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It is necessary to establish public security patrol work registers, temporary population registers, community police work logs, and the Five Books and One Volume of the Municipal Bureau and other ledgers.I have to go to the office for a meeting on Monday morning, and I have to go to the office for a 24 hour shift every week.It is impossible to take turns to be on duty like them.There is no police situation at night, you can lean on the chair or lie on the desk to doze off, Lao Xu thinks this arrangement is good, he said with a smile It s okay, I ll go back first, and I will take over at 8 o clock in the evening.Wait a minute.Before Han Chaoyang could speak, Xu Hongliang said again Old Xu, do you think this place can live in It s so hot that there s not even an electric fan.You and Chaoyang stare here first, and I ll go back and get two electric fans.The public security is a group that pays great attention to honor, and no one wants to be the bottom one, so there is a hard target for the strike mission.The operation that has just ended has achieved great results, and it has made a good start for the work in the second half of the year.Liu Suo was very happy.Looking at Wu Wei who brought a gambler into the office for questioning, he folded his arms and said with a smile, Old Guan, Guan Xiyuan has been tempered, and he should be able to be independent in a few years.This kid Wu Wei It s not bad, if he didn t move fast enough, the one who jumped out of the window would have run far. I m careless, I asked him if he had a back door and a window before we set off.The instructor handed him a cigarette, took out Take out the lighter and help the director light it first.All who created smilz cbd gummies the Internet cafes are across the road, and the University of Science and Technology is also across the road.Even the owner is a student of the University of Science and Technology.Thinking of this, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and asked, Did you send him to the Xinyuan Street Police Station If you don t send him to the Xinyuan Police Station, where will you send him If you meddle in your own business, not to mention the case handling team will rush you, even the Liu Office will settle accounts with you.Old Xu was not trying to shirk, nor was he trying to scare people.Because it is directly related to the number of who created smilz cbd gummies cases under the jurisdiction of Huayuan Street Police Station, which affects the detection rate of Huayuan Street Police Station.The sub bureau has a special person to count, which police station has more people calling the police, and which police station has more property infringement cases, which shows that the security prevention and control of which police station is not doing well.The Qian Da Chess and Cards Room facing the street was equally lively.It was only 7 30 in the evening, and more than a dozen automatic mahjong tables were filled with mahjong players.Qian Da was busy making tea for the mahjong players The two cabinet type air conditioners have been turned on to the maximum, and the innermost table is still screaming hot.Qian Da put down the kettle and hurriedly went in to move the fan The plan was better than a change.He thought he would be able to close the net in the evening, but stared at him all afternoon, and the two male suspects never returned to Factory 527.The female suspect, Huang Qiuju, had dinner alone, changed into a loose nightgown after taking a shower, how do i make cbd gummies with a mobile phone hanging 50 mg cbd gummy bears who created smilz cbd gummies around her neck and a small bag in her hand, chatting with an old lady waiting at the gate of Factory 527 and came here Mahjong parlor.Su Xian looked around and walked out of the yard side by side with him, while smiling wryly The gods fight, but the kid suffers.Secretary Yang and Director Cai are trying to frame him Roasting on the fire, the more the street regards him, the more difficult his life at the police station will be.Liu Jianye and Guan Yuanyuan don t even have this kind of measure.The police are different from us.They pay great attention to honor.Collective honor, don t expect their prime ministers to be able to hold a boat.Besides, because of the incident at cbd gummies military does cbd gummies get you high night, it is said that Guan Yuanyuan was scolded by the branch leaders, and he was very dissatisfied with their work and asked them to reflect deeply.Su Xian sighed lightly, Then he said If it s just these things, that s all.The key point is that the results of the Huayuan Street Police Station in the first half of the year are all gone Those policemen worked overtime for three days and nights, working tirelessly, all because of this.Chapter 67 That kid really has a problem There were more than 20 armed patrol members, Han Chaoyang, the policeman, and two security patrol cars with flashing police lights.The operation to clean up and rectify unlicensed barbecues at night was very successful.Sixteen stalls were cleared along the way, and a large car of barbecue grills and tables, chairs and benches were temporarily detained.There was not even a single violent resistance to the law.The law enforcement officers and coordinators of the comprehensive administrative law enforcement team were very safe.They had never felt so safe tonight.Captain Tang was very happy and grateful, and asked the deputy captain to lead the team to send the temporarily detained items back to the unit.He insisted on inviting Han Chaoyang to the 24 hour Hunan Restaurant on Zhongshan Road for supper.It is said that starting tomorrow afternoon, the working group will evaluate the crops on the farmland that will be expropriated in Chaoyang Village, and Han Chaoyang needs to lead a patrol team to the scene to maintain order.The street comprehensive treatment meeting is very important, and the evaluation of the working group is even more important.How much is assessed now, how much will be compensated in the future, involves real interests, and no one knows whether the villagers will cause trouble, but the street leaders are who created smilz cbd gummies obviously out of their minds.Commissar Huang was not in a hurry to ask Zou Jingnan to report, and waited for Deputy Director Du to enter the office and sit next to Secretary Guo before turning around and saying, Comrade Jingnan, tell me what s going on..Zou Jingnan handed over a document and said succinctly The two issues reported by the informant are untenable.It s more serious in itself The social impact is extremely bad, seriously endangering the image of the police station and even the city s public security police.Guo Ju, who was in a meeting with the Municipal Bureau, was furious and called to instruct a thorough investigation.When something like this happened next, Secretary Guo was equally angry, pointing at him with a stern voice What does that mean Even if it is verified that the police were not involved, the series of problems exposed one after another by the Huayuan Street Police Station during this period are enough to illustrate your usual behavior.What a problem there is at work How could he talk back to the leader at this time, Guan Yuanyuan realized that he had not controlled his emotions just now, and hurriedly said Secretary Guo, what you criticized is that we usually patronize business and ignore team management.When we arrive, take the room card and go upstairs directly.You don t want to Show up, and we won t mention your old age to them, anyway, it has nothing to do with your old age.Okay, this is the best.Lao Gu hung up the phone and walked from the utility room to the front desk, whispered a few words to the waiter, and prepared to As soon as Hao Fangka walked to the door and was about to drive his electric car out for a ride, the convoy from the police station drove up to the door of the hotel.Han Chaoyang pushed the door and got off the car.He didn t care about the inconvenience of greeting Lao Gu, and rushed straight into the hotel lobby, took the room card from the waiter who seemed a little nervous, and together with Guan Xiyuan led the following The team rushed up the stairs and made their way to the second floor.

In his words, it is illegal They even ask everyone to sign a non disclosure agreement when organizing a private photo shoot.The agreement stipulates some rights and obligations, roughly eight items, the most important of which is that the pictures taken cannot be made public, cannot be uploaded to the Internet, and cannot be used as For commercial purposes, it can only be used for private art appreciation.Liu Jianye was disappointed to find out such a result after searching all night, and after thinking about it, he turned around and asked, Xiujuan, you are a legal officer, tell me your opinion.Indecent photos, and very indecent indecent photos.Chen Xiujuan was very embarrassed by this, and she pretended to be calm and said At present, the law does cbd gummies wholesale who created smilz cbd gummies not seem to have any prohibitive regulations on body nude photography , and the person being photographed has the right to handle his own portrait rights, and provide his nude portraits to others for shooting.Han Chaoyang looked who created smilz cbd gummies at the slogan that should have been put up just yesterday, and couldn t help but say with a smile Four honors and four shame, so talented, who thought of it.The writing is very good, but such a slogan is not suitable for mass work.Gu Guoli pointed to the slogan on the right, and said with emotion Facing the reality, talk about compensation, and hand over the house quickly at a reasonable price wait until the last dream, stay until the last dream This is good, it is catchy to read, The meaning has been fully expressed.Master, this one is not bad either sign the contract early with a thorough understanding, there is no medicine for regret in the world.Wait until the dream of forced demolition wakes up, weeping and stomping in frustration.Well, the people who wrote these two slogans have a level.Han Chaoyang smiled embarrassedly, He added Seven in total, take six tonight, and save one for us to eat.Interesting The more Gu Guoli thought about it, the more amusing he became, and he couldn t help joking Chaoyang, your idea of this job is right, but why do you think it s useless work It s about to be demolished here, and even if they don t move now, they will move in the future.Not in our police The jurisdiction of the office.Those group constructions have been built, and whether they will be in my jurisdiction in the future is a matter of the future.Even if they are not in my jurisdiction in the future, it is still a good thing to provide clues to crimes in other places.Master, you don t agree Believe me, in fact, my eyeliner is all over the street now, the parking guards in the street, the cleaners in the street sanitation station, I have asked them all, and they are all helping me to pay attention.Now that the rehearsal is complete, there is no need to play the national anthem then.Okay, then I will It s just started.Let s start, you play, I ll sing along.Ten minutes on stage, ten years off stage.Why rehearse every night, isn t it just to perform on stage.The old factory manager and Lao Yu are very happy to participate in the flag raising ceremony in the community.They have rehearsed for three nights.All the band members are in place, holding or holding the combination of Chinese and Western musical instruments.Grandpa Gu was even more funny.When he walked into the choir, he found that he was a little short, so he simply went to Aunt Wang s side.It looked very funny, and everyone burst into laughter.The band is ready Han Chaoyang walked in front of everyone, looked at the old factory manager and other band members, and slowly raised his arms.When I arrived, the stagnant water had already overflowed to the steps of the public toilets.Otherwise, the road would be full of defecation.Huang Ying was completely convinced, and couldn t help asking So you re doing it to be lazy I m also doing it to drain the stagnant water on the road as soon as possible.It doesn t matter why, what matters is how you, the most handsome policeman , keep up with your superiors.Explain.I bet, tomorrow afternoon at the latest, a reporter will come to interview you.Your public security is paying attention to your image now, and your leaders will definitely not miss this good opportunity for publicity.Think about it carefully, and what should you say when the time comes.Chapter 111 The most handsome policeman 2 It s time for dinner.The master and apprentice are fully armed like noon.There is this.Maybe, after all, there are too many people repairing the rolling shutters.Even if he damaged it, the merchants may not necessarily ask him to repair it.With so many small advertisements, there is a problem of who to choose. Then let s cbd gummies wholesale who created smilz cbd gummies take a look at these small advertisements first., to see if there are any that appear at the same time, and the one with the highest probability of appearing at the same time.If there is an accomplice, it is impossible for him not to contact the accomplice, just check the call records of his several mobile phones.Tang team, we must abide by the case The procedures are not something we can check if we want.Very troublesome Very troublesome, Han Chaoyang explained with a helpless face, We who created smilz cbd gummies at the Liu Institute don t have the right to do so, we need to ask the leader for approval.Manager Jin, I, Xu Hongliang, didn t I joke with you when I was drinking last time It s no longer a joke.I plan to defect to you and send you my resume after get off work.I m not kidding.Chen Jie has to take the exam, and several people have to take the exam , There was an atmosphere of learning in the past, thank you, no problem, no problem, it doesn t matter if you become the squad leader or not, it s just a matter of a few months anyway.Director Su, I m Hongliang One phone call after another.I agreed, and I agreed very simply.Changing jobs is like changing clothes.I have already found a home before quitting.I can even imagine that he can not only go to work immediately after passing, but also get along like a duck to water.Wu Wei was stunned, until Xu Hongliang picked up the phone after the phone call and asked with a half smile Xu Shao, do you want to have a farewell cbd gummies military does cbd gummies get you high party for you tonight What surprised him was that Xu Hongliang thought so deeply Nodded How can I be a colleague, we should have a breakup meal.There is only one possibility to get a deal with him now, they are gambling together How could Han Chaoyang miss this opportunity Just now, he was helping the poor, but now he has turned into can kids use cbd gummies gambling.He slammed on the switch and rushed to the intersection of the second team.The village cadre Xie Jun did not come.Since it s a gamble, it s natural not to knock on the door.Han cbd gummies wholesale who created smilz cbd gummies Chaoyang winked, and Gu Changsheng, who had been prepared for a long time, squatted down to the base of the wall, holding a member of the team with his hands to hold it up.The young man climbed up the wall and turned into the yard.He just opened the iron gate from inside when he heard someone yelling What are you doing, what are you doing Don t move, where are you going Changsheng, control him.The others follow me.Han Chaoyang led his team into the living room.

Wei Haicheng, Cai Qing, Cai Ergui, hear me clearly, and be honest.Seeing Wei Haicheng s daughter in law rushing back after hearing the news, Han Chaoyang raised his arm and warned, You ll get all the stolen goods.Don cbd gummies for ed review cbd gummies military t mess around, anyone who dares to find something to do is obstructing official duties Everyone is in their teens, doing something wrong, they have to gamble, that s how the social atmosphere is ruined, if you don t deal with them, who will be dealt with Officer Han , We are all our own people, we can t flood the Dragon King Temple, and the family doesn t recognize the family. Yes, police officer Han, you see, we all cooperate with the cbd gummy bears green government, sign for land requisition, sign for grave relocation, and sign for demolition in a few days , we cooperate with you, and you have to be considerate of us.They should know about it, but they must keep it secret during the investigation of the case.Let alone me, our director and instructor probably don t know about it. Keep it secret, hey, I hope they solve the case soon, anyway, it s two lives, and the child is only five years old.The village cadres know more than they do, but they ve already said everything they know.It s meaningless to ask again.Han Chaoyang simply changed the subject Cui Village Chief, the street has a subsidy fund for the management of floating population in the community.Those above 5,000 can receive a subsidy of 10,000 yuan.Why don t we in Yangguan Village apply I know about this subsidy.The branch secretary mentioned it before.The main reason is that the money is too little and it is troublesome to apply for it. If it s troublesome, it s more troublesome.Chen Yabing didn t notice anything wrong, so he opened the window of the cbd oil vs gummies for anxiety car a crack, lit a cigarette and said, I think this place is very nice., there are many people, but they are all passers by, who cares whose business There are auto repair shops, and several consignment stations, and it is normal for delivery, loading and unloading.No one knows whether the other party will cheat or not.Gao Junfei looked around again, but found nothing unusual.He thought to himself that the most dangerous place is always the safest place, so he didn t say anything else, leaning on the back of the chair and staring at the rearview mirror to see if there was any car coming in.Chen Yabing felt that his brother in law was a bit of a loser, so he took a few puffs, threw away the cigarette he had just smoked, closed the car window, put down the seat, and lay down half lying with his eyes closed.There are houses in the city.I used to be a battalion commander of the militia, but later I felt bored and quit.I started to engage in farmhouse entertainment, and it grew bigger and bigger.A few years ago, I contracted more than 300 mu of land for ecological agriculture.Did you see those plastic greenhouses It s all his.Han Chaoyang never went in, but passed by more than once, subconsciously asked The boss who grows cbd gummies military does cbd gummies get you high strawberries and grapes They not only grow strawberries and grapes, but also pick and drink.There are restaurants inside.It looks like a park.There are all kinds of flowers and trees.The big boss in the city likes this tune.He drives here for dinner every day at noon and every night.The car is full, so I came here to eat farm meals.There are no capable people cbd gummies for ed review cbd gummies military in Yangguan Village Entering the gate of the ecological park, the inside is really beautiful, especially the greening is very good, there is actually a huge forest, and there are several small wooden houses in the forest.Yu Xucheng is good, let him be the class monitor.No official appointment yet, let him work for three months, and be the acting monitor for three months.Promoting someone to be a monitor is to give others a salary increase.He was a manager, and this little calculation was really shrewd.Han Chaoyang was completely convinced.Thinking that it was not easy for him to be a manager, he could only nod his head in agreement.Go back to the police room and talk to Yu Xucheng.The young man was really excited, and he patted his chest to promise that he would not disappoint the leader.After talking, I researched the candidates for the Yangguan Village duty station, and transferred eleven people from other classes to help them move, send them to work, and introduce them to the cadres of Yangguan Village.Nothing else to do this day, just busy with this matter, but this matter is really important, not to mention spending a day, it is worth spending a week.Han Chaoyang who created smilz cbd gummies couldn t help laughing and said Honey, what you said is too reasonable, why don t you write a material to give advice to the leaders about the new format of short term renting It doesn t matter if you say it, it s not even a matter of which department.Hey I m so mad, I m going to be one size fits all, it s nothing to do with me as a small accountant.Slow down.Maybe we can see you later, you should pay attention to yourself.After getting out of the car and watching his girlfriend go, Han Chaoyang went into the police room to change into a police uniform.The team members were all on standby in the conference room.Electric patrol cars, cbd gummies military does cbd gummies get you high bread police cars, and vehicles from the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade were all parked in the yard.Even Director Su and Lao Jin put on black special police uniforms, and the atmosphere was extremely tense.Inspector Tang and I will go back first.Please come to our police office when you have time in Xinmin Community.It s also our work.Then let s go first.Let s go, drive slowly on the road.The younger brother was very enthusiastic, afraid that his work would not be easy to carry out when he first arrived, so he not only sent himself here, but also helped ask the community cadres.Miao Haizhu felt that it would be good to come to a unit with acquaintances to exercise.First, he pushed the electric car into the carport and plugged in the charger.Afterwards, he put on the police uniform and eight accessories, and returned to the lobby of the community service station with the community grid member Geng Ming Director Fu, I m not very familiar with the situation in Xinmin Community.You are in charge of the specific work, and I will follow your instructions.Jiang Li took Han Chaoyang and led four armed police soldiers, carried the drinking water and food prepared by the headquarters for the big guys on their backs, followed the hand painted map provided by the headquarters, and searched southwest along a path full of weeds.Instructor Hang led the other five armed policemen to the west, heading straight for the farther and more desolate Nianpangou.Tanjiagou is more remote than Lijiayao, and is really located deep in the mountains.Before the villagers moved out, they seldom went out of who created smilz cbd gummies the mountains.There was no decent road.Besides, the villagers moved out long ago.Almost no one came here in the past two years.The maps provided by the headquarters were almost useless, and there was no way to walk.up Fortunately, there is a satellite navigation.Jiang Li put down his phone, looked HCMUSSH who created smilz cbd gummies up and looked around, and pointed to a mountain in the distance The direction must be correct.

How could there be people in Tanjiagou Several leaders were taken aback, and they all looked up at the second display screen on the left.Maybe the shooting location is far away from the village, and the how does cbd gummies help with anxiety photo is very blurry after zooming in.If you don t zoom in, you can only vaguely see a puff of smoke rising.The more Wang Ju thinks about it, the more something is wrong.If the fugitive wants to abscond from the direction of Chiliu Town, the area around Nianpangou, Tanjiagou and Niangniang Temple is the place he must pass through.Only in this direction can he find water.But judging from the route traced by the police dogs, he It s going in the direction of Houhe From the current position of the second hunting team to Tanjiagou, the straight line distance is not too far, but it is full of mountains and mountains, and there is no road at all.head.Bang , again Han Chaoyang whipped like crazy, beat his head, arms, and legs in a mess, and roared hoarsely as he whipped his head, arms, and legs Let you run, let you sell drugs, let you Kill, kill you bastard Run, run again and let me see if I don t break your legs First I met a wild boar, and now I met such a lunatic.Caught off guard twice in a row, and cbd thc gummies benefits this time was completely different from the last time, Feng Changdong was beaten in a daze, rolling all over the ground with his hands on his head, shouting while rolling, and had no chance to find a gun.Be honest, did you kill Feng Changqin Even my cousin was killed, and even my niece was not spared.Are you still a human being Are you worthy of being a human being Han Chaoyang didn t know how serious his injuries were, Anyway, the command had issued an order that if he resisted in who created smilz cbd gummies a corner, he could be shot decisively.Putting yourself in his shoes, it might be the safest thing to do as he said.It s over, and he s safe and sound anyway.Huang Ying didn t want to complain anymore, so she choked up and who created smilz cbd gummies said, Chaoyang, be careful in the future, don t make us worry, please.Such desperadoes, not to mention rare in our Yanyang, have not been encountered in Longdao County for many years.Besides, I am a community policeman, not a criminal policeman, let alone an anti drug policeman.I deal with three aunts and six cbd gummies high potency who created smilz cbd gummies women every day.Parents are short sighted, what could be wrong, what danger could it be In short, who created smilz cbd gummies you have to be careful, don t think about yourself, who created smilz cbd gummies but also think about us, let s not talk about it, I have something to do here, you should call your mother quickly Call, she s worried to death.Okay, video tonight The police will be awarded for their meritorious service, and as the leader of the former unit who led the team to study and communicate, Fan Ju regards this as an important task.It turned out that there was no problem in the village, but the police station got stuck, saying that the residence registration in the village had long been blocked.The district is frozen, the certificate issued by the village is useless, the certificate issued by the neighborhood committee is effective.Look for Sister Su, can Sister Su help you I did, Director Su said that there are regulations above, this certificate cannot be issued , It s useless even if you open it.You don t even think about it, if you become a villager in Chaoyang Village, you will be given an extra one million compensation, the leaders have never encountered anything, how could they let you take advantage of this loophole Han Chaoyang sighed secretly, and couldn t help but turn around and ask, Then how much compensation did you get 3.I heard from the villagers that her second daughter seems to be quite capable. If she is capable, let the old lady live alone, even if she If you don t want to go, you can hire a nanny. It who created smilz cbd gummies s lucky today, I saw it, if I didn t see it, our police office will have another police case today.I don t want to be tossed by her once a month, if there is Chance sees her daughter, please help me talk to her daughter about it.Han Chaoyang was joking when the police alarm suddenly rang.Looking at the caller ID, it turned out to be from the command center of the sub bureau.It was really evil today.Just after avoiding a police case and another police case came again, Han Chaoyang hurriedly pressed the call button.Comrade Han Chaoyang, the construction site of the high speed rail station project called the police.From now on, you will accept the command of Luo Zhi and Teng Da, and assist the criminal police detachment and the criminal police brigade of the Gaoxin District Bureau to find out the truth of this case on behalf of our branch.Shi Bureau, what Luo Zhi said just now is not true Is it very clear, the three of our joint investigations, how can we become assistance What s the difference in cooperation Luo Zhi, Lao Teng, I still have something to do, let s take a step first, you don t have to run to Yandong, who created smilz cbd gummies I ll let someone take you Bring the deceased s body over and send it to the funeral parlor in the high tech zone for inspection.Alright, I ll go to the funeral parlor after the inspection here.Shi Ju left as soon as he said he would, and he didn t forget to pat Han Chaoyang on the arm before he left, so he almost wrote on his face Work hard, I believe in your ability.What s so good about being transferred to the special case team I don t know when I will go.He can come back, and he just came back from an exchange in the Northwest, where he suffered so much and suffered so much, he almost lost his life there. This time is different from going to the Northwest, this time it s nothing Dangerous.Yingying, I m not jealous, I m really envious.Your husband is very lucky.Don t believe me when you tell me.Although I am also a policeman, I probably won t have the chance to participate who created smilz cbd gummies in the investigation of major cases in my life.It s great to sit in an office.You envy him, and he envies you.He doesn t seek to make progress.You should hope that your husband will become a dragon.If you can t, you should not seek to make progress I don t expect him to become a dragon, I just hope he I ll be safe.It s not because the villagers like it If you stop a wedding car, you will get a lottery, and if you don t give money, stop people from letting them go.If you deal with them, they will definitely not be convinced.If the reason for playing the underworld is exposed on the Internet, public opinion will be one sided again, and Renhe County will become famous again cbd thc gummies austin because of this incident.Ji Yuqin reacted, frowned and said Fan Bureau, the most urgent task is to eliminate the bad influence.If you don t investigate, no matter how many, how cbd gummies military does cbd gummies get you high do you ask me to explain to my superiors, and how to explain to the society I have already made it very clear that things happen for a reason, and I don t look for the reason on myself, so I have the nerve to say something.If you really pay attention to the fact that those villagers form a group to stop the wedding car to ask for the lottery, do business, .

are cbd gummies legal in michigan?

arrest a few and fine a few, severely deter this unhealthy trend, and force the owner to ask for help from the Chaoyang Community Police Office Come on, can something like this happen today A few minutes ago, Fan Ju came up with such a bad idea to Han Chaoyang, and he was a bit displeased with the voluntary security patrol team in Chaoyang Community for doing such a thing, but now he feels that although the way the boys handled this matter was wrong, it was true.

So I asked a security service company in the community for help, and the security company sent more than 20 security guards, pretending to be gangsters, to come to our county to pick up the bride.It was because the villagers stopped the wedding car to get the lottery Secretary Qiao was stunned, not knowing how to proceed.Ji Yuqin took a deep breath, and then reported Secretary Qiao, I have been working in Renhe for less than a year.As far as I know, there cbd gummies anxiety and sleep have been no fewer than twenty disputes that occurred because of blocking the wedding car and asking for the lottery.However, it did not fundamentally solve the problem, and it even became more and more serious.It used to only happen in townships, but now it has gradually spread to county towns.At the crossroads west of the bus station, there are a group of old men and women who are waiting for rabbits.There are many cameras in other places, but there are very few in that area.Money is saved, and there is no other place to solve the case in that area.More than 20 criminal police, traffic police, and public security police found 16 cameras in Xianzhuang Village and its surrounding area from 3 30 pm to 8 00 pm, of which only 9 worked.No suspicious vehicles were found in the video and photos.I don t know the last name of the suspect who dumped the body.It is unclear what the suspect who dumped the body looked like.The victim s body was thrown from the approach bridge.Several days passed.I don t know how many construction vehicles have driven on the road.The on site investigation also found nothing.Now we only know the means of transport used to dump the body, most likely a commercial vehicle with its taillights upright.After all, there are too few clues.I don t know the license plate, model, or even the color of the car.There are too many commercial vehicles on the road.Who knows which car is suspicious.We even ran all over the surrounding gas stations and checked the surveillance video of the gas stations.Xu Hongliang added in a low voice.Since the investigation can t go on, then we won t investigate.Han Chaoyang patted him on the shoulder, lifted the plastic sheet and walked into the work area.He didn t know if he didn t look at it.The pile seems to be still that big, and the sand doesn t seem to be much less.Han Da, you re back I m back, I just arrived, I ll leave this place to me, you guys pack up and go back early.Han Chaoyang smiled and nodded with Xiaokang and PolyU security guard Xiao Xu.He was about to say hello to the migrant workers who were sifting sand when he suddenly remembered something and immediately lifted the plastic sheet and walked out of the work area.Han Chaoyang looked at the tall buildings rising from the ground in the northeast direction, and murmured, The residential area and commercial area should be there.Isn t there in the navigation, turn left at the second intersection ahead, sure Over there.While chatting, an unfamiliar phone number called, and Han Chaoyang hurriedly pressed the call button.Director Han, Li Kaiyi of my serious crime team, we just arrived at the Changfeng Street Police Station, when will you arrive Han Chaoyang had a little impression of Li Kaiyi.When the branch organized the police to rehearse songs to participate in the August 1st Song Festival organized by the district, the criminal police brigade sent the least number of policemen, with an average of two to three people in a squadron, and the serious crime squadron was even rarer, with only Li Kaiyi alone, and she always who created smilz cbd gummies went out of tune when singing.After waiting for less than two minutes, Boss Tian came out, not alone.Village Chief Cui also trotted over with a cigarette in his mouth.Han Chaoyang hurried up to shake hands and greeted him President Tian, Village Chief Cui, I m sorry to interrupt your meal.Passed.Cui Village Chief looked into the car and asked curiously, Xiao Han, who is this in the car Li Kaiyi, a colleague from our unit.Han Chaoyang didn t want to waste time, let alone cause adverse effects, and suggested Mr.Tian, Village Chief Cui, this is not a place to talk.How about we go to the village office Go, my car is parked at the gate of the village office.Han Zhaoyang opened the door, pretending to be relaxed and half joking Mr.Tian, proleve cbd oil gummies you must have drunk at night, I can smell it, you can t drive while drinking, and you can t drive while drinking.The most urgent task is how to continue to track down the whereabouts of Yang Jiandong, Tan Haitao and Cai Xiaofang.It is better to change the plan.With such a big change, Han Chaoyang was at a loss.He didn t know what to do next, and Bureau Feng called again.Xiao Han, I just discussed with Bureau Du and decided to hold a small meeting.Come to the bureau quickly and ask Comrade Wu Wei in your office to come back quickly.You know the situation best, and you must attend this meeting.What to do is really an idea in a while.But the leader s words are orders, and orders must be obeyed unconditionally, Han Chaoyang hurriedly said Yes, I will go to the bureau immediately, and I will say hello to Comrade Li Kaiyi first.No need to say hello to him, I have already arranged for the police to go there.You always said that the case was filed, and every time Let s wait for the news, and there is no news until now, isn t this fooling people Xiao Tan, I told you that reporting the crime is useless, but you still don t believe it.An old man with his hands behind his back looked sideways at Miao Haizhu and sighed They, the police, like to solve big cases, and they can make meritorious service by solving big cases.They don t care about losing a car or a mobile phone.Master Fei, we are really not what you always think.We need to solve big cases as well as small ones, but we policemen are human or not.If we have no clues, how do you always ask us to solve them Miao Haizhu raised her arm and pointed to the northeast, and said persuasively, Xinning Xincun also lost an electric car last week, and the thief was arrested within three days.Zhang Beibei explained with a wry smile Director Su and I went to the Tourism Bureau in the afternoon.To identify those, what kind of security team needs to be set up.Even if I don t need to set up this security team, I still have to consider the issue of security.After all, opening a hotel is not doing other business.I will invest in the security company, and then ask the shareholders of the security company to invest in the hotel.We are a family here, so I don t have to worry about public security and fire protection, and I can focus on natures only cbd gummies shark tank how to manage it.And the hotel has a bright future, as long as it can be opened, it will only make money and not lose money It s really a good relationship Han Chaoyang thought to himself that you are not only related to cbd gummies military does cbd gummies get you high the security company, but also to the Chaoyang Community Neighborhood Committee.

Question Didn t the tour guide take you to the Sun City Casino No, they didn t follow us into the casino, and they reminded us in the car that we could play a few games to experience it, but we shouldn t be too greedy.If you lose, don t think about getting back your money.If you say ten bets and nine loses, you might lose your fortune.Afraid that Kang Haigen wouldn t believe it, Ding Songkang emphasized with a bitter face I started the cbd gummy bears australia cbd gummies wholesale who created smilz cbd gummies trip to Hong Kong and Macau, and the tour guide was My relatives, but I really didn t expect it to be like this It s too late to say anything now, Hang Weifang s wife and children don t know how much they hate me Has Hang Weifang contacted you since you came back Yes, I called you several times I was really sorry to call to borrow money once.I lent him 200,000 yuan and went to the postal savings at the junction to withdraw the money.Advertiser Han Chaoyang was stunned.Miao Haizhu was much more sober than Han Chaoyang who was so sleepy and yawning, he couldn t help laughing I checked the Internet on the mobile phone on the way, and I don t know all the procedures of the hospital that treats male diseases, but the black broadcast The magic medicine India A8, which has been so hyped up, was blacklisted by the Provincial Food and Drug Administration as early as last year.Food and Drug Administration help us determine the seriousness of the case How can the Food and Drug Administration help us identify it Kang Haigen smiled and said meaningfully But if the Food and Drug Administration and the Industrial and Commercial Bureau can seize a large number of counterfeit and shoddy drugs from distributors in accordance with the law with our assistance, it will be verified that there are cases including those in India.As soon as he left, Grandpa Gu walked into the police room.Zheng Xinyi, who was on duty today, was surprised and hurriedly got up to greet her Inspector Gu, didn t you go to your eldest girl s house Why did you come back so who created smilz cbd gummies soon I don t know each other, the child who created smilz cbd gummies has to go to school, my daughter and my son in law have to go to work again, it s boring to stay here, think about it and come back sooner.Grandpa Gu lifted the cover and walked into the case handling area, took out a box of cakes from his handbag, and smiled cbd gummies wholesale who created smilz cbd gummies Said HCMUSSH who created smilz cbd gummies Try it, the specialty over there, I used to think it was quite delicious, I don t know if it s because it s a tricky mouth or not as authentic as before, it just feels the same.Thank you, Sergeant Gu, you brought it all the way back, It s delicious. It s not too far.Grandpa Gu put the bulging handbag aside and asked curiously, Xinyi, where is Chaoyang Assist the Food and Drug Administration and the Industry and Commerce Bureau in handling cases gone.The city leader felt very strange, turned back to look at the reporter who was carrying the camera to interview, shifted his gaze to Han Chaoyang and the others again, and said with a smile on his face, Hello, comrades.He shouted Hi, Chief Han Chaoyang didn t expect them to respond in unison.If there were no city leaders and reporters interviewing them, they would definitely burst out laughing.The city leaders didn t expect the team members to react like this, and subconsciously said Comrades have worked hard.Sure enough, Koyanagi and the others shouted Serve the people After checking this road, I have never seen such a funny The leader couldn t help laughing and said Okay, good job, let s keep going.Yes Not wanting to let these pushy brats embarrass themselves again, Han Chaoyang hurriedly stood at attention and saluted, then turned around and led them to Run in the direction of Dongming Community.The short criminal policeman Qiu Genmao didn t know what Wang Dui was called out by Yanyang s who created smilz cbd gummies Pian er police.Seeing Wang Dui smoking and talking on the phone outside, he came out calmly and asked, Wang Dui, what are they doing It s okay., just to confirm our identities.Our identities have been exposed Qiu Genmao was taken aback.It s not normal if you don t reveal your identity, just like you.Wang Jianping glared at him, and reminded again I ve told you a hundred times to call Brother Wang and Brother Wang I m sorry, II forgot just now.I also just started working, seeing how shrewd they are and how poisonous their eyes are, they saw through our identities as soon as we came in.The leader was in a bad mood, and Qiu Genmao was too frightened to say anything.Wang Jianping realized that the words were a bit heavy, turned around and looked behind him, and said in a low voice Learn a bit, that tall policeman in plain clothes just now is your example.I went to Nanyun to purchase , but it s not easy to get the goods as soon as I arrived, and it s normal to have stayed there.Han Chaoyang took out a pen and paper and wrote I ve been to Nanyun , stared at him closely and said, Think again, think slowly, don t worry.After we re together, I ll give her the salary card., she said she was rich.In fact, I knew she was rich, and it should be the property that was divided during the divorce.I was afraid that it would bring back sad memories for her, and I didn t want her to think about that bastard again, so I never asked her how much money she had.Yes Once Xinxin had a high fever and sent Xinxin to the hospital.She didn t have enough cash and forgot to bring her bank card.At that time, she happened to change her mobile phone number, and those on WeChat had time to re bind.Wan Xiaoxia has been here for almost a month, and there is no business in the store.Even the third sister in law spends all day playing mahjong with the women in the village.She, a waiter , can t help if she wants to.She can only pass the time by watching TV and surfing the Internet She always wants to go online, and what she is most afraid of is going online, especially in the past five or six days, every time she sees Ling Bin s letters to her on her blog, every time she sees Xinxin s photos, every time she thinks that he and his daughter are more than 80 kilometers away When Yanyang looked for her, his heart felt like a knife was being twisted, and tears streamed down his face.But the more I was afraid, the more I wanted to read it.I read the blog over and over again.Every day I saw it at one or two o clock in the morning, thinking that Ling Bin and his daughter should be asleep, and then secretly logged on to the QQ of his sweetheart, and saved the photos uploaded by his sweetheart to his mobile phone Xiaoxia, are you still asleep I don t know what time I saw it, but Sister Wei s familiar voice came from outside.Ling, please come over here.We want to ask you about the situation and make a record.Brother Ling, this is Police Officer Wang.Oh.Reluctantly, Ling Bin gently pushed Wan Xiaoxia away, raised his arm and wiped his tears, then turned around and said, Okay, where are you going Next door.As soon as Wang Jianping finished speaking, Miao Haizhu finally She was willing to come in, supported Wan Xiaoxia and asked, Do you want to go to the bathroom Wan Xiaoxia was interrogated for more than an hour, and she really wanted to go to the bathroom, but she just couldn t attend to it just now, seeing Ling Bin being taken out of the conference room by Wang Jianping, Nodding with tears Han Chaoyang handed over the bank card to Wang Jianping, waited at the door for more than half an hour, and Wang Jianping finally came out.

The office space would be four times as large as it is now.It s convenient, unlike now where there is no place to talk.Your attitude is that you tend to move Liu Jianye looked at the photos and asked.Suo Liu, I don t really care if we move or not.The main reason is that the community has always supported our work.If we don t move, it would be unreasonable, and the community has considered all aspects.We have asked the who created smilz cbd gummies how long does cbd gummies effects last reddit leaders of the Sixth Hospital several times to help us cbd gummies for ed review cbd gummies military find a good place first.It s a matter.Since the Xinyuan Street Police Station has no objection, we have no objection either.Liu Jianye looked back at Xu Weizhong, and continued But if you want to move, you have to go through the branch office.It s too good to come forward, you can directly report to the command center, if the command center agrees, you can move, if the command center doesn t agree, cbd gummies with food then there s nothing you can do.Foreigners who are approved to come to this city to work, hold the Permit to Chinese embassies and consulates abroad apply for entry visas.The employer shall, within 15 days of the entry of the employed foreigner, present the Application Form for Employment of Foreigners and the Registration Form for Employment of Foreigners , the healthy organics cbd gummies employment contract and the For who created smilz cbd gummies how long does cbd gummies effects last reddit valid entry documents, full spectrum cbd gummies with thc near me apply for an Employment Permit at the Municipal Labor Bureau.After receiving the Employment Permit , foreigners must take the Employment Permit to the Foreigner Management Section of the Municipal Public Security Bureau to apply for a residence permit within 30 days of entering the country.This procedure must go through, and all of these procedures are indispensable.Please cooperate with us and provide the corresponding certificates.I don t know how long it will take.Han Chaoyang was about who created smilz cbd gummies how long does cbd gummies effects last reddit to ask when the people from the Judicial Police Academy would arrive, when Lao Jin suddenly pointed his head and said, Chaoyang, Hong Liang and I went to the bus station to meet Manager Qi in the morning.They said 100,000 is 100,000., I didn t want to add one point, and said it was for Liu s face, saying that if we don t want to send people, they will recruit a few temporary workers.East Long distance Bus Station are cbd gummies safe for dogs is not a public institution, but a transportation company, of course they To consider the cost.Han Chaoyang didn t think it was a surprise, and subconsciously asked And then Looking at the immediate interests, if you can cooperate once, you can cooperate for the second time.When you find that asking us to be in charge of security is more worry free and cost effective than their own, you will consider outsourcing security to us.Chaoyang, Haizhu and I will interrogate Hu Qinglin.You and Old Tang will work hard, and bring that boy to the meeting room for interrogation.Okay.That kid keeps committing big and small things.I don t know how many times he has entered the palace.He is very cunning.Be patient.Kang Suo, don t worry, even if we pry him, we will pry his mouth open.Idle is idle, something to do is better than nothing to do, Old Tang thought he could take Lu Shaotao down, so he agreed With a sound, he opened the car door and dragged Lu Shaotao out of the car together with Han Chaoyang.Chapter 482 Solve the case and stay rooted According to the case handling procedures, Hu Qinglin must be handed over to the public security organ who wanted him on the Internet.But before that, it is necessary to find out what happened during his absconding in fear of crime, and whether he committed a crime in Yanyang. I ll go in and ask, you go to the Health Office to have a look. Okay.Han cbd gummies military does cbd gummies get you high Chaoyang walked into the police office through the back door with Lu Shaotao s cell phone in cbd gummies wholesale who created smilz cbd gummies his hand.In the room, I saw Kang Haigen and Miao Haizhu asking Hu Qinglin to stamp his fingerprints on the transcript, and it seemed that the interrogation was over.Chaoyang, it s just in time.I just reported to Liu Suo, and Liu Suo sent it directly to the case handling center.Is the situation in Yanyang clear Xiao Liu assisted Miao Haizhu to put Hu Qinglin on the police car, and said with a smile He came to Yanyang in February last year and has been working on the construction site, but his hands and feet have never been clean.He frequently committed crimes on the construction site and stole the mobile phones of his colleagues , stole tools such as impact drills, electric welding machines, cutting machines, and even scrap steel, and the surname Lu was responsible for selling the stolen goods.Han Chaoyang explained everything, escorted the thief back to the police office, and Mr.Wu helped push the electric car.As a result, Mr.Ji, who had just handed over the thief to Xiaokang and Chen Jie, came out of the inner room with Grandpa Gu, was not happy.He glanced at the dejected thief and turned around to protest.Old Wu, didn t you go to buy antihypertensive drugs Why did you catch a thief and come back This is like a race.You ran out before the starting gun fired.You are cheating, this is a foul, do you know that Ji Team, I didn t do it on purpose, I didn t know that I would run into a thief when I went to buy medicine.Grab one before the old enemy, let the boys know what it is called old anti pickpocketing, and let the community leaders know that there are thieves twice a month.Thousands of salary will not be given in vain, Wu Wenge was in a very happy mood, walked to the case handling area and said with a smile Inspector Gu, please give me an explanation, I have encountered all kinds of problems, can I just sit idly by Grandpa Gu hurriedly Smooth things over How can we not catch them Old Ji, you can t blame Lao Wu for this, and this doesn t count.Huang Suo, don t make fun of me.Let me introduce you.This is my master, and this is Deputy Director Jiang of the Security Department of our Yanyang University of Technology. Huang Suohao, Gu Guoli, Grandpa Gu put down the trolley case, and said a little embarrassedly I m retired and have nothing to do, so I also join in the fun and cause you trouble.Huang Suo has also never met Grandpa Gu, but Gu Guoli s who created smilz cbd gummies name is very popular.He never thought that the second level hero model of the national public security system, the national excellent people s policeman, and the provincial people s congress representative who had studied countless times in the higher level organization would stand in front of him.In front of him, he hurriedly raised his arms to salute Inspector Gu, it turns out that Xiao Han is your apprentice, welcome, welcome to our airport police station to guide the work.Don t be like this, don t be like this, Huang Suo, what kind of work can I direct as a policeman, besides, I have retired.You are a senior even after you retire.If you don t want to get down to business first, I ll go and tell the supervisor in charge first.You can organize activities first, and then come to our office after the activities are over. How embarrassing.Yes, yes, just wait a moment, Minister Jiang, let s talk later.Some people are busy, who created smilz cbd gummies and the performance is about to start.Xie Lingling and her students are very excited.Director Wang, Teacher Liang and Aunt Lu even dragged their suitcases around the airport hall, giving old guys, old The sisters chose their positions, and even used the last bit of time to figure out how to move later.Kang Wei squatted down and took out the sound pickup equipment from who created smilz cbd gummies his bag.

The object of child abduction is the family relationship of others and the legitimate rights and interests of children, while the object of abduction and trafficking of women and children is the personal freedom of others.Second, the objects of crime are different.The objects of child abduction are limited to Minors under the age of 14 have a wider range of targets for abducting and trafficking women and children.They can be either adult women or children.Furthermore, cbd gummies wholesale who created smilz cbd gummies who created smilz cbd gummies the purpose of the crime is different.The main purpose of abducting children is to adopt, order or enslave them.Women and children are greedy for money who created smilz cbd gummies and trafficked for profit.One is less important than the other Abduction is much lighter than abduction.The criminal law stipulates that those who abduct minors under the age of 14 and leave their families or guardians shall be sentenced to fixed term imprisonment of not more than 5 years or Detention.Han Chaoyang was really not interested in being the second type of police chief.He didn t know what to say, Zhou Ju stared at him and asked, Xiao Han, after being appointed as the police chief, you know what tasks you should be in charge of.Do you have to do what you have done before, Han Chaoyang smiled secretly, and said without hesitation I know, the main thing is to coordinate the relationship with PolyU, the Sixth Hospital, Chaoyang Community, East Bus Station and Yangguan Village, and organize the police district Police and voluntary patrol members visit and investigate, publicize and launch, patrol and guard, investigate and mediate, on site inspection, accept alarms, on site protection, report alarms, carry out mass work, grasp social conditions and public opinions, manage actual population, organize security precautions, and maintain social order Chapter 504 The spectator Qing 25 mg cbd full spectrum gummies Han Chaoyang thought he could go back after work, but Zhou Ju and Du Ju put forward a series of ridiculous demands.Chen Jie put down the pen and paper, and said cbd z gummies happily From two o clock to now, I have answered four calls, some are looking for you, and some are looking for Inspector Gu., Some people are looking for Mr.Xu, all about your promotion Who is looking for me Old Guan, I didn t get through who created smilz cbd gummies are cbd gummies good for dementia patients to your mobile phone.There are also auxiliary policemen in your station, and Lao Xu.They How did you know The inspection team is investigating in your office, talking to someone to understand your situation, and I don t know if they will come to our side.Han Chaoyang was taken aback, thinking who created smilz cbd gummies that the bureau s efficiency is high enough.Just thinking about when the procedure will be completed and whether she can become a deputy police chief before the Spring Festival, the landline in the police office rang again.If this land is easy to sell, can the district wait until today Then invest two to three hundred thousand yuan and make who created smilz cbd gummies how long does cbd gummies effects last reddit a good renovation I think it s okay, go back and hold a meeting to study.Han Chaoyang didn t expect them to take it seriously, and couldn t help reminding Secretary Cao, Hong Liang, this is two or three hundred thousand, not two or three thousand, nor two or three Ten thousand I know.Before Cao Zefang who created smilz cbd gummies could speak, Xu Hongliang smiled and said, Twenty to three hundred thousand is a lot, but we really need an office space and dormitory.If we don t have these basic things, it will be very difficult for the company If we want to grow and can cbd gummies help with anxiety and depression develop, for example, if we want to undertake some business, people will think that we have no strength when they go to the community.If we rent it out, think about how much it costs to rent such a large place nearby, so generally speaking, it is still worth investing in.In fact, he didn t know.From 8 o clock to now, I have answered five calls.There are calls from leaders and colleagues of the Huayuan Street Police Station such as Liu Suo and Guan Xiyuan, and calls from director Gu, Cao Zefang and other street leaders and community cadres.I just hung up.It was his wife s phone number, and it was even conceivable that there would be calls coming in.As soon as the announcement period expires, there will be a formal appointment.Of course, Han Chaoyang is happy, but he really doesn t care about these things now.Yu Zhenchuan, who has been so busy since he was transferred to the case handling team of the Xinyuan Street Police Station, came and brought a USB flash drive, which he was plugging into his computer to play the surveillance video of Xinqingnian Internet Cafe last night.Insufficient manpower Enough for me Can I come to you There is such an important clue, and there are not enough people, why didn t you say it earlier You are busy answering the phone, one after another, and if you ask for your help, I have to introduce the case first, otherwise you can send someone Help who created smilz cbd gummies Okay, all the mistakes are all my fault.Han Chaoyang didn t care about talking nonsense, and immediately took out his mobile phone to call Wu Wei.Wu Wei had his eyes on a suspicious looking guy five minutes ago.He had just followed from the ticket office of the East Bus Station to the bus station.He was startled by the sudden call, and hurriedly gave Wu Junfeng a wink, and ran to the side to answer Chaoyang , What s the matter, I m busy Urgent action, hurry back to the police station and assemble.You go and see first, I won t be eating at the Municipal Bureau, and I will go to see it later.By the way, remember to report 50 mg cbd gummy bears who created smilz cbd gummies to the Zhou Bureau and the political commissar. It has been reported However, Bureau Zhou and the political commissar are very happy.Bureau Feng was secretly thinking of catching a murderer, and the political commissar of the bureau was of course happy, but Deputy Director Chen of the Municipal Bureau suddenly came over and asked, Old Feng, did your branch office send anyone today Guomao Hotel If you asked a few minutes earlier, Director Feng would really not be able to answer, after all, there are so many grassroots teams in the sub bureau, let alone a deputy director in charge of criminal investigation, even the director may not know all of them.But it wasn t a few minutes ago now, Bureau Feng couldn t help laughing and said Report to Bureau Chen, the police from Xinyuan Street Police Station of our sub bureau went to Guomao this morning, and they were there to arrest them.Since there is no problem, I will report to the leader.Go, we will wait here Feng The secretary walked out of the office and was about to go to Director Wen, but Han Chaoyang who was talking about just now appeared in front of him.Chaoyang, why are you here Good job, Director Feng, Han Chaoyang pointed to the stairs, and said with a smile, I ll go to the security brigade to inquire about something.Go and do your work, remember to come here when you re done.Okay.Officer Feng laughed secretly at the fact that who created smilz cbd gummies this kid was unlucky, watched him climb up the stairs, went straight to the political commissar s office, knocked on the door and walked in.Director Wen was talking to the political commissar, so he couldn t help turning around and asking, Xiao Feng, the people from Yanyang Online haven t left yet Political commissar, director, if you two don t speak, do they dare to leave They also know they are afraid, I thought They are not afraid of anything.

Did she post any photos in Moments Please send a few more photos Junfeng, what s the situation Han Chaoyang asked in a low voice.Wu Junfeng homemade cbd oil gummies put down his phone, looked at a piece of location information he had just received, clicked on the sender s profile picture, and said nervously It s not a phone call, it s a voice from a girl who used to rent in Chaoyang Village.She used to work in Xingye I work cbd gummies military does cbd gummies get you high at the Jinshi Fitness Center in the square, and I met a female customer there.I only know her WeChat name as Little Fairy , but I don t know her real name.Last night, Little Fairy left a message in Moments, saying, If you call, If you can t contact me on WeChat, please help to call the police .The girl who reported the crime on WeChat just now saw it when she liked Moments one who created smilz cbd gummies by one this morning.Grassroots policemen should not lie, Wang who created smilz cbd gummies Ting The chief nodded slightly, and continued to walk towards the security checkpoint while curiously asking Comrade Han Chaoyang you mentioned just now, is he the most handsome policeman in Yanyang who is very popular on the Internet Yes, that s him.Everyone knows about Han Chaoyang, which shows that the propaganda is very successful.Zhou Ju was cbd apple rings gummy cannabidiol so happy that he couldn t help but took out his mobile phone and dialed Han Chaoyang s number.Han Chaoyang was on his way to Xingye 50 mg cbd gummy bears who created smilz cbd gummies Plaza, when he saw the director calling himself, he hurriedly asked, Hi Zhou Ju, Zhou Ju, what instructions do you have Question Han Chaoyang, shouldn t you be on duty at the East Bus Station Where did you go What police did you call A woman I know in the Shi Gym posted on Moments saying that if she cannot who created smilz cbd gummies be contacted in the past few days, it means that something happened to her, and anyone who sees her Moments should call the police immediately Han Chaoyang reported the ins and outs of the future, green cbd gummies without thc Zhou Ju I also reported the ins and outs to Director Wang.As a newcomer, although Sun Guokang slept late at night, he got up just as early.He also participated in the Grand Parade of the voluntary security patrol brigade.After a long circle, I really realized that the voluntary security patrol team of the sub bureau is not easy, and the young master is even more difficult.But just calling master like that, he still couldn t say it out.Han Da, what are your plans for the morning Han Chaoyang put down the police record, raised his head and said, There are not many police cases in the morning, and the station is not very busy.You can visit Yangguan Village with Wu Wei first.Sun Guokang asked puzzledly, What are you visiting Collect clues and public opinions.Han Chaoyang didn t want to leave a difficult impression on highly educated apprentices, and patiently explained For example, hidden dangers to public security and firefighting, various cults, possible mass incidents, etc.Why There is a lot of mobility, and suspects who commit crimes in our jurisdiction can go to other sub bureaus in less than ten minutes.If everything is done according to the procedures, the suspect will not be arrested, and the case will not be resolved Han Chaoyang put down the walkie talkie, Then he continued And pornography, gambling and drug cases have certain special characteristics.In order to avoid local protection and put an end to human relations, the Municipal Bureau recently required the public security system to break the regional jurisdiction restrictions, and overdose on cbd gummy bears all sub bureaus and police stations can fight across regions.So people say Can you also come to our jurisdiction to catch gambling and whoring Yes, the bureau still has assessments for this, if there are pornography, gambling and drugs in our jurisdiction, we don t know, and if they come here and arrest us, we will be deducted points.I gave Jiajia 1,800, and the little girl didn t want it at first.She talked about her seniority, so she had no choice but to accept it in the end.Why did you just pack one thousand and eight, why keep two hundred What do you know, do you know how to be a human being Huang Ying rolled her eyes at him, and explained, Brother Ni will definitely be unhappy if you don t charge him a cent, maybe he will mistakenly think that we look down on him, and accept two hundred, Returning him for one thousand and eight means that we will take it.Honey, you are so good at being HCMUSSH who created smilz cbd gummies a man, I really didn t expect this.Huang Ying chuckled Actually, I also learned from Teacher Qian at our school.Wan Xiaoxuan and Shihan sent red envelopes to Teacher Qian, 188, and Teacher Qian replied 166, I think this is very good.Even if you find a way to prevent him from taking it off, it is easy for him to destroy this children s watch.It is a big joke to expect this thing to control the people under surveillance.Liu Jianye didn t think so, and said plausibly Chaoyang, I know Yes, electronic products are becoming more and more advanced now.You can download a software from the website on the box, or scan the QR code, and you can locate the wearer on your computer or mobile phone.In the afternoon, Lingling and I Tried it, and the positioning is quite accurate.Did you make a mistake, and actually thought of using a children s watch to cbd gummies for ed review cbd gummies military locate cbd gummies celebrities the person under surveillance Han Chaoyang was dumbfounded by Liu Jianye s good idea , and couldn t help asking Liu Suo, I ve seen the tracking bracelet from the Bureau of Justice.He acted like a dead pig was not afraid of boiling water, but he was actually very afraid of death after he knew that he had uremia.Last cbd gummies wholesale who created smilz cbd gummies night, the more he thought about it, the more he was afraid that he couldn t sleep.He didn t fall asleep until four o clock in the morning.Han Chaoyang had already talked about this, so he could only bite the bullet and put on his heels to get out of the temporary ward , walked through the police room through the back door, and got into the police car with Han Chaoyang.With a guide like him, there is no need to set up navigation, let alone ask for directions.After driving for 20 minutes, I turned left and right and finally parked the car in front of a dilapidated private house.Han Chaoyang took a flashlight and took a photo Open the door.Oh.Back at the home he had been away for a long time, Dai Li was not even a little bit excited.Boss Zhang didn t climb the window into the store to rest, and was lying in the car playing games with his mobile phone.It s too cold outside, but the pillow in the car is a kind of small quilt that can be unfolded, covered with two small quilts, and the engine is turned on to blow warm air from time to time, so it s not cold to lie in the car.Han Chaoyang knocked on the car window, Boss Zhang was stunned, and hurriedly got up and pushed open the door.Officer Han, why are you here again I m not at ease, Han Chaoyang looked at the rear window that had been pried open, and asked with a smile, Boss Zhang, why don t you go in and rest, there is a bed and a quilt inside.Did you find someone to look after the store for him The surname is Jiang, and the young man surnamed Jiang usually sleeps.During the Chinese New Year, he has to go back to reunite with his family.

The man surnamed Liu was ashen faced, and he could clearly see the trembling of his hands and even his arms that were handcuffed to the steering wheel.Qiao Peiming was also frightened out of his wits, drooping his head and not daring to look up again.Lao Hu didn t know what the white crystalline particles encapsulated in chocolate were, but he could guess from the reactions of Xiao Sun and the two suspects that they were drugs.and Wu Wei smirked.Wu Wei also realized that he had cbd gummies boston ma caught a big fish, so he patted the man surnamed Liu on the shoulder and asked coldly, Liu Qingjun, are these your New Year s gifts for Qiao Peiming II Liu Qingjun s lips trembled , don t know how to explain.What about me Since it s a gift, why do you take money from others Wu Weili snorted and raised his mobile phone in koi cbd review gummies front of him These four packs of biscuits are not cheap.Carefully opened one small package after another, took out who created smilz cbd gummies the chocolate encapsulated biscuit and cut it open with a knife, scraped the methamphetamine sandwiched between two wafers into an evidence bag.After working for nearly an hour, all the meth in the biscuits was collected into two evidence bags.Song Kaiqiang sealed the mouth of the bag, but Xiao Sun actually went downstairs to find an electronic scale in the car, and said with a smile after weighing it Song team, Han Da, the weight of the evidence bag is 223 grams in total.The twenty three grams that came out should be the powder on the biscuit, or Liu Qingjun gave some more.There are impurities, twenty or thirty grams more is normal.Song Kaiqiang took off his gloves and stretched his sore legs, turned around and said with a smile Han Da, why don t you let Xiao Sun and Xiao Wu go to help detain the who created smilz cbd gummies how long does cbd gummies effects last reddit suspect first, and let Lao Ni, Lao Hu and your Xiao Wu come over and have a meeting.Ying.It is said that the year is almost over, those who should go to work have to go to work as usual, and those who should go out to work have left one after another, so it is meaningless for him to go back now.Their attitude was very firm, Han Chaoyang had no choice but to call his wife again.How can Huang Ying not know the good intentions of her father in law and mother in law, and asked with a smile I won t let you go back, let you accompany me Well, my mother said that my father is very busy when he goes to work.Leaving early and returning late, she is leading the graduation class, and the students have to go to class early, and no one will cook for me when I go back.After receiving the marriage certificate, they are legal couples.After receiving the certificate, the two people really get together less and leave more.It s not for other reasons.The main reason is that the more I work, the more I feel that I need to recharge my batteries.They are either transferred from the army to cadres or graduated from the police academy.Yes, I either know the law or know how to use computers.I have a special skill.I graduated from the Conservatory of Music, and after being admitted as a civil servant, I received three months of training at the Police Officer Training Center Zhou Ju nodded slightly, and looked at him with a smile.Slowly said Knowing your own shortcomings, wanting to recharge, wanting to take the postgraduate entrance examination is a good thing, but some comrades think more about it, and want to take the postgraduate entrance examination to get a master s degree so that they can work in a better unit in the future and have a broader development.You are still in the probationary period.No, what if the owner asks you to show your ID I m wearing a police uniform They don t care if you wear a police uniform or not.As long as you don t have a police ID, they will be more reasonable and even call to complain.In short, you must be cautious when dealing with such disputes, and you must not delegate them to others.You go first, I ll go back to the dormitory and change into my police uniform, and I ll meet you when I put on my police uniform.It s true that newcomers have no human rights, and Sun Guokang was so depressed that he could only ask Lao Xu, who was chatting with a woman at the gate of the security duty room of the Sixth Hospital, to go together first.Han Chaoyang drove an electric patrol car to the faculty dormitory of PolyU, quickly changed into his police uniform, and hurriedly drove to the east gate of Xinmin Community, only to see that the gate of the security duty room was crowded with people.In any case, he is from his hometown, and the feelings of the suspect s parents are understandable.Han Chaoyang doesn t know how to explain it to him, but the matter has developed to this point and he can t hide it.He can only say solemnly Boss Bao, Bao Haibing has been arrested.He should be in the No.2 Criminal Police Squadron of our sub bureau right now.I will send you the address of the No.2 Squadron and the mobile phone number of the policeman handling the case by text message, but you may not be able to see Bao Haibing if you go now.Caught it Caught it, he was caught at noon.After confirming that his son was caught, Bao Changzheng breathed a sigh of relief, gripped the steering wheel tightly and said with a sob, It s better to be caught than to hide out and die It s good to see a dead body.There are only a few large dormitories upstairs, and they are no longer as busy as before.However, the hotel lobby has also become a meeting place for several construction bosses, constantly receiving people who come to them to talk about projects.The coffee table and benches are full of architectural drawings, and the hotel lobby has thus become an unlisted project.Command.The little girl recruited at the end of last year didn t know whether she met her partner in her hometown or felt that the wages here were low, so she couldn t tell when she called on the sixth day of the sixth day.There were still a few old comrades left in the hotel, including her, and she could only play the role of a waiter, pouring tea for Boss Hu and the three guests in hard hats who came to talk to Boss Hu.Aunt Huang, thank you.Xu Hongliang smiled, and continued Considering that there are many vendors, Secretary Cao wants to ask Director Xie to be responsible for market order and environmental sanitation, and Director Xie also agreed.He used to be Those who collect booth fees and sanitation fees have experience.Chapter 694 Construction Site 4 No matter which unit, they will take care of lesbians.Although Jiang Xiaomin, who has just joined the job, is assigned to be on the night shift, under normal circumstances, he is on duty until midnight at most.In the second half of the night, who created smilz cbd gummies there are young men from the pickpocketing team, and they will not call her unless there is an emergency.As the internal staff of the voluntary security patrol brigade of the Yandong Public Security Bureau and the Chaoyang Community Security Service Company, she also has to take the time to understand the situation of the brigade s security patrol area and the company s duty stations.

Under control, there will be no problem even if there are any changes in those pyramid schemes.Okay, then wait.Zou Ju smiled reluctantly, and the faces of the other deputy directors of the Market Supervision Bureau became uglier one by one., Han Chaoyang felt a little strange, so he simply got up and said, Fan Ju, you mean Liu Suo and Bao Suo, why don t I go out and have a look.It s not that they don t know the way, don t go, just who created smilz cbd gummies wait here As soon as Fan Ju finished speaking, Lao Qian s voice came from Han Chaoyang s intercom Han Da Han Da, three cars came, two from a TV station, and one from a newspaper office.They said they were here for an interview.Would you like to let me go Come in Reporters from TV stations and newspapers Yes, they are reporters how many milligrams of cbd gummies should i eat reddit with a press card.What are the reporters doing here Isn t this adding to the chaos Han Chaoyang was muttering, Fan Ju suddenly smiled and said, Let the reporters come in.Feng Haijun didn t rush in, and stood by the door smiling He explained Last year, a pyramid sale gang was seized in Changfeng Street.The clues were provided by a reporter from Yanyang Daily.The reporter had been undercover in the pyramid sale gang for more than a month.Four dens were raided, and thirteen suspects of the Shang Zong were arrested.Shang Zong, what do you mean It s the level of the boss, the main culprit.Wow, it s so powerful It s quite powerful Yes, it is not easy to catch thirteen principal criminals at once, but the clues were provided by the reporter, which made us very embarrassed.When the city held a conference on transmission work, the city leader in charge of transmission work asked Zhou What s going on with the bureau, it s hard to say, whether to rely on media reporters to crack down on pyramid schemes in the future.Because several principal criminals rented in the best residential area, and there were only three of them, there were not many members in the team, including him, there were only 14 people in total.As for how to deploy the patrol members to assist law enforcement, Xu Hongliang didn t need Han Chaoyang to issue orders.The market supervision sub bureau and the public security cbd gummies for ed review cbd gummies military sub bureau jointly enforce the HCMUSSH who created smilz cbd gummies law.Each action team has the leader of the market supervision bureau, law enforcement personnel, and members of the economic investigation, public security, civilian police and voluntary security patrol brigade of the public security sub bureauEverything is ready, and each action team takes over.Go upstairs to rest immediately after the task.If you can t sleep, you have to stay in the dormitory.Thank you, He Da, I won t.Although He Zhedong, who I just met half an hour ago, is the captain, he is only the captain of the law enforcement team of the Market Supervision Branch, not the captain of the Public Security Bureau.Li Qingming, the instructor of the Second Economic Investigation Squadron, didn t have so many scruples.He couldn t help but raised his who created smilz cbd gummies arm and pointed to the wall He Da, do you see that Smoking is prohibited.Besides, there are lesbians here, so you can t let lesbians smoke second hand smoke.Jiang Xiaomin hurriedly raised her head Said It s okay, He Da, you can smoke if you want.My dad smokes, and my brother smokes too.I was brought up by them and I m used to it.I won t smoke anymore.I m actually not addicted.Yan asked with great interest Xiao Jiang, where is your hometown Yuanjing.Afraid that Han Chaoyang would not help, Lao Ding thought about it and emphasized If Team Liang and Xiao Wu are here, they will definitely I who created smilz cbd gummies will try my best to help with the investigation.Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said, If Team Liang and Wu Wei were at home, they would have been transferred to the special case team.So we need to help more, and we can t let Liu s special case team be helpless.What It s hard to sing alone Before Liu was transferred to the Huayuan Street Police Station, he worked in the criminal police team for so many years.It is estimated that half of the criminal policemen in the special case team worked under him, and there may be apprentices he brought when he was in the criminal police team.Team leader, who created smilz cbd gummies how long does cbd gummies effects last reddit who dare not listen to him Han Chaoyang didn t want to go around with Lao Ding any more, and said bluntly, Inspector Ding, I called Liu Suo last night and Liu asked our patrol team to help keep an eye on a suspect.Wei Ping was very angry and even moved She was worried that Wei Ping would beat her again, so she didn t dare to go back to the hotel, so she had to go back to her mother s house.She didn t have a car at night, so she found a hotel near the East Bus Station and stayed in a hotel, and returned to Qinghe on the morning of the 12th.Qin Tao looked at Yu Xiufen s cell phone sideways, and added Her who created smilz cbd gummies own cell phone has been in Wei Ping s hands, and now she is using her daughter s cell phone.I have checked the call records, and she has been 50 mg cbd gummy bears who created smilz cbd gummies in contact with Teng Aihua for the past few days , but Teng Aihua was killed a long time ago, and the phone has not been connected.Another important situation is that she has been too lazy to remember her phone number since she had WeChat.She wanted to contact Teng Aihua after she ran away from home, mainly because she was worried that Weiping would find the restaurant , I found out where Teng Aihua works, and I want to remind you that I might also want to elope with Teng Aihua, but if I don t have a mobile phone number, I won t be able to get in touch for a while.This time, high standard equipment is required.It is said that all the official level cadres will be selected and sent.Difficulties and development.Director Tang came here yesterday, and Zhang Beibei also asked about it.In short, Director Tang is not very strong, and it can even be seen that he has no intention who created smilz cbd gummies of flexing his muscles like cbd gummies for ed review cbd gummies military Cao Zefang.Zhang Zhishu has always felt that being the branch secretary of the community neighborhood committee is not as interesting as the village party secretary.Now he doesn t take care of things and is waiting to retire.Although Zhang Beibei is very capable, she is a lesbian after all.Xu Hongliang is a gay man, capable, and a local, so the street leaders hold him in high regard.There is no who created smilz cbd gummies need to wait until the future.Now he is the actual person in charge of the Chaoyang community, and he goes to the street and even the district for should you take cbd gummies at night meetings every three days.Liu Jianye touched the corner of his mouth and asked calmly District Chief Liu, since you can invite comrades trained in the police officer training center to participate, you can also ask for help from the Provincial Police Academy.There are so many students in the Provincial Police Academy, and they are often pulled out to participate in large scale activities for security.You think highly of me too.I am the director of the branch bureau, not the leader of the city bureau, let alone the leader of the department.Moreover, this is a competition organized by the district, which is not considered a large scale event in the eyes of others.Yan Provincial Police Academy who created smilz cbd gummies and others Provincial police academies are different in that they recruit students on demand.As long as the grades of the police school students are not very bad, as long as they don t make mistakes, they can basically join the police, so the school leaders don t need to ask the public security bureaus of the cities, let alone the district and county public security bureaus.

The turnover is relatively large, so the amount has just increased.Li Jun didn t know why the director Asking these questions, I don t even know why Han Chaoyang came here.After thinking about it, she said She is quite smart.Not only does she have WeChat chat records with Wang Michael, but she even secretly recorded the audio when she went to Wang Michael to pay back the money.It is clear and the evidence is conclusive.When Wang Mai used her cell who created smilz cbd gummies phone to borrow money, they were in a romantic relationship.This should be cbd gummies for ed review cbd gummies military an economic dispute, and it is out of our control.I plan to let her go to the court to sue.Bao Suo, Haizhu and I went to talk to Talk to her.Pay attention cbd gummies wholesale who created smilz cbd gummies to your attitude.Don t worry, I won t cause trouble for you.Han Chaoyang and Miao Haizhu opened the door and walked out of the monitoring room.The guards at the door are not very vigilant, they stop the cars of the masses to ask questions, and even ask them to get out of the car to register.When you see a police car, let it go directly, regardless of whether it belongs to their bureau or not.Although Xiaokang is a policeman of the Fengyong County Public Security Bureau, it is his first cbd gummies military time here today.I drove around the yard a few times and found a parking space.I was thinking whether to go in with Han Chaoyang to see the lord jones all natural old fashioned high cbd gummies future working environment, or sit in the car and wait, when Han Chaoyang suddenly said, Let s go upstairs together.Du Ju is waiting for us in the who created smilz cbd gummies office.To see Du Ju Xiaokang was taken aback.Of course I m here to visit the old leader.What are you afraid of Butbut I m not wearing a police uniform.It s okay.Director Du won who created smilz cbd gummies t say anything, let alone be upset.The more Wu Wei heard, the more uncomfortable it became Son, muttering sourly A very serious arrest mission in a different place has turned into a pre marital carnival here I said Mr.Xu, are you bored Have you considered me as a single dog How do you feel I m sorry, but I also want to help.Wu Wei pretended to be very depressed and muttered Chaoyang, it s not a dangerous felon to be arrested this time, otherwise, I refunded the air ticket, you guys go.Han Chaoyang smiled and said, Are you kidding, we bought a special air ticket, no matter if the ticket is refunded or changed.Of course Xu Hongliang knew who created smilz cbd gummies that Wu Wei was joking, and at the same time felt that it was unethical to throw dog food in front of Wu Wei, so he immediately raised his ticket Chaoyang, I just said that I am here to help you.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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