while, and when Comrade Sanjian ran to the fifth lap, he retreated another 100 meters and took the little Tangtanger away.This child is already the same as Xiaoshuang, it s time for Xiaoshuang to come back, and then we can cure their lazy cancer together.For Tang Sanjian s request to swing on the double poles, Candy was extremely uncooperative, she lifted up her small clothes, revealing her deflated belly, and pointed to her navel to express that she was starving, and the stock was out of stock Now let alone shaking the double poles, it is extremely difficult to take two steps.While speaking, my stomach gurgled.You see, you listen, there is no lie Tang Shuang once thought that Tang Shuang s little belly cbd tincture and gummy bears could always purr at the right time.His mother just bought him Tinkerbell.Tang Tanger bowed her head in frustration, and turned her back again Bah, I hate Xiaoshuang, Xiaoshuang is a big villain Tang Shuang Why is this hot pot Give me back again Tang Zhen couldn t comfort Tang Er now, and couldn t persuade her to go back to the dining table.Enter Huang Xiangning Useless Don t count on Tang Sanjian.In view of the fact that parents and sisters can t persuade the little princess at home, and considering delta 9 and cbd gummies difference between cbd gummies and weed gummies that the little princess is not only her own, but also belongs to her parents, brothers and sisters, everyone didn t want to starve the little girl s belly, so they sent Tang Shuang to play.Tang Shuang said loudly on purpose Wow The milk is delicious There are also meat buns, which are delicious, and Bai Jingjing is drooling Tang Shuang still turned her back to everyone and did not speak, but what Tang Shuang said was very touching to her.Wei Daqun If Axiu gets married, there will only be one in this family.The woman supported her, she couldn t afford it no matter vena cbd gummies what, so she didn t agree to this marriage.Tang Shuang asked in puzzlement As long as that man is willing, he can continue to ask Axiu to support her mother.In such a situation, he shouldn t refuse.Wei Daqun was silent for a while, and then said My little sister She is a young lady in the city.Tang Shuang s heart skipped a beat, and she remained silent.Wei Daqun She was only 16 years old at the time The man came to redeem her.Tang Shuang understood that a 16 year old rural girl has no skills and has many places to spend money.To do cheap work.If Axiu got married, she would definitely have to wash her hands in a golden basin and draw a clear vena cbd gummies line from this industry.Tang Zhen s singing hides an impulse in the quietness.In the dark night, she is ready to go, close the door, lock the window, and tie up her long hair.She will set off alone, on the road west, to find the blue vena cbd gummies lotus in her dream Wang Zhen has been singing for more than 30 years, and he hasn t heard any songs.However, at this moment, the hairs all over his body stand on end, and goosebumps appear.Enthusiastic applause, as if afraid that the applause would wake up the blue lotus on the snowy land and the elf who was singing on the stage Nothing can stop your yearning for freedom unconstrained life your heart nothing Concerned about passing through dark years I natural only cbd gummies also felt hesitant when you bow your head then you realized the road under your feet If the last paragraph is a blue lotus flower that is about to bloom, then this paragraph is back to can you take cbd gummies on a airplane the world.The leading actor and supporting actor have been confirmed, they are Li Ying and Liang Qiao.Don t give up until you scare people to death.Li Ying and Liang Qiao, who Zhang Fei revealed, are the top actors in China, and Li Ying is an action superstar , into the global market, the spokesperson of Chinese vena cbd gummies Kungfu.Liang Qiao is the movie king madman.He has won all the three best movie awards in China, and he has captured two of the world s three major film festivals.Some people say that he doesn t need lines, he can act in a movie just by looking at his eyes.And such an actor is now going to play the male supporting role, why is this, does this role have such charm In fact, Zhang Fei had already communicated with Li Ying five cbd free gummies before negotiating with Tang Shuang, and the other party agreed at that time.Not only him, but everyone around, men and vena cbd gummies women, young and old, all looked at her.Tang Shuang knew her.She had met her at Tang Zhen s signing ceremony.She was Orange Mai s popular actress, Luo Yuqing Luo Yuqing is tall and tall, with three dimensional features.Her beauty is bright, warm and intense, like a ball of fire, which makes people obsessed and dazzling.Back then Tang Shuang just glanced at it from afar, but it was far less amazing than it is now She was wearing a red dress, and she approached quickly.The visual impact brought by this face to face seemed to be approached by a strong flame.Everyone s eyes moved with her walking, but they couldn t help moving aside, as if Slow down and you ll get burned.The only one on the scene who didn t back down was Tangtanger, a doll who was so daring.She lay on the railing of the balcony on the second floor, looking around , suddenly yelled Ah It vena cbd gummies cbd gummies 300 mg s a big villain, Xiao Shuang, hurry up and catch the big tail wolf Tang Shuang looked in the direction she pointed, and saw a little fat man vena cbd gummies in the grove.Seeing Tangtanger so excited, I remembered that it was the fat man who chased Tangtanger in the playground that day.Big villain I want to catch you Xiaoshuang, let s catch him and spank his ass.Hearing Tangtanger s shout, the little fat man finally found out what was going on here.It was the little one who slapped his ass Next to that big guy The little fat man ran away shaking all over his body.Seeing this, Tang Tanger was extremely anxious and wanted to climb up by grabbing the railing What s the meaning This chick wants to jump off the second floor Tang Shuang quickly dropped the watering can and picked the girl off.I like him so much.Oh, Tang Shuang never expected that Tang Tang s children s shoes would give him such a high evaluation in front of her friends.She was moved and moved, and decided to tell her a story seriously tonight.When Candy was introducing vena cbd gummies her little friend, many classmates brought their parents to meet Candy.Tangtanger is not at all shy with strangers.Although she has never seen these adults before, the visitors are guests.She wants to chat with everyone.This posture seems to be that she is also a small parent, and she was really appointed to come here.Tang Shuang, the HCMUSSH vena cbd gummies patriarch of the family, tends to be marginalized.This situation is more and more like Tangtanger said last night that she accompanied Xiaoshuang to the parent meeting.Good popularity is a good thing, which shows that Tangtang s children s shoes are popular, optimistic and outgoing.She has brought a lot to the friends around her.Joy Candy was so happy that she shook her head and asked, Is there any more, is there any more Tang Shuang continued Mr.Zhang also said that Tang Tang s children s shoes are very strong.Once the slide broke and several children fell off.Other children cried loudly.Not only did Tang Tang not cry, but he got up strong by himself., to comfort the other children, and when the teacher arrived, none of the children were crying, and the teachers in the kindergarten all said later delta 9 and cbd gummies that Tang Tang s children s shoes are amazing, and they are a super powerful baby.Tangtang er smiled, It s a bit embarrassing.Everyone has never heard of Tangtanger talking about this matter.The little girl has done a great job and has hidden her merits and fame.Huang Xiangning patted the cutie s head, praised her performance, and asked Tangtanger if she could tell the story of that time to her parents and brothers.He can suppress Tang Tang in terms of skills and regain his position.So Li Xiaoyu finally broke out, interrupted Tang Tang s machine gun, and said loudly I Yes Bomb Small Gourd Lu Tang Tang, can you know it Hmph You can t I m better than you Candy He froze for a while, blinked his eyes wide, and asked What vena cbd gummies is a small gourd Li Xiaoyu felt that he had finally found Tang Tang s weakness, and laughed loudly Ha You can t play, right You haven t even heard of a small gourd., scoff Tangtanger Big headed baby, what are you saying is a small gourd Li Xiaoyu Don t call me big headed baby Candy Ice cream, what is a little gourd Tangtanger grew up in a music family, and has vena cbd gummies a natural affinity for musical instruments.Apart from the piano, she knows many other musical instruments.Huang Xiangning, Tang Zhen and Tang Shuang are all her tutors.She obviously forgot, she put on lipstick and kissed her twice, leaving two clearly visible lip marks on Tangtang er s face Seeing this, Tang Shuang and Li Yu couldn t help laughing.Tang Shuang, who was ignorant, didn t know that two roses had been planted on her face, and she was trying to open the gift box.Luo Yuqing herself thought it was funny, and joked to herself This is not good, I have left a criminal evidence, and Zhenzhen will be cbd gummies for anxiety walgreens delta 9 and cbd gummies jealous when she sees it later.After speaking, she wiped Tangtanger s face with a wet tissue clean.Tangtanger also said cutely I just washed my face there is no drool, it is so clean.Luo Yuqing changed the subject and said, Would you like to open the present and see what my sister gave you If it s not good, she couldn t wait a long time ago, but for her, the box was too tightly packed cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews vena cbd gummies to open, and she was planning to seek Xiaoshuang s help.After Tangtanger received the cat, she chatted with Li Yu about her favorite cat like a little adult.During this period of time, she was so suffocated that Tang Shuang, Huang Xiangning and Tang Sanjian didn t talk about cats with her.I can t talk, because if I talk, something will happen.I know that there are cats in the mountain, but I prefer to go to Maoshan, and the result is to take a cat home.Holding one is still an adult s idea, according to Tangtanger s request, she wants one, two, three, four endless cats Evacuate Maoshan Today, someone can chat with her about cats.Once the chatterbox is opened, blah blah blah, what s the matter I can t stop at all Li Yuzhen told Tangtanger that he had seven cats at home and showed her the photos.So Candy huddled in Li Yuzhen s arms, watching the cat with great interest, and exclaimed from time to time.His vena cbd gummies idea is very simple.While he is young, he can do what he wants, and there is nothing wrong with experiencing it.Huang Weiwei vena cbd gummies pulled Huang Xiang and Shen Yi to mutter, Tangtanger stayed by her grandmother s side to listen to the story, grandpa was talking with Huang Xiangning and Tang Sanjian, Tang Zhen held the phone and didn t know whether she was chatting or playing.Tang Shuang confiscated her mobile phone You can t play with your mobile cbd gummies relax vena cbd gummies phone at this time.Tang Zhen looked at everyone and whispered, I want you to take care of it.Tang Shuang I don t care who cares.Tang Zhen was stunned.Dazed, she wrinkled her nose unconsciously Huh At this moment, Tang Shuang s phone rang suddenly, and at first glance, it was Ye Liang s Returning the phone to Tang Zhen, Tang Shuang walked away to answer the call.It was only then that Luo Yuqing remembered how long it had been since she sang this song, and now that she was attending various events and programs, people took it for granted that they wanted to listen to Too Beautiful.She was about to vomit An uncle next to her looked at her, then at the MV that was playing on TV, and said pleasantly, Ah, I recognized it, you are Luo Yuqing It turned out to be her A fan of.After Luo Yuqing smiled and signed for him, she sent him away.And at this time, Shengjing Love Story was over, and it was Tang Zhen who came out The song I sang was I hope people will last forever , and the picture was taken at the Guangdong Mid Autumn Festival Gala, because there is no MV for this song yet.Su Shi s When will the water melody singer come to the moon It is famous for thousands of years, and children of all ages can memorize it.She used a lot of force just now, there was an obvious rebound, and then she squatted on the ground.Tang Shuang What are you doing Stand up quickly, is there anything wrong Tang Tang er was a little dazed, took off the basin on her cbd gummies relax vena cbd gummies head in a daze, and awkwardly bent over to Tang Shuang who was about to set her up.Then, without Tang Shuang s help, he climbed up and walked on his hands and feet.After walking two steps, he put the basin on his head again, stretched out his hands and groped around, walking like a blind person, walking around in the dark, and then the ending can be imagined However, just as Tang Shuang said be careful , there was another bang, and the villain hit the cabinet Tang Shuang hurried over, first confiscated the stainless steel basin on Candy s hijab, and then lifted her up to stand upright.Candy said crisply Uncle, what s your name My name is Qiu Sen There are only four words, and there are no more.It doesn t matter, Tangtanger is a passionate little girl, and she said in a crisp voice You are so cool, let s shake hands Then, she stretched out her fleshy little hand to have a formal meeting with Qiu Sen This sentence not only made Qiu Sen and Zhang Tianfeng laugh, but even Shang Hui, who was a little far away, burst out laughing.Shang Hui, beauties, Tangtanger likes beauties even more than her brother Xiaoshuang.But she didn t like this aunt who beat her brother, so she gave her a blank look from a distance The white eyes of other people are all contrived and vicious, but Tangtanger s white eyes are cute and cute.They don t make people feel malicious, but they think they are making fun of you.Tang Shuang thought about it for so long, but she didn t decide whether to go to Wutong County or not.I don t know how long I sat in the car, it felt like an instant, but the sun outside the car window was already half in the sky.Tang Shuang was awakened by the text message.He thought it was someone who replied, but when he saw it Welcome to Qingyuan, a tourist attraction, the cradle of famous generals So enthusiastic Then Tang Shuang drove to Qingyuan When it was about an hour s drive away from Jiuyedong, the number of vehicles on the road began to increase significantly, most of them were tourists.However, Tang Shuang saw at least three news interview vehicles roaring past him.News interview cars are so fierce Overtaking without saying hello.He didn t know if there were so many news interview vehicles passing by at ordinary times, and he had a bad feeling subconsciously, guessing that something he didn t know might have happened.It was written like this at the beginning I like those beautiful, solid and heavy flowers, like cbd gummy bears dosage lilies, lotus, and kapok, but I also like those worryingly beautiful flowers, especially those that bloom in spring.The petals are thin and meager.Flowers that are almost too thin to disappear, like peach blossoms, apricot blossoms, plum blossoms, pansies or cosmoses A very short article, which describes a girl s vena cbd gummies delicate thoughts and love for flowers.The writing is beautiful and excellent.Tang Tanger couldn t stand it anymore, there were too many uncommon zillas cbd gummy bears HCMUSSH vena cbd gummies words, and she yelled vena cbd gummies for Tang Shuang to read it to her.Tang Shuang looked up at Sister Xiangning.Although the great fairy was embarrassed to come over to read the letter, she never left.She probably wanted to catch some information she was interested in from the few words he and Tangtanger leaked.The little fairy with broken wings Xiaoshuang, I want to listen to Tinker Bell Tang Shuang was in a daze The little fairy with broken wings Mom, Xiaoshuang bullies children.Huang Xiangning said amusedly vena cbd gummies Then mother tells the little baby Let s have a story.Although the stories Xiangning tells are not as good as Tang Shuang s, listening to stories is not only about listening to stories, but also about feeling love.When Sister Xiangning told stories, she was full of warmth and love.Zhuzhujing usually likes to listen to her mother tell stories, but tonight she wants to fight Xiaoshuang, and she wants to listen to Tang Xiaoshuang s stories.Tang Shuang had no choice Then one Tang Tanger smiled triumphantly Then two.Tang Shuang sneered, and opened .

are cbd gummy bears safe for you liver?

his mouth A long, long, long, long, long time It s been a long time It s been a long time.Will the big devil frame the little princess Woah Keep an eye out Grind your teeth and get ready to fight Although she will die Tang Shuang closed the door of Tangtang er s room again, and said to Bai Jingjing at her feet, Go back to sleep, cbd gummies 5mg don t worry about it Bai Jingjing jumped happily in the dark, and slipped back into her bed with a smog.small nest.Scared the dog to death I thought I was going to die today, the big devil didn t just say it, the little master said a lot about the horrors of the big devil.The puppy is only one and a half years old, and he hasn t lived enough Tang Shuang returned to the room, turned on the light, took off her clothes, and stood in front of the mirror to check the bandages on her back.Tang Jin had already applied the medicine.Just thinking about whether it would affect Saturday s slide race, he was going to participate in the 16 inch special group, when he suddenly heard the sound of breathing, Tang Shuang thought it was an illusion, and then heard the sound of someone turning over There is someone in his bed I walked over to observe gently, and found that there was indeed a small thing in the quilt, bulging, and when I lifted a corner, I saw a little pig lying in it, with a flushed face, sleeping soundly.These little guys have never been so walmart cbd gummies serious It seems that this vena cbd gummies is not just a light bulb, but a moon.Among the children who were concentrating on changing the light bulb, Tangtang was nervous.First, he wanted to hold Uncle Li s hand, saying that he would lead him the way and help him not to fall.Then he circled around the ladder and said loudly that you should be careful.Ah, be serious, don t look around, vena cbd gummies don t talk, look at the top of your head, don t fall down, cbd gummies 10 mg effects we are small, we can t catch you, and we will be smashed to the ground, what to do if you smashed a group of children Well, how many mothers will cry, and Teacher Zhang will still lose his job Uncle Li, Teacher Zhang o O Uncle Li has changed light bulbs for more than 30 years, and this time he is the most nervous.Standing on the ladder and sweating, it is too serious, too It s serious, it s just changing the light bulb, it s not about jumping off a cliff Can you stop letting the little cutie at your feet say it, although it s all about caring for people, but the old man is so nervous, so penetrating, and has the urge to jump down and hit the street Cover her little mouth I have never seen such a talking child.It reads Tang Tang s sixth birthday, please participate Candy said with a smile I will be six years old on Sunday.Hey, Li Byeyao, are you free You must come, our old Tang family welcomes you.Last night, Tangtanger thought of Li Byeyao from the kindergarten, and said that there were no children in Li Byeyou s family.Very lonely, we want to care for him, so we want to invite him to my birthday party, so there is this scene in front of us.Chapter 421 Auditions The Romance of the Dragon and Snake are currently holding auditions.The two leading roles of Wang Chao and Tang Zichen have been confirmed, but there are many other supporting roles to be determined, such as the important supporting roles Huo Ling er and Zhao Xinglong.There are about 20 supporting roles that need to be selected through auditions.Tang Shuang snorted coldly in her heart.The two returned to Old Tang s house, and saw two girls wandering around the door from a distance.Tangtanger hurried over and asked, Hee hee, are you looking for me Who are you A small bean sprout.Hello little sister, is this the home of Professor Tang Sanjian Tangtanger He is my father, why are you looking for my father The pure bliss cbd gummies two girls looked at each other, Professor Tang s daughter is so young How married is this Professor Tang is not at home.He should be in the college.You should go find him there, Tang Shuang said.When the two girls left, Tangtanger said to Tang Shuang, Why did they leave I haven t asked their names, where is their home, and what can I do with their father Well, you check people s household registration.Candy What if Dad meets a bad guy Tang Shuang You are really worried, come on, get ready, mom has assigned me an important task today, I ll take you to get your hair cut.She gently opened the door, walked in very naturally, came to a small cabinet, opened it with a smile, grabbed a lot of white rabbit toffee from it, and couldn t wait to peel one off and stuffed it into her mouth.It s like your own princess room.Tang Shuang was speechless after seeing all this Hey, hey, I said you take me seriously, okay I m sitting here, and you dare to be so bold as to steal my snacks Aren t you afraid that I will make you pay for it Chapter 424 Man Machine Battle Tang Shuang asked Xiaozhuzhu to spit out his snacks.It sounded scary, but as Xiaoshuang s confidant little sister, Xiaozhuzhu was not worried at all, and smiled and took the blame out of his trouser pocket.Hair, said Xiao Shuang, your wooden box, quickly put the vena cbd gummies head of Lun s family in it.Tang Shuang was surprised What head It s hair Don t talk scary, it s on purpose.Xiaozhuzhu was worried that Xiaoshuang would catch her little secret, so he changed the topic Hehehe Xiaoshuang, look The painting is finished.Picture Book.Tang Shuang took it, and sat on the little piggy s bed to look through it.The little piggy leaned over sticky and huddled together to watch.Congratulations, little montreal cbd friendly gummies piggy, the painting is finally finished, and it s so good, amazing, I must give you a thumbs up.A big thumbs up on little piggy s face, and she happily climbed onto the small bed to start Jumping and jumping, Bai Jingjing s little dog is having fun on the ground, this little dog seems to have come out of the psychological shadow, and has regained the nature of a bastard.After more than a month, the picture book A Garden of Green Vegetables Becomes an Essence is finally completed.How can there be such a good mother in the world It must be sent by an angel, no , mother is an archangel, she is a little angel, as for Tang Zhen, she was ignored because she was not there.Tang Shuang hurried away, she couldn t stand this sycophant.At this time, Tang Shuang and Tang Sanjian s personalities are reflected.Tang Shuang stays away from Little discount cbd gummies Piggy, while Brother Sanjian moves closer.Hey This person is really Candy glanced at him, hey, Dad is here So by the way, I praised my father, which is incidental, just like giving it as a phone bill When they left the shopping mall, everyone in the old Tang family had big bags and small bags in their hands.Even the youngest one had three handbags in his hand.Come on, fart fart, this is tired and happy.If the aunt hadn t called to remind her, Tangtanger would not have left without saying anything.Wang woof woof A cute white dog jumped out happily from the corner, and headed straight for Candy.Tangtang was shocked, and immediately cheered, went up to the puppy, held the puppy in his arms, and stroked the little head.It is so rare to meet an old friend in a foreign land.With the little helper, vena cbd gummies Candy became more courageous.When she came to Tinkerbell, she held her head up and said in surprise, Oh, why is Tinkerbell so big Isn t it small, like a cat Your sister It s also very big, why is it so big Little Ding Dong and Little Ding Ling didn t speak, but ran to the prepared stage, pulled the curtain, and lowered it with a clatter, revealing the lineup inside Tang Shuang was sitting on the shelf In front of the drum, Huang Xiangning hugged the bass, and the two wore bamboo dragonflies on their heads, and they had a pair of big and long rabbit ears.Don t promise anything, I can t do it.Little Zhuzhu asked with a loli voice, What about jumping into the thc vs cbd gummies for sleep lake Huh Jumping into the lake You don t have a fever, do you Tang Shuang was shocked, not only him, but everyone Surprised, Tang Shuang touched her forehead, it was soft and warm, she didn t have a fever, how could she have such a crazy idea.Among the people present, only Tang Sanjian understood the little guy s thoughts best.During the summer vacation, he took her for a morning run.When he walked to the lake, the little guy saw a big carp jumping out of the lake under the sun, and wanted to jump into Aixi Lake in a whimsical way.Swim.At that time Tang Sanjian tried every means to divert the child s attention, and took her to the Children s Paradise.Unexpectedly, this little guy still remembers it in his heart.Judging from experience, things that can be written on this kind of card are extremely precious, For example, those precious wishes that she wrote down when she made a wish.Sister, look I will be 6 years old soon, and my feet will be 6 years old soon, and I will never fall again, so don t worry, the baby will take care of itself.Tang Zhen Tangtanger, who came to the living room, looked for Huang Xiangning everywhere, Where is mom Where is mom going My good mom Hidden a card behind her back, she said, Mom, Candy s birthday is today, and I want to give you a gift.Do you like it cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews vena cbd gummies I didn t see the gift and asked if I liked it.This, emmm It s a bit like a king s meal.Everyone who was sitting and chatting looked over.Xiaoshou Xing is the protagonist today, and he is always the focus of attention wherever he goes.Although she participated in the drawing of every page of this book, the meaning is different at this moment.This is a book, and she has become a writer.Tang Shuang reminded her to distribute books to everyone as soon as possible, one for each person, don t patronize her own elixinol cbd gummies happiness, everyone s happiness is cbd gummies for anxiety walgreens delta 9 and cbd gummies the real happiness.After Tang Shuang discussed with his grandfather Huang Yunren, in the author column of A Garden of Green Vegetables Becomes an Essence , the first person wrote Tang Tang, the second was Huang Yunren, and the third was Tang Shuang.This book was regarded as a birthday gift from Tang Shuang and Grandpa to Candy, and it was also a gift from Candy to those who attended today s party.A book that little people participated in making is of great significance to her.For example, at this moment, Tang Shuang chased after Tang Shuang s feet and asked, cbd gummies gq Xiao Shuang, Xiao Shuang, Tang Tang will become a painter when she grows up, and draw the most beautiful paintings, and draw with grandpa.Shoulder, turned around to look, raised his small fist to make a move, annoying Tang Xiaoshuang Don t move, don t move, I brought you a small stool, let s watch together Tang Shuang stuffed the small stool under the little man s buttocks, half pleased and half forced her to sit down, and then he himself sat beside, Putting his arms around the little man s shoulders and preparing to watch the show, he booed, Mr.Zhang, say a few words Say a few words Teacher Zhang decided to follow the good advice, just say a few words.Congratulations to Tang Tang, you are 6 years old.Happy birthday.We want to dance for you.This is a dance proposed by Little Putao.Hurry up, there are not many opportunities to contact, please forgive me if you don t dance well.Tang Shuang saw the little person sitting on the small stool and kept giggling, without speaking, Tang Shuang pushed her little shoulder and reminded Talk Forgive me, forgive me Hee hee Tang Shuang Teacher Zhang and the children lined up, wow It looks very exciting, Teacher Zhang leads the way, and do cbd gummies help with anxiety Little Putao and Little Peacock back One step separates the left and right, and then there are three men.He put away his book buy cbd gummies bulk canada folder, took off his gold rimmed glasses, wiped them with a lens cloth, put them back on, and nodded slightly, ready to leave.Tang Shuang was very disappointed, and kept bouncing and beckoning, hey hey hey He didn t dare to make delta 9 and cbd gummies difference between cbd gummies and weed gummies a loud noise, just muttered, seeing Tang Shuang turned around and left, lowered his head and kicked his left foot with his right foot.Suddenly Huang Xiangning said to her Tangtanger, Tangtanger, hurry up in the stands, my brother is waving at you.Huh Where is it Tangtanger was instantly disappointed and looked up the stage cheerfully, sure enough Xiaoshuang was waving at her Tangtanger immediately beamed with joy, jumped up, and raised her right hand high again in response to Xiaoshuang.After two vigorous swipes, the raised palm turned into a thumb, a raised thumb.Said The last time I ate ice cream was during the summer vacation It s been too long, no wonder the Lun family is crying non stop today Dad, Mom, you don t care about the child s life or death.Finally found today crying There are endless reasons, even I believed what I said, it was all caused by not eating ice cream.Huang Xiangning said Is this the reason Tangtang er opened her eyes wide and asked innocently Then mother, what reason do you say, the child is so scared now, will I cry like this, will I cry blind, cry blind My big eyes are not good looking.Xiaoshuang will definitely dislike the Lun family, throw the Lun family on the street, and then pick up a child that other people s mothers don t want, and I will be picked up by other people s mothers.I ll never see my mother, father, sister, and brother again.There vena cbd gummies are also conditions cbd gummies legal in ny for interest.When the conditions are rich enough, you will naturally be interested.Tang Shuang took the elevator to the 67th floor, and a line of dark gold and matte characters came into view Zhixing Tianchuang Cultural Consulting Co., Ltd.My name is Tang Shuang, and I have an appointment with Dr.Tang Chengcheng.Tang Shuang specially put on a black and gray suit today, but without a tie.The front desk lady bowed slightly enthusiastically, and said, Hello, Mr.Tang, Dr.Tang is already waiting for you in the meeting room, please follow me.The receptionist took Tang Shuang through the work .

how do cbd gummies work for anxiety?

hall.Even though it was the weekend, there were still people going to work.Tang Shuang took a quick glance.The working environment was very comfortable, but the atmosphere seemed rather serious.Tang Chengcheng stood up, revealing a beautiful face under her professional attire He walked up to the projection, pointed the laser pointer in his hand at the ppt on the projection, and said, According to Mr.Tang s request, we have sorted out the development of the Chinese music market in the past five years and the next five years, not an overview, but a very The detailed research report is the only one in the country.This research report has a total of 350 pages, and it will take about 3 hours to finish the lecture.However, I will prioritize and skip some places quickly, and control the time within 2 hours.The explanation During the process, if Mr.Tang is unclear, you can interrupt me cbd gummies relax vena cbd gummies at any time, and I will explain to you in cbd gummy miami detail, what do you think of Mr.Tang When Tang Chengcheng was speaking, Tang Shuang was observing this woman, seeing her The eyes are bright, the almond eyes reveal the innocence, the cold appearance hides the cute heart, the house is sunken, from the appearance, this is a sign of late marriage.On the one hand, he will dilute the risk Agree, then he and Alum can put pressure on the rain phase to lower the price.If Alumni joins, he will definitely not agree to your proposed 30 equity.You don t offer anything, but take 30 of the equity.This is nothing but a white wolf.How about it, 30 equity is not expensive at all, on the contrary, it is a friendship price.Fan Liwen was speechless, what Yu Xiang said seemed to make sense, but You are all based on the fact that the Dream Flower album is a big hit Basically, to take a step back, even if Flowers in Dreams is a big hit, can the album you produced for Tuzi Entertainment still reach this level I am a music maker, and I have experience in it.A platinum record can be met.I can t ask for it Tang Shuang let him finish, and then said This article can be written into the gambling agreement.The little flag bearer this time is Tang Tang, Tang Tang is our best rated cbd gummies for arthritis big sister.That s Tang Tang What a majestic one I know her, she talked to me.Huh, Tang Tang She also had lunch with me, and she gave me food, and asked me to grow up quickly.Huh Will Tang Tang give you food She has eaten my food.My mother The lunch prepared for can you bring cbd gummies on a plane usa me is delicious, I gave it to Tang Tang.I also gave it to And me Me tooI can t let them chatter anymore, otherwise Tangtang er s old background was exposed in front of the adults of Old Tang s family.In fact, it s not that serious, what the little people said is the truth, but on the one hand, the candy is just a little taste, and on the other hand, these children asked for it on their own initiative.During the last autumn outing, many children rushed to ask Candy to taste the snacks they brought with them.Being able to be the secretary of the vice president is of course more popular than being an unknown low level administrative worker.Although the work of a secretary is just a helper, communication and coordination, the working environment is completely different.It is stressful to be with the leader, but the growth is fast., promotion is fast, and if you are really talented, the leader can see it in the first place, which is many times better than working hard in a corner.After a few days of work, Xiao Liu became very familiar with Tang Sanjian s work habits.He would arrive at the office half an hour early every day, clean up as soon as possible, organize documents, and then make a pot of Longjing.Tang Sanjian has the habit of drinking tea.Tang Sanjian habitually served the brewed Longjing tea from the tea table.Are you right What about it Tang Shuang said earnestly, the little sister of the Tang family is growing up little by little, and is also learning the principles of life little by little.Tangtang er was holding the small mobile phone, her dazed little face became clearer, the little guy knew that she made a mistake today, but she still couldn t figure out why so many people were scolded, wasn t it all her fault Well, why does everyone seem to be at fault, and everyone wants to say sorry She was confused, so she specially called Xiaoshuang to chat with him.Now she roughly understands that it is her responsibility.There is also such a thing as responsibility.If one person fails to do a good job in responsibility, it will affect so HCMUSSH vena cbd gummies many people.It really opened her eyes.Thinking of this, Tang Tanger suddenly said crisply Xiao Shuang, brother, I m sorry, Tang Tanger made you worry, can you forgive Tang Tang Tang Shuang said happily I can hear Tang Tang s words, brother I m so happy, I forgive Tang Tang, just don t want to have a next time, my brother will be scared to death When the two brothers and sisters of the Tang family were talking on the phone, Luo Yuqing s beautiful eyes kept staring at her.The proprietress looked at the Giraffe who was looking down at the record with a smile, and asked Candy in a low voice Is he your brother Since he s a giraffe, then What are you Tangtanger smiled instantly and lifted up the little rabbit in her arms Look I have a little rabbit, her name is Tang Xiaotang My name is Tang Tang, we are all little rabbits Ha, Is it cute Do you want to hug her Seeing that the pink Tang Xiaotang is super cute, the proprietress said vena cbd gummies with love, Can I really hug her Candy lifted Tang Xiaotang up and handed it to her generously, saying Hug, just hug, children must learn to share The proprietress took Tang Xiaotang with both hands, and held it carefully in her hand Ah this little rabbit is so cute, soft and pink, her neck Did you wear the scarf on her Tang Tanger nodded Yes, it is like this, the Lun family has to dress her every day.Tang Shuang asked a few more questions, when someone entered the store, six boys and girls in high school uniforms.Tang Shuang said goodbye to the proprietress, and left with Candy.Seeing the little man struggling to hold a stack of records, she asked, Do you want me to get some She took small steps slowly, worried that the record might be accidentally dropped on the floor, but she persisted and said, No The cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews vena cbd gummies Lun family is very powerful.Do you have the record The group of boys and girls who came in searched the shelves quickly, but couldn t find the record they wanted, so they couldn t wait to ask the proprietress.The proprietress looked at Tang Shuang with the eyes of you see what I said , and then said to the questioner No more, it s sold out.Ah you re also sold out here The child said disappointedly, another girl beside her complained to the other boy and said It s you, you said you came yesterday, you insisted on saying no rush, now it s all right, it s all gone now There are many stores, but none of them has the goods.Get to know other kids No problem, you have the final say, everything is under your command, what else do you have to explain, little piggy Tang Shuang s attitude was super nice.Candy thought for a while, and a question was ignored, and asked Who is the kid best cbd gummies to lose weight you pinched Take me to see it tomorrow, okay The little vinegar jar was still worried.Don t look at it, there s nothing to see.The only kid I can pinch is a little pig named Tangtanger.The Lun family tells you, little pigs are very easy to pinch.They are fleshy and soft.It s soft and feels super good, the key cbd gummies to reduce blood sugar is that she doesn t cry, pinching seven or eight times is no problem, oh, she s such a good boy, hahaha ka The laughter stopped abruptly, and the sound broke, because Everyone around looked at him like an idiot, even the flight attendant looked at him, originally the girl wanted to ask him for WeChat, but seeing this situation, think about it, forget it, although he is handsome, but he is a fool The boy is at home, the salary is not enough, he is going bankrupt.But when Huang Xiangning brought Candy to the clinic, Li Dehua denied the possibility of the little pig s spleen and stomach deficiency after examination.In the end, it can only be attributed to living habits.The little guy sleeps too soundly when he sleeps, and forgets to swallow, and the saliva will naturally flow.then what should we do Huang Xiangning bought a bib and put it on Tangtang er when she went to sleep at night.This thing is useful for obedient babies, but it s useless against a jumpy baby like Tangtanger.Xiaozhuzhu didn t want to wear it, and put it on under the strong request of his parents, but he habitually pulled it off at night when he went to bed, sometimes on purpose, and sometimes it was a subconscious action in a dream, so this method fell through.Tangtanger is also troubled by this.The colleague is also a girl, it was her just now Checking Tang Shuang, she first glanced at the backs of Tang Shuang and Tangtanger, and then whispered, I was picked up by the little girl vena cbd gummies s brother, wow Chapter 563 Traveling through the fairy tale world on the plane, Tang Shuang tried her best to coax Little Pig went to bed, turned off the headlights, covered her with a blanket, turned on the music on the phone, and was about to put on headphones for her, but Little Pig said Xiaoshuang, can you tell me a story first Candy I want to listen to a story, listen cbd gummies with delta 9 to music, and get some sleep.Tang Shuang readily agreed No problem, what type do vena cbd gummies you want to hear Candy said sweetly Just listen to a little princess.Tang Shuang leaned next to her and began to tell the story of the dragon and the princess.Almost at the same time, Tangtanger also looked curiously at the toy that was thrown on the water in infused gummies cbd recipe front of her.She didn t what does cbd gummy feel like reddit pay attention to what it was delta 9 and cbd gummies difference between cbd gummies and weed gummies at first, until she heard her sister scream, and then saw clearly that it was a yellow bar Little Snake, Little Piggy was so frightened that he fetched water frantically, and ran away in a panic Help, help there is a snake a big snake Xiao Shuang is a big villain Seeing this, the unicorn king laughed loudly.laugh.Tang Zhen patted her chest to appease the shock just now.When she found out that it was a fake snake, she said angrily Tang Xiaoshuang You childish ghost Her response was a burst of laughter.His ears, Tang Shuang plunged into the water and dodged.Do you think it s okay to dip in the water It s really whimsical, even if he got stuck in the ground, Tang Zhen wanted to find him and whip him, but the little fairy s cry for help from the other end interrupted her pursuit.The Lun family searched in the dark room just now and couldn t find it.It must not be there Hmph I don t believe it Let s go find it now, shall we Okay What s the password Little Tang, who is a big kid, actually wanted to support Tang Sanjian to find his treasure chest, but was stopped by Huang Xiangning at a critical moment.Mom, are you going to fight against the villain Candy was very upset, she was almost successful, why is mother like this.Misunderstanding, misunderstanding Huang Xiangning didn t want to stop the candy man, but was worried that the candy man would not be able to support Tang Sanjian, so she went up by herself, the old Tang family s sun supported the old Tang family s Tiangou, and brought the old Tang family s villain together.Go to the storage room to find the old Tang s Tengu treasure.It s all because of you, your elder brother is not good, always bullying others, causing them to HCMUSSH vena cbd gummies be disliked by father, and mother doesn t speak for the Lun family anymore Tang Shuang didn t bother to talk to her, and vena cbd gummies said, Since you said that, it s Mom and Dad actually don t want to keep you here, right Then you open the door and go out.The door is unlocked.Put your hand 10mg cbd gummies for sleep on the handle, turn it down, and then pull it to open.You are very skilled, go out quickly, don t Hesitant.Candy bargained It s okay if you don t go out, can you give the chocolate under the sofa to the Lun family It will break if you hide it, and the little mouse will steal it.Why don t you give it to the little sister The little sister eats it.It also means that you eat right Tang Shuang interrupted You eat what you eat, it doesn t mean I eat, don t confuse the concept, and wipe your mouth.Seeing that the little guy looked like an adult, Huang Xiangning exchanged a funny look with Tang Sanjian, then picked up the towel to wipe off his sweat, at this moment Tang Sanjian spoke.Tang Tang, what serious business do you want to ask your mother Why can t you let your father listen Candy stopped, turned around, and said with a stern face Dad, you are a boy, and my mother and I are girls.Of course, girls talk to girls about serious things.If you want to talk about serious things, you can ask Xiaoshuang, I won t listen anyway, and I can t help you if I listen, don t blame the Lun family.Then she waved to Huang Xiangning Mom, come quickly.Then, she slipped away smoothly, And she abducted Huang Xiangning away And her so called serious business was actually asking Huang Xiangning to help her take a bath.But now she can t get mad, it s okay to get mad, but she can t get mad at Xiaoshuang, wait until she gets the chocolate.Hehehe Tang Little greedy bug Tang Ye turned his face up and smiled at Tang Shuang.After the two smirked for a while, Tang Shuang waved to her Come on, I ll take cbd gummies green dolphin you to find chocolate.When Tangtanger heard this, she immediately turned into a follower , followed closely behind Tang Shuang, looked around, and asked curiously Where is it hidden Hey Tang Shuang smiled without saying a word, first squatting under the desk to look Hey Is there no chocolate here I remember I glued some here with scotch tape.Behind her, Tangtang er s eyeballs rolled wildly, and she took a step back with her little feet, trying to slip away, but after thinking about it, she felt that she couldn t be so courageous.Tang Shuang pretended not to hear, and let the little man mutter, emmmmm, at first he muttered, but later he might find that Xiaoshuang didn t notice She, so the little man s voice became louder and louder, clearly to get Tang Shuang s attention.But Tang Shuang just didn t pay attention, talking and laughing with Huang Xiangning and leaving.After the two walked for a while, they seemed to realize that the little sister hadn t followed.Looking back, the little sister was holding the handbag, standing there blankly, with a bulging face.Huang Xiangning waved at her Tang Tang, come here quickly, let s go to eat, didn t you say you were hungry very early The little man put the handbag neatly at his feet, opened his hands and said coquettishly Mom, come vena cbd gummies cbd gummies 300 mg and grab the candy Chapter 644 The Lun family is not strong at all today.The two victims nestled in the bathroom, looking at themselves in the mirror, Tang Shuang boasted, So handsome Tang Shuang looked down at the little man, and said dissatisfiedly Hey, can you be a little grateful I rescued you from the wolf s den and tiger s den, so it s fine if you don t thank me, and hey , What are you, did I say something wrong I am not handsome Do you dare to say that I am not handsome Or do you think I cannot be described with one handsome word, but ten thousand The shameless Tang Shuang My sister has no restraint in front of her.He has not yet reached the age of a wolf and a tiger, and he has no restraint and integrity.Hee hee, don t be angry, Your Majesty.Your Majesty is handsome Majesty, should we go back Can we slip away I m so afraid that my aunts will come and catch me.He jumped up, and someone jumped up happily to grab the flowers.Although there is no cbd gummies for anxiety walgreens delta 9 and cbd gummies strong opponent like Tang Shuang, there is still competition among them.During the scramble, the flowers kept flying in the air, and then fell to the audience with a clatter.Then, everyone saw vena cbd gummies a girl with a big red bow on her head The child paper quickly picked up the flowers, laughed happily, and ran straight to the toilet, and it was a men s toilet Everyone at the scene burst into laughter.Ah I was snatched away by that kid Tang Tang, that s Tang Tang, hurry up and chase after Tang Tang.It doesn t count if a child snatches flowers, it is strongly recommended to throw them again.A group of adults can t grab a small flower.My child, it looks like it s destined Seeing this, Tang Shuang rushed into the men s room and escorted her.One of the most common mistakes college graduates make when they first enter the society is to copy it mechanically.Tang Sanjian began to throw the topic to everyone at the round table Tang Shuang, what do you think Sword dad snort Everyone on the scene who knew the relationship between Tang Shuang and Tang Sanjian all smiled.Tang Shuang said unhurriedly This example who is ceo of smilz cbd gummies is very good.We can not only draw the truth that theory must be connected with practice, but also see many other problems.For example, a person s strengths and weaknesses.Rabbits go uphill fast, but downhill slowly.Each of us is like a buy cannaleafz cbd gummies rabbit.There are both longboards and shortboards.Obviously, there is no perfect all rounder.When we were in school, the teacher repeatedly told us that vena cbd gummies there should be no shortcomings.If you are good at Chinese, but not good at math, you will fail the course and repeat the grade.The little dog rushed forward fiercely and barked at Tang Yu and Pan Fugui.Although they were both acquaintances, they were only five mature, not enough Besides, it is useless even if they are very mature, as long as they are not masters, acquaintances and strangers, they will be treated as murderers, be more aggressive, grin their teeth, and scare them to death Bai Jingjing miscalculated, she didn t know that the two people on the opposite side were overlords, she wouldn t be afraid of a puppy like him, and they knew puppies well, so they weren t worried that Bai Jingjing would really bite them.Little Pig was furious and asked Bai Jingjing to call her brothers and sisters.Bai Jingjing pricked up her little ears excitedly, straightened her short and powerful tail, immediately turned around and ran away, with a powerful jump, her limbs flew into the air, and rushed to the place where the puppies used to gather.Car horns blared on the street, car lights shot randomly, and the car was noisy.It felt like the end of the world was coming, and the whole world was in chaos.Tang Sanjian had a headache, and began to miss the days when Xiaoshuang was around.If Xiaoshuang was around, the children and puppies in the back row would never quarrel like this.With the Great Demon King in charge, not everyone dares to be skinny.Huang Xiangning hurriedly appease the two children and a puppy, first suppressing the screaming little pig, then backhanding Bai Jingjing who had no support, and then appeasing Tang Yu, who is known as the little bully.This little bully was almost scared and paralyzed in the vena cbd gummies cbd gummies 300 mg car.What kind of bully is this According to Tang Tian, how fierce and mischievous he is at home and at school.Hearing is believing, seeing is believing, since Xiaobawang came to Old Tang s house, he has never said a single harsh word.He would never go on a blind date, and he had a sweetheart.However, others don t know This other person was Aunt Yang whom she met while walking by Aixi Lake last time.At that time, she asked Tang Shuang if she had a girlfriend.Tang Shuang thought she was just mentioning it casually, but she didn t expect that she would actually introduce a girl to Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang listened to Huang Xiangning s introduction.Tang Tanger was like a puppy with a keen sense of smell.full of curiosity.Tang Shuang said to her Go away, go away, the adults are talking about important things, children should not listen indiscriminately, do not listen to indecent words, you know Candy shook her head resolutely, expressing that she didn t know.People really don t know, don t be rude, don t understand, don t know what it means.This is your family member, your family member has been kidnapped by me Will you give me a bun Ah It turned out to be a hostage It was so unexpected, I couldn t figure it out, the brain circuit was too magical, I couldn t keep up, Pan Wenling and He Zhenyi could only admire it.Thought this was the end I can only say that you adults are too naive thing Affection return No Finish The big black leopard said that the black bird and I are not family He doesn t care about his life.Now he wants to beat the little rabbit But the little rabbit is not afraid at all, do you know why Sister Sister Pan Wenling said The big black leopard He and the crow are indeed not a family, although they are both black, but one of them is a leopard and the other is a bird, they are not the same kind.He Zhenyi said, Maybe little rabbits know kung fu The little rabbit has a real gun on it.At the moment, one of them is more shy than the other.Now it seems that they are really very cute.If Tang Huohuo didn t take care of them for a few days, he would definitely sympathize with them, thinking that Xiaoshuang and Tangtang were making a fuss over a molehill without love, and they treated cute little animals like this.But now he won t help the two little ones talk, just sit aside and watch the play.A chihuahua shrank its head at the gate, stretched out its small head to look into the living room for a while, and retracted its head for a while, afraid to enter vena cbd gummies the door timidly.As soon as Tangtanger came in with Tang Xiaowu in her arms, Bai Jingjing noticed it, and she instantly cheered up a lot.She wagged her tail and begged for mercy, and ran to the little vena cbd gummies cbd gummies 300 mg master.When she saw Tang Xiaowu, she was vena cbd gummies surprised at first, then ignored it, and continued to show off her cuteness .

do cbd sleep gummies work?

to please the little master.It was a bit difficult to get on the car, and finally climbed up with hands and feet, and sat in the safety seat with great difficulty.He took a breath, touched the top of his head, and said, The little fairy didn t wear her bamboo dragonfly, otherwise she could have flown in, hehehe.Tang Zhen also got into the car, closed the door, and said to Tang Shuang, Let s go.Candy My son also said Let s go Find Mom Then he said to Tang Zhen Sister, can we also hang small animal lanterns in our house It s so cute.Tang Zhen asked Do you mean the lanterns on the side of the road Yes, all kinds of small animals must be very beautiful to hang at home and in the yard, right Candy began to look forward to the scene of hanging lanterns such as rabbits and dogs at home and in the yard, it must vena cbd gummies be very beautiful.Tang Yu said arrogantly, You don t need to cover your ears for such a trivial matter.Tang Tang asked curiously Don t cover your ears.Little ear No need at vena cbd gummies all, little aunt, don t worry, I will protect you.Tang Yu said firmly.Tang Tanger thought for a while, then quietly put down her little hands, like Tang Yu, put her hands in her pockets, and watched Erbai set off firecrackers in the yard.The only difference is that Tang Yu puts his hands in his trouser pockets, Tangtanger puts his hands in his pockets, like a baby owl.At this time, there was a loud bang, crackling The firecrackers rang out, and the first firecracker vena cbd gummies was a skyrocket, not only frightened Tang Tanger and Tang Yu, but even Tang Erjian, who set off the firecrackers, jumped on the spot , turned around and wanted to run, but saw two children standing by the door looking at him eagerly, and quickly forced himself to calm down, stopped the urge to run away, and ordered himself to walk back step by step, but the pace continued to speed up uncontrollably.Tang Shuang Aren t you the people s policeman Don t you keep the purpose of can i travel to italy with cbd gummies serving the people in mind Tang Xin said with a smile The people s police also have human rights.Now I am at home.I want to protect my rights.Tang Shuang Out of breath, he looked at the big round table, and he was actually sitting at the last seat What a prince The idol of the people Sit at the last table during the Chinese New Year There is no such reason Tang Shuang disagreed ten thousand times Even if he has a lot of adults and agrees to sit like this, thousands of girls all over the world will not agree Tang Shuang What kind of right is this According to the size of my rights, why am I sitting at the bottom Tang Xin smiled proudly According to seniority, from oldest to youngest, who will sit if you don t sit at the bottom Tang Shuang blurted out Candy and Tang Yu, their seniority is the youngest.The important thing is not whether they are good or bad, but what is in the jar.Some people think that the jar is exquisite and often dress up, mostly to cover up the inner poverty some people don t care whether the jar is good or broken, it is because the inner richness exudes self confidence from the inside out, which is a more thorough and clear outlook on life.Zhang Yu is the latter kind of self confidence.This made Zhang Yu happy, but it made Luo Yuqing fantasize.Luo Yuqing likes to make up and dress up, but she just doesn t have a high degree of education.After failing the college koi cbd sleep gummies entrance examination, she drifted north.Compared with Tang Shuang, her heart is really poor.This is exactly what Tang Shuang said, Some people think that their pots are exquisite, and they often dress up, mostly to cover up their inner poverty.The three of them came to the grove by the lake.It was winter in Heibu, and the wind was blowing and whistling.Candy was obviously a little scared, holding her little hand very tightly.It s right here, sister, take your flashlight, Tangtang, stand farther away.Tang Shuang came to a banyan tree, took out a hoe, and prepared to clear the ground under her feet.This is the place where the two little goldfish were buried.After dinner, Tangtanger suddenly thought of these two, and wanted to tidy up their graves and give them pastries, so this came out. Yuqing, I have prepared hot water for you.When Luo s vena cbd gummies mother returned to the house, she brought hot water for Luo Yuqing, worried that she would freeze outside, so she quickly washed her face with hot water.Luo Yuqing said that there is no need to bother, but she washed her face obediently.Everyone responded vena cbd gummies enthusiastically.Although some people have seen it, they have not.more people.Even among Zhang Fei and others, vena cbd gummies only Liang Qiao had seen it, and the others didn t know.Is it okay This was asking for Tang Shuang s opinion.Of course.Immediately Tangtanger appeared on the big screen.The vena cbd gummies walgreens cbd gummy little guy stood in front of the camera with a smile.As the music sounded, vena cbd gummies he began to pat left and right.The rhythm was very accurate, and his smile became brighter and brighter.It s so contagious that you can t help but want to dance along too.This is a gray dance, followed by a head tilt dance.The Tilting Head Dance was danced by Tang Zhener and Tang Zhen.As soon as Tang Zhen appeared, there was a burst of cheers at the scene.It seemed that after all, no matter how cute the little sister was, her popularity would not be able to compete with that of her elder sister.Going to elementary school, elementary school is very different from kindergarten, so we need vena cbd gummies to do a good job of transitioning from now on to cultivate their self care ability.Giving the little goldfish to Tangtanger to take care of is to enhance her ability in this area and cultivate her patience , my sister can t sit still.Chapter 830 Can the Lun family be your little sister Don t eat it, okay You ll have a stomachache.Tang Shuang said the little man who was eating vigorously.Tang Tanger brought out a small dish of purple grapes, moved her little stool to Tang Shuang s side, and sat on it leisurely to eat grapes.She and Tang Zhen went to the kitchen to wash off the three grains on the floor just now, but when they came out, the dish was full again.Hee hee vena cbd gummies cbd gummies 300 mg hee Give Xiaoshuang one, pick a big one.It feels like everyone in the audience has joined in, even the shy little peacock is holding his mother s The mobile phone, with the flashlight on, was raised above his head and swayed.Oh, the atmosphere is so warm and enthusiastic.Chapter 848 Give me time for a song to hold the audience Zhen Zhen, you are occupied by Little Candy.Tang Shuang held the support light sign in his hand, and shook it with Tangtanger s shaking, looking like a loyal fan.At the same time, he thought in his heart that he was worried about the stage fright of this villain before the beginning.Now it seems that this is not stage fright.It seems that children all over the world may have stage fright, but Flying Piggy can t Not only is there no stage fright, but also extraordinary pride.However, this is not the Flying Piggy who performed supernormally, this can only be regarded as a snoring in a normal state.This song can be said to be Tang Zhen s debut song, and it was the first time she entered the public s field of vision.But the most excited person at the scene was not the other people, but the candy in front of Tang Shuang The little pig is bouncing around like crazy If it wasn t for Tang Shuang holding her hand, she would have jumped onto the stage with three steps at a time, and was about to dance with Tang Zhen and Bai Yang er if Tang Shuang hadn t been holding her, she would have already defeated Newton jumped into the air, lifted the ceiling of Nanshan Theater, and jumped into the night sky, cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews vena cbd gummies screaming loudly at night.kiss me is a must play song for Candy Immortal in her heart It is also the most complete song she sang among Tang Zhen s songs Even after the release of the Dream Flower album, Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen asked her which song her sister liked the most, and she actually answered kiss me , so she was scolded vena cbd gummies cbd gummies 300 mg by Tang Shuang, saying that she had no eyesight.Tang Shuang said with a smile Mom, don t worry, Tangtang will definitely come to the meeting soon, she can t stay Yes, curiosity killed the cat.Tang Sanjian said to him Guangzhou TV really invited you and Tanger to participate in their program What is it called Tang Shuang The director of Baby is Coming is Li Xiulun, he I was looking for me through my relationship today.Huang Xiangning said, I ve seen this, it s very interesting, it s about dad taking his children to play around, right Tang Shuang It doesn t have to be dad, there s no rule about this.Otherwise, there would be nothing wrong with Tang Shuang and Tangtang.Tang Sanjian I remember you said it last time, didn t you already reject it Tang Shuang The other party asked for connections, and I see Tangtang has been obsessed with it, so I went to meet with the director today and chat about it.A voice came from the TV Everyone, this is the 60th Chinese Literature Festival It s started It s started Seniors are coming out In the canteen of Tongji University in Guangdong Province, many people gathered here to watch TV.Also, many of the dormitories are packed, but the cafeterias are more crowded and the TVs are bigger.Lots of people and atmosphere.Ah, it was Tang Shuang who just scanned A sharp eyed person shouted, just now the camera scanned the great hall full of talents.I saw it too Sitting next to me is Tang Zhen Someone echoed.Oh, I just glanced at it, but I didn t see it.Don t keep the camera on the leader who is speaking, we are not here to watch the leader speak.What leader do you want to see This is the standing committee member in charge of culture Stomach I still have a heart Old Tang s family, the gourmet show on the TV finally ended, Candy took out a tissue, checked that Mom and Dad were not around, and wiped the saliva from the corner of his mouth furtively, Throw it in the trash, muttering a few words.Xiang Wen, accepted his blessing, walked to the center, looked at the dark crowd below the stage, looked up, Tang Zhen s smiling face came into view.The Bingshan Goddess doesn t look a little bit cold now, she is full of enthusiasm and incomparable brilliance, comparable to that of Little Pig.Thank you, thank you everyone Tang Shuang began to deliver his acceptance speech, and the camera was aimed directly at him.The applause at the scene gradually subsided, and everyone took their seats one after another.A person may not remember the moment of honor, but at this moment I want to say frankly this moment, this night will remain in my memory.Because I feel that the people who came to this podium with me are not only I, and my martial arts dream, have the red tasseled big gun, the five tigers soul breaking marksmanship, the sand dragon, and my grandfather he is the prototype of part of the sand dragon, and it is my world that breathes life into my literature and vitality.Goodbye, Mom The Lun family is going to find Xiaoshuang The little man got out from the gap in the iron gate without looking back, and eloped briskly under the moonlight.Bai Jingjing didn t know why, so she excitedly followed run.Tang Tang, come back Tang Sanjian chased after Tangtanger.Seeing this, Tangtang had to drop the suitcase and used the snake like movement practiced in chasing Tang Shuang, ahhh, shouted Don t come after me I m going to find Xiaoshuang.Don t come after me I m super fierce I m also super fierce Tang Sanjian madly chased the villain.Ah, I m super fierce Let the Lun family go Xiang Ning Go ahead and block this kid You can t catch him A few minutes later, Tang Sanjian walked out with a pink pocket suitcase out of breath.In the front, Tangtanger walked behind dejectedly, and Huang Xiangning postponed.Tang Shuang found that this Yin Bo was very difficult to speak, and he felt that this person was arrogant before, but now it seems that he was right, and his words were barbed and a little uncomfortable.But Tang Shuang didn t show any abnormality, and chatted with him talking and laughing.Yin Bo is a native of Modu, born into a wealthy family, writing is purely a hobby, not a profession for making a living.His actual occupation is as the deputy general manager in the family business.I m here to invite you to a private party.How about it Are you interested Yin Bo looked around, showing a smile that men can understand, and whispered There are old men here, where will cbd gummy show on drug test there are beauties to make people feel happy.It vena cbd gummies seems that he is a young man who eats, drinks and has fun.If it was the Tang Shuang from before, he would definitely have gone, but now he is a good young man with four or five lectures.Who are you Oh, it s Xiaoshuang Xiaoshuang is here Ah, I haven t seen you for a long time Tang Shuang knew the people from Huang Xiangning School very well, and after chatting with them for a while, the other party quickly vena cbd gummies opened the iron gate and let Tang Shuang s car in.Oh, Xiaoshuang is here It s amazing, Xiaoshuang, my sister is so cute Don t imitate other people s words, okay Hehe In the security booth.Someone asked Uncle Liu Captain, who was that just now Driving a luxury car, rich second generation That s Mr.Huang s son.Mr.Huang Oh, Mr.Huang from the music building Yes, Mr.Huang.It s really the same as Teacher Huang. Isn t Teacher Huang s daughter the big star Tang Zhen Xiao Zhen is the older sister, and Xiao Shuang is the younger brother. Hey, do you think I can ask Teacher Huang for a Tang Zhen card signature When Xiaoshuang comes out later, go and ask for his autograph.Compared with HCMUSSH vena cbd gummies her, Tang Shuang was inferior.Are some people born to be stars Huang Xiangning told Tang Shuang the answer.My little candy is just stupid and bold.Chapter 924 Since Powdered Sugar won the Silver Literature Award, Tang Shuang has received many invitations, some for simple interviews, some for lectures, and most of them are of this kind.This situation is predictable.I think Tang Sanjian only wrote an article The Maverick Pig and received many interview applications.Now Tang Shuang broke the record of the Huaxia Literature Award and was born as the youngest winner, becoming the focus of many media pursuits.In terms of interviews, there were many from TV stations, magazines, and newspapers.Tang Shuang and Brother Sanjian only accepted two after discussing, one was Southern People Weekly and the other was Yuezhou Daily.At this moment, Little Lili tugged at his sleeve and said worriedly Father, just listen to Auntie and go out to eat, don t quarrel, okay I often quarreled with my mother, and it was Xiao Lili who came to persuade them.Little Lili s father was stunned, held back the anger in his heart, and went out with the lunch box.Xiao Lili smiled and said to the female nurse Auntie, my father is out for dinner, you The nurse interrupted directly The children are going out too What are you doing here Lao Li explained that he was here to visit grandma Well, the nurse didn t care about this, she just asked them to go out, saying that they could only come in after she cleaned up, and now go out first.Candy said angrily Why are you so swollen We are here to see grandma.You dare to talk back, no big or small, go out Don t go out, hum I haven t seen enough of grandma, right, little Lili Little Lili looked at Candy, then at the nurse, lowered her head, not knowing what to say.A brother and a sister are 25 mg cbd gummies green roads constantly comparing who is older, and whoever is older is right Puff Cough cough cough Big brother, big sister No, I m going to die laughing.I want to inherit my ant money.Sisters are all beautiful.Classic.Here comes Tang Tang s golden sentence.Society, my sister Tang.Hahahahaha I can t keep up with Tang Tang s brain circuit at all.Tang Tang is thinking, you ordinary people , how do you know what cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews vena cbd gummies the little fairy is thinking Mine, I love Tang Tang.It s crispy, Mrs.Tang Tang is so cute.The staff of the program team also laughed a lot.This is how much I want to win my brother.Successful road to fans.Sugar powder I am proud to say that I am sugar powder.So this is the climax of this episode Almost missed it.I laughed like a fool.My mom spit water on my dad s face, haha.Xiaoshuang just ate cicadas and it was much better than this one.What is this thing It looks so scary, like a caterpillar Is this a caterpillar Candy asked, poking the big worm in the wooden bowl with her little finger.Not only did he ask, Feng Chaoqun also looked at Cao Kai with great concern.To be honest, he didn t know what kind of bug it was.If he doesn t understand, he dare not eat.To die is to die in peace, knowing exactly what kind of insect s flesh he died under.Cao Kai smiled and said, This is a water centipede.Tang Shuang lived in a seaside city, knew about water centipedes, and said in a simple way Water centipedes are a kind of water pests that do great damage to fish fry.They usually use their jaws to catch them.Fish fry, and then suck body fluids Feng vena cbd gummies Chaoqun s face changed drastically when he heard this, and he quickly stopped Tang Shuang from talking, otherwise he would collapse.I thought it was over.I didn t expect it I didn t expect it Xiaoshuang, the big villain This big devil Post the picture of the little princess being pinched on the Internet How many people saw it Hey, little princess, don t you want to lose face Tangtanger had already forgotten that the big devil s bones would make noise, and ran out aggressively to find Xiaoshuang to settle the score Do the math The little sister is going to be spoiled by him these days Tang Tang, what are you going to do Seeing Tang Tang er disappearing after a while of snoring, Tang Zhen hurriedly shouted, and got up to follow at the same time.She worried that if she didn t go, the two siblings would fall out again.She heard from Huang Xiangning that the two had a falling out last night.Mainly because I was worried that my little sister would be hanged and beaten o o However, she thought of the villain too simply.Superb new song, get ready and listen to it.Su Lixian watched Tang Zhen holding the guitar on the stage, the lights were focused and the light was shining brightly.Oh Then I have to listen carefully.The combination of Yuxiang and Tang Zhen is a classic.On the stage, Tang Zhen was holding the guitar and standing in the center.The lights were focused on her, and 100,000 spectators were staring at her A new song, Once Upon a Time , is for our senior, Hu Zhong Yuan Tang Zhen said coolly.As soon as the voice fell, all the lights on the scene were turned off, leaving only the river of musical notes appearing on the big screen above vena cbd gummies the stage, constantly flowing, annihilated and reborn.The piano sounded, and the notes on the screen fluctuated with the rhythm of the piano music A free and easy prelude sounded, resounding through the 100,000 person stadium.Thirty years later, I held a farewell concert in the 100,000 person Stadium on the west bank of the Huangpu River.I believe this is a reincarnation, a Dzogchen, and I am very satisfied, especially seeing you, accompanying me through thirty years of ups and downs, ups and downs.Thanks for being with you all the way Candy couldn t remember the original words after drinking water , so he spit out a bunch of alien language in an attempt to get away with it.Seeing that everyone was stunned by her, the villain was very proud of her meticulousness, and sang Dilililidilililidada triumphantly The elder sister restrained 100,000 people on stage, and as the younger sister, she restrained 3 people in the audience Does this make cbd gummies relax vena cbd gummies sense Well, it makes sense.Tang Shuang protected the villain, and dismissed these young ladies who were shouting cousin.When Zhang Yifen got angry, she banned Tang Tian s hobbies.Tang Shuang was stunned for a moment before realizing what he was talking about.This chicken eating expert seemed to be unable to bear it anymore.Internet cafe Tang Tian nodded, Follow me.As soon as Tang Shuang followed, she suddenly found that her hand was being held by someone.Looking down, it was Candy who was grinning silly at him.Being held by him, he turned his head and saw Tang Yu with a flattering smile on his face.How are these two guys so clever Tang Tanger didn t want to go home and wanted to follow Tang Shuang.Tang Zhen was alarmed immediately.In the end, everyone rushed to the Internet cafe and opened a large private room, where everyone had a computer.Candy and Tang Yu are so excited, even they have a computer to play games.3 Middle School.Huang Xiangning only had a class at 11 o clock in the morning, and it was not yet ten o clock, and she had been sitting in the office preparing to do the courseware.The courseware of the music class does not need to be revised frequently.If you are lazy, you can always use the old ones.However, Huang Xiangning will revise and revise every semester, adding some current things into it.She is not the only one in the office, but also two female teachers.Ms.Huang, today is Mother s Day.Is Tang Zhen back I m back.She s at home.When Tang Zhen will come to our school to give us a music lesson.The arrival of a big star will definitely cause a sensation.Then you re going to be disappointed.She stays at home when she comes home, she s a house girl.Tang Tang is so cheerful That s a crazy girl.

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